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Controlling FactionKremainn Corp.
AllegianceFederation vector Federation
Population4.0 Million

This modest system supports both Industrial and refinery economies around its gas giants. Substantial mineral and metal deposits are said to be found in its inner asteroid belt. The two innermost gas giants form a binary pair with one of the gas giants supporting ammonia based life. After a long journey the remaining members of the House of Grebmo settled down in the system of Kremainn. The group was formerly part of the Empire, but after a long conflict on their old home planet of Grebegus they defected to Federation space.

— In-Game Description

System LayoutEdit

  • Kremainn (Class M star)
    • Kremainn A Belt (Metal rich belt)
    • Kremainn 1 (High metal content world)
    • Kremainn B Belt (Icy belt)
    • Kremainn 2 (Class I gas giant)
      • Kremainn 2 A (Ice body)
      • Kremainn 2 B (Ice body)
      • Wohler Terminal
    • Kremainn 3 (Gas giant with ammonia-based life)
    • Kremainn 4 (Class I gas giant)
      • Kremainn 4 A (Ice body)
      • Kremainn 4 B (Ice body)
      • Kremainn 4 C (Ice body)
        • Kremainn 4 C A (Ice body)
      • Kremainn 4 D (Ice body)
      • Kremainn 4 E (Ice body)
        • Kremainn 4 E A (Ice body)
      • Kremainn 4 F (Ice body)
      • Volta Station
    • Kremainn 5 (Ice body)

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