This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char C. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
C Hydrae Defence Party C Hydrae Independent Dictatorship
C&S mining corp Frey Federation Corporate
C.O.N.T.R.A.I.L Anlave Independent Democracy
CC Eri Ltd CC Eri Federation Corporate
CD-22 12617 Gold Society CD-22 12617 Independent Anarchy
CD-22 12617 Industries CD-22 12617 Independent Corporate
CD-22 12617 League CD-22 12617 Independent Dictatorship
CD-22 9062 Crimson State Co CD-22 9062 Federation Corporate
CD-22 9062 Movement CD-22 9062 Independent Dictatorship
CD-22 9062 Silver Vision Ltd CD-22 9062 Independent Corporate
CD-24 10619 Democrats CD-24 10619 Independent Democracy
CD-24 5005 Inc CD-24 5005 Independent Corporate
CD-25 636 Camorra CD-25 636 Independent Anarchy
CD-25 636 Citizens' Forum CD-25 636 Empire Patronage
CD-25 636 Citizens' Forum Cayura Empire Patronage
CD-26 14379 Central Systems CD-26 14379 Independent Corporate
CD-26 369 Citizens of Tradition CD-26 369 Empire Patronage
CD-26 369 Values Party CD-26 369 Independent Democracy
CD-27 10200 Justice Party CD-27 10200 Independent Dictatorship
CD-27 10200 Purple Ring CD-27 10200 Independent Anarchy
CD-27 2736 Pro-Independent Pact CD-27 2736 Independent Patronage
CD-27 5409 Autocracy CD-27 5409 Independent Dictatorship
CD-27 5409 Blue Central Exchange CD-27 5409 Independent Corporate
CD-27 5409 Interstellar CD-27 5409 Independent Corporate
CD-28 12950 General Partners CD-28 12950 Independent Corporate
CD-28 18350 Empire Group CD-28 18350 Empire Patronage
CD-28 18350 Patrons of Law CD-28 18350 Empire Patronage
CD-28 18361 Future CD-28 18361 Federation Democracy
CD-28 18361 Future Mapotepa Federation Democracy
CD-28 18361 Interstellar CD-28 18361 Independent Corporate
CD-30 11949 Silver Brothers CD-30 11949 Independent Anarchy
CD-31 1974 Labour Union CD-31 1974 Independent Communism
CD-31 2366 Corp. CD-31 2366 Independent Corporate
CD-31 2366 Empire Group CD-31 2366 Empire Patronage
CD-32 11850 Indie Party CD-32 11850 Independent Patronage
CD-33 1835 Republic Party CD-33 1835 Independent Democracy
CD-34 13042 Confederacy CD-34 13042 Federation Confederacy
CD-34 13042 Jet Life Co CD-34 13042 Independent Corporate
CD-34 9020 Purple General Net CD-34 9020 Federation Corporate
CD-35 12664 Independent Bond CD-35 12664 Independent Patronage
CD-35 12664 Partnership CD-35 12664 Independent Anarchy
CD-35 12664 Silver Legal Inc CD-35 12664 Federation Corporate
CD-35 14353 Systems CD-35 14353 Federation Corporate
CD-35 14353 United CD-35 14353 Independent Cooperative
CD-35 6972 Network CD-35 6972 Federation Corporate
CD-35 9019 Inc CD-35 9019 Federation Corporate
CD-35 9019 Liberals CD-35 9019 Federation Democracy
CD-35 9019 Vision Network CD-35 9019 Independent Corporate
CD-36 12714 Group CD-36 12714 Independent Corporate
CD-36 12714 Industry CD-36 12714 Federation Corporate
CD-36 12714 Movement CD-36 12714 Independent Dictatorship
CD-36 1535 Fortune Exchange CD-36 1535 Independent Corporate
CD-36 1916 Independents CD-36 1916 Federation Democracy
CD-37 1883 Crimson Life Corp. CD-37 1883 Federation Corporate
CD-37 641 Blue Vision Org CD-37 641 Independent Corporate
CD-37 641 Empire Pact CD-37 641 Empire Patronage
CD-39 14212 Jet Clan CD-39 14212 Independent Anarchy
CD-39 14212 Major Corporation CD-39 14212 Independent Corporate
CD-39 14212 Purple Dynamic Ex CD-39 14212 Federation Corporate
CD-39 3269 Allied Industries CD-39 3269 Independent Corporate
CD-39 3269 Electronics Partners CD-39 3269 Federation Corporate
CD-39 3269 Guardians CD-39 3269 Empire Patronage
CD-39 4830 Network CD-39 4830 Independent Corporate
CD-39 4830 Purple Boys CD-39 4830 Independent Anarchy
CD-40 395 Empire League CD-40 395 Empire Patronage
CD-40 395 Empire League Kadrusa Empire Patronage
CD-40 395 Imperial Society CD-40 395 Empire Patronage
CD-40 395 Life Solutions CD-40 395 Independent Corporate
CD-41 359 Shared CD-41 359 Independent Cooperative
CD-43 9401 League CD-43 9401 Federation Confederacy
CD-44 10336 Industries Bieltani Federation Corporate
CD-44 10336 Industries CD-44 10336 Federation Corporate
CD-44 10336 Industries Kistultula Federation Corporate
CD-44 10336 Industries Nu-1 Lupi Federation Corporate
CD-44 10336 Industries Raidar Federation Corporate
CD-45 11273 Advanced Corporation CD-45 11273 Independent Corporate
CD-46 14401 Empire Consulate CD-46 14401 Empire Patronage
CD-47 8991 Legal Company CD-47 8991 Federation Corporate
CD-47 990 Company CD-47 990 Empire Corporate
CD-47 990 Liberty Party CD-47 990 Empire Dictatorship
CD-49 13082 Vision Group CD-49 13082 Empire Corporate
CD-49 1643 Interstellar CD-49 1643 Federation Corporate
CD-49 3617 Alliance CD-49 3617 Independent Confederacy
CD-49 3617 Limited CD-49 3617 Empire Corporate
CD-51 102 Company CD-51 102 Empire Corporate
CD-51 102 Gold Crew CD-51 102 Independent Anarchy
CD-51 102 Justice Party Smethells 173 Empire Dictatorship
CD-51 1447 Crimson Federal Ltd CD-51 1447 Independent Corporate
CD-51 1447 Imperial Society CD-51 1447 Empire Patronage
CD-51 1447 Vision Ltd CD-51 1447 Independent Corporate
CD-51 2650 Crimson Power Group CD-51 2650 Independent Corporate
CD-51 2650 Guardians CD-51 2650 Empire Patronage
CD-51 2650 Purple Gang CD-51 2650 Independent Anarchy
CD-51 2650 Systems CD-51 2650 Federation Corporate
CD-51 4783 Brothers CD-51 4783 Independent Anarchy
CD-51 4783 Confederation CD-51 4783 Federation Confederacy
CD-51 881 Galactic Network CD-51 881 Empire Corporate
CD-51 881 Patrons of Law CD-51 881 Empire Patronage
CD-51 881 Purple Public Partners CD-51 881 Independent Corporate
CD-51 9202 for Equality CD-51 9202 Independent Democracy
CD-52 187 Empire Consulate CD-52 187 Empire Patronage
CD-52 187 Gold Travel Org CD-52 187 Independent Corporate
CD-52 187 Silver Price PLC CD-52 187 Empire Corporate
CD-52 557 Corporation CD-52 557 Empire Corporate
CD-52 9466 Federal Corp. CD-52 9466 Federation Corporate
CD-52 9466 Union CD-52 9466 Independent Communism
CD-52 9732 Silver Mafia CD-52 9732 Independent Anarchy
CD-53 136 Commodities CD-53 136 Independent Corporate
CD-53 136 Imperial Society CD-53 136 Empire Patronage
CD-53 136 Partners CD-53 136 Empire Corporate
CD-54 471 Exchange CD-54 471 Empire Corporate
CD-54 4840 Group CD-54 4840 Federation Corporate
CD-54 4840 Purple Clan CD-54 4840 Independent Anarchy
CD-54 9671 Empire Group CD-54 9671 Empire Patronage
CD-54 9671 Empire Group Chehe Empire Patronage
CD-54 9671 Empire Group LTT 9663 Empire Patronage
CD-54 9671 Patron's Principles CD-54 9671 Empire Patronage
CD-55 8747 Labour CD-55 8747 Independent Democracy
CD-55 8747 Ltd CD-55 8747 Empire Corporate
CD-58 4207 Legal Services CD-58 4207 Federation Corporate
CD-58 4207 Values Party CD-58 4207 Independent Democracy
CD-58 7880 Empire Party CD-58 7880 Empire Patronage
CD-58 7880 Progressive Party CD-58 7880 Independent Democracy
CD-58 7880 Silver Legal Partners CD-58 7880 Empire Corporate
CD-59 1724 Corporation CD-59 1724 Independent Corporate
CD-60 278 Emperor's Grace CD-60 278 Empire Patronage
CD-60 7742 Freedom Party CD-60 7742 Independent Dictatorship
CD-61 1439 Limited CD-61 1439 Independent Corporate
CD-61 6651 Ltd CD-61 6651 Federation Corporate
CD-61 6651 Organisation CD-61 6651 Federation Corporate
CD-61 6801 Gold Public PLC CD-61 6801 Empire Corporate
CD-62 136 Empire Consulate CD-62 136 Empire Patronage
CD-62 136 Transport Inc CD-62 136 Empire Corporate
CD-62 1454 Crew CD-62 1454 Independent Anarchy
CD-62 1454 Empire League Bodb Dearg Empire Patronage
CD-62 1454 Empire League CD-62 1454 Empire Patronage
CD-62 1454 Empire Party CD-62 1454 Empire Patronage
CD-62 234 Coalition CD-62 234 Independent Confederacy
CD-62 234 PLC CD-62 234 Empire Corporate
CD-63 1560 Silver Transport Serv CD-63 1560 Empire Corporate
CD-63 1560 Silver Transport Serv Percunceni Empire Corporate
CD-63 1560 Silver Transport Serv Tuarezo Empire Corporate
CD-63 1560 Values Party CD-63 1560 Independent Democracy
CD-63 201 Crimson Organisation CD-63 201 Independent Anarchy
CD-63 201 Empire Pact CD-63 201 Empire Patronage
CD-63 201 Travel Solutions CD-63 201 Empire Corporate
CD-63 201 Universal Co CD-63 201 Independent Corporate
CD-64 139 Purple State Exchange CD-64 139 Empire Corporate
CD-64 139 Purple State Exchange LTT 9577 Empire Corporate
CD-65 76 Empire Pact CD-65 76 Empire Patronage
CD-66 2585 Jet Travel PLC CD-66 2585 Empire Corporate
CD-67 2611 Co CD-67 2611 Empire Corporate
CD-67 2611 Imperial Society CD-67 2611 Empire Patronage
CD-68 29 Purple Family CD-68 29 Independent Anarchy
CD-69 5 Labour Union CD-69 5 Independent Communism
CD-69 5 Solutions CD-69 5 Empire Corporate
CD-70 19 Advanced Co CD-70 19 Empire Corporate
CD-70 19 Imperial Society CD-70 19 Empire Patronage
CD-70 19 Imperial Society Dafnisto Empire Patronage
CD-70 1960 Organization CD-70 1960 Independent Corporate
CD-70 1960 Universal Inc CD-70 1960 Independent Corporate
CD-72 1783 Blue Pirates CD-72 1783 Independent Anarchy
CD-72 1783 Group CD-72 1783 Empire Corporate
CD-72 190 Empire Party CD-72 190 Empire Patronage
CD-72 190 Empire Party Dasar Empire Patronage
CD-73 12 Patron's Principles CD-73 12 Empire Patronage
CD-73 253 Autocracy CD-73 253 Independent Dictatorship
CD-74 632 Defence Party CD-74 632 Independent Dictatorship
CD-74 632 First CD-74 632 Independent Dictatorship
CD-74 632 General Industries CD-74 632 Empire Corporate
CD-74 632 Limited CD-74 632 Federation Corporate
CD-75 661 Crimson Power Limited CD-75 661 Independent Corporate
CD-75 661 Empire League CD-75 661 Empire Patronage
CD-75 661 Empire League Jumadis Empire Patronage
CD-75 661 Empire League Yenada Empire Patronage
CD-79 950 Gold Energy Services CD-79 950 Empire Corporate
CD-82 331 Public Network CD-82 331 Empire Corporate
CD-86 4 Empire Party CD-86 4 Empire Patronage
CD-86 84 Justice Party CD-86 84 Empire Dictatorship
CD-86 84 Purple Boys CD-86 84 Independent Anarchy
CD-87 103 Imperial Society CD-87 103 Empire Patronage
CF 16001 Corp. CF 16001 Federation Corporate
CF 16001 Universal Incorporated CF 16001 Independent Corporate
CF 464 Natural Partners Asphodel Empire Corporate
CH Aquilae Electronics Industry CH Aquilae Federation Corporate
CH Aquilae Silver Drug Empire CH Aquilae Independent Anarchy
CHIMERA Bella Independent Patronage
Chimera Rutena Independent Patronage
CK Arietis Gold Posse CK Arietis Independent Anarchy
CL Phoenicis Citizens' Forum CL Phoenicis Empire Patronage
CM Draconis Clan 26 Draconis Independent Anarchy
CM Draconis Clan CM Draconis Independent Anarchy
CN Bootis Boys CN Bootis Independent Anarchy
CN Bootis Jet Allied Ltd CN Bootis Alliance Corporate
CN Hydrus Blue Fortune Ind CN Hydrus Empire Corporate
CN Hydrus Blue Posse CN Hydrus Independent Anarchy
CPC 20 6743 Co CPC 20 6743 Federation Corporate
CPC 22 212 Defence Party CPC 22 212 Independent Dictatorship
CPC 22 212 Emperor's Grace CPC 22 212 Empire Patronage
CPC 22 212 Public Incorporated CPC 22 212 Independent Corporate
CPD-23 501 Ltd CPD-23 501 Federation Corporate
CPD-28 332 Company CPD-28 332 Federation Corporate
CPD-28 332 Organisation CPD-28 332 Federation Corporate
CPD-51 3323 Jet Advanced Org CPD-51 3323 Federation Corporate
CPD-59 314 Commodities CPD-59 314 Independent Corporate
CPD-59 314 Imperial Society CPD-59 314 Empire Patronage
CPD-59 314 Imperial Society Detris Empire Patronage
CPD-59 314 Imperial Society Sanka Empire Patronage
CPD-60 604 Services CPD-60 604 Independent Corporate
CPD-60 604 State Co CPD-60 604 Federation Corporate
CPD-60 604 Values Party CPD-60 604 Federation Democracy
CPD-70 2439 Empire League CPD-70 2439 Empire Patronage
CR Draco Dynamic Organisation CR Draco Federation Corporate
CR Draco Pro-Alliance Party CR Draco Alliance Patronage
CR Draconis Inc CR Draconis Federation Corporate
CT Tucanae Monarchy CT Tucanae Empire Feudal
CU Cancri Interstellar CU Cancri Federation Corporate
CW Ursae Majoris Conservatives CW Ursae Majoris Independent Dictatorship
CX Com Silver Comms Limited CX Com Alliance Corporate
Cab Silver Natural Interstellar Cab Empire Corporate
Cabal Resistance Cabal Federation Democracy
Cabalumana Blue State Org Cabalumana Independent Corporate
Cabassones Comms Inc Cabassones Federation Corporate
Caberani Drug Empire Caberani Independent Anarchy
Cabrala Gold Galactic Holdings Cabrala Empire Corporate
Cabru Flag Cabru Independent Dictatorship
Cabrua Coordinated Cabrua Independent Cooperative
Cacoma Exchange Cacoma Independent Corporate
Cadu Kunus Purple Crew Cadu Kunus Independent Anarchy
Cadubi Conservatives Cadubi Empire Dictatorship
Cadubi Conservatives HIP 20968 Empire Dictatorship
Cadubi Jet Vision Holdings Cadubi Independent Corporate
Cadubi for Equality Cadubi Independent Democracy
Cadubii Blue Gang Cadubii Independent Anarchy
Cadupishala Dynasty Cadupishala Independent Feudal
Cadupishala Free Cadupishala Independent Democracy
Caduvun Gold United Organisation Caduvun Federation Corporate
Caelinus Blue Life Co Caelinus Independent Corporate
Caelottixa Central & Co Caelottixa Federation Corporate
Caeramu Tie Gold Brothers Caeramu Tie Independent Anarchy
Caeramu Tie Silver General Co Caeramu Tie Federation Corporate
Caerape Purple Brotherhood Caerape Independent Anarchy
Caere Holdings Caere Empire Corporate
Caereda Blue Ring Caereda Independent Anarchy
Caereda Electronics Organisation Caereda Empire Corporate
Caereddi Network Caereddi Independent Corporate
Caeriango Blue Galactic Industry Caeriango Independent Corporate
Caeriango Gold Drug Empire Caeriango Independent Anarchy
Caeriango Imperial Society Caeriango Empire Patronage
Caeritis Hand Gang Caeritis Independent Anarchy
Caeritis Purple Fortune Ind Caeritis Federation Corporate
Caeritis Purple Fortune Ind HIP 42196 Federation Corporate
Caeroerensi Exchange Caeroerensi Independent Corporate
Caerus Comms Partners Caerus Independent Corporate
Caerus Systems Caerus Federation Corporate
Cagni Monarchy Cagni Independent Feudal
Cai Nationalists Cai Independent Dictatorship
Cai Quapa State Co Cai Quapa Independent Corporate
Cai Shalang Free Cai Shalang Federation Democracy
Cai Syraze Citizens' Forum Cai Syraze Empire Patronage
Cai Syraze Incorporated Cai Syraze Independent Corporate
Cai Syraze Public Ltd Cai Syraze Independent Corporate
Caicius Crimson Organisation Caicius Independent Anarchy
Caihe Advanced Ltd Caihe Federation Corporate
Cail Autocracy Cail Independent Dictatorship
Cail Blue Netcoms & Co Cail Independent Corporate
Cail Crimson Family Cail Independent Anarchy
Caill Reddi Inc Caill Reddi Independent Corporate
Cailla Front Cailla Independent Dictatorship
Cailla for Equality Cailla Federation Democracy
Cailli Co-operative Abuk Independent Cooperative
Cailli Co-operative Cailli Independent Cooperative
Cailli Purple Electronics Org Cailli Empire Corporate
Caillke aristocrats Caillke Independent Feudal
Cairne Partnership Cairne Federation Confederacy
Cakutsi Industry Cakutsi Independent Corporate
Cakutsi Movement Cakutsi Independent Dictatorship
Cakutsi Resistance Cakutsi Independent Democracy
Calamari Advanced Commodities Calamari Independent Corporate
Calarum Co-op Calarum Independent Cooperative
Calarum Drug Empire Calarum Independent Anarchy
Calch Silver Clan Calch Independent Anarchy
Calchaqui Federal Network Calchaqui Federation Corporate
Calchaqui Federal Network Gatonese Federation Corporate
Calea Imperial Society Calea Empire Patronage
Calea Jet Central Holdings Calea Independent Corporate
Caledo Empire Assembly Caledo Empire Patronage
Caledo Network Caledo Empire Corporate
Caledo Raiders Caledo Independent Anarchy
Caleket Crimson United PLC Caleket Empire Corporate
Calennero State Industries Calennero Empire Corporate
Calennero State Industries HIP 20277 Empire Corporate
Calenta Electronics Incorporated Calenta Empire Corporate
Calenta Jet Bridge Exchange Calenta Empire Corporate
Caleta Jet United Group Ceti Sector WO-A c22 Independent Corporate
Caleta Liberals Caleta Federation Democracy
Caleta Liberals Ceti Sector WO-A c22 Independent Democracy
Calhuacan Blue Travel Services Calhuacan Independent Corporate
Calili Gold Gang Calili Independent Anarchy
Callae Dynamic Interstellar Callae Federation Corporate
Callavs Universal Services Callavs Federation Corporate
Callerni Holdings Callerni Empire Corporate
Callici Empire League Callici Empire Patronage
Callici Incorporated Callici Independent Corporate
Calliki Major Network Callici Federation Corporate
Callionger Dominion Callionger Independent Feudal
Callionger Silver Legal Services Callionger Independent Corporate
Callites Silver Dynamic Ind Callites Independent Corporate
Callung Incorporated Callung Independent Corporate
Calor First Calor Independent Dictatorship
Calor Republic Party Calor Federation Democracy
Calou Gold Brothers Calou Independent Anarchy
Calou Silver Travel Industries Calou Empire Corporate
Calourotep Legal Partners Calourotep Empire Corporate
Calugen Liberals Calugen Federation Democracy
Cama Co Cama Federation Corporate
Cama Zotz Holdings Cama Zotz Federation Corporate
Cama Zotz Regulatory State Cama Zotz Independent Dictatorship
Camab Nobles Camab Independent Feudal
Camaitsogo Gold Clan Camaitsogo Independent Anarchy
Camaitsogo Gold Life Corp. Camaitsogo Federation Corporate
Camaitsogo Pro-Alliance Bond Camaitsogo Alliance Patronage
Camarica Public PLC Camarica Independent Corporate
Camat Blue Council Camat Independent Anarchy
Camat Electronics Ltd Camat Empire Corporate
Camaye Crew Camaye Independent Anarchy
Camazotz Crimson Universal Inc Camazotz Federation Corporate
Camazotz Independents Camazotz Independent Democracy
Camazotz Nationalists Camazotz Independent Dictatorship
Camazotz United Ltd Camazotz Independent Corporate
Cambal Crimson Allied Inc Cambal Federation Corporate
Cambal Partnership Cambal Independent Confederacy
Cambo Liberty Party Cambo Empire Dictatorship
Came Fortune Holdings Came Independent Corporate
Came Values Party Came Federation Democracy
Camenisar PLC Camenisar Independent Corporate
Camorra of 58 Geminorum 58 Geminorum Independent Anarchy
Camorra of 90 G. Canis Majoris 90 G. Canis Majoris Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Aitvanec Aitvanec Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Aleutes Aleutes Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Apotenile Apotenile Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Atlantis Atlantis Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Bellintani Bellintani Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Birpinovit Birpinovit Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Brid Brid Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Chaaratisa Chaaratisa Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Ebanji Ebanji Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Eta Horologii Eta Horologii Independent Anarchy
Camorra of FAUST 2688 FAUST 2688 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Fenrisastya Fenrisastya Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Goibniu Goibniu Independent Anarchy
Camorra of HIP 101857 HIP 101857 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of HIP 104124 HIP 104124 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of HIP 106296 HIP 106296 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of HIP 11125 HIP 11125 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of HIP 115277 HIP 115277 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of HIP 56572 HIP 56572 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of HIP 71931 HIP 71931 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of HR 8276 HR 8276 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Hel Hel Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Hengyang Hengyang Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Hyldeptu Hyldeptu Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Jenu Jenu Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Kharvii Kharvii Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Krathamani Krathamani Independent Anarchy
Camorra of LHS 6031 LHS 6031 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of LTT 5673 LTT 5673 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Ossim Ossim Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Pangondian Pangondian Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Purui Purui Alliance Anarchy
Camorra of Sibi Sibi Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Synten Synten Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Titici Titici Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Tolini Tolini Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Turna Turna Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Vagho Vagho Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Vesuvivis Vesuvivis Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Wikna Wikna Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Wolf 1112 Wolf 1112 Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Yamuluntii Yamuluntii Independent Anarchy
Camorra of Yu Kop Yu Kop Independent Anarchy
Campanisar Dynasty Campanisar Independent Feudal
Campanisar Ring Campanisar Independent Anarchy
Camulus Interstellar Camulus Independent Corporate
Camumba Crimson Cartel Camumba Independent Anarchy
Camunab Citizens' Forum Camunab Empire Patronage
Camunab General Organisation Camunab Independent Corporate
Camundjiga Front Camundjiga Empire Dictatorship
Camundjiga Monarchy Camundjiga Independent Feudal
Camundju Blue Netcoms Services Camundju Independent Corporate
Camundju Freedom Party Camundju Independent Dictatorship
Camuten Central Co Camuten Independent Corporate
Camuten Imperial Society Camuten Empire Patronage
Can Qing Energy Holdings Can Qing Empire Corporate
Can Zu Brothers Can Zu Independent Anarchy
Canahati Empire Party Canahati Empire Patronage
Canakuts Crimson Syndicate Canakuts Independent Anarchy
Canakuts Jet Life Interstellar Canakuts Empire Corporate
Canani League Canani Empire Dictatorship
Canari State Interstellar Canari Independent Corporate
Canari for Equality Canari Federation Democracy
Canarigui Collective Canarigui Independent Cooperative
Canarigui Jet Vision Network Canarigui Empire Corporate
Canary Mining Corporation HIP 93377 Federation Corporate
Canda Democrats Canda Independent Democracy
Canda Empire Party Canda Empire Patronage
Candecama & Co Candecama Empire Corporate
Candecama Drug Empire Candecama Independent Anarchy
Candecama Emperor's Grace Candecama Empire Patronage
Candecama Independents Candecama Independent Democracy
Candecama Silver Bridge Org Candecama Independent Corporate
Candhari Group Candhari Independent Corporate
Candhari Jet Dragons Candhari Independent Anarchy
Candiae Corp. Candiae Independent Corporate
Candiae Empire Party Candiae Empire Patronage
Candiaei League Candiaei Independent Dictatorship
Candiaei Partners Candiaei Federation Corporate
Candin Free Candin Federation Democracy
Candin Gold Brothers Candin Independent Anarchy
Candjinan Independent Bridge Candjinan Independent Patronage
Candjinan Purple Drug Empire Candjinan Independent Anarchy
Candra Blue General Commodities Candra Independent Corporate
Caneph PLC Caneph Empire Corporate
Caneph Silver Brotherhood Caneph Independent Anarchy
Canonn Col 285 Sector IX-T d3-43 Independent Cooperative
Canonn Varati Independent Cooperative
Canopus Crimson Dragons Canopus Independent Anarchy
Canopus Crimson Dragons Exphiay Independent Anarchy
Cant Imperial Society Cant Empire Patronage
Canta Athis Gold Gang Canta Athis Independent Anarchy
Cantei Dominion Cantei Empire Feudal
Cantiaci Patron's Principles Cantiaci Empire Patronage
Cantine Electronics Industry Cantine Empire Corporate
Cantjarisni League Cantjarisni Independent Dictatorship
Canto Patron's Principles Canto Empire Patronage
Cantsu Blue Travel Organisation Cantsu Independent Corporate
Canty Brothers Canty Independent Anarchy
Canty Independent Governance Canty Independent Patronage
Cantzicnal Citizens' Forum Cantzicnal Empire Patronage
Cantzicnal Collective Cantzicnal Independent Cooperative
Cao Gong Empire Party Cao Gong Empire Patronage
Cao Gong Universal Co Cao Gong Independent Corporate
Cao Guatun Bureau Cao Guatun Independent Dictatorship
Cao Guatun Empire Consulate Cao Guatun Empire Patronage
Cao Guojiu Life Co Cao Guojiu Federation Corporate
Cao Junga Energy & Co Cao Junga Independent Corporate
Cao Junga Republic Party Cao Junga Federation Democracy
Cao Yankir Company Cao Yankir Independent Corporate
Cao Yans Jet Dynamic Corporation Cao Yans Alliance Corporate
Capa Gold Cartel Capa Independent Anarchy
Capai Emperor's Grace Capai Empire Patronage
Capai Gold Hand Gang Capai Independent Anarchy
Capella Blue Life Industries Capella Independent Corporate
Capella One Capella Independent Cooperative
Caph Life Solutions Caph Federation Corporate
Capo Autocracy Capo Independent Dictatorship
Capoya First Capoya Alliance Dictatorship
Capoya Silver Comms Co Capoya Independent Corporate
Capukanga Purple Electronics Ind Capukanga Independent Corporate
Capukanga Silver Partnership Capukanga Independent Anarchy
Cara Partnership Cara Independent Confederacy
Caraceni Allied Partners Caraceni Independent Corporate
Caraceni Pro-Alliance League Caraceni Alliance Patronage
Carang Hut Alliance League Carang Hut Alliance Patronage
Carang Hut Alliance League Caspiatanga Alliance Patronage
Caraswang Gold Public Inc Caraswang Federation Corporate
Carcinus Jet Cartel Carcinus Independent Anarchy
Cardea Dragons Cardea Independent Anarchy
Cardea Future Cardea Independent Democracy
Carener Electronics Inc Carener Federation Corporate
Carenes Silver Legal Systems Carenes Independent Corporate
Cares Gold Raiders Cares Independent Anarchy
Cares Jet Galactic Inc Cares Independent Corporate
Caret Werek Crimson Hand Gang Caret Werek Independent Anarchy
Caret Werek Services Caret Werek Empire Corporate
Cari Public Inc Cari Empire Corporate
Cari Purple Gang Cari Independent Anarchy
Caria Empire Assembly Caria Empire Patronage
Caria Empire Assembly Nut Empire Patronage
Cariba Drug Empire Cariba Independent Anarchy
Cariba Galactic Industries Cariba Empire Corporate
Caribri Movement Caribri Independent Dictatorship
Caribri for Equality Caribri Federation Democracy
Carichilo Democrats Carichilo Federation Democracy
Carichilo Incorporated Carichilo Federation Corporate
Carichilo Jet Ring Carichilo Independent Anarchy
Carici Gold Family Carici Independent Anarchy
Carici Inc Carici Independent Corporate
Carici Ltd Carici Independent Corporate
Carii Ltd Carii Independent Corporate
Carini Network Carini Independent Corporate
Carini Silver Drug Empire Carini Independent Anarchy
Caripurunma Advanced Group Caripurunma Empire Corporate
Caritra Jet Life Inc Caritra Federation Corporate
Carnaring Gold General Company Carnaring Empire Corporate
Carnates Blue Travel PLC Carnates Federation Corporate
Carnatla Gold Partnership Carnatla Independent Anarchy
Carnaur & Co Carnaur Empire Corporate
Carnaur Labour Carnaur Independent Democracy
Carnaur Patron's Principles Carnaur Empire Patronage
Carnaur Purple Galactic Dev Carnaur Independent Corporate
Carnonacae Silver Public Comms Carnonacae Empire Corporate
Carns Blue Life Holdings Carns Independent Corporate
Carns Imperial Society Carns Empire Patronage
Carnsan Regulatory State Carnsan Federation Dictatorship
Carnutet Fortune Holdings Carnutet Empire Corporate
Carpaka Central Industry Carpaka Federation Corporate
Carpako Imperial Society Carpako Empire Patronage
Carpako Jet Legal Interstellar Carpako Independent Corporate
Carpaso Conservatives Carpaso Independent Dictatorship
Carpaso General Interstellar Carpaso Independent Corporate
Carpetani Party Carpetani Independent Dictatorship
Carpetani Progressive Party Carpetani Federation Democracy
Carpuli Company Carpuli Federation Corporate
Carpulia Purple Mafia Carpulia Independent Anarchy
Carrua Empire Pact Carrua Empire Patronage
Carrua Gold Raiders Carrua Independent Anarchy
Carrua Industry Carrua Independent Corporate
Cartama for Equality Cartama Independent Democracy
Cartel of 19 Phi-2 Ceti 19 Phi-2 Ceti Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Achrende Achrende Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Balaji Balaji Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Bastsegezi Bastsegezi Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Cornengu Cornengu Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Diviriks Diviriks Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Duro Duro Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Epomatz Epomatz Independent Anarchy
Cartel of G 14-6 G 14-6 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Galandandes Galandandes Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 102807 HIP 102807 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 110355 HIP 110355 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 115501 HIP 115501 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 23857 HIP 23857 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 26689 HIP 26689 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 27823 HIP 27823 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 38235 HIP 38235 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 5700 HIP 5700 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 65485 HIP 65485 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 74183 HIP 74183 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 79884 HIP 79884 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 80266 HIP 80266 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 83181 HIP 83181 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 83983 HIP 83983 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 91701 HIP 91701 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HIP 95203 HIP 95203 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HR 6669 HR 6669 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HR 784 HR 784 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of HR 8671 HR 8671 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Hima Hima Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Igbo Di Igbo Di Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Karkinicha Karkinicha Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Khaka Khaka Independent Anarchy
Cartel of LTT 5652 LTT 5652 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Laiawa Laiawa Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Lamia Lamia Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Lan Disk Lan Disk Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Ninmah Ninmah Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Rho Telescopii Rho Telescopii Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Ross 765 Ross 765 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Saga Saga Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Sardandi Sardandi Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Tabit Tabit Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Tangpho Tangpho Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Toroesing Toroesing Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Tsim Biko Tsim Biko Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Tsim Boko Col 285 Sector UZ-N c7-8 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Veja Manto Veja Manto Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Witchhaul Witchhaul Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Wolf 286 Vadimila Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Wolf 286 Wolf 286 Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Xucumandji Xucumandji Independent Anarchy
Cartel of Yi Trica Yi Trica Independent Anarchy
Carthage Silver Drug Empire Carthage Independent Anarchy
Cartoi Emperor's Grace Cartoi Empire Patronage
Cartoi Life Company Cartoi Independent Corporate
Cartoq Purple Major Organisation Cartoq Federation Corporate
Cartu Empire League Cartu Empire Patronage
Cartu Empire League Velliep Empire Patronage
Cartu Imperial Society Cartu Empire Patronage
Cartu Industry Cartu Independent Corporate
Caru Company Caru Federation Corporate
Carum Labour Carum Independent Democracy
Carum Mafia Carum Independent Anarchy
Carunda Crimson Brotherhood Carunda Independent Anarchy
Carunda United Carunda Independent Cooperative
Carverda Empire Assembly Carverda Empire Patronage
Carverda Netcoms & Co Carverda Independent Corporate
Cashibo Industry Cashibo Federation Corporate
Cashikori Citizens' Forum Cashikori Empire Patronage
Cashikori Citizens' Forum HR 5482 Empire Patronage
Cashikori Purple Ring Cashikori Independent Anarchy
Cashis Blue Pirates Cashis Independent Anarchy
Casmatyas Industry Casmatyas Empire Corporate
Caspataya Group Caspataya Empire Corporate
Caspatha Defence Party Caspatha Independent Dictatorship
Caspatsuria Empire Assembly Caspatsuria Empire Patronage
Caspatsuria Empire Assembly Jotunheim Empire Patronage
Caspatsuria Interstellar Caspatsuria Empire Corporate
Caspi Netcoms PLC Caspi Independent Corporate
Caspiat Corporation Caspiat Independent Corporate
Caspiat League Caspiat Empire Dictatorship
Caspiat Order Caspiat Independent Dictatorship
Caspiatanga Domain Caspiatanga Independent Feudal
Cassurindui Electronics Holdings Cassurindui Federation Corporate
Cassurindui Mob Cassurindui Independent Anarchy
Catalauni Gold Transport Hldgs Catalauni Independent Corporate
Catalauni Purple Family Catalauni Independent Anarchy
Catalauni Values Party Catalauni Independent Democracy
Catarihas Blue Legal Group Catarihas Federation Corporate
Catarihas People's Co-operative Catarihas Independent Cooperative
Catarites Clan Catarites Independent Anarchy
Catarites Partnership Catarites Federation Confederacy
Cate Galactic Organisation Cate Independent Corporate
Catuca Jet Vision Exchange Catuca Independent Corporate
Catuca Monarchy Catuca Independent Feudal
Catucab Electronics Systems Catucab Empire Corporate
Catucandit Bridge Network Catucandit Independent Corporate
Catucandit Corp. Catucandit Independent Corporate
Catucandit Order Catucandit Independent Dictatorship
Catun Mafia Catun Independent Anarchy
Catun PLC Chan Mina Federation Corporate
Catun PLC Kunuvii Federation Corporate
Catuncheim Gold Dragons Catuncheim Independent Anarchy
Catuncheim Organisation Catuncheim Independent Corporate
Catuntinigi Justice Party Catuntinigi Independent Dictatorship
Catuntinigi Silver Legal Int Catuntinigi Independent Corporate
Caturi Empire League Caturi Empire Patronage
Cauac Organisation Cauac Independent Corporate
Cauac Resistance Cauac Federation Democracy
Cauan Tzu Stakeholders Cauan Tzu Independent Cooperative
Cauani Corp. Cauani Federation Corporate
Cauani Liberals Cauani Independent Democracy
Cauani Travel PLC Cauani Federation Corporate
Caucan Silver State Co Caucan Federation Corporate
Caucanik Comms Partners Caucanik Federation Corporate
Caucanik Gold Posse Caucanik Independent Anarchy
Caucuma Council Caucuma Independent Anarchy
Cauda Gold State Services Cauda Independent Corporate
Cauda Monarchy Cauda Independent Feudal
Caudjabe & Co Caudjabe Federation Corporate
Caudji Citizens' Forum Caudji Empire Patronage
Caudji Gold Family Caudji Independent Anarchy
Cavane Vision Commodities Cavane Independent Corporate
Cavaniaci for Equality Cavaniaci Independent Democracy
Cavari Blue Vision Systems Cavari Independent Corporate
Cavari Empire Pact Cavari Empire Patronage
Cavincan Blue Gang Cavincan Independent Anarchy
Cavins Systems Cavins Federation Corporate
Cayu Syndicate Cayu Independent Anarchy
Cayura Mafia Cayura Independent Anarchy
Cayutorme Citizens of Tradition Cayutorme Empire Patronage
Cayutorme Syndicate Cayutorme Independent Anarchy
Cayutorme for Equality Cayutorme Independent Democracy
CdE Corporation Robigo Empire Anarchy
Cebalrai State Corp. Cebalrai Independent Corporate
Ceginus Co-op Ceginus Independent Cooperative
Cegreeth Citizens' Forum Cegreeth Empire Patronage
Cegreeth Citizens' Forum Ngurungo Empire Patronage
Cegreeth Crimson Boys Cegreeth Independent Anarchy
Celeng Gu Partnership Celeng Gu Federation Confederacy
Celeng Gu Partnership HIP 44115 Federation Confederacy
Celer Blue Council Celer Independent Anarchy
Celevik Gold Power Ltd Celevik Independent Corporate
Celtani Drug Empire Celtani Independent Anarchy
Celtaurii Industries Celtaurii Independent Corporate
Celtibia Fortune Incorporated Celtibia Empire Corporate
Celtibitou Indie League Celtibitou Independent Patronage
Celtibitou Silver Universal Ex Celtibitou Independent Corporate
Celticassag Jet Bridge & Co Celticassag Independent Corporate
Celtici & Co Celtici Empire Corporate
Cemiess Commodities Cemiess Empire Corporate
Cemiess Imperial Society Cemiess Empire Patronage
Cemplangpa Guardians Cemplangpa Empire Patronage
Cemplangpa Partners Cemplangpa Empire Corporate
Cemplangpa Systems Cemplangpa Independent Corporate
Cemplatui Co Cemplatui Independent Corporate
Cemplatui Public Company Cemplatui Federation Corporate
Cempsigi Energy Corporation Cempsigi Federation Corporate
Cenni Imperial Society Cenni Empire Patronage
Cenni State Interstellar Cenni Independent Corporate
Cenu Ku One Cenu Ku Independent Cooperative
Cenufo Energy & Co Cenufo Independent Corporate
Cenufo Society Cenufo Independent Anarchy
Cerari Gold Dragons Cerari Independent Anarchy
Ceraunii Federal Network Ceraunii Independent Corporate
Ceraunii Patron's Principles Ceraunii Empire Patronage
Ceri Left Party Ceri Independent Communism
Ceri Legal Commodities Ceri Alliance Corporate
Ceri Network Ceri Federation Corporate
Cerktondhs Netcoms Incorporated Cerktondhs Federation Corporate
Cerktondhs Resistance Cerktondhs Federation Democracy
Cerno Independents Cerno Federation Democracy
Cerno Transport Interstellar Cerno Federation Corporate
Cernobog Citizens' Forum Maidubrigel Empire Patronage
Cernobog Emperor's Grace Cernobog Empire Patronage
Cernunnos Blue Life Inc Cernunnos Empire Corporate
Ceroklis Jet Brotherhood Ceroklis Independent Anarchy
Ceronir Central Network Ceronir Independent Corporate
Ceronir Empire League Ceronir Empire Patronage
Ceronir Exchange Ceronir Empire Corporate
Ceronir Mob Ceronir Independent Anarchy
Cerre Netcoms Co Cerre Federation Corporate
Cerremayeb Blue Adv Corporation Cerremayeb Independent Corporate
Cerritics Blue Ring Cerritics Independent Anarchy
Cerritics Group Cerritics Federation Corporate
Cerrodi Energy Network Cerrodi Empire Corporate
Cerrodi Purple Syndicate Cerrodi Independent Anarchy
Cerry Purple Transport Inc Cerry Federation Corporate
Cet Power Ltd Cet Independent Corporate
Cet Republic Party Cet Federation Democracy
Cet Silver Clan Cet Independent Anarchy
Ceutrones Family Ceutrones Independent Anarchy
Ceutrones Purple Galactic PLC Ceutrones Independent Corporate
Ceuts Blue Galactic Industries Ceuts Empire Corporate
Ch'anjie Netcoms Commodities Ch'anjie Federation Corporate
Ch'eng Empire Party Ch'eng Empire Patronage
Ch'eng Federal PLC Ch'eng Independent Corporate
Ch'i Gold United Group Ch'i Empire Corporate
Ch'i Lin Crimson Boys Ch'i Lin Independent Anarchy
Ch'i Lin United Corp. Ch'i Lin Empire Corporate
Ch'i Ling Jet Natural Int Ch'i Ling Independent Corporate
Ch'i Lingo Interstellar Ch'i Lingo Federation Corporate
Ch'ian & Co Ch'ian Independent Corporate
Ch'ian Electronics PLC Ch'ian Independent Corporate
Ch'ian Hsia Gold Major Services Ch'ian Hsia Empire Corporate
Ch'ian Hsia Ring Ch'ian Hsia Independent Anarchy
Ch'iang Fei Gold Dynamic Ind Ch'iang Fei Independent Corporate
Ch'iang Fei Network Ch'iang Fei Independent Corporate
Ch'iang Fei Resistance Ch'iang Fei Federation Democracy
Ch'in Yang Blue Partnership Ch'in Yang Independent Anarchy
Ch'in Yang Empire Assembly Misk Empire Patronage
Ch'in Yang Travel Exchange Ch'in Yang Empire Corporate
Ch'ing Organisation Ch'ing Independent Anarchy
Ch'ing United Ch'ing Independent Cooperative
Ch'ol Electronics Systems Ch'ol Independent Corporate
Ch'ortae Prison Colony Ch'ortae Independent Prison Colony
Ch'ortamaye Domain Ch'ortamaye Independent Feudal
Ch'u Kiang Wang Empire Pact Ch'u Kiang Wang Empire Patronage
Ch'u Kiang Wang Ltd Ch'u Kiang Wang Independent Corporate
Ch'u Ti Co Ch'u Ti Federation Corporate
Ch'u Ti Co-op Ch'u Ti Independent Cooperative
Ch'uanga Jet Major Limited Ch'uanga Federation Corporate
Ch'unga Industry Ch'unga Empire Corporate
Ch'unga Patron's Principles Ch'unga Empire Patronage
Chaaratisa Industries Chaaratisa Independent Corporate
Chaaratisa Patron's Principles Chaaratisa Empire Patronage
Chaaratisa Purple Public Int Chaaratisa Independent Corporate
Chaaratisa for Equality Chaaratisa Independent Democracy
Chac Cimih Dynamic Corp. Chac Cimih Independent Corporate
Chac Left Party Chac Independent Communism
Chacahua Syndicate Chacahua Independent Anarchy
Chacobo Exchange Chacobo Empire Corporate
Chacoc Boys Chacoc Independent Anarchy
Chacocels Patron's Principles Chacocels Empire Patronage
Chacocels Power Industry Chacocels Independent Corporate
Chacocha Order Chacocha Empire Dictatorship
Chacocha Vision Company Chacocha Empire Corporate
Chacorii Network Chacorii Empire Corporate
Chaga Independents Chaga Independent Democracy
Chaga League Chaga Independent Dictatorship
Chagin Jet Comms Ltd Chagin Federation Corporate
Chagur Co Chagur Independent Corporate
Chagur Emperor's Grace Chagur Empire Patronage
Chaimal Crimson Clan Chaimal Independent Anarchy
Chaimal Jet Public Services Chaimal Independent Corporate
Chaimal Partnership Chaimal Federation Confederacy
Chaimal Solutions Chaimal Independent Corporate
Chaiman Transport Solutions Chaiman Empire Corporate
Chainandra Citizens' Forum Chainandra Empire Patronage
Chairhuhyus for Equality Chairhuhyus Federation Democracy
Chairipatis Purple Comms Inc Chairipatis Empire Corporate
Chaitany Citizens' Forum Chaitany Empire Patronage
Chaiya Resistance Chaiya Federation Democracy
Chaiyan Crimson Universal Org Chaiyan Empire Corporate
Chaiyan Empire Pact Chaiyan Empire Patronage
Chakaia Blue Syndicate Chakaia Independent Anarchy
Chakho Gold Galactic Limited Chakho Empire Corporate
Chakmo Gold Society Chakmo Independent Anarchy
Chakpa Coordinated Chakpa Independent Cooperative
Chakpa Purple Travel Exchange Chakpa Federation Corporate
Chakul United Corp. Chakul Federation Corporate
Chakyum Regulatory State Chakyum Independent Dictatorship
Chakyum Solutions Chakyum Independent Corporate
Chalbandia for Equality Chalbandia Independent Democracy
Chalbici Confederacy Chalbici Federation Confederacy
Chaman Comms Partners Chaman Independent Corporate
Chaman Liberty Party Chaman Independent Dictatorship
Chamath Coalition Chamath Independent Confederacy
Chamath Organisation Chamath Independent Corporate
Chambo Life Services Chambo Federation Corporate
Chamo Empire League Chamo Empire Patronage
Chamonjurui Galactic Industries Chamonjurui Independent Corporate
Chamonjurui Patrons of Law Chamonjurui Empire Patronage
Chamuluma Empire Party Chamuluma Empire Patronage
Chamuluma Imperial Society Chamuluma Empire Patronage
Chana Cartel Chana Independent Anarchy
Chana Jet Life Incorporated Chana Independent Corporate
Chanarsi Justice Party Chanarsi Empire Dictatorship
Chanarsi Partnership Chanarsi Independent Confederacy
Chanasar Camorra Chanasar Independent Anarchy
Chande Federal Interstellar Chande Independent Corporate
Chande Free Chande Federation Democracy
Chandh Alliance Chandh Federation Confederacy
Chandh Cartel Chandh Independent Anarchy
Chandh Dynasty Chandh Independent Feudal
Chandra Advanced & Co Chandra Federation Corporate
Chang Empire Group Chang Empire Patronage
Chang Kuo Lao Life Holdings Chang Kuo Lao Independent Corporate
Chang O Interstellar Chang O Federation Corporate
Chang Silver Dynamic Co Chang Independent Corporate
Chang Yeh Brothers Chang Yeh Independent Anarchy
Chang Yeh Sanctuary Chang Yeh Independent Theocracy
Changai General Partners Changai Independent Corporate
Changai Jet Pirates Changai Independent Anarchy
Changai Nationals Changai Independent Dictatorship
Changai Progressive Party Changai Independent Democracy
Changbatzil Co Changbatzil Independent Corporate
Changbatzil Gold General Company Changbatzil Independent Corporate
Changda Silver State Network Changda Independent Corporate
Changgu Blue Advanced Ltd Changgu Federation Corporate
Changkhulym Universal Organisation Changkhulym Empire Corporate
Changwuti Natural Group Changwuti Empire Corporate
Chanii Dynasty Chanii Independent Feudal
Chanii Life Corporation Chanii Independent Corporate
Chankates Dragons Chankates Independent Anarchy
Chankopa Crimson Dragons Chankopa Independent Anarchy
Chankopa Systems Chankopa Independent Corporate
Chankun Blue Creative Limited Chankun Independent Corporate
Chanyaya Guardians of Tradition Chanyaya Empire Patronage
Chanyaya Silver Partnership Chanyaya Independent Anarchy
Chanyinyak Travel Network Chanyinyak Empire Corporate
Chao Gu Solutions Chao Gu Independent Corporate
Chao Wu Empire Group Chao Wu Empire Patronage
Chao Wu Empire Pact Chao Wu Empire Patronage
Chaona Purple Syndicate Chaona Independent Anarchy
Chapsugaibo Imperial Society Chapsugaibo Empire Patronage
Chapsugaibo Imperial Society LTT 911 Empire Patronage
Chapsugaibo Patrons of Law Chapsugaibo Empire Patronage
Chapsugaibo Patrons of Law LTT 1044 Empire Patronage
Chapter of HIP 60016 HIP 60016 Independent Theocracy
Chapter of Hikenk Hikenk Independent Theocracy
Chapter of Isinor Anotchadiae Independent Theocracy
Chapter of Isinor Isinor Independent Theocracy
Chapter of Isinor LTT 5053 Independent Theocracy
Chapter of Isinor Parsaka Independent Theocracy
Chapter of LHS 2165 LHS 2165 Independent Theocracy
Chapter of Vocovii Vocovii Independent Theocracy
Chapterhouse of Inquisition Kamadhenu Empire Patronage
Charang Blue Vision Solutions Charang Independent Corporate
Charao State Services Charao Federation Corporate
Charonium Worker's Party Charonium Independent Communism
Charunder Industry Charunder Federation Corporate
Charunder Industrys Charunder Federation Corporate
Charunder State Limited Charunder Federation Corporate
Charunder Values Party Charunder Federation Democracy
Chati Imperial Society Chati Empire Patronage
Chati Imperial Society HIP 34212 Empire Patronage
Chati Imperial Society Koamulotri Empire Patronage
Chati Imperial Society Pisakas Empire Patronage
Chati Imperial Society Teppati Empire Patronage
Chatkwa Pirates Chatkwa Independent Anarchy
Chatkwa Systems Chatkwa Independent Corporate
Chau Yu Blue Public Organisation Chau Yu Empire Corporate
Chau Yu Emperor's Grace Chau Yu Empire Patronage
Chau Yu Gold Clan Chau Yu Independent Anarchy
Chaualkyrja PLC Chaualkyrja Federation Corporate
Chaxiraxi Netcoms Exchange Chaxiraxi Independent Corporate
Chayahun Di Emperor's Grace Chayahun Di Empire Patronage
Chayahun Di PLC Chayahun Di Independent Corporate
Chayahun Di Union Party Chayahun Di Independent Communism
Chayansi Company Chayansi Federation Corporate
Chayuse Co Chayuse Independent Corporate
Chebaei Blue Fortune Company Chebaei Empire Corporate
Chebay State Services Chebay Independent Corporate
Checha Interstellar Checha Empire Corporate
Checha People's Party Checha Independent Communism
Chechehet General & Co Chechehet Federation Corporate
Chedians Public Holdings Chedians Empire Corporate
Chedita Silver Comms Inc Chedita Independent Corporate
Chehogg Exchange Chehogg Independent Corporate
Chehogg Resistance Chehogg Federation Democracy
Chehoonggu Dynasty Chehoonggu Independent Feudal
Chel State Services Chel Independent Corporate
Chelgit Co Chelgit Federation Corporate
Chelidones Gold Family Chelidones Independent Anarchy
Chelini Jet Raiders Chelini Independent Anarchy
Chelmen Jet Boys Chelmen Independent Anarchy
Chelmen Purple Netcoms Network Chelmen Independent Corporate
Chelmentes Corporation Chelmentes Independent Corporate
Chelmentes Nationalists Chelmentes Independent Dictatorship
Chem Holdings Chem Federation Corporate
Chemaku Federal Holdings Chemaku Independent Corporate
Chemaku Law Party Chemaku Independent Dictatorship
Chemaku Legal Services Chemaku Federation Corporate
Chemaku Values Party Chemaku Federation Democracy
Chemaluk Blue General Company Chemaluk Federation Corporate
Chematja Ltd Chematja Independent Corporate
Chematja People's Co-operative Chematja Independent Cooperative
Chemaya Allied Network Chemaya Independent Corporate
Chemez Blue Gang Chemez Independent Anarchy
Chemez Stakeholders Chemez Independent Cooperative
Chen Shapa Silver Public Ex Chen Shapa Empire Corporate
Chen Zaihe & Co Chen Zaihe Independent Corporate
Chenchu Company Chenchu Independent Corporate
Cheneredawa Allied Commodities Cheneredawa Independent Corporate
Cheneredawa Independents Cheneredawa Federation Democracy
Cheneti Focus Cheneti Independent Dictatorship
Cheneti Guardians of Tradition Cheneti Empire Patronage
Cheneti Interstellar Cheneti Independent Corporate
Cheneti United PLC Cheneti Empire Corporate
Cheng Den Blue Drug Empire Cheng Den Independent Anarchy
Cheng Den Industry Cheng Den Federation Corporate
Cheng Den Natural & Co Cheng Den Federation Corporate
Cheng Imperial Society Akuariks Empire Patronage
Cheng Imperial Society Cheng Empire Patronage
Chenghan Constitution Party Chenghan Empire Dictatorship
Chenses Alliance Chenses Federation Confederacy
Chentrima General Corp. Chentrima Federation Corporate
Chentrima as one Chentrima Independent Cooperative
Cheper Blue General Services Cheper Independent Corporate
Cheper Independent Bond Cheper Independent Patronage
Cherang Independent Bond Cherang Independent Patronage
Chere Emperor's Grace Chere Empire Patronage
Chere Family Chere Independent Anarchy
Chere Inc Chere Independent Corporate
Cherets Company Cherets Independent Corporate
Cherets Creative Corp. Cherets Independent Corporate
Cherets Crimson Clan Cherets Independent Anarchy
Chersem General Ltd Chersem Independent Corporate
Chert Empire Consulate Chert Empire Patronage
Chertan Travel Inc Chertan Independent Corporate
Chet Emperor's Grace Chet Empire Patronage
Cheyenne Regulatory State Cheyenne Independent Dictatorship
Chhal Blue Galactic Interstellar Khond Alliance Corporate
Chhal Blue Travel Company Chhal Independent Corporate
Chhaleenes Imperial Society Chhaleenes Empire Patronage
Chhaleenes Unionists Chhaleenes Independent Communism
Chi Eridani Crimson Travel & Co Chi Eridani Federation Corporate
Chi Eridani Party Chi Eridani Independent Dictatorship
Chi Herculis Creative Group Chi Herculis Federation Corporate
Chi Nefer Pirates Chi Nefer Independent Anarchy
Chi No Ch'orti Bridge Exchange Chi No Ch'orti Empire Corporate
Chi Nongoi Jet Federal Inc Chi Nongoi Federation Corporate
Chi Suix Emperor's Grace CD-44 224 Empire Patronage
Chi Suix Emperor's Grace Chi Suix Empire Patronage
Chias Vega Autocracy Chias Vega Independent Dictatorship
Chias Vega Progressive Party Chias Vega Independent Democracy
Chias Vega Systems Chias Vega Federation Corporate
Chibiabos for Equality Chibiabos Federation Democracy
Chibio Jet Cartel Chibio Independent Anarchy
Chibis Independent Bridge Chibis Independent Patronage
Chibis Organisation Chibis Independent Corporate
Chiboneskhe Blue State Org Chiboneskhe Independent Corporate
Chiboneskhe Silver Crew Chiboneskhe Independent Anarchy
Chiburri as one Chiburri Independent Cooperative
Chiccan Blue Electronics Inc Chiccan Independent Corporate
Chiccan Posse Chiccan Independent Anarchy
Chiccan Revolutionary Party Chiccan Independent Communism
Chicchang Empire League Chicchang Empire Patronage
Chiche Raiders Chiche Independent Anarchy
Chick Ba Labour Chick Ba Independent Democracy
Chick Ba Transport Prtnrs Chick Ba Independent Corporate
Chick Bara Empire Group Chick Bara Empire Patronage
Chick Bara Empire Party Chick Bara Empire Patronage
Chick Ek Federal Corporation Chick Ek Independent Corporate
Chicoana Democrats Chicoana Federation Democracy
Chicoana Silver Travel Corp. Chicoana Independent Corporate
Chicomoztoc Commodities Chicomoztoc Empire Corporate
Chicomoztoc Interstellar Chicomoztoc Empire Corporate
Chieh Solutions Bulkabil Empire Corporate
Chieh Solutions Chieh Empire Corporate
Chiela Gold Ring Chiela Independent Anarchy
Chielas Future Chielas Independent Democracy
Chih Hiner Empire League Chih Hiner Empire Patronage
Chih Hiner Limited Chih Hiner Empire Corporate
Chih Sungu Co Chih Sungu Independent Corporate
Chih Zha Advanced PLC Chih Zha Empire Corporate
Chih Zhi Silver Advanced Comms Chih Zhi Independent Corporate
Chih Zhua Corp. Chih Zhua Independent Corporate
Chih Zhua Holdings Chih Zhua Independent Corporate
Chih Zhua Imperial Society Chih Zhua Empire Patronage
Chiko Blue Pirates Chiko Independent Anarchy
Chiko Empire Assembly Chiko Empire Patronage
Chiks Corp. Chiks Federation Corporate
Children of Raxxla Bhottada Independent Anarchy
Children of Raxxla HR 6421 Independent Anarchy
Children of Raxxla Umait Independent Anarchy
Chimagi Allied Chimagi Independent Cooperative
Chimagi Corp. Chimagi Federation Corporate
Chimasates Blue United Org Chimasates Empire Corporate
Chimasates Guardians Chimasates Empire Patronage
Chimba Exchange Chimba Independent Corporate
Chimba Public Industries Chimba Federation Corporate
Chimba Raiders Chimba Independent Anarchy
Chimbia Imperial Society Chimbia Empire Patronage
Chimbia Silver Major Exchange Chimbia Independent Corporate
Chimbo Silver Syndicate Chimbo Independent Anarchy
Chimbo Silver Vision Inc Chimbo Independent Corporate
Chime Prison Colony Chime Independent Prison Colony
Chimechilo Empire League Chimechilo Empire Patronage
Chimechilo Empire League LP 941-16 Empire Patronage
Chimechilo Empire League LTT 982 Empire Patronage
Chimechilo Legal Systems Chimechilo Independent Corporate
Chimechilo Mafia Chimechilo Independent Anarchy
Chimechilo Major Partners Chimechilo Independent Corporate
Chimera Selgeth Independent Patronage
Chimiri Autocracy Chimiri Independent Dictatorship
Chimiri Jet Legal PLC Chimiri Independent Corporate
Chimiri Partners Chimiri Independent Corporate
Chimiri Patron's Principles Chimiri Empire Patronage
Chimiri Patron's Principles Yakama Empire Patronage
Chin League Chin Independent Confederacy
Chin Purple Life Ltd Chin Independent Corporate
Chinas Limited Chinas Independent Corporate
Chinataxo Gold Public & Co Chinataxo Independent Corporate
Chinautsu Purple Organisation Chinautsu Independent Anarchy
Chinga Purple Vision Commodities Chinga Empire Corporate
Chingaa for Equality Chingaa Independent Democracy
Chinggamin Empire Pact Chinggamin Empire Patronage
Chinggamin Jet Netcoms Industry Chinggamin Independent Corporate
Chingpho Industry Chingpho Empire Corporate
Chini Conservatives Chini Federation Confederacy
Chini Future Chini Independent Democracy
Chini Gold Society Chini Independent Anarchy
Chini Solutions Chini Federation Corporate
Chiniani Prison Colony Chiniani Independent Prison Colony
Chinicollo League Chinicollo Federation Confederacy
Chinicollo League Xi-2 Capricorni Federation Confederacy
Chinner Emperor's Grace Chinner Empire Patronage
Chinner Free Chinner Independent Democracy
Chino Patron's Principles Chino Empire Patronage
Chino Revolutionary Party Chino Independent Communism
Chinoharra Empire League Chinoharra Empire Patronage
Chinoharra Empire League Chirai Empire Patronage
Chinoharra Purple Clan Chinoharra Independent Anarchy
Chinovane Gold Fortune Ltd Chinovane Empire Corporate
Chinovane Gold Fortune Ltd Reddis Empire Corporate
Chipatisany Defence Force Chipatisany Independent Dictatorship
Chipi Crimson State Inc Chipi Independent Corporate
Chipiapoos Emperor's Grace Chipiapoos Empire Patronage
Chipiapoos Gold Major Group Chipiapoos Federation Corporate
Chipibogi Crimson Power Industry Chipibogi Federation Corporate
Chique Energy Inc Chique Independent Corporate
Chira Empire League Chira Empire Patronage
Chira Network Chira Empire Corporate
Chirai Silver Universal Dev Chirai Empire Corporate
Chireni Organisation Chireni Independent Anarchy
Chirskokum Corporation Chirskokum Empire Corporate
Chirskokum Limited Chirskokum Independent Corporate
Chit Council Chit Independent Anarchy
Chiut Empire League Chiut Empire Patronage
Chiut Imperial Society Chiut Empire Patronage
Chiutl Citizens of Tradition Chiutl Empire Patronage
Chlevit General Systems Chlevit Independent Corporate
Chlevit Limited Chlevit Federation Corporate
Chlevit Silver Crew Chlevit Independent Anarchy
Chlevit Values Party Chlevit Independent Democracy
Chlevoi Commodities Chlevoi Independent Corporate
Chlevoi Progressive Party Chlevoi Federation Democracy
Chnemine Power Services Chnemine Independent Corporate
Chnouk Allied & Co Chnouk Independent Corporate
Chnoumis Transport PLC Chnoumis Independent Corporate
Chnouphis Alliance Chnouphis Independent Confederacy
Chnumandr Bridge Organisation Chapsugai Federation Corporate
Chnumar Crimson Posse Chnumar Independent Anarchy
Chnumar Empire League Chnumar Empire Patronage
Chnumar Interstellar Chnumar Empire Corporate
Chnuphis Partners Chnuphis Federation Corporate
Chock Patron's Principles Chock Empire Patronage
Chock Vision Ltd Chock Empire Corporate
Chodhara Gold Brothers Chodhara Independent Anarchy
Chodhna Network Chodhna Federation Corporate
Choenpetese Syndicate Choenpetese Independent Anarchy
Choere State Inc Choere Federation Corporate
Choerii Electronics PLC Choerii Federation Corporate
Choki Democrats Choki Federation Democracy
Choki Netcoms Ltd Choki Independent Corporate
Chokota Future Chokota Federation Democracy
Chokota Future HIP 50694 Federation Democracy
Chokota Future Ju Shakhe Federation Democracy
Chokota Natural Organisation Chokota Independent Corporate
Chokota Order Chokota Independent Dictatorship
Chokota Purple Boys Chokota Independent Anarchy
Cholhou Gold Electronics Org Cholhou Independent Corporate
Cholul Blue Electronics Network Cholul Empire Corporate
Cholul Justice Party Cholul Empire Dictatorship
Chona Empire League Chona Empire Patronage
Chona Life & Co Chona Empire Corporate
Chongi Bureau Chongi Independent Dictatorship
Chongi Crimson Fortune Int Chongi Independent Corporate
Chongi Law Party Chongi Empire Dictatorship
Chongloi Organisation Chongloi Empire Corporate
Chono Energy Corp. Chono Empire Corporate
Chono Imperial Society Chono Empire Patronage
Chono Natural Ltd Chono Independent Corporate
Chonost Silver Transport Group Chonost Federation Corporate
Chonpon Crimson Legal Inc Chonpon Federation Corporate
Chons Empire Assembly Chons Empire Patronage
Chons Organisation Chons Independent Corporate
Chonsu Gold Life Network Chonsu Independent Corporate
Chonta Rats Chonta Independent Anarchy
Chontaiko Purple Central Prtnrs Chontaiko Empire Corporate
Chontantici Confederacy Chontantici Federation Confederacy
Chonti Cartel Chonti Independent Anarchy
Chonti Citizens of Tradition Chonti Empire Patronage
Chonti Commodities Chonti Independent Corporate
Chontina Future Chontina Federation Democracy
Chontina Public Corporation Chontina Independent Corporate
Chorathia Company Chorathia Independent Corporate
Chorathia Future Chorathia Federation Democracy
Chorote Blue Creative PLC Chorote Federation Corporate
Chotec Gold Raiders Chotec Independent Anarchy
Choth Gold Drug Empire Choth Independent Anarchy
Chothe Confederation Chothe Federation Confederacy
Chothe Corporation Chothe Federation Corporate
Chou Wargl Crimson Clan Chou Wargl Independent Anarchy
Choujem Regulatory State Choujem Independent Dictatorship
Chouvumbia Purple Major Org Chouvumbia Federation Corporate
Chowa Major Industry Chowa Independent Corporate
Chowei Confederation Rugai Federation Confederacy
Chowei Purple Major Group Chowei Federation Corporate
Chu I Coalition Chu I Federation Confederacy
Chu I Purple Cartel Chu I Independent Anarchy
Chu Pere Limited Chu Pere Independent Corporate
Chu Pere Purple Bridge Holdings Chu Pere Independent Corporate
Chuan Shun Corp. Chuan Shun Empire Corporate
Chuanabosso Blue Brotherhood Chuanabosso Independent Anarchy
Chuanabosso Nationalists Chuanabosso Independent Dictatorship
Chuanabosso Purple Fortune Group Chuanabosso Independent Corporate
Chuang Kong Jet General & Co Chuang Kong Empire Corporate
Chuang Kong Union Chuang Kong Independent Communism
Chuang Mu Crimson State Inc Chuang Mu Federation Corporate
Chuang Vision Limited Chuang Empire Corporate
Chuangubu Silver Comms Limited Chuangubu Independent Corporate
Chuelche General Interstellar Chuelche Federation Corporate
Chuelchs Gold Galactic Exchange Chuelchs Independent Corporate
Chuen Patron's Principles Chuen Empire Patronage
Chuencani Purple Hand Gang Chuencani Independent Anarchy
Chuevik Dynamic Interstellar Chuevik Independent Corporate
Chuj Prison Colony Chuj Independent Prison Colony
Chujohimba Democrats Chujohimba Independent Democracy
Chujohimba Industry Chujohimba Federation Corporate
Chujohimba Organisation Chujohimba Empire Corporate
Chujohimba Silver Council Chujohimba Independent Anarchy
Chukchair Fortune Group Chukchair Independent Corporate
Chukchan Exchange Chukchan Independent Corporate
Chukchan Values Party Chukchan Independent Democracy
Chukchisalk Gold Dynamic Inc Chukchisalk Federation Corporate
Chukchisalk Mafia Chukchisalk Independent Anarchy
Chukchitan Gold Creative Inc Chukchitan Federation Corporate
Chukchu Allied Network Chukchu Federation Corporate
Chukchu Future Chukchu Federation Democracy
Chukun Jet Ring Chukun Independent Anarchy
Chukun Patrons of Law Chukun Empire Patronage
Chukuru Focus Chukuru Empire Dictatorship
Chul Crimson Dragons Chul Independent Anarchy
Chul Jet Electronics PLC Chul Independent Corporate
Chun Chehe Purple Advanced Org Chun Chehe Independent Corporate
Chun Crimson Camorra Chun Independent Anarchy
Chun Crimson Public Services Chun Independent Corporate
Chun Independent Bond Chun Independent Patronage
Chun Pindit Crimson Electronics Chun Pindit Independent Corporate
Chun Tstar Systems Chun Tstar Independent Corporate
Chuntabon Silver Natural Ex Chuntabon Independent Corporate
Chuntal Nobles Chuntal Independent Feudal
Chuntal State Incorporated Chuntal Federation Corporate
Chunza Dominion Chunza Empire Feudal
Chuquiar Silver Galactic Corp. Chuquiar Empire Corporate
Chuquiar Silver Galactic Corp. Songzi Empire Corporate
Chuquiba Movement Chuquiba Independent Dictatorship
Chuquiba for Equality Chuquiba Federation Democracy
Chuquibamba One Chuquibamba Independent Cooperative
Chuquitanth Council Chuquitanth Independent Anarchy
Church of HR 8666 Pegasi Sector BQ-Y d75 Independent Theocracy
Church of Aweti Aweti Independent Theocracy
Church of Cuichit Cuichit Independent Theocracy
Church of HR 8666 HR 8666 Independent Theocracy
Church of Mafthrasika Mafthrasika Independent Theocracy
Church of Marsuk Marsuk Independent Theocracy
Chuuah Imperial Society Chuuah Empire Patronage
Chuuah Silver Dynamic Industries Chuuah Independent Corporate
Chuuahill Blue Dynamic Exchange Chuuahill Federation Corporate
Chuuahill Dynamic Ltd Chuuahill Independent Corporate
Chuuku Blue Federal Industries Chuuku Independent Corporate
Chuvaleni Co Chuvaleni Federation Corporate
Chuvalungu Allied Company Chuvalungu Independent Corporate
Cians Empire League Cians Empire Patronage
Cibaiawar Front Cibaiawar Independent Dictatorship
Cibaiawar Independents Cibaiawar Independent Democracy
Cibambo Silver Council Cibambo Independent Anarchy
Cibambo Vision Commodities Cibambo Independent Corporate
Cibandana Jet Ring Cibandana Independent Anarchy
Cibarci Alliance Cibarci Independent Confederacy
Cibarci Silver Life Industry Cibarci Federation Corporate
Cibola Empire Consulate Cibola Empire Patronage
Cibola Industries Cibola Empire Corporate
Ciboney Crew Ciboney Independent Anarchy
Ciboney Empire Consulate Ciboney Empire Patronage
Cigua Coordinated Cigua Independent Cooperative
Cigua Public Corporation Cigua Independent Corporate
Cigudates Purple Creative Corp. Cigudates Federation Corporate
Ciguri Incorporated Ciguri Independent Corporate
Ciguru Republic Party Ciguru Independent Democracy
Ciguru Republic Party LHS 64 Independent Democracy
Cile Noblement Cile Independent Feudal
Cileni Liberty Party Cileni Independent Dictatorship
Cileni Services Cileni Federation Corporate
Cileut Gold Raiders Cileut Independent Anarchy
Cimih Gold Boys Cimih Independent Anarchy
Cimmerians Galactic Incorporated Cimmerians Federation Corporate
Cimmerians Silver Boys Cimmerians Independent Anarchy
Cintani Purple Posse Cintani Independent Anarchy
Cintices Dynasty Cintices Independent Feudal
Cintices Purple Public Comms Cintices Federation Corporate
Cintuatera Confederation Cintuatera Federation Confederacy
Circe Dynamic & Co Circe Federation Corporate
Circe Incorporated Circe Federation Corporate
Circios Legal PLC Circios Federation Corporate
Cismontani Dynamic Industries Cismontani Federation Corporate
Cismontani Purple Society Cismontani Independent Anarchy
Citizen Party of 10 Tauri 10 Tauri Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Adju Adju Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Amatyerus Amatyerus Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Anotchi Anotchi Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Argel Argel Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Atayuta Atayuta Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Baroo Baroo Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Canahati Canahati Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Chanab Chanab Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Chireni Chireni Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Daesitiates Daesitiates Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Devadatta Devadatta Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Divja Mocha Divja Mocha Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Firey Firey Independent Communism
Citizen Party of G146-60 G146-60 Alliance Communism
Citizen Party of Grabil Grabil Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HIP 106335 HIP 106335 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HIP 113942 HIP 113942 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HIP 117883 HIP 117883 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HIP 12965 HIP 12965 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HIP 15381 HIP 15381 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HIP 1795 HIP 1795 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HIP 45870 HIP 45870 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HIP 63317 HIP 63317 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HIP 76701 HIP 76701 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HR 5491 HR 5491 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of HR 7297 HR 7297 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Isitab Isitab Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Karitis Karitis Independent Communism
Citizen Party of LTT 464 LTT 464 Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Malali Malali Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Namasa Namasa Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Pared Pared Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Parja Parja Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Pisagii Pisagii Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Qahamoano Qahamoano Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Tai Shen Tai Shen Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Ualangur Ualangur Independent Communism
Citizen Party of Wolf 517 Wolf 517 Independent Communism
Civitas Dei Phanes Independent Dictatorship
Civitas Dei Wi Independent Dictatorship
Cizi Alliance Assembly Cizi Alliance Patronage
Cizi Resistance Cizi Federation Democracy
Cizicna Industry Cizicna Empire Corporate
Cizicni Dominion Cizicni Independent Dictatorship
Cizicni General PLC Cizicni Independent Corporate
Cizicni Jet Dragons Cizicni Independent Anarchy
Clan of Adenses Adenses Independent Anarchy
Clan of Ambika Ambika Independent Anarchy
Clan of Audusi Audusi Independent Anarchy
Clan of Badjarsh Badjarsh Independent Anarchy
Clan of Banephtha Banephtha Independent Anarchy
Clan of Binjhwar Binjhwar Independent Anarchy
Clan of Chacobog Col 285 Sector JJ-E b13-4 Independent Anarchy
Clan of Chelmir Chelmir Independent Anarchy
Clan of Chipi Chipi Independent Anarchy
Clan of Chun Tstar Chun Tstar Independent Anarchy
Clan of Croatigae Croatigae Independent Anarchy
Clan of Darkan Darkan Independent Anarchy
Clan of Galapana Galapana Independent Anarchy
Clan of Gluskabiku Gluskabiku Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 101852 HIP 101852 Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 16538 HIP 16538 Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 30158 HIP 30158 Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 3352 HIP 3352 Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 5184 HIP 5184 Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 66530 HIP 66530 Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 67527 HIP 67527 Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 69985 HIP 69985 Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 71782 HIP 71782 Independent Anarchy
Clan of HIP 7705 HIP 7705 Independent Anarchy
Clan of Harpulidna Harpulidna Independent Anarchy
Clan of Hoff Hoff Independent Anarchy
Clan of Hors Hors Independent Anarchy
Clan of Jaring Jaring Independent Anarchy
Clan of Kalarnuteti Kalarnuteti Independent Anarchy
Clan of Kao Wanga Kao Wanga Independent Anarchy
Clan of Kartamoan Kartamoan Independent Anarchy
Clan of Khonsa Khonsa Independent Anarchy
Clan of LFT 601 LFT 601 Independent Anarchy
Clan of LHS 1110 LHS 1110 Independent Anarchy
Clan of LP 888-62 LP 888-62 Independent Anarchy
Clan of LPM 696 LPM 696 Independent Anarchy
Clan of LTT 14398 LTT 14398 Independent Anarchy
Clan of LTT 198 LTT 198 Independent Anarchy
Clan of Lei Hesang Lei Hesang Independent Anarchy
Clan of Liv Liv Independent Anarchy
Clan of Maridal Maridal Independent Anarchy
Clan of Mussche Mussche Independent Anarchy
Clan of Namba Namba Independent Anarchy
Clan of Nger Nger Independent Anarchy
Clan of Nu Indi Nu Indi Independent Anarchy
Clan of Nuna Nuna Independent Anarchy
Clan of Obates Obates Independent Anarchy
Clan of Paiyati Paiyati Independent Anarchy
Clan of Param Param Independent Anarchy
Clan of Pemez Pemez Independent Anarchy
Clan of Prom Prom Independent Anarchy
Clan of Redonesses Redonesses Independent Anarchy
Clan of Saktassura Saktassura Independent Anarchy
Clan of San Wu Gu San Wu Gu Independent Anarchy
Clan of Sekhereke Sekhereke Independent Anarchy
Clan of Sevelitchit Sevelitchit Independent Anarchy
Clan of T'u Koji T'u Koji Independent Anarchy
Clan of Urarina Urarina Independent Anarchy
Clan of Wailla Sakh Wailla Sakh Independent Anarchy
Clan of Wulis Wulis Independent Anarchy
Clan of Wunian Wunian Independent Anarchy
Clan of Yaksara Yaksara Independent Anarchy
Clan of Yi Dhodere Yi Dhodere Independent Anarchy
Clan of Yu Tikua Yu Tikua Independent Anarchy
Clarus Future Clarus Federation Democracy
Clarus Future Pirawoth Federation Democracy
Clayagro Interstellar Clayagro Federation Corporate
Clayahu Mafia Clayahu Independent Anarchy
Clayahu Regulatory State Clayahu Empire Dictatorship
Clayakarma Electronics Limited Clayakarma Independent Corporate
Clayakarma Electronics Partners Clayakarma Federation Corporate
Clayakarma Electronics Partners Narasimha Federation Corporate
Clayakarma Purple Mob Clayakarma Independent Anarchy
Clee Legal Ltd Clee Independent Corporate
Clido Pi Citizens of Tradition Clido Pi Empire Patronage
Clido Pi Emperor's Grace Clido Pi Empire Patronage
Cliocassi Ltd Cliocassi Empire Corporate
Clionenses Bridge Co Clionenses Independent Corporate
Clionenses Future Clionenses Federation Democracy
Clionenses Gold Pirates Clionenses Independent Anarchy
Clotti Co Clotti Independent Corporate
Clotti Crimson Clan Clotti Independent Anarchy
Cnepan Gold Hand Gang Cnepan Independent Anarchy
Cnepawetel Transport Incorporated Cnepawetel Federation Corporate
Cnephtha Legal & Co Cnephtha Independent Corporate
Co-Operative of Bhajaja Bhajaja Independent Cooperative
Co-op of 33 Theta Cassiopeiae 33 Theta Cassiopeiae Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Acanthu Acanthu Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Alouroua Alouroua Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Alowis Alowis Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Amaram Amaram Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Ambiabar Ambiabar Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Any Nal Any Nal Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Arabrini Arabrini Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Armo Armo Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Atung Mussa Atung Mussa Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Autrimnit Autrimnit Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Bikoro Bikoro Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Bishan Bishan Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Bragarijin Bragarijin Independent Cooperative
Co-op of CD-25 1159 CD-25 1159 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Carthage Carthage Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Ch'ortamaye Ch'ortamaye Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Chediq Chediq Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Danggali Danggali Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Ebisopiac Ebisopiac Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Fali Fali Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Firbon Firbon Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Gendini Gendini Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Gerdulla Gerdulla Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Gridiuhet Gridiuhet Independent Cooperative
Co-op of HIP 14836 HIP 14836 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of HIP 44777 HIP 44777 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of HIP 56229 HIP 56229 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of HIP 56501 HIP 56501 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of HIP 63440 HIP 63440 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of HIP 65775 HIP 65775 Alliance Cooperative
Co-op of HIP 68107 HIP 68107 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of HIP 73075 HIP 73075 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of HIP 89100 HIP 89100 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Haiurici Haiurici Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Hsinga Hsinga Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Ivernten Ivernten Independent Cooperative
Co-op of K'unchadrus K'unchadrus Independent Cooperative
Co-op of KUV 410-4 KUV 410-4 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Kashis Kashis Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Koljak Koljak Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Kulispeling Kulispeling Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Kurundulli Kurundulli Independent Cooperative
Co-op of LP 48-567 LP 48-567 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of LTT 13232 LTT 13232 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Macu Kung Macu Kung Alliance Cooperative
Co-op of Maidareldi Maidareldi Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Maijuhaca Maijuhaca Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Mbukushu Mbukushu Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Meche Meche Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Mexicassa Mexicassa Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Minang Minang Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Miwodigi Miwodigi Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Moarasi Moarasi Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Mpalital Mpalital Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Ngaun Ngaun Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Ocelete Ocelete Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Oicoan Oicoan Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Pilatapa Pilatapa Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Purungarang Purungarang Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Ravanahutis NLTT 44958 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Ravanahutis Ravanahutis Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Ren Tun Ren Tun Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Suttundjina Suttundjina Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Taunets Taunets Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Tepehuan Tepehuan Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Tub Bajo Tub Bajo Independent Cooperative
Co-op of ValiTem ValiTem Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Wolf 258 Wolf 258 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Wolf 579 Wolf 579 Independent Cooperative
Co-op of Zach Zach Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of 25 G. Canis Minoris 25 G. Canis Minoris Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Alag Alag Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Anetiman Anetiman Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Antovii Antovii Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Apotanites Apotanites Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Arawot Arawot Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Arawot HIP 80706 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Balticus Balticus Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Bekenam Bekenam Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Binbine Binbine Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Bindi Bindi Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Brangkalar Brangkalar Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Buan Kuan Buan Kuan Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Burigpa Burigpa Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of CD-51 2650 CD-51 2650 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Caillke Caillke Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Chiks Chiks Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Dzacamaich Dzacamaich Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Faroahy Faroahy Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of GCRV 65163 GCRV 65163 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Gadagese Gadagese Alliance Cooperative
Co-operative of Gadagese HIP 66514 Alliance Cooperative
Co-operative of Gadagese HIP 67921 Alliance Cooperative
Co-operative of Gadagese HIP 68734 Alliance Cooperative
Co-operative of Gadagese Hmona Alliance Cooperative
Co-operative of Gadagese Undini Alliance Cooperative
Co-operative of Guayana Guayana Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 105261 HIP 105261 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 107370 HIP 107370 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 1487 HIP 1487 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 17742 HIP 17742 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 2511 HIP 2511 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 32945 HIP 32945 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 46903 HIP 46903 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 51980 HIP 51980 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 61505 HIP 61505 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 63181 HIP 63181 Alliance Cooperative
Co-operative of HIP 74243 HIP 74243 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of HR 8662 HR 8662 Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Hloca Hloca Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Irukas Irukas Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Iwaidja Iwaidja Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Jaroji Jaroji Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Karsha Karsha Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Kausanla Kausanla Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Khongalis Khongalis Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Kin Kin Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Kurma Kurma Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Lachelka Lachelka Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Laukh Laukh Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Lazdongand Lazdongand Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Lhanla Lhanla Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Malapa Malapa Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Malayamatha Malayamatha Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Manuki Manuki Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Marahma Marahma Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Maratarini Maratarini Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Mbayame Mbayame Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Mikinii Mikinii Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Modigi Modigi Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Naduwal Naduwal Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Naura Mol Naura Mol Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Ngolock Ngolock Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Nunu Nunu Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Paria Paria Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Peregrina Peregrina Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Ramine Ramine Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Saelishi Saelishi Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Shambogi Shambogi Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Shotel Shotel Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Sinann Sinann Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Surtiong Surtiong Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Takan Takan Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Tiburnat Tiburnat Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Tjalan Tjalan Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Vagha Vagha Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Vyat Vyat Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Wailtsu Wailtsu Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Warri Warri Independent Cooperative
Co-operative of Yiman Yiman Independent Cooperative
Coalition of 14 Eridani 14 Eridani Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Achali Achali Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Antevorta Antevorta Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Asgaru Asgaru Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Auserine Auserine Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Awanti Awanti Federation Confederacy
Coalition of BD-05 2778 BD-05 2778 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Bajie Bajie Independent Confederacy
Coalition of Bembarriosk Bembarriosk Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Bodedi Bodedi Independent Confederacy
Coalition of Bogatyri Bogatyri Independent Confederacy
Coalition of Bumbo Bumbo Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Caill Caill Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Caller Caller Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Chhaleda Chhaleda Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Cileut Cileut Independent Confederacy
Coalition of Dalia Dalia Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Darahk Darahk Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Djagana Djagana Independent Confederacy
Coalition of Ehi Ehi Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Feldr Feldr Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Feldr Ualame Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Formod Formod Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Frendian Frendian Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Gkuthangli Gkuthangli Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Gongkates Gongkates Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HAT 94-00572 HAT 94-00572 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 114099 HIP 114099 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 114340 HIP 114340 Independent Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 117461 HIP 117461 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 14182 HIP 14182 Independent Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 19510 HIP 19510 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 20492 HIP 20492 Independent Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 2201 HIP 2201 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 23913 HIP 23913 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 40732 HIP 40732 Independent Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 44537 HIP 44537 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 5687 HIP 5687 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 75978 HIP 75978 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 76292 HIP 76292 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 84913 HIP 84913 Independent Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 8775 HIP 8775 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of HIP 93639 HIP 93639 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Hinook Hinook Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Kalveig Kalveig Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Kamahu Kamahu Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Kannari Kannari Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Karovices Karovices Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Kenyamuna Kenyamuna Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Kigaso Kigaso Independent Confederacy
Coalition of Kinnara Kinnara Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Kokobi Kokobi Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Kokoi Kokoi Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Kurrama Kurrama Independent Confederacy
Coalition of LFT 1349 LFT 1349 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of LFT 424 LFT 424 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of LHS 2217 LHS 2217 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of LHS 4019 LHS 4019 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of LP 353-74 LP 353-74 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of LP 462-13 LP 462-13 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of LTT 4586 LTT 4586 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of LTT 6620 LTT 6620 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of LTT 8410 LTT 8410 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Lambda Muscae Lambda Muscae Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Masai Masai Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Men Samit Men Samit Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Meskhenga Meskhenga Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Namai Namai Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Narverdulli Narverdulli Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Ngalung Ngalung Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Ngurawong Ngurawong Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Onyali Onyali Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Paitina Paitina Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Pano Pano Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Parens 3 Upsilon Ophiuchi Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Parens Parens Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Reieni Reieni Federation Confederacy
Coalition of SAO 221526 SAO 221526 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Saoriosoli Saoriosoli Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Shakar Holvait Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Shesmu Shesmu Independent Confederacy
Coalition of Simte Simte Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Snotricopa Snotricopa Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Suchagga Suchagga Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Swazakan Swazakan Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Taoshas Taoshas Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Toor Toor Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Tosakanth Tosakanth Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Uluri BD+42 3917 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Uluri Uluri Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Uteran Uteran Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Valkondan Valkondan Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Vincika Vincika Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Waruta Waruta Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Wolf 1176 Wolf 1176 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Wolf 294 Wolf 294 Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Wolonir Wolonir Federation Confederacy
Coalition of Xbal Xbal Federation Confederacy
Coana Emperor's Grace Coana Empire Patronage
Coana Industries Coana Empire Corporate
Coano Solutions Coano Empire Corporate
Coanoa Dynamic & Co Coanoa Empire Corporate
Coanoa Progressive Party Coanoa Independent Democracy
Coastakal Co-op Coastakal Independent Cooperative
Coastakal Network Coastakal Empire Corporate
Coastin Defence Force Coastin Independent Dictatorship
Coastin Gang Coastin Independent Anarchy
Coastsege Network Coastsege Independent Corporate
Cocassetsa Blue Travel Holdings Cocassetsa Federation Corporate
Cochi Industries Cochi Independent Corporate
Cochipati Noblement Cochipati Independent Feudal
Cocho Holdings Cocho Empire Corporate
Cocho Jet Brothers Cocho Independent Anarchy
Cocijo Bridge & Co Cocijo Independent Corporate
Cocijo Conservatives Cocijo Independent Dictatorship
Cocontae as one Cocontae Independent Cooperative
Cocorix Gold Life Corp. Cocorix Independent Corporate
Cocorix Regulatory State Cocorix Independent Dictatorship
Cocorix Silver Family Cocorix Independent Anarchy
Cocornsa Independent Mandate Cocornsa Independent Patronage
Cocornsa Industries Cocornsa Independent Corporate
Cocovicente Gold Mob Cocovicente Independent Anarchy
Cocovicente Imperial Society Cocovicente Empire Patronage
Cocovicente Republic Party Cocovicente Independent Democracy
Cocoyet Monarchy Cocoyet Empire Feudal
Codorain Emperor's Grace Codorain Empire Patronage
Codorain Emperor's Grace Komovoy Empire Patronage
Codorain Emperor's Grace Pemoeri Empire Patronage
Codorain General Industry Codorain Empire Corporate
Codorain Network Codorain Empire Corporate
Coelaba for Equality Coelaba Federation Democracy
Coelacara Citizens' Forum Coelacara Empire Patronage
Coelacara Crimson Universal Serv Coelacara Independent Corporate
Coelachi Purple Travel Comms Coelachi Empire Corporate
Coelans Organisation Coelans Independent Anarchy
Coelatuvean Power Corporation Coelatuvean Empire Corporate
Coelatuvean Prison Colony Coelatuvean Empire Prison Colony
Coelerni Interstellar Coelerni Empire Corporate
Coelesi Interstellar Coelesi Empire Corporate
Coelesi Purple Legal Commodities Coelesi Independent Corporate
Cofalyawa Incorporated Cofalyawa Federation Corporate
Cofana Alliance Cofana Federation Confederacy
Cofana Logistics Cofana Independent Corporate
Coffin Dodgers Inc. Nyororor Empire Patronage
Colabri Gold Camorra Colabri Independent Anarchy
Colai Front Colai Independent Dictatorship
Colai Jet Partnership Colai Independent Anarchy
Colai Progressive Party Colai Federation Democracy
Colando Po Comms Group Aasgaa Independent Corporate
Colando Po Comms Group Colando Po Independent Corporate
Colanja Gold Power Services Colanja Federation Corporate
Collangbaka Energy Exchange Collangbaka Federation Corporate
Colonia Council Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 Independent Cooperative
Coma Services Coma Independent Corporate
Coman Interstellar Coman Empire Corporate
Comana Partnership Comana Independent Anarchy
Comana Resistance Comana Independent Democracy
Comane Independent Union Comane Independent Patronage
Comane Jet Life Commodities Comane Federation Corporate
Comanes Citizens' Forum Comanes Empire Patronage
Comanga Crimson Crew Comanga Independent Anarchy
Comanga Universal Co Comanga Independent Corporate
Comasci Brotherhood Comasci Independent Anarchy
Comaucate PLC Comaucate Empire Corporate
Comecab Interstellar Comecab Empire Corporate
Communism Interstellar Union Tjupali Independent Communism
Communist Interstellar Union Anagorovici Independent Communism
Communist Interstellar Union Konbudo Independent Communism
Communist Interstellar Union Q'ero Independent Communism
Concani Defence Force Concani Independent Dictatorship
Concantae Patrons of Law Concantae Empire Patronage
Concantae Vision Incorporated Concantae Independent Corporate
Concateneg Jet Life Holdings Concateneg Empire Corporate
Concheliga Democrats Concheliga Independent Democracy
Concheliga Gold Partnership Concheliga Independent Anarchy
Concheliga Network Concheliga Independent Corporate
Conchucos Gold Vision Org Conchucos Independent Corporate
Condani Blue Pirates Condani Independent Anarchy
Condani Natural Network Condani Independent Corporate
Condi Crimson Rats Condi Independent Anarchy
Condi Progressive Party Condi Federation Democracy
Condi Progressive Party Didavas Federation Democracy
Confederacy Of Nungnges Nungnges Independent Corporate
Confederacy of AC +67 1894 AC +67 1894 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Ackycha Ackycha Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Ackycha LP 37-75 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Alnair Alnair Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Amaucae Amaucae Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Aobriguana Aobriguana Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Argenoi Argenoi Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Bhumato Bhumato Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Bhumbla Bhumbla Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Bondranses Bondranses Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Byel Taca Byel Taca Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of CPD-64 4178 CPD-64 4178 Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of CPO 24 CPO 24 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Cariaya Cariaya Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Chinouk Chinouk Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Chukua Chukua Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Cochipati Cochipati Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Cochipati HERZ 10688 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Devata Baru Devata Baru Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Diviriks Diviriks Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Djirahgwe Djirahgwe Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of G 113-20 G 113-20 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Granthaimi Granthaimi Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Guanatamas Guanatamas Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Gungu Antal Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Gungu Epsilon Andromedae Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Gungu Gungu Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 105359 HIP 105359 Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 33933 HIP 33933 Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 49846 HIP 49846 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 53189 HIP 53189 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 57059 HIP 57059 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 63862 HIP 63862 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 65371 HIP 65371 Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 69230 HIP 69230 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 76650 HIP 76650 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 82088 HIP 82088 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 83995 HIP 83995 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 90810 HIP 90810 Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of HIP 91868 HIP 91868 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of He Qingga He Qingga Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Hreip Hreip Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Hun Chami Hun Chami Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Hunbina Hunbina Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Jeid Jeid Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Jeticans Jeticans Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Kaites Kaites Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Kalkyri Kalkyri Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Kannon Kannon Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Kimir Kimir Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Kobog Kobog Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Kutnal Kutnal Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of LFT 444 LFT 444 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of LHS 295 San Tu Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of LP 535-11 LP 535-11 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of LPM 696 LPM 696 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of LTT 11993 LTT 11993 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Lie Zhi Lie Zhi Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Luvana Luvana Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Maitis Maitis Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Mandubii Mandubii Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Mannica Mannica Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Mech Mech Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Mohara Mohara Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Nann Nann Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Nasiaverni Nasiaverni Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Nenexo Nenexo Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Nuitae Nuitae Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Omicron-2 Eridani Omicron-2 Eridani Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Orniaci Orniaci Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Pan Pan Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Papako Papako Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Peckollates Peckollates Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Pitjari Pitjari Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Primpo Primpo Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Q'eqchi Q'eqchi Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Robole Robole Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Ross 898 Ross 898 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Tefenhita Tefenhita Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Tommo Tommo Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Ulangin Ulangin Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of WISE J000517 WISE J000517 Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Wadjabangai Wadjabangai Independent Confederacy
Confederacy of Walangama Walangama Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Wandjera Wandjera Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Wodaabe Wodaabe Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Yamahun Dalfur Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Yamahun Yamahun Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Yorundi Yorundi Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Yu Chiko Oh Yu Chiko Oh Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Zao Hi Jeidenannsa Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Zoryang Namnetes Federation Confederacy
Confederacy of Zoryang Zoryang Federation Confederacy
Confederation of 7 Kappa Delphini 7 Kappa Delphini Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Acokwa Acokwa Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Amahinohara Amahinohara Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Amang Tzu Amang Tzu Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Anana Anana Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Angatic Angatic Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Anka Anka Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Apisina Apisina Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Aramorians Aramorians Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Balakkuru Balakkuru Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Bendi Bendi Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Bendi LTT 15084 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Bidja Bidja Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Bidja Nareri Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Bonde Bonde Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Chapoyo Chapoyo Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Chuvalungu Chuvalungu Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Cuicatec Cuicatec Independent Confederacy
Confederation of DT Virginis DT Virginis Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Dahan Dahan Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Dahan Morgor Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Dewindji Dewindji Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Ekibiogama Ekibiogama Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Elusughna Elusughna Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Gliese 875 Gliese 875 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Goansi Goansi Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Goibniugo Goibniugo Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 101274 HIP 101274 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 116492 HIP 116492 Independent Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 14974 HIP 14974 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 50054 HIP 50054 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 50155 HIP 50155 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 59315 HIP 59315 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 59655 HIP 59655 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 67458 HIP 67458 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 7245 HIP 7245 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 74161 HIP 74161 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 78466 HIP 78466 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 7930 HIP 7930 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 97174 HIP 97174 Independent Confederacy
Confederation of HIP 97977 HIP 97977 Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Haras Haras Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Harich Harich Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Havat Havat Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Hun Pi Hun Pi Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Jagantjin Jagantjin Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Jamariharma Jamariharma Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Julannsa Julannsa Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Jumukun Jumukun Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Kagutine Kagutine Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Kannona Kannona Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Kanopi Kanopi Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Katui Gyvates Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Katui Katui Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Kedonen Kedonen Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Khasia Khasia Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Kishijoten Kishijoten Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Kong Tzu Kong Tzu Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Kumbwe Kumbwe Federation Confederacy
Confederation of LFT 698 LFT 698 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of LP 764-108 LP 764-108 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of LTT 7251 LTT 7251 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Larais Larais Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Madngernobo Madngernobo Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Malgariji Malgariji Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Medu Medu Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Muriges Muriges Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Nohock Ek Nohock Ek Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Olelbanu Olelbanu Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Owionenseno Owionenseno Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Paresatsaut Paresatsaut Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Polohod Polohod Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Purui Hari Purui Hari Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Quikudi Quikudi Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Rabal Rabal Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Ross 332 Ross 332 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Ross 446 Ross 446 Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Rugai Rugai Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Saelini Saelini Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Skoll Skoll Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Tapoya Tapoya Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Tharuburr Tharuburr Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Tiraon Tiraon Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Tougei Tougei Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Tsetsi Tsetsi Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Tvasus Tvasus Federation Confederacy
Confederation of V848 Monocerotis V848 Monocerotis Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Vesui Vesui Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Virudnir Virudnir Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Vukuapa Enki Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Wongo Wongo Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Wuthudiya Wuthudiya Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Yamunab Yu Yamunab Yu Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Yemaia Xians Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Yemaia Yemaia Independent Confederacy
Confederation of Yemanto Yemanto Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Yuqui Bab Yuqui Bab Alliance Confederacy
Confederation of Zhang Fei Zhang Fei Federation Confederacy
Confederation of Zhonawasi Zhonawasi Federation Confederacy
Coni Crimson Dynamic Co Coni Empire Corporate
Conian Noblement Conian Independent Feudal
Conian Noblement HIP 96072 Independent Feudal
Conii Jet Power Partners Conii Empire Corporate
Conneda Silver Transport & Co Conneda Federation Corporate
Conservatives of 82 Eridani 82 Eridani Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Ajabon Ajabon Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Ajoku Ajoku Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Al Mina Al Mina Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Alacha Alacha Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Anotche Anotche Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Antilope Antilope Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Arcturus Arcturus Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Audheim Audheim Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Bhaga Bhaga Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Bhun Chi Bhun Chi Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Bidia Bidia Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Brabralung Brabralung Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Bratio Bratio Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of CD-66 2585 CD-66 2585 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Cempsigi Cempsigi Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Ch'iang Fei Ch'iang Fei Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Ch'ol Ch'ol Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Choerini Choerini Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Cockaigne Cockaigne Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Cockaigne Meliontit Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Comanga Comanga Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of DzacaliTem DzacaliTem Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Eleu Eleu Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Ewah Ewah Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Flechankob Flechankob Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Fongzi Fongzi Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Fu Haiting Fu Haiting Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Gateway Gateway Alliance Dictatorship
Conservatives of Gatoborod Gatoborod Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Geawete Geawete Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Grebatabea Grebatabea Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Gulngaba Gulngaba Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Gunayeb Gunayeb Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 107385 HIP 107385 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 38129 HIP 38129 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 41984 HIP 41984 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 48754 HIP 48754 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 53196 HIP 53196 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 53452 HIP 53452 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 65632 HIP 65632 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 68160 HIP 68160 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 71527 HIP 71527 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HIP 9742 HIP 9742 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HR 3193 HR 3193 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HR 6948 HR 6948 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of HR 8444 HR 8444 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Hedetes Hedetes Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Hilla Hilla Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Hirata Hirata Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Hisaaka Hisaaka Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Hyldeptu Hyldeptu Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Ibisanyan Ibisanyan Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Ixilalana Ixilalana Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Juan Juan Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Kats Kats Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Kawila Kawila Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Kheretii Kheretii Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Konejang Konejang Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Kudi Kudi Alliance Dictatorship
Conservatives of Kumata Kumata Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of LHS 1617 LHS 1617 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of LTT 12360 LTT 12360 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of LTT 8190 LTT 8190 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of LTT 9552 LTT 9552 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Lahun Lahun Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Liu Xingga Liu Xingga Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Menkent Menkent Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Morixa Morixa Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Narati Shi Narati Shi Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Pikudiyung Pikudiyung Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Plutarch Plutarch Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Poletani Poletani Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Praavapri He Xingo Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Praavapri Praavapri Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Quechi Quechi Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Shapash Shapash Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Tegidana Tegidana Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Tekkeenesi Tekkeenesi Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Telente Telente Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Telie Telie Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Textovices Textovices Empire Dictatorship
Conservatives of Tiliala Akandinigua Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Tiliala Bedaho Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Tiliala Tiliala Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Tiliala Varpet Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Tiolce Tiolce Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Turmati Turmati Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Uracaretii Uracaretii Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Wichsena Wichsena Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Wolf 324 Wolf 324 Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Xi Hydrae Xi Hydrae Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Xuanec Xuanec Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Yab Camalo Yab Camalo Independent Dictatorship
Conservatives of Yavatas Yavatas Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of 17 Lyrae 17 Lyrae Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of 37 Ursae Majoris 37 Ursae Majoris Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of 7 Andromedae 7 Andromedae Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Acani Acani Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Aerial Aerial Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Aknango Aknango Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Alintun Alintun Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Alpha Fornacis Alpha Fornacis Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Anedjet Anedjet Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of As Igala As Igala Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Audusiani Audusiani Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Audusiani Col 285 Sector ID-I c10-15 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of BD-11 5484 BD-11 5484 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Ba Devaci Ba Devaci Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Beledos Beledos Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Bhotepago Bhotepago Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of CD-39 3269 CD-39 3269 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Capukanga Capukanga Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Chaiya Chaiya Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Chicoana Chicoana Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Chona Chona Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Chotec Chotec Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Chuangubu Chuangubu Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Coni Coni Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Cotigagaial Cotigagaial Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Daii Daii Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Dakshalli Dakshalli Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Dakshalli Paesui Xena Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Eravians Eravians Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of FK Aquarii FK Aquarii Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Frey Frey Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Fuelum Fuelum Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of GCRV 61377 GCRV 61377 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Gamma-1 Volantis Gamma-1 Volantis Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Gatolla Gatolla Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Geawer Geawer Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Gende Gende Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Giras Giras Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 108158 HIP 108158 Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 10906 HIP 10906 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 20002 HIP 20002 Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 20920 HIP 20920 Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 24542 HIP 24542 Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 32728 HIP 32728 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 36866 HIP 36866 Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 48141 HIP 48141 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 50805 HIP 50805 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 57080 HIP 57080 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 67058 HIP 67058 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 68434 HIP 68434 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 72423 HIP 72423 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 75124 HIP 75124 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 75762 HIP 75762 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 79682 HIP 79682 Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 85297 HIP 85297 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 87154 HIP 87154 Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of HIP 92742 HIP 92742 Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Haithis Haithis Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Hajong Hajong Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Hurusalki Hurusalki Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Indraseno Indraseno Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Kaduvumbaa Kaduvumbaa Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Kaupolo Kaupolo Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Kehperagwe Kehperagwe Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Koshans Koshans Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Koshans Siris Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Koyans Koyans Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Kupalon Hua Kupalon Hua Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Kwatee Col 285 Sector VG-I b24-6 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of LHS 184 LHS 184 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of LHS 277 LHS 277 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of LTT 11478 LTT 11478 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of LTT 11648 LTT 11648 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of LTT 2322 LTT 2322 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of La Thixo La Thixo Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Laga Laga Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Lemovi Lemovi Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Lendinji Lendinji Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Lohan Lohan Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Mahlanja Mahlanja Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Mannovalo Mannovalo Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Manukan Manukan Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Marakhi Marakhi Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Morronii Morronii Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Namatho Namatho Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Nankobi Nankobi Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Nemetes Nemetes Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Ross 151 Ross 151 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Ross 695 Ross 695 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of San Guan San Guan Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Shatrites Shatrites Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of T'ien T'ien Empire Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Tawilo Tawilo Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Tlakum Tlakum Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Torno Torno Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Tsohave Tsohave Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of UBV 8670 UBV 8670 Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Umbila Umbila Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Upaniklis Upaniklis Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Vorden Vorden Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Vuldrajo Vuldrajo Independent Dictatorship
Constitution Party of Yapelici Yapelici Independent Dictatorship
Contegus Holdings Contegus Federation Corporate
Contegus Holdings Nyokojai Federation Corporate
Contie Gold Netcoms Group Contie Empire Corporate
Contie Monarchy Contie Independent Feudal
Contien Inc Contien Federation Corporate
Contien Raiders Contien Independent Anarchy
Contii Electronics Solutions Contii Independent Corporate
Contii Movement Contii Independent Dictatorship
Contii Order Contii Independent Theocracy
Contiku Blue Brotherhood Contiku Independent Anarchy
Contiku Empire League Contiku Empire Patronage
Conven Blue Transport Corp. Conven Independent Corporate
Conven Independent Consulate Conven Independent Patronage
Conventes Independent League Conventes Independent Patronage
Conventes Purple Boys Conventes Independent Anarchy
Convoumia Blue Cartel Convoumia Independent Anarchy
Convoumia Blue Energy Inc Convoumia Federation Corporate
Convoumis Empire Pact Convoumis Empire Patronage
Cook Electronics Commodities Cook Independent Corporate
Cook Imperial Society Cook Empire Patronage
Cook Odua Silver Dynamic Company Cook Odua Federation Corporate
Cooper Research Associates HIP 19072 Alliance Democracy
Copian Xing Labour Copian Xing Independent Democracy
Copian Xing Services Howard Independent Corporate
Copitanii Imperial Society Li Bende Empire Patronage
Copityar Purple Posse Copityar Independent Anarchy
Copper Research Associates HIP 19072 Alliance Democracy
Coqualki Silver Comms Solutions Coqualki Independent Corporate
Coqueelgovi Advanced Industry Coqueelgovi Independent Corporate
Coquenchel Dominion Coquenchel Independent Feudal
Coquenchel Silver State Int Coquenchel Alliance Corporate
Coquessa Energy Systems Coquessa Federation Corporate
Coqui Renes Co Coqui Renes Federation Corporate
Coqui Renes Co Gunwingaa Federation Corporate
Coqui Renes Syndicate Coqui Renes Independent Anarchy
Coqui Xee Silver Dragons Coqui Xee Independent Anarchy
Coquiabayo Emperor's Grace Coquiabayo Empire Patronage
Coquim Crimson Mob Coquim Independent Anarchy
Coquim Industry Coquim Empire Corporate
Coquim Industry Djambiradh Empire Corporate
Coratha Jet Partnership Coratha Independent Anarchy
Corbago Corsairs Corbago Independent Anarchy
Corbenic Major & Co Corbenic Federation Corporate
Corbenic Progressive Party Corbenic Federation Democracy
Corbin Jet State Solutions Corbin Federation Corporate
Corbin Justice Party Corbin Independent Dictatorship
Corbin United Industries Corbin Federation Corporate
Cordenet Citizens' Forum Lachangu Empire Patronage
Cordenet Group Amphisatsu Empire Corporate
Cordenet Group Cordenet Empire Corporate
Cordenet Jet Ring Cordenet Independent Anarchy
Cordenses Conservatives Cordenses Independent Dictatorship
Cordenses Energy Corp. Col 285 Sector HG-C b14-1 Federation Corporate
Cordenses Energy Corp. Cordenses Federation Corporate
Coriabog Labour Coriabog Federation Democracy
Corian Guit Allied Corporation Corian Guit Independent Corporate
Corian Guit Pro-Independent Pact Corian Guit Independent Patronage
Coriat Dominion Coriat Empire Dictatorship
Coriat Silver Organisation Coriat Independent Anarchy
Coriba Legal Systems Coriba Empire Corporate
Coribes Legal Industries Coribes Federation Corporate
Coriccha Power Partners Coriccha Federation Corporate
Corin Fortune Exchange Corin Independent Corporate
Corin Jet State Corporation Corin Empire Corporate
Coringha Galactic Industry Coringha Empire Corporate
Coringha Galactic Industry Di Kun Empire Corporate
Corio Emperor's Grace Corio Empire Patronage
Corio Jet Allied Industry Corio Independent Corporate
Corio United Systems Corio Empire Corporate
Corioru Nationals Corioru Independent Dictatorship
Corioskur Monarchy Corioskur Empire Feudal
Coritab United Limited Coritab Federation Corporate
Corithi Prison Colony Corithi Independent Prison Colony
Coritini Order Coritini Independent Dictatorship
Coritini Services Coritini Independent Corporate
Coritini Shared Coritini Independent Cooperative
Coritures Crimson Society Coritures Independent Anarchy
Corn Pin Power Ltd Corn Pin Independent Corporate
Cornacates Empire League Cornacates Empire Patronage
Cornacates Purple Netcoms Hldgs Cornacates Empire Corporate
Cornae Patrons of Law Cornae Empire Patronage
Corngaranga Labour Corngaranga Independent Democracy
Corngari Autocracy Corngari Empire Dictatorship
Corngari Network Corngari Independent Corporate
Cornsar Partners Cornsar Independent Corporate
Cornsar Silver Electronics Comp Cornsar Independent Corporate
Corvos Khan Independent Anarchy
Corycia Crimson Allied Corp. Corycia Federation Corporate
Cosi Holdings Cosi Independent Corporate
Cosi PLC Cosi Federation Corporate
Cosi Silver Raiders Cosi Independent Anarchy
Cosiao Services Cosiao Empire Corporate
Cosiao United Cosiao Independent Cooperative
Cotiachis Energy & Co Cotiachis Empire Corporate
Cotidji Company Cotidji Federation Corporate
Cotidji Society Cotidji Independent Anarchy
Cotigagaial Blue Legal Corp. Cotigagaial Independent Corporate
Cotigagaial Resistance Cotigagaial Federation Democracy
Cotigagaial Silver Life & Co Cotigagaial Independent Corporate
Cotiges Camorra Cotiges Independent Anarchy
Cotin Co-operative Cotin Independent Cooperative
Cotin Silver Boys Cotin Independent Anarchy
Cotini League Cotini Federation Confederacy
Cowicas Company Cowicas Independent Corporate
Cowini Crimson Logistics Network Cowini Empire Corporate
Cowini Emperor's Grace Cowini Empire Patronage
Cowini Silver Major Group Cowini Independent Corporate
Cowini Values Party Cowini Independent Democracy
Cowiska Nobles Cowiska Independent Feudal
Coyopa Dynamic Organisation Coyopa Independent Corporate
Coyopa Patron's Principles Coyopa Empire Patronage
Cozaanat Gold Travel Company Cozaanat Empire Corporate
Cratanakulu Jet Fortune Services Cratanakulu Independent Corporate
Crataru Independent Governance Crataru Independent Patronage
Crataru Partnership Crataru Independent Anarchy
Crathajapus Autocracy Crathajapus Independent Dictatorship
Crathajapus Confederacy Crathajapus Independent Confederacy
Crathajapus Galactic Industry Crathajapus Federation Corporate
Crathiganit Future Crathiganit Independent Democracy
Crathiganit Liberty Party Crathiganit Independent Dictatorship
Crathiganit Purple Central Corp. Crathiganit Independent Corporate
Crato Co-op Crato Independent Cooperative
Crato Mafia Crato Independent Anarchy
Crew of 18 Lambda Piscium 18 Lambda Piscium Independent Anarchy
Crew of Ahau Kichua Ahau Kichua Independent Anarchy
Crew of Alkalurops Alkalurops Independent Anarchy
Crew of Arnga Arnga Independent Anarchy
Crew of Arnga Jadimo Independent Anarchy
Crew of Arnga Tilo Independent Anarchy
Crew of BD-04 2421 BD-04 2421 Independent Anarchy
Crew of Barango Barango Independent Anarchy
Crew of Betet Betet Independent Anarchy
Crew of Bracari Bracari Independent Anarchy
Crew of Chong Dungu Chong Dungu Independent Anarchy
Crew of Chuuahill Chuuahill Independent Anarchy
Crew of Clido Pi Clido Pi Independent Anarchy
Crew of Etz'nambe Etz'nambe Independent Anarchy
Crew of Fongzi Fongzi Independent Anarchy
Crew of Gamamonga Gamamonga Independent Anarchy
Crew of Gamatcho Gamatcho Independent Anarchy
Crew of HIP 21123 HIP 21123 Independent Anarchy
Crew of HIP 6978 Piscium Sector BQ-Y b0 Independent Anarchy
Crew of HIP 71165 HIP 71165 Alliance Anarchy
Crew of HIP 9141 HIP 9141 Independent Anarchy
Crew of HIP 97160 HIP 97160 Independent Anarchy
Crew of HIP 9741 HIP 9741 Independent Anarchy
Crew of HR 8474 HR 8474 Federation Democracy
Crew of HR 8662 HR 8662 Independent Anarchy
Crew of Hevernaku Hevernaku Independent Anarchy
Crew of Hunzi Hunzi Independent Anarchy
Crew of Itzani Itzani Independent Anarchy
Crew of Kadroa Kadroa Independent Anarchy
Crew of Kheret Kheret Independent Anarchy
Crew of Kipsigines Kipsigines Independent Anarchy
Crew of Koknan Koknan Independent Anarchy
Crew of Konejandi Konejandi Independent Anarchy
Crew of Koskurni Koskurni Independent Anarchy
Crew of LHS 3666 LHS 3666 Independent Anarchy
Crew of LTT 5237 LTT 5237 Independent Anarchy
Crew of Lumba Lumba Independent Anarchy
Crew of Mons Mons Independent Communism
Crew of NLTT 21176 NLTT 21176 Independent Anarchy
Crew of Nanabozho Nanabozho Independent Anarchy
Crew of Ngorowai Ngorowai Independent Anarchy
Crew of Nyaminawe Nyaminawe Independent Anarchy
Crew of Pareda Pareda Independent Anarchy
Crew of Sedna Sedna Independent Anarchy
Crew of Taimin Taimin Independent Anarchy
Crew of Tao Gu Tao Gu Independent Anarchy
Crew of Taultam Taultam Independent Anarchy
Crew of Tharni Tharni Independent Anarchy
Crew of Tharu Tharu Independent Anarchy
Crew of Ts'ao Hii Ts'ao Hii Independent Anarchy
Crew of Viron Viron Independent Anarchy
Crew of Wakos Wakos Independent Anarchy
Crew of Wandir Wandir Independent Anarchy
Crew of Waukan Waukan Independent Anarchy
Crew of Yamasan Yamasan Independent Anarchy
Crew of Yngvir Yngvir Independent Anarchy
Crew of Zemetii Zemetii Independent Anarchy
Crimson Advanced Corporation HIP 102817 Empire Corporate
Crimson Advanced Services 55 Virginis Independent Corporate
Crimson Advanced Systems NLTT 1139 Federation Corporate
Crimson Allied Holdings Kalivunian Independent Corporate
Crimson Allied Incorporated Hai Chan Independent Corporate
Crimson Bridge Corporation HIP 97704 Independent Corporate
Crimson Bridge Exchange 7 Zeta-2 Lyrae Independent Corporate
Crimson Bridge Group Svitra Independent Corporate
Crimson Bridge Industry HIP 46478 Federation Corporate
Crimson Bridge Limited HIP 11192 Independent Corporate
Crimson Bridge Ltd Dolanque Federation Corporate
Crimson Bridge Partners Trigosan Federation Corporate
Crimson Bridge Services Iranadhisa Independent Corporate
Crimson Clearance Group Quiablinja Empire Corporate
Crimson Comms & Co BD+75 58 Federation Corporate
Crimson Comms Commodities Akhenaten Federation Corporate
Crimson Comms Exchange HIP 4764 Empire Corporate
Crimson Comms Industry Nayahun Independent Corporate
Crimson Comms Limited Sabikami Federation Corporate
Crimson Creative Company HIP 95772 Independent Corporate
Crimson Creative Exchange Brunne Federation Corporate
Crimson Creative Solutions LTT 8066 Independent Corporate
Crimson Dynamic Commodities LHS 380 Federation Corporate
Crimson Dynamic Group HIP 3020 Empire Corporate
Crimson Dynamic Incorporated Koboroma Federation Corporate
Crimson Dynamic Industry Wikna Independent Corporate
Crimson Dynamic Interstellar LTT 9028 Independent Corporate
Crimson Electronics Corporation Jaitu Federation Corporate
Crimson Electronics Group Amahuaca Empire Corporate
Crimson Electronics Ltd Antobri Independent Corporate
Crimson Energy Company Perket Federation Corporate
Crimson Energy Exchange HIP 18725 Federation Corporate
Crimson Energy Exchange Misao Federation Corporate
Crimson Energy Exchange Teppanik Federation Corporate
Crimson Energy Industries HIP 13674 Federation Corporate
Crimson Federal PLC Kupoledari Independent Corporate
Crimson Federal Partners Yorundi Federation Corporate
Crimson Fortune & Co Bamileng Alliance Corporate
Crimson Fortune Exchange Odudungu Federation Corporate
Crimson Fortune Industry Svantetit Independent Corporate
Crimson Galactic & Co Sisi Federation Corporate
Crimson Galactic Co HIP 20492 Independent Corporate
Crimson Galactic Corp. Pipinoukhe Independent Corporate
Crimson Galactic Services Ross 528 Independent Corporate
Crimson General Company Kappa Andromedae Independent Corporate
Crimson General Industry Coelrind Federation Corporate
Crimson General Limited Jukat Independent Corporate
Crimson General Limited Ongkala Independent Corporate
Crimson General PLC G 173-53 Federation Corporate
Crimson Legal & Co 82 Eridani Federation Corporate
Crimson Legal Co Korai Federation Corporate
Crimson Legal Company Khawathlang Federation Corporate
Crimson Legal Group Nahuatl Independent Corporate
Crimson Legal Holdings Koyang Independent Corporate
Crimson Legal Organisation NLTT 14641 Empire Corporate
Crimson Life Limited Attacates Independent Corporate
Crimson Life Organisation LTT 1598 Empire Corporate
Crimson Life Services Li Prope Federation Corporate
Crimson Life Solutions Hun Chami Independent Corporate
Crimson Life Systems Bingo Empire Corporate
Crimson Major Corp. Grabri Independent Corporate
Crimson Major Holdings CD-86 84 Independent Corporate
Crimson Major Limited Belevnis Independent Corporate
Crimson Major Organisation Wambal Federation Corporate
Crimson Major Services Epomana Federation Corporate
Crimson Mining and Salvage Corporation HIP 75446 Independent Corporate
Crimson Natural Inc Kanzicnal Empire Corporate
Crimson Natural Interstellar HIP 1687 Independent Corporate
Crimson Natural Systems Lauksa Federation Corporate
Crimson Netcoms & Co HIP 113942 Empire Corporate
Crimson Netcoms Holdings Knepagari Empire Corporate
Crimson Netcoms Organisation Siluror Independent Corporate
Crimson Netcoms Partners Geawetes Independent Corporate
Crimson Power Company Jaaka Independent Corporate
Crimson Power Exchange Tepech Federation Corporate
Crimson Power Holdings Ross 695 Federation Corporate
Crimson Public Interstellar Sigru Independent Corporate
Crimson State Corp. Icones Federation Corporate
Crimson State Group LHS 2441 Independent Corporate
Crimson State Group LHS 332 Independent Corporate
Crimson State Group Lugh Independent Corporate
Crimson State Group Masszony Independent Corporate
Crimson State Industry Cardea Empire Corporate
Crimson State Limited Diso Alliance Corporate
Crimson Transport & Co Shanluo Zi Federation Corporate
Crimson Transport Corporation LTT 8701 Federation Corporate
Crimson Transport Corporation Semali Federation Corporate
Crimson Transport Ltd Korro Kung Federation Corporate
Crimson Travel Company HIP 107587 Independent Corporate
Crimson Travel Partners Brulidji Empire Corporate
Crimson Travel Solutions LP 681-91 Federation Corporate
Crimson Vision Company HIP 109228 Empire Corporate
Crimson Vision Incorporated LP 377-78 Federation Corporate
Croatigae Free Croatigae Independent Democracy
Croatigae Gold Natural Network Croatigae Empire Corporate
Croatigae Guardians of Tradition Croatigae Empire Patronage
Crom Dubh Silver Allied Services Crom Dubh Empire Corporate
Crom Silver Boys 69 G. Carinae Independent Anarchy
Crom Silver Boys Crom Independent Anarchy
Crom Silver Boys Herthe Independent Anarchy
Crom Silver Boys Laifangyi Independent Anarchy
Crom Silver Boys Un Narraya Independent Anarchy
Croman Dynamic Incorporated Croman Empire Corporate
Cromen Travel Organisation Cromen Federation Corporate
Cromovii Federal Incorporated Cromovii Federation Corporate
Cromovit Bureau Cromovit Empire Dictatorship
Cromovit Corp. Cromovit Federation Corporate
Cromovit Front Cromovit Independent Dictatorship
Crowfor Liberty Party Crowfor Independent Dictatorship
Crowfor Vision Services Crowfor Independent Corporate
Crystal Armada Pangilagara Empire Confederacy
Cuachini Constitution Party Cuachini Independent Dictatorship
Cuachini Movement Cuachini Independent Dictatorship
Cuachini Services Cuachini Independent Corporate
Cuachini Services Weleutaheim Independent Corporate
Cuages Company Cuages Independent Corporate
Cubeo First Cubeo Independent Dictatorship
Cubeo Patron's Principles Cubeo Empire Patronage
Cubere Free Cubere Federation Democracy
Cubere Nationals Cubere Independent Dictatorship
Cuchaan Energy PLC Cuchaan Federation Corporate
Cuchan Focus Cuchan Independent Dictatorship
Cuchan Values Party Cuchan Independent Democracy
Cuchoen Inc Aunochis Federation Corporate
Cuchoen Inc Cuchoen Federation Corporate
Cuchua & Co Cuchua Independent Corporate
Cuchua Allied PLC Cuchua Independent Corporate
Cuchua Camorra Cuchua Independent Anarchy
Cuchua Empire Assembly Cuchua Empire Patronage
Cuchua Empire Assembly Teledolyaqa Empire Patronage
Cuchua Republic Party Cuchua Independent Democracy
Cuic Co Cuic Federation Corporate
Cuic Co-op Cuic Independent Cooperative
Cuichit Gold Mafia Cuichit Independent Anarchy
Cult of HIP 109067 HIP 109067 Independent Theocracy
Cumalam State Network Cumalam Independent Corporate
Cupen Co-op Cupen Independent Cooperative
Cupiaci Galactic Interstellar Cupiaci Empire Corporate
Cupiaci Unionists Cupiaci Independent Communism
Cupiat Allied Commodities Cupiat Federation Corporate
Cupiat Gold Mafia Cupiat Independent Anarchy
Cupinook Industry Cupinook Federation Corporate
Cupinook Pro-Alliance Union Cupinook Alliance Patronage
Cupis Vision Network Cupis Independent Corporate
Cupisii Comms Ltd Cupisii Independent Corporate
Cupisii Crew Cupisii Independent Anarchy
Curia Empire League Curia Empire Patronage
Curia Federal Interstellar Curia Independent Corporate
Cybele Universal Inc Cybele Federation Corporate
Cynetek Nobles Cynetek Independent Feudal
Cynetes Democrats Cynetes Independent Democracy
Cynetes Guardians of Tradition Cynetes Empire Patronage
Cynetes Jet Boys Cynetes Independent Anarchy
Cynetes Partners Cynetes Independent Corporate
Cyneticels Inc Cyneticels Independent Corporate
Cyneticels PLC Cyneticels Federation Corporate
Cyro Sunrise Batari Independent Democracy
Czerni Allied PLC Czerni Empire Corporate
Czerni Liberty Party Czerni Empire Dictatorship
Czerno Jet Fortune Group Czerno Federation Corporate
Czernobog Organisation Czernobog Independent Anarchy
Czernovale Justice Party Czernovale Independent Dictatorship

Index page for minor factions

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