Oleskiw Station
FactionFuture of LHS 3447
FacilitiesCommodities, Refuel, Repair, Re-arm, Black Market
Trade data
ImportsMineral Extractions, Explosives, H. E. Suits
ExportsLepidolite, Bertrandite, Gallite
ProhibitedCombat Stabilizers, Narcotics, Tobacco, Personal Weapons, Battle Weapons, Imperial Slaves, Slaves, Toxic Waste, Lucan Onion Head
Stellar data
Orbital Period0.2 D
Semi Major Axis7320km
Orbital Eccentricity0
Orbital Inclination0.00 Deg
Arg of Periapsis75.10 Deg
Rotational Period1.0 D
Axial Tilt0

Found currently orbiting planet A6 in the LHS 3447 System, Oleskiw Station is an outpost hanging onto its existence in a star system upheld by the working class of the refining industry.

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