LP 98-132 2
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Earth Masses 0.4500
Radius 4,401 KM
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Surface Temp. 215 K
Surface Pressure 2.67 Atmospheres
Volcanism No Volcanism
Atmosphere Type Methane-Rich
Atmosphere 90.2% Nitrogen
9.3% Methane
0.4% Carbon Dioxide
Composition 40.0% Rock
60.0% Metal
Orbital Period 268.3 Days
Semi Major Axis 0.58 AU
Orbital Eccentricity 0.1000
Orbital Inclination -27.00 DEG
Arg of Periapsis 54.60 DEG
Rotational Period 0.6 Days
Axial Tilt -7.51 DEG
LP 98-132 2 A Ring
Reserves ---
Type ---
Mass ---
Semi Major Axis ---
Inner Radius ---
Outer Radius ---
LP 98-132 2 B Ring
Reserves ---
Type ---
Mass ---
Semi Major Axis ---
Inner Radius ---
Outer Radius ---
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High metal content worlds like this have a large metallic core, with plentiful metallic ores even at the surface. In places, especially around areas of past or current volcanism or liquid erosion, some higher metals can be found in their elemental form too. Mining is therefore very efficient, so these worlds are highly valued.

— In-Game Description

LP 98-132 2 is a bit of a black sheep among the inner planets of the LP 98-132 system... literally. Rather than the rich mineral coloration on both Anahit and LP 98-132 3, this is a dull grey, with large expansive sea beds and extensive craters pocking the older surface areas. Of all the planets in the system, this is the most visually interesting, second only to the rings on Anahit, that is. The uniformity of the cratering is a curiosity, and makes for a dramatic and interesting view.