Limpet Controllers are the controllers for drones. The drones can be launched from the ship to do various tasks depending on the type of limpet. The limpets are disposable, consumable items you have to replenish at a Starport under the Munitions section, or via Synthesis. All types of drones share the same disposable items.

Drone Types Edit

Collector Edit

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Collector drones take canisters in space and deliver them to your cargohold. Useful for pirates needing to gather cargo in a hurry and for miners with lots of ore to scoop.

Collection drones have two modes. The primary mode scoops the canister you're currently targeting. The secondary mode has an area effect, scooping everything it can before its power expires.

Decontamination Edit

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Decontamination drones attach to a target ship's hull and remove any caustic residue left by Thargoid Interceptor missiles. At the same time, the drones also repair a portion of the target ship's hull, but are less effective at repair work than Repair drones.

Fuel Transferer Edit

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Fuel Transferer drones let players swap fuel while in flight. Larger freight ships can carry additional fuel through extra Fuel Tanks for their escort fighters and extend the effective range of their Wings.

Hatch Breaker Edit

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Hatch Breaker drones can be fired upon the targeted ship and upon contact eject the target's cargo over time. Countered with Point Defences.

Prospector Edit

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Prospector drones scan asteroids, telling you what metals they contain. Very useful when seeking rare ores.

Recon Edit

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Recon drones hack into data points, such as those found on Bulk Cruiser Megaships.

Repair Edit

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Repair drones work similarly to Fuel Transferer drones, but repair the target ship's hull.

Research Edit

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Research drones attach to targeted Thargoid Interceptors and retrieve a research sample, such as a Thargoid Cyclops Tissue Sample, which is stored as a commodity.