This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char A. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
A Different Kind Saktsak Federation Democracy
AC +26 37030 Confederacy AC +26 37030 Federation Confederacy
AC +26 37030 Order AC +26 37030 Independent Dictatorship
AC +40 428-42 Alliance Mandate AC +40 428-42 Alliance Patronage
ADS 10035 Purple General Ltd ADS 10035 Independent Corporate
ADS 16553 Liberals ADS 16553 Federation Democracy
ADS 16553 Silver Pirates ADS 16553 Independent Anarchy
ADS 8444 Electronics Incorporated ADS 8444 Independent Corporate
ADS 8444 Future ADS 8444 Federation Democracy
ADS 8444 Organisation ADS 8444 Independent Anarchy
AE Fornacis Coordinated AE Fornacis Independent Cooperative
AEF Legion of LFT 133 LFT 133 Federation Democracy
AF Leporis Purple Travel Prtnrs AF Leporis Federation Corporate
AG+11 1351 Blue Raiders AG+11 1351 Independent Anarchy
AG+11 1351 Galactic Services AG+11 1351 Alliance Corporate
AG+21 1754 Blue Camorra AG+21 1754 Independent Anarchy
AG+21 1754 Inc AG+21 1754 Federation Corporate
ALS 16791 Blue Dynamic Comms ALS 16791 Federation Corporate
AR Lacertae Autocracy AR Lacertae Independent Dictatorship
AR Lacertae Blue Rats AR Lacertae Independent Anarchy
AR Lacertae Democrats AR Lacertae Federation Democracy
AR Lacertae Pride AR Lacertae Independent Dictatorship
AY Indi Industry AY Indi Federation Corporate
AZ Cancri Crimson Drug Empire AZ Cancri Independent Anarchy
AZ Cancri Jet Life Limited AZ Cancri Federation Corporate
Aakuagsakh Limited Aakuagsakh Independent Corporate
Aakuagsakh Pirates Aakuagsakh Independent Anarchy
Aakuman Crimson Raiders Aakuman Independent Anarchy
Aakuman Prison Colony Aakuman Independent Prison Colony
Aakushu Empire Party Aakushu Empire Patronage
Aakushu Empire Party Trigeno Empire Patronage
Aapelinja Movement Aapelinja Independent Dictatorship
Aapelinja Nationals Aapelinja Independent Dictatorship
Aapelinja Silver Creative Inc Aapelinja Independent Corporate
Aapelinja Silver Vision Inc Aapelinja Independent Corporate
Aapeljina Movement HIP 59310 Independent Dictatorship
Aapep Cartel Aapep Independent Anarchy
Aapep Noblement Aapep Independent Feudal
Aasgananu Bridge Solutions Aasgananu Federation Corporate
Aasgananu Future Aasgananu Independent Democracy
Aasgananu Regulatory State Aasgananu Independent Dictatorship
Aasgay Independents Aasgay Federation Democracy
Aasgay Purple Central Org Aasgay Independent Corporate
Abaana Gold Federal Industries Abaana Empire Corporate
Abaana Solutions Abaana Empire Corporate
Abanda Industries Abanda Empire Corporate
Abasina Empire League Abasina Empire Patronage
Abasina Purple Dragons Abasina Independent Anarchy
Abasina Union Party Abasina Independent Communism
Abasses Industry Abasses Independent Corporate
Abasses Republic Party Abasses Independent Democracy
Abassong Free Abassong Federation Democracy
Abassong Jet Mob Abassong Independent Anarchy
Abast Samo Alliance Abast Samo Federation Confederacy
Abazahua Gold Syndicate Abazahua Independent Anarchy
Abazahua Independent Bridge Abazahua Independent Patronage
Abazi Alliance Abazi Federation Confederacy
Abe Organisation Abe Independent Anarchy
Abi Crimson Raiders Abi Independent Anarchy
Abi Jet Natural Incorporated Abi Federation Corporate
Abi Progressive Party Abi Federation Democracy
Abi Progressive Party LFT 1723 Federation Democracy
Abibitoa Boys Abibitoa Independent Anarchy
Abidji Industries Abidji Independent Corporate
Abidji Justice Party Abidji Independent Dictatorship
Abikabiates Patron's Principles Abikabiates Empire Patronage
Abikabiates Purple Electronics Abikabiates Independent Corporate
Abikudi Collective Abikudi Independent Cooperative
Abikudi Purple Advanced Inc Abikudi Empire Corporate
Abikuolu Jet Natural Int Abikuolu Empire Corporate
Aborovi Gold Cartel Aborovi Independent Anarchy
Aborovi Gold Cartel Nerry Independent Anarchy
Abreda Crimson Federal Ind Abreda Empire Corporate
Abres Advanced Network Abres Independent Corporate
Abres League Abres Independent Dictatorship
Abriama Crimson Electronics Ind Abriama Independent Corporate
Abriama Power Corporation Abriama Independent Corporate
Abrigi State Interstellar Abrigi Empire Corporate
Abriguaymir Jet Society Abriguaymir Independent Anarchy
Abrocmii Dominion Abrocmii Independent Dictatorship
Abrocmii Silver Crew Abrocmii Independent Anarchy
Abrog Silver State PLC Abrog Independent Corporate
Abrogo Partnership Abrogo Federation Confederacy
Abroin Revolutionary Party Abroin Independent Communism
Abroin Universal PLC Abroin Independent Corporate
Abuk Empire League Abuk Empire Patronage
Abuk Purple Boys Abuk Independent Anarchy
Abukunin Corporation Abukunin Independent Corporate
Abukunin Silver Fortune Ind Abukunin Federation Corporate
Abukunn Blue Fortune Inc Abukunn Empire Corporate
Aburaces Major Ltd Aburaces Independent Corporate
Aburu Gold Dragons Aburu Independent Anarchy
Aburu Vision Holdings Aburu Federation Corporate
Aburukan Empire Party Aburukan Empire Patronage
Ac Yai Inc Ac Yai Empire Corporate
Ac Yama & Co Ac Yama Independent Corporate
Ac Yama Justice Party Ac Yama Independent Dictatorship
Ac Yaming Shared Ac Yaming Independent Cooperative
Ac Yanto Company Ac Yanto Independent Corporate
Ac Yanto Raiders Ac Yanto Independent Anarchy
Ac Yanto as one Ac Yanto Independent Cooperative
Ac Yanyamam Dynasty Ac Yanyamam Independent Feudal
Ac Yariu Creative Commodities Ac Yariu Empire Corporate
Ac Yariu Creative Commodities Bactondinks Empire Corporate
Ac Yax Baru Corporation Ac Yax Baru Independent Corporate
Ac Yax Partnership Ac Yax Federation Confederacy
Acamar Exchange Acamar Empire Corporate
Acan Blue Energy Holdings Acan Federation Corporate
Acan Pro-Alliance Pact Acan Alliance Patronage
Acane Energy Corp. Acane Independent Corporate
Acani Gold Mafia Acani Independent Anarchy
Acani Nationalists Acani Empire Dictatorship
Acantha Purple Mob Acantha Independent Anarchy
Acanthu Silver General Corp. Acanthu Federation Corporate
Acants Blue Hand Gang Acants Independent Anarchy
Acants Free Acants Federation Democracy
Acants Silver Creative Co Acants Independent Corporate
Acants Transport Interstellar Acants Independent Corporate
Acatesano Partnership Acatesano Federation Confederacy
Acatesano Partnership Dain Federation Confederacy
Acatesano Partnership Limapa Federation Confederacy
Acawar Coordinated Acawar Independent Cooperative
Acawar Coordinated HR 975 Independent Cooperative
Achali Commodities Achali Independent Corporate
Achan One Achan Independent Cooperative
Achan One Lu Xiangu Independent Corporate
Achan One Wanagi Independent Cooperative
Achan Systems Achan Empire Corporate
Achapsugs Holdings Achapsugs Empire Corporate
Achapsugs as one Achapsugs Independent Cooperative
Achar League Achar Federation Confederacy
Ache Puritans Ache Independent Theocracy
Achehoongat Empire Group Achehoongat Empire Patronage
Achehoongat Energy Group Achehoongat Empire Corporate
Achehoongat Major Holdings Achehoongat Independent Corporate
Achehoongat Purple Dragons Achehoongat Independent Anarchy
Achehoongat Values Party Achehoongat Independent Democracy
Achelous Central Ltd Achelous Federation Corporate
Achelous Crimson Hand Gang Achelous Independent Anarchy
Achelous Front Achelous Independent Dictatorship
Achelous Solutions Achelous Independent Corporate
Achenar Comms Co Achenar Empire Patronage
Achenar Empire League Achenar Empire Patronage
Achenar Empire Party Achenar Empire Patronage
Achenar Empire Party Taevaisa Empire Patronage
Achenar Immortals Paras Empire Patronage
Achenar Jet Organisation Achenar Empire Patronage
Achenar Universal Incorporated Achenar Empire Patronage
Achian Partners Achian Independent Corporate
Achini Brotherhood Achini Independent Anarchy
Achini Crimson Universal Co Achini Independent Corporate
Achini Empire League Achini Empire Patronage
Achlys Jet Allied Network Achlys Federation Corporate
Achosi Limited Achosi Federation Corporate
Achosi Shared Achosi Independent Cooperative
Achrende General Inc Achrende Empire Corporate
Achreni Blue Cartel Achreni Independent Anarchy
Achreni Empire League Achreni Empire Patronage
Achuar Purple Electronics Sysy Achuar Empire Corporate
Acihaut Interstellar Acihaut Independent Corporate
Acionna Organisation Acionna Independent Corporate
Ackwada Boys Ackwada Independent Anarchy
Ackwada Gold Allied Group Ackwada Independent Corporate
Acokwang Silver United Inc Acokwang Empire Corporate
Acokwech People's Co-operative Acokwech Independent Cooperative
Acoman Jet Transport Limited Acoman Federation Corporate
Acomatshi Jet Advanced Network Acomatshi Federation Corporate
Acurus Order Acurus Independent Dictatorship
Acurus Party Acurus Independent Dictatorship
Adach Co Adach Federation Corporate
Adachit Guardians of Tradition Adachit Empire Patronage
Adachit Solutions Adachit Empire Corporate
Adad Exchange Adad Empire Corporate
Adad Exchange LHS 4047 Empire Corporate
Adad Life Group Adad Federation Corporate
Addo Silver Advanced Partners Addo Federation Corporate
Addovices Confederacy Addovices Federation Confederacy
Addovichs Inc Addovichs Independent Corporate
Addovichs Noblement Xi Wangda Empire Feudal
Addovii Crimson Transport PLC Addovii Federation Corporate
Addovii Gold Mob Addovii Independent Anarchy
Addovik Advanced Corp. Addovik Independent Corporate
Addovik Constitution Party Addovik Empire Dictatorship
Addovik Constitution Party Latuba Empire Dictatorship
Addovika Brotherhood Addovika Independent Anarchy
Addovika Empire Party Addovika Empire Patronage
Adeka Jet Camorra Adeka Independent Anarchy
Adeka Travel Holdings Adeka Independent Corporate
Adenates Central Services Adenates Federation Corporate
Adenets Defence Force Adenets Independent Dictatorship
Adenets Pro-Alliance Bond Adenets Alliance Patronage
Adenses Limited Adenses Federation Corporate
Adensu First Adensu Independent Dictatorship
Adensu Industries Adensu Independent Corporate
Adeo Independents Adeo Federation Democracy
Adeo Purple Vision Corporation Adeo Independent Corporate
Adeo Vision Industries Adeo Independent Corporate
Adepti Jet Ring Adepti Independent Anarchy
Adepti Liberals Adepti Federation Democracy
Adils Travel Industries Adils Independent Corporate
Adit Major PLC Adit Independent Corporate
Adit Nationals Adit Independent Dictatorship
Adit Order Adit Empire Dictatorship
Adit for Equality Adit Independent Democracy
Aditi Crimson Energy Inc Aditi Empire Corporate
Aditi Empire League Aditi Empire Patronage
Aditi Empire league Synuefe RT-R c20-7 Empire Patronage
Aditi Jet Mafia Aditi Independent Anarchy
Aditjana Nobles Aditjana Independent Feudal
Aditjargl Galactic Corporation Aditjargl Independent Corporate
Aditjargl Law Party Aditjargl Independent Dictatorship
Aditjargl Partners Aditjargl Independent Corporate
Aditjari Brothers Aditjari Independent Anarchy
Aditjari Freedom Party Aditjari Empire Dictatorship
Aditjari Jet Travel Exchange Aditjari Independent Corporate
Adityan Commodities Adityan Independent Corporate
Adityan Company Adityan Independent Corporate
Adiva Crimson Society Adiva Independent Anarchy
Adiva Netcoms Commodities Adiva Federation Corporate
Adivarakhe Coalition Adivarakhe Federation Confederacy
Adivarakhe Purple Rats Adivarakhe Independent Anarchy
Adivas Alliance League Adivas Alliance Patronage
Adivas Silver Legal Limited Adivas Independent Corporate
Adiyan Transport Limited Adiyan Empire Corporate
Adju Services Adju Independent Corporate
Adle's Armada Eravate Federation Corporate
Adlirvantan Society Adlirvantan Independent Anarchy
Adlirvantan Vision Industries Adlirvantan Independent Corporate
Adlivun Allied Ltd Adlivun Independent Corporate
Adlivuni Organisation Adlivuni Independent Anarchy
Adnoannoda Democrats Adnoannoda Federation Democracy
Adnoartina Co-op Adnoartina Independent Cooperative
Adnoartina Creative Holdings Adnoartina Empire Corporate
Adnyayar Blue Drug Empire Adnyayar Independent Anarchy
Adnyayar Industries Adnyayar Independent Corporate
Adnyayar Movement Adnyayar Independent Dictatorship
Adria Co Adria Independent Corporate
Adriatikuru Natural Services Adriatikuru Independent Corporate
Adriatikuru PLC Adriatikuru Federation Corporate
Adro Inc Adro Independent Corporate
Aduninuan Purple Boys Aduninuan Independent Anarchy
Aebocori Industry Aebocori Empire Corporate
Aebocori Industry Kausanla Empire Corporate
Aebocori Silver Posse Aebocori Independent Anarchy
Aebocorio Blue Central PLC Aebocorio Empire Corporate
Aeducini Commodities Aeducini Independent Corporate
Aeducini Empire Pact Aeducini Empire Patronage
Aeduwona Holdings Aeduwona Empire Corporate
Aegaeon Silver Bridge Systems Aegaeon Federation Corporate
Aegaeon Silver Syndicate Aegaeon Independent Anarchy
Aegida Defence Party Aegida Empire Dictatorship
Aegida Gold Travel Services Aegida Independent Corporate
Aegida Rats Aegida Independent Anarchy
Aegilips Co Aegilips Federation Corporate
Aegir Dragons Aegir Independent Anarchy
Aeneas Labour Aeneas Federation Democracy
Aeng Dimo Constitution Party Aeng Dimo Independent Dictatorship
Aeng Dimo Legal Co Aeng Dimo Federation Corporate
Aequeelg Free Aequeelg Federation Democracy
Aequiatalaa Purple Brothers Aequiatalaa Independent Anarchy
Aerial Universal Network Aerial Independent Corporate
Aerial Universal Network Carthage Independent Corporate
Aeternitas Constitution Party Aeternitas Independent Dictatorship
Aeternitas Industries Aeternitas Federation Corporate
Aetius aristocrats Aetius Independent Feudal
Afli Imperial Society Afli Empire Patronage
Afli Patron's Principles Afli Empire Patronage
Afli Silver Universal Exchange Afli Independent Corporate
Aganippe Crimson Mafia Aganippe Independent Anarchy
Agarahma Crimson Electronics Inc Agarahma Independent Corporate
Agarahma Transport Group Agarahma Independent Corporate
Agarda Exchange Agarda Independent Corporate
Agarla Citizens' Forum Agarla Empire Patronage
Agarla Patron's Principles Agarla Empire Patronage
Agartha Empire Group Agartha Empire Patronage
Agasa Gold Dynamic Inc Agasa Independent Corporate
Agasta Empire Consulate Agasta Empire Patronage
Agasta Exchange Agasta Independent Corporate
Agastani Galactic PLC Agastani Independent Corporate
Agastani Jet Creative Int Agastani Federation Corporate
Agastani Resistance Agastani Federation Democracy
Agastani Resistance Sosolingati Federation Democracy
Agastariya Blue Brotherhood Agastariya Independent Anarchy
Agastariya Galactic Co Agastariya Empire Corporate
Agastariya Vision Group Agastariya Empire Corporate
Agastja Crimson Society Agastja Independent Anarchy
Agastja League Agastja Independent Confederacy
Agatal Limited Agatal Federation Corporate
Agatavun Dominion Agatavun Independent Dictatorship
Agatavun Vision PLC Agatavun Federation Corporate
Agathiar Resistance Agathiar Federation Democracy
Ageno Purple Hand Gang Ageno Independent Anarchy
Aguan Major Network Aguan Independent Corporate
Aguan Purple Power Holdings Aguan Independent Corporate
Aguana Labour Aguana Independent Democracy
Aguana Labour Hydrae Sector DB-X c1-13 Independent Democracy
Aguana Syndicate Aguana Independent Anarchy
Aguane Power Limited Aguane Federation Corporate
Aguano Patron's Principles Aguano Empire Patronage
Aguano Purple Brotherhood Aguano Independent Anarchy
Aguano Systems Aguano Independent Corporate
Aguaroing Network Aguaroing Empire Corporate
Agulu Commodities Agulu Empire Corporate
Agwa Nationalists Agwa Independent Dictatorship
Agwa Organisation Agwa Independent Corporate
Aha Wa Allied Aha Wa Independent Cooperative
Aha Wa Life Industry Aha Wa Empire Corporate
Ahanla Ltd Ahanla Independent Corporate
Ahanyamwezi Creative Inc Ahanyamwezi Federation Corporate
Ahanyamwezi Creative Inc Wailtsu Federation Corporate
Ahaudheim Allied Ahaudheim Independent Cooperative
Ahaudheim Gold Ring Ahaudheim Independent Anarchy
Ahaudhr Dynamic Incorporated Ahaudhr Empire Corporate
Ahaudhr People's Party Ahaudhr Independent Communism
Ahauduwonai Constitution Party Ahauduwonai Independent Dictatorship
Ahaurawai Independents Ahaurawai Federation Democracy
Ahaut Front Ahaut Empire Dictatorship
Ahaut Front HIP 8758 Empire Dictatorship
Ahauts Council Ahauts Independent Anarchy
Ahayan Gold Creative Co Ahayan Federation Corporate
Ahayus Syndicate Ahayus Independent Anarchy
Ahemaker Noblement Ahemaker Empire Feudal
Ahemakino Bridge Organisation Ahemakino Independent Corporate
Ahemez Blue Mob Ahemez Independent Anarchy
Ahemez Partners Ahemez Independent Corporate
Ahmetes Services Ahmetes Empire Corporate
Ahmeti Fortune Commodities Ahmeti Empire Corporate
Ahmeti as one Ahmeti Independent Cooperative
Ahol Federal Interstellar Ahol Empire Corporate
Aholetondal Empire Party Aholetondal Empire Patronage
Ahti Partnership Ahti Federation Confederacy
Aiaba Defence Party Aiaba Independent Dictatorship
Aiaban Blue United PLC Aiaban Empire Corporate
Aiabiko Blue Universal Ind Aiabiko Independent Corporate
Aiabiko Company Aiabiko Independent Corporate
Aiabiko Movement Aiabiko Independent Dictatorship
Aiabiko Nationals Aiabiko Independent Dictatorship
Aiabiko for Equality Aiabiko Federation Democracy
Aiga Central Group Aiga Empire Corporate
Aiga Domain Aiga Empire Feudal
Aigaha Creative Inc Aigaha Empire Corporate
Aigalie Empire Pact Aigalie Empire Patronage
Aigalie Interstellar Aigalie Independent Corporate
Aigones Network Aigones Independent Corporate
Aika Central Systems Aika Empire Corporate
Aika United Aika Independent Cooperative
Ailure Hand Gang Ailure Independent Anarchy
Ailure State Co Ailure Independent Corporate
Ailuremowo Crimson Allied Comms Ailuremowo Independent Corporate
Ailurians Blue Fortune Company Ailurians Federation Corporate
Ailurii & Co Ailurii Empire Corporate
Ailurui Movement Ailurui Independent Dictatorship
Aimo Jung Purple Hand Gang Aimo Jung Independent Anarchy
Ainuan Front Ainuan Independent Dictatorship
Ainuan Jet Crew Ainuan Independent Anarchy
Ainuan Transport Network Ainuan Independent Corporate
Ainuro One Ainuro Independent Cooperative
Airman Di Boys Airman Di Independent Anarchy
Airman Di Corporation Airman Di Independent Corporate
Airmang Corporation Airmang Federation Corporate
Airseklis Citizens' Forum Airseklis Empire Patronage
Airseklis Citizens' Forum Tribe Empire Patronage
Airseklis Energy Network Airseklis Independent Corporate
Airsetanoa Conservatives Airsetanoa Independent Dictatorship
Airsetanoa Labour Airsetanoa Federation Democracy
Aisling's Angels Bhilinool Independent Cooperative
Aisling's Angels Chona Independent Cooperative
Aisling's Angels Venet Independent Cooperative
Aisoci Corp. Aisoci Independent Corporate
Aisoci Empire League Aisoci Empire Patronage
Aisoci Gold Camorra Aisoci Independent Anarchy
Aisociti Independent Mandate Aisociti Independent Patronage
Aisoyiman Blue General Ind Aisoyiman Independent Corporate
Aitva Central Ltd Aitva Empire Corporate
Aitvanec Defence Force Aitvanec Independent Dictatorship
Aitvanec Democrats Aitvanec Alliance Democracy
Aitvani Legal Holdings Aitvani Independent Corporate
Aitvaniez Jet Federal Solutions Aitvaniez Empire Corporate
Aitvara Industry Aitvara Federation Corporate
Aitvaredd Front Aitvaredd Independent Dictatorship
Aitvaredd Solutions Aitvaredd Independent Corporate
Aitvas Corp. Aitvas Empire Corporate
Ajabog Independents Ajabog Federation Democracy
Ajabon Coordinated Ajabon Independent Cooperative
Ajabon PLC Ajabon Independent Corporate
Aje Shaluga Purple Vision Ltd Aje Shaluga Empire Corporate
Aje Shen Jet Drug Empire Aje Shen Independent Anarchy
Ajoku Clan Ajoku Independent Anarchy
Ajoku Industries Ajoku Empire Corporate
Aka Jet Council Aka Independent Anarchy
Akanago Blue Ring Akanago Independent Anarchy
Akanago Federal Solutions Akanago Federation Corporate
Akandi State Company Akandi Independent Corporate
Akandinigua Blue Brotherhood Akandinigua Independent Anarchy
Akandinigua aristocrats Akandinigua Empire Feudal
Akba Achih Services Akba Achih Empire Corporate
Akba Atacab Interstellar Akba Atacab Federation Corporate
Akba Atacab Interstellar Col 285 Sector ID-I c10-3 Independent Corporate
Akba Atacab Jet Cartel Akba Atacab Independent Anarchy
Akba Atacab Justice Party Akba Atacab Independent Dictatorship
Akba Atacab Party Akba Atacab Independent Dictatorship
Akba Ataci Brothers Akba Ataci Independent Anarchy
Akbakara Central Co Akbakara Federation Corporate
Akbakara Liberty Party Akbakara Independent Dictatorship
Akbakshu Solutions Akbakshu Empire Corporate
Aken General Company Aken Independent Corporate
Aken Gold Society Aken Independent Anarchy
Akena Buj Pro-Independent Bond Akena Buj Independent Patronage
Akenata Comms Solutions Akenata Federation Corporate
Akenata Gold Mafia Akenata Independent Anarchy
Akenates Empire League Akenates Empire Patronage
Akenates Industries Akenates Independent Corporate
Aker Patron's Principles Aker Empire Patronage
Aker Silver Netcoms Corporation Aker Empire Corporate
Akeretia Pro-Independent Group Akeretia Independent Patronage
Akha Kacha Prison Colony Akha Kacha Independent Prison Colony
Akhabakti Society Akhabakti Independent Anarchy
Akheilos Partners Akheilos Federation Corporate
Akhvathaang Partnership Akhvathaang Federation Confederacy
Akkadia Constitution Party Akkadia Independent Dictatorship
Akkadia Inc Akkadia Federation Corporate
Akkadia Values Party Akkadia Federation Democracy
Aknandan Democrats Aknandan Federation Democracy
Aknandan Exchange Aknandan Independent Corporate
Aknandan Incorporated Aknandan Independent Corporate
Aknandan Party Aknandan Independent Dictatorship
Aknango Hand Gang Aknango Independent Anarchy
Aknango Inc Aknango Independent Corporate
Aknara Noblement Aknara Independent Feudal
Akondaluk Creative Systems Akondaluk Empire Corporate
Akondaluk Freedom Party Akondaluk Independent Dictatorship
Akondos Blue Travel Solutions Akondos Empire Corporate
Akonito Crimson Federal Co Akonito Independent Corporate
Aku General Incorporated Aku Federation Corporate
Akua Blue Advanced Systems Akua Independent Corporate
Akua Crimson Council Akua Independent Anarchy
Akualanu United & Co Akualanu Empire Corporate
Akuapem Blue Organisation Akuapem Independent Anarchy
Akuapem Imperial Society Akuapem Empire Patronage
Akuapem Inc Akuapem Independent Corporate
Akuariks Major Exchange Akuariks Federation Corporate
Akuariks Values Party Akuariks Independent Democracy
Akuni Liberals Akuni Federation Democracy
Akuni United Commodities Akuni Independent Corporate
Akunta People's Party Akunta Independent Communism
Akunta Services Akunta Empire Corporate
Akuntsu Republic Party Akuntsu Independent Democracy
Al Mina Crimson Life Network Al Mina Federation Corporate
Al Mina Solutions Al Mina Independent Corporate
Al-Qaum Corporation Al-Qaum Federation Corporate
Al-Qaum Independents Al-Qaum Federation Democracy
Alacagui Holdings Alacagui Empire Corporate
Alacarakmo Transport Incorporated Alacarakmo Federation Corporate
Alacha Purple Society Alacha Independent Anarchy
Alads Independent Union Alads Independent Patronage
Alads Silver Raiders Alads Independent Anarchy
Aladshes & Co Aladshes Independent Corporate
Alanaribri Transport Holdings Alanaribri Federation Corporate
Alano Gold Dynamic Corporation Alano Federation Corporate
Alano Gold Dynamic Corporation Gamma Mensae Federation Corporate
Alanto Clan Alanto Independent Anarchy
Alanto Clan HIP 89294 Independent Anarchy
Alaw Gold General Organisation Alaw Independent Corporate
Alawannaq & Co Alawannaq Independent Corporate
Albangage Freedom Party Albangage Independent Dictatorship
Albangage Jet Life Inc Albangage Federation Corporate
Albangait Creative Network Albangait Empire Corporate
Albangait Creative Network Yab Cameni Empire Corporate
Albangait Law Party Albangait Empire Dictatorship
Albango Liberals Albango Independent Democracy
Albango Ltd Albango Empire Corporate
Albardhas for Equality Albardhas Independent Democracy
Albarib Creative Co Albarib Independent Corporate
Albarib Gold Public Network Albarib Independent Corporate
Albassapic & Co Albassapic Empire Corporate
Albast Group Albast Federation Corporate
Albast Transport Exchange Albast Independent Corporate
Albienses Commodities Albienses Independent Corporate
Albieteroo Blue Netcoms Limited Albieteroo Independent Corporate
Albieteroo Independents Albieteroo Federation Democracy
Albisaki Prison Colony Albisaki Independent Prison Colony
Albisaki Prison Colony Ao Kond Independent Prison Colony
Albisiyatae Co-op Albisiyatae Independent Cooperative
Albisiyatae Gang Albisiyatae Independent Anarchy
Alchera Drug Empire Alchera Independent Anarchy
Alchita Focus Alchita Independent Dictatorship
Alchita Gold Travel Network Alchita Independent Corporate
Alchita Interstellar Alchita Federation Corporate
Alcor Independents Alcor Alliance Democracy
Alcor Independents LTT 14019 Alliance Democracy
Alectrona Imperial Society Alectrona Empire Patronage
Alectrona Nationalists Alectrona Independent Dictatorship
Aleumoxii Universal Services Aleumoxii Federation Corporate
Aleumoxii Universal Services Kissensi Federation Corporate
Aleuta Interstellar Aleuta Independent Corporate
Aleutes Bureau Aleutes Independent Dictatorship
Aleutes Values Party Aleutes Federation Democracy
Alexandrinus Silver Vision Sysy Alexandrinus Independent Corporate
Alexis Centauri Network Alexis Centauri Independent Corporate
Alexis Centauri Purple Gang Alexis Centauri Independent Anarchy
Alfheim Netcoms PLC Alfheim Independent Corporate
Alfheim Union Alfheim Alliance Communism
Algieba Purple Major Industry Algieba Federation Corporate
Algieba Silver Boys Algieba Independent Anarchy
Algorab Blue Federal Solutions Algorab Independent Corporate
Algorab Electronics & Co Algorab Federation Corporate
Algorab Front Algorab Independent Dictatorship
Algreit Galactic Solutions Algreit Independent Corporate
Alhena Confederation Alhena Federation Confederacy
Alhena Transport Organisation Alhena Independent Corporate
Alicarl Blue Brothers Alicarl Independent Anarchy
Alicarl Defence Force Alicarl Independent Dictatorship
Alicarl Liberals Alicarl Federation Democracy
Alicarl Solutions Alicarl Independent Corporate
Alicha Gold Raiders Alicha Independent Anarchy
Alicha Silver Galactic Ltd Alicha Federation Corporate
Alichi Blue Society Alichi Independent Anarchy
Alichs Prison Colony Alichs Empire Prison Colony
Alici Purple Camorra Alici Independent Anarchy
Alignak Jet Legal & Co Alignak Alliance Corporate
Alignak League Alignak Independent Dictatorship
Alina Blue Boys Alina Independent Anarchy
Alina Creative Holdings Alina Independent Corporate
Alina Guardians of Tradition Alina Empire Patronage
Aling Council Aling Independent Anarchy
Aling Partners Aling Empire Corporate
Alint Hozho Citizen's Party Alint Hozho Empire Patronage
Alintun Pro-Alliance Union Alintun Alliance Patronage
Alioth Council Alioth Alliance Democracy
Alioth Independents 78 Ursae Majoris Alliance Democracy
Alioth Independents Alioth Alliance Democracy
Alioth Independents Alyuto Alliance Democracy
Alioth Independents HDS 1879 Alliance Democracy
Alioth Independents Hera Alliance Democracy
Alioth Independents LP 131-66 Alliance Democracy
Alioth Independents Sobek Alliance Democracy
Alioth Pro-Alliance Group Alioth Alliance Democracy
Alit Allied Limited Alit Independent Corporate
Alit Crimson Cartel Alit Independent Anarchy
Alit Exchange Alit Empire Corporate
Alit Patrons of Law Alit Empire Patronage
Alkabalavs Incorporated Alkabalavs Independent Corporate
Alkadjar Life Holdings Alkadjar Independent Corporate
Alkalurops for Equality Alkalurops Federation Democracy
Alkh Purple Council Alkh Independent Anarchy
Alklhaluana Partners Alklhaluana Independent Corporate
Alkondra Jet Posse Alkondra Independent Anarchy
Alkondra Purple Major Solutions Alkondra Independent Corporate
Alkondra Purple Major Solutions HIP 28644 Independent Corporate
Alkondra Republic Party Alkondra Federation Democracy
Alkondu State Organisation Alkondu Independent Corporate
Alkundan Autocracy Alkundan Independent Dictatorship
Alkundan Raiders Alkundan Independent Anarchy
Alkunn Limited Alkunn Federation Corporate
Alkupai Council Alkupai Independent Anarchy
Alkupai Progressive Party Alkupai Federation Democracy
Alkuylkanam Co Alkuylkanam Independent Corporate
Alkuylkanam Jet Advanced Prtnrs Alkuylkanam Independent Corporate
Alkuylkanam Jet Raiders Alkuylkanam Independent Anarchy
Alkuylkanam Jet Raiders Herculis Sector IR-W c1-7 Independent Anarchy
Alkuylkano Boys Alkuylkano Independent Anarchy
Alkuylkano Transport Group Alkuylkano Independent Corporate
Alkuyuma Independents Alkuyuma Federation Democracy
Allechs Allied Solutions Allechs Independent Corporate
Allentiac Organisation Allentiac Empire Corporate
Alles Patron's Principles Alles Empire Patronage
Alliance Democratic Network Aeolus Alliance Democracy
Alliance Democratic Network Yoruba Alliance Democracy
Alliance Office of Statistics Gateway Alliance Corporate
Alliance Rapid-reaction Corps Zaonce Alliance Cooperative
Alliance Vision Interstellar Andijin Independent Corporate
Alliance of 52 Leonis Minoris 52 Leonis Minoris Federation Confederacy
Alliance of 6 Lyncis 6 Lyncis Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Abora Abora Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Adria Adria Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Agat Yu Agat Yu Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Aluroua Aluroua Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Arige Arige Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Asana Asana Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Atuate Atuate Federation Confederacy
Alliance of BD+47 2112 BD+47 2112 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of BD+47 2112 Wyrd Federation Confederacy
Alliance of BD-09 241 BD-09 241 Independent Confederacy
Alliance of BD-11 4280 BD-11 4280 Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Bagan Bagan Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Baiabi Baiabi Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Birpinovit Birpinovit Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Brihaspati Brihaspati Federation Confederacy
Alliance of CD-33 8748 CD-33 8748 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Canaharvas Canaharvas Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Caspian Caspian Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Chun Hsi Chun Hsi Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Cileni Cileni Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Deceangli Deceangli Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Deyus Deyus Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Dharm Dharm Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Dindbhai Dindbhai Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Djenne Djenne Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Dyavata Dyavata Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Dziva Dziva Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Guede Guede Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Gunavidji Gunavidji Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Gunwini Gunwini Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 106006 HIP 106006 Independent Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 106072 HIP 106072 Independent Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 14886 HIP 13653 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 14886 HIP 14886 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 20218 HIP 20218 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 24035 HIP 24035 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 24658 HIP 24658 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 32001 HIP 32001 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 42371 HIP 42371 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 43310 HIP 43310 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 65429 HIP 65429 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 66730 HIP 66730 Independent Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 8753 HIP 8753 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HIP 8753 Kpannon Di Federation Confederacy
Alliance of HR 6177 HR 6177 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Haren Haren Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Hereda Hereda Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Hrisastshi Hrisastshi Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Imango Imango Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Jupali Jupali Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Kiripibo Kiripibo Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Kirrae Kirrae Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Kokanapus Kokanapus Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Kusat Kusat Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Kuwema Kuwema Federation Confederacy
Alliance of LHS 1848 LHS 1848 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of LHS 1857 LHS 1857 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of LHS 6028 LHS 6028 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of LP 547-159 Amenni Independent Confederacy
Alliance of LTT 11503 LTT 11503 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of LTT 11503 Sui Xing Federation Confederacy
Alliance of LTT 5419 LTT 5419 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Lalande 27958 Lalande 27958 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Laumas Laumas Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Lepontine Lepontine Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Li Na Li Na Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Mac Mari Mac Mari Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Makuluk Makuluk Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Marmatae Marmatae Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Mechagii Mechagii Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Meinannovi Meinannovi Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Meri Meri Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Nauracota Nauracota Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Navajojiu Gio Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Navajojiu Navajojiu Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Neganhot Neganhot Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Ngera Ngera Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Nunet Nunet Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Ocainn Ocainn Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Olelbis Olelbis Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Padhbh Padhbh Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Pandinus Pandinus Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Perovii Perovii Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Pirawoyn Pirawoyn Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Pitaniang Pitaniang Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Radegast Radegast Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Radigast Radigast Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Reddot Reddot Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Ross 1047 Ross 1047 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Ross 545 Ross 545 Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Rugabung Rugabung Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Rusalkyries Rusalkyries Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Rusasaei Rusasaei Federation Confederacy
Alliance of San Yulpa San Yulpa Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Shapori Shapori Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Sieni Sieni Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Soyota Soyota Federation Confederacy
Alliance of StHA 181 StHA 181 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Suttora Suttora Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Tatjatji Tatjatji Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Tiano Naurung Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Tiano Tiano Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Totjob'al Totjob'al Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Turni Turni Federation Confederacy
Alliance of V1285 Aquilae V1285 Aquilae Federation Confederacy
Alliance of V816 Herculis V816 Herculis Federation Confederacy
Alliance of V816 Herculis Wolf 636 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Viromovoi Viromovoi Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Wadjang Wadjang Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Wolf 1297 Wolf 1297 Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Wolf 485a Wolf 485a Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Xi Hesates Xi Hesates Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Yankondu Yankondu Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Yarica Yarica Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Yemakinni Yemakinni Independent Confederacy
Alliance of Yotani Jumukulayon Federation Confederacy
Alliance of Yotani Yotani Federation Confederacy
Allied 16 Librae Autocracy 16 Librae Independent Dictatorship
Allied 19 Xi Coronae Borealis Defence Force 19 Xi Coronae Borealis Independent Dictatorship
Allied 39 Herculis Autocracy 39 Herculis Independent Dictatorship
Allied 41 Lambda Hydrae Dominion 41 Lambda Hydrae Independent Dictatorship
Allied 73 Rho Cygni Flag 73 Rho Cygni Independent Dictatorship
Allied Abrocmii Defence Party Abrocmii Independent Dictatorship
Allied Achansa Flag Achansa Independent Dictatorship
Allied Aholhyniai Party Aholhyniai Empire Dictatorship
Allied Akuntsu Autocracy Akuntsu Independent Dictatorship
Allied Albarib Focus Albarib Independent Dictatorship
Allied Almudji Front Almudji Empire Dictatorship
Allied Almudji Front Neb Huldr Empire Dictatorship
Allied Andhi Focus Andhi Independent Dictatorship
Allied Angui League Angui Independent Dictatorship
Allied Anyama Flag Anyama Empire Dictatorship
Allied Apsu Freedom Party Apsu Empire Dictatorship
Allied Apteti Focus Apteti Independent Dictatorship
Allied Apurusia Nationalists Apurusia Independent Dictatorship
Allied Aranka Constitution Party Aranka Independent Dictatorship
Allied Arek Dominion Arek Independent Dictatorship
Allied Avalo Regulatory State Avalo Independent Dictatorship
Allied BD+33 3582 League BD+33 3582 Independent Dictatorship
Allied BD+37 2625 Movement BD+37 2625 Independent Dictatorship
Allied BD-15 4230 Regulatory State BD-15 4230 Independent Dictatorship
Allied Baliscii Freedom Party Baliscii Independent Dictatorship
Allied Baramanago Front Baramanago Independent Dictatorship
Allied Barango Defence Party Barango Independent Dictatorship
Allied Baroahy Constitution Party Baroahy Independent Dictatorship
Allied Beatis Nationalists Beatis Independent Dictatorship
Allied Beimech Focus Beimech Independent Dictatorship
Allied Belliya Constitution Party Belliya Independent Dictatorship
Allied Berrivi Front Berrivi Independent Dictatorship
Allied Birreti Dominion Birreti Independent Dictatorship
Allied Bragur Bureau Bragur Independent Dictatorship
Allied CD-30 9687 Conservatives CD-30 9687 Independent Dictatorship
Allied CD-58 538 Justice Party CD-58 538 Independent Dictatorship
Allied CE Bootis Defence Force CE Bootis Alliance Dictatorship
Allied Caer Itar Bureau Caer Itar Empire Dictatorship
Allied Camat Focus Camat Independent Dictatorship
Allied Carnsan Autocracy Carnsan Independent Dictatorship
Allied Carvii Defence Force Carvii Empire Dictatorship
Allied Cerni Justice Party Cerni Independent Dictatorship
Allied Chacahua Defence Force Chacahua Empire Dictatorship
Allied Chou Wargl Focus Chou Wargl Independent Dictatorship
Allied Chuang Liberty Party Chuang Independent Dictatorship
Allied Cibaiawar Constitution Party Cibaiawar Empire Dictatorship
Allied Ciguri Regulatory State Ciguri Independent Dictatorship
Allied Coras Conservatives Coras Empire Dictatorship
Allied Cornsar Constitution Party Cornsar Independent Dictatorship
Allied Cupis Justice Party Cupis Independent Dictatorship
Allied Degardhi Focus Degardhi Independent Dictatorship
Allied Diousteri Defence Party Diousteri Independent Dictatorship
Allied Draguan Nu Regulatory State Draguan Nu Independent Dictatorship
Allied Ehlangai Freedom Party Ehlangai Independent Dictatorship
Allied Esubilanque Law Party Esubilanque Empire Dictatorship
Allied Eta Cassiopeiae First Eta Cassiopeiae Independent Dictatorship
Allied FK5 2550 Autocracy FK5 2550 Independent Dictatorship
Allied Facece Order Facece Independent Dictatorship
Allied Gaarnakuruk Liberty Party Gaarnakuruk Empire Dictatorship
Allied Gaohikel Dominion Gaohikel Independent Dictatorship
Allied Gunapa Flag Gunapa Independent Dictatorship
Allied Gwyddi Di Nationalists Gwyddi Di Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 101636 Focus HIP 101636 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 103250 Conservatives HIP 103250 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 10365 Defence Party HIP 10365 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 104124 Flag HIP 104124 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 108806 Dominion HIP 108806 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 110245 Defence Force HIP 110245 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 113103 Dominion HIP 113103 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 113495 Law Party HIP 113495 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 114477 Autocracy HIP 114477 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 115151 Freedom Party HIP 115151 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 115505 Law Party HIP 115505 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 115937 Autocracy HIP 115937 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 13129 Focus HIP 13129 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 13498 Front HIP 13498 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 17276 Autocracy HIP 17276 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 18527 Law Party HIP 18527 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 19925 Nationalists HIP 19925 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 21559 Conservatives HIP 21559 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 2311 Law Party HIP 2311 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 24157 Conservatives HIP 24157 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 307 Constitution Party HIP 307 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 3322 Order HIP 3322 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 4024 League HIP 4024 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 42455 Movement HIP 42455 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 46407 Conservatives HIP 46407 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 52923 Nationalists HIP 52923 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 53169 Bureau HIP 53169 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 6551 League HIP 6551 Empire Dictatorship
Allied HIP 7167 Constitution Party HIP 7167 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 7830 Dominion HIP 7830 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 79636 Bureau HIP 79636 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 79682 Defence Party HIP 79682 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 82032 Flag HIP 82032 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 82206 Defence Force HIP 82206 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 85244 Movement HIP 85244 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 87914 Law Party HIP 87914 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 94396 Flag HIP 94396 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HIP 96402 Regulatory State HIP 96402 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HR 5630 Defence Force HR 5630 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HR 6767 Justice Party HR 6767 Independent Dictatorship
Allied HR 7294 Movement HR 7294 Independent Dictatorship
Allied Herthans Front Herthans Empire Dictatorship
Allied Herthans Front Sanai Empire Dictatorship
Allied Huacae Dominion Huacae Independent Dictatorship
Allied Huilliche Constitution Party Huilliche Independent Dictatorship
Allied Hunbinja Dominion Hunbinja Independent Dictatorship
Allied Ibisanyan Movement Ibisanyan Independent Dictatorship
Allied Jalabon Law Party Jalabon Empire Dictatorship
Allied Jeterait League Jeterait Independent Dictatorship
Allied Jok Odudu Law Party Jok Odudu Empire Dictatorship
Allied Jou Tung Order Jou Tung Independent Dictatorship
Allied Kalai Focus Kalai Independent Dictatorship
Allied Kaleo Nationalists Kaleo Independent Dictatorship
Allied Kareldt Order Kareldt Independent Dictatorship
Allied Kedonen Constitution Party Kedonen Independent Dictatorship
Allied Khaka Defence Party Khaka Independent Dictatorship
Allied Kiripibo Front Kiripibo Independent Dictatorship
Allied Kising Focus Kising Empire Dictatorship
Allied Koine Freedom Party Koine Independent Dictatorship
Allied Koirao Regulatory State Koirao Independent Dictatorship
Allied Kotait Flag Kotait Independent Dictatorship
Allied Kuanes Dominion Kuanes Independent Dictatorship
Allied Kui Xenab Regulatory State Kui Xenab Empire Dictatorship
Allied Kuruacani Nationalists Kuruacani Independent Dictatorship
Allied LHS 120 Justice Party LP 294-40 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LHS 22 Front LHS 22 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LHS 355 League LHS 355 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LHS 6309 Autocracy LHS 6309 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LP 350-75 First LP 350-75 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LP 460-60 Front LP 460-60 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LP 640-74 Liberty Party LP 640-74 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LP 744-46 League LP 744-46 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LP 917-1 Focus LP 917-1 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LP 933-24 Defence Party LP 933-24 Empire Dictatorship
Allied LTT 13904 Constitution Party LTT 13904 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LTT 17422 Liberty Party LTT 17422 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LTT 2963 Bureau LTT 2963 Independent Dictatorship
Allied LTT 5673 Party LTT 5673 Independent Dictatorship
Allied Lakshma League Lakshma Independent Dictatorship
Allied Lalande 10797 Liberty Party Lalande 10797 Independent Dictatorship
Allied Lesovik Law Party Lesovik Empire Dictatorship
Allied Li Chu Pard First Li Chu Pard Empire Dictatorship
Allied Lisang Justice Party Lisang Independent Dictatorship
Allied Mahlanja Defence Force Mahlanja Independent Dictatorship
Allied Manji Autocracy Manji Independent Dictatorship
Allied Miku Law Party Miku Independent Dictatorship
Allied Mimui Party Mimui Empire Dictatorship
Allied Nandhs Defence Party Nandhs Empire Dictatorship
Allied Niamara Autocracy Niamara Independent Dictatorship
Allied Nirrodumara Flag Nirrodumara Empire Dictatorship
Allied Nones First Nones Independent Dictatorship
Allied OU Geminorum Justice Party OU Geminorum Independent Dictatorship
Allied Oduduro Defence Party Oduduro Independent Dictatorship
Allied Ogondage Justice Party Ogondage Independent Dictatorship
Allied Orishalina League Orishalina Independent Dictatorship
Allied Orishis Order Orishis Independent Dictatorship
Allied Peradjariu Defence Force Peradjariu Independent Dictatorship
Allied Phra Zhons Liberty Party Phra Zhons Independent Dictatorship
Allied Pomeche First Pomeche Independent Dictatorship
Allied Ross 409 Liberty Party Hyades Sector TU-N b7-4 Independent Dictatorship
Allied Ross 409 Liberty Party Ross 409 Independent Dictatorship
Allied Ross 467 Autocracy Ross 467 Independent Dictatorship
Allied SAO 196806 First SAO 196806 Independent Dictatorship
Allied San Wu Gu Dominion San Wu Gu Independent Dictatorship
Allied Saragir Conservatives Saragir Independent Dictatorship
Allied Scirth Liberty Party Scirth Independent Dictatorship
Allied Seginus Law Party Seginus Independent Dictatorship
Allied Serd Defence Party Serd Independent Dictatorship
Allied Serktomes Movement Serktomes Independent Dictatorship
Allied Skegante Freedom Party Skegante Empire Dictatorship
Allied Sudz Regulatory State Sudz Independent Dictatorship
Allied T'u Tu Focus T'u Tu Independent Dictatorship
Allied Tabassapisi Freedom Party Tabassapisi Independent Dictatorship
Allied Tacahuti Front Tacahuti Independent Dictatorship
Allied Tahumbla Freedom Party Tahumbla Empire Dictatorship
Allied Tauernonese Dominion Tauernonese Independent Dictatorship
Allied Tereks Bureau Tereks Independent Dictatorship
Allied Thadshe Defence Party Thadshe Independent Dictatorship
Allied Thosia Order Thosia Independent Dictatorship
Allied Ti Wanjang Defence Party Ti Wanjang Empire Dictatorship
Allied Trimarindji Focus Trimarindji Independent Dictatorship
Allied Trimir Justice Party Trimir Independent Dictatorship
Allied Trongbanza Liberty Party Trongbanza Empire Dictatorship
Allied Tsongoris Conservatives Tsongoris Independent Dictatorship
Allied Tvasta Law Party Tvasta Independent Dictatorship
Allied Urthai Dominion Urthai Independent Dictatorship
Allied Usdia First Usdia Independent Dictatorship
Allied Utgard Defence Party Utgard Independent Dictatorship
Allied Utse Front Utse Independent Dictatorship
Allied VZ Corvi Constitution Party VZ Corvi Independent Dictatorship
Allied Vajrapem Freedom Party Vajrapem Independent Dictatorship
Allied Vukurbeh Defence Force Vukurbeh Empire Dictatorship
Allied Wailli Front Wailli Independent Dictatorship
Allied Wangal Dominion Wangal Independent Dictatorship
Allied Wangkathaa Focus Wangkathaa Independent Dictatorship
Allied Wei Chang Dominion Wei Chang Independent Dictatorship
Allied Wenhilo First Wenhilo Independent Dictatorship
Allied Wike Mandji Party Wike Mandji Independent Dictatorship
Allied Wirigans First Wirigans Independent Dictatorship
Allied Witoa Dominion Witoa Empire Dictatorship
Allied Wu Kich Dominion Pegasi Sector OX-T b3-3 Independent Dictatorship
Allied Wu Kich Dominion Wu Kich Independent Dictatorship
Allied Xuanec Nationalists Xuanec Independent Dictatorship
Allied Yam Liberty Party Yam Independent Dictatorship
Allied Yaming Dominion Yaming Independent Dictatorship
Allied Ye'kuape First Ye'kuape Independent Dictatorship
Allied Yimanbin Regulatory State Yimanbin Independent Dictatorship
Allied Zosia First Zosia Independent Dictatorship
Allo Law Party Allo Independent Dictatorship
Allobo Nobles Allobo Independent Feudal
Allobog Bureau Allobog Independent Dictatorship
Allobog Comms Holdings Allobog Independent Corporate
Allobog Jet Boys Allobog Independent Anarchy
Allocadros Purple Energy Ind Allocadros Federation Corporate
Allovana Patron's Principles Allovana Empire Patronage
Allovaste Gold Family Allovaste Independent Anarchy
Allovaste Life Organisation Allovaste Independent Corporate
Allowa Jet Transport Network Allowa Independent Corporate
Allowa Vision & Co Allowa Federation Corporate
Allowair Constitution Party Allowair Independent Dictatorship
Allowini Blue Comms Systems Allowini Federation Corporate
Almad State Ltd Almad Empire Corporate
Almagest Freedom Party Almagest Independent Democracy
Almana Gold Netcoms Solutions Almana Federation Corporate
Almar Emperor's Grace Almar Empire Patronage
Almar Legal Exchange Almar Federation Corporate
Almar Patrons of Law Almar Empire Patronage
Almar Values Party Almar Independent Democracy
Almas Corporation Almas Empire Corporate
Almas Silver Galactic Int Almas Independent Corporate
Almasci Commodities Almasci Empire Corporate
Almasci Gold Mob Almasci Independent Anarchy
Almudja Purple Fortune Company Almudja Federation Corporate
Almudjara Empire Assembly Almudjara Empire Patronage
Almudjara Guardians of Tradition Almudjara Empire Patronage
Alnair Purple Energy Exchange Alnair Empire Corporate
Alourok Crew Alourok Independent Anarchy
Alouroua Blue Major Incorporated Alouroua Empire Corporate
Alouroua Family Alouroua Independent Anarchy
Alourovices Allied Company Alourovices Independent Corporate
Alourovices Empire Pact Alourovices Empire Patronage
Alowali Comms Company Alowali Federation Corporate
Alowis Purple Dynamic Co Alowis Federation Corporate
Alpha Caeli Gold Organisation Alpha Caeli Federation Corporate
Alpha Fornacis Allied Corporation Alpha Fornacis Federation Corporate
Alpha Fornacis Interstellar Alpha Fornacis Federation Corporate
Alpha Octantis Imperial Society Alpha Octantis Empire Patronage
Alpha Tucanae Cartel Alpha Tucanae Independent Anarchy
Alpha Tucanae Corp. Alpha Tucanae Empire Corporate
Alpha Tucanae Empire League Alpha Tucanae Empire Patronage
Alpha Tucanae Jet Dynamic Co Alpha Tucanae Independent Corporate
Alpha Volantis Gold Drug Empire Alpha Volantis Independent Anarchy
Alpha Volantis Purple Public Net Alpha Volantis Empire Corporate
Alpheus Silver Travel Group Alpheus Federation Corporate
Altair Blue State Exchange Altair Federation Corporate
Altair Purple Mob Altair Independent Anarchy
Altair Regulatory State Altair Independent Dictatorship
Altais Industries Altais Federation Corporate
Altauluwa Empire Party Altauluwa Empire Patronage
Altauluwa Republic Party Altauluwa Independent Democracy
Aluriates Empire Consulate Aluriates Empire Patronage
Aluriates First Aluriates Independent Dictatorship
Aluriates Gold Allied Systems Aluriates Independent Corporate
Aluriates Gold Transport Dev Aluriates Empire Corporate
Alya Allied & Co Alya Independent Corporate
Alya Movement Alya Independent Dictatorship
Alyuta Blue Organisation Alyuta Independent Anarchy
Alyuta Empire Party Alyuta Empire Patronage
Amahibuhcha Crimson Netcoms Ind Amahibuhcha Empire Corporate
Amahibuhcha Patron's Principles Amahibuhcha Empire Patronage
Amahine Services Amahine Independent Corporate
Amahinohara Crimson Hand Gang Amahinohara Independent Anarchy
Amahu Company Amahu Independent Corporate
Amahu Crimson Vision Inc Amahu Independent Corporate
Amahu Labour Amahu Federation Democracy
Amahu Labour Tiris Federation Democracy
Amahuaca Crimson Society Amahuaca Independent Anarchy
Amahumasi Patrons of Law Amahumasi Empire Patronage
Amahumasi Silver Dragons Amahumasi Independent Anarchy
Amahutii Purple Bridge Int Amahutii Federation Corporate
Amairii Jet General Inc Amairii Independent Corporate
Amaitsa Jet Life Group Amaitsa Federation Corporate
Amala Alliance Amala Federation Confederacy
Aman Zaihe Citizens of Tradition Aman Zaihe Empire Patronage
Aman Zaihe Jet Advanced Industry Aman Zaihe Independent Corporate
Amanaye Freedom Party Amanaye Independent Dictatorship
Amanaye Purple Mafia Amanaye Independent Anarchy
Amanaye Services Amanaye Independent Corporate
Amanellos Silver Mob Amanellos Independent Anarchy
Amaneque Blue Dragons Amaneque Independent Anarchy
Amaneque Crimson Comms Network Amaneque Independent Corporate
Amang Tzu Bureau Amang Tzu Independent Dictatorship
Amang Tzu Crimson Mafia Amang Tzu Independent Anarchy
Amang Tzu PLC Amang Tzu Independent Corporate
Amanii Silver Major Incorporated Amanii Independent Corporate
Amantai Blue Vision Services Amantai Independent Corporate
Amantai Crimson Mob Amantai Independent Anarchy
Amaragua Crimson Council Amaragua Independent Anarchy
Amaragua Public Industries Amaragua Independent Corporate
Amarak Comms Partners Amarak Federation Corporate
Amarak Republic Party Amarak Federation Democracy
Amaram Jet General Corporation Amaram Independent Corporate
Amariba Labour Amariba Federation Democracy
Amariba Silver Mafia Amariba Independent Anarchy
Amariba Systems Amariba Independent Corporate
Amarigeni Jet Comms Corp. Amarigeni Empire Corporate
Amarishvaru Advanced Holdings Amarishvaru Empire Corporate
Amaterasu & Co Amaterasu Federation Corporate
Amauci Central Solutions Amauci Empire Corporate
Amauci Justice Party Amauci Independent Dictatorship
Ambare Empire Consulate Ambare Empire Patronage
Ambare General Partners Ambare Independent Corporate
Ambare Purple United Holdings Ambare Independent Corporate
Amber Pro-Alliance Party Amber Alliance Patronage
Ambiabar Noblement Ambiabar Empire Feudal
Ambians Allied Ambians Independent Cooperative
Ambians Holdings Ambians Independent Corporate
Ambibarii Crimson Drug Empire Ambibarii Independent Anarchy
Ambibarii Jet Dynamic Exchange Ambibarii Independent Corporate
Ambibarii Jet Dynamic Exchange Pegasi Sector RD-S b4-6 Independent Corporate
Ambibarii State Partners Ambibarii Independent Corporate
Ambibates Inc Ambibates Empire Corporate
Ambibeb Crimson Boys Ambibeb Independent Anarchy
Ambibeb Services Ambibeb Federation Corporate
Ambibio Nationalists Ambibio Independent Dictatorship
Ambika Life Inc Ambika Independent Corporate
Ambikul Gold Energy Corporation Ambikul Federation Corporate
Ambikul Liberty Party Ambikul Independent Dictatorship
Ambiliates Imperial Society Ambiliates Empire Patronage
Ambiliates for Equality Ambiliates Independent Democracy
Ambiri Allied Ambiri Independent Cooperative
Ambiri Independent Mandate Ambiri Independent Patronage
Ambirikar Imperial Society Ambirikar Empire Patronage
Ambishas Alliance Ambishas Federation Confederacy
Ambishas Raiders Ambishas Independent Anarchy
Ambivas Power Partners Ambivas Empire Corporate
Ambo Empire League Ambo Empire Patronage
Ambo Empire League Bwgcollowah Empire Patronage
Ambo Future Ambo Independent Democracy
Ambo Organisation Ambo Independent Anarchy
Amemasa Co-op Amemasa Independent Cooperative
Amemasa Fortune Limited Amemasa Federation Corporate
Amementi Silver Life Exchange Amementi Federation Corporate
Amemets Silver Hand Gang Amemets Independent Anarchy
Amen Hozho Crimson Vision Corp Amen Hozho Independent Corporate
Amenhit Power Partners Amenhit Empire Corporate
Amenili Silver Energy Limited Amenili Empire Corporate
Amenniya Gold Mafia Amenniya Independent Anarchy
Amenniya Purple Central Ltd Amenniya Federation Corporate
Amenta Empire Assembly Amenta Empire Patronage
Amenta Empire Assembly Prthairu Empire Patronage
Amenta Liberals Amenta Independent Democracy
Amenta Partners Amenta Independent Corporate
Amente League Amente Independent Dictatorship
Amentsura Life Partners Amentsura Empire Corporate
Amijara United Exchange Amijara Federation Corporate
Amis Systems Amis Independent Corporate
Amisi Gold Travel Group Amisi Federation Corporate
Amitabha Crimson Drug Empire Amitabha Independent Anarchy
Amitabha Liberty Party Amitabha Independent Dictatorship
Amitabha Netcoms Solutions Amitabha Independent Corporate
Amitae Silver Clan Amitae Independent Anarchy
Amitae Universal Incorporated Amitae Independent Corporate
Amitrebes Patrons of Law Amitrebes Empire Patronage
Amitrebes Worker's Party Amitrebes Independent Communism
Amitrimpanu Public PLC Amitrimpanu Independent Corporate
Amitrite Comms Industries Amitrite Empire Corporate
Amitrite Gold Clan Amitrite Independent Anarchy
Ammaiamh Blue Clan Ammaiamh Independent Anarchy
Ammaiamh Gold Allied Inc Ammaiamh Independent Corporate
Ammapa Holdings Ammapa Independent Corporate
Ammapa United Commodities Ammapa Independent Corporate
Ammapatha Natural Network Ammapatha Federation Corporate
Ammatch Gold State Systems Ammatch Empire Corporate
Ammatis Ltd Ammatis Independent Corporate
Amphiloci Focus Amphiloci Independent Dictatorship
Amphiloci Vision PLC Amphiloci Independent Corporate
Amphisatsu Creative Commodities Amphisatsu Empire Corporate
Amphisatsu Empire Group Amphisatsu Empire Patronage
Amphisatsu Industries Amphisatsu Independent Corporate
Amsitia Empire Group Amsitia Empire Patronage
Amsitia Holdings Amsitia Empire Corporate
Amun Interstellar Amun Independent Corporate
Amun Public Co Amun Federation Corporate
Amuza Bridge Ltd Amuza Independent Corporate
Amuza Creative Interstellar Amuza Independent Corporate
Amuza Empire League Amuza Empire Patronage
Amuzgo Gold Netcoms Incorporated Amuzgo Federation Corporate
Amuzgo Ring Amuzgo Independent Anarchy
Amy-Charlotte Silver Clan Amy-Charlotte Independent Anarchy
Anagori Purple Transport Ind Alkadjar Federation Corporate
Anagori Purple Transport Ind Anagori Federation Corporate
Anagorovici Citizen Party Anagorovici Independent Communism
Anagototo Advanced Commodities Anagototo Federation Corporate
Anagototo Gold Central Inc Anagototo Federation Corporate
Anahit Legal Limited Anahit Empire Corporate
Anahit Patrons of Law Anahit Empire Patronage
Anaia Empire Consulate Anaia Empire Patronage
Anaia Silver Advanced Solutions Anaia Independent Corporate
Anaiwan General Industry Anaiwan Empire Corporate
Anali Ltd Anali Independent Corporate
Ananda Imperial Society Ananda Empire Patronage
Anandariti Crimson Hand Gang Anandariti Independent Anarchy
Anandilla Interstellar Anandilla Independent Corporate
Anandini Future Anandini Independent Democracy
Anandini Party Anandini Independent Dictatorship
Ananke United Corporation Ananke Federation Corporate
Anapi Clan Anapi Independent Anarchy
Anapoya Bureau Anapoya Independent Dictatorship
Anapoya Public Partners Anapoya Federation Corporate
Anareldt Silver Advanced Hldgs Anareldt Empire Corporate
Anari Camorra Anari Independent Anarchy
Anari Crimson Universal Company Anari Independent Corporate
Anari Imperial Society Anari Empire Patronage
Anarina Gold Power Industry Anarina Empire Corporate
Anarina Guardians of Tradition Anarina Empire Patronage
Anarkusuga Jet Dynamic Systems Anarkusuga Independent Corporate
Anartoi Federal Ltd Anartoi Independent Corporate
Anartoi Patrons of Law Anartoi Empire Patronage
Anaruwa Advanced Company Anaruwa Federation Corporate
Anaruwa Advanced Company CD-43 9401 Federation Corporate
Anaruwa Jet Gang Anaruwa Independent Anarchy
Anat Allied Anat Independent Cooperative
Anatahen Co-operative Anatahen Independent Cooperative
Anatahen Silver Gang Anatahen Independent Anarchy
Anates Exchange Anates Federation Corporate
Anayali Crimson United Corp. Anayali Empire Corporate
Anaye Gang Anaye Independent Anarchy
Anaye Law Party Anaye Empire Dictatorship
Anaye Law Party Toxandh Empire Dictatorship
Anaye Network Anaye Empire Corporate
Anayicates Emperor's Grace Anayicates Empire Patronage
Anayol Gold Advanced Inc Anayol Independent Corporate
Anayol Pro-Alliance Party Anayol Alliance Patronage
Anca Gold Major Partners Anca Empire Corporate
Anca Purple Hand Gang Anca Independent Anarchy
Ancalufon Free Ancalufon Federation Democracy
Ancalufon Network Ancalufon Independent Corporate
Ancalufon Raiders Ancalufon Independent Anarchy
Ancanec Corp. Ancanec Independent Corporate
Ancate Citizens' Forum Ancate Empire Patronage
Ancate Vision Network Ancate Empire Corporate
Ancento Jet Electronics Limited Ancento Independent Corporate
Ancermoten Citizen Party Ancermoten Independent Communism
Ancermoten Galactic Organisation Ancermoten Federation Corporate
Andana Family Andana Independent Anarchy
Andarici Empire Assembly Andarici Empire Patronage
Andarici Progressive Party Andarici Independent Democracy
Andavandul Limited Andavandul Independent Corporate
Andceeth Inc Andceeth Empire Corporate
Andceeth Partners Andceeth Independent Corporate
Ande Crimson Society Ande Independent Anarchy
Ande Empire Pact Ande Empire Patronage
Ande Systems Ande Independent Corporate
Andecavi Silver Raiders Andecavi Independent Anarchy
Andel Jet State Exchange Andel Independent Corporate
Andenwi Empire Pact Andenwi Empire Patronage
Andere Crimson Allied Company Andere Independent Corporate
Andere Natural Organisation Andere Federation Corporate
Andere Regulatory State Andere Independent Dictatorship
Andhantja Blue Creative Group Andhantja Independent Corporate
Andhantja Silver Drug Empire Andhantja Independent Anarchy
Andhantja Transport Corp. Andhantja Independent Corporate
Andharas Power Corp. Andharas Federation Corporate
Andharas Silver Mob Andharas Independent Anarchy
Andharib Defence Force Andharib Empire Dictatorship
Andharib Travel Corporation Andharib Independent Corporate
Andharveti One Andharveti Independent Cooperative
Andhi Gold Comms Interstellar Andhi Independent Corporate
Andhrimi Crimson Travel PLC Andhrimi Federation Corporate
Andhrimi Values Party Andhrimi Federation Democracy
Andhrimi Values Party Segovit Federation Democracy
Andijin Vision Interstellar Andijin Independent Corporate
Andine Jet Brotherhood Andine Independent Anarchy
Andje One Andje Independent Cooperative
Andjeri Blue Mob Andjeri Independent Anarchy
Andjeri Blue Power Company Andjeri Federation Corporate
Andjeri Law Party Andjeri Independent Dictatorship
Andlit Co Andlit Federation Corporate
Andonnus Empire Assembly Andonnus Empire Patronage
Andonnus Empire Assembly Ngarawe Empire Patronage
Andonnus Empire Assembly Parecomasci Empire Patronage
Andonnus Galactic Company Andonnus Independent Corporate
Andoque Jet Travel Corp. Andoque Empire Corporate
Andowa Citizen Party Andowa Independent Communism
Andowa Crimson State Org Andowa Independent Corporate
Andowathaku League Andowathaku Independent Dictatorship
Andowathaku United Services Andowathaku Federation Corporate
Andowatye Vision Exchange Andowatye Federation Corporate
Andra Stakeholders Andra Alliance Cooperative
Andra Stakeholders Seedi Alliance Cooperative
Andra Stakeholders Sehali Alliance Cooperative
Andracanike Purple Federal Inc Andracanike Federation Corporate
Andracottii Ltd Andracottii Empire Corporate
Andriani Citizens of Tradition Andriani Empire Patronage
Andrungarri Jet Legal Partners Andrungarri Independent Corporate
Anduliga Empire Group Allechs Empire Patronage
Anduliga Empire Group Anduliga Empire Patronage
Anduliga Major PLC Anduliga Independent Corporate
Andvaris Democrats Andvaris Independent Democracy
Andvarites Posse Andvarites Independent Anarchy
Andvaroges Purple Vision Org Andvaroges Federation Corporate
Ane Domain Ane Empire Feudal
Anedjet Power Inc Anedjet Federation Corporate
Anedjete Empire Party 77 Aquarii Empire Patronage
Anedjete Empire Party Anedjete Empire Patronage
Anedjete Liberals Anedjete Independent Democracy
Anek Wango Network Anek Wango Empire Corporate
Anekpenges Industries Anekpenges Federation Corporate
Anemoi Noblement Anemoi Independent Feudal
Aneti United Services Aneti Federation Corporate
Anets Empire Assembly Anets Empire Patronage
Anets Incorporated Anets Empire Corporate
Anezgan Focus Anezgan Independent Dictatorship
Anezgan Jet State Commodities Anezgan Independent Corporate
Anezgan Law Party Anezgan Independent Dictatorship
Anezgan Legal Partners Anezgan Independent Corporate
Angalkuq Commodities Angalkuq Federation Corporate
Angalufon Corp. Angalufon Empire Corporate
Angaluk Industries Angaluk Independent Corporate
Anganaha Free Anganaha Independent Democracy
Anganaha Freedom Party Anganaha Empire Dictatorship
Angandracab Jet Legal Company Angandracab Empire Corporate
Angandracab Jet Legal Company Zeta Volantis Empire Corporate
Angardh Democrats Angardh Independent Democracy
Angawal Industries Angawal Independent Corporate
Angawu Lin Collective Angawu Lin Independent Cooperative
Angawu Lin Limited Angawu Lin Independent Corporate
Angeli Imperial Enterprises HIP 20199 Empire Feudal
Angeli Imperial Enterprises Wangal Empire Feudal
Angelic Brotherhood of Gliese 9336 Gliese 9336 Independent Theocracy
Angelic Church of Messi Messi Independent Theocracy
Angelic Order of HIP 54692 HIP 54692 Alliance Theocracy
Angelic Order of Mariko Mariko Independent Theocracy
Angen General Corp. Angen Independent Corporate
Angen Justice Party Angen Independent Dictatorship
Anges Silver Central Solutions Anges Independent Corporate
Angetenar Empire Party Angetenar Empire Patronage
Angetenar Power Inc Angetenar Independent Corporate
Angi Focus Angi Independent Dictatorship
Anginti Co Anginti Federation Corporate
Angirasa Crimson Dragons Angirasa Independent Anarchy
Anglii Gold Camorra Anglii Independent Anarchy
Angokomu Blue Transport Inc Angokomu Empire Corporate
Angra Republic Party Angra Independent Democracy
Angra Transport Network Angra Federation Corporate
Angrboldoga Blue Bridge Inc Angrboldoga Independent Corporate
Angrboldoga Blue Bridge Inc HIP 83654 Independent Corporate
Angrboldoga Comms Ltd Angrboldoga Independent Corporate
Angrboldoga Syndicate Angrboldoga Independent Anarchy
Angrbon Creative PLC Angrbon Empire Corporate
Angrbon Creative PLC Kauruku Empire Corporate
Angrbon Creative PLC Seurboda Empire Corporate
Angui Gold Gang Angui Independent Anarchy
Angui Progressive Party Angui Independent Democracy
Angurongo Empire Assembly Angurongo Empire Patronage
Angurongo Future Angurongo Independent Democracy
Angurongo Limited Angurongo Empire Corporate
Anhualm Empire Party Anhualm Empire Patronage
Anhualm General Commodities Anhualm Empire Corporate
Anhuanga Coordinated Anhuanga Independent Cooperative
Anhuanga Empire Pact Anhuanga Empire Patronage
Anhuanga Galactic Commodities Anhuanga Independent Corporate
Anhurs Imperial Society Anhurs Empire Patronage
Anima Resistance Anima Federation Democracy
Aningan Crimson Allied Group Aningan Federation Corporate
Aninohanu Commodities Aninohanu Federation Corporate
Aninohini Future Aninohini Independent Democracy
Aninohini Galactic Holdings Aninohini Federation Corporate
Anja Labour Anja Independent Democracy
Anja Patron's Principles Anja Empire Patronage
Anja Purple Central Systems Anja Independent Corporate
Anjana Shared Anjana Independent Cooperative
Anjana Silver Mob Anjana Independent Anarchy
Anjana Solutions Anjana Independent Corporate
Anka Nobles Anka Independent Feudal
Ankarawai Dynamic Incorporated Ankarawai Empire Corporate
Ankata Blue Boys Ankata Independent Anarchy
Ankata Free Ankata Independent Democracy
Ankata Purple General Comms Ankata Independent Corporate
Ankayo State Industries Ankayo Empire Corporate
Ankou Blue Federal Holdings Ankou Empire Corporate
Ankou Blue Federal Holdings Carthage Empire Corporate
Ankou Blue Federal Holdings Narakapani Empire Corporate
Ankou Patron's Principles Ankou Empire Patronage
Anlave Energy Company Anlave Federation Corporate
Anlave First Anlave Independent Dictatorship
Anlave Transport Holdings Anlave Federation Corporate
Anmaia Empire Pact Anmaia Empire Patronage
Anmatyerre Blue Bridge Int Anmatyerre Federation Corporate
Anna Perenna Industries Anna Perenna Federation Corporate
Annar Netcoms Ltd Annar Empire Corporate
Annarr Dynamic Corp. Annarr Independent Corporate
Annarr Federal Group Annarr Federation Corporate
Annarthia Blue Fortune Corp Annarthia Independent Corporate
Annarthia Empire League Annarthia Empire Patronage
Anociti Purple Mob Anociti Independent Anarchy
Anociti Silver Vision Partners Anociti Independent Corporate
Anotand Purple Energy Inc Anotand Federation Corporate
Anotchi Citizens' Forum Anotchi Empire Patronage
Anototo Jet Electronics Dev Anototo Independent Corporate
Anotribe Purple Mafia Anotribe Independent Anarchy
Anouke Citizens of Tradition Anouke Empire Patronage
Anouke Organisation Anouke Independent Anarchy
Anoumis Drug Empire Anoumis Independent Anarchy
Anoumis League Anoumis Independent Confederacy
Anouphis Co Anouphis Independent Corporate
Anouphis Crimson Vision Industry Anouphis Federation Corporate
Anouphis Independents Anouphis Federation Democracy
Ansari Crimson Vision Int Ansari Independent Corporate
Ansuz Systems Ansuz Independent Corporate
Ansuz Systems Raksaka Independent Corporate
Antai Energy Group Antai Federation Corporate
Antai Energy Group Arun Federation Corporate
Antal Limited Antal Independent Corporate
Antan aristocrats Antan Empire Feudal
Antanoai Citizens' Forum Antanoai Empire Patronage
Antanyamai Advanced PLC Antanyamai Independent Corporate
Antanyamai Hand Gang Antanyamai Independent Anarchy
Anteradabal Liberty Party Anteradabal Independent Dictatorship
Anteradabal Universal Co Anteradabal Federation Corporate
Antiang Legal Systems Antiang Empire Corporate
Antiang Organisation Antiang Independent Anarchy
Anticulosk Gold Bridge Services Anticulosk Federation Corporate
Antikiriya Jet Natural Inc Antikiriya Empire Corporate
Antilope Solutions Antilope Federation Corporate
Antinica Godly Sect Antinica Independent Theocracy
Antove Den Transport Solutions Antove Den Federation Corporate
Antovii Holdings Antovii Empire Corporate
Anu Organisation Anu Independent Anarchy
Anukam Systems Anukam Independent Corporate
Anukam Values Party Anukam Federation Democracy
Anukan Allied Network Anukan Empire Corporate
Anukas Dynamic PLC Anukas Independent Corporate
Anukas Energy Systems Anukas Independent Corporate
Anukas League Anukas Independent Dictatorship
Anukul Organisation Anukul Independent Anarchy
Anum Empire Assembly Anum Empire Patronage
Anum Empire Assembly Austa Empire Patronage
Anum Empire Assembly Yurundhi Empire Patronage
Anuma Industry Anuma Federation Corporate
Anuma Industry Hambing Federation Corporate
Anumalan Movement Anumalan Independent Dictatorship
Anumalan Services Anumalan Independent Corporate
Anumanas Gold Fortune PLC Anumanas Empire Corporate
Anumanas Purple Council Anumanas Independent Anarchy
Anumclaw Crimson Pirates Anumclaw Independent Anarchy
Anurinjung Corp. Anurinjung Empire Corporate
Anurinjung Industry Anurinjung Independent Corporate
Anurinjung Jet Council Anurinjung Independent Anarchy
Anurinjung Patron's Principles Anurinjung Empire Patronage
Anuron Values Party Anuron Independent Democracy
Any Kutjara League Any Kutjara Independent Dictatorship
Any Kutjara Legal Incorporated Any Kutjara Federation Corporate
Any Minurok League Any Minurok Federation Confederacy
Any Na Crew Any Na Independent Anarchy
Any Na General Group Any Na Independent Corporate
Any Nal Netcoms Systems Any Nal Independent Corporate
Anyanwu Life Group Anyanwu Federation Corporate
Anyayahui Prison Colony Anyayahui Empire Prison Colony
Anyayar Blue Gang Anyayar Independent Anarchy
Anyayar Empire Pact Anyayar Empire Patronage
Ao Ch'an Crimson Creative Serv Ao Ch'an Empire Corporate
Ao Ch'an Future Ao Ch'an Independent Democracy
Ao Ch'an Future HIP 108422 Independent Democracy
Ao Ch'an Patron's Principles Ao Ch'an Empire Patronage
Ao First Ao Independent Dictatorship
Ao General Limited Ao Federation Corporate
Ao Guang Jet Comms Co Ao Guang Alliance Corporate
Ao Jung Mu United Ao Jung Mu Independent Cooperative
Ao Jung Mu Universal Corp. Ao Jung Mu Empire Corporate
Ao Kach Gold Boys Ao Kach Independent Anarchy
Ao Kang Industries Ao Kang Independent Corporate
Ao Kang Silver Syndicate Ao Kang Independent Anarchy
Ao Kax Comms Corp. Ao Kax Federation Corporate
Ao Kax Gold Partnership Ao Kax Independent Anarchy
Ao Kax Solutions Ao Kax Independent Corporate
Ao Kiang Hand Gang Ao Kiang Independent Anarchy
Ao Kicho Emperor's Grace Ao Kicho Empire Patronage
Ao Kicho Left Party Ao Kicho Independent Communism
Ao Kou Citizens of Tradition Ao Kou Empire Patronage
Ao Kuang Independent Bond Ao Kuang Independent Patronage
Ao Qin Silver Advanced Inc Ao Qin Independent Corporate
Ao Qin Silver Advanced Inc Demeter Independent Corporate
Ao Run Jet Family Ao Run Independent Anarchy
Ao Shun Future Ao Shun Federation Democracy
Ao Shun Silver Universal Inc Ao Shun Federation Corporate
Aobriges Gold Partnership Aobriges Independent Anarchy
Aobriguana Brotherhood Aobriguana Independent Anarchy
Aobriguites Blue Bridge Corp Aobriguites Independent Corporate
Aobrogii Democrats Aobrogii Federation Democracy
Aobrogii Limited Aobrogii Independent Corporate
Aong Coordinated Aong Independent Cooperative
Aong Interstellar Aong Independent Corporate
Aonga Silver Life Systems Aonga Independent Corporate
Aonghus Empire Pact Aonghus Empire Patronage
Aongi Co Aongi Federation Corporate
Aongi Co HG 7-206 Federation Corporate
Aonibozo Silver State Services Aonibozo Federation Corporate
Aonii Allied Solutions Aonii Independent Corporate
Aonii Empire Consulate Aonii Empire Patronage
Aonii Gold Life Corporation Aonii Empire Corporate
Aonii Liberty Party Aonii Independent Dictatorship
Aonii Progressive Party Aonii Independent Democracy
Aonikenk Conservatives Aonikenk Independent Dictatorship
Aonikenk Mafia Aonikenk Independent Anarchy
Aonikenk Natural Exchange Aonikenk Independent Corporate
Aoniu Empire League Aoniu Empire Patronage
Aoniu Group Aoniu Empire Corporate
Aornum Dynamic Company Aornum Federation Corporate
Aornum Republic Party Aornum Federation Democracy
Aowica Empire Party Aowica Empire Patronage
Aowica Family Aowica Independent Anarchy
Aowicha Law Party Aowicha Independent Dictatorship
Aowicha Law Party Gliese 9035 Independent Dictatorship
Apachanus Gold Bridge Solutions Apachanus Independent Corporate
Apachanus Stakeholders Apachanus Independent Cooperative
Apachi Free Apachi Federation Democracy
Apachi PLC Apachi Independent Corporate
Apacnalis Advanced Holdings Apacnalis Independent Corporate
Apacnalis Nationals Apacnalis Independent Dictatorship
Apadecavi Blue General Solutions Apadecavi Federation Corporate
Apadecavi Incorporated Apadecavi Independent Corporate
Apademak Nationals Apademak Independent Dictatorship
Apademak Sanctified Faith Apademak Independent Theocracy
Apadipinook Empire Group Apadipinook Empire Patronage
Apadipinook Empire Group Panossini Empire Patronage
Apadipinook PLC Apadipinook Independent Corporate
Apala Partners Apala Independent Corporate
Apala Partners Nandjirii Independent Corporate
Apalaina Inc Apalaina Federation Corporate
Apalaina Revolutionary Party Apalaina Independent Communism
Apalar Imperial Society Apalar Empire Patronage
Apalar Labour Apalar Independent Democracy
Apalar Purple Raiders Apalar Independent Anarchy
Apaline Alliance Apaline Independent Confederacy
Apaline Industry Apaline Independent Corporate
Apaline Ltd Apaline Independent Corporate
Apalok Legal Group Apalok Independent Corporate
Apam Napat Empire Assembly Apam Napat Empire Patronage
Apam Napat Empire Assembly Tsim Binba Empire Patronage
Apaticultu Gold Organisation Apaticultu Independent Anarchy
Apatugans Jet Federal Inc Apatugans Empire Corporate
Aphra Purple Netcoms Company Aphra Independent Corporate
Apiaca Purple Bridge Company Apiaca Empire Corporate
Apian Yi Inc Apian Yi Empire Corporate
Apian Yi Inc HIP 20478 Empire Corporate
Apik Jet Federal Network Apik Independent Corporate
Apikuna Dynamic & Co Apikuna Empire Corporate
Apinayimas Public Partners Apinayimas Federation Corporate
Apino Commodities Apino Empire Corporate
Apinouphis Union Party Apinouphis Independent Communism
Apinyalivun Future Apinyalivun Federation Democracy
Apinyalivun Rats Apinyalivun Independent Anarchy
Apis Interstellar Apis Empire Corporate
Apishna Free Apishna Independent Democracy
Apishna Guardians of Tradition Apishna Empire Patronage
Apishna Guardians of Tradition Slavisc Empire Patronage
Apishna Solutions Apishna Empire Corporate
Apisina Jet Family Apisina Independent Anarchy
Apisni Creative & Co Apisni Independent Corporate
Apisni Power Company Apisni Independent Corporate
Apisnik Alliance Apisnik Federation Confederacy
Apisulfr Limited Apisulfr Independent Corporate
Apisulfr Patron's Principles Pi Dhod Empire Patronage
Apollo Purple Allied Industry Apollo Federation Corporate
Apotec Co-operative Apotec Independent Cooperative
Apotenile Future Apotenile Federation Democracy
Apotenile Gold Power Industry Apotenile Independent Corporate
Apoyas Holdings Apoyas Empire Corporate
Apoyota & Co Apoyota Independent Corporate
Apsaras Empire Party Apsaras Empire Patronage
Apsaras Jet Cartel Apsaras Independent Anarchy
Apsarre Co-op Apsarre Independent Cooperative
Apsarre PLC Apsarre Empire Corporate
Apsu Blue Power Company Ambivas Empire Corporate
Apsu Blue Power Company Apsu Empire Corporate
Apterisha Industry Apterisha Empire Corporate
Apternuteri Corporation Apternuteri Federation Corporate
Aptet Industry Aptet Federation Corporate
Apteti Liberals Apteti Federation Democracy
Apteti Liberals HIP 109490 Federation Democracy
Apteti Power Industry Apteti Independent Corporate
Apura Flag Apura Independent Dictatorship
Apura Purple Galactic Inc Apura Independent Corporate
Apura Silver Power Systems Apura Federation Corporate
Apuri Purple Comms Organisation Apuri Empire Corporate
Apurineph Mob Apurineph Independent Anarchy
Apurineph Nobles Apurineph Empire Feudal
Apurnarsu Silver Travel Group Apurnarsu Empire Corporate
Apuru Public Limited Apuru Empire Corporate
Apurui General Co Apurui Independent Corporate
Apurui Silver General PLC Apurui Independent Corporate
Apurui for Equality Apurui Independent Democracy
Apuruk Emperor's Grace Apuruk Empire Patronage
Apuruk Gang Apuruk Independent Anarchy
Aquixing General Group Aquixing Independent Corporate
Arabaka Blue Investments Comms Arabaka Empire Corporate
Arabakti Corporation Arabakti Independent Corporate
Arabakuala Gold Mafia Arabakuala Independent Anarchy
Arabakuala Inc Arabakuala Independent Corporate
Arabakuala Prison Colony Arabakuala Independent Prison Colony
Arabana Central Industries Arabana Empire Corporate
Arabarente Jet Bridge Corp. Arabarente Empire Corporate
Arabari Gold Posse Arabari Independent Anarchy
Arabari Industries Hyades Sector GX-T c3-18 Independent Corporate
Arabh Pro-Alliance Union Arabh Alliance Patronage
Arabh Silver Power Partners Arabh Federation Corporate
Arabha Holdings Arabha Independent Corporate
Arabha Labour Arabha Federation Democracy
Arabhairiwa Commodities Arabhairiwa Federation Corporate
Arabrigur Emperor's Grace Arabrigur Empire Patronage
Arabru Blue Legal Organisation Arabru Empire Corporate
Aracae Domain Aracae Independent Feudal
Aracame Confederacy Aracame Federation Confederacy
Aracenth Public Company Aracenth Empire Corporate
Aracenus Emperor's Grace Aracenus Empire Patronage
Aracenus Emperor's Grace Windumlia Empire Patronage
Aracenus Ring Aracenus Independent Anarchy
Aracenus Silver Major Systems Aracenus Independent Corporate
Arakak Purple Galactic Co Arakak Federation Corporate
Arakang Independent League Arakang Independent Patronage
Arakang Purple Drug Empire Arakang Independent Anarchy
Arakapajo Empire Party Arakapajo Empire Patronage
Arakapajo Gold Crew Arakapajo Independent Anarchy
Arakapajo for Equality Arakapajo Independent Democracy
Araki Independent Consulate Araki Independent Patronage
Arakwa Galactic Limited Arakwa Empire Corporate
Arakwibut Co Arakwibut Federation Corporate
Aramo Nobles Aramo Independent Feudal
Aramo Transport PLC Aramo Independent Corporate
Aramorans Democrats Aramorans Federation Democracy
Aramorans Industries Aramorans Independent Corporate
Aramorans Liberty Party Aramorans Independent Dictatorship
Aramorans State Ltd Aramorans Independent Corporate
Aramu Purple Clan Aramu Independent Anarchy
Aramu as one Aramu Independent Cooperative
Aramzahd Empire Party Aramzahd Empire Patronage
Aramzahd Life Exchange Aramzahd Empire Corporate
Aranadan First Aranadan Independent Dictatorship
Aranadan Liberals Aranadan Federation Democracy
Aranadan Vision Exchange Aranadan Independent Corporate
Aranbarahun Party Aranbarahun Independent Dictatorship
Aranbarahun Purple Creative Aranbarahun Independent Corporate
Aranbarahun Travel PLC Aranbarahun Federation Corporate
Arangorii Crimson Fortune Ind Arangorii Federation Corporate
Arangorii Gold Dragons Arangorii Independent Anarchy
Arangorii Interstellar Arangorii Federation Corporate
Aranka Advanced Co Aranka Federation Corporate
Aranka Silver Boys Aranka Independent Anarchy
Aranner PLC Aranner Independent Corporate
Aranner Partners Aranner Empire Corporate
Aranner aristocrats Aranner Independent Feudal
Arany Progressive Party Arany Federation Democracy
Arany Purple United Corp. Arany Federation Corporate
Arany Regulatory State Arany Independent Dictatorship
Arapa Crimson Advanced Inc Nemgla Empire Corporate
Arapahoma Network Arapahoma Independent Corporate
Arapahoma Union Arapahoma Independent Communism
Arapani Emperor's Grace Arapani Empire Patronage
Arapani United Partners Arapani Independent Corporate
Arapathaka Blue Brotherhood Arapathaka Independent Anarchy
Arapathaka Empire Party Arapathaka Empire Patronage
Arapathaka Labour Union Arapathaka Independent Communism
Arapi Vision Network Hydrae Sector AQ-Y c11 Independent Corporate
Arapipi Empire League Arapipi Empire Patronage
Arara Gold Council Arara Independent Anarchy
Arare Public Services Arare Federation Corporate
Ararex Creative Systems Ararex Independent Corporate
Ararex Republic Party Ararex Federation Democracy
Arasan State & Co Arasan Empire Corporate
Arasan State & Co Kundinke Empire Corporate
Arasee Collective Arasee Independent Cooperative
Arasee Crimson Transport Hldgs Arasee Federation Corporate
Arasiri Citizen Party Arasiri Independent Communism
Arasiri Jet Partnership Arasiri Independent Anarchy
Arasiri Patron's Principles Arasiri Empire Patronage
Aravaci Silver Netcoms Industry Aravaci Federation Corporate
Aravaledi Cartel Aravaledi Independent Anarchy
Aravaledi Purple Galactic Corp. Aravaledi Federation Corporate
Aravuni Alliance Aravuni Federation Confederacy
Aravuni Gold Brotherhood Aravuni Independent Anarchy
Arawamina Gold Family Arawamina Independent Anarchy
Arawas Advanced Company Arawas Independent Corporate
Arawas Citizen Party Arawas Independent Communism
Arawere Empire League Arawere Empire Patronage
Arawn Gold Allied Industries Arawn Empire Corporate
Arawotyan Crimson Vision Corp. Arawotyan Independent Corporate
Arawotyan Crimson Vision Corp. HIP 55823 Independent Democracy
Arawotyan Galactic Limited HIP 55823 Independent Corporate
Arawotyas Jet Clan Arawotyas Independent Anarchy
Arawotyas Nobles Arawotyas Independent Feudal
Arawoyn Silver Travel & Co Arawoyn Independent Corporate
Arcturus Public Inc Arcturus Federation Corporate
Ardhin Noblement Ardhin Independent Feudal
Ardhin Solutions Ardhin Federation Corporate
Ardhri Crimson Bridge Company Ardhri Independent Corporate
Ardhri Solutions Ardhri Independent Corporate
Ardians Empire Party Ardians Empire Patronage
Ardians Gold Fortune Industry Ardians Independent Corporate
Ardin Major Group Ardin Empire Corporate
Ardin Purple Hand Gang Ardin Independent Anarchy
Arebatec Life Incorporated Arebatec Independent Corporate
Arebeghe Partners Arebeghe Empire Corporate
Arebelatja Jet Drug Empire Arebelatja Independent Anarchy
Arecoya Citizens of Tradition Arecoya Empire Patronage
Arek Allied Limited Arek Federation Corporate
Arek Crimson Vision Corporation Arek Independent Corporate
Areklici Industry Areklici Independent Corporate
Arevaci for Equality Arevaci Independent Democracy
Arevakimos Commodities Arevakimos Independent Corporate
Arevakimos Hand Gang Arevakimos Independent Anarchy
Arevakimos Patrons of Law Arevakimos Empire Patronage
Arevakimos Silver Federal Hldgs Arevakimos Independent Corporate
Arevas Patron's Principles Arevas Empire Patronage
Arevas State Commodities Arevas Independent Corporate
Arevat Solutions Arevat Empire Corporate
Arevat for Equality Arevat Independent Democracy
Arexe Syndicate Arexe Independent Anarchy
Argel Boys Argel Independent Anarchy
Argel Universal Solutions Chert Empire Corporate
Argen Crimson State Partners Argen Independent Corporate
Argen Empire Group Argen Empire Patronage
Argenoi Cartel Argenoi Independent Anarchy
Argestes Autocracy Argestes Independent Dictatorship
Argestes Organisation Argestes Federation Corporate
Argestes for Equality Argestes Federation Democracy
Argetlamh Imperial Society Argetlamh Empire Patronage
Argetlamh Jet Galactic & Co Argetlamh Empire Corporate
Argetlamh Partners Argetlamh Empire Corporate
Arhul Freedom Party Arhul Independent Dictatorship
Ari He Jet Transport Services Ari He Independent Corporate
Ari He Labour Union Col 285 Sector VR-X b16-2 Independent Communism
Ari Hesa Comms Limited Ari Hesa Independent Corporate
Ari Hesa Patriots Ari Hesa Independent Dictatorship
Ariameni Organisation Ariameni Independent Corporate
Ariatia Alliance Ariatia Federation Confederacy
Ariatia Crimson Dragons Ariatia Independent Anarchy
Ariga Network Ariga Federation Corporate
Arige Cartel Arige Independent Anarchy
Arigens Defence Force Arigens Independent Dictatorship
Arigens Patrons of Law Arigens Empire Patronage
Arigens Silver Allied Ltd Arigens Federation Corporate
Arikara Autocracy Arikara Independent Dictatorship
Arikara Emperor's Grace Arikara Empire Patronage
Arikudiil Purple Public Group Arikudiil Empire Corporate
Arikudiil Purple Rats Arikudiil Independent Anarchy
Arimavante Constitution Party Arimavante Empire Dictatorship
Arimavante Dominion Arimavante Independent Dictatorship
Ariminimi Domain Ariminimi Independent Feudal
Arimpox Company Arimpox Federation Corporate
Arimpox Independents Arimpox Independent Democracy
Arimpox Pro-Alliance Party Arimpox Alliance Patronage
Arimpox Purple Major Exchange Arimpox Independent Corporate
Arinas Creative Partners Arinas Empire Corporate
Arinas Patron's Principles Arinas Empire Patronage
Arindan Company Arindan Empire Corporate
Arindan Company Katurru Empire Corporate
Arine Values Party Arine Federation Democracy
Arinna Crimson Legal Inc Arinna Federation Corporate
Arinna Legal Industry Arinna Independent Corporate
Aristocrats of 5 Epsilon-2 Lyrae 5 Epsilon-2 Lyrae Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Abazates Abazates Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Alawaiteri Alawaiteri Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Aluremowo Aluremowo Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Aspel Aspel Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Aurawala Aurawala Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Aurgel Gorramacor Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of BPM 72121 BPM 72121 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Bankoni Bankoni Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Basile Basile Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Bena Luluwa Bena Luluwa Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Binjanha Binjanha Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Blodyaksas Blodyaksas Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Caduwar Caduwar Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Campi Campi Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Chans Chans Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Chapsugai Chapsugai Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Coriosolite Coriosolite Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Dharawal Dharawal Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Domawilata Domawilata Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Dyestla Dyestla Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Fongite Fongite Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of G 239-25 G 239-25 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Gluschen Gluschen Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of HIP 15286 HIP 15286 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of HIP 17742 HIP 17742 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of HIP 22224 HIP 22224 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of HIP 29777 HIP 29777 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of HIP 32945 HIP 32945 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of HIP 60149 HIP 60149 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of HIP 63831 HIP 63831 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of HIP 75011 HIP 75011 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of HIP 99046 HIP 99046 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of HR 5492 HR 5492 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Jormbuti Jormbuti Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Kamcabi Kamcabi Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Kao Thewi Kao Thewi Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Kites Kites Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Krinjmarini Krinjmarini Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Kwakw Kwakw Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of LHS 103 LHS 103 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of LHS 1848 LHS 1848 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of LHS 1920 LHS 1920 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of LHS 392 LHS 392 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of LP 771-72 LP 771-72 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of LP 772-72 LP 772-72 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Lauket Lauket Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Lhou Wangs Lhou Wangs Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Liu Beserka Liu Beserka Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Lopemba Lopemba Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Lopu Manu Lopu Manu Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Lowat Yuan Lowat Yuan Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Lu Tun Lu Tun Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Marya Wang Marya Wang Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Matsucha Matsucha Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Mechehooit Mechehooit Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Mokowa Mokowa Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Morinbath Morinbath Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of NLTT 14879 NLTT 14879 Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Nandhis Nandhis Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Natero Kop Natero Kop Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Njamanachi Njamanachi Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Okonos Okonos Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Pichua Pichua Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of SAO 82442 SAO 82442 Alliance Feudal
Aristocrats of Saffron Saffron Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Sigma Sculptoris Sigma Sculptoris Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Songloi Songloi Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Tirawn Tirawn Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Tulua Tulua Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Turd Wu Turd Wu Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Urhor Urhor Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of V0972 Herculis V0972 Herculis Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Volciani Volciani Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Wadjey'mi Wadjey'mi Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Wail Wail Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Windadones Windadones Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Wurrucinga Wurrucinga Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Wurunsar Wurunsar Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Xmucanoe Xmucanoe Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Ya'Nomamo Ya'Nomamo Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Yawal Ngbato Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Yawal Yawal Empire Feudal
Aristocrats of Yenis Yenis Independent Feudal
Aristocrats of Yurong Yurong Independent Feudal
Aritimi Exchange Aritimi Federation Corporate
Aritimi Free Aritimi Federation Democracy
Arjung Imperial Society Arjung Empire Patronage
Arjung Imperial Society Gunapa Empire Patronage
Arjung Mob Arjung Independent Anarchy
Arkab Posterior Partnership Arkab Posterior Federation Confederacy
Arm Crimson Camorra Arm Independent Anarchy
Arm Defence Force Arm Independent Dictatorship
Arm Jet Netcoms Holdings Arm Independent Corporate
Armo Industry Armo Empire Corporate
Armo Patrons of Law Armo Empire Patronage
Armod Limited Armod Federation Corporate
Armod Party Armod Independent Dictatorship
Armodiang Group Armodiang Empire Corporate
Armodiang Holdings Armodiang Empire Corporate
Armodiang Patrons of Law Rurema Empire Patronage
Armotai Pro-Independent Party Armotai Independent Patronage
Arnais Crimson Public Org Arnais Independent Corporate
Arnais Gold Family Arnais Independent Anarchy
Arnandan Comms Network Scorpii Sector CL-Y d100 Federation Democracy
Arnaq Democrats Arnaq Federation Democracy
Arnaqu Central Limited Arnaqu Federation Corporate
Arnaqui Blue Pirates Arnaqui Independent Anarchy
Arnaqui Values Party Arnaqui Independent Democracy
Arnemil Systems Arnemil Federation Corporate
Arnemil Systems Wolf 225 Federation Corporate
Arngin Gold Allied Inc Arngin Empire Corporate
Arouca Group Arouca Independent Corporate
Arouca Jet Hand Gang Arouca Independent Anarchy
Arque Blue Posse Arque Independent Anarchy
Arque Commodities Arque Alliance Corporate
Arro Kop General Co Arro Kop Independent Corporate
Arro Na Flag Arro Na Independent Dictatorship
Arro Na Hand Gang Arro Na Independent Anarchy
Arro Na Organisation Arro Na Federation Corporate
Artemis Empire Assembly Artemis Empire Patronage
Arth Jet Netcoms & Co Arth Federation Corporate
Artha Industry Artha Independent Corporate
Artha Major Limited Artha Independent Corporate
Artha Stakeholders Artha Independent Cooperative
Arthaiyati Industries Arthaiyati Federation Corporate
Arthinn Purple Rats Arthinn Independent Anarchy
Arti Domain Arti Independent Feudal
Arti Guardians of Tradition Arti Empire Patronage
Arti Silver Cartel Arti Independent Anarchy
Artii Vision Ltd Artii Independent Corporate
Artume Silver Clan Artume Independent Anarchy
Artumes Regulatory State Artumes Independent Dictatorship
Aruagea Jet Universal Network Aruagea Federation Corporate
Aruan Universal Commodities Aruan Federation Corporate
Aruaycuru Co-op Aruaycuru Independent Cooperative
Arug Autocracy Arug Empire Dictatorship
Arugbal Pirates Arugbal Independent Anarchy
Arugbal Revolutionary Party Arugbal Independent Communism
Arugbatz Bridge Commodities Arugbatz Independent Corporate
Arugbatz Gold Travel Exchange Arugbatz Independent Corporate
Arugh & Co Arugh Independent Corporate
Arugh Autocracy Arugh Independent Dictatorship
Arugh Empire Group Arugh Empire Patronage
Arugu Imperial Society Arugu Empire Patronage
Arugua Labour Arugua Independent Democracy
Arugua Vision Solutions Arugua Empire Corporate
Arugundji Empire Pact Arugundji Empire Patronage
Arugundji Incorporated Arugundji Independent Corporate
Arugundji Jet Hand Gang Arugundji Independent Anarchy
Arugundji Silver Life Inc Arugundji Independent Corporate
Arugundji for Equality Arugundji Independent Democracy
Arunab Future Arunab Independent Democracy
Arunab Major Exchange Arunab Empire Corporate
Arundji Prison Colony Arundji Independent Prison Colony
Arunmi One Arunmi Independent Cooperative
Arunmi Purple Hand Gang Arunmi Independent Anarchy
Arunmi Universal Organisation Arunmi Federation Corporate
Aruntei Jet Natural Incorporated Aruntei Independent Corporate
Arverda Gold Ring Arverda Independent Anarchy
Arverni General Holdings Arverni Federation Corporate
Arvetii Freedom Party Arvetii Independent Dictatorship
Arvirisa Progressive Party Arvirisa Federation Democracy
Aryak Jet Bridge Company Aryak Federation Corporate
Aryak Liberation Aryak Independent Dictatorship
Aryamin Domain Aryamin Empire Feudal
Aryamin Jet Society Aryamin Independent Anarchy
Aryamin Movement Aryamin Empire Dictatorship
Aryanka Crimson Society Aryanka Independent Anarchy
Aryanka Crimson Society Njambwa Independent Anarchy
Aryanka Crimson Society Ross 651 Independent Anarchy
As Igala Cartel As Igala Independent Anarchy
As Igalivun Crimson Mob As Igalivun Independent Anarchy
Asantani Noblement Asantani Independent Feudal
Asantani Silver Universal Inc Asantani Empire Corporate
Asase Ya Advanced Solutions Asase Ya Empire Corporate
Asase Ya Emperor's Grace Asase Ya Empire Patronage
Asase Ya Emperor's Grace Lambda Horologii Empire Patronage
Ascella Public Ltd Ascella Federation Corporate
Ascella Regulatory State Ascella Independent Dictatorship
Asege PLC Asege Empire Corporate
Asegezites Crimson United Ltd Asegezites Federation Corporate
Asellus Primus Gold Legal Ind Asellus Primus Independent Corporate
Asellus Primus Purple Crew Asellus Primus Independent Anarchy
Asellus Tertius Council Asellus Tertius Independent Anarchy
Asellus Tertius Jet State Inc Asellus Tertius Independent Corporate
Asellus Tertius People's Party Asellus Tertius Independent Communism
Aset Co Aset Federation Corporate
Aset Stakeholders Aset Independent Cooperative
Asetsa Crimson Dragons Asetsa Independent Anarchy
Asetsa Fortune Holdings Asetsa Independent Corporate
Asetse Eyo Allied Asetse Eyo Independent Cooperative
Asetse Eyo Network Asetse Eyo Independent Corporate
Asetsi Bridge Co Asetsi Independent Corporate
Asetsi Company Asetsi Independent Corporate
Asetsi Free Asetsi Federation Democracy
Asetsi Freedom Party Asetsi Independent Dictatorship
Aseveljet GCRV 1568 Independent Cooperative
Asga'a Central Commodities Asga'a Federation Corporate
Asgaa Galactic Industries Asgaa Federation Corporate
Asgaa Galactic Industries Blodyaksas Federation Corporate
Asgandjin Advanced & Co Asgandjin Federation Corporate
Asgar General Solutions Asgar Alliance Corporate
Asgara Brothers Asgara Independent Anarchy
Asgara Nationals Asgara Empire Dictatorship
Asgarage Gold Cartel Asgarage Independent Anarchy
Asgarage Gold Life Inc Asgarage Federation Corporate
Asgariges Power Holdings Asgariges Independent Corporate
Asha Fortune Inc Asha Independent Corporate
Asha Front Asha Independent Dictatorship
Ashandras Jet Power PLC Ashandras Independent Corporate
Ashe Focus Ashe Independent Dictatorship
Ashtart Pro-Alliance Group Ashtart Alliance Patronage
Ashvins Blue Crew HIP 53070 Independent Anarchy
Ashvins Power Limited Ashvins Independent Corporate
Asinda Domain Asinda Independent Feudal
Asing Linga Autocracy Asing Linga Independent Dictatorship
Asing Linga Corporation Asing Linga Independent Corporate
Asing Linga Republic Party Asing Linga Federation Democracy
Asles Silver Society Asles Independent Anarchy
Asoora Citizen Party Asoora Independent Communism
Asoora First Asoora Independent Dictatorship
Asooraja Gold Dragons Asooraja Independent Anarchy
Asooraja Labour Asooraja Independent Democracy
Asooraja Order Asooraja Independent Dictatorship
Asoori Dragons Asoori Independent Anarchy
Aspel Labour Union Aspel Independent Communism
Aspele as one Aspele Independent Cooperative
Aspelintup Front Aspelintup Independent Dictatorship
Aspelintup Silver Brothers Aspelintup Independent Anarchy
Aspelintup Silver Fortune PLC Aspelintup Independent Corporate
Asphodel Unionists Asphodel Independent Communism
Assinda Jet Clan Assinda Independent Anarchy
Assiniguaye Confederacy Assiniguaye Independent Confederacy
Astriang & Co Astriang Independent Corporate
Astriang Solutions Astriang Independent Corporate
Astrigond Purple Natural Org Astrigond Independent Corporate
Astrimui Citizens of Tradition Astrimui Empire Patronage
Astrimui Syndicate Astrimui Independent Anarchy
Asturindjin League Asturindjin Independent Dictatorship
Asturindjin Legal Ltd Asturindjin Federation Corporate
Asurati Empire Pact Asurati Empire Patronage
Asurati Solutions Asurati Empire Corporate
Asvien Ek Imperial Society Asvien Ek Empire Patronage
Asvien Ek Imperial Society Maiden Empire Patronage
Asvien Yu Gold Family Asvien Yu Independent Anarchy
Asvien Yu Gold Family Ualaroges Independent Anarchy
Asvieniai Co-operative Asvieniai Independent Cooperative
Asvienses Council Asvienses Independent Anarchy
Asvienses Electronics PLC Asvienses Independent Corporate
Asvienses Imperial Society Asvienses Empire Patronage
Asvincanik Revolutionary Party Asvincanik Independent Communism
Asvincegin Commodities Asvincegin Independent Corporate
Asvincegin Empire Pact Asvincegin Empire Patronage
Asvini Systems Asvini Federation Corporate
Asvinia Corporation Asvinia Independent Corporate
Asvinici Crimson Posse Asvinici Independent Anarchy
Asvinnut Prison Colony Asvinnut Independent Prison Colony
Atacapa Worker's Party Atacapa Independent Communism
Ataciangir Industries Ataciangir Independent Corporate
Ataco Defence Force Ataco Empire Dictatorship
Ataco Energy Commodities Ataco Independent Corporate
Atacoc Empire Pact Atacoc Empire Patronage
Atagat Electronics Ltd Atagat Federation Corporate
Atagat Galactic Network Atagat Federation Corporate
Atagat Order Atagat Independent Dictatorship
Atahingar Co-op Atahingar Independent Cooperative
Atahingar Co-op HIP 1736 Independent Cooperative
Ataokomo Silver Galactic Hldgs Ataokomo Empire Corporate
Atat Purple General Inc Atat Independent Corporate
Atata Pirates Atata Independent Anarchy
Atatis Defence Party Atatis Independent Dictatorship
Atatis Solutions Atatis Independent Corporate
Atayuta Silver Crew Atayuta Independent Anarchy
Aten Alliance Aten Federation Confederacy
Aten Comms Organisation Aten Federation Corporate
Ates Silver Raiders Ates Independent Anarchy
Atese Labour Atese Independent Democracy
Atfero Blue General & Co Atfero Empire Corporate
Atfero Empire League Atfero Empire Patronage
Atfero Interstellar Atfero Independent Corporate
Athena Inc Athena Federation Corporate
Athena Nationalists Athena Independent Dictatorship
Athena Silver Family Athena Independent Anarchy
Athena Transport Inc Athena Empire Corporate
Athra Corp Athra Independent Corporate
Athra Dominion Athra Independent Dictatorship
Athra Future Athra Federation Democracy
Athra Limited Athra Federation Corporate
Atins Network Atins Independent Corporate
Atius Dominion Atius Independent Feudal
Atius Ti United Atius Ti Independent Cooperative
Atiusia Alliance Protectorate Atiusia Alliance Patronage
Atiusia Syndicate Atiusia Independent Anarchy
Atiusing Blue Fortune Corp. Atiusing Federation Corporate
Atjil Corp. Atjil Independent Corporate
Atjil Patron's Principles Atjil Empire Patronage
Atjirajan Fortune Partners Atjirajan Independent Corporate
Atjirajan Partnership Atjirajan Federation Confederacy
Atlantis Empire League Atlantis Empire Patronage
Atlantis Empire League CT Tucanae Empire Patronage
Atora Blue Electronics Network Atora Independent Corporate
Atora Industries Atora Federation Corporate
Atorm Camorra Atorm Independent Anarchy
Atria Bao Advanced Systems Atria Bao Independent Corporate
Atrigga Citizens' Forum Atrigga Empire Patronage
Atrigga Group Atrigga Empire Corporate
Atrimih Gold Transport Comms Atrimih Federation Corporate
Atroan Gold Gang Atroan Independent Anarchy
Atroco Industry Atroco Federation Corporate
Atroco Raiders Atroco Independent Anarchy
Atron Collective Atron Independent Cooperative
Atrongo Legal Organisation Atrongo Empire Corporate
Atropos & Co Atropos Federation Corporate
Atsina Empire Consulate Atsina Empire Patronage
Attacates Comms Interstellar Attacates Federation Corporate
Attacates Empire Group Attacates Empire Patronage
Attach Democrats Attach Federation Democracy
Attada Posse Attada Independent Anarchy
Atuat Silver Electronics & Co Atuat Empire Corporate
Atuate Dynamic Co Atuate Independent Corporate
Atuathli Universal Interstellar Atuathli Federation Corporate
Atuatus Blue Crew Atuatus Independent Anarchy
Atum for Equality Atum Independent Democracy
Atun Jet Camorra Atun Independent Anarchy
Atung Mussa Silver Boys Atung Mussa Independent Anarchy
Atuntha Citizens' Forum Atuntha Empire Patronage
Auaker Prison Colony Auaker Empire Prison Colony
Auakereks Gold Gang Auakereks Independent Anarchy
Auakereks Power Corp. Auakereks Independent Corporate
Audhenu Empire Party Audhenu Empire Patronage
Audhr Front Audhr Independent Dictatorship
Audhuma Jet Family Audhuma Independent Anarchy
Audhuma Labour Union Audhuma Independent Communism
Audhumbwe Co Audhumbwe Independent Corporate
Audhumis Jet Family Audhumis Independent Anarchy
Audumasi Gold Natural Holdings Audumasi Independent Corporate
Audumasi Silver Rats Audumasi Independent Anarchy
Audumui Blue Drug Empire Audumui Independent Anarchy
Audumui Republic Party Audumui Independent Democracy
Audusi Dynamic PLC Audusi Independent Corporate
Audusiani Inc Audusiani Independent Corporate
Audusiani Resistance Col 285 Sector ID-I c10-15 Independent Democracy
Aulebegus Systems Aulebegus Federation Corporate
Aulebegus Systems LP 355-65 Federation Corporate
Aulendiae Nationalists Aulendiae Independent Dictatorship
Aulin Focus Aulin Independent Dictatorship
Aulin War Eagles Aulin Independent Theocracy
Aura Creative Inc Aura Federation Corporate
Aura Network Aura Independent Corporate
Aura Republic Party Aura Federation Democracy
Auradjan Exchange Auradjan Independent Corporate
Aurea State Corporation Aurea Independent Corporate
Aurea United Aurea Independent Cooperative
Aurgens Blue Creative Comms Aurgens Empire Corporate
Aurgens Brothers Aurgens Independent Anarchy
Aurora Alpha Caeli Independent Democracy
Aurora Brotherhood Aurora Independent Anarchy
Aurora Jet Fortune Holdings Aurora Independent Corporate
Aurora Movement Aurora Independent Dictatorship
Aurui Advanced Group Aurui Independent Corporate
Aurui Empire Party Aurui Empire Patronage
Aurvashi Silver Energy Services Aurvashi Empire Corporate
Aurvasude Travel Partners Aurvasude Empire Corporate
Ausan State Limited Ausan Federation Corporate
Auscabs Free Auscabs Federation Democracy
Auscabs Free Lugupa Federation Democracy
Auscabs Free Pentu Federation Democracy
Auscabs Gold Energy Inc Auscabs Independent Corporate
Auscani Mafia Auscani Independent Anarchy
Auscapaka Blue Posse Auscapaka Independent Anarchy
Auscapaka Partners Auscapaka Independent Corporate
Auschauts Network Auschauts Empire Corporate
Ausci Solutions Ausci Independent Corporate
Auseriabiku Allied Organisation Auseriabiku Independent Corporate
Auseriabiku Purple Boys Auseriabiku Independent Anarchy
Auserid PLC Auserid Empire Corporate
Auserid Purple Raiders Auserid Independent Anarchy
Auserine Co Auserine Independent Corporate
Auserktomis Allied Auserktomis Independent Cooperative
Auserktomis Natural Ltd Auserktomis Independent Corporate
Ausermoduro Solutions Ausermoduro Empire Corporate
Auso Crimson Major Industries Auso Empire Corporate
Auso Family Auso Independent Anarchy
Ausrintini Exchange Ausrintini Empire Corporate
Auss Company Auss Empire Corporate
Austa Empire Party Austa Empire Patronage
Austa Empire Party Baedi Di Empire Patronage
Austa Netcoms Group Austa Independent Corporate
Austa Rats Austa Independent Anarchy
Auste Co-op Auste Independent Cooperative
Auste General Interstellar Auste Independent Corporate
Austeja Creative Ltd Austeja Independent Corporate
Austeret Creative Organisation Austeret Federation Corporate
Austeret aristocrats Austeret Independent Feudal
Auta Isuang Partners Auta Isuang Independent Corporate
Autahenetsi Gold Syndicate Autahenetsi Independent Anarchy
Autamkindia Central Corporation Autamkindia Empire Corporate
Autamkindia Crimson Raiders Autamkindia Independent Anarchy
Auteini Dominion Auteini Empire Feudal
Autians Solutions Autians Empire Corporate
Autinestes Patron's Principles Autinestes Empire Patronage
Autocracy of 18 Lambda Piscium 18 Lambda Piscium Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of 41 Gamma Serpentis 41 Gamma Serpentis Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of 64 Ceti 64 Ceti Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Aktzin Aktzin Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Antobri Antobri Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of BD+02 4718 BD+02 4718 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Bhajeri Bhajeri Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Bodiono Bodiono Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Cadupi Cadupi Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Camarica Camarica Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Canta Athis Canta Athis Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Charunder Charunder Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Chengurr Chengurr Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Chuquiba Chuquiba Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Cornengu Cornengu Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Diabak Diabak Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Djowenet Djowenet Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Dongkum Dongkum Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Eta-1 Pictoris Eta-1 Pictoris Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of G 240-11 G 240-11 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of G 267-24 G 267-24 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Gangga Gangga Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Gendalla Gendalla Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 10906 HIP 10906 Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 115361 HIP 115361 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 116510 HIP 116510 Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 118251 HIP 118251 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 12067 HIP 12067 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 14944 HIP 14944 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 1871 HIP 1871 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 21280 HIP 21280 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 32812 HIP 32812 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 56145 HIP 56145 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 75124 HIP 75124 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HIP 78074 HIP 78074 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of HR 5307 HR 5307 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Iama Kheph Iama Kheph Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Jiang Jiang Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Jotunheim Jotunheim Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Kaushi Kaushi Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Kaxixo Kaxixo Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Khwatka Khwatka Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Kotait Kotait Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Kwarata Kwarata Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of LHS 2687 LHS 2687 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of LHS 3836 LHS 3836 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of LTT 5990 LTT 5990 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Lalande 18115 Lalande 18115 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Luso Luso Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of MV Virginis MV Virginis Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Meliontit Meliontit Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Minun Minun Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Murnakum Murnakum Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Mutjarabi Mutjarabi Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of NLTT 53889 NLTT 53889 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Nai Hou Jiu Nai Hou Jiu Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Nangkano Nangkano Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Nantjangli Nantjangli Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Napia Napia Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Naren Naren Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Oscabs Oscabs Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Oxosso Kait Oxosso Kait Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Padh Padh Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Paeligni Paeligni Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Parnuteni Parnuteni Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Peckollates Peckollates Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Phi Gruis Phi Gruis Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Priviatem Priviatem Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Procyon Procyon Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Rudranbarii Rudranbarii Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Seelet Seelet Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Shakal Shakal Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Sharamo Sharamo Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Shoribelu Shoribelu Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Skadjalini Skadjalini Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of StKM 1-1341 StKM 1-1341 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of T'iensei T'iensei Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Taga Taga Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Teveri Teveri Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Tribe Tribe Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Unjangen Unjangen Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Vestani Vestani Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Wirdh Wirdh Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Wolf 232 Wolf 232 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Wolf 903 Wolf 903 Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Wongsa Wongsa Empire Dictatorship
Autocracy of Yen K'uie Yen K'uie Independent Dictatorship
Autocracy of Yun Tzu Yun Tzu Independent Dictatorship
Autribeb Silver Central Corp Autribeb Federation Corporate
Autrimnit Crimson Energy Corp. Autrimnit Independent Corporate
Autrimnit Dynasty Autrimnit Independent Feudal
Autrimpe Empire Party Autrimpe Empire Patronage
Autrimpe Imperial Society Autrimpe Empire Patronage
Autroch Company Autroch Empire Corporate
Autroch Raiders Autroch Independent Anarchy
Autroch Resistance Autroch Independent Democracy
Avalo Empire League Avalo Empire Patronage
Avalon Emperor's Grace Avalon Empire Patronage
Avalon Empire Consulate Avalon Empire Patronage
Avalon Organisation Avalon Empire Corporate
Avan Purple Society Avan Independent Anarchy
Avandhs Travel Group Avandhs Independent Corporate
Avane Commodities Avane Federation Corporate
Avane Purple Dragons Avane Independent Anarchy
Avarigines Blue Drug Empire Avarigines Independent Anarchy
Avata Empire Group Avata Empire Patronage
Avaticus Purple Life PLC Avaticus Independent Corporate
Avaticus Resistance Avaticus Federation Democracy
Avikarli Blue Posse Avikarli Independent Anarchy
Avikarli for Equality Avikarli Independent Democracy
Avikarli for Equality Juracame Independent Democracy
Awa Limited Awa Federation Corporate
Awabakal Blue Netcoms Corp Awabakal Empire Corporate
Awabakal Domain Awabakal Independent Feudal
Awabara Crew Awabara Independent Anarchy
Awabara Republic Party Awabara Federation Democracy
Awabara Vision Interstellar Awabara Independent Corporate
Awabatamori Blue Investments Co Awabatamori Independent Corporate
Awabatamori Blue Rats Awabatamori Independent Anarchy
Awabatamori Republic Party Awabatamori Independent Democracy
Awang Systems Awang Independent Corporate
Awara Comms Ltd Awara Federation Corporate
Awara Independents Awara Independent Democracy
Awarilo & Co Awarilo Independent Corporate
Awarilo Monarchy Awarilo Independent Feudal
Awawa Solutions Awawa Federation Corporate
Awawad Flag Awawad Independent Dictatorship
Awawad Group Awawad Independent Corporate
Awawadja Organisation Awawadja Empire Corporate
Awawar Independents Awawar Independent Democracy
Awawar Liberty Party Awawar Independent Dictatorship
Aweti Silver Bridge Services Aweti Independent Corporate
Awindji General Organisation Awindji Federation Corporate
Awindjibata Allied Incorporated Awindjibata Federation Corporate
Awithamu Major Group Awithamu Independent Corporate
Awngtei Ji Crimson Fortune Ind Awngtei Ji Empire Corporate
Awngthim Blue Brotherhood Awngthim Independent Anarchy
Awngthim Conservatives Awngthim Independent Dictatorship
Awngthim Future Awngthim Federation Democracy
Awonai Co Awonai Independent Corporate
Awonai Life Co Awonai Independent Corporate
Awonawilona Creative PLC Awonawilona Empire Corporate
Awongbal Fortune Ltd Awongbal Independent Corporate
Awonggalis Crimson Universal PLC Awonggalis Independent Corporate
Awonggalis Empire Assembly Awonggalis Empire Patronage
Axis Republica Arawegali Federation Democracy
Axis Republica Bhrige Federation Democracy
Axis Republica Meidmarama Federation Democracy
Axis Republica Tigura Federation Democracy
Axis Republica Tjiwuar Federation Democracy
Ayethi Citizens of Tradition Ayethi Empire Patronage
Ayethi General Incorporated Ayethi Empire Corporate
Aymarahuara Crimson Federal Serv Aymarahuara Independent Corporate
Aymariyot Silver Energy Ltd Aymariyot Federation Corporate
Aymiay Values Party Aymiay Federation Democracy
Aymifa Empire Pact Aymifa Empire Patronage
Aymifa PLC Aymifa Empire Corporate
Aymifa Resistance Aymifa Independent Democracy
Ayorente Independent Union Ayorente Independent Patronage
Ayorente Independent Union Chiniani Independent Patronage
Ayorente Independent Union Uiburoju Independent Patronage
Ayoresi Interstellar Ayoresi Federation Corporate
Ayoro Nage Exchange Ayoro Nage Independent Corporate
Ayoro Nage Labour Ayoro Nage Federation Democracy
Ayoro Organisation Ayoro Independent Corporate
Ayorubang Brotherhood Ayorubang Independent Anarchy
Ayorun Movement Ayorun Empire Dictatorship
Ayu PLC Ayu Empire Corporate
Azaka Gold Universal Ltd Azaka Federation Corporate
Azaladshu Free Azaladshu Federation Democracy
Azaladshu Free Mbutsi Federation Democracy
Azaladshu Order Azaladshu Independent Dictatorship
Azalai Holdings Azalai Independent Corporate
Azaleach Partnership Azaleach Federation Confederacy
Azaleach Partnership HIP 30130 Federation Confederacy
Azaliba Partnership Azaliba Independent Confederacy
Azalis Fortune Inc Azalis Federation Corporate
Azha Purple Public & Co Azha Independent Corporate
Azrael Mafia Azrael Independent Anarchy
Azrael Patron's Principles Azrael Empire Patronage
Azraia Crimson Public Systems Azraia Empire Corporate
Aztlan Imperial Society Aztlan Empire Patronage

Index page for minor factions

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