This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char E. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
E.X.O LDS 883 Independent Democracy
E.X.O Wayaliti Independent Democracy
E.X.O Wolf 1301 Independent Democracy
E.X.O Xang Tzu Federation Corporate
EDA Kunti League Kunti Independent Prison Colony
EDC Commonwealth 3 Corvi Independent Democracy
EG Union Euryale Independent Dictatorship
EG Union Kerebaei Independent Dictatorship
EG Union Mat Zemlya Independent Dictatorship
EG Union Putamasin Independent Dictatorship
EGGR 431 Systems EGGR 431 Federation Corporate
EGM 762 United Partners EGM 762 Empire Corporate
EP Eridani United Corp. EP Eridani Federation Corporate
EQ Pegasi Jet Power Partners EQ Pegasi Federation Corporate
EQ Pegasi Resistance EQ Pegasi Federation Democracy
EQ Pegasi Resistance LHS 4003 Federation Democracy
Earls of Adan Adan Empire Feudal
Earls of Aegilips Aegilips Independent Feudal
Earls of Aguan Aguan Independent Feudal
Earls of Anates Anates Independent Feudal
Earls of Angaluk Angaluk Empire Feudal
Earls of Aravaci Aravaci Independent Feudal
Earls of Balakkuru Balakkuru Independent Feudal
Earls of Bean Bean Independent Feudal
Earls of Belachina Belachina Independent Feudal
Earls of Beta Catonis Beta Catonis Alliance Feudal
Earls of Bipedi Bipedi Independent Feudal
Earls of Bishan Bishan Independent Feudal
Earls of Bratisas Bratisas Independent Feudal
Earls of Cenu Ku Cenu Ku Empire Feudal
Earls of Dedwender Dedwender Independent Feudal
Earls of Dhrites Dhrites Independent Feudal
Earls of Doolonii Doolonii Independent Feudal
Earls of Doolonii Prim Independent Feudal
Earls of Ejagalki Ejagalki Independent Feudal
Earls of Ekondalie Ekondalie Independent Feudal
Earls of Evnis Evnis Independent Feudal
Earls of Gatondos Gatondos Independent Feudal
Earls of HIP 105577 HIP 105577 Independent Feudal
Earls of HIP 12966 HIP 12966 Independent Feudal
Earls of HIP 37735 HIP 37735 Independent Feudal
Earls of HIP 45274 HIP 45274 Independent Feudal
Earls of HIP 48365 HIP 48365 Independent Feudal
Earls of HIP 48701 HIP 48701 Independent Feudal
Earls of HIP 50826 HIP 50826 Independent Feudal
Earls of HIP 55469 HIP 55469 Independent Feudal
Earls of HIP 99792 HIP 99792 Independent Feudal
Earls of Hajangerni Hajangerni Independent Feudal
Earls of Haradhyas Haradhyas Independent Feudal
Earls of Hehenes Hehenes Independent Feudal
Earls of Hesatsu Hesatsu Empire Feudal
Earls of Hupan Hupan Independent Feudal
Earls of Idunga Idunga Independent Feudal
Earls of Iksvati Iksvati Independent Feudal
Earls of Indi Indi Independent Feudal
Earls of Jukate Jukate Independent Feudal
Earls of Katobriges Katobriges Independent Feudal
Earls of Keiadir Keiadir Empire Feudal
Earls of Koraj Koraj Independent Feudal
Earls of Kotilem Kotilem Independent Feudal
Earls of LHS 2725 LHS 2725 Alliance Feudal
Earls of LHS 283 LHS 283 Independent Feudal
Earls of LTT 6431 LTT 6431 Independent Feudal
Earls of Lepchazi Lepchazi Independent Feudal
Earls of Lopemakinn Lopemakinn Independent Feudal
Earls of Lusong Lusong Empire Feudal
Earls of Medzistine Medzistine Independent Feudal
Earls of Men Shi Men Shi Independent Feudal
Earls of Mindji Mindji Independent Feudal
Earls of Miritu Miritu Independent Feudal
Earls of Mokpati Mokpati Empire Feudal
Earls of NLTT 41712 NLTT 41712 Independent Feudal
Earls of Ngobogdii Ngobogdii Independent Feudal
Earls of Nidanga Nidanga Independent Feudal
Earls of Ninibo Ninibo Independent Feudal
Earls of Nyikan Nyikan Independent Feudal
Earls of Olkondi Olkondi Independent Feudal
Earls of Othe Othe Independent Feudal
Earls of Padhbh Padhbh Independent Feudal
Earls of Primpo Primpo Independent Feudal
Earls of Pripai Pripai Empire Feudal
Earls of Ramadillan Ramadillan Independent Feudal
Earls of Ross 193 Ross 193 Independent Feudal
Earls of Ross 601 Ross 601 Independent Feudal
Earls of Sakpata Sakpata Independent Feudal
Earls of Sha Di Sha Di Independent Feudal
Earls of Shojon Shojon Independent Feudal
Earls of Silurion Silurion Independent Feudal
Earls of Sokoi Sokoi Empire Feudal
Earls of Taotienses Taotienses Independent Feudal
Earls of Tefenhita Tefenhita Independent Feudal
Earls of Tenhar Tenhar Independent Feudal
Earls of Tigura Tigura Independent Feudal
Earls of Toxanda Toxanda Independent Feudal
Earls of Tsimaia Tsimaia Independent Feudal
Earls of Tsonensei Tsonensei Independent Feudal
Earls of Varchi Varchi Independent Feudal
Earls of Vardh Vardh Independent Feudal
Earls of Velabri Velabri Empire Feudal
Earls of Walbanga Walbanga Independent Feudal
Earls of Wolf 1329 Wolf 1329 Independent Feudal
Earls of Xibalba Xibalba Empire Feudal
Earls of Yu Qiano Yu Qiano Independent Feudal
Earls of Zemlya Zemlya Independent Feudal
Earth Defense Fleet Atagat Federation Corporate
Earth Defense Fleet Chi Orionis Federation Corporate
Earth Defense Fleet LHS 200 Federation Corporate
Earth Defense Fleet Okinura Federation Corporate
Earth Defense Fleet Ross 41 Federation Corporate
East Galaxy Company Rhea Federation Corporate
East India Company Dakvar Empire Corporate
East India Company Kappa Fornacis Empire Corporate
East India Company LP 711-43 Empire Corporate
East India Company LP 771-72 Empire Corporate
East India Company LTT 1349 Empire Corporate
Ebana Mob Ebana Independent Anarchy
Ebandii Purple Power PLC Ebandii Empire Corporate
Ebanji Collective Ebanji Independent Cooperative
Ebanji Comms Network Ebanji Independent Corporate
Ebisopiac Systems Ebisopiac Federation Corporate
Ebisu Life PLC Ebisu Independent Corporate
Ebor Services Ebor Federation Corporate
Eborai Coalition Buluwai Federation Confederacy
Eborai Coalition Eborai Federation Confederacy
Eburnakura Purple Advanced Sysy Eburnakura Independent Corporate
Edanditis Incorporated Edanditis Federation Corporate
Ededleen Fortune Corp. Ededleen Independent Corporate
Ededleen Progressive Party Ededleen Independent Democracy
Edenaiwan Industry Edenaiwan Federation Corporate
Edenapel Company Edenapel Independent Corporate
Edenapel Corp. Edenapel Federation Corporate
Edenapel Freedom Party Edenapel Independent Dictatorship
Edenapel Future Edenapel Independent Democracy
Edenapel Society Edenapel Independent Anarchy
Edene Travel Organisation Edene Federation Corporate
Edene Unionists Edene Independent Communism
Edenses Comms Incorporated Edenses Federation Corporate
Edenses Progressive Party Edenses Federation Democracy
Edensu PLC Edensu Empire Corporate
Edenwi Clan Edenwi Independent Anarchy
Edin Independents Edin Federation Democracy
Edindui Confederacy Edindui Independent Confederacy
Edinia Jet Gang Edinia Independent Anarchy
Edinifex Gold Ring Edinifex Independent Anarchy
Edinura Electronics Systems Edinura Independent Corporate
Edinura Empire Pact Edinura Empire Patronage
Eea Bridge Inc Eea Independent Corporate
Eea Jet Public Incorporated Eea Federation Corporate
Eeyen Blue Gang Eeyen Independent Anarchy
Eeyen Future Eeyen Independent Democracy
Eeyen Systems Eeyen Federation Corporate
Efnisei Comms Ltd Efnisei Independent Corporate
Efnisei Republic Party Efnisei Federation Democracy
Ega Purple Crew Ega Independent Anarchy
Egeria Front Egeria Independent Dictatorship
Egeria Partners Egeria Federation Corporate
Egovach Silver Legal Exchange Egovach Federation Corporate
Egovae Empire Party Egovae Empire Patronage
Egovae Gold Legal Limited Egovae Independent Corporate
Egovae Industry Egovae Empire Corporate
Egovi Dominion Egovi Independent Dictatorship
Egovi Union Egovi Independent Communism
Egunnlod Blue Ring Egunnlod Independent Anarchy
Ehecatl Dynamic Systems Ehecatl Independent Corporate
Ehecatl Free Ehecatl Federation Democracy
Ehecatl Silver Creative Ltd Ehecatl Federation Corporate
Ehi Silver Rats Ehi Independent Anarchy
Ehlanda Citizens of Tradition Ehlanda Empire Patronage
Ehlanda Corporation Ehlanda Empire Corporate
Ehlangai Co Ehlangai Federation Corporate
Ehlauneti Rats Ehlauneti Independent Anarchy
Ehlauneti Vision Systems Ehlauneti Independent Corporate
Eingasan Citizens of Tradition Eingasan Empire Patronage
Eingasan Jet Federal Network Eingasan Independent Corporate
Eingin Flag Eingin Independent Dictatorship
Eir Citizen Party Eir Independent Communism
Eir Silver Pirates Eir Independent Anarchy
Eitha Di Order Eitha Di Independent Dictatorship
Eitha Di Resistance Eitha Di Federation Democracy
Eitha Services Eitha Independent Corporate
Eithure Family Eithure Independent Anarchy
Ejagalki Jet Camorra Ejagalki Independent Anarchy
Ejagani Crimson Brothers Ejagani Independent Anarchy
Ejagani Solutions Ejagani Federation Corporate
Ejagarifuna Dominion Ejagarifuna Empire Feudal
Ejagarifuna Purple Posse Ejagarifuna Independent Anarchy
Ejagh Bureau Ejagh Independent Dictatorship
Ejaghan Crimson Council Ejaghan Independent Anarchy
Ejaghan Dynamic Incorporated Ejaghan Independent Corporate
Ek Zi Gu Purple Life Solutions Ek Zi Gu Empire Corporate
Ek Zi Hand Gang Ek Zi Independent Anarchy
Ek Ziyi Allied Solutions Ek Ziyi Empire Corporate
Ekchucosi Bridge Services Ekchucosi Independent Corporate
Ekchucosi Systems Ekchucosi Independent Corporate
Ekibiogaia Nationalists Ekibiogaia Empire Dictatorship
Ekoimudji Focus Ekoimudji Independent Dictatorship
Ekoimudji Jet Allied Network Ekoimudji Independent Corporate
Ekoimurt First CD-74 1370 Empire Dictatorship
Ekoimurt First Ekoimurt Empire Dictatorship
Ekoimurt Monarchy Ekoimurt Empire Feudal
Ekondhri Jet Hand Gang Ekondhri Independent Anarchy
Ekondhri Patron's Principles Ekondhri Empire Patronage
Ekondhri Patron's Principles Lidar Empire Patronage
Ekonii Crimson Fortune Solutions Ekonii Empire Corporate
Ekonii Crimson Fortune Solutions Tjupalar Empire Corporate
Ekonir Legal Inc Ekonir Federation Corporate
Ekonir Partnership Ekonir Federation Confederacy
Ekono Emperor's Grace Ekono Empire Patronage
Ekono Jet Public Holdings Ekono Empire Corporate
Ekur Crew Ekur Independent Anarchy
Ekur Independents Ekur Independent Democracy
Ekurninka Fortune Limited Ekurninka Alliance Corporate
Ekurninka Silver Mafia Ekurninka Independent Anarchy
Ekuru for Equality Ekuru Federation Democracy
El Confederation El Federation Confederacy
El Tio & Co El Tio Empire Corporate
El Tio Independents El Tio Independent Democracy
Elaba Empire Consulate Elaba Empire Patronage
Elaba Partners Elaba Independent Corporate
Elata Crimson Natural Industries Elata Independent Corporate
Elata Gold Camorra Elata Independent Anarchy
Elata Revolutionary Party Elata Independent Communism
Elbiones United Partners Elbiones Empire Corporate
Elboong Blue Creative Network Elboong Independent Corporate
Elboong Regulatory State Elboong Independent Dictatorship
Elboongzi First Col 285 Sector SE-P c6-19 Independent Dictatorship
Elboongzi First Elboongzi Independent Dictatorship
Elboongzi Silver Advanced Hldgs Elboongzi Independent Corporate
Elboongzi Values Party Elboongzi Federation Democracy
Eledas Bridge & Co Eledas Federation Corporate
Eledas Silver Organisation Eledas Independent Anarchy
Eledit Silver Electronics Ex Eledit Empire Corporate
Eledolyaks Alliance Mandate Eledolyaks Alliance Patronage
Eledolyaks Federal Co Eledolyaks Federation Corporate
Eledolyaks Mob Eledolyaks Independent Anarchy
Eledonga Free Eledonga Federation Democracy
Eledonga Raiders Eledonga Independent Anarchy
Eleges Dragons Eleges Independent Anarchy
Eleges Gold Travel Company Eleges Independent Corporate
Eleges Patrons of Law Eleges Empire Patronage
Eleu Energy Corporation Eleu Federation Corporate
Eleu General Interstellar Eleu Independent Corporate
Eleu Liberty Party Eleu Independent Dictatorship
Eleumo Empire Group Eleumo Empire Patronage
Eleumo General Network Eleumo Independent Corporate
Eleumo Jet Galactic & Co Eleumo Empire Corporate
Elite German Commanders 9 Ceti Federation Democracy
Elite German Commanders Una Federation Democracy
Elite Rebel Force Altair Federation Confederacy
Elite Rebel Force Ross 730 Federation Confederacy
Elite Space Corporation Gurabru Independent Corporate
Elivagar Silver Advanced Ind Elivagar Independent Corporate
Elivagar for Equality Elivagar Federation Democracy
Elska Gold Clan Elska Independent Anarchy
Eluscap Defence Force Eluscap Alliance Dictatorship
Eluscap Pro-Alliance Bond Eluscap Alliance Patronage
Eluskapu Gold General Company Eluskapu Independent Corporate
Elycoch Independent League Elycoch Independent Patronage
Elycochos Vision Organisation Elycochos Independent Corporate
Elycoco Nationals Col 285 Sector VO-I c9-12 Empire Dictatorship
Elycoco Nationals Elycoco Empire Dictatorship
Elycoco Nationals HIP 1290 Empire Dictatorship
Elycoco Nationals Shu Babassi Empire Dictatorship
Elycoco Purple Mafia Elycoco Independent Anarchy
Elysia Unionists Elysia Independent Communism
Elysium Corp Yembo Independent Corporate
Ember Defence Party Ember Empire Dictatorship
Ember Flag Ember Independent Dictatorship
Ember Future Ember Independent Democracy
Ember Life Industries Ember Empire Corporate
Emblandjin Jet Public Network Emblandjin Independent Corporate
Emblannovii Energy Corp. Emblannovii Independent Corporate
Emblannovii Imperial Society Emblannovii Empire Patronage
Emblannovii Limited Emblannovii Empire Corporate
Eme Holdings Eme Federation Corporate
Eme Jet Syndicate Eme Independent Anarchy
Eme for Equality Eme Federation Democracy
Emperor's Will Beta-1 Tucanae Empire Patronage
Emperors Fist CD-72 190 Empire Theocracy
Empire Corsairs Bobadzihozo Empire Patronage
Empire Corsairs Duronese Empire Corporate
Empire Corsairs Sowathara Empire Corporate
En Kamis Organisation En Kamis Independent Corporate
En Ku Shun Organisation En Ku Shun Independent Corporate
En Kua Alliance En Kua Federation Confederacy
En Kungu Central Ltd En Kungu Independent Corporate
En Kungu Clan En Kungu Independent Anarchy
En Kunthurs Camorra En Kunthurs Independent Anarchy
En Kunthurs Group En Kunthurs Federation Corporate
Enawai Independent Protectorate Enawai Independent Patronage
Enaworka Purple United Company Enaworka Empire Corporate
Enbilulu Creative Limited Ardh Federation Corporate
Enbilulu Creative Limited Enbilulu Federation Corporate
Enchimanda Purple Posse Enchimanda Independent Anarchy
Endin Gold Bridge Group Endin Independent Corporate
Endin Prison Colony Endin Independent Prison Colony
Endr Dominion Endr Independent Feudal
Enek Comms Co Enek Independent Corporate
Enek Free Enek Federation Democracy
Enekpengyi Limited Enekpengyi Independent Corporate
Enet Front Enet Independent Dictatorship
Enete Dominion Enete Independent Feudal
Enetet Bridge Systems Enetet Independent Corporate
Enetet State Company Enetet Federation Corporate
Enga Defence Force Enga Independent Dictatorship
Engineer Kuwemaki Empire Corporate
Enki Alliance Protectorate Enki Alliance Patronage
Ennead Gold Mafia Ennead Independent Anarchy
Ensoreus Family Ensoreus Independent Anarchy
Ensoreus Galactic Network Ensoreus Independent Corporate
Ensoreus Limited Ensoreus Independent Corporate
Eochi Patron's Principles Eochi Empire Patronage
Eochumlia Legal Industry Eochumlia Federation Corporate
Eorasa Liberty Party Eorasa Independent Dictatorship
Eoti Jet Federal Group Eoti Federation Corporate
Eotienses Citizens' Forum Eotienses Empire Patronage
Eotienses Silver Universal PLC Eotienses Empire Corporate
Eototari Resistance Eototari Independent Democracy
Eototari Transport Incorporated Eototari Independent Corporate
Epoma Citizens' Forum Epoma Empire Patronage
Epomamo Incorporated Epomamo Independent Corporate
Epomani Exchange Epomani Independent Corporate
Epomani Jet Universal Ltd Epomani Independent Corporate
Epomani Theocracy Epomani Independent Theocracy
Epomatz Silver Public Corp Epomatz Independent Corporate
Epsilon Andromedae Council Epsilon Andromedae Independent Anarchy
Epsilon Cygni Focus Epsilon Cygni Independent Dictatorship
Epsilon Eridani Future Epsilon Eridani Federation Democracy
Epsilon Fornacis Federal Solutions Epsilon Fornacis Independent Corporate
Epsilon Hydri Commodities Epsilon Hydri Empire Corporate
Epsilon Indi Jet Allied Industry Epsilon Indi Federation Corporate
Epsilon Indi Party Epsilon Indi Independent Dictatorship
Epsilon Microscopii Fortune Commodities Epsilon Microscopii Independent Corporate
Epsilon Microscopii Indie Union Epsilon Microscopii Independent Patronage
Epsilon Microscopii Union Epsilon Microscopii Independent Communism
Epsilon Monocerotis Universal Epsilon Monocerotis Federation Corporate
Epsilon Phoenicis Crimson Dynamic Epsilon Phoenicis Empire Corporate
Epsilon Phoenicis Principles Epsilon Phoenicis Empire Patronage
Epsilon Scorpii Central Corp. Epsilon Scorpii Independent Corporate
Epsilon Scorpii Dominion Epsilon Scorpii Independent Dictatorship
Epsilon Scorpii Inc Epsilon Scorpii Independent Corporate
Epsilon Serpentis Electronics Epsilon Serpentis Federation Corporate
Epsilon-2 Arae Allied Group Epsilon-2 Arae Independent Corporate
Epsilon-2 Arae Society Epsilon-2 Arae Independent Anarchy
Equaesta People's Co-operative Equaesta Independent Cooperative
Equagei Bureau Equagei Independent Dictatorship
Equagei Independents Equagei Independent Democracy
Equalkuni Central Inc Equalkuni Independent Corporate
Equalkuni Independents Equalkuni Federation Democracy
Er Lanci Limited Er Lanci Empire Corporate
Er Long Resistance Er Long Independent Democracy
Er Longs Electronics Inc Er Longs Federation Corporate
Er Longs Life Commodities Er Longs Empire Corporate
Er Tche Confederation Er Tche Federation Confederacy
Er Tche Confederation HIP 40174 Federation Confederacy
Er Tchelis Energy & Co Er Tchelis Independent Corporate
Er Tcher Protectorate Er Tcher Independent Patronage
Eranin Federal Bridge Eranin Independent Dictatorship
Eranin Industry Eranin Independent Corporate
Eranin Peoples Party Eranin Independent Communism
Eravallan Major Interstellar Eravallan Independent Corporate
Eravapa Empire Group Eravapa Empire Patronage
Eravapa Empire Party Eravapa Empire Patronage
Eravapa Jet Public Network Eravapa Independent Corporate
Eravarenth Alliance Eravarenth Federation Confederacy
Eravate Network Eravate Federation Corporate
Eravians Corporation Eravians Independent Corporate
Eravins Services Eravins Empire Corporate
Erh Lohra Crew Erh Lohra Independent Anarchy
Erh Lohra Dominion Chehoong Po Empire Dictatorship
Erh Lohra Dominion Erh Lohra Empire Dictatorship
Erh Lohra Partners Erh Lohra Empire Corporate
Erh Longo Partners Erh Longo Independent Corporate
Erio Empire Party Erio Empire Patronage
Erio Empire Party HIP 107385 Empire Patronage
Erio Gold State Group Erio Empire Corporate
Erisagirari Company Erisagirari Federation Corporate
Erisagirari Future Erisagirari Federation Democracy
Erisha PLC Erisha Empire Corporate
Erisha PLC Jukundji Empire Corporate
Erishiko Free Erishiko Federation Democracy
Erishiko Systems Erishiko Alliance Corporate
Eriusas Prison Colony Eriusas Independent Prison Colony
Erivara Empire League Erivara Empire Patronage
Erivara Mob Erivara Independent Anarchy
Erivara Systems Erivara Independent Corporate
Erivia Electronics Industries Erivia Independent Corporate
Erivia Empire Party Erivia Empire Patronage
Erlik Partners Erlik Federation Corporate
Erne Limited Erne Federation Corporate
Ernueken Crimson Public Comms Ernueken Independent Corporate
Ernueken Future Ernueken Federation Democracy
Ernutef Noblement Ernutef Independent Feudal
Ernutef Silver Rats Ernutef Independent Anarchy
Ernutet Jet Partnership Ernutet Independent Anarchy
Ernutet Republic Party Ernutet Federation Democracy
Ernutet United Co Ernutet Independent Corporate
Esautama Blue Society Esautama Independent Anarchy
Esautama Front Esautama Empire Dictatorship
Esautas League Esautas Independent Dictatorship
Escuadron Centinelas Catun Empire Feudal
Escuadron Centinelas HIP 33390 Empire Feudal
Ese Aibe Prison Colony Ese Aibe Independent Prison Colony
Ese Buj Gold Ring Ese Buj Independent Anarchy
Ese Buj Guardians of Tradition Ese Buj Empire Patronage
Ese Buj Universal Systems Ese Buj Independent Corporate
Ese Eyo Co Ese Eyo Empire Corporate
Eseasa Emperor's Grace Eseasa Empire Patronage
Eseasa Empire Pact Eseasa Empire Patronage
Eseasa Jet Power Company Eseasa Independent Corporate
Eshu Dynamic Corp. Eshu Empire Corporate
Eshu Dynamic Corp. Zaparo Empire Corporate
Eshu Gold Mafia Eshu Independent Anarchy
Esien Ming Cartel Esien Ming Independent Anarchy
Esien Ming Natural Industry Esien Ming Federation Corporate
Esien Ming United PLC Esien Ming Alliance Corporate
Esien Ming United PLC Yan Yun Oya Alliance Corporate
Esien Ming Values Party Esien Ming Independent Democracy
Esien Zu Prison Colony Esien Zu Empire Prison Colony
Eskimori Constitution Party Eskimori Independent Dictatorship
Eskimori Partners Eskimori Federation Corporate
Eskimori Republic Party Eskimori Independent Democracy
Eskit Crimson Society Eskit Independent Anarchy
Eskite Liberty Party Eskite Independent Dictatorship
Essential Services Society Biarnun Alliance Corporate
Essential Services Society Loperada Alliance Corporate
Essential Services Society Tacana Alliance Corporate
Estae Jet Mafia Estae Independent Anarchy
Estarna Prison Colony Estarna Empire Prison Colony
Esumaramuxa Ltd Esumaramuxa Empire Corporate
Esumasci & Co Esumasci Independent Corporate
Esumindii Universal Company Esumindii Independent Corporate
Esumindii for Equality Esumindii Federation Democracy
Esuseku Corporation Esuseku Independent Corporate
Esuseku Silver Federal Limited Esuseku Independent Corporate
Esuvit Corporation Esuvit Federation Corporate
Eta Apodis Interstellar Eta Apodis Independent Corporate
Eta Apodis for Equality Eta Apodis Independent Democracy
Eta Aquarii Governance Eta Aquarii Independent Patronage
Eta Aquarii Gold Syndicate Eta Aquarii Independent Anarchy
Eta Cassiopeiae Purple Travel Eta Cassiopeiae Federation Corporate
Eta Cephei Galactic Partners Eta Cephei Federation Corporate
Eta Coronae Borealis Silver Ring Eta Coronae Borealis Independent Anarchy
Eta Coronae Borealis Systems Eta Coronae Borealis Federation Corporate
Eta Corvi Incorporated Eta Corvi Federation Corporate
Eta Corvi Blue Rats Eta Corvi Independent Anarchy
Eta Corvi Free Eta Corvi Independent Democracy
Eta Crucis Jet Galactic Corp Eta Crucis Independent Corporate
Eta Draconis Gold Vision Co Alignak Alliance Corporate
Eta Draconis Gold Vision Co BD+57 1692 Alliance Corporate
Eta Draconis Gold Vision Co Ba Bhuti Alliance Corporate
Eta Draconis Gold Vision Co Eta Draconis Alliance Corporate
Eta Draconis Gold Vision Co LHS 5307 Alliance Corporate
Eta Draconis Gold Vision Co LP 100-56 Alliance Corporate
Eta Draconis Gold Vision Co Shebayeb Alliance Corporate
Eta Draconis Regulatory State Eta Draconis Independent Dictatorship
Eta Draconis Vision Company Eta Draconis Federation Corporate
Eta Horologii Corp. Eta Horologii Empire Corporate
Eta Horologii Gold Vision PLC Eta Horologii Empire Corporate
Eta Indi Blue Mob Eta Indi Independent Anarchy
Eta Indi Party Eta Indi Independent Dictatorship
Eta Indi Progressive Party Eta Indi Federation Democracy
Eta Indi Silver Public Holdings Eta Indi Independent Corporate
Eta Leporis Silver Dynamic Corp. Eta Leporis Federation Corporate
Eta Sagittarii Blue Raiders Eta Sagittarii Independent Anarchy
Eta Sagittarii Public & Co Eta Sagittarii Independent Corporate
Eta Scorpii Silver Clan Eta Scorpii Independent Anarchy
Eta Serpentis Constitution Party Eta Serpentis Independent Dictatorship
Eta Serpentis Crimson Fortune Eta Serpentis Federation Corporate
Eta Serpentis Energy PLC Eta Serpentis Federation Corporate
Eta Serpentis Labour Eta Serpentis Federation Democracy
Eta Telescopii Industry Eta Telescopii Empire Corporate
Eta Telescopii Public Network Eta Telescopii Independent Corporate
Eta-1 Pictoris Electronics Eta-1 Pictoris Independent Corporate
Eta-1 Pictoris Silver Life Ltd Eta-1 Pictoris Federation Corporate
Eta-2 Hydri Gold Advanced Comms Eta-2 Hydri Empire Corporate
Etain Jet Power Group Etain Federation Corporate
Etain Solutions Etain Federation Corporate
Etamin Blue Vision Network Etamin Federation Corporate
Etamin One Etamin Independent Cooperative
Ethen Movement Ethen Independent Dictatorship
Ethen Progressive Party Ethen Independent Democracy
Ethen Purple Partnership Ethen Independent Anarchy
Ethet Alliance Ethet Federation Confederacy
Ethli Dynasty Ethli Independent Feudal
Ethli Free Ethli Federation Democracy
Ethwain Citizen Party Ethwain Independent Communism
Etmanei Boys Etmanei Independent Anarchy
Etmanei Republic Party Etmanei Federation Democracy
Etmang Ring Etmang Independent Anarchy
Etznab Yu Silver Allied Ind Etznab Yu Empire Corporate
Etznabal Imperial Society Etznabal Empire Patronage
Etznabal Silver Boys Etznabal Independent Anarchy
Etznabi Company Etznabi Independent Corporate
Etznabi Freedom Party Etznabi Empire Dictatorship
Euboa Life Solutions Euboa Federation Corporate
Eubuju Purple Family Eubuju Independent Anarchy
Euburiates Blue Posse Euburiates Independent Anarchy
Euburiates Corp. Euburiates Federation Corporate
Eulexia Travel Co Eulexia Independent Corporate
Euripus League Euripus Federation Confederacy
Eurybia Blue Mafia Eurybia Independent Anarchy
Eurybia Empire Consulate Eurybia Independent Anarchy
Eurybia Empire Consulate Ninabin Empire Patronage
Evejitaense Jet Society Evejitaense Independent Anarchy
Evejitaka Liberals Evejitaka Federation Democracy
Evejitaka Universal Group Evejitaka Independent Corporate
Evena Labour Evena Federation Democracy
Evena Regulatory State Evena Independent Dictatorship
Evena Transport Industry Evena Independent Corporate
Evenks Dynamic Ltd Evenks Federation Corporate
Evenseg Gold Hand HIP 2293 Independent Anarchy
Evenses Co Evenses Independent Corporate
Evenses Liberals Evenses Independent Democracy
Evenses Liberty Party Evenses Independent Dictatorship
Eventiensi Gold Galactic PLC Eventiensi Independent Corporate
Eventiensi People's Co-operative Eventiensi Independent Cooperative
Evergreen Defence Party Evergreen Independent Dictatorship
Evergreen Gold Energy Inc Evergreen Federation Corporate
Evnici Crimson Syndicate Evnici Independent Anarchy
Evnici Jet Comms PLC Evnici Independent Corporate
Evnici Movement Evnici Independent Dictatorship
Evnicoano Inc Evnicoano Independent Corporate
Evnicoano League Evnicoano Federation Confederacy
Evnike Holdings Evnike Federation Corporate
Evnike Values Party Evnike Independent Democracy
Evnis Creative Solutions Evnis Independent Corporate
Evnisei Co Evnisei Empire Corporate
Ewah Regulatory State Ewah Independent Dictatorship
Ewahu Advanced Company Ewahu Independent Corporate
Ewahu Corp. Ewahu Empire Corporate
Ewambutsu Conservatives Ewambutsu Empire Dictatorship
Ewambutsu Federal Holdings Ewambutsu Empire Corporate
Ewambutsu Society Ewambutsu Independent Anarchy
Ewambutsu for Equality Ewambutsu Independent Democracy
Ewenet Worker's Party Col 285 Sector KN-I c10-11 Independent Communism
Ewenet Worker's Party Ewenet Independent Communism
Ewenet Worker's Party Oduwonggani Independent Communism
Ewenks Coalition Ewenks Federation Confederacy
Ewenks PLC Ewenks Independent Corporate
Exbeur & Co Exbeur Federation Corporate
Exbeur Purple Partnership Exbeur Independent Anarchy
Exigus Blue Creative & Co Exigus Federation Corporate
Eximo Progressive Party Eximo Federation Democracy
Eximo Universal Co Eximo Independent Corporate
Exioce Allied PLC Exioce Empire Corporate
Exioce Crimson Electronics Corp. Exioce Empire Corporate
Exioce Democrats Exioce Independent Democracy
Exioce Imperial Society Exioce Empire Patronage
Exphiay Blue Transport Corp Exphiay Federation Corporate
Exphiay Crimson Hand Gang Synuefe YK-N c23-18 Independent Anarchy
Ezerno Confederation Ezerno Federation Confederacy
e Geminorum Protectorate e Geminorum Independent Patronage

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