Controlling FactionKausalya Netcoms Organisation
AllegianceFederation vector Federation
PowerZachary Hudson vector Zachary Hudson
TypeExploited system

No system description is available.

— In-Game Description

Kausalya is a Federation star system near the border with the Empire.

The Imperial rebel faction Emperor's Dawn established a base there in 3301,[1] but it was swiftly destroyed by the Federal military with the aid of Pilots Federation Commanders.[2]

System LayoutEdit

Minor FactionsEdit

  • Kausalya Netcoms Organisation (Corporate, Federation)
  • Independent Kausalya Resistance (Democracy, Federation)
  • Emperor's Dawn (Anarchy, Empire)
  • Kausalya State Incorporated (Corporate, Independent)
  • United Kausalya Nationalists (Dictatorship, Independent)
  • Kausalya Boys (Anarchy, Independent)

Timeline Edit

16 DEC 3301

  • Admiral Kirby of the Federal Navy confirmed that the fight against Emperor's Dawn in Kausalya had been an unmitigated success. President Zachary Hudson described the Emperor's Dawn incursion as "clearly the last gasp of a dying animal", and said the insurgents' outpost in the system had been utterly destroyed.

They were defiant at first, but the battle started to go our way pretty quickly, and the past week has just been a mopping-up exercise, really. I think the Federal Navy Auxiliary made a big difference – when the insurgents saw how many independent pilots we had on our side, their morale took a big hit.

— Admiral Kirby, Federal Navy[2]

03 DEC 3301

  • An Emperor's Dawn base was established in the Federation-controlled system Kausalya. Military analysts speculated that the insurrectionists may attempt to use Kausalya as a staging ground for attacks against the Empire. President of the Federation Zachary Hudson authorised the payment of privateer bonds to those who help fight against Emperor's Dawn there.

Perhaps the terrorists think our distaste for the Empire is so great, we will tolerate their presence in our space. Perhaps they thought we simply wouldn't notice their incursion. In any case, they are wrong, and they have made a costly mistake. We will mete out such punishment that the very fires of hell will seem but guttering candles in comparison. Emperor's Dawn is about to learn what it means to cross the Federation.

— President Zachary Hudson[1]


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