This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char B. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
B'Titus Partnership B'Titus Independent Anarchy
B.I.G. - Balkan Intergalactic Guerilla Rudjer Boskovic Empire Dictatorship
BAG 7 Blue Federal Network BAG 7 Federation Corporate
BD+00 197 Comms & Co BD+00 197 Federation Corporate
BD+01 299 Blue Mafia BD+01 299 Independent Anarchy
BD+01 3574 Crimson Legal Comms BD+01 3574 Federation Corporate
BD+02 305 Universal Exchange BD+02 305 Federation Corporate
BD+02 4718 Purple Natural Corp. BD+02 4718 Federation Corporate
BD+02 4718 Purple Travel Ind BD+02 4718 Independent Corporate
BD+02 4718 Purple Travel Ind StKM 1-2166 Independent Corporate
BD+03 1552 Domain BD+03 1552 Independent Feudal
BD+03 1552 Gold Public Co BD+03 1552 Federation Corporate
BD+03 2316 Gold Pirates BD+03 2316 Independent Anarchy
BD+03 2338 Advanced Industry BD+03 2338 Independent Corporate
BD+03 3531a Central Commodities BD+03 3531a Federation Corporate
BD+03 3531a Order BD+03 3531a Independent Dictatorship
BD+03 515 Ltd BD+03 515 Federation Corporate
BD+04 4344 Crimson Bridge & Co BD+04 4344 Federation Corporate
BD+04 4344 Republic Party BD+04 4344 Independent Democracy
BD+04 4988 Bridge Co BD+04 4988 Federation Corporate
BD+04 4988 Bridge Co LHS 3947 Federation Corporate
BD+05 1146 Blue Allied Services BD+05 1146 Independent Corporate
BD+05 1146 Galactic Company BD+05 1146 Independent Corporate
BD+05 2131 Federal Inc BD+05 2131 Independent Corporate
BD+05 5244 Gold Natural Partners BD+05 5244 Empire Corporate
BD+05 5244 Independent Bridge BD+05 5244 Independent Patronage
BD+05 5244 Public Industry BD+05 5244 Federation Corporate
BD+06 5034 Bridge Commodities BD+06 5034 Independent Corporate
BD+07 2869 Incorporated BD+07 2869 Federation Corporate
BD+07 2869 People's Co-operative BD+07 2869 Independent Cooperative
BD+07 4267 Gold General PLC BD+07 4267 Federation Corporate
BD+08 3000 Independents BD+08 3000 Independent Democracy
BD+08 3000 Pirates BD+08 3000 Independent Anarchy
BD+08 642 Confederation BD+08 642 Federation Confederacy
BD+09 1105 Limited BD+09 1105 Federation Corporate
BD+10 5022 Domain BD+10 5022 Independent Feudal
BD+11 2673 Blue Natural Group BD+11 2673 Independent Corporate
BD+11 2811 Independent Mandate BD+11 2811 Independent Patronage
BD+11 2853 Federal Corp. BD+11 2853 Independent Corporate
BD+11 570 Services BD+11 570 Independent Corporate
BD+12 1759 Crimson Council BD+12 1759 Independent Anarchy
BD+12 5016 Purple Central Ltd BD+12 5016 Independent Corporate
BD+12 810 Jet Ring BD+12 810 Independent Anarchy
BD+12 810 Services BD+12 810 Federation Corporate
BD+13 3769 Crimson United Dev BD+13 3769 Independent Corporate
BD+13 693 Blue Organisation BD+13 693 Independent Anarchy
BD+14 1876 Independents BD+14 1876 Federation Democracy
BD+14 1876 Silver Family BD+14 1876 Independent Anarchy
BD+14 1876 Transport Network BD+14 1876 Federation Corporate
BD+14 2955 Republic Party BD+14 2955 Federation Democracy
BD+14 4559 Group BD+14 4559 Federation Corporate
BD+15 176 Conservatives BD+15 176 Independent Dictatorship
BD+15 176 Gold Bridge & Co BD+15 176 Independent Corporate
BD+15 176 Incorporated BD+15 176 Independent Corporate
BD+15 2847 Free BD+15 2847 Federation Democracy
BD+15 2847 Nationalists BD+15 2847 Independent Dictatorship
BD+15 3090 Jet Central Group BD+15 3090 Independent Corporate
BD+15 4416 Corporation BD+15 4416 Independent Corporate
BD+15 4416 Dynasty BD+15 4416 Independent Feudal
BD+15 4829 Pirates BD+15 4829 Independent Anarchy
BD+15 896 Gold Legal Holdings BD+15 896 Federation Corporate
BD+16 2722 Collective BD+16 2722 Independent Cooperative
BD+16 2722 General Inc BD+09 3000 Federation Corporate
BD+16 2722 General Inc BD+16 2722 Federation Corporate
BD+17 4808 Incorporated BD+17 4808 Federation Corporate
BD+18 1160 Gold Brothers BD+18 1160 Independent Anarchy
BD+18 1160 Industries BD+18 1160 Federation Corporate
BD+18 1461 Solutions BD+18 1461 Federation Corporate
BD+19 2443 Free BD+19 2443 Alliance Democracy
BD+19 2929 Progressive Party BD+19 2929 Federation Democracy
BD+20 1018 Jet Fortune Group BD+20 1018 Independent Corporate
BD+20 1018 Justice Party BD+20 1018 Independent Dictatorship
BD+20 518 Crimson Camorra BD+20 518 Independent Anarchy
BD+21 1952 Dragons BD+21 1952 Independent Anarchy
BD+21 1952 General Company BD+21 1952 Federation Corporate
BD+21 55 Transport Corporation BD+21 55 Independent Corporate
BD+22 2271 Liberty Party BD+22 2271 Independent Dictatorship
BD+22 2271 Progressive Party BD+22 2271 Federation Democracy
BD+22 2632 Blue Society BD+22 2632 Independent Anarchy
BD+22 2742 Order BD+22 2742 Independent Dictatorship
BD+22 2742 Party BD+22 2742 Independent Dictatorship
BD+22 2742 Solutions BD+22 2742 Federation Corporate
BD+22 3579 Dynamic Services BD+22 3579 Independent Corporate
BD+22 3579 Movement BD+22 3579 Independent Dictatorship
BD+22 4939 Inc BD+22 4939 Independent Corporate
BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel BD+22 4939 Independent Anarchy
BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel Col 285 Sector BB-O c6-10 Independent Anarchy
BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel Col 285 Sector BB-O c6-3 Independent Anarchy
BD+22 4939 Purple Cartel Synuefai LC-C b46-1 Independent Anarchy
BD+23 204 Dynasty BD+23 204 Independent Feudal
BD+23 2640 Defence Party BD+23 2640 Independent Dictatorship
BD+23 296 Blue Federal Inc BD+23 296 Federation Corporate
BD+23 3035 Ltd BD+23 3035 Federation Corporate
BD+23 3151 Purple Life & Co BD+23 3151 Independent Corporate
BD+23 4334 PLC BD+23 4334 Independent Corporate
BD+24 1451 Blue Society BD+24 1451 Independent Anarchy
BD+24 1451 Freedom Party BD+24 1451 Independent Dictatorship
BD+24 1451 Major Corporation BD+24 1451 Federation Corporate
BD+26 8 Jet Gang BD+26 8 Independent Anarchy
BD+26 8 Partners BD+26 8 Federation Corporate
BD+27 1356 Comms Industries BD+27 1356 Independent Corporate
BD+27 1739 Values Party BD+27 1739 Federation Democracy
BD+27 1739 Values Party LTT 12449 Federation Democracy
BD+27 881 Dynasty BD+27 881 Independent Feudal
BD+27 881 Independents BD+27 881 Federation Democracy
BD+28 413 Creative PLC BD+28 413 Independent Corporate
BD+28 4660 Silver Organisation BD+28 4660 Independent Anarchy
BD+28 4660 Travel & Co BD+28 4660 Federation Corporate
BD+29 1754 Jet United Company BD+29 1754 Federation Corporate
BD+29 2405 Autocracy BD+29 2405 Alliance Dictatorship
BD+29 2405 Gold Gang BD+29 2405 Independent Anarchy
BD+30 4803 Fortune Network BD+30 4803 Independent Corporate
BD+30 4803 Silver Mafia BD+30 4803 Independent Anarchy
BD+31 2290 Crimson Creative Corp BD+31 2290 Independent Corporate
BD+31 2373 Alliance Assembly BD+31 2373 Alliance Patronage
BD+31 2373 Central Services BD+31 2373 Independent Corporate
BD+31 2373 Crimson Drug Empire BD+31 2373 Independent Anarchy
BD+31 2373 Logistics BD+31 2373 Federation Corporate
BD+31 434 Dominion BD+31 434 Independent Feudal
BD+32 4747 Purple Natural Ind BD+32 4747 Federation Corporate
BD+33 1931 Gold Advanced PLC BD+33 1931 Independent Corporate
BD+33 2071 Network BD+33 2071 Independent Corporate
BD+33 256 Front BD+33 256 Independent Dictatorship
BD+33 256 Imperial Society BD+33 256 Empire Patronage
BD+33 256 Purple Central Inc BD+33 256 Federation Corporate
BD+33 256 Republic Party BD+33 256 Independent Democracy
BD+33 2990 Systems BD+33 2990 Federation Corporate
BD+33 3582 Crimson Natural Ex BD+33 3582 Federation Corporate
BD+33 3582 Gold Public Int BD+33 3582 Federation Corporate
BD+33 3582 Jet Society BD+33 3582 Independent Anarchy
BD+33 3582 Values Party BD+33 3582 Independent Democracy
BD+33 801 Bridge Inc BD+33 801 Federation Corporate
BD+34 1378 Universal & Co BD+34 1378 Federation Corporate
BD+34 1740 Crew BD+34 1740 Independent Anarchy
BD+35 3145 Revolutionary Party BD+35 3145 Independent Communism
BD+37 2416 Industry BD+37 2416 Federation Corporate
BD+37 2625 Energy PLC BD+37 2625 Independent Corporate
BD+37 2625 Galactic Services BD+37 2625 Independent Corporate
BD+38 2037 Crimson Federal Ltd BD+38 2037 Federation Corporate
BD+38 2037 as one BD+38 2037 Independent Cooperative
BD+38 3327 Federal Company BD+38 3327 Independent Corporate
BD+38 3327 Federal Company Lentes Independent Corporate
BD+38 3327 Federal Company Uzbekree Independent Corporate
BD+39 3048 League BD+39 3048 Federation Confederacy
BD+39 876 Allied Corporation BD+39 876 Federation Corporate
BD+39 876 Bureau BD+39 876 Independent Dictatorship
BD+39 876 Gold Life Limited BD+39 876 Independent Corporate
BD+39 876 Labour BD+39 876 Independent Democracy
BD+40 2903 Alliance League BD+40 2903 Alliance Patronage
BD+40 2903 Allied Co BD+40 2903 Alliance Corporate
BD+40 2903 Gang BD+40 2903 Independent Anarchy
BD+41 1865 Resistance BD+41 1865 Federation Democracy
BD+41 2026 People's Party BD+41 2026 Independent Communism
BD+41 2026 Regulatory State BD+41 2026 Independent Dictatorship
BD+42 3917 Free Tan'gunni Federation Democracy
BD+42 3917 General Limited BD+42 3917 Federation Corporate
BD+43 2989 Front BD+43 2989 Independent Dictatorship
BD+43 2989 Gold Advanced Group BD+43 2989 Independent Corporate
BD+43 2989 Major Solutions BD+43 2989 Independent Corporate
BD+43 866 Commodities BD+43 866 Independent Corporate
BD+43 866 Freedom Party BD+43 866 Independent Dictatorship
BD+43 866 Services BD+43 866 Federation Corporate
BD+44 1710 Advanced Industry BD+44 1710 Federation Corporate
BD+44 2250 Alliance Mandate BD+44 2250 Alliance Patronage
BD+44 2250 United Interstellar BD+44 2250 Independent Corporate
BD+44 4389 Advanced Partners BD+44 4389 Federation Corporate
BD+46 2014 Alliance Governance BD+46 2014 Alliance Patronage
BD+46 2014 Blue Bridge Group BD+46 2014 Independent Corporate
BD+46 2014 Power Commodities BD+46 2014 Independent Corporate
BD+47 2112 Holdings BD+47 2112 Federation Corporate
BD+47 2267 Crimson United Prtnrs BD+47 2267 Federation Corporate
BD+47 2267 Solutions BD+47 2267 Independent Corporate
BD+47 2391 Justice Party BD+47 2391 Independent Dictatorship
BD+47 2391 Law Party BD+47 2391 Independent Dictatorship
BD+47 2391 Silver Central Org BD+47 2391 Independent Corporate
BD+47 2936 Life PLC BD+47 2936 Federation Corporate
BD+48 1845B Public Incorporated BD+48 1845B Independent Corporate
BD+48 738 Crimson Travel Co BD+48 738 Independent Corporate
BD+49 1280 Conservatives BD+49 1280 Independent Dictatorship
BD+49 1280 Free BD+49 1280 Federation Democracy
BD+49 1280 Partners BD+49 1280 Independent Corporate
BD+49 1280 Public Services BD+49 1280 Federation Corporate
BD+49 3937 Council BD+49 3937 Independent Anarchy
BD+49 3937 Liberals BD+49 3937 Federation Democracy
BD+49 3937 United Systems BD+49 3937 Federation Corporate
BD+50 1864 Movement BD+50 1864 Alliance Dictatorship
BD+52 3410 Partners BD+52 3410 Federation Corporate
BD+52 3410 Partners Lodemovoi Federation Corporate
BD+52 3410 Partners TT 58343 Federation Corporate
BD+53 912 Silver Legal PLC BD+53 912 Independent Corporate
BD+53 912 for Equality BD+53 912 Federation Democracy
BD+55 1142 Exchange BD+55 1142 Independent Corporate
BD+55 1142 Order BD+55 1142 Independent Dictatorship
BD+55 1142 Progressive Party BD+55 1142 Federation Democracy
BD+55 1519 Alliance BD+55 1519 Federation Confederacy
BD+55 3074 Jet Legal Services BD+55 3074 Independent Corporate
BD+55 3074 as one BD+55 3074 Independent Cooperative
BD+55 570 Democrats BD+55 570 Federation Democracy
BD+55 570 Democrats Jadlillke Federation Democracy
BD+55 570 Silver Partnership BD+55 570 Independent Anarchy
BD+56 1773 Alliance Protectorate BD+56 1773 Alliance Patronage
BD+56 1773 Party BD+56 1773 Independent Dictatorship
BD+57 2595 Crimson General Inc BD+57 2595 Federation Corporate
BD+57 2595 Federal Organisation BD+57 2595 Independent Corporate
BD+58 1208 Jet Legal Systems BD+58 1208 Federation Corporate
BD+58 1208 Resistance BD+58 1208 Independent Democracy
BD+59 1851 Resistance BD+59 1851 Federation Democracy
BD+60 585 Crimson Clan BD+60 585 Independent Anarchy
BD+63 1764 Industry BD+63 1764 Federation Corporate
BD+64 1452 Purple Clan BD+64 1452 Independent Anarchy
BD+65 1846 Silver Drug Empire BD+65 1846 Independent Anarchy
BD+65 210 Values Party BD+65 210 Federation Democracy
BD+65 626 Incorporated BD+65 626 Federation Corporate
BD+66 193 Blue Boys BD+66 193 Independent Anarchy
BD+66 193 Transport Group BD+66 193 Federation Corporate
BD+66 696 Future BD+66 696 Independent Democracy
BD+66 696 Jet Camorra BD+66 696 Independent Anarchy
BD+67 1409 Allied Inc BD+67 1409 Federation Corporate
BD+67 1409 Justice Party BD+67 1409 Independent Dictatorship
BD+69 238 Monarchy BD+69 238 Independent Feudal
BD+69 530 Allied Network BD+69 530 Independent Corporate
BD+70 578 Corp. BD+70 578 Independent Corporate
BD+71 1033 Holdings BD+71 1033 Independent Corporate
BD+71 789 Limited BD+71 789 Federation Corporate
BD+72 545 Jet Vision Services BD+72 545 Independent Corporate
BD+73 447 Bridge Inc BD+73 447 Independent Corporate
BD+73 447 Flag BD+73 447 Independent Dictatorship
BD+74 526 Purple Crew BD+74 526 Independent Anarchy
BD+77 84 Independent Consulate BD+77 84 Independent Patronage
BD+87 118 Liberals BD+87 118 Federation Democracy
BD-00 3426 Future BD-00 3426 Federation Democracy
BD-00 3426 Major & Co BD+01 3657 Federation Corporate
BD-00 3426 Major & Co BD-00 3426 Federation Corporate
BD-00 632 Exchange BD-00 632 Federation Corporate
BD-01 1707 Company BD-01 1707 Independent Corporate
BD-01 1707 Major Partners BD-01 1707 Federation Corporate
BD-01 1707 Nationals BD-01 1707 Independent Dictatorship
BD-01 1707 Values Party BD-01 1707 Federation Democracy
BD-01 2518 Jet State Commodities BD-01 2518 Independent Corporate
BD-01 2518 Syndicate BD-01 2518 Independent Anarchy
BD-01 2784 Bridge Corporation BD-01 2784 Independent Corporate
BD-01 3500 Bureau BD-01 3500 Independent Dictatorship
BD-01 3500 Drug Empire BD-01 3500 Independent Anarchy
BD-01 3500 Electronics Services BD-01 3500 Independent Corporate
BD-02 4304 Bridge PLC BD-02 4304 Independent Corporate
BD-02 4304 Gold Major Holdings BD-02 4304 Independent Corporate
BD-02 5286 Focus BD-02 5286 Independent Dictatorship
BD-04 2421 Silver Public Ind BD-04 2421 Independent Corporate
BD-04 4138 Public Holdings BD-04 4138 Independent Corporate
BD-05 2489 Crimson Brotherhood BD-05 2489 Independent Anarchy
BD-05 2489 Democrats BD-05 2489 Federation Democracy
BD-05 2489 Power Co BD-05 2489 Federation Corporate
BD-05 2778 Crimson Natural Ltd BD-05 2778 Independent Corporate
BD-05 5480 Domain BD-05 5480 Independent Feudal
BD-05 5480 Gold Galactic Ex BD-05 5480 Federation Corporate
BD-05 948 Jet Ring BD-05 948 Independent Anarchy
BD-06 2528 Partnership BD-06 2528 Federation Confederacy
BD-07 4419 for Equality BD-07 4419 Federation Democracy
BD-08 2963 Advanced Holdings BD-08 2963 Independent Corporate
BD-08 535 Services BD-08 535 Federation Corporate
BD-09 2535 General Corporation BD-09 2535 Independent Corporate
BD-09 4592 Protectorate BD-09 4592 Independent Patronage
BD-09 4592 Transport PLC BD-09 4592 Federation Corporate
BD-09 4592 Vision Co BD-09 4592 Independent Corporate
BD-10 4011 Commodities BD-10 4011 Federation Corporate
BD-10 4011 Future BD-10 4011 Federation Democracy
BD-10 5142 Purple Vision Limited BD-10 5142 Federation Corporate
BD-10 5238 Public Inc BD-10 5238 Federation Corporate
BD-10 5238 for Equality BD-10 5238 Independent Democracy
BD-11 4280 Blue Partnership BD-11 4280 Independent Anarchy
BD-11 4932 Holdings BD-11 4932 Independent Corporate
BD-11 4932 Party BD-11 4932 Independent Dictatorship
BD-11 5484 Gold Rats BD-11 5484 Independent Anarchy
BD-11 5484 Major PLC BD-11 5484 Federation Corporate
BD-11 5484 Resistance BD-11 5484 Federation Democracy
BD-12 4699 Galactic Incorporated BD-12 4699 Independent Corporate
BD-12 4699 Order BD-12 4699 Independent Dictatorship
BD-12 4699 Silver Transport Co BD-12 4699 Federation Corporate
BD-12 5409 State Organisation BD-12 5409 Independent Corporate
BD-12 5409 for Equality BD-12 5409 Federation Democracy
BD-12 6174 Ltd BD-12 6174 Federation Corporate
BD-13 2439 Independent Bond BD-13 2439 Independent Patronage
BD-14 3326 Creative Co BD-14 3326 Federation Corporate
BD-15 2506 Central Ltd BD-15 2506 Federation Corporate
BD-15 447 Bureau BD-15 447 Independent Dictatorship
BD-15 447 Republic Party BD-15 447 Federation Democracy
BD-16 2761 as one BD-16 2761 Independent Cooperative
BD-17 1955 Vision Services BD-17 1955 Independent Corporate
BD-17 4631 Federal Incorporated BD-17 4631 Federation Corporate
BD-17 5832 PLC BD-17 5832 Federation Corporate
BD-17 5832 State Organisation BD-17 5832 Independent Corporate
BD-17 6081 Bureau BD-17 6081 Independent Dictatorship
BD-17 6081 Labour BD-17 6081 Federation Democracy
BD-17 6081 Purple Universal BD-17 6081 Independent Corporate
BD-17 6172 Independents BD-17 6172 Independent Democracy
BD-17 6172 Travel Industries BD-17 6172 Federation Corporate
BD-17 6172 Universal Industry BD-17 6172 Empire Corporate
BD-18 3106 Corp. BD-18 3106 Federation Corporate
BD-18 3106 Dominion BD-18 3106 Independent Dictatorship
BD-18 394 Labour BD-18 394 Federation Democracy
BD-19 3629A Crimson Dragons BD-19 3629A Independent Anarchy
BD-19 3629A Jet Creative Org BD-19 3629A Independent Corporate
BD-19 3629A Life Ltd BD-19 3629A Federation Corporate
BD-19 402 Purple Central Group BD-19 402 Federation Corporate
BD-20 2665 State Organisation BD-20 2665 Federation Corporate
BD-20 2665 State Organisation CT Pyxidis Federation Corporate
BD-21 3154 Energy Solutions BD-21 3154 Federation Corporate
BD-21 4791 Energy PLC BD-21 4791 Federation Corporate
BD-21 4791 Flag BD-21 4791 Independent Dictatorship
BD-22 1050 League BD-22 1050 Independent Dictatorship
BD-22 1050 United Corp. BD-22 1050 Federation Corporate
BD-22 286 Electronics Solutions BD-22 286 Independent Corporate
BD-22 286 Organisation BD-22 286 Independent Anarchy
BD-22 3573 Silver Allied Group BD-22 3573 Independent Corporate
BD-22 5522 Inc BD-22 5522 Federation Corporate
BF Canis Venatici Netcoms Inc BF Canis Venatici Independent Corporate
BFNF Solutions Devane Empire Corporate
BFNF Solutions Uzumo Empire Corporate
BO Microscopii Empire League BO Microscopii Empire Patronage
BO Microscopii Empire League Niu Anang Empire Patronage
BO Microscopii Partnership BO Microscopii Independent Anarchy
BPM 28514 Collective BPM 28514 Independent Cooperative
BPM 28514 Purple Power & Co BPM 28514 Empire Corporate
BPM 40823 Nobles BPM 40823 Independent Feudal
BPM 45047 Flag BPM 45047 Independent Dictatorship
BPM 45047 Free BPM 45047 Federation Democracy
BPM 590 Empire League BPM 590 Empire Patronage
BPM 62891 Transport Prtnrs BPM 62891 Federation Corporate
BPM 62891 Transport Prtnrs Maik Federation Corporate
BPM 72121 Collective BPM 72121 Independent Cooperative
BPM 72121 State Limited BPM 72121 Federation Corporate
BPM 89444 Gang BPM 89444 Independent Anarchy
BPM 89444 Silver Bridge Inc BPM 89444 Independent Corporate
BR Piscium Energy Corp. BR Piscium Federation Corporate
BW Phoenix Legal Interstellar BW Phoenix Empire Corporate
BZ Ceti Council BZ Ceti Independent Anarchy
BZ Ceti Free BZ Ceti Federation Democracy
BZ Ceti Systems BZ Ceti Federation Corporate
Ba Babal Dominion Ba Babal Independent Dictatorship
Ba Babal Purple Travel Network Ba Babal Independent Corporate
Ba Babal Silver Comms Corp Ba Babal Independent Corporate
Ba Bao Transport Interstellar Ba Bao Alliance Corporate
Ba Dhor Dynasty Ba Dhor Empire Feudal
Ba Dhor Travel Company Ba Dhor Empire Corporate
Ba Jonandja Law Party Ba Jonandja Independent Dictatorship
Ba Jonandja Republic Party Ba Jonandja Federation Democracy
Ba Narfi Limited Ba Narfi Independent Corporate
Ba Narfi Progressive Party Ba Narfi Independent Democracy
Ba Narr Industries Ba Narr Federation Corporate
Ba Nefes Empire Party Ba Nefes Empire Patronage
Ba Nefes Purple Family Ba Nefes Independent Anarchy
Ba Njok Netcoms Commodities Ba Njok Independent Corporate
Ba Pin Life Network Ba Pin Independent Corporate
Ba Pin Posse Ba Pin Independent Anarchy
Ba Po Republic Party Ba Po Federation Democracy
Ba Pula Corporation Ba Pula Empire Corporate
Ba Xian Netcoms Co Ba Xian Independent Corporate
Ba Xianiya Company Ba Xianiya Independent Corporate
Ba Xianiya Gold Mafia Ba Xianiya Independent Anarchy
Ba Xinga Jet Transport Inc Ba Xinga Independent Corporate
Ba Xinga Silver Dynamic Co Ba Xinga Independent Corporate
Baadaga Purple Life Co Baadaga Empire Corporate
Baal Guardians of Tradition Baal Empire Patronage
Baal Independents Baal Independent Democracy
Baal Partners Baal Empire Corporate
Baal Transport Corporation Baal Independent Corporate
Babai Public Incorporated Babai Federation Corporate
Babal State Organisation Babal Federation Corporate
Babaradhbh Independents Babaradhbh Federation Democracy
Babas Industry Babas Federation Corporate
Bacagua Left Party Bacagua Independent Communism
Bacamadia Gold Clan Bacamadia Independent Anarchy
Bacamu Empire Party Bacamu Empire Patronage
Bacamu Purple Partnership Bacamu Independent Anarchy
Bacap Nobles Bacap Empire Feudal
Bacara Public Industries Bacara Federation Corporate
Bacarelia Jet United Commodities Bacarelia Federation Corporate
Bach Dynamic Industry Bach Federation Corporate
Bach Dynamic Industry Gerong Federation Corporate
Backluitaji Progressive Party Backluitaji Federation Democracy
Backlum Gold Allied Organisation Backlum Empire Corporate
Backlum Imperial Society Backlum Empire Patronage
Backlum Movement Backlum Independent Dictatorship
Backlumba United Commodities Backlumba Independent Corporate
Backlumbha Gold Galactic Dev Backlumbha Independent Corporate
Bacon Cats Arbitration and Transport Services Priva Independent Cooperative
Bactondinks Ring Bactondinks Independent Anarchy
Bactrib Patrons of Law Bactrib Empire Patronage
Bactrimpox Defence Party Bactrimpox Independent Dictatorship
Bactrimpox Industries Bactrimpox Independent Corporate
Bactrimpox for Equality Bactrimpox Independent Democracy
Badar Citizens' Forum Badar Empire Patronage
Badar Corp. Badar Independent Corporate
Badb Pro-Independent Bond Badb Independent Patronage
Badbadzist Empire Party Badbadzist Empire Patronage
Badbadzist Freedom Party Badbadzist Independent Dictatorship
Badbadzist Jet Netcoms & Co Badbadzist Independent Corporate
Badbh Corp. Badbh Empire Corporate
Badia Empire Group Badia Empire Patronage
Badia Empire Party Badia Empire Patronage
Badimo Federal Interstellar Badimo Independent Corporate
Badimo Life Ltd Badimo Independent Corporate
Badja General & Co Badja Federation Corporate
Badja Purple Clan Badja Independent Anarchy
Badjalang Exchange Badjalang Empire Corporate
Badjarans Exchange Badjarans Federation Corporate
Badjarans Purple Crew Badjarans Independent Anarchy
Badje Jet Raiders Badje Independent Anarchy
Badjilasta Universal Company Badjilasta Federation Corporate
Badjilasta aristocrats Badjilasta Independent Feudal
Baedi Di Industries Zhongwe Empire Corporate
Baedu Purple Clan Baedu Independent Anarchy
Baedule Regulatory State Baedule Empire Dictatorship
Bafook Future Bafook Independent Democracy
Baga Holdings Baga Independent Corporate
Bagai Crimson Mafia Bagai Independent Anarchy
Bagaiteru Crimson Syndicate Bagaiteru Independent Anarchy
Bagaiteru Partners Bagaiteru Independent Corporate
Bagalatuba Advanced PLC Bagalatuba Independent Corporate
Bagalatuba Free Bagalatuba Federation Democracy
Bagalis Crimson Rats Bagalis Independent Anarchy
Bagalis Regulatory State Bagalis Independent Dictatorship
Bagalya Galactic PLC Bagalya Independent Corporate
Bagalya Silver Posse Bagalya Independent Anarchy
Baganhau Universal Limited Baganhau Empire Corporate
Bagaru Crimson Mafia Bagaru Independent Anarchy
Bagaru Major Inc Bagaru Empire Corporate
Bagayata Citizens of Tradition Bagayata Empire Patronage
Bahilo Defence Party Bahilo Empire Dictatorship
Bahilo Silver Raiders Bahilo Independent Anarchy
Bahinga Bridge Services Bahinga Independent Corporate
Bahinga Focus Bahinga Empire Dictatorship
Bahinook Jet Council Bahinook Independent Anarchy
Bahinook Partners Bahinook Independent Corporate
Bahpu Citizen Party Bahpu Independent Communism
Bahpu Council Bahpu Independent Anarchy
Bahpu Empire League Bahpu Empire Patronage
Bahpu Incorporated Bahpu Independent Corporate
Baiame Central Corporation Baiame Independent Corporate
Baiame Stakeholders Baiame Independent Cooperative
Baiawa Citizen Party Baiawa Independent Communism
Baiawa General Organisation Baiawa Federation Corporate
Baigag Comms Organisation Baigag Independent Corporate
Baijio Crimson Legal Corporation Baijio Federation Corporate
Baijun Liberals Baijun Federation Democracy
Baijun Silver Advanced PLC Baijun Independent Corporate
Baijundh Camorra Baijundh Independent Anarchy
Baijundh Electronics Limited Baijundh Independent Corporate
Baijungu Netcoms Network Baijungu Federation Corporate
Baijungu Party Baijungu Independent Dictatorship
Baila Crimson Advanced Org Baila Independent Corporate
Baila Posse Baila Independent Anarchy
Bajang Galactic Interstellar Bajang Independent Corporate
Bajang Gold Travel & Co Bajang Independent Corporate
Bajangkhwal Confederacy Bajangkhwal Federation Confederacy
Bajara Mob Bajara Independent Anarchy
Bajara State Systems Bajara Empire Corporate
Bajau Blue Natural Corp. Bajau Federation Corporate
Bajau Blue Raiders Bajau Independent Anarchy
Bajauie Empire Party Bajauie Empire Patronage
Bajauie Empire Party Manian Empire Patronage
Bajito Dynasty Bajito Independent Feudal
Bajoji Imperial Society Bajoji Empire Patronage
Bajojiu Citizens of Tradition Bajojiu Empire Patronage
Bajojiu Purple State Commodities Bajojiu Independent Corporate
Bajojiu Silver Bridge Holdings Bajojiu Empire Corporate
Baka'wa Partnership Baka'wa Federation Confederacy
Bakabienil Gold Brotherhood Bakabienil Independent Anarchy
Bakaduninka Crimson Electronics Bakaduninka Federation Corporate
Bakalaa Prison Colony Bakalaa Independent Prison Colony
Bakalinnama Exchange Bakalinnama Independent Corporate
Bakara Empire Party Bakara Empire Patronage
Bakas Silver Netcoms Org Bakas Federation Corporate
Bakawa Liberty Party Bakawa Empire Dictatorship
Baker Confederacy Baker Federation Confederacy
Baker Jet Central Solutions Baker Federation Corporate
Bakonirtari Allied Group Bakonirtari Independent Corporate
Bakonirtari Allied Group Bodb Den Independent Corporate
Bakuari Gold Netcoms Company Bakuari Independent Corporate
Bakulcan Brotherhood Bakulcan Alliance Anarchy
Bakulcan Brotherhood Pancho Alliance Anarchy
Bakulcan Industry Bakulcan Independent Corporate
Bakum Citizens of Tradition Bakum Empire Patronage
Bakum Crimson Hand Gang Bakum Independent Anarchy
Balaa Co Balaa Independent Corporate
Balaa Confederation Balaa Federation Confederacy
Balaikda Mob Balaikda Independent Anarchy
Balaikda Patrons of Law Balaikda Empire Patronage
Balak Holdings Balak Federation Corporate
Balampaso Shared Balampaso Independent Cooperative
Balams Jet Galactic Co Balams Federation Corporate
Balams Worker's Party Balams Independent Communism
Balanek Gold Natural Org Balanek Empire Corporate
Balanek Gold Society Balanek Independent Anarchy
Balangga Transport Services Balangga Independent Corporate
Balante Inc Balante Federation Corporate
Balanu Corporation Balanu Federation Corporate
Balapiru Limited Balapiru Empire Corporate
Balardh Partnership Balardh Federation Confederacy
Balastya Jet Energy Holdings Balastya Independent Corporate
Balastya Liberty Party Balastya Independent Dictatorship
Balbus Blue Family Balbus Independent Anarchy
Balbus Blue Family HIP 40170 Independent Anarchy
Balbus Monarchy Balbus Independent Feudal
Bald Crimson Organisation Bald Independent Anarchy
Baldeka Exchange Baldeka Federation Corporate
Baldemi Co-op Baldemi Independent Cooperative
Baldemi Monarchy Baldemi Independent Feudal
Baldemi Purple Fortune Inc Baldemi Federation Corporate
Baldr Empire League Baldr Empire Patronage
Balduk Jet Organisation Balduk Independent Anarchy
Balduk Partnership Balduk Federation Confederacy
Baldur Crimson Life Exchange Baldur Empire Corporate
Baldur for Equality Baldur Independent Democracy
Balie Union Party Col 285 Sector GU-S b19-2 Independent Communism
Balis Commodities Balis Independent Corporate
Balis Patron's Principles Balis Empire Patronage
Balis Values Party Balis Independent Democracy
Balitcha Blue Brothers Balitcha Independent Anarchy
Balitcha Future Balitcha Federation Democracy
Balitcha Incorporated Balitcha Independent Corporate
Balitcha Partners Balitcha Independent Corporate
Balite Bridge Partners Balite Federation Corporate
Balmung Crimson United Network Balmung Independent Corporate
Balmung Interstellar Balmung Independent Corporate
Balmung Patron's Principles Balmung Empire Patronage
Balmus Defence Force Balmus Independent Dictatorship
Balmus Free Balmus Federation Democracy
Balmus Services Balmus Independent Corporate
Balo Future Balo Independent Democracy
Balo League Balo Independent Dictatorship
Balones Energy Partners Balones Independent Corporate
Balones Gold Touch Systems Balones Independent Corporate
Baltah'Sine Freedom Party Baltah'Sine Empire Dictatorship
Baltalfi Life Corp. Baltalfi Independent Corporate
Balte Jet Posse Balte Independent Anarchy
Baltek Gold Advanced Exchange Baltek Federation Corporate
Balti Blue Pirates Balti Independent Anarchy
Balticus Jet Vision Commodities Balticus Independent Corporate
Bama Corp. Bama Independent Corporate
Bama Jet Pirates Bama Independent Anarchy
Baman Central Holdings Baman Independent Corporate
Bamani Corp. Bamani Independent Corporate
Bamani Council Bamani Independent Anarchy
Bamani Democrats Bamani Independent Democracy
Bamani Gold Netcoms & Co Bamani Empire Corporate
Bamarakw Jet Syndicate Bamarakw Independent Anarchy
Bamazin & Co Bamazin Independent Corporate
Bambara Gold Mark Exchange Bambara Empire Corporate
Bambrigud Industry Bambrigud Independent Corporate
Bambrigud Labour Bambrigud Federation Democracy
Bamin Inc Bamin Federation Corporate
Bamini Prison Colony Bamini Empire Prison Colony
Baminyi Defence Force Baminyi Empire Dictatorship
Baminyi Republic Party Baminyi Independent Democracy
Bamu Corp. Bamu Independent Corporate
Bamu Flag Bamu Independent Dictatorship
Bamum Universal Limited Bamum Federation Corporate
Bamuti Incorporated Bamuti Independent Corporate
Bamuti Universal Systems Bamuti Independent Corporate
Bana Autocracy Bana Empire Dictatorship
Bana Purple Brothers Bana Independent Anarchy
Banacate Resistance Banacate Federation Democracy
Banapityas Advanced Industry Banapityas Independent Corporate
Banapityas Gold Hand Gang Banapityas Independent Anarchy
Banbara Commodities Banbara Federation Corporate
Banbarulini Confederacy Banbarulini Federation Confederacy
Banbarulini Transport Organisation Banbarulini Independent Corporate
Bandizel Bureau Bandizel Independent Dictatorship
Bandjigali Jet Creative Network Bandjigali Independent Corporate
Bandjigali Limited Bandjigali Independent Corporate
Bandumar Purple Major Group Bandumar Empire Corporate
Banebdjetet Jet Natural Holdings Banebdjetet Federation Corporate
Banebdjetet Unionists Banebdjetet Independent Communism
Banek Coalition Banek Federation Confederacy
Banek Gang Banek Independent Anarchy
Banekalanec Fortune Group Banekalanec Alliance Corporate
Banekalanec Group Banekalanec Independent Corporate
Banephtha Liberty Party Banephtha Independent Dictatorship
Banese Nationals Banese Independent Dictatorship
Bang Mu Pro-Independent Pact Bang Mu Independent Patronage
Bang Vision Services Bang Independent Corporate
Bangitani Order Bangitani Independent Dictatorship
Bango Jet Natural Commodities Bango Federation Corporate
Bangwa Independents Bangwa Federation Democracy
Bangwa Mob Bangwa Independent Anarchy
Bangyani Front Bangyani Independent Dictatorship
Bangyani Labour Bangyani Independent Democracy
Bangyani Society Bangyani Independent Anarchy
Banisas Services Banisas Independent Corporate
Banji Jet State Incorporated Banji Empire Corporate
Banji Silver Crew Banji Independent Anarchy
Banka Gold Drug Empire Banka Independent Anarchy
Banki Gold Advanced Partners Banki Federation Corporate
Banki Order Banki Independent Dictatorship
Bankoponno Gold Organisation Bankoponno Independent Anarchy
Baracians Emperor's Grace Baracians Empire Patronage
Baracians Empire Assembly Baracians Empire Patronage
Baracians Progressive Party Baracians Independent Democracy
Baracians Silver Partnership Baracians Independent Anarchy
Barai Union Party Barai Independent Communism
Baraluhet Prison Colony Baraluhet Independent Prison Colony
Baramanago Federal Limited Baramanago Independent Corporate
Baramanago Gold Ring Baramanago Alliance Anarchy
Baramat Dynamic Industry Baramat Independent Corporate
Baramat Patron's Principles Baramat Empire Patronage
Baramat Patron's Principles HIP 114291 Empire Patronage
Baramat Patron's Principles Kolapa Empire Patronage
Barangali Partners Barangali Independent Corporate
Barango Crimson Universal Org Barango Federation Corporate
Barann Fortune Interstellar Barann Independent Corporate
Barann Netcoms & Co Barann Federation Corporate
Barasi Patrons of Law Barasi Empire Patronage
Baraswar Crimson Vision Ltd Baraswar Federation Corporate
Barathaona Front Barathaona Independent Dictatorship
Barathaona Systems Barathaona Independent Corporate
Barati Values Party Barati Federation Democracy
Barayai Empire Consulate Barayai Empire Patronage
Barayai Future Barayai Independent Democracy
Barbaram Autocracy Barbaram Independent Dictatorship
Barbaram Free Barbaram Independent Democracy
Barbaram Natural Systems Barbaram Empire Corporate
Bard Citizens' Forum Bard Empire Patronage
Bard Fortune Network Bard Independent Corporate
Bard Purple Camorra Bard Independent Anarchy
Bardgri Advanced PLC Bardgri Independent Corporate
Bardgri Drug Empire Bardgri Independent Anarchy
Bare Incorporated Bare Independent Corporate
Barillian Central Interstellar Barillian Independent Corporate
Baris Progressive Party Baris Federation Democracy
Bark Pular Jet Bridge Company Bark Pular Independent Corporate
Barka Life Commodities Barka Empire Corporate
Barka Netcoms PLC Barka Independent Corporate
Barkan Jet Galactic Corporation Barkan Independent Corporate
Barkan Jet Vision Group Barkan Independent Corporate
Barkindji Power Network Barkindji Federation Corporate
Barkindji Purple Clan Barkindji Independent Anarchy
Barkindji Shared Barkindji Independent Cooperative
Barku Incorporated Barku Federation Corporate
Barnard's Star Advanced Corp. Barnard's Star Federation Corporate
Barnard's Star Advanced Corp. LHS 397 Federation Cooperative
Barnard's Star Alliance Barnard's Star Federation Confederacy
Barnard's Star Crimson Society Barnard's Star Independent Anarchy
Baro Blue Legal Group Baro Independent Corporate
Baroahy Natural Corp. Baroahy Independent Corporate
Baroi League Baroi Federation Confederacy
Baroju Legal Holdings Baroju Independent Corporate
Baroju Purple Ring Baroju Independent Anarchy
Barons of Aeduci Aeduci Independent Feudal
Barons of Ainun Ainun Independent Feudal
Barons of Anantet Anantet Independent Feudal
Barons of Anekpenges Anekpenges Independent Feudal
Barons of Aningan Aningan Independent Feudal
Barons of Arebeghe Arebeghe Empire Feudal
Barons of Ba Nari Ba Nari Empire Feudal
Barons of Babal Babal Independent Feudal
Barons of Baruga Baruga Independent Feudal
Barons of Came Came Independent Feudal
Barons of Chang Shor Chang Shor Independent Feudal
Barons of Cibandana Cibandana Independent Feudal
Barons of Coringha Coringha Empire Feudal
Barons of Dhangguang Dhangguang Independent Feudal
Barons of Djenn Crua Djenn Crua Independent Feudal
Barons of G 108-26 G 108-26 Independent Feudal
Barons of G 99-49 G 99-49 Independent Feudal
Barons of Gallavs Gallavs Independent Feudal
Barons of HIP 115951 HIP 115951 Independent Feudal
Barons of HIP 15609 HIP 15609 Independent Feudal
Barons of HIP 1977 HIP 1977 Independent Feudal
Barons of HIP 23818 HIP 23818 Independent Feudal
Barons of HIP 81085 HIP 81085 Independent Feudal
Barons of HIP 81469 HIP 81469 Independent Feudal
Barons of HIP 85686 HIP 85686 Independent Feudal
Barons of HIP 898 HIP 898 Independent Feudal
Barons of HIP 9059 HIP 9059 Independent Feudal
Barons of Hakkipikki Hakkipikki Independent Feudal
Barons of Hiralangi Hiralangi Independent Feudal
Barons of Irdlivuni Irdlivuni Independent Feudal
Barons of Jeljendii Jeljendii Independent Feudal
Barons of Jementi Jementi Independent Feudal
Barons of Juparoin Juparoin Independent Feudal
Barons of Kartudjara Kartudjara Independent Feudal
Barons of Koljak Koljak Independent Feudal
Barons of Koskit Koskit Independent Feudal
Barons of LP 91-140 LP 91-140 Independent Feudal
Barons of LTT 14271 LTT 14271 Alliance Feudal
Barons of Lalande 30044 Lalande 30044 Independent Feudal
Barons of Maiphu Maiphu Independent Feudal
Barons of Medzisti Medzisti Independent Feudal
Barons of Miki Miki Independent Feudal
Barons of Mopadil Mopadil Independent Feudal
Barons of Mundine Mundine Independent Feudal
Barons of Naduscapati Naduscapati Independent Feudal
Barons of Nai Shoro Nai Shoro Empire Feudal
Barons of Nanata Nanata Independent Feudal
Barons of Oglan Oglan Empire Feudal
Barons of Orniaci Orniaci Independent Feudal
Barons of Paramburi Paramburi Independent Feudal
Barons of Privia Privia Independent Feudal
Barons of Pthan Yi Pthan Yi Independent Feudal
Barons of Rho Indi Rho Indi Independent Feudal
Barons of Rianik Rianik Independent Feudal
Barons of Rianik Upan Independent Feudal
Barons of Saliba Saliba Independent Feudal
Barons of Siculottii Siculottii Empire Feudal
Barons of Sintangor Sintangor Independent Feudal
Barons of Suessina Suessina Independent Feudal
Barons of Sugag Sugag Empire Feudal
Barons of Toli Toli Independent Feudal
Barons of Tolokitan Tolokitan Empire Feudal
Barons of Tommo Tommo Independent Feudal
Barons of Tranyuwa Tranyuwa Independent Feudal
Barons of Whadros Whadros Independent Feudal
Barons of Wirang Wirang Empire Feudal
Barons of Wolf 561 Wolf 561 Independent Feudal
Barons of Wonne Wonne Independent Feudal
Baroo Empire League Baroo Empire Patronage
Barotrites Nobles Barotrites Empire Feudal
Barotrites Republic Party Barotrites Independent Democracy
Baruai Shi Free Baruai Shi Federation Democracy
Baruga Jet Hand Gang Baruga Independent Anarchy
Barundjal Blue Crew Barundjal Independent Anarchy
Barundjal Empire Consulate Barundjal Empire Patronage
Barundjal Industry Barundjal Independent Corporate
Basi & Co Basi Independent Corporate
Basigi Blue Posse Basigi Independent Anarchy
Basika Public Industry Basika Independent Corporate
Basikasingo General Limited Basikasingo Empire Corporate
Basile Coalition Basile Federation Confederacy
Basile Silver Life Network Basile Independent Corporate
Basing Jet Syndicate Basing Independent Anarchy
Basses Purple Brotherhood Basses Independent Anarchy
Bast Holdings Bast Federation Corporate
Bastae State & Co Bastae Independent Corporate
Bastana Constitution Party Bastana Independent Dictatorship
Bastana Purple Advanced Org Bastana Independent Corporate
Bastanien Silver Transport Inc Bastanien Independent Corporate
Bastas Gold Bridge Incorporated Bastas Independent Corporate
Basterni Brothers Basterni Independent Anarchy
Basterni Guardians of Tradition Basterni Empire Patronage
Bastes Jet Comms PLC Bastes Federation Corporate
Basty Collective Basty Independent Cooperative
Basty Purple Partnership Basty Independent Anarchy
Basuk Citizen Party Basuk Independent Communism
Basuk Crew Basuk Independent Anarchy
Basuk Imperial Society Basuk Empire Patronage
Basuki An Worker's Party Basuki An Independent Communism
Basus Gold Camorra Basus Independent Anarchy
Basus Major Systems Basus Federation Corporate
Basuseku Exchange Basuseku Independent Corporate
Bataenich Empire League Bataenich Empire Patronage
Bataenich Jet Crew Bataenich Independent Anarchy
Batar Jet Transport Co Batar Federation Corporate
Batara Gura Blue Brotherhood Batara Gura Independent Anarchy
Batara Gura Silver Natural Dev Batara Gura Federation Corporate
Batari Council Batari Independent Anarchy
Batho Galactic Solutions Batho Federation Corporate
Batho Silver Council Batho Independent Anarchy
Batjan Clan Batjan Independent Anarchy
Batjan Co Batjan Federation Corporate
Batz Independents Batz Federation Democracy
Batz Transport Commodities Batz Federation Corporate
Batzin Conservatives Batzin Empire Dictatorship
Batzin Ltd Batzin Independent Corporate
Baudani Services Baudani Federation Corporate
Baudhea Imperial Society Baudhea Empire Patronage
Baudhea Imperial Society HIP 13685 Empire Patronage
Baudihe Crimson Federal Inc Baudihe Empire Corporate
Baudugari Power Commodities Baudugari Empire Corporate
Baudurotri Citizens of Tradition Baudurotri Empire Patronage
Baudurotri Crimson Public Hldgs Baudurotri Independent Corporate
Baudurotri Gold Society Baudurotri Independent Anarchy
Baudus Co-operative Baudus Independent Cooperative
Bava Blue Travel Systems Bava Empire Corporate
Bavarigga Blue Federal Ltd Bavarigga Alliance Corporate
Baxbakaeris Transport Dev Baxbakaeris Federation Corporate
Baxbalabia Travel Co Baxbalabia Federation Corporate
Baya Imperial Society Baya Empire Patronage
Baya Imperial Society HIP 43760 Empire Patronage
Baya Purple Cartel Baya Independent Anarchy
Bayah Cartel Bayah Independent Anarchy
Bayah Energy Holdings Bayah Empire Corporate
Bayahutina Blue Pirates Bayahutina Independent Anarchy
Bayan Blue Bridge Inc Bayan Independent Corporate
Bayan Liberty Party Bayan Independent Dictatorship
Bean Nighe Group Bean Nighe Independent Corporate
Bean Nighe Partnership Bean Nighe Federation Confederacy
Beara Partnership Beara Independent Anarchy
Beara Patrons of Law Beara Empire Patronage
Beargk Future Beargk Independent Democracy
Beargk Silver Public PLC Beargk Empire Corporate
Beatis Citizens' Forum Beatis Empire Patronage
Bedaho Major PLC Bedaho Federation Corporate
Bedaramojas Group Bedaramojas Independent Corporate
Bedaramojas Ltd Bedaramojas Independent Corporate
Bedia Gold Federal Corp. Bedia Independent Corporate
Bedia Silver Mafia Bedia Independent Anarchy
Bediae Vision Inc Bediae Federation Corporate
Bediangu Blue Fortune Group Bediangu Independent Corporate
Bedimo Co Bedimo Federation Corporate
Beditjari Empire League Beditjari Empire Patronage
Beditjari Rats Beditjari Independent Anarchy
Beditjari United Services Beditjari Independent Corporate
Beetrix Free Beetrix Federation Democracy
Beetrix Legal Partners Beetrix Federation Corporate
Begoci Rats Begoci Independent Anarchy
Begonda Crew Begonda Independent Anarchy
Begovans Industry Begovans Federation Corporate
Beid Organisation Beid Federation Corporate
Beimech Gold Energy Exchange Beimech Federation Corporate
Beimech Jet Central Ltd Beimech Independent Corporate
Beiwe General Group Beiwe Federation Corporate
Beiwe General Group Kachian Federation Corporate
Bekenam Camorra Bekenam Independent Anarchy
Beker Brothers Beker Independent Anarchy
Beker Citizens' Forum Beker Empire Patronage
Beker Exchange Beker Empire Corporate
Beker Industries Beker Independent Corporate
Beket Jet Society Beket Independent Anarchy
Bela Exchange Bela Federation Corporate
Bela Oh Labour Bela Oh Independent Democracy
Bela Oh Silver Universal Group Bela Oh Empire Corporate
Bela Oh United Partners Bela Oh Independent Corporate
Bela Wena Citizens' Forum Bela Wena Empire Patronage
Belaako for Equality Belaako Federation Democracy
Belaako for Equality Rusattra Federation Democracy
Belaba Constitution Party Belaba Empire Dictatorship
Belabos Fortune Partners Belabos Independent Corporate
Belabos Guardians of Tradition Belabos Empire Patronage
Belacajan Gold Legal Network Belacajan Federation Corporate
Belae PLC Belae Federation Corporate
Belagro Democrats Belagro Federation Democracy
Belagro Silver Fortune & Co Belagro Federation Corporate
Belalans Energy Co Belalans Independent Corporate
Belalans Patron's Principles Belalans Empire Patronage
Belalis Dominion Belalis Independent Feudal
Belalis Gold Energy Holdings Belalis Federation Corporate
Belanit Gold Allied Corporation Belanit Federation Corporate
Belarsh Coalition Belarsh Federation Confederacy
Belata Conservatives Belata Empire Dictatorship
Belata Conservatives Hlock Ek Empire Dictatorship
Belata Mafia Belata Independent Anarchy
Belatus & Co Belatus Empire Corporate
Beldarkri Brothers Beldarkri Independent Anarchy
Beldarkri Constitution Party Beldarkri Independent Dictatorship
Beldarkri Independents Beldarkri Federation Democracy
Beldarkri Industries Beldarkri Independent Corporate
Beleda Blue Central Network Beleda Independent Corporate
Beledos Partners Beledos Federation Corporate
Beledos Partners Nyikamana Federation Corporate
Belenja Hand Gang Belenja Independent Anarchy
Belenja Party Belenja Empire Dictatorship
Belenses Services Belenses Federation Corporate
Belevnis Collective Belevnis Independent Cooperative
Belgae Transport Group Belgae Federation Corporate
Belgeth Party Belgeth Independent Dictatorship
Belgitan Power Group Belgitan Independent Corporate
Belgovara Patron's Principles Belgovara Empire Patronage
Belianses Silver Partnership Belianses Independent Anarchy
Beliates Imperial Society Beliates Empire Patronage
Beliates Union Beliates Independent Communism
Beligamba Independent League Beligamba Independent Patronage
Belinara Blue Mob Belinara Independent Anarchy
Belinara Dynamic Inc Belinara Federation Corporate
Belingamal Clan Belingamal Independent Anarchy
Belinichs Imperial Society Belinichs Empire Patronage
Belinjaba Advanced Industries Belinjaba Empire Corporate
Belis Comms Corporation Belis Independent Corporate
Belis Industries Belis Independent Corporate
Belisama First Belisama Empire Dictatorship
Belisama Law Party Belisama Empire Dictatorship
Belisama Silver Public Int Belisama Independent Corporate
Belispel Defence Party Belispel Independent Dictatorship
Belispel Jet Hand Gang Belispel Independent Anarchy
Belispel Legal Industries Belispel Federation Corporate
Beliukis Central Incorporated Beliukis Federation Corporate
Beliukis Nationalists Beliukis Independent Dictatorship
Bellaung Empire Pact Bellaung Empire Patronage
Bellaung Universal & Co Bellaung Independent Corporate
Bellite Independents Bellite Federation Democracy
Bellite Raiders Bellite Independent Anarchy
Belliya Creative Company Belliya Independent Corporate
Belliya Defence Party Belliya Independent Dictatorship
Belliya Federal Corp. Belliya Independent Corporate
Belobog Alliance Assembly Belobog Alliance Patronage
Belobog Allied Limited Belobog Federation Corporate
Belu Industries Belu Independent Corporate
Belu Silver Federal Industry Belu Federation Corporate
Belu Values Party Belu Federation Democracy
Bemberi Citizens of Tradition Bemberi Empire Patronage
Bemberi Legal Services Bemberi Independent Corporate
Bembo Empire Consulate Bembo Empire Patronage
Ben Sakha Rats Ben Sakha Independent Anarchy
Bena Crimson Natural Corporation Bena Empire Corporate
Benada Jet United Inc Benada Independent Corporate
Benambo Independents Benambo Independent Democracy
Benambo Patron's Principles Benambo Empire Patronage
Benanekpeno Silver Mafia Benanekpeno Independent Anarchy
Benapem & Co Benapem Independent Corporate
Benapus Netcoms Inc Benapus Federation Corporate
Bende Gold Brothers Bende Independent Anarchy
Bende Patrons of Law Bende Empire Patronage
Bengga United Bengga Independent Cooperative
Beni Progressive Party Beni Independent Democracy
Beni Transport Corp. Beni Independent Corporate
Benie Purple Bridge Commodities Benie Empire Corporate
Beniena Gold Central Corp. Beniena Empire Corporate
Beniena Order Beniena Empire Dictatorship
Benoit Silver United Company Benoit Independent Corporate
Bente Incorporated Bente Independent Corporate
Bente Jet Crew Bente Independent Anarchy
Bento Labour Bento Federation Democracy
Bento Labour Silvanitou Federation Democracy
Bentonian Party HIP 51652 Independent Dictatorship
Benty aristocrats Benty Independent Feudal
Benu Liberty Party Benu Independent Dictatorship
Berentin Citizens' Forum Berentin Empire Patronage
Berentin Jet Family Berentin Independent Anarchy
Berindraci Power Corp. Berindraci Empire Corporate
Berkanan Purple Federal Dev Berkanan Independent Corporate
Bero Confederation Bero Federation Confederacy
Bero Freedom Party Bero Independent Dictatorship
Bero Silver Brothers Bero Independent Anarchy
Beronii Labour Beronii Federation Democracy
Beronii Labour Pelin Federation Democracy
Berzites Blue Family Berzites Independent Anarchy
Berzites Bridge Ltd Berzites Alliance Corporate
Berzitibi Life Ltd Berzitibi Federation Corporate
Berzitici Jet Universal Company Karen Federation Corporate
Berzitici People's Party Berzitici Independent Communism
Bes Crimson Energy Commodities Bes Independent Corporate
Bes Empire Assembly Bes Empire Patronage
Bes Jet Creative Co Bes Empire Corporate
Beseriamo Galactic Commodities Beseriamo Empire Corporate
Beseriamo Monarchy Beseriamo Independent Feudal
Beserket Bridge Corporation Beserket Independent Corporate
Beserket Council Beserket Independent Anarchy
Beserket Free Beserket Federation Democracy
Besta Crimson Advanced Int Besta Independent Corporate
Bestakas Network Bestakas Independent Corporate
Bestia General Organisation Bestia Federation Corporate
Bestii Vision Commodities Bestii Empire Corporate
Beta Caeli Crimson Travel Hldgs Beta Caeli Federation Corporate
Beta Caeli Gold Brothers Beta Caeli Independent Anarchy
Beta Circini Crimson Galactic Beta Circini Independent Corporate
Beta Circini Fortune Holdings Beta Circini Federation Corporate
Beta Circini Silver Dragons Beta Circini Independent Anarchy
Beta Comae Berenices Freedom Party Beta Comae Berenices Independent Dictatorship
Beta Gruis Empire Party Beta Gruis Empire Patronage
Beta Hydri Corporation Beta Hydri Federation Corporate
Beta Hydri Democrats Beta Hydri Federation Democracy
Beta Octantis Empire Group Beta Octantis Empire Patronage
Beta Pavonis Incorporated Beta Pavonis Empire Corporate
Beta Pictoris Dominion Beta Pictoris Independent Feudal
Beta Reticuli Empire Group Beta Reticuli Empire Patronage
Beta Sculptoris Democrats Beta Sculptoris Independent Democracy
Beta Sculptoris Patrons of Law Beta Sculptoris Empire Patronage
Beta Sculptoris Purple Brotherhood Beta Sculptoris Independent Anarchy
Beta Trianguli Australis Advanced Systems Beta Trianguli Australis Federation Corporate
Beta Volantis & Co Beta Volantis Independent Corporate
Beta Volantis Imperial Society Beta Volantis Empire Patronage
Beta Volantis Imperial Society NLTT 19375 Empire Patronage
Beta Volantis Independents Beta Volantis Independent Democracy
Beta Volantis Network Beta Volantis Independent Corporate
Beta Volantis Silver Posse Beta Volantis Independent Anarchy
Beta-3 Tucani Silver Allied Net Beta-3 Tucani Federation Corporate
Betel Free Bellapa Independent Democracy
Betel Free Betel Independent Democracy
Betel Free Skuta Independent Democracy
Betel Free Tamalhikas Independent Democracy
Beten Co Beten Federation Corporate
Beten Gold Major PLC Beten Federation Corporate
Beten Republic Party Beten Federation Democracy
Betet Crimson Netcoms Solutions Betet Independent Corporate
Betse Aibes Fortune Partners Betse Aibes Independent Corporate
Betse Eyo Focus Betse Eyo Empire Dictatorship
Betseoltana Nationalists Betseoltana Independent Dictatorship
Betseoltana Purple Syndicate Betseoltana Independent Anarchy
Bhada Gang Bhada Independent Anarchy
Bhadaba Gold Fortune Industry Bhadaba Federation Corporate
Bhadaba Interstellar Bhadaba Federation Corporate
Bhadal Jet Society Bhadal Independent Anarchy
Bhadal Netcoms PLC Bhadal Empire Corporate
Bhadal One Bhadal Independent Cooperative
Bhadi Universal Holdings Bhadi Empire Corporate
Bhado Purple Advanced Group Bhado Independent Corporate
Bhadra Free Bhadra Federation Democracy
Bhaga Co Bhaga Independent Corporate
Bhagga Crimson Clan Bhagga Independent Anarchy
Bhaggara Stakeholders Bhaggara Independent Cooperative
Bhagites Jet Syndicate Bhagites Independent Anarchy
Bhagui Vision Company Bhagui Federation Corporate
Bhaguru Allied Inc Bhaguru Independent Corporate
Bhaguthians Partnership Bhaguthians Federation Confederacy
Bhaguti Advanced Corporation Bhaguti Federation Corporate
Bhaguti Partnership Bhaguti Federation Confederacy
Bhagutsuk Corporation Bhagutsuk Independent Corporate
Bhaimyr Empire Consulate Bhaimyr Empire Patronage
Bhairmat Energy PLC Bhairmat Independent Corporate
Bhairmat for Equality Bhairmat Federation Democracy
Bhaja Public & Co Bhaja Federation Corporate
Bhajaja Crimson General Ind Bhajaja Empire Corporate
Bhalan Crimson Universal & Co Bhalan Empire Corporate
Bhalan aristocrats Bhalan Independent Feudal
Bhalanas Company Bhalanas Empire Corporate
Bhalanas Purple Family Bhalanas Independent Anarchy
Bhalenses Collective Bhalenses Independent Cooperative
Bhaluwa Crimson Dragons Bhaluwa Independent Anarchy
Bharaba Blue Travel Holdings Bharaba Empire Corporate
Bharaba Empire Group Bharaba Empire Patronage
Bharaba Freedom Party Bharaba Independent Dictatorship
Bharani Corp. Bharani Independent Corporate
Bhare Empire Pact Bhare Empire Patronage
Bhare Empire Pact HIP 105062 Empire Patronage
Bhare Hand Gang Bhare Independent Anarchy
Bharezo Crimson Comms Partners Bharezo Federation Corporate
Bharezo Dominion Bharezo Independent Feudal
Bhariaborii Holdings Bhariaborii Independent Corporate
Bhariaborii Partnership Bhariaborii Federation Confederacy
Bharini Crimson Council Bharini Independent Anarchy
Bharini Industry Bharini Federation Corporate
Bharu Co-op Bharu Independent Cooperative
Bharu Silver Public Partners Bharu Federation Corporate
Bhatas Camorra Bhatas Independent Anarchy
Bhatas Jet Dynamic Ltd Bhatas Independent Corporate
Bhatas Nationals Bhatas Independent Dictatorship
Bhatas Patrons of Law Bhatas Empire Patronage
Bhati Drug Empire Bhati Independent Anarchy
Bhati Silver Transport Network Bhati Independent Corporate
Bhati Values Party Bhati Independent Democracy
Bhatikan Transport Co Bhatikan Empire Corporate
Bhattra Blue Legal Partners Bhattra Independent Corporate
Bhattra Republic Party Bhattra Federation Democracy
Bhava Drug Empire Bhava Independent Anarchy
Bhava Silver Vision Interstellar Bhava Independent Corporate
Bhavanates Purple Council Bhavanates Independent Anarchy
Bhavas Imperial Society Bhavas Empire Patronage
Bhavas Imperial Society Palengue Empire Patronage
Bhavas Imperial Society Pipitei Empire Patronage
Bhavas Labour Bhavas Independent Democracy
Bhil First Bhil Empire Dictatorship
Bhil Mina Conservatives Bhil Mina Independent Dictatorship
Bhil Mina Network Bhil Mina Independent Corporate
Bhilinool Gold Life Industry Bhilinool Empire Corporate
Bhillke Services Bhillke Federation Corporate
Bhime Dragons Bhime Independent Anarchy
Bhime Vision Solutions Bhime Independent Corporate
Bhisara Movement Bhisara Empire Dictatorship
Bhisas Major Organisation Bhisas Independent Corporate
Bhisma Silver Camorra Bhisma Independent Anarchy
Bhote Company Bhote Empire Corporate
Bhotega Jet Camorra Bhotega Independent Anarchy
Bhotega Labour Bhotega Federation Democracy
Bhoteganui Empire Party Bhoteganui Empire Patronage
Bhotenoi Monarchy Bhotenoi Empire Feudal
Bhotho Autocracy Bhotho Independent Dictatorship
Bhotho Commodities Bhotho Federation Corporate
Bhotho Rats Bhotho Independent Anarchy
Bhotho Systems Bhotho Independent Corporate
Bhottada Purple Allied Org Bhottada Independent Corporate
Bhottadja Purple Creative Comms Bhottadja Federation Corporate
Bhrima Crimson Vision Industries Bhrima Independent Corporate
Bhrima Future Bhrima Federation Democracy
Bhrima PLC Bhrima Independent Corporate
Bhrites Empire Party Bhrites Empire Patronage
Bhritzameno Industries Bhritzameno Federation Corporate
Bhumato Gold General Network Bhumato Independent Corporate
Bhumbi Empire Party Bhumbi Empire Patronage
Bhumian Ku Blue Universal Corp. Bhumian Ku Independent Corporate
Bhumian Ku Union Bhumian Ku Independent Communism
Bhumians Blue Natural Solutions Bhumians Alliance Corporate
Bhumians Silver Posse Bhumians Independent Anarchy
Bhumij Dynamic Group Bhumij Empire Corporate
Bhumijaban Monarchy Bhumijaban Independent Feudal
Bhumisii Gold Fortune Company Bhumisii Empire Corporate
Bhumisii Order Bhumisii Empire Dictatorship
Bhumliauri Boys Bhumliauri Independent Anarchy
Bhumliaurt Purple Travel Dev Bhumliaurt Independent Corporate
Bhungkan Major Exchange Bhungkan Federation Corporate
Bhutas Focus Bhutas Independent Dictatorship
Bhutas Group Bhutas Federation Corporate
Bhutas Group Kebes Federation Corporate
Bhutatani Travel Commodities Bhutatani Independent Corporate
Bhutie Co Bhutie Empire Corporate
Bi Dhoraja Legal PLC Bi Dhoraja Independent Corporate
Bi Dhorora Crimson Raiders Bi Dhorora Independent Anarchy
Bi Dhorora Solutions Bi Dhorora Empire Corporate
Biambar Blue Energy & Co Biambar Empire Corporate
Biamebitoto Labour Biamebitoto Federation Democracy
Biamebitoto Natural Systems Biamebitoto Independent Corporate
Biamoana Commodities Biamoana Independent Corporate
Biamoana Crimson Pirates Biamoana Independent Anarchy
Biatae Syndicate Biatae Independent Anarchy
Biataxo Coalition Biataxo Federation Confederacy
Biballi Bridge Holdings Biballi Independent Corporate
Biballi Purple Mafia Biballi Independent Anarchy
Biballi Regulatory State Biballi Empire Dictatorship
Bibari Emperor's Grace Bibari Empire Patronage
Bibari Travel Corporation Bibari Empire Corporate
Bibatolak Industries Bibatolak Independent Corporate
Bibri Silver Allied Exchange Bibri Federation Corporate
Bibrigen Council Bibrigen Independent Anarchy
Bibriges General Organisation Bibriges Independent Corporate
Bibriges Services Bibriges Independent Corporate
Bibrocorna Gold Bridge Partners Bibrocorna Federation Corporate
Bibrocorna Jet Drug Empire Bibrocorna Independent Anarchy
Bida Labour Bida Federation Democracy
Bidal Transport Solutions Bidal Empire Corporate
Bidia Alliance Bidia Independent Confederacy
Bidia Central Incorporated Bidia Independent Corporate
Bidia Hand Gang Bidia Independent Anarchy
Bidiae Blue Travel Inc Bidiae Independent Corporate
Bidiae Regulatory State Bidiae Independent Dictatorship
Bidio Crimson Syndicate Bidio Independent Anarchy
Bidio Jet Electronics Limited Bidio Federation Corporate
Bidiono Dominion Bidiono Independent Dictatorship
Bidiono Independents Bidiono Federation Democracy
Bidjanapu Crimson Galactic Inc Bidjanapu Federation Corporate
Bidjimba Corporation Bidjimba Independent Corporate
Bidjogo Blue Major Incorporated Bidjogo Independent Corporate
Biela Incorporated Biela Independent Corporate
Biela Travel Incorporated Biela Independent Corporate
Bielegua Allied Services Bielegua Federation Corporate
Bielegua Brotherhood Bielegua Independent Anarchy
Bielenses Blue Federal Network Bielenses Independent Corporate
Bielo Kakma Shared Bielo Kakma Independent Cooperative
Bielonti Silver Gang Bielonti Alliance Anarchy
Bielonti Worker's Party Bielonti Independent Communism
Bifrost Purple General Int Bifrost Independent Corporate
Biga Gold Clan Biga Independent Anarchy
Biham Co-operative Biham Independent Cooperative
Bijedeta Vision PLC Bijedeta Federation Corporate
Bijemayah Blue Gang Bijemayah Independent Anarchy
Bijemayah Gold United Comms Bijemayah Independent Corporate
Bikeggirina & Co Bikeggirina Empire Corporate
Bikeggirina & Co Pindilla Empire Corporate
Bikeggirina Liberty Party Bikeggirina Independent Dictatorship
Biko Crimson Council Biko Independent Anarchy
Bikokujungu Citizen's Party Bikokujungu Empire Patronage
Bikokujungu Corporation Bikokujungu Empire Corporate
Bildans & Co Bildans Empire Corporate
Bileku Co Bileku Empire Corporate
Bileku as one Bileku Independent Cooperative
Bilenufang Jet Clan Bilenufang Independent Anarchy
Bilenufang Nobles Bilenufang Independent Feudal
Bilfrost Alliance Bridge Bilfrost Alliance Patronage
Bilfrost Allied Ltd Bilfrost Independent Corporate
Bilfrost Bureau Bilfrost Independent Dictatorship
Bilfrost Dynamic Industries Bilfrost Independent Corporate
Bilingara Blue Hand Gang Bilingara Independent Anarchy
Bilingara Blue Hand Gang Rishmi Independent Anarchy
Biliri Empire Assembly Biliri Empire Patronage
Biliri Gold Pirates Biliri Independent Anarchy
Bilobor Corporation Bilobor Empire Corporate
Bilonesses Constitution Party Bilonesses Independent Dictatorship
Bilonesses Services Bilonesses Independent Corporate
Bilongo Mob Bilongo Independent Anarchy
Bilskirnir Blue Gang Bilskirnir Independent Anarchy
Bilskirnir Systems Bilskirnir Federation Corporate
Bina Cartel Bina Independent Anarchy
Bina Imperial Society Bina Empire Patronage
Bina Inc Bina Independent Corporate
Binar Crimson Society Binar Independent Anarchy
Binar Federal Services Binar Independent Corporate
Binar Fortune Corp. Binar Independent Corporate
Binbara Netcoms Industry Binbara Federation Corporate
Binbine Network Binbine Independent Corporate
Binbine Vision Exchange Binbine Federation Corporate
Binde Jet Life Limited Binde Independent Corporate
Bindi Vision Network Bindi Empire Corporate
Bindjina Blue Electronics Int Bindjina Independent Corporate
Bingait Company Bingait Federation Corporate
Bingait Independents Bingait Independent Democracy
Bingongina Purple Dragons Bingongina Independent Anarchy
Binjakarex Purple Organisation Binjakarex Independent Anarchy
Binjamingi & Co Binjamingi Independent Corporate
Binjamingi Allied Ltd Binjamingi Federation Corporate
Binjamingi Regulatory State Binjamingi Independent Dictatorship
Binjhwar Jet Public Network Binjhwar Empire Corporate
Binjia Incorporated Binjia Independent Corporate
Binju Purple Council Binju Independent Anarchy
Bipedi Blue Hand Gang Bipedi Independent Anarchy
Bipeduwa Coalition Bipeduwa Federation Confederacy
Bipeduwa Systems Bipeduwa Federation Corporate
Bipek Blue Clan Bipek Independent Anarchy
Bipek Industries Bipek Empire Corporate
Bipek Labour Bipek Independent Democracy
Bipek Labour Kupalon Hua Independent Democracy
Bipewyan Stakeholders Bipewyan Independent Cooperative
Birangana Jet Society Birangana Independent Anarchy
Birhepri Dynasty Birhepri Independent Feudal
Birhobo Dominion Birhobo Independent Dictatorship
Birhobo Exchange Birhobo Federation Corporate
Birhobo Syndicate Birhobo Independent Anarchy
Birhodiweu Emperor's Grace Birhodiweu Empire Patronage
Birhodiweu Universal Company Birhodiweu Independent Corporate
Birhondaker as one Birhondaker Independent Cooperative
Biria Exchange Biria Federation Corporate
Birite Family Birite Independent Anarchy
Birjorobog Citizens of Tradition Birjorobog Empire Patronage
Birjorobog Organisation Birjorobog Independent Corporate
Birjoromi Partners Birjoromi Federation Corporate
Birjorth Incorporated Birjorth Federation Corporate
Birjorth Partners Birjorth Federation Corporate
Birpinans Gold Organisation Birpinans Independent Anarchy
Birrayak Blue Public Systems Birrayak Independent Corporate
Birreti Jet Hand Gang Birreti Independent Anarchy
Bishama Jet Netcoms Company Bishama Independent Corporate
Bishamuni Pro-Independent League Bishamuni Independent Patronage
Bishan Allied Holdings Bishan Federation Corporate
Bishankun Confederacy Bishankun Independent Confederacy
Bishimba Inc Bishimba Federation Corporate
Bitjala Fortune Exchange Bitjala Independent Corporate
Bitjala Purple Energy Int Bitjala Independent Corporate
Bitjala for Equality Bitjala Federation Democracy
Bjiri Liberals Bjiri Federation Democracy
Bjirup Crimson Life Ltd Bjirup Independent Corporate
Bjorora Empire Assembly Bjorora Empire Patronage
Bjorora Purple Natural Corp Bjorora Empire Corporate
Bjorovices Limited Bjorovices Federation Corporate
Bjorti & Co Bjorti Independent Corporate
Bjorti Movement Bjorti Empire Dictatorship
Bjorti Power Brokers Bjorti Empire Dictatorship
Bjortii Conservatives Bjortii Empire Dictatorship
Bjortii Labour Bjortii Independent Democracy
Black Aegis Dobunn Independent Cooperative
Black Birds Consilium GD 1192 Independent Dictatorship
Black Birds Consilium HK Aquarii Independent Dictatorship
Black Birds Consilium HR 197 Independent Dictatorship
Black Birds Consilium Lushu Independent Dictatorship
Black Birds Consilium Munfayl Independent Dictatorship
Black Birds Consilium Shangdi Independent Dictatorship
Black Birds consilium Erisagirari Independent Dictatorship
Black Hand of Jaaka HIP 77470 Empire Feudal
Black Hand of Jaaka Jaaka Empire Feudal
Black Omega Tjakiri Independent Anarchy
Black Ram Njiri Empire Dictatorship
Blandagur Patron's Principles Blandagur Empire Patronage
Blandagur Purple Federal Org Blandagur Independent Corporate
Blang Tzu Crimson Allied Systems Blang Tzu Independent Corporate
Blang Tzu Empire Assembly Blang Tzu Empire Patronage
Blang Tzu Purple Syndicate Blang Tzu Independent Anarchy
Blata Co-operative Blata Independent Cooperative
Blata Federal Industries Blata Federation Corporate
Blatrimpe Free Blatrimpe Federation Democracy
Blatrimpe Gold Allied Co Blatrimpe Federation Corporate
Blatrimpe Gold Mafia Blatrimpe Independent Anarchy
Blatrughna Free Blatrughna Federation Democracy
Blatrughna Travel Corporation Blatrughna Independent Corporate
Blatucadrus Crimson Allied Sysy Blatucadrus Independent Corporate
Blatucadrus Guardians Blatucadrus Empire Patronage
Blatuntino Autocracy Blatuntino Empire Dictatorship
Blatz Partners Blatz Federation Corporate
Blende Labour Blende Independent Democracy
Blende Travel Services Blende Independent Corporate
Blenu First Blenu Independent Dictatorship
Blenu Transport Industry Blenu Federation Corporate
Blest Holdings Blest Federation Corporate
Bletae Brothers Bletae Independent Anarchy
Bletae Group Bletae Independent Corporate
Bletani Democrats Bletani Federation Democracy
Bletani Exchange Bletani Independent Corporate
Bletii Inc Bletii Independent Corporate
Bletii Purple Natural Holdings Bletii Independent Corporate
Bletones Legal Industry Bletones Empire Corporate
Blido Piru Flag Blido Piru Independent Dictatorship
Blikege Services Ltd. Nanoai Empire Corporate
Blod Public Systems Blod Empire Corporate
Bloder Travel Corp. Bloder Federation Corporate
Blodes Natural Group Blodes Federation Corporate
Blodyaks Blue Bridge Limited Blodyaks Empire Corporate
Blood Brothers from Alrai Alrai Federation Democracy
Blood Brothers from Alrai Bast Federation Corporate
Blood Brothers from Alrai Ross 370 Federation Corporate
Blood Brothers from Alrai Wolf 46 Federation Confederacy
Blue Advanced & Co Ross 467 Independent Corporate
Blue Advanced Group HIP 60831 Federation Corporate
Blue Advanced Partners HIP 6024 Empire Corporate
Blue Allied Incorporated Valda Independent Corporate
Blue Allied Industry Voguluan Federation Corporate
Blue Allied Ltd Mechtanitou Empire Corporate
Blue Allied PLC Linghus Empire Corporate
Blue Bridge Exchange Iyatio Independent Corporate
Blue Bridge Holdings Hun Dun Empire Corporate
Blue Bridge Holdings Unkunder Empire Corporate
Blue Bridge Industries HIP 31666 Independent Corporate
Blue Bridge PLC Zac Uaye Independent Corporate
Blue Bridge Services HIP 40420 Independent Corporate
Blue Central & Co BD+71 789 Independent Corporate
Blue Central Corporation HDS 2154 Independent Corporate
Blue Central Group Anindari Independent Corporate
Blue Central Industries Odudungu Independent Corporate
Blue Central Solutions Rig Vegast Federation Corporate
Blue Comms Company HR 6649 Federation Corporate
Blue Comms Corp. LTT 16548 Federation Corporate
Blue Comms Corporation BD+19 2511 Independent Corporate
Blue Comms Services HIP 117427 Independent Corporate
Blue Creative Company Fousang Federation Corporate
Blue Creative Ltd HIP 23027 Independent Corporate
Blue Creative Solutions HIP 101597 Independent Corporate
Blue Dynamic Group Skiraragea Empire Corporate
Blue Dynamic Inc Itzani Independent Corporate
Blue Dynamic Incorporated HR 8061 Federation Corporate
Blue Electronics Exchange Hagalaz Federation Corporate
Blue Electronics Holdings 27 Kappa Persei Independent Corporate
Blue Electronics Limited Tehuelche Empire Corporate
Blue Energy Group Kamcabea Independent Corporate
Blue Federal Partners Corioskur Empire Corporate
Blue Fortune & Co Huma Empire Corporate
Blue Fortune Inc Shapsugs Empire Corporate
Blue Fortune Interstellar We Jenuteki Independent Corporate
Blue Galactic Co LP 470-30 Federation Corporate
Blue Galactic Commodities Desuanta Federation Corporate
Blue Galactic Corp. HR 1076 Independent Corporate
Blue Galactic Incorporated Fei Lin Independent Corporate
Blue Galactic PLC Laksak Independent Corporate
Blue Galactic Solutions HIP 113980 Independent Corporate
Blue General Exchange Smolyadaker Independent Corporate
Blue General Organisation Morotrimpe Independent Corporate
Blue Legal Exchange Ilyaqa Empire Corporate
Blue Life Group Eseasa Empire Corporate
Blue Life Ltd Kaukhabarra Empire Corporate
Blue Life Ltd Kupan Empire Corporate
Blue Life Organisation Saisiyat Empire Corporate
Blue Life Partners Asoora Empire Corporate
Blue Life Systems Remines Federation Corporate
Blue Life Systtems Remines Federation Corporate
Blue Major Exchange Bets Empire Corporate
Blue Major Group Kharaitis Empire Corporate
Blue Major Holdings Jamuxa Independent Corporate
Blue Major Limited Kaukamal Empire Corporate
Blue Major Organisation HIP 75122 Federation Corporate
Blue Major Services Epomalinii Independent Corporate
Blue Major Solutions Dubiaku Independent Corporate
Blue Natural Holdings Alpha Caeli Federation Corporate
Blue Natural Ltd Atroco Independent Corporate
Blue Natural Network HIP 40170 Federation Corporate
Blue Natural PLC Tuvana Independent Corporate
Blue Netcoms Group Ross 775 Federation Corporate
Blue Netcoms Industry Murarija Federation Corporate
Blue Netcoms Ltd Kali Federation Corporate
Blue Power & Co HIP 99606 Empire Corporate
Blue Power Group Omanari Federation Corporate
Blue Power Network Ross 718 Federation Corporate
Blue Public Corporation HIP 83716 Independent Corporate
Blue Public Ltd Faroras Empire Corporate
Blue Public Ltd Whadicates Empire Corporate
Blue Public Network Agwe Federation Corporate
Blue State Industry HIP 110262 Independent Corporate
Blue State Industry HR 8444 Empire Corporate
Blue Transport Co HIP 13366 Independent Corporate
Blue Transport Co Shoki Yine Independent Corporate
Blue Transport Company Wunitola Independent Corporate
Blue Transport Exchange Dohkwithi Alliance Corporate
Blue Transport Limited Pai Szu Empire Corporate
Blue Travel Co Katocudatta Independent Corporate
Blue Travel Corporation Svaratia Federation Corporate
Blue Travel Exchange Wena Independent Corporate
Blue Travel Incorporated Bibato Independent Corporate
Blue Travel Interstellar Wat Yu Federation Corporate
Blue Travel Partners Tutumu Federation Corporate
Blue United Company Ebana Independent Corporate
Blue United Company Igorisa Independent Corporate
Blue United Exchange Aurai Federation Corporate
Blue United Holdings Ba Po Independent Corporate
Blue United Industries Yum Cimil Independent Corporate
Blue United Ltd Futeno Independent Corporate
Blue United Network HIP 114443 Empire Corporate
Blue United Services Miromi Independent Corporate
Blue Universal Co Edenwi Independent Corporate
Blue Universal Commodities Pipet Federation Corporate
Blue Universal Company Benates Federation Corporate
Blue Universal Company Rathakako Federation Corporate
Blue Universal Ltd HR 5457 Independent Corporate
Blue Universal Partners HIP 66530 Federation Corporate
Blue Universal Solutions Arvetit Independent Corporate
Blue Vision Holdings Ardraj Federation Corporate
Blue Vision PLC G 87-16 Federation Corporate
BlueSun Corp. Kekenk Independent Confederacy
Bobadzihozo Citizens' Forum Bobadzihozo Empire Patronage
Bobadzihozo Purple General PLC Bobadzihozo Empire Corporate
Bobalduro Syndicate Bobalduro Independent Anarchy
Bobo Confederation Bobo Federation Confederacy
Bobo Energy Exchange Bobo Independent Corporate
Bobole Coalition Bobole Federation Confederacy
Bochica Democrats Bochica Independent Democracy
Bodb Dearg Limited Bodb Dearg Empire Corporate
Bodb Dearg Order Bodb Dearg Empire Dictatorship
Bodb Den Advanced Network Bodb Den Federation Corporate
Bodb Djede Alliance Protectorate Bodb Djede Alliance Patronage
Bodb Djede Labour Bodb Djede Independent Democracy
Bodharail Empire Party Bodharail Empire Patronage
Bodhengue Corporation Bodhengue Independent Corporate
Bodhengue Independents Bodhengue Federation Democracy
Bodhengue League Bodhengue Independent Dictatorship
Bodhi Central Limited Bodhi Empire Corporate
Bodhinga Empire Assembly Bodhinga Empire Patronage
Bodia Patron's Principles Bodia Empire Patronage
Bodiae League Bodiae Independent Confederacy
Bodiono Industry Bodiono Independent Corporate
Bodiono Republic Party Bodiono Federation Democracy
Bodiontici Electronics Company Bodiontici Independent Corporate
Bodiontici Pro-Alliance League Bodiontici Alliance Patronage
Bodiontici Stakeholders Bodiontici Independent Cooperative
Bodo Electronics Holdings Bodo Empire Corporate
Boga Jet Brothers Boga Independent Anarchy
Bogami Domain Bogami Independent Feudal
Bogami League Bogami Independent Confederacy
Bogati Citizens' Forum Bogati Empire Patronage
Bogatiku Democrats Bogatiku Independent Democracy
Bogatyri Blue Transport Systems Bogatyri Independent Corporate
Bogatyri Independent Governance Bogatyri Independent Patronage
Bohmshohm Monarchy Bohmshohm Independent Feudal
Bok Gold Natural Interstellar Bok Independent Corporate
Bokip First Bokip Independent Dictatorship
Bokip Front Bokip Independent Dictatorship
Bokitoke Power Services Bokitoke Independent Corporate
Bokitoke aristocrats Bokitoke Independent Feudal
Bokomu First Bokomu Empire Dictatorship
Bokomu Public & Co Bokomu Independent Corporate
Bokowatiko Bridge Group Bokowatiko Independent Corporate
Bokowatiko Gold Pirates Bokowatiko Independent Anarchy
Bokowatiko Resistance Bokowatiko Federation Democracy
Bokwala Co Bokwala Federation Corporate
Bokwala Independent Mandate Bokwala Independent Patronage
Bolg Holdings Bolg Federation Corporate
Boloca Holdings Boloca Empire Corporate
Bolocara Allied Bolocara Independent Cooperative
Bolocara Bridge Corporation Bolocara Empire Corporate
Bolocara Clan Bolocara Independent Anarchy
Bolocas Advanced Industry Bolocas Empire Corporate
Boloine Blue Federal Int Boloine Independent Corporate
Bolon Huara Resistance Bolon Huara Federation Democracy
Bolones Gold Central Corporation Bolones Federation Corporate
Bolonii Empire Pact Bolonii Empire Patronage
Boloo Liberals Boloo Federation Democracy
Bolos & Co Bolos Federation Corporate
Bolos Silver Mafia Bolos Independent Anarchy
Bolowala Gold Camorra Bolowala Independent Anarchy
Bolowala PLC Bolowala Federation Corporate
Bolowari Council Bolowari Independent Anarchy
Bolowari Interstellar Bolowari Empire Corporate
Bolowari Worker's Party Bolowari Independent Communism
Boman Co Boman Empire Corporate
Bomazi Camorra Bomazi Independent Anarchy
Bomazi Transport Holdings Bomazi Federation Corporate
Bommatsuri Emperor's Grace Bommatsuri Empire Patronage
Bonawariyac Prison Colony Birite Empire Prison Colony
Bonawariyac Prison Colony Bonawariyac Empire Prison Colony
Bonawariyac Prison Colony HIP 24629 Empire Prison Colony
Bonawen Free Bonawen Federation Democracy
Bonawen Interstellar Bonawen Independent Corporate
Bondhr Galactic & Co Bondhr Independent Corporate
Bongk Blue Vision Company Bongk Independent Corporate
Bongk Defence Force Bongk Empire Dictatorship
Bonitou Co Bonitou Independent Corporate
Bonitou Crimson Crew Bonitou Independent Anarchy
Bonitou Jet General Network Bonitou Federation Corporate
Booty Bay Butchers Omicron Columbae Empire Patronage
Borai Front Borai Empire Dictatorship
Borai Public Holdings Borai Independent Corporate
Borann Industries Borann Federation Corporate
Borasetani General Limited Borasetani Alliance Corporate
Borasetani Syndicate Borasetani Independent Anarchy
Boren Gold Netcoms Inc Boren Empire Corporate
Boreo Crimson State Organisation Boreo Independent Corporate
Boresti Blue United Corporation Boresti Empire Corporate
Boresti Jet Brotherhood Boresti Independent Anarchy
Borfor Democrats Borfor Federation Democracy
Borinqueneers Alliance Caelottixa Independent Democracy
Bormburrun Boys Bormburrun Independent Anarchy
Bormburrun Patrons of Law Bormburrun Empire Patronage
Borme Group Borme Independent Corporate
Bormo Partnership Bormo Independent Anarchy
Bormo Purple Power Incorporated Bormo Independent Corporate
Bormuninus Legal Corporation Bormuninus Federation Corporate
Bormuninus Nobles Bormuninus Independent Feudal
Borora Federal PLC Borora Independent Corporate
Borora Universal Group Borora Independent Corporate
Boroten Prison Colony Boroten Independent Prison Colony
Borotrimpo Energy Holdings Borotrimpo Independent Corporate
Borovii Corporation Borovii Independent Corporate
Borr Central Corporation Borr Federation Corporate
Bosagei Prison Colony Bosagei Independent Prison Colony
Bosanos Travel Partners Bosanos Independent Corporate
Bosnjani Blue Travel Solutions Bosnjani Independent Corporate
Bosnjani Nationals Bosnjani Independent Dictatorship
Bot Network Bot Federation Corporate
Bota Ili Co Bota Ili Federation Corporate
Botaiti Allied Industries Botaiti Empire Corporate
Botaiti Emperor's Grace Botaiti Empire Patronage
Botaiti Gold Crew Botaiti Independent Anarchy
Botaiti Services Botaiti Empire Corporate
Boveltibes First Boveltibes Independent Dictatorship
Boveltibes Progressive Party Boveltibes Federation Democracy
Boverda Limited Boverda Federation Corporate
Brabralla Purple Electronics Inc Brabralla Federation Corporate
Brabri Dominion Brabri Independent Feudal
Bragande Empire Party Bragande Empire Patronage
Bragarijin Legal PLC Bragarijin Federation Corporate
Bragarijin Purple Family Bragarijin Independent Anarchy
Bragit Inc Bragit Independent Corporate
Bragpura Democrats Bragpura Federation Democracy
Bragpurukab Legal Interstellar Bragpurukab Independent Corporate
Bragur Silver Major Corp. Bragur Empire Corporate
Bragur Silver Major Corp. NLTT 10055 Empire Corporate
Bragurom Du Alliance Assembly Bragurom Du Alliance Patronage
Bragurom Du Crimson Pirates Bragurom Du Independent Anarchy
Brahma Dominion Brahma Independent Dictatorship
Brahman Empire League Brahman Empire Patronage
Brahman Empire League Zorynian Empire Patronage
Braman Galactic Systems Braman Empire Corporate
Branara Coalition Branara Federation Confederacy
Brandano Partnership Brandano Federation Confederacy
Branglal Jet Society Branglal Independent Anarchy
Branglal PLC Branglal Federation Corporate
Branglal PLC Lalande 15547 Federation Corporate
Brani Blue Syndicate Brani Independent Anarchy
Brani Creative Interstellar Brani Federation Corporate
Brani Federal Holdings Brani Independent Corporate
Bratabha Empire League Bratabha Empire Patronage
Bratabha Jet Raiders Bratabha Independent Anarchy
Bratadi Purple Major Inc Bratadi Empire Corporate
Bratauolung Family Bratauolung Independent Anarchy
Bratauolung Indie Party Bratauolung Independent Patronage
Bratauolung Jet Life Commodities Bratauolung Independent Corporate
Bratio Corp. Bratio Independent Corporate
Bratio Society Bratio Independent Anarchy
Bratisas Purple Legal PLC Bratisas Federation Corporate
Brazilian Armada X Metzili Independent Democracy
Brazilian League of Pilots Haushu Independent Confederacy
Brazilian League of Pilots Ildano Independent Confederacy
Brazilian League of Pilots Melingoi Independent Confederacy
Brazilian League of Pilots Njorog Independent Confederacy
Brazilian League of Pilots Vogulmangoi Independent Confederacy
Breksta Democrats Breksta Independent Democracy
Breksta Purple Electronics Ind Breksta Federation Corporate
Brestla Silver Vision Network Brestla Empire Corporate
Brian Solutions Brian Independent Corporate
Brians Empire Pact Brians Empire Patronage
Brians Exchange Brians Empire Corporate
Brians Gold General Incorporated Brians Empire Corporate
Brib Empire League Brib Empire Patronage
Brib Gold Legal Limited Brib Empire Corporate
Brib Gold Legal Limited Murus Empire Corporate
Bribroingga Patron's Principles Bribroingga Empire Patronage
Brid Labour Union Brid Independent Communism
Bridge Netcoms Incorporated Bridge Independent Corporate
Bridi Democrats Bridi Independent Democracy
Bridi Systems Bridi Empire Corporate
Brigae Major Solutions Brigae Empire Corporate
Brigae One Brigae Independent Cooperative
Brigaentini Gold Public Inc Brigaentini Independent Corporate
Brigama Emperor's Grace Brigama Empire Patronage
Brigama Gold Syndicate Brigama Independent Anarchy
Brigan Company Brigan Independent Corporate
Brigani Alliance Mandate Col 285 Sector TG-Y b16-0 Independent Corporate
Brigani Partners Col 285 Sector TG-Y b16-0 Independent Corporate
Briganii Alliance Mandate Briganii Alliance Patronage
Briganii Partners Briganii Independent Corporate
Briganii Partners Rajukru Independent Corporate
Briganu Confederacy Briganu Federation Confederacy
Brigh Organisation Brigh Federation Corporate
Brigh Pro-Independent Pact Brigh Independent Patronage
Brigid Citizens of Tradition Brigid Empire Patronage
Brigid Imperial Society Brigid Empire Patronage
Brigual Industry Brigual Empire Corporate
Brigus Advanced Industries Brigus Independent Corporate
Brigus Empire Party Brigus Empire Patronage
Brigus Liberals Brigus Independent Democracy
Brigusia Empire Consulate Brigusia Empire Patronage
Brigusia Services Brigusia Independent Corporate
Brihasatsa Exchange Brihasatsa Federation Corporate
Brihaspati Galactic Services Brihaspati Independent Corporate
Brizo Domain Brizo Independent Feudal
Brohman Brotherhood Brohman Independent Anarchy
Brokpa Jet Life PLC Brokpa Empire Corporate
Brokpoi Order Brokpoi Independent Dictatorship
Brontes League Brontes Federation Confederacy
Brotherhood of Albast Albast Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Alklhaluana Alklhaluana Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Arabrakale Arabrakale Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Baiawa Baiawa Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Bany Bany Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Bhado Bhado Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Branara Branara Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Caerete Caerete Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Comam Comam Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Dharai Dharai Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Djedet Djedet Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Draguan Nu Draguan Nu Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Ernun Ernun Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Futeno Futeno Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of G 65-9 G 65-9 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Galit Galit Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Gandui Gandui Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Gang Yun Gang Yun Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Gatonese Gatonese Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 101597 HIP 101597 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 102016 HIP 102016 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 103502 HIP 103502 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 116125 HIP 116125 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 116890 HIP 116890 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 117461 HIP 117461 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 12167 HIP 12167 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 29829 HIP 29829 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 4907 HIP 4907 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 51228 HIP 51228 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 58029 HIP 58029 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 61986 HIP 61986 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 64128 HIP 64128 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 6442 HIP 6442 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 68204 HIP 68204 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 69050 HIP 69050 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 70487 HIP 70487 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 84182 HIP 84182 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HIP 84520 HIP 84520 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HR 1645 HR 1645 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HR 5663 HR 5663 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of HR 6496 HR 6496 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Harpas Harpas Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Hasattra Hasattra Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Hermid Hermid Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Jetes Jetes Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Jingpo Jingpo Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Kwiambojawa Kwiambojawa Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of LP 98-132 LP 98-132 Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Lalurusat Lalurusat Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Lelao Lelao Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Mannovalo Mannovalo Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Mawa Mawa Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Mbukas Mbukas Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Meneratunu Meneratunu Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Nanka Nanka Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Nauri Nauri Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Nu Goryni Nu Goryni Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Nu Kuni Nu Kuni Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Rabal Rabal Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Renet Renet Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Samontalama Samontalama Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Taman Taman Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Terra Mater Terra Mater Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Ts'ai Yukou Ts'ai Yukou Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Uhlanqui Uhlanqui Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Umbiri Umbiri Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Urabey Urabey Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Virud Virud Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Vocorimur Vocorimur Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Watistha Watistha Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Wikmung Wikmung Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Wongkal Wongkal Independent Anarchy
Brotherhood of Wuthawchu Wuthawchu Independent Anarchy
Brothers of 49 Ceti 49 Ceti Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Alchera Alchera Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Amaitsa Amaitsa Independent Anarchy
Brothers of BD+10 4385 BD+10 4385 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Brigua Brigua Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Cadurci Cadurci Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Chaac Chaac Alliance Anarchy
Brothers of Cuicaure Cuicaure Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Djirbalngan Djirbalngan Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Guaras Guaras Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HDS 3215 HDS 3215 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HIP 11917 HIP 11917 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HIP 18946 HIP 18946 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HIP 19428 HIP 19428 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HIP 20509 HIP 20509 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HIP 31712 HIP 31712 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HIP 43756 HIP 43756 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HIP 80870 HIP 80870 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HIP 96308 HIP 96308 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of HR 5473 HR 5473 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of He Qiong He Qiong Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Inawyddi Inawyddi Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Iyakajauja Iyakajauja Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Jaralland Jaralland Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Karka Karka Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Kavalan Kavalan Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Khowahing Khowahing Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Kokoimudji Kokoimudji Independent Anarchy
Brothers of LHS 28 LHS 28 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of LTT 11478 LTT 11478 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Lowne 1 Lowne 1 Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Macu Kung Macu Kung Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Maratarini Maratarini Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Mu Koji Mu Koji Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Nankul Nankul Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Ngarra Ngarra Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Nijoten Nijoten Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Nkonoman Nkonoman Alliance Anarchy
Brothers of Okuapang Okuapang Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Paredarerme Paredarerme Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Serqueret Serqueret Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Sivas Sivas Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Sokariang Sokariang Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Talukana Talukana Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Taurinja Taurinja Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Ulanquiates Ulanquiates Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Usipedi Usipedi Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Wakinuke Wakinuke Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Wongxian Yi Wongxian Yi Independent Anarchy
Brothers of Xavane Xavane Independent Anarchy
Brulao Advanced Holdings Brulao Federation Corporate
Brulebegera Jet Family Brulebegera Independent Anarchy
Brulebegera United Inc Brulebegera Empire Corporate
Brulenjan Limited Brulenjan Federation Corporate
Bruli Syndicate Bruli Independent Anarchy
Brulidji Clan Brulidji Independent Anarchy
Brulidji Empire League Brulidji Empire Patronage
Brultamaci Justice Party Brultamaci Independent Dictatorship
Brutas Crimson Netcoms Corp. Brutas Federation Corporate
Bruth General Inc Bruth Empire Corporate
Bruth Pro-Independent Union Bruth Independent Patronage
Bruthanvan Co Bruthanvan Federation Corporate
Brynhilo Gold Hand Gang Brynhilo Independent Anarchy
Brynicnal Gold Electronics Group Brynicnal Federation Corporate
Buan Kuan Jet Society Buan Kuan Independent Anarchy
Buan Zha Allied Buan Zha Independent Cooperative
Buan Zha Travel Interstellar Buan Zha Federation Corporate
Bubii Gold Central Ltd Bubii Independent Corporate
Bubii Guardians of Tradition Bubii Empire Patronage
Bubii Rats Bubii Independent Anarchy
Bugaga Ring Bugaga Independent Anarchy
Bugaguti General & Co Bugaguti Empire Corporate
Bugari Pro-Independent Group Bugari Independent Patronage
Bugas Blue Advanced Corporation Bugas Federation Corporate
Bugas Future Bugas Independent Democracy
Bugas Group Bugas Federation Corporate
Bugua Federal Solutions Bugua Federation Corporate
Bugulmara Flag Bugulmara Independent Dictatorship
Buku Mana Empire Pact Buku Mana Empire Patronage
Buku Mana Natural Interstellar Buku Mana Independent Corporate
Bukua Limited Bukua Independent Corporate
Bukua Movement Bukua Independent Dictatorship
Bukua for Equality Bukua Federation Democracy
Bukulas Confederation Bukulas Federation Confederacy
Bukulas Gold Legal Network Bukulas Independent Corporate
Bukurnabal Brokers Bukurnabal Federation Corporate
Bulganjoba Creative Partners Bulganjoba Empire Corporate
Bulganjoba Nationals Bulganjoba Empire Dictatorship
Bulgarlmadi Incorporated Bulgarlmadi Empire Corporate
Bulgarlmadi Regulatory State Bulgarlmadi Empire Dictatorship
Bulkabil Netcoms Industry Bulkabil Independent Corporate
Bulku Legal Corporation Bulku Federation Corporate
Bulkuq Party Bulkuq Empire Dictatorship
Bulkuylkana Ltd Bulkuylkana Empire Corporate
Bulkuylkana Silver Raiders Bulkuylkana Independent Anarchy
Bullpop Confederation Bullpop Federation Confederacy
Bullpop PLC Bullpop Federation Corporate
Bulungu Blue Electronics Prtnrs Bulungu Independent Corporate
Bulungu Empire Assembly Bulungu Empire Patronage
Buluujja Energy Incorporated Buluujja Empire Corporate
Bumbindal Purple Energy Inc Bumbindal Empire Corporate
Bumbur Purple Central Limited Bumbur Federation Corporate
Bunbudo Allied Bunbudo Independent Cooperative
Bunbudo Group Bunbudo Empire Corporate
Bunbulama Nationals Bunbulama Empire Dictatorship
Bunbulama Party Bunbulama Independent Dictatorship
Bunda Crimson Organisation Bunda Independent Anarchy
Bunda Focus Bunda Independent Dictatorship
Bundhar Group Bundhar Federation Corporate
Bunganditj Council Bunganditj Independent Anarchy
Bunganditj State Interstellar Bunganditj Federation Corporate
Bungk PLC Bungk Independent Corporate
Bunjil Partnership Bunjil Federation Confederacy
Bunuras Blue Gang Bunuras Independent Anarchy
Bunuras Galactic Solutions Bunuras Federation Corporate
Bunuras for Equality Bunuras Federation Democracy
Bunuras for Equality San Qin Gu Federation Democracy
Bunus Fortune Incorporated Bunus Independent Corporate
Bunuson Crimson Natural Inc Bunuson Empire Corporate
Bunuson Empire League Bunuson Empire Patronage
Burau of HIP 77818 Col 285 Sector QE-M b22-3 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of 27 Kappa Persei Defence Force 27 Kappa Persei Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of 76 Sigma Ceti League 76 Sigma Ceti Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Adekalta Focus Adekalta Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Adityan Freedom Party Adityan Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Akua Akua Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Amenta Amenta Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Anandini Focus Anandini Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Andriani Liberty Party Andriani Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Andvaroges Justice Party Andvaroges Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Anedjete Defence Party Anedjete Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Apik Dominion Apik Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Apotanites Flag Apotanites Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Apurui Liberty Party Apurui Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Arasan League Arasan Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Arinack Autocracy Arinack Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Arvetii Arvetii Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Atropos Conservatives Atropos Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Aulis Aulis Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Awabatamori Awabatamori Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of BAG 7 BAG 7 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of BD+03 3531a Movement BD+03 3531a Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of BD+23 2640 BD+23 2640 Alliance Dictatorship
Bureau of BD+58 1208 BD+58 1208 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ba Xianiya Conservatives Ba Xianiya Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bagalatuba Freedom Party Bagalatuba Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bamu Bamu Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bandizel Bandizel Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bandoque Movement Bandoque Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Barnard's Star Barnard's Star Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bava League Bava Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bhadaba Bhadaba Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bhagutsuk Bhagutsuk Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bhil Mina Bhil Mina Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bhumian Ku Bureau Bhumian Ku Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bishama Order Bishama Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Bodiae Bodiae Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Borr Justice Party Borr Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Brid Nationalists Brid Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of CD-52 9732 Nationalists CD-52 9732 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of CD-58 7880 Defence Party CD-58 7880 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of CD-74 144 Focus CD-74 144 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of CH Aquilae Bureau CH Aquilae Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Cadupi Cadupi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Cama Justice Party Cama Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Caucandaga Conservatives Caucandaga Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Cavincan Conservatives Cavincan Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Cerni Autocracy Cerni Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ch'in Shou Liberty Party Ch'in Shou Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Chang Yeh Focus Chang Yeh Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Charunder Bureau Charunder Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Cherbones Cherbones Alliance Dictatorship
Bureau of Chert Liberty Party Chert Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Chlevit Focus Chlevit Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Cileut Cileut Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Cizi Autocracy Cizi Alliance Dictatorship
Bureau of Clionometes Front Clionometes Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Cochi Defence Party Cochi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Coribes Coribes Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Dalat Front Dalat Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Delphin First Delphin Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Dhathaut Dhathaut Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Dierfar Dierfar Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Dimoco Dimoco Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Dis Pater Freedom Party Dis Pater Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Djiwal Djiwal Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Draudirawah First Draudirawah Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Draur Draur Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Duamta Conservatives Duamta Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of EGGR 431 EGGR 431 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ellri Order Ellri Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Eta Cassiopeiae Order Eta Cassiopeiae Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ethen Constitution Party Ethen Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Euboa Focus Euboa Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Euburiates Euburiates Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Evena Freedom Party Evena Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of GCRV 62586 GCRV 62586 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ga Gu Constitution Party Ga Gu Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Galandandes Focus Galandandes Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Galandandes Regulatory State Galandandes Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Garabaei Party Garabaei Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Garongxians Garongxians Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Geawetes Flag Geawetes Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Geb Defence Party Geb Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ghekree Ghekree Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Gliese 2067 Movement Gliese 2067 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Gliese 599.1 Justice Party Gliese 599.1 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Gliese 868 Law Party Gliese 868 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Gliese 9423 Freedom Party Gliese 9423 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Gowdalu Regulatory State Gowdalu Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Grabri Grabri Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Gucumadhyas Liberty Party Gucumadhyas Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HD 222582 Liberty Party HD 222582 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 10175 HIP 10175 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 102016 Defence Force HIP 102016 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 102018 Order HIP 102018 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 105202 HIP 105202 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 106296 Defence Force HIP 106296 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 110483 Front HIP 110483 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 112315 League HIP 112315 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 113942 HIP 113942 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 114420 HIP 114420 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 11493 Constitution Party HIP 11493 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 116033 HIP 116033 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 116125 HIP 116125 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 117002 Focus HIP 117002 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 117036 HIP 117036 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 118106 HIP 118106 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 118106 Movement HIP 118106 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 118251 HIP 118251 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 13979 HIP 13979 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 14857 Defence Force HIP 14857 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 16286 HIP 16286 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 16954 HIP 16954 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 17276 HIP 17276 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 1745 Flag HIP 1745 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 18497 Constitution Party HIP 18497 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 18839 HIP 18839 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 1914 Focus HIP 1914 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 21723 Bureau HIP 21723 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 21912 Conservatives HIP 21912 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 24329 Autocracy HIP 24329 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 26926 Autocracy HIP 26926 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 2725 Nationalists HIP 2725 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 32127 Focus HIP 32127 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 35209 Dominion HIP 35209 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 35873 Liberty Party HIP 35873 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 44791 League HIP 44791 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 53923 Movement HIP 53923 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 56950 First HIP 56950 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 64573 Bureau HIP 64573 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 6796 Defence Force HIP 6796 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 69124 Bureau HIP 69124 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 69985 Justice Party HIP 69985 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 74067 HIP 74067 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 77818 HIP 77818 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 787 HIP 787 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 79315 HIP 79315 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 79730 Front HIP 79730 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 81010 HIP 81010 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 81862 League HIP 81862 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 82844 Order HIP 82844 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 85639 Regulatory State HIP 85639 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 88471 Party HIP 88471 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 88924 Liberty Party HIP 88924 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 94939 Defence Force HIP 94939 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 95256 HIP 95256 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HIP 96273 League HIP 96273 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HR 1955 HR 1955 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HR 5706 Front HR 5706 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HR 6797 HR 6797 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HR 7698 Law Party HR 7698 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of HR 8210 HR 8210 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HR 827 Constitution Party HIP 12837 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HR 827 Constitution Party HR 827 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of HR 8444 Flag HR 8444 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Har Pa Kams Har Pa Kams Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Hesanthen Bureau Hesanthen Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Hirarimpt First Hirarimpt Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Hmon Hmon Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Idinda Conservatives Idinda Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Igboniu Igboniu Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ikenga Movement Ikenga Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Inars Coniaci Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Inars Inars Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Inmutintien League Inmutintien Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Ipterod League Ipterod Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Itzam Crua Itzam Crua Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Jabugaly Defence Party Jabugaly Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Jarowair Constitution Party Jarowair Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Jeirskoku Law Party Jeirskoku Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Jupaloku Jupaloku Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of KP Tauri First KP Tauri Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kabil Autocracy Kabil Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kafigenon Defence Force Kafigenon Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kaluhet Liberty Party Kaluhet Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kamorin Bureau Kamorin Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kanians Law Party Kanians Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kao Guojiu Bureau Kao Guojiu Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Karama Movement Karama Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Katukilal Katukilal Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kirram Nationalists Kirram Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kocab Kocab Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kurrigurr Kurrigurr Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kurughnaye Liberty Party Kurughnaye Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Kushambo Kushambo Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LFT 133 Freedom Party LFT 133 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LFT 820 Constitution Party LFT 820 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 1212 Nationalists LHS 1212 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 1230 Focus LHS 1230 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 1887 LHS 1887 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 28 Conservatives LHS 28 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 3317 LHS 3317 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 336 LHS 336 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 3976 Order LHS 3976 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 538 Front LHS 538 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 6027 Liberty Party LHS 6027 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LHS 6027 Party LHS 6027 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LP 349-61 Party LP 349-61 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LP 377-100 Constitution Party LP 377-100 Alliance Dictatorship
Bureau of LP 445-22 Liberty Party LP 445-22 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LP 547-159 LP 547-159 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LP 734-32 Party LP 734-32 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LP 941-16 Front LP 941-16 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of LTT 11244 LTT 11244 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LTT 1483 Defence Force Har Pahary Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of LTT 1483 Defence Force LTT 1483 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of LTT 2684 Constitution Party LTT 2684 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of LTT 4385 Autocracy LTT 4385 Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of LTT 9156 Front LTT 9156 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Lakota Law Party Lakota Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Lalande 30699 Party Lalande 30699 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Lalande 40728 Conservatives Lalande 40728 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Lao Yano Autocracy Lao Yano Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Laukese League Laukese Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Lega Liberty Party Lega Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Lei Hesang Lei Hesang Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Lese Autocracy Lese Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Li Hai Li Hai Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Longhus Defence Force Longhus Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Lovaroju Focus Lovaroju Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Lu Dimos Conservatives Lu Dimos Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Lubaluhet Lubaluhet Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Lucadrus Law Party Lucadrus Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of MCC 296 Conservatives MCC 296 Alliance Dictatorship
Bureau of MCC 858 Front MCC 858 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Magali Constitution Party Magali Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Mahina Regulatory State Mahina Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Malangga Law Party Malangga Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Marian Nungari Marian Nungari Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Marralteki Freedom Party Marralteki Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Marubal Constitution Party Marubal Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Matikuoluk Party Matikuoluk Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Matlehi Matlehi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Mawannona Constitution Party Mawannona Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Meene Order Meene Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Meretseger Party Meretseger Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Mimuruin Focus Mimuruin Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Mishtra Justice Party Mishtra Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Mossarian Mossarian Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Muchihiks Defence Party Muchihiks Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Munshin Munshin Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of NLTT 35146 NLTT 35146 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Nabatean Bureau Nabatean Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Narkinnaq Order Narkinnaq Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Naunet Autocracy Naunet Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Nenexo Defence Party Nenexo Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ngakwites Bureau Ngakwites Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ngalyod Defence Party Ngalyod Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Ngandii Nationalists Ngandii Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ngandowa Party Ngandowa Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ngari Ngari Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Nidayiman Nidayiman Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Nidayiman Tranyuwa Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Ninmah Ninmah Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ninmah Regulatory State Ninmah Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ninsun Order Ninsun Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Njambalba Njambalba Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Nyanktona Movement Nyanktona Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Nyanook Nyanook Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Nzamnite Regulatory State Nzamnite Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Obastaragea Order Obastaragea Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Ochoeng Movement Ochoeng Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ochosag Focus Ochosag Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ogonda Freedom Party Ogonda Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Okuapang Okuapang Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of PW Hydrae Order PW Hydrae Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Pacamundu League Pacamundu Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Pancienses Pancienses Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Panga Panga Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Panik Panik Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Panoi Constitution Party Panoi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Papai Regulatory State Papai Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Parasvari Freedom Party Parasvari Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Pathan Pathan Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Patora Party Patora Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Peragi Peragi Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Pereng Asli Defence Party Pereng Asli Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Perktomen Regulatory State Perktomen Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Pindians Defence Force Pindians Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Pipera First Pipera Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Pomotho Pomotho Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Poponteno Movement Poponteno Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Potriti Potriti Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Prana Prana Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Psamathe Psamathe Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Purunsi Justice Party Purunsi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Raurumbal Raurumbal Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Robogassee Robogassee Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ross 140 Ross 140 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ross 209 Aning Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ross 209 Ross 209 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ru Shun Bureau Ru Shun Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ruadari Ruadari Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ruhang Flag Kamba Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Ruhang Flag Ruhang Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of SPOCS 900 Autocracy SPOCS 900 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Sairwar Bureau Sairwar Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Salitat Salitat Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of San Hsing Order San Hsing Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of San Neb Xoc Front San Neb Xoc Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Savi Constitution Party Savi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Selkit Bureau Selkit Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Sharamo First Sharamo Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Simasa Front Simasa Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Sitlanei Defence Party Sitlanei Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Skeller Skeller Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Snoquot Flag Snoquot Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Snotock Ek Flag Snotock Ek Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Sutei Justice Party Sutei Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Suteni Flag Suteni Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Suttonenses Conservatives Suttonenses Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of TZ Arietis Law Party TZ Arietis Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tahademi Tahademi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tailpiri Flag Tailpiri Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Taralurot Movement Taralurot Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Taunetes Taunetes Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tembala Tembala Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tetrian Liberty Party Tetrian Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tewi'xilak Tewi'xilak Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Thadshe Front Thadshe Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tian Yu Flag Tian Yu Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tirawongla League Tirawongla Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Trepin Constitution Party Trepin Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tsakhmet Dominion Tsakhmet Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tschapa Tschapa Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Tulill Tulill Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Tvastyas Justice Party Tvastyas Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Uelloskima Defence Force Uelloskima Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ugricopa Dominion Ugricopa Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Uibumisin First Uibumisin Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Ullemi Ullemi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Unjangen Unjangen Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Usipedi Order Usipedi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of V2578 Ophiuchii V2578 Ophiuchii Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of V491 Persei Focus V491 Persei Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Vagho Defence Party Vagho Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Valda Justice Party Valda Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Valda Movement Valda Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Valdawongol Dominion Valdawongol Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Valdawongol Order Valdawongol Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Vamm Nationalists Vamm Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Veroo Bureau Veroo Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Viromi Conservatives Viromi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Virusalansi Nationalists Virusalansi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Vishvamitra Defence Party Vishvamitra Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Volcani Dominion Volcani Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Volkhabe Regulatory State Volkhabe Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Volupana Focus Volupana Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Vucurun League Vucurun Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Waima League Waima Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Wangakwan Autocracy Wangakwan Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Wangal Wangal Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Wanjan Freedom Party Wanjan Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Wat Saman Movement Wat Saman Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Wathi Flag Wathi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Weredawasi Focus Weredawasi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Wodiwodi Law Party Wodiwodi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Wolf 555 Autocracy Wolf 555 Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Wulganda Focus Wulganda Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Wuthudiya Liberty Party Wuthudiya Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Xi Ophiuchi Conservatives Xi Ophiuchi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of YZ Fornacis YZ Fornacis Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Yaming Autocracy Yaming Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Yanomami Yanomami Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Yembo Justice Party Yembo Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Yeng Front Yeng Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Yimakuapa First Yimakuapa Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Yukou Yukou Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Yulandh Yulandh Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Zaraluvul Defence Party Zaraluvul Alliance Dictatorship
Bureau of Zeta Aquilae Zeta Aquilae Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Zi Yomi League Zi Yomi Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Zlotrighu Order Zlotrighu Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Zombivaroa Zombivaroa Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Zoryak Zoryak Independent Dictatorship
Bureau of Zosian Tse Rabatha Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of Zosian Tse Songloi Empire Dictatorship
Bureau of u Carinae Regulatory State u Carinae Independent Dictatorship
Buri Electronics Co Buri Independent Corporate
Buri Silver Bridge Services Buri Independent Corporate
Buricasses Citizens of Tradition Boloch Empire Patronage
Buricasses Citizens of Tradition Buricasses Empire Patronage
Buriges Crimson Organisation Buriges Independent Anarchy
Buriges Independents Buriges Independent Democracy
Buriges Major Holdings Buriges Empire Corporate
Burigo Co Burigo Empire Corporate
Burigo One Burigo Independent Cooperative
Burigpa Commodities Burigpa Federation Corporate
Burious Citizens' Forum Burious Empire Patronage
Burious Purple Crew Burious Independent Anarchy
Burod Dominion Burod Empire Dictatorship
Burojinura Comms Organisation Burojinura Federation Corporate
Burojinura Comms Organisation Liburodo Federation Corporate
Burok Energy Corporation Burok Federation Corporate
Buryang Electronics Corporation Buryang Independent Corporate
Bushur Prison Colony Bushur Empire Prison Colony
Butors Purple Universal Inc Butors Empire Corporate
Buyuma Alliance Buyuma Federation Confederacy
Buyuma Constitution Party Buyuma Independent Dictatorship
Buzhangga Services Buzhangga Empire Corporate
Buzhangga Services Mariang Empire Corporate
Buzhangga as one Buzhangga Independent Cooperative
Bwena Group Bwena Empire Corporate
Bwena aristocrats Bwena Independent Feudal
Bwenapok Co-op Bwenapok Independent Cooperative
Bwenapok Crimson Mafia Bwenapok Independent Anarchy
Bwenapok Organisation Bwenapok Empire Corporate
Bwgcolmasci Conservatives Bwgcolmasci Independent Dictatorship
Bwgcolmasci Democrats Bwgcolmasci Independent Democracy
Bwgcolmasci Gold Transport Co Bwgcolmasci Independent Corporate
Bwilota Crimson Posse Bwilota Independent Anarchy
Bwilota Partners Bwilota Independent Corporate
Bwilota Patron's Principles Bwilota Empire Patronage
Byel Taca Silver Major Company Byel Taca Federation Corporate
Byel Tan Jet United Corp. Byel Tan Federation Corporate
Byerri Crimson Society Byerri Independent Anarchy
Byeru Bese Jet Fortune Ltd Byeru Bese Federation Corporate
Byeru Bese Progressive Party Byeru Bese Independent Democracy
Byeru Bese Solutions Byeru Bese Independent Corporate
Byerus Noblement Byerus Independent Feudal
Bylgiani Partners Bylgiani Independent Corporate
Bylgit Major Network Bylgit Federation Corporate
Bylli Empire Consulate Bylli Empire Patronage
Bylli Empire Consulate Ulledones Empire Patronage
Byllia Prison Colony Byllia Empire Prison Colony
Byllichua Empire Party Byllichua Empire Patronage
Byllichua Purple Comms & Co Byllichua Independent Corporate
Byllit Confederacy Byllit Federation Confederacy
b Herculis Fortune PLC b Herculis Federation Corporate
b2 Carinae Empire Group b2 Carinae Empire Patronage
b2 Carinae Future b2 Carinae Independent Democracy
b2 Carinae Partners b2 Carinae Independent Corporate
bhodumba Partners bhodumba Independent Corporate
bhodumba Purple Syndicate bhodumba Independent Anarchy

Index page for minor factions

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