Journalism refers to the production and distribution of reports on recent events. The word journalism applies to the occupation, using methods of gathering information and utilizing literary techniques.[1]

Various organizations, programs, and individuals practice journalism throughout human civilization in the galaxy. Most news is shared with the public via an assortment of News Feeds, such as GalNet.

Notable News FeedsEdit


Name Affiliation Specialization
Bryanna Blanco[2] Federal Times Financial Journalist
Cassia Carvalho Imperial Herald Political Journalist
Chukwama Grant[3] Independent Political Journalist
Donal Varden[4] Independent Investigative Journalist
Elaine Boyd Federal Times Investigative Journalist
Flint Lafosse Independent Investigative Journalist
Gabriel Vox GalNet Chairman of the GalNet Board of Review
Gethin Okonkwo Independent Investigative Journalist
Harlow Nassry Federal Times Technology Journalist
Jason Nygaard[5] Federal Times Reporter
Karleen Troy[6] Independent Freelance War Journalist
Katherine Ryder[7] Independent Freelance Journalist
Kazien Vantris Imperial Herald Chief Editor
Kelvin Masters Independent Freelance Journalist
Kioko McGrath[8] Federal Times Culture Correspondent
Lana Sigrid Mars Tribune Chief Editor
Lena Ravenhill Federal Times Chief Editor
Leon Banerjee[9] Vox Galactica Science Correspondent
Marc Garfield[10] Federal Times Investigative Journalist
Milo Vesper[11] Alliance Tribune Editor
Sima Kalhana GalNet Historian
Solomon Helios Independent Entertainment Journalist
Trinity Avon[12] The Sovereign Reporter
Vanya Driscoll Alliance Tribune Political Journalist

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