LHS 3447
2015-12-26 00004
Controlling FactionThe Pilots Federation
PowerZachary Hudson vector Zachary Hudson

Agriculture Extraction economy (Federal democracy).

— In-Game Description

LHS 3447 is a starting system for many new Commanders (CMDRs). They usually start at an outpost.

The system's allegiance is Independent. Its government is Democracy. The economy is Agriculture (Colony, None, Extraction, Military, Service). It has high security and the controlling faction is LHS 3447 Dynamic & Co.[1]

Worlidge Terminal provides a 20% discount for all weapons and 50% for missiles.

Trivia Edit

"It may come as a surprise that the starting system isn't the most-visited system in the galaxy. Sneaking a peek behind the curtain a little bit: the player's starting system isn't recorded, only the first destination you jump to, so LHS 3447 gets no head start over other systems."[2]

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