Concept art of the Krait

Small, reliable one-man fighter, common until the standardized version of the Mamba became available in the open market. Several of these early Faulcon De Lacy designed craft may still be found in service in remote areas, but spare parts are no longer available and the need to cannibalize has reduced numbers still further in recent years.

— Description from Elite (1984) handbook

The Krait is a fighter ship known for its distinctive shape. By the time of Elite Dangerous, the Krait has not been in production for many years and is considered an antiquated design. Bill Turner kept a Krait among the collection of ships stored at his base on Alioth 4 A.[1]


  • The Krait first appeared in Elite.
  • There are currently no plans to add the Krait to Elite Dangerous.[2]


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  2. David Braben Q&A

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