This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char G. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
G 109-55 & Co G 109-55 Federation Corporate
G 109-55 Solutions G 109-55 Federation Corporate
G 113-20 Silver Electronics G 113-20 Federation Corporate
G 116-72 Clan G 116-72 Independent Anarchy
G-Clan 241 G. Aquarii Independent Democracy
G 121-8 Netcoms Ltd G 121-8 Alliance Corporate
G 122-60 Solutions G 122-60 Alliance Corporate
G 123-16 Pro-Alliance Group G 123-16 Alliance Patronage
G 123-16 Systems G 123-16 Independent Corporate
G 123-49 Coordinated G 123-49 Alliance Cooperative
G 123-7 Solutions G 123-7 Independent Corporate
G 123-7 Worker's Party G 123-7 Alliance Communism
G 125-30 Comms Organisation G 125-30 Federation Corporate
G 126-31 Purple Federal Org G 126-31 Federation Corporate
G 126-31 Raiders G 126-31 Independent Anarchy
G 130-9 Blue Transport Industry G 130-9 Federation Corporate
G 138-40 Flag G 138-40 Independent Dictatorship
G 138-40 Organisation G 138-40 Federation Corporate
G 139-21 Freedom Party G 139-21 Independent Dictatorship
G 139-21 Limited G 139-21 Federation Corporate
G 139-3 & Co G 139-3 Federation Corporate
G 139-50 Blue United Corporation G 139-50 Independent Corporate
G 139-50 Electronics Partners G 139-50 Federation Corporate
G 139-50 Electronics Partners NLTT 45576 Federation Corporate
G 139-50 Regulatory State G 139-50 Independent Dictatorship
G 14-6 Services G 14-6 Federation Corporate
G 140-9 Free G 140-9 Federation Democracy
G 140-9 Gold Council G 140-9 Independent Anarchy
G 141-21 Defence Force G 141-21 Independent Dictatorship
G 141-21 Raiders G 141-21 Independent Anarchy
G 141-52 Commodities G 141-52 Federation Corporate
G 146-5 Network G 146-5 Federation Corporate
G 165-13 Commodities G 165-13 Alliance Corporate
G 172-13 Jet Partnership G 172-13 Independent Anarchy
G 172-13 Resistance G 172-13 Federation Democracy
G 175-42 PLC G 175-42 Federation Corporate
G 175-42 PLC LHS 1809 Federation Corporate
G 180-18 Dynamic Industries G 180-18 Independent Corporate
G 180-18 Jet Society G 180-18 Independent Anarchy
G 180-18 Resistance G 180-18 Federation Democracy
G 180-47 Nationals G 180-47 Independent Dictatorship
G 181-6 State & Co G 181-6 Federation Corporate
G 188-9 Free G 188-9 Independent Democracy
G 188-9 General Group G 188-9 Federation Corporate
G 190-28 Blue Life Limited G 190-28 Federation Corporate
G 190-28 Cartel G 190-28 Independent Anarchy
G 203-47 Major Incorporated G 203-47 Federation Corporate
G 203-47 Silver Fortune Ind G 203-47 Federation Corporate
G 214-14 Gold Natural Inc G 214-14 Federation Corporate
G 218-5 State Corporation G 218-5 Federation Corporate
G 218-5 for Equality G 218-5 Federation Democracy
G 224-46 Alliance Mandate G 224-46 Alliance Patronage
G 224-46 Labour G 224-46 Independent Democracy
G 224-46 Services G 224-46 Federation Corporate
G 232-62 Blue Transport Industry G 232-62 Federation Corporate
G 232-62 Ltd G 232-62 Federation Corporate
G 239-25 Alliance G 239-25 Federation Confederacy
G 240-11 Blue Legal & Co G 240-11 Independent Corporate
G 250-34 Values Party G 250-34 Federation Democracy
G 266-46 Council G 266-46 Independent Anarchy
G 266-46 Empire Assembly G 266-46 Empire Patronage
G 267-2 Empire League G 267-2 Empire Patronage
G 267-24 Nationals G 267-24 Empire Dictatorship
G 275-50 Vision Exchange G 275-50 Empire Corporate
G 30-26 Ltd G 30-26 Independent Corporate
G 35-15 Gold Central Ltd G 35-15 Independent Corporate
G 35-15 Interstellar G 35-15 Federation Corporate
G 41-14 Purple Travel Solutions G 41-14 Federation Corporate
G 5-32 Corporation G 5-32 Federation Corporate
G 5-32 Silver Major Services G 5-32 Independent Corporate
G 59-7 Crimson Mafia G 59-7 Independent Anarchy
G 59-7 Regulatory State G 59-7 Independent Dictatorship
G 65-9 Universal PLC G 65-9 Federation Corporate
G 69-11 Co-op G 69-11 Independent Cooperative
G 83-13 Independents G 83-13 Federation Democracy
G 83-13 Limited G 83-13 Federation Corporate
G 83-13 Purple Legal Limited G 83-13 Independent Corporate
G 85-12 Silver Syndicate G 85-12 Independent Anarchy
G 85-12 Solutions G 85-12 Independent Corporate
G 87-16 Silver Transport Corp. G 87-16 Federation Corporate
G 89-32 Gold Power Incorporated G 89-32 Federation Corporate
G 97-54 Incorporated G 97-54 Federation Corporate
G 98-44 Netcoms Incorporated G 98-44 Federation Corporate
G 99-49 Life Industry G 99-49 Federation Corporate
G 99-49 Life Industry Ross 47 Federation Corporate
G Hydrae Corp. G Hydrae Independent Corporate
G Scorpii Flag G Scorpii Independent Dictatorship
G Scorpii Law Party G Scorpii Independent Dictatorship
GAT 2 Exchange GAT 2 Federation Corporate
GAT 2 Exchange Sinann Federation Corporate
GCRV 13292 Crimson Transport Ind GCRV 13292 Federation Corporate
GCRV 1526 Solutions GCRV 1526 Federation Corporate
GCRV 1568 Focus GCRV 1568 Independent Dictatorship
GCRV 1568 Incorporated GCRV 1568 Independent Corporate
GCRV 1568 Law Party GCRV 1568 Independent Dictatorship
GCRV 1568 Natural Interstellar GCRV 1568 Independent Corporate
GCRV 3034 Allied Services GCRV 3034 Independent Corporate
GCRV 3034 Netcoms Interstellar GCRV 3034 Federation Corporate
GCRV 3204 Imperial Society GCRV 3204 Empire Patronage
GCRV 3204 Organisation GCRV 3204 Independent Corporate
GCRV 3204 Silver Energy Inc GCRV 3204 Federation Corporate
GCRV 3791 Purple Comms Inc GCRV 3791 Federation Corporate
GCRV 4654 Dynamic Holdings GCRV 4654 Independent Corporate
GCRV 4654 Ring GCRV 4654 Independent Anarchy
GCRV 52424 Gold Dynamic Ind GCRV 52424 Independent Corporate
GCRV 52424 State Solutions GCRV 52424 Independent Corporate
GCRV 60778 Crimson Boys GCRV 60778 Independent Anarchy
GCRV 60778 Partners GCRV 60778 Federation Corporate
GCRV 60796 Incorporated GCRV 60796 Independent Corporate
GCRV 61377 Bureau GCRV 61377 Alliance Dictatorship
GCRV 61377 Gold Central Dev GCRV 61377 Independent Corporate
GCRV 62586 Union Party GCRV 62586 Alliance Communism
GCRV 6406 Gold Mafia GCRV 6406 Independent Anarchy
GCRV 65988 Dynasty GCRV 65988 Independent Feudal
GCRV 65988 Solutions GCRV 65988 Federation Corporate
GCRV 7300 Alliance Bond GCRV 7300 Alliance Patronage
GCRV 7300 Crimson Advanced Ind GCRV 7300 Independent Corporate
GD 1192 Bureau GD 1192 Independent Dictatorship
GD 140 & Co GD 140 Federation Corporate
GD 140 Systems GD 140 Federation Corporate
GD 175 Company GD 175 Federation Corporate
GD 175 Future GD 175 Federation Democracy
GD 279 Silver Cartel GD 279 Independent Anarchy
GD 319 Solutions GD 319 Federation Corporate
GD 69 League GD 69 Federation Confederacy
GQ Virginis General Corporation GQ Virginis Federation Corporate
GR 316 Silver Universal Group GR 316 Empire Corporate
GR 316 Silver Universal Group Neits Empire Corporate
GR Virginis Dominion GR Virginis Independent Dictatorship
GT Pegasi Purple Fortune Hldgs GT Pegasi Independent Corporate
GY Bootis Purple General Ind GY Bootis Federation Corporate
Ga Gaun Interstellar Ga Gaun Independent Corporate
Ga Gautas Crimson Legal Ltd Ga Gautas Independent Corporate
Ga Gigah Progressive Party Ga Gigah Federation Democracy
Ga Gigah Progressive Party HR 916 Federation Democracy
Ga Gu Fortune Holding Maria Empire Corporate
Ga Gu Fortune Holdings Ga Gu Empire Corporate
Ga Ohkambo Blue Family Ga Ohkambo Independent Anarchy
Ga Ohkambo Holdings Ga Ohkambo Independent Corporate
Ga Okya Natural Network Ga Okya Empire Corporate
Ga'anjob'al Raiders Ga'anjob'al Independent Anarchy
Ga'at Patron's Principles Ga'at Empire Patronage
Gaarnae Dominion Gaarnae Empire Feudal
Gaarnae Life Commodities Gaarnae Empire Corporate
Gaarnuten Empire League Gaarnuten Empire Patronage
Gaarnuten Galactic Co Gaarnuten Independent Corporate
Gabia Blue General Co Gabia Independent Corporate
Gabia Movement Gabia Independent Dictatorship
Gabien Ku Group Gabien Ku Federation Corporate
Gabietye Collective Gabietye Independent Cooperative
Gabiko Front Gabiko Independent Dictatorship
Gabikula Prison Colony Gabikula Independent Prison Colony
Gabin & Co Gabin Independent Corporate
Gabin Gold Pirates Gabin Independent Anarchy
Gabin Nationals Gabin Independent Dictatorship
Gabjaujis Inc Gabjaujis Empire Corporate
Gabrani Independents Gabrani Federation Democracy
Gabri Labour Gabri Federation Democracy
Gabri Liberty Party Gabri Independent Dictatorship
Gabri Silver General Limited Gabri Independent Corporate
Gabri Transport Inc Gabri Independent Corporate
Gabriges Vision Holdings Gabriges Federation Corporate
Gabriguri Order Gabriguri Independent Theocracy
Gacrux Creative Services Gacrux Federation Corporate
Gacrux Liberals Gacrux Federation Democracy
Gacrux Purple Family Gacrux Independent Anarchy
Gadagombiri Purple Advanced Comp Gadagombiri Federation Corporate
Gadagombiri Shared Gadagombiri Independent Cooperative
Gadagua League Gadagua Federation Confederacy
Gadaninovii Universal Services Gadaninovii Independent Corporate
Gadjali Services Gadjali Federation Corporate
Gadjil Corporation Gadjil Independent Corporate
Gadjil Drug Empire Gadjil Independent Anarchy
Gaezani Comms Partners Gaezani Empire Corporate
Gaezatorix Advanced Exchange Gaezatorix Independent Corporate
Gakimo Blue State Corporation Gakimo Federation Corporate
Gakimo Jet Rats Gakimo Independent Anarchy
Galactic Academic Training Group Thras Independent Cooperative
Galam & Co Galam Empire Corporate
Galam Free Galam Independent Democracy
Galapana Constitution Party Galapana Independent Dictatorship
Gali Blue Rats Gali Independent Anarchy
Gali Solutions Gali Independent Corporate
Galis Holdings Galis Independent Corporate
Galis Incoporated Galis Independent Corporate
Galis Silver Posse Galis Independent Anarchy
Galit Worker's Party Galit Independent Communism
Galitini Corp. Galitini Federation Corporate
Galitini Independent Bridge Galitini Independent Patronage
Gallaecian Dynasty Gallaecian Independent Feudal
Gallaeni Patrons of Law Gallaeni Empire Patronage
Gallant Investment Brokers Synuefe YM-H d11-84 Federation Corporate
Gallauni Electronics Company Gallauni Independent Corporate
Gallauni Flag Gallauni Empire Dictatorship
Gallavs Corp. Gallavs Federation Corporate
Gallemi Monarchy Gallemi Empire Feudal
Gally Bese Gold Energy Solutions Gally Bese Empire Corporate
Galonto Dominion Galonto Empire Feudal
Galonto Syndicate Galonto Independent Anarchy
Galouri Corporation Galouri Empire Corporate
Galti Brothers Galti Independent Anarchy
Gama Dominion Gama Independent Feudal
Gamahine Network Gamahine Independent Corporate
Gaman Public PLC Gaman Empire Corporate
Gamasakandi Progressive Party Gamasakandi Federation Democracy
Gambiu Corp. Gambiu Independent Corporate
Gami Musu Commodities Gami Musu Empire Corporate
Gamil Commodities Gamil Empire Corporate
Gamma Apodis Citizens' Forum Gamma Apodis Empire Patronage
Gamma Apodis Exchange Gamma Apodis Independent Corporate
Gamma Apodis Gold General PLC Gamma Apodis Independent Corporate
Gamma Coronae Austrinae Focus Gamma Coronae Austrinae Independent Dictatorship
Gamma Doradus Electronics Co Gamma Doradus Independent Corporate
Gamma Horologii Major Corporation Gamma Horologii Empire Corporate
Gamma Indi Power Network Gamma Indi Empire Corporate
Gamma Mensae for Equality Gamma Mensae Federation Democracy
Gamma Phoenicis Citizens' Forum Gamma Phoenicis Empire Patronage
Gamma Phoenicis Commodities Gamma Phoenicis Independent Corporate
Gamma Phoenicis Jet Electronics Gamma Phoenicis Empire Corporate
Gamma-2 Volantis Empire Party Gamma-2 Volantis Empire Patronage
Gamma-2 Volantis Left Party Gamma-2 Volantis Independent Communism
Gamma-3 Octantis Co-operative Gamma-3 Octantis Independent Cooperative
Gamma-3 Octantis League Gamma-3 Octantis Empire Dictatorship
Gan Movement Gan Independent Dictatorship
Gan Netcoms Corp. Gan Federation Corporate
Ganda Crimson United Org Ganda Federation Corporate
Ganda Purple Partnership Ganda Independent Anarchy
Gandagetu Corp. Gandagetu Independent Corporate
Gandha Wu Front Gandha Wu Empire Dictatorship
Gandha Wu Liberals Gandha Wu Independent Democracy
Gandha Wu Silver Galactic Org Gandha Wu Empire Corporate
Gandhs Labour Gandhs Federation Democracy
Gandhs Solutions Gandhs Independent Corporate
Gandigi Commodities Gandigi Federation Corporate
Gandii Justice Party Gandii Independent Dictatorship
Gandillava Bridge Limited Gandillava Empire Corporate
Gandillava Unionists Gandillava Independent Communism
Gandje Organisation Gandje Independent Corporate
Gandjeraiti Dominion Gandjeraiti Empire Feudal
Gandones Gold Public Systems Gandones Independent Corporate
Gandones Universal Group Gandones Independent Corporate
Gandones Values Party Gandones Federation Democracy
Gandoques Silver Major Co Gandoques Empire Corporate
Gandui Incorporated G 275-50 Empire Corporate
Gandui Incorporated Gandui Empire Corporate
Gandvik Central Services Gandvik Federation Corporate
Gandza Gold Vision Services Gandza Federation Corporate
Gandza Party Gandza Independent Dictatorship
Ganebucae Gold Dragons Ganebucae Independent Anarchy
Ganebucae Jet Comms Exchange Ganebucae Empire Corporate
Ganekpe Coalition Ganekpe Independent Confederacy
Gang Yun State Solutions Gang Yun Federation Corporate
Gang of Akonito Akonito Independent Anarchy
Gang of Arek Arek Independent Anarchy
Gang of Bactrib Bactrib Independent Anarchy
Gang of Barkan Barkan Independent Anarchy
Gang of Catarihas Catarihas Independent Anarchy
Gang of Cava Cava Independent Anarchy
Gang of Ditae Ditae Independent Anarchy
Gang of Etamin Etamin Independent Anarchy
Gang of Guei Goab Guei Goab Independent Anarchy
Gang of HIP 107362 HIP 107362 Independent Anarchy
Gang of HIP 110512 HIP 110512 Independent Anarchy
Gang of HIP 1567 HIP 1567 Independent Anarchy
Gang of HIP 35873 HIP 35873 Independent Anarchy
Gang of HIP 39470 HIP 39470 Independent Anarchy
Gang of HIP 40420 HIP 40420 Independent Anarchy
Gang of HIP 71276 HIP 71276 Independent Anarchy
Gang of HIP 95256 HIP 95256 Independent Anarchy
Gang of Hai Norsh Hai Norsh Independent Anarchy
Gang of Heimr Heimr Independent Anarchy
Gang of Imeuts Imeuts Independent Anarchy
Gang of Kharaka Kharaka Independent Anarchy
Gang of Kisinga Kisinga Independent Anarchy
Gang of LB 3303 LB 3303 Independent Anarchy
Gang of LFT 1231 LFT 1231 Independent Anarchy
Gang of LHS 397 LHS 397 Federation Corporate
Gang of LP 149-14 LP 149-14 Independent Anarchy
Gang of LP 349-61 LP 349-61 Independent Anarchy
Gang of LP 711-43 LP 711-43 Independent Anarchy
Gang of Mang Mang Independent Anarchy
Gang of Mbeguenchu Mbeguenchu Independent Anarchy
Gang of Milatuknari Milatuknari Independent Anarchy
Gang of Moku Moku Independent Anarchy
Gang of Nanggalis Nanggalis Independent Anarchy
Gang of Ngarkin Ngarkin Independent Anarchy
Gang of Pentam Pentam Independent Anarchy
Gang of Potrima Potrima Independent Anarchy
Gang of Qin Yane Qin Yane Independent Anarchy
Gang of Undalibaluf Col 285 Sector KS-T d3-78 Independent Anarchy
Gang of Uodigi Uodigi Independent Anarchy
Gang of Wolf 1148 Wolf 1148 Independent Anarchy
Gang of Wolf 12 Wolf 12 Independent Anarchy
Gang of Wu Kong Wu Kong Independent Anarchy
Gang of Yaroi Yaroi Independent Anarchy
Gang of Yuinni Yuinni Independent Anarchy
Gang of Zoqui Zoqui Independent Anarchy
Gangbetae Prison Colony Gangbetae Independent Prison Colony
Gango Confederacy Gango Federation Confederacy
Ganit Major Incorporated Ganit Empire Corporate
Ganiyan Party Ganiyan Independent Dictatorship
Ganiyan Systems Ganiyan Independent Corporate
Gaoh Purple Rats Gaoh Independent Anarchy
Gaohikel for Equality Cartoq Federation Democracy
Gaohikel for Equality Gaohikel Federation Democracy
Gaohim Allied Solutions Gaohim Independent Corporate
Gaohim Organisation Gaohim Independent Anarchy
Gaohima Silver Travel Inc Gaohima Empire Corporate
Gaoshe Coordinated Gaoshe Independent Cooperative
Gaoshe Legal Holdings Gaoshe Federation Corporate
Gaoshe Silver Pirates Gaoshe Independent Anarchy
Garama Dominion Garama Independent Feudal
Garama Purple Comms Co Garama Federation Corporate
Garanji Mob Garanji Independent Anarchy
Garanji Systems Garanji Federation Corporate
Garinanni Travel Services Garinanni Independent Corporate
Garitio Jet Major Industry Garitio Empire Corporate
Garitio Legal Corporation Garitio Independent Corporate
Garm Network Garm Federation Corporate
Garma Gold Energy Industries Garma Empire Corporate
Garoju Imperial Society Garoju Empire Patronage
Garoku Free Garoku Independent Democracy
Garoku Public Commodities Garoku Independent Corporate
Garongxians Gold Cartel Garongxians Independent Anarchy
Garongxians Gold Major Partners Garongxians Independent Corporate
Garrinbatz Crimson Camorra Garrinbatz Independent Anarchy
Garrinbatz Law Party Garrinbatz Empire Dictatorship
Garudhumir Stakeholders Garudhumir Independent Cooperative
Garuna Domain Garuna Independent Feudal
Garuna Partnership Garuna Federation Confederacy
Garuna Partnership Warninohan Federation Confederacy
Garup Allied Garup Independent Cooperative
Garuttii Focus Garuttii Independent Dictatorship
Garuttii Silver Natural Dev Garuttii Independent Corporate
Garuwa Jet Posse Garuwa Independent Anarchy
Gateway Jet Brotherhood Gateway Independent Anarchy
Gato Commodities Gato Federation Corporate
Gato Family Gato Independent Anarchy
Gato Justice Party Gato Independent Dictatorship
Gato Purple Fortune PLC Gato Independent Corporate
Gatoborod Partners Gatoborod Federation Corporate
Gatolla Independents Gatolla Federation Democracy
Gatolla League Gatolla Independent Dictatorship
Gatolla Silver Advanced Corp Gatolla Independent Corporate
Gatonese as one Gatonese Independent Cooperative
Gatorma Group Gatorma Independent Corporate
Gaudu Central & Co Gaudu Empire Corporate
Gaula Group Gaula Federation Corporate
Gaula Purple Electronics Network Gaula Independent Corporate
Gaula Republic Party Gaula Independent Democracy
Gaula Syndicate Gaula Independent Anarchy
Gaula Wu Allied PLC Gaula Wu Empire Corporate
Gaula Wu Emperor's Grace Gaula Wu Empire Patronage
Gaula Wu Gold Dragons Gaula Wu Independent Anarchy
Gauluujja Exchange Gauluujja Federation Corporate
Gaunab Purple Drug Empire Gaunab Independent Anarchy
Gaunetet Autocracy Gaunetet Empire Dictatorship
Gaunetet Holdings Gaunetet Independent Corporate
Gaura Energy Incorporated Gaura Federation Corporate
Gaura Law Party Gaura Independent Dictatorship
Gaura Power Interstellar Gaura Independent Corporate
Gaura Regulatory State Gaura Independent Dictatorship
Gautas Council Gautas Independent Anarchy
Gauts Defence Party Gauts Independent Dictatorship
Gbekree Council Gbekree Independent Anarchy
Gciriko Major Group Gciriko Independent Corporate
Gciriko Purple Clan Gciriko Independent Anarchy
Gcirithang Crimson Mafia Gcirithang Independent Anarchy
Gcirthi Natural Inc Gcirthi Independent Corporate
Ge Crimson Council Ge Independent Anarchy
Ge Energy Services Ge Independent Corporate
Ge Legal Corporation Ge Independent Corporate
Geawen Coordinated Geawen Independent Cooperative
Geawenki Travel Commodities Geawenki Federation Corporate
Geawenki Travel Commodities LHS 6103 Federation Corporate
Geawete Gold Creative Comms Geawete Federation Corporate
Geawetes Organisation Geawetes Independent Anarchy
Geb & Co Geb Federation Corporate
Geb Purple Cartel Geb Independent Anarchy
Gebel Empire League Gebel Empire Patronage
Gebel Empire League Lauma Empire Patronage
Gebel Empire League Zearla Empire Patronage
Gebel Industries Gebel Federation Corporate
Gebel Silver Advanced Org Gebel Federation Corporate
Gefjong Interstellar Gefjong Empire Corporate
Gefjotec Purple Creative Group Gefjotec Independent Corporate
Geidjaramo Domain Geidjaramo Independent Feudal
Geidjaramo Galactic Limited Geidjaramo Federation Corporate
Geidmara Group Geidmara Independent Corporate
Geidubiabos Liberals Geidubiabos Federation Democracy
Geidubiabos Silver Energy Inc Geidubiabos Independent Corporate
Geirsemi Citizens' Forum Geirsemi Empire Patronage
Geirsemi Crimson Comms PLC Geirsemi Empire Corporate
Geirsemi Free Geirsemi Independent Democracy
Gelo Kop Empire Pact Gelo Kop Empire Patronage
Gelo Kop Mob Gelo Kop Independent Anarchy
Gelo Kop Network Gelo Kop Independent Corporate
Gelo Kop Patron's Principles Gelo Kop Empire Patronage
Gelong Corp. Gelong Independent Corporate
Gelong Empire Pact Gelong Empire Patronage
Gendalla Advanced Exchange Gendalla Federation Corporate
Gendalla Advanced Exchange Ross 446 Federation Corporate
Gendalla Interstellar Gendalla Federation Corporate
Gendens Drug Empire Gendens Independent Anarchy
Gendens Imperial Society Gendens Empire Patronage
Gendens Partners Gendens Independent Corporate
Gendenwitha Crimson Natural Corp Aedui Federation Corporate
Gendenwitha Crimson Natural Corp Atins Federation Corporate
Gendenwitha Crimson Natural Corp Gendenwitha Federation Corporate
Gendenwitha Progressive Party Gendenwitha Independent Democracy
Gendenwitha Travel Systems Gendenwitha Independent Corporate
Gender Flag Gender Empire Dictatorship
Genderi Blue Vision & Co Genderi Independent Corporate
Genderi Front Genderi Independent Dictatorship
Genderi Industry Genderi Independent Corporate
Gendi Gang Gendi Independent Anarchy
Gendini Creative Co Gendini Federation Corporate
George Pantazis Crimson Bridge George Pantazis Federation Corporate
Gera Interstellar Gera Federation Corporate
Gera League Gera Independent Dictatorship
Geras Jet Organisation Geras Independent Anarchy
Gerdan Crimson Cartel Gerdan Independent Anarchy
Gerdhr Crimson Crew Gerdhr Independent Anarchy
Gerdhr PLC Gerdhr Independent Corporate
Gerdia Galactic Systems Gerdia Empire Corporate
Gerdia Silver Mob Gerdia Independent Anarchy
Gerdisao Order Gerdisao Independent Dictatorship
Gerdisao Righteous Order Gerdisao Independent Theocracy
Gerdulla Blue Federal & Co Gerdulla Empire Corporate
German Pilot Lounge Maridal Independent Democracy
Gero Kiaku Netcoms Partners Gero Kiaku Independent Corporate
Geroer Blue Advanced Co Geroer Empire Corporate
Geroer Constitution Party Geroer Empire Dictatorship
Gerong Alliance Gerong Federation Confederacy
Gerong Freedom Party Gerong Independent Dictatorship
Gers Parish Gers Independent Theocracy
Gerseklis Allied Gerseklis Independent Cooperative
Gerthel Advanced Industries Gerthel Federation Corporate
Gertrud Free Gertrud Federation Democracy
Gertsi Federal Company Gertsi Federation Corporate
Gertsi Federal Company HIP 78251 Federation Corporate
Gertsic Electronics Systems Gertsic Independent Corporate
Ghara Industries Ghara Independent Corporate
Gharing Dominion Gharing Independent Dictatorship
Ghary Purple Advanced Partners Ghary Independent Corporate
Ghede Ltd Ghede Federation Corporate
Ghekreep Constitution Party Ghekreep Independent Dictatorship
Ghekreep Incorporated Ghekreep Independent Corporate
Ghimal Silver Transport Services Ghimal Independent Corporate
Ghimbo Company Ghimbo Independent Corporate
Ghimbo Gold Raiders Ghimbo Independent Anarchy
Ghimbo Purple State Partners Ghimbo Empire Corporate
Ghimr Allied Organisation Ghimr Federation Corporate
Ghimr Bureau Ghimr Independent Dictatorship
Giabaing Company Giabaing Empire Corporate
Giabaing Emperor's Grace Autrimpe Empire Patronage
Giabaing Emperor's Grace Giabaing Empire Patronage
Giabal Autocracy Giabal Empire Dictatorship
Gienah Dominion Hydrae Sector CL-X b1-4 Independent Dictatorship
Gienah Unionists Gienah Independent Communism
Gigal Inc Gigal Empire Corporate
Gigal Jet Family Gigal Independent Anarchy
Giguara Life Interstellar Giguara Federation Corporate
Giguen Creative Organisation Giguen Independent Corporate
Giguen Party Giguen Independent Dictatorship
Gilgamesh Crimson Central Group Gilgamesh Federation Corporate
Gilgamesh Ltd Gilgamesh Federation Corporate
Giltine Imperial Society Giltine Empire Patronage
Giltine State Company Giltine Empire Corporate
Gilya Resistance Gilya Independent Democracy
Gilya Vision Organisation Gilya Federation Corporate
Gilya Vision Organisation Moortic Federation Corporate
Gilyadar Front Gilyadar Empire Dictatorship
Gilyan Collective Gilyan Independent Cooperative
Gilyan Galactic Limited Gilyan Independent Corporate
Ginnari Confederacy Ginnari Federation Confederacy
Gio Defence Force Gio Independent Dictatorship
Gio Galactic Solutions Gio Independent Corporate
Gippsworld Progressive Party Gippsworld Independent Democracy
Gira Gold Netcoms Company Gira Empire Corporate
Girantxe Galactic Incorporated Girantxe Independent Corporate
Giras Purple Raiders Giras Independent Anarchy
Girya Gu Creative PLC Girya Gu Federation Corporate
Giryak Commodities Giryak Independent Corporate
Giryak Industries Giryak Independent Corporate
Giryampi Network Giryampi Empire Corporate
Gitsaugusi Blue Mob Gitsaugusi Independent Anarchy
Gitse Major Services Gitse Federation Corporate
Gitxsan Limited Gitxsan Empire Corporate
Gitxsanluga Brothers Gitxsanluga Independent Anarchy
Gitxsanluga Republic Party Gitxsanluga Federation Democracy
Gitxsante Galactic Partners Gitxsante Independent Corporate
Gitxsante Silver Pirates Gitxsante Independent Anarchy
Gjalis Coordinated Gjalis Independent Cooperative
Gjalis Crimson General Holdings Gjalis Empire Corporate
Gkutat Co-operative Gkutat Independent Cooperative
Gkutat Crimson Creative Holdings Gkutat Independent Corporate
Gl 550.1 Pirates Gl 550.1 Independent Anarchy
Gl 776.1 Camorra Gl 776.1 Independent Anarchy
Gl 776.1 Patron's Principles Gl 776.1 Empire Patronage
Gladgudiya Fortune Group Gladgudiya Empire Corporate
Gladgudiya Jet Brotherhood Gladgudiya Independent Anarchy
Gladutjaras Blue Partnership Gladutjaras Independent Anarchy
Gladutjaras Dominion Gladutjaras Empire Dictatorship
Gladutjaras Silver Comms Inc Gladutjaras Empire Corporate
Gladutjin for Equality Gladutjin Federation Democracy
Gladutjin for Equality LHS 1612 Federation Democracy
Gladutjin for Equality NLTT 13249 Federation Democracy
Gladuwong Fortune Industries Gladuwong Empire Corporate
Gladyak Alliance Consulate Gladyak Alliance Patronage
Gladyak Blue Organisation Gladyak Independent Anarchy
Gladyak Gold Energy Exchange Gladyak Independent Corporate
Glaucus PLC Glaucus Federation Corporate
Glauss Crimson Syndicate Glauss Independent Anarchy
Glauss State Interstellar Glauss Federation Corporate
Glete Advanced PLC Glete Federation Corporate
Gletine Interstellar Gletine Empire Corporate
Gliese 105.2 Comms Corporation Gliese 105.2 Empire Corporate
Gliese 105.2 Guardians Gliese 105.2 Empire Patronage
Gliese 105.2 Progressive Party Gliese 105.2 Independent Democracy
Gliese 110 Emperor's Grace Gliese 110 Empire Patronage
Gliese 110 Republic Party Gliese 110 Independent Democracy
Gliese 113.1 Netcoms Co Gliese 113.1 Independent Corporate
Gliese 1152 Gold Brothers Gliese 1152 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 1152 Liberals Gliese 1152 Federation Democracy
Gliese 1272 & Co Gliese 1272 Federation Corporate
Gliese 1272 Services Gliese 1272 Independent Corporate
Gliese 1272 Silver Crew Gliese 1272 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 138.1 Industries Gliese 138.1 Federation Corporate
Gliese 170.1 Legal Partners Gliese 170.1 Independent Corporate
Gliese 182.1 Commodities Gliese 182.1 Independent Corporate
Gliese 2067 Blue Federal Ind Gliese 2067 Federation Corporate
Gliese 2084 Dynasty Gliese 2084 Independent Feudal
Gliese 2119 Blue Boys Gliese 2119 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 2119 Blue Legal Services Gliese 2119 Independent Corporate
Gliese 2126 Brotherhood Gliese 2126 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 2126 Gold Universal Ex Gliese 2126 Independent Corporate
Gliese 225.1 Constitution Party Gliese 225.1 Empire Dictatorship
Gliese 225.1 Purple United Corp. Gliese 225.1 Independent Corporate
Gliese 3002 Federal Limited Gliese 3002 Independent Corporate
Gliese 3002 Future Gliese 3002 Independent Democracy
Gliese 3095 Autocracy Gliese 3095 Independent Dictatorship
Gliese 3095 Network Gliese 3095 Independent Corporate
Gliese 3206 Governance Gliese 3206 Independent Patronage
Gliese 3251 Alliance Gliese 3251 Federation Confederacy
Gliese 3251 Noblement Gliese 3251 Independent Feudal
Gliese 3258 Crimson Syndicate Gliese 3258 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 3258 Empire Pact Gliese 3258 Empire Patronage
Gliese 3258 Network Gliese 3258 Independent Corporate
Gliese 3299 Future Gliese 3299 Federation Democracy
Gliese 3299 Industries Arietis Sector CQ-Y d60 Independent Corporate
Gliese 3299 Silver Mob Arietis Sector CQ-Y d60 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 3318 aristocrats Gliese 3318 Independent Feudal
Gliese 3371 Gold State Group Gliese 3371 Federation Corporate
Gliese 3680 Gold Major Network Gliese 3680 Federation Corporate
Gliese 3761 Defence Force Gliese 3761 Independent Dictatorship
Gliese 3761 Silver Public Comms Gitxsangni Empire Corporate
Gliese 3761 Silver Public Comms Gliese 3761 Empire Corporate
Gliese 384 Law Party Gliese 384 Independent Dictatorship
Gliese 384 Purple Vision Org Gliese 384 Federation Corporate
Gliese 3857 Electronics Services Gliese 3857 Independent Corporate
Gliese 3857 Jet Cartel Gliese 3857 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 3876 Collective Gliese 3876 Independent Cooperative
Gliese 3876 Transport Group Gliese 3876 Federation Corporate
Gliese 3944 Jet Travel & Co Gliese 3944 Independent Corporate
Gliese 4014 Cartel Gliese 4014 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 4052 Exchange Gliese 4052 Independent Corporate
Gliese 4052 Labour Gliese 4052 Federation Democracy
Gliese 4366 Boys Gliese 4366 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 44 Citizens' Forum Gliese 44 Empire Patronage
Gliese 44 Republic Party Gliese 44 Independent Democracy
Gliese 44 State Holdings Gliese 44 Independent Corporate
Gliese 452.3 Blue Public & Co Gliese 452.3 Federation Corporate
Gliese 452.3 Jet Rats Gliese 452.3 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 488.2 Brothers Gliese 488.2 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 488.2 Independents Gliese 488.2 Independent Democracy
Gliese 506.2 Silver Control Corp Gliese 506.2 Independent Corporate
Gliese 550 Central Exchange Gliese 550 Independent Corporate
Gliese 563.1 Natural Corp Gliese 563.1 Independent Corporate
Gliese 577 Ring Gliese 577 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 58 Empire League Gliese 58 Empire Patronage
Gliese 58 Inc Gliese 58 Empire Corporate
Gliese 599.1 Blue Vision Ind Gliese 599.1 Federation Corporate
Gliese 647 Network Gliese 647 Federation Corporate
Gliese 668.1 Flag Gliese 668.1 Independent Dictatorship
Gliese 668.1 Purple Central Ltd Gliese 668.1 Independent Corporate
Gliese 668.1 Union Party Gliese 668.1 Independent Communism
Gliese 67.2 Purple Creative Corp Gliese 67.2 Empire Corporate
Gliese 683.2 Fortune Incorporated Gliese 683.2 Independent Corporate
Gliese 724.2 Empire Consulate Gliese 724.2 Empire Patronage
Gliese 724.2 Empire League Gliese 724.2 Empire Patronage
Gliese 724.2 Gold Mob Gliese 724.2 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 76 Guardians of Tradition Gliese 76 Empire Patronage
Gliese 765.3 Crimson State Net Gliese 765.3 Independent Corporate
Gliese 765.3 Focus Gliese 765.3 Independent Dictatorship
Gliese 765.3 Galactic Solutions Gliese 765.3 Independent Corporate
Gliese 828.4 Gold Mafia Gliese 828.4 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 867.1 Empire Party Gliese 867.1 Empire Patronage
Gliese 867.1 Interstellar Gliese 867.1 Independent Corporate
Gliese 867.1 Liberty Party Gliese 867.1 Independent Dictatorship
Gliese 867.1 Purple Bridge Org Gliese 867.1 Federation Corporate
Gliese 868 Dragons Gliese 868 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 868 Industries Gliese 868 Federation Corporate
Gliese 875 Allied Exchange Cuacocha Federation Corporate
Gliese 875 Allied Exchange Gliese 875 Federation Corporate
Gliese 900.1 Emperor's Grace Gliese 900.1 Empire Patronage
Gliese 900.1 Jet Dynamic Company Gliese 900.1 Empire Corporate
Gliese 900.1 Liberals Gliese 900.1 Independent Democracy
Gliese 900.1 United Corp. Gliese 900.1 Empire Corporate
Gliese 9016 Co-operative Gliese 9016 Independent Cooperative
Gliese 9016 Netcoms Group Gliese 9016 Federation Corporate
Gliese 9029 Blue Netcoms Inc Gliese 9029 Empire Corporate
Gliese 9029 Future Gliese 9029 Independent Democracy
Gliese 9029 Patron's Principles Gliese 9029 Empire Patronage
Gliese 9029 Silver Council Gliese 9029 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 9029 Universal Co Gliese 9029 Empire Corporate
Gliese 9043 Bridge Services Gliese 9043 Empire Corporate
Gliese 9043 Patron's Principles Gliese 9043 Empire Patronage
Gliese 9073 Gold Allied Inc Gliese 9073 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9084 Advanced Network Gliese 9084 Empire Corporate
Gliese 9084 Emperor's Grace Gliese 9084 Empire Patronage
Gliese 9086 Gold Dynamic Group Gliese 9086 Empire Corporate
Gliese 9086 Justice Party Gliese 9086 Independent Dictatorship
Gliese 9090 Life Holdings Gliese 9090 Empire Corporate
Gliese 9106 PLC Gliese 9106 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9119 Purple United Ltd Gliese 9119 Federation Corporate
Gliese 9143 Silver Fortune Net Gliese 9143 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9146 Crimson Universal Ex Gliese 9146 Empire Corporate
Gliese 9146 Regulatory State Gliese 9146 Empire Dictatorship
Gliese 9152 Monarchy Gliese 9152 Empire Feudal
Gliese 9224 Blue Investments Gliese 9224 Federation Corporate
Gliese 9229 Electronics Corp. Gliese 9229 Federation Corporate
Gliese 9239 & Co Gliese 9239 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9239 Silver Crew Gliese 9239 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 9312 Network Gliese 9312 Federation Corporate
Gliese 9318 Dynamic Industries Gliese 9318 Federation Corporate
Gliese 9336 Crimson Crew Gliese 9336 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 9378 B Crew Gliese 9378 B Independent Anarchy
Gliese 9392 Liberals Gliese 9392 Federation Democracy
Gliese 9392 Purple Rats Gliese 9392 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 9392 Silver State Company Gliese 9392 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9407 Holdings Gliese 9407 Federation Corporate
Gliese 9408 Group Gliese 9408 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9423 Crimson Partnership Gliese 9423 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 9423 Major Limited Gliese 9423 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9480 Industries Gliese 9480 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9480 Righteous Sect Gliese 9480 Independent Theocracy
Gliese 9480 United & Co Gliese 9480 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9532 Blue Organisation Gliese 9532 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 9532 Defence Force Gliese 9532 Independent Dictatorship
Gliese 9532 Netcoms Interstellar Gliese 9532 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9539 Creative Organisation Gliese 9539 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9539 Purple Universal Gliese 9539 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9547 Industries Gliese 9547 Independent Corporate
Gliese 9553 Silver Brotherhood Gliese 9553 Independent Anarchy
Gliese 9735 Emperor's Grace Gliese 9735 Empire Patronage
Gliese 9735 Revolutionary Party Gliese 9735 Independent Communism
Gline Jet Rats Gline Independent Anarchy
Glinja Blue Natural Limited Glinja Independent Corporate
Glinja Domain Glinja Independent Feudal
Glooscap Defence Force Glooscap Independent Dictatorship
Glooscap Purple Netcoms Ltd Glooscap Independent Corporate
Glory for the People Party Te Kaha Independent Dictatorship
Glusargiz Energy Exchange Glusargiz Independent Corporate
Glusargiz Jet Travel PLC Glusargiz Independent Corporate
Glusargiz Patron's Principles Glusargiz Empire Patronage
Gluscab Empire Group Gluscab Empire Patronage
Gluscab Purple Pirates Gluscab Independent Anarchy
Gluscabi Defence Force Gluscabi Empire Dictatorship
Gluscap Freedom Party Gluscap Independent Dictatorship
Gluscap PLC Gluscap Federation Corporate
Glusche Crimson Rats Glusche Independent Anarchy
Glusche Gold Travel Co Glusche Federation Corporate
Gluskaiabal Autocracy Gluskaiabal Independent Dictatorship
Gluskaiabal Crimson Pirates Gluskaiabal Independent Anarchy
Gluskaiabal Public Organisation Gluskaiabal Independent Corporate
Gluskas Legal Ltd Gluskas Independent Corporate
Gluskas Mob Gluskas Independent Anarchy
Gluskas Silver Federal Int Gluskas Independent Corporate
Glutia Citizens of Tradition Glutia Empire Patronage
Gnowee Partnership Gnowee Federation Confederacy
Goanna Values Party Goanna Independent Democracy
Goansi Rats Goansi Independent Anarchy
Goansi Silver Creative Group Goansi Federation Corporate
God-fearing Brotherhood of HIP 45401 HIP 45401 Independent Theocracy
God-fearing Order of Jambo Dadi Jambo Dadi Independent Theocracy
Godharing Crimson Brotherhood Godharing Independent Anarchy
Goeng Gong Emperor's Grace Goeng Gong Empire Patronage
Goeng Gong Travel Network Goeng Gong Empire Corporate
Goenpeiadi Blue Rats Goenpeiadi Independent Anarchy
Goenpeiadi Party Goenpeiadi Empire Dictatorship
Gogonir Corp. Gogonir Independent Corporate
Goibniugo United Corp. Goibniugo Independent Corporate
Gold Advanced Corp. Ngale Empire Corporate
Gold Allied Solutions HIP 34540 Federation Corporate
Gold Bridge Corporation BD+55 570 Federation Corporate
Gold Bridge Corporation Cenoi Federation Corporate
Gold Bridge Corporation Elska Federation Corporate
Gold Bridge Corporation Ross 345 Federation Corporate
Gold Bridge Holdings HIP 118311 Empire Corporate
Gold Central Co Pima Independent Corporate
Gold Central Commodities Guaycurua Federation Corporate
Gold Central Industry Much Independent Corporate
Gold Central Organisation Finteno Independent Corporate
Gold Comms Commodities Bhaga Independent Corporate
Gold Comms Incorporated Gwaelod Federation Corporate
Gold Comms Ltd Daraki Independent Corporate
Gold Creative Group NLTT 53690 Independent Corporate
Gold Creative Inc Ahpuchan Independent Corporate
Gold Creative Organisation Samontia Empire Corporate
Gold Dynamic Exchange Arikara Empire Corporate
Gold Dynamic Holdings Vyat Federation Corporate
Gold Dynamic Industry Olcadri Independent Corporate
Gold Dynamic Interstellar Unjadi Independent Corporate
Gold Dynamic Network Jita Independent Corporate
Gold Dynamic Organisation Jang Di Independent Corporate
Gold Dynamic Solutions Kokoto Federation Corporate
Gold Dynamic Systems Yen Tacanik Independent Corporate
Gold Electronics Company Grendel Independent Corporate
Gold Electronics Holdings Satio Independent Corporate
Gold Federal & Co LTT 8001 Independent Corporate
Gold Federal Group Khones Federation Corporate
Gold Federal PLC Bhilonggam Empire Corporate
Gold Fortune Co Salliyalar Empire Corporate
Gold Fortune Limited Crowfor Independent Corporate
Gold Fortune Organisation Gigaliep Independent Corporate
Gold Galactic Partners Ulanquiates Independent Corporate
Gold General & Co Yen Hsini Empire Corporate
Gold General Corporation Ghekree Federation Corporate
Gold General Inc LTT 1598 Independent Corporate
Gold General Industries LFT 69 Federation Corporate
Gold General Limited Ejagham Federation Corporate
Gold General Partners HIP 17305 Federation Corporate
Gold General Solutions Wolf 1278 Independent Corporate
Gold Legal Corporation Biga Independent Corporate
Gold Legal Solutions Furbaide Federation Corporate
Gold Legal Systems HIP 12248 Empire Corporate
Gold Life Interstellar Daiku Federation Corporate
Gold Major Co Stafkarl Federation Corporate
Gold Major Industry HIP 56955 Federation Corporate
Gold Natural Commodities Zeta Microscopii Federation Corporate
Gold Natural Corporation LHS 6408 Federation Corporate
Gold Natural Group LP 336-4 Federation Corporate
Gold Natural Industry Kissist Federation Corporate
Gold Natural Services Hrun Empire Corporate
Gold Netcoms Corporation Dharaces Independent Corporate
Gold Netcoms Limited Harpakhe Federation Corporate
Gold Power Corp. LHS 1065 Federation Corporate
Gold Power Group Hevelisci Independent Corporate
Gold Power Limited Cenil Federation Corporate
Gold Power Partners Aktzin Federation Corporate
Gold State Organisation HIP 17486 Empire Corporate
Gold Systems Ltd Mbegua Empire Corporate
Gold Transport Exchange Wolf 511 Federation Corporate
Gold Transport Incorporated Wuning Federation Corporate
Gold Transport Network Lalande 9428 Independent Corporate
Gold Travel Holdings Belung Empire Corporate
Gold Travel Incorporated Dadal Independent Corporate
Gold Travel Industry Seliacha Federation Corporate
Gold Travel Limited HIP 3142 Empire Corporate
Gold Travel Ltd HIP 105639 Independent Corporate
Gold United & Co Irush Empire Corporate
Gold United Co Tacajandi Independent Corporate
Gold United Limited Kunah Empire Corporate
Gold United Ltd HIP 101597 Independent Corporate
Gold United PLC Ulchs Independent Corporate
Gold United Services Gabraceni Independent Corporate
Gold United Systems GD 215 Independent Corporate
Gold Universal Co Moepirt Federation Corporate
Gold Universal Industries Onuris Independent Corporate
Gold Universal Limited Banei Federation Corporate
Gold Vision Commodities 54 Cassiopeiae Federation Corporate
Gold Vision Inc Nadur Federation Corporate
Golle Blue Society Golle Independent Anarchy
Goller Industries Goller Empire Corporate
Gollobo Gold Gang Gollobo Independent Anarchy
Gomam Democrats 68 Upsilon Pegasi Independent Democracy
Gomam Democrats Gomam Independent Democracy
Gomam Jet Hand Gang Gomam Independent Anarchy
Gomam Network Gomam Independent Corporate
Goman Patrons of Law Penapasoak Empire Patronage
Goman Silver Bridge Services Goman Independent Corporate
Gomm Crua Corporation Gomm Crua Federation Corporate
Gommara Holdings Gommara Federation Corporate
Gommat Defence Party Gommat Independent Dictatorship
Gondan Bridge Interstellar Gondan Empire Corporate
Gondan Empire League Gondan Empire Patronage
Gondan Jet Ring Gondan Independent Anarchy
Gondul Empire Group Gondul Empire Patronage
Gondul Free Gondul Independent Democracy
Gondul Jet State Company Gondul Empire Corporate
Gong Biama Organisation Gong Biama Empire Corporate
Gong Gu Co Gong Gu Independent Corporate
Gongali Silver Creative Exchange Gongali Federation Corporate
Gongalungul Comms Organisation Gongalungul Independent Corporate
Gongalungul Emperor's Grace Gongalungul Empire Patronage
Gongalungul Empire League Malarhones Empire Patronage
Gooheim General Holdings Gooheim Empire Corporate
Gooheim General Holdings Malga Empire Corporate
Goplang Citizens of Tradition Goplang Empire Patronage
Goplang Purple Syndicate Goplang Independent Anarchy
Goravas Empire Party Goravas Empire Patronage
Goravas Industries Goravas Independent Corporate
Gorengathi Transport Organisation Gorengathi Independent Corporate
Goreo Noblement Goreo Independent Feudal
Goreo Silver Natural PLC Goreo Independent Corporate
Gores Prison Colony Gores Independent Prison Colony
Gorgon Life Industries Gorgon Independent Corporate
Gorimi Group Gorimi Independent Corporate
Gorringa Crimson Advanced & Co Gorringa Independent Corporate
Gorynich Co-op Gorynich Independent Cooperative
Gorynicnada Blue Transport Corp. Gorynicnada Empire Corporate
Gou Jingati Advanced & Co Gou Jingati Empire Corporate
Goudumo Emperor's Grace Goudumo Empire Patronage
Goudumo Exchange Goudumo Independent Corporate
Goudumo Transport Commodities Goudumo Independent Corporate
Gowdalu Defence Force Gowdalu Independent Dictatorship
Grabil Universal Ltd Grabil Independent Corporate
Grabrakan Domain Grabrakan Independent Feudal
Grabrakan Jet Crew Grabrakan Independent Anarchy
Grabrakan Travel Services Grabrakan Empire Corporate
Grabri Industries Grabri Federation Corporate
Grabrigpa Gold United Corp. Grabrigpa Independent Corporate
Grabru Blue Power Partners Grabru Federation Corporate
Grafias Crimson Ring Grafias Independent Anarchy
Grafias Electronics Solutions Grafias Federation Corporate
Graill Alliance Protectorate Graill Redd Alliance Patronage
Graill Redd Gold Transport Comp Graill Redd Independent Corporate
Graill Redd Liberals Graill Redd Alliance Democracy
Gram Legal Industry 5 Andromedae Federation Corporate
Gram Legal Industry Cempsigi Federation Corporate
Gram Legal Industry Gram Federation Corporate
Gran Coalition Gran Federation Confederacy
Gran Monarchy Gran Independent Feudal
Grana Prison Colony Grana Empire Prison Colony
Grana Universal Inc Grana Empire Corporate
Grans Alliance Grans Federation Confederacy
Granthaimi Group Mokosh Federation Corporate
Graudika Allied & Co Graudika Empire Corporate
Graudika Empire Party Graudika Empire Patronage
Graudung Citizen Party Graudung Independent Communism
Graudung Empire League Graudung Empire Patronage
Graudung Gold Society Graudung Independent Anarchy
Grauie Corporation Grauie Federation Corporate
Graung Imperial Society Graung Empire Patronage
Grealli United Network Grealli Empire Corporate
Greallu Allied Greallu Independent Cooperative
Greallu Domain Greallu Independent Feudal
Greallu Rats Greallu Independent Anarchy
Grebatabea Jet Mob Grebatabea Independent Anarchy
Grebato Corp. Grebato Independent Corporate
Grebayeb Resistance Grebayeb Federation Democracy
Grebegus Corp. Grebegus Empire Corporate
Grebegus Organisation Grebegus Independent Corporate
Grebegus Patron's Principles Grebegus Empire Patronage
Grebo Advanced Systems Grebo Independent Corporate
Gree Organisation Gree Independent Anarchy
Gree Silver State Corp. Gree Independent Corporate
Green Party of 15 Psi Scorpii 15 Psi Scorpii Federation Democracy
Green Party of 35 Ceti 35 Ceti Federation Democracy
Green Party of 63 Eridani 63 Eridani Federation Democracy
Green Party of Adenets Adenets Independent Democracy
Green Party of Adityan Adityan Federation Democracy
Green Party of Alles Alles Independent Democracy
Green Party of Andracottii Andracottii Independent Democracy
Green Party of Angua Angua Federation Democracy
Green Party of Antobri Antobri Federation Democracy
Green Party of Aracae Aracae Independent Democracy
Green Party of Arro Kop Arro Kop Federation Democracy
Green Party of Atata Atata Federation Democracy
Green Party of Audhr Audhr Federation Democracy
Green Party of Aulerci Aulerci Federation Democracy
Green Party of BD+08 1303 BD+08 1303 Federation Democracy
Green Party of BD+27 1356 BD+27 1356 Federation Democracy
Green Party of BD-18 3106 BD-18 3106 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Bacamu Bacamu Independent Democracy
Green Party of Bamuti Bamuti Federation Democracy
Green Party of Bamuti Heidjalan Federation Democracy
Green Party of Banemu Banemu Federation Democracy
Green Party of Bango Bango Independent Democracy
Green Party of Bes Bes Independent Democracy
Green Party of Bhritzameno Altair Federation Democracy
Green Party of Bhritzameno Bhritzameno Federation Democracy
Green Party of Bhritzameno Wolf 629 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Bidia Bidia Independent Democracy
Green Party of Binde Binde Federation Democracy
Green Party of Brodal Brodal Independent Democracy
Green Party of Caer Doiri Caer Doiri Independent Democracy
Green Party of Cemplangpa Cemplangpa Independent Democracy
Green Party of Ch'anjie Ch'anjie Independent Democracy
Green Party of Chona Chona Independent Democracy
Green Party of Chul Chul Independent Democracy
Green Party of Chun Tstar Chun Tstar Federation Democracy
Green Party of Colanja Colanja Federation Democracy
Green Party of Cybele Cybele Federation Democracy
Green Party of Cynetek Cynetek Federation Democracy
Green Party of Dhan Dhan Independent Democracy
Green Party of Dhodia Dhodia Independent Democracy
Green Party of Diegakul Diegakul Federation Democracy
Green Party of Dierfar Dierfar Federation Democracy
Green Party of Diso Diso Alliance Democracy
Green Party of Djedet Djedet Federation Democracy
Green Party of Dulerce Dulerce Independent Democracy
Green Party of Dulos Dulos Independent Democracy
Green Party of Ezerishapa Alrai Sector HR-W c1-13 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Ezerishapa Ezerishapa Federation Democracy
Green Party of Fugen Shi Fugen Shi Independent Democracy
Green Party of G 108-26 G 108-26 Federation Democracy
Green Party of G 166-21 G 166-21 Federation Democracy
Green Party of G 180-47 G 180-47 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Ga'anjob'al Ga'anjob'al Federation Democracy
Green Party of Galapana Galapana Federation Democracy
Green Party of Gallauni Gallauni Independent Democracy
Green Party of Gatoborod Gatoborod Independent Democracy
Green Party of Gliese 765.3 Gliese 765.3 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Glusu Glusu Federation Democracy
Green Party of Grafias Grafias Independent Democracy
Green Party of Groombridge 1618 Groombridge 1618 Independent Democracy
Green Party of Gunai Gunai Independent Democracy
Green Party of Guy Guy Federation Democracy
Green Party of HIP 103138 HIP 103138 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 10483 HIP 10483 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 112123 HIP 112123 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 11273 HIP 11273 Federation Democracy
Green Party of HIP 112974 HIP 112974 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 114333 HIP 114333 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 13317 HIP 13317 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 23575 HIP 23575 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 23716 HIP 23716 Federation Democracy
Green Party of HIP 28987 HIP 28987 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 44560 HIP 44560 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 48025 HIP 48025 Federation Democracy
Green Party of HIP 50489 HIP 50489 Federation Democracy
Green Party of HIP 71515 HIP 71515 Federation Democracy
Green Party of HIP 77470 HIP 77470 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 8251 HIP 8251 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HIP 85010 HIP 85010 Federation Democracy
Green Party of HIP 862 HIP 862 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HR 494 HR 494 Independent Democracy
Green Party of HR 8031 HR 8031 Federation Democracy
Green Party of HR 8474 GCRV 13292 Federation Democracy
Green Party of HR 8474 HR 8474 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Himashi Himashi Independent Democracy
Green Party of Hirarimpt Hirarimpt Independent Democracy
Green Party of Holiacan Holiacan Alliance Democracy
Green Party of Jiang Jiang Independent Democracy
Green Party of Jita Jita Independent Democracy
Green Party of Jitabos Jitabos Federation Democracy
Green Party of Kali Kali Alliance Democracy
Green Party of Kasho Kasho Independent Democracy
Green Party of Khampti Khampti Independent Democracy
Green Party of Korubu Korubu Independent Democracy
Green Party of Krataula Krataula Federation Democracy
Green Party of Kulillechet Kulillechet Independent Democracy
Green Party of LFT 1664 LFT 1664 Federation Democracy
Green Party of LHS 3549 LHS 3549 Federation Democracy
Green Party of LHS 3666 LHS 3666 Federation Democracy
Green Party of LHS 3947 LHS 3947 Federation Democracy
Green Party of LHS 6197 LHS 6197 Independent Democracy
Green Party of LP 816-60 LP 816-60 Federation Democracy
Green Party of LTT 1349 LTT 1349 Federation Democracy
Green Party of LTT 3690 LTT 3690 Independent Democracy
Green Party of LTT 8657 LTT 8657 Independent Democracy
Green Party of Lao Jun Lao Jun Federation Democracy
Green Party of Lung Lung Federation Democracy
Green Party of Luyten's Star Luyten's Star Federation Democracy
Green Party of Makurboda Makurboda Independent Democracy
Green Party of Mapon Mapon Federation Democracy
Green Party of Maria Bhuti Maria Bhuti Independent Democracy
Green Party of Marichi Marichi Federation Democracy
Green Party of Mbazak Mbazak Federation Democracy
Green Party of Meretseger Meretseger Independent Democracy
Green Party of Mohara Mohara Independent Democracy
Green Party of Moora Moora Federation Democracy
Green Party of NLTT 6655 NLTT 6655 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Nden Nden Federation Democracy
Green Party of Nefes Nefes Federation Democracy
Green Party of Neits Neits Federation Democracy
Green Party of Nuites Nuites Federation Democracy
Green Party of Orom Orom Federation Democracy
Green Party of Pacap Pacap Federation Democracy
Green Party of Pataheimr Pataheimr Federation Democracy
Green Party of Payana Payana Independent Democracy
Green Party of Picaurukan Picaurukan Federation Democracy
Green Party of Plutarch Plutarch Independent Democracy
Green Party of Rasalhague Rasalhague Federation Democracy
Green Party of Reienete Reienete Federation Democracy
Green Party of Rho Puppis Rho Puppis Federation Democracy
Green Party of Ringardha Ringardha Federation Democracy
Green Party of Ross 302 Ross 302 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Ross 444 Ross 444 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Ross 733 Liu Baja Federation Democracy
Green Party of Ross 733 Ross 733 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Sameni Sameni Federation Democracy
Green Party of Sawar Sawar Independent Democracy
Green Party of Senlu Senlu Federation Democracy
Green Party of Seurbi Seurbi Independent Democracy
Green Party of Shebkauluwa Shebkauluwa Independent Democracy
Green Party of Siksikas Siksikas Independent Democracy
Green Party of Spokare Spokare Independent Democracy
Green Party of Sveit Sveit Independent Democracy
Green Party of Taka Taka Independent Democracy
Green Party of Tarutaalli Tarutaalli Independent Democracy
Green Party of Tegmen Tegmen Federation Democracy
Green Party of Terra Mater Terra Mater Federation Democracy
Green Party of Tethlon Tethlon Independent Democracy
Green Party of Tiangchi Tiangchi Independent Democracy
Green Party of Tjapan Tjapan Federation Democracy
Green Party of Tong Tong Federation Democracy
Green Party of Torno Torno Independent Democracy
Green Party of Tring Tring Federation Democracy
Green Party of Uenne Uenne Federation Democracy
Green Party of Upsilon Andromedae Upsilon Andromedae Independent Democracy
Green Party of Vestani Vestani Independent Democracy
Green Party of WISE 1506+7027 LHS 450 Federation Democracy
Green Party of WISE 1506+7027 WISE 1506+7027 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Wika Mu Wika Mu Federation Democracy
Green Party of Wolf 10 Wolf 10 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Wolf 124 Wolf 124 Federation Democracy
Green Party of Xi Ursae Majoris Xi Ursae Majoris Federation Democracy
Green Party of Yingo Yingo Federation Democracy
Green Party of Zao Jiansei Zao Jiansei Independent Democracy
Green Party of Zibal Zibal Federation Democracy
Green Party of Zosia Zosia Federation Democracy
Green Party of Zvaithhogg Zvaithhogg Independent Democracy
Greidmarang Society Greidmarang Independent Anarchy
Greidu Comms Systems Greidu Empire Corporate
Greidu Imperial Society Greidu Empire Patronage
Greila Co Greila Federation Corporate
Greklis Empire Party Greklis Empire Patronage
Gridge Emperor's Grace Gridge Empire Patronage
Gridge Gold Mob Gridge Independent Anarchy
Gridge Life Exchange Gridge Empire Corporate
Gridge Public Group Gridge Independent Corporate
Gridii Autocracy Gridii Independent Dictatorship
Gridiuhet Exchange Gridiuhet Independent Corporate
Gridiuhet Jet Posse Gridiuhet Independent Anarchy
Groa Citizens of Tradition Groa Empire Patronage
Groa Ltd Groa Independent Corporate
Groanomana Crimson Fortune Ltd Groanomana Empire Corporate
Groombridge 1618 Silver Galactic Groombridge 1618 Federation Corporate
Grovicele Council Grovicele Independent Anarchy
Grovicele Gold Netcoms & Co Grovicele Independent Corporate
Grovicele for Equality Grovicele Federation Democracy
Grovicho Empire League Grovicho Empire Patronage
Grovicho Organisation Grovicho Independent Corporate
Grovichun Gold Netcoms Inc Grovichun Empire Corporate
Grovichun Gold Netcoms Inc Saffron Empire Corporate
Grovii Council Grovii Independent Anarchy
Grovii Jet Federal Network Grovii Independent Corporate
Grovii Ltd Grovii Independent Corporate
Grud Holdings Grud Empire Corporate
Grudi Democrats CD-48 3774 Independent Democracy
Grudi Emperor's Grace Grudi Empire Patronage
Grudi Flag Grudi Independent Dictatorship
Grudi Interstellar Grudi Federation Corporate
Grudii Silver General Comms Grudii Empire Corporate
Guai Imperial Society Guai Empire Patronage
Guai People's Co-operative Guai Independent Cooperative
Guambia Crimson Universal Comp Guambia Independent Corporate
Guambia General Solutions Guambia Independent Corporate
Guambia Progressive Party Guambia Federation Democracy
Guamni aristocrats Guamni Independent Feudal
Guan Coalition Guan Federation Confederacy
Guan Dun Corp. Guan Dun Independent Corporate
Guan Dun Mafia Guan Dun Independent Anarchy
Guan Gong Crimson Mafia Guan Gong Independent Anarchy
Guan Tun Travel Inc Guan Tun Independent Corporate
Guan Tun Values Party Guan Tun Federation Democracy
Guan Wango Empire League Guan Wango Empire Patronage
Guan Wango United Services Guan Wango Empire Corporate
Guan Yun Corporation Guan Yun Empire Corporate
Guan Yun Corporation Shongastyak Empire Corporate
Guan Yun Focus Guan Yun Independent Dictatorship
Guan Zana United Guan Zana Independent Cooperative
Guana Bhun Natural Organisation Guana Bhun Empire Corporate
Guanangu Industry Guanangu Empire Corporate
Guanangu aristocrats Guanangu Empire Feudal
Guanekagha League Guanekagha Federation Confederacy
Guaneponne Co-op Guaneponne Independent Cooperative
Guaneponne Partners Guaneponne Empire Corporate
Guanggi Purple Energy Ltd Guanggi Federation Corporate
Guangguba Crimson Transport PLC Guangguba Independent Corporate
Guangngel Freedom Party Guangngel Empire Dictatorship
Guangul Corp. Guangul Federation Corporate
Guangul Natural PLC Guangul Federation Corporate
Guanomo Prison Colony Guanomo Independent Prison Colony
Guarada Partners Guarada Federation Corporate
Guarada Prison Colony Guarada Independent Prison Colony
Guarakma Brothers Guarakma Independent Anarchy
Guaras Blue Creative Partners Guaras Federation Corporate
Guardians of Harmony HIP 117870 Independent Communism
Guardians of Harmony HIP 118213 Independent Communism
Guardians of Tranquillity BD-22 286 Independent Dictatorship
Guardians of Tranquillity LAWD 7 Independent Dictatorship
Guardians of Tranquillity Tanmark Independent Dictatorship
Guardians of Tranquillity Tarach Tor Independent Dictatorship
Guarijio Silver Energy Ind Guarijio Empire Corporate
Guarpulici Energy Industries Guarpulici Empire Corporate
Guatae Creative Solutions Guatae Independent Corporate
Guathiti Empire Party Guathiti Empire Patronage
Guathiti Legal PLC Guathiti Empire Corporate
Guayambaan Bureau Guayambaan Independent Dictatorship
Guayambaan Purple Vision Systems Guayambaan Independent Corporate
Guayambaan Vision Group Guayambaan Independent Corporate
Guayana Solutions Guayana Federation Corporate
Guayeb Party Guayeb Independent Dictatorship
Gubia Gold Organisation Gubia Independent Anarchy
Gubia Industries Gubia Independent Corporate
Gubiakum Electronics Interstellar Gubiakum Federation Corporate
Gubiakum Pro-Independent Pact Gubiakum Independent Patronage
Gubian Crimson State Services Gubian Empire Corporate
Gucub Baja Mafia Gucub Baja Independent Anarchy
Gucuma Alliance Gucuma Independent Confederacy
Gucuma Services Arietis Sector GW-W c1-8 Independent Corporate
Gucuma Silver Brothers Gucuma Independent Anarchy
Gucumadhyas Future Gucumadhyas Independent Democracy
Gucumadhyas Incorporated Gucumadhyas Federation Corporate
Gucuman Gold Council Gucuman Independent Anarchy
Gucuman Silver Allied Industry Gucuman Federation Corporate
Gucumatassa Society Gucumatassa Independent Anarchy
Gucumatz Bureau Gucumatz Empire Dictatorship
Gucumatz Legal Inc Gucumatz Empire Corporate
Gudramo Incorporated Gudramo Independent Corporate
Gudran State Inc Gudran Federation Corporate
Gudus Blue Legal Industry Gudus Empire Corporate
Guei Gold Galactic Services Guei Independent Corporate
Guerre Defence Force Guerre Empire Dictatorship
Guerre Jet Comms Interstellar Guerre Independent Corporate
Guerrongal Blue Brothers Guerrongal Independent Anarchy
Guerrongal Fortune Commodities Guerrongal Empire Corporate
Gugu Society Gugu Independent Anarchy
Gugulukunn Creative Industries Gugulukunn Federation Corporate
Guguroro Silver Public Comms Guguroro Empire Corporate
Gugurun Crimson Public Solutions Gugurun Independent Corporate
Gugurun Emperor's Grace Gugurun Empire Patronage
Gugurun Jet Power Industries Gugurun Independent Corporate
Guguurtuu Life Exchange Guguurtuu Independent Corporate
Gui Banni Jet Family Gui Banni Independent Anarchy
Gui Banni Republic Party Gui Banni Independent Democracy
Gui Banni Transport PLC Gui Banni Federation Corporate
Gui Renes Alliance Gui Renes Federation Confederacy
Gui Renes Crimson Crew Gui Renes Independent Anarchy
Gui Wande Comms Network Gui Wande Independent Corporate
Gui Wande Comms Network Muri Independent Corporate
Gui Wande Crimson Family Gui Wande Independent Anarchy
Gui Xian Purple General Corp. Gui Xian Independent Corporate
Guie Major Corp. Guie Independent Corporate
Guinasan Partners Guinasan Empire Corporate
Guincans Legal PLC Guincans Independent Corporate
Guinna Co Guinna Empire Corporate
Guitaiku Independent Consulate Guitaiku Independent Patronage
Gulians People's Co-operative Gulians Independent Cooperative
Gulidjan Blue Comms Group Gulidjan Empire Corporate
Guligali Electronics Co Guligali Independent Corporate
Guligali Galactic Corp. Guligali Independent Corporate
Gulis Partners Gulis Federation Corporate
Gullapites Independents Gullapites Federation Democracy
Gullici Jet Pirates Gullici Independent Anarchy
Gullveti Gold Society Gullveti Independent Anarchy
Gullveti Gold Society HIP 11796 Independent Anarchy
Gullveti League Gullveti Independent Dictatorship
Gulngaba Blue Vision Limited Gulngaba Federation Corporate
Gulngaba Purple Creative Comms Gulngaba Independent Corporate
Gulngatha Jet Organisation Gulngatha Independent Anarchy
Gulngatha Patron's Principles Gulngatha Empire Patronage
Gun Jet Netcoms Inc Gun Federation Corporate
Gun as one Gun Independent Cooperative
Gunab Worker's Party Gunab Independent Communism
Gunai Citizen Party Gunai Independent Communism
Gunai Network Gunai Independent Corporate
Gunama Commodities Gunama Federation Corporate
Gunama Silver Raiders Gunama Independent Anarchy
Gunapa Vision Services Gunapa Independent Corporate
Gunapai Drug Empire Gunapai Independent Anarchy
Gunapai Group Gunapai Independent Corporate
Gunapisni Purple General Dev Gunapisni Independent Corporate
Gunapiti Fortune Group Gunapiti Independent Corporate
Gunavian Dynamic Systems Gunavian Independent Corporate
Gunavian Empire Party Gunavian Empire Patronage
Gunawa Crimson Bridge Co Gunawa Independent Corporate
Gunayeb Systems Gunayeb Independent Corporate
Gundiae Allied Organisation Gundiae Federation Corporate
Gundji Advanced Corporation Gundji Independent Corporate
Gundji Crimson Brotherhood Gundji Independent Anarchy
Gungamato Commodities Gungamato Independent Corporate
Gungamato Free Gungamato Independent Democracy
Gungamato Ltd Gungamato Independent Corporate
Gungamato Nationalists Gungamato Independent Dictatorship
Gungassa Confederation Gungassa Federation Confederacy
Gungo Coalition Gungo Independent Confederacy
Gungo General Exchange Gungo Empire Corporate
Gunnlodumla Prison Colony Gunnlodumla Independent Prison Colony
Gunno League Gunno Federation Confederacy
Gunno Vision Industry Gunno Independent Corporate
Gunnodayak Citizens of Tradition Gunnodayak Empire Patronage
Gunnodayak Life Corporation Gunnodayak Independent Corporate
Gunnodayak Patrons of Law Gunnodayak Empire Patronage
Gunnovale Group Gunnovale Federation Corporate
Gunnovii Company Gunnovii Independent Corporate
Gunnovii Gold Posse Gunnovii Independent Anarchy
Gunnus Gold Legal Co Gunnus Federation Corporate
Gunwin Emperor's Grace Gunwin Empire Patronage
Gunwinggu Blue Netcoms Comms Gunwinggu Empire Corporate
Gunwinggu Empire League Gunwinggu Empire Patronage
Gunwini Dynasty Gunwini Independent Feudal
Gunwites Commodities Gunwites Empire Corporate
Gunwites Coordinated Gunwites Independent Cooperative
Gunwithhogg Dominion Gunwithhogg Independent Feudal
Guo Chima Noblement Guo Chima Independent Feudal
Guo Chima Partnership Guo Chima Independent Anarchy
Guo Zi Raiders Guo Zi Independent Anarchy
Guoji Jet Cartel Guoji Independent Anarchy
Guoji League Guoji Federation Confederacy
Gura Empire Group Gura Empire Patronage
Gurabru Galactic Corporation Gurabru Federation Corporate
Gurabru Jet Council Gurabru Independent Anarchy
Gurabru Nationals Gurabru Independent Dictatorship
Gurabru Universal Exchange Gurabru Independent Corporate
Guracana Future Guracana Federation Democracy
Guracana Group Guracana Independent Corporate
Guragwe Liberals Guragwe Federation Democracy
Gurney Slade Blue General PLC Gurney Slade Federation Corporate
Gurney Slade Dynasty Gurney Slade Independent Feudal
Gurua Guardians of Tradition Gurua Empire Patronage
Gurua Power Inc Gurua Independent Corporate
Gurua Silver Gang Gurua Independent Anarchy
Gurughna Liberals Gurughna Independent Democracy
Gurumukas Resistance Gurumukas Federation Democracy
Gurus Labour Gurus Federation Democracy
Guttond Advanced Organisation Guttond Empire Corporate
Guttors Crimson Clan Guttors Independent Anarchy
Guttors Crimson Comms Ltd Guttors Empire Corporate
Guttors Empire Consulate Guttors Empire Patronage
Guttun Incorporated Guttun Federation Corporate
Guttun Services Guttun Independent Corporate
Guttunthur Commodities Guttunthur Federation Corporate
Guugupala Empire Assembly Guugupala Empire Patronage
Guugupala Silver Pirates Guugupala Independent Anarchy
Guuguyni Empire Consulate Ceut Empire Patronage
Guuguyni Empire Consulate Guuguyni Empire Patronage
Guuguyni Empire Consulate Irukama Empire Patronage
Guuguyni Partners Guuguyni Empire Corporate
Guy Exchange Guy Federation Corporate
Guy Jet General Services Guy Independent Corporate
Gwaelod Future Gwaelod Federation Democracy
Gwiona Galactic Services Gwiona Independent Corporate
Gwiones Travel Exchange Gwiones Federation Corporate
Gwri Blue Netcoms Limited Gwri Independent Corporate
Gwri Values Party Gwri Federation Democracy
Gwri Values Party Q'eqchit Federation Democracy
Gwydans Allied Industry Gwydans Independent Corporate
Gwydans Constitution Party Gwydans Independent Dictatorship
Gwydans Gold Fortune Network Gwydans Independent Corporate
Gwyddi aristocrats Gwyddi Empire Feudal
Gwyddioneni Dominion Gwyddioneni Independent Dictatorship
Gwyddioneni Galactic Systems Gwyddioneni Federation Corporate
Gyhldemal Empire Assembly Gyhldemal Empire Patronage
Gyhldemal Partners Gyhldemal Independent Corporate
Gyhlder Empire League Gyhlder Empire Patronage
Gyton's Hope Industries Gyton's Hope Federation Corporate
Gyton's Hope Resistance Gyton's Hope Federation Democracy
Gyvata Blue Major Ltd Gyvata Independent Corporate
Gyvata Indi Purple Syndicate Gyvata Indi Independent Anarchy
Gyvata Silver Brotherhood Gyvata Independent Anarchy
Gyvates Resistance Gyvates Federation Democracy
Gyvathaime Commodities Gyvathaime Empire Corporate
Gyvathaime Nationals Gyvathaime Empire Dictatorship
Gyvati Blue Creative Systems Gyvati Federation Corporate
Gyvati Liberals Gyvati Independent Democracy
Gyvatices Crimson Advanced Hldgs Gyvatices Empire Corporate
Gyvatiges Citizen Party Gyvatiges Independent Communism
g Eridani Citizens of Tradition g Eridani Empire Patronage
g Eridani Labour Union g Eridani Independent Communism

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