Leathery Eggs
ClassificationRare Commodity
TypeConsumer Items
Galactic Average Price25,067 CR
Rare allocation1 t
Produced by---
Consumed by---
LocationRidley Scott, Zaonce

Advertised as genuine fossilised xeno ovum, scientists were quickly able to show that the eggs traded are actually the product of a team of highly talented prop designers. For some collectors, owning one of these eggs is their top priority, with all other priorities rescinded.

— In-Game Description

Leathery Eggs are a Consumer Item in the world of Elite Dangerous.

They are a rare commodity, so increase in value the further they are taken from their point of purchase.

They seem to be a reference to the eggs that hold facehuggers in the Alien franchise. The station they are sold at is named after the director of Alien.

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