Landing Pad Size per Ship
Pad Size Ships
Small Adder
Cobra MkIIICobra MkIV

Diamondback Explorer

Diamondback Scout
Eagle MkII
Sidewinder MkI
Viper MkIII

Viper MkIV
Imperial Eagle
Imperial Courier


Asp Explorer

Asp Scout
Federal Assault Ship
Federal Dropship
Federal Gunship

Type-6 Transporter

Large Anaconda
Imperial Clipper
Type-7 Transporter
Type-9 Heavy
Federal Corvette

Imperial Cutter

Beluga Liner

A Landing Pad is the location that a ship docks at in Elite: Dangerous. Similar to a modern day runway in that craft will land and lift off from this area.

There are three types of landing pads: small, medium, and large.

Space stations (Orbis, Coriolis, Ocellus) have small, medium, and large landing pads.

Outposts have small and medium landing pads.

Planetary Surface Starports have small, medium, and large landing pads.


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