Planet Lave
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Moon Masses {{{moonmasses}}}
Earth Masses 1.0000
Radius 6,134 KM
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Solar Radius {{{solarradius}}}
Surface Temp. 288 K
Surface Pressure 1.17 Atmospheres
Volcanism Silicate Magma
Atmosphere Type Suitable For Water-Based Life
Atmosphere 77.9% Nitrogen
20.9% Oxygen
0.9% Argon
Composition 70.0% Rock
30.0% Metal
Orbital Period 171.0 Days
Semi Major Axis 0.58 AU
Orbital Eccentricity 0.0380
Orbital Inclination 0.00 DEG
Arg of Periapsis 322.98 DEG
Rotational Period 0.9 Days
Axial Tilt 23.51 DEG
Planet Lave A Ring
Reserves ---
Type ---
Mass ---
Semi Major Axis ---
Inner Radius ---
Outer Radius ---
Planet Lave B Ring
Reserves ---
Type ---
Mass ---
Semi Major Axis ---
Inner Radius ---
Outer Radius ---
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Outdoor world with a human-breathable atmosphere and indigenous life. The atmosphere is far from chemical equilibrium as a result.

— In-Game Description

Planet Lave is the former capital planet and seat of the Galactic Cooperative. It still has many tributes such as museums and artifacts of the GalCop era which make it a popular tourist destination.[1]

Planet Lave is 114.54 light years from Sol. It has a human-breathable atmosphere. Much of its vast rain forests were cut down by irresponsible locals to raise cattle, and the famous tree grub is extinct.[2]

Lave had a dictatorship from before the fall of GalCop. Dr. Hans Walden came to power in 3174.[3]

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