Li Yong Rui vector Li Yong-Rui
Li Yong-Rui
OccupationCEO of Sirius Corporation and Sirius Gov
Galactic StandingDecrease 8
Command CapitalDecrease 4449 CC
PSMPack-Hound Missile Rack
PreparationEthos Social Social
ExpansionEthos Finance Finance
ControlEthos Finance Finance

With enough data we can predict almost anything.

— Li Yong-Rui

Li Yong-Rui is the CEO of the Sirius Corporation and its government division Sirius Gov. He is a member of the Li dynasty which has been involved with the Sirius Corporation since it was founded nearly 800 years ago. Yong-Rui has doctorates in physics, politics and economics.[1][2]

Yong-Rui has nearly infinite access to money and cutting-edge technology. He is different to other Powers, because he prefers to buy new star systems rather than take them by force.[2]

Lore Edit

Meet the Powers – Li Yong-Rui[2]

Sirius Gov CEO Li Yong-Rui is the focus of this seventh article from political commentator Marcus Macmillan about the movers and shakers in 3301.[2]

In this week’s historical article from Sima Kalhana, she wrote about the founding of the Sirius Corporation. The Li dynasty’s involvement with the Sirius Corporation can be traced back to the company’s founding almost 800 years ago.[2]

By the age of 25, Yong-Rui had earned doctorates in physics, politics and economics. He was hired by Sirius straight from college. He then quickly made his way up the ranks, and at the tender age of 35, Yong-Rui was made Vice President of Forecasting.[2]

He has a proven track record in business, but has also demonstrated significant insight in the fuzzier elements and in particular how to provide effective government. With these skills he was considered the ideal candidate for Sirius Corporation’s new Sirius Gov division.[2]

Powerplay Edit

Li Yong-Rui is best for maintaining the discount: Corporate. He is passive to the discount: Theocracy Confederacy Anarchy Democracy Corporate Dictatorship.[3]

Systems controlled by Li Yong-Rui have a 15% discount on outfitting  including modulesweapons and all ships. This lowers rebuy costs. It's open to anyone so you don't need to pledge.[3]

Factions with the government type corporate can maintain the discount. These government types are passive to the Powerplay faction: theocracy, confederacy, anarchy, democracy, corporate, dictatorship.[3]


We must seize this new golden age of expansion to expand the bottom line.

— Li Yong-Rui - CEO Sirius Gov


03 MAY 3304

  • Li Yong-Rui refuted Simguru Pranav Antal's claim that humanity could lose the war against the Thargoids: "With all due respect to Antal, his peculiar vision of humanity surviving as a mass of digital ghosts cannot be taken seriously. It's not as if civilisation is on the edge of collapse – for most of us it remains business as usual. Our survival instincts and ingenuity will keep our societies functioning for a long time to come."[4]

27 OCT 3303

If there's one thing these INRA logs make plain it's that humanity is capable of defeating the Thargoids, especially when we work together. And remember, most of the galaxy is functioning exactly as it always has, despite the presence of these alien aggressors. So let’s maintain some perspective, shall we?

— Li Yong-Rui[5]

13 JAN 3302

  • Li Yong-Rui announced that the search had resulted in the recovery of the wreckage of the Antares.

The wreckage appears to confirm that the component failure described in the ship's final status report did indeed result in the destruction of the Antares. My hope is that by subjecting the wreckage to further analysis, we will be able to determine exactly what caused the malfunction and apply this knowledge to the development of new safety protocols. With luck, we will be able to reintroduce the innovative drive technology used aboard the Antares. This discovery could serve as the catalyst for a whole new era of interplanetary travel.

— Li Yong-Rui[6]

22 DEC 3301

  • Li Yong-Rui announced a new official search for the Antares, an experimental Sirius Corporation passenger liner that went missing when attempting its first hyperspace jump in 3251. He asked for Wreckage Components to be delivered to Davy Dock in the Procyon system.

Since the Antares was lost 50 years ago, there have been great advances in scanning technology, and we believe it may now be possible to find the remains of the ship. We are inviting every pilot in the galaxy to deliver wreckage components to our research base at Davy Dock in the Procyon system. Once we have accumulated enough material, we will subject the debris to comprehensive analysis to determine its origin. With luck, not only will we find the remains of the Antares, we will be able to determine her fate.

— Li Yong-Rui[7]

15 OCT 3301

  • Following their expansion earlier in the year into the HIP 8396, Almagest, Sothis, Ceos, and Robigo systems, Sirius Corporation CEO Li Yong-Rui announced a new initiative to revitalise the economies of those systems. The first stage would consist of an appeal for independent pilots to deliver osmium to HIP 8396.[8]


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