Several people have suggested having their own alternative launch party for Elite: Dangerous in 2014. Below is a list of town/cities that have been suggested. People can put their forum username under their choice location and perhaps one person from each location could choose the appropriate venue and be host. If you're not a forum member then please use an name / email address. Currently the only alternative parties being actively planned are Cardiff and Copenhagen. If you wish to organise your respective party then please make yourself host.

Town / City Details Attendees (forum name)
Cardiff Click here JohnStabler (host), deMangler, Selezen(b), Commander Dave, Psykokow, Nvmb3rTh30ry, fozza, holdmykidney, Squiggle, DigitalDuck (b), oss133, Out2lunch (2nd), Commander Regel, Graham Reads, Cassius (c), Comandante, John Whitehouse, OneViGOR, dave mcgrath, Andrew Craib (Cmdr Spike), MugwumpUK, DazzyB, Morgo_the_MonkeyGod, DraigUK,
Cambridge Ric_Hales, blubber, Crayfish, Cassius (a), Slawkenbergius, Out2lunch (3rd), Michael Fife (2nd), delaney
London daytoday, Commander Dave, Darren Grey, Out2lunch (1st), Michael Fife (1st), JohnJDignan (in Soho)
Manchester commanderQuinn, Juniper, Out2lunch (5th)
Nottingham Selezen (a), DigitalDuck (a), Out2lunch (4th), Cassius (b), 1Geek2Many/Ph0t0n
Newcastle / York
Copenhagen / Denmark Click here Commander Andersen (host), Airikr, Cmdr Sneak