Jump range is a ship statistic that determines which stars are close enough for the ship to get to through hyper space. If a star is 19ly (light year) away from the ship, and the ship's jump range is lower than 19ly, the ship will not be able to directly jump there.

The jump range is determined by two factors: the mass of the ship and the Frame Shift Drive (FSD). This means the jump range can be increased by installing a better FSD, using lightweight modules, and carrying as little cargo as possible.

Unladen - shows the jump range with no cargo on board.

Laden - shows the jump range with cargo on board.

Some ships have better jump range than other ships, with the best being:

ship name jump range (not upgraded) jump range (fully upgraded) ship cost (not upgraded)
Anaconda 9.41ly 41.45 ly 146,969,451 Credits
Asp Explorer 13.12 ly 38.19 ly 6,661,153 Credits
Asp Scout 11.69 ly 31.47 ly 3,961,150 Credits
Diamondback Explorer 14.15 ly 34.26 ly 1,894,760 Credits
Diamondback Scout 11.35 ly 30.4 ly 564,320 Credits
Sidewinder MkI 7.56 ly 24.43 ly 32,000 Credits

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