This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char I. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
I Carinae Nationalists I Carinae Independent Dictatorship
I Carinae Power Corporation I Carinae Federation Corporate
I Puppis Federal Industry I Puppis Federation Corporate
IL Aquarii Natural Inc IL Aquarii Federation Corporate
IV Comae Berenices Alliance Group IV Comae Berenices Alliance Patronage
IX Purple Comms. Corp HIP 20722 Federation Corporate
Iado Group Iado Empire Corporate
Iadoitj Silver Energy Exchange Iadoitj Empire Corporate
Iadou Dynasty Iadou Empire Feudal
Iah Bei Jet Major Limited Iah Bei Independent Corporate
Iah Commodities Iah Federation Corporate
Iah Lanitei Empire League Beta Reticuli Empire Patronage
Iah Lanitei Empire League Grabi Empire Patronage
Iah Lanitei Empire League Iah Lanitei Empire Patronage
Iah Lanitei Limited Iah Lanitei Independent Corporate
Iah Lohra Bridge Commodities Iah Lohra Empire Corporate
Iapo Vuh Purple Comms Co Iapo Vuh Independent Corporate
Iapodes Blue Boys Iapodes Independent Anarchy
Ibibara Labour Union Ibibara Independent Communism
Ibibio Life Incorporated Ibibio Independent Corporate
Ibisanyan Energy Company Ibisanyan Independent Corporate
Ibishia Bridge Network Ibishia Independent Corporate
Ibishia Republic Party Ibishia Independent Democracy
Ibor Resistance Ibor Federation Democracy
Iboraga Imperial Society Iboraga Empire Patronage
Iboraga Syndicate Iboraga Independent Anarchy
Ibormbu Advanced Partners Ibormbu Empire Corporate
Ibormbu for Equality Ibormbu Independent Democracy
Iburodo Purple Advanced Corp Iburodo Independent Corporate
Iburongin Silver Cartel Iburongin Independent Anarchy
Iburri Commodities Iburri Independent Corporate
Iburri Defence Force Iburri Empire Dictatorship
Ice Storm Squadron Athena Federation Corporate
Iceni Partnership Iceni Federation Confederacy
Iceni Purple Life Systems Iceni Independent Corporate
Iceniguari Stakeholders Iceniguari Independent Cooperative
Iconti Shi Empire Group Iconti Shi Empire Patronage
Iconti Shi Limited Iconti Shi Independent Corporate
Iconti Shi Purple Camorra Iconti Shi Independent Anarchy
Icontia Partnership Icontia Federation Confederacy
Icovit One Icovit Independent Cooperative
Icovit United Partners Icovit Federation Corporate
Ida Dhor Citizens' Forum Ida Dhor Empire Patronage
Ida Dhor Legal Ltd Ida Dhor Independent Corporate
Idin Empire Assembly Idin Empire Patronage
Idinda Fortune Group Idinda Independent Corporate
Idini Silver General Corp. HIP 23317 Federation Corporate
Idini Silver General Corp. Idini Federation Corporate
Idomaguara Corp. Idomaguara Empire Corporate
Idoman Crew Idoman Independent Anarchy
Idoman Progressive Party Idoman Federation Democracy
Idomatyritu Empire Party Idomatyritu Empire Patronage
Idomatyritu Liberals Idomatyritu Independent Democracy
Idomatyritu Travel Industries Idomatyritu Independent Corporate
Idu mishmi Inc Idu mishmi Empire Corporate
Idu misi Bridge Corporation Idu misi Federation Corporate
Idu misi Independents Idu misi Independent Democracy
Idunei Blue Rats Idunei Independent Anarchy
Idunei Citizens' Forum Idunei Empire Patronage
Idunei Left Party Idunei Independent Communism
Idung Yin PLC Idung Yin Empire Corporate
Iduni Comms Inc Iduni Federation Corporate
Iduni Silver Partnership Iduni Independent Anarchy
Idunn Co Idunn Independent Corporate
Idununn Crimson Electronics Idununn Independent Corporate
Idununn Focus Idununn Independent Dictatorship
Idununn Nationalists Idununn Independent Dictatorship
Idununn PLC Idununn Federation Corporate
Idzumoku Crimson Creative PLC Idzumoku Federation Corporate
Idzumoku One Idzumoku Alliance Cooperative
Ienpalang Corporation Ienpalang Empire Corporate
Ienpalang Drug Empire Ienpalang Independent Anarchy
Ienpalang Patron's Principles Ienpalang Empire Patronage
Ienpalang Public Corporation Ienpalang Independent Corporate
Ienpalang Values Party Ienpalang Independent Democracy
Igae Crimson Energy Corporation Igae Federation Corporate
Igae Silver Organisation Igae Independent Anarchy
Igaenisan Advanced Partners Igaenisan Federation Corporate
Igaenisan Silver Clan Igaenisan Independent Anarchy
Igal Empire Assembly Igal Empire Patronage
Igal Jet Gang Igal Independent Anarchy
Igal Netcoms Systems Igal Independent Corporate
Igal Resistance Igal Independent Democracy
Igala Gold Public Ltd Igala Independent Corporate
Igala Liberals Igala Federation Democracy
Igalalani Independent Consulate Igalalani Independent Patronage
Igaledonii Limited Igaledonii Empire Corporate
Igali Monarchy Igali Independent Feudal
Igalilinima Purple Life Co Igalilinima Independent Corporate
Igaluk League Igaluk Federation Confederacy
Igalumathi Interstellar Igalumathi Independent Corporate
Igalumathi Organisation Igalumathi Independent Anarchy
Igbirikan Holdings Igbirikan Independent Corporate
Igbirikan Purple Ring Igbirikan Independent Anarchy
Igbo Kora Dynamic Limited Igbo Kora Empire Corporate
Igbo Kora People's Co-operative Igbo Kora Independent Cooperative
Igbon Nobles Igbon Independent Feudal
Igbonii Legal Systems Igbonii Independent Corporate
Igboniu Democrats Igboniu Independent Democracy
Igboniu Natural Industries Igboniu Independent Corporate
Igores Empire League Igores Empire Patronage
Igores Gold Life Limited Igores Independent Corporate
Igores Union Igores Independent Communism
Igoria Brothers Igoria Independent Anarchy
Igoria Holdings Igoria Empire Corporate
Igorisa Shared Igorisa Independent Cooperative
Ijo Confederation Ijo Federation Confederacy
Ijo Nobles Ijo Independent Feudal
Ijo Silver Vision Incorporated Ijo Independent Corporate
Ikenga Central Holdings Ikenga Federation Corporate
Ikenga Natural Interstellar Ikenga Federation Corporate
Ikenga for Equality Ikenga Federation Democracy
Ikpe Purple Electronics PLC Ikpe Empire Corporate
Ikpen Confederation Ikpen Federation Confederacy
Ikpenones Party Ikpenones Independent Dictatorship
Ikpenones Silver Central Corp Ikpenones Independent Corporate
Iksvaku Natural Network Iksvaku Federation Corporate
Iksvaku as one Iksvaku Independent Cooperative
Iksvatan Co Iksvatan Federation Corporate
Iksvatan Purple Organisation Iksvatan Independent Anarchy
Iksvati Ltd Iksvati Federation Corporate
Iktomisi Advanced Group Iktomisi Federation Corporate
Ilbandi Dragons Ilbandi Independent Anarchy
Ilbassi Co-operative Ilbassi Independent Cooperative
Ildaker Prison Colony Ildaker Independent Prison Colony
Ildana Ltd Ildana Federation Corporate
Ildana Mafia Ildana Independent Anarchy
Ilmeno Electronics Commodities Ilmeno Empire Corporate
Ilmenses Partners Ilmenses Federation Corporate
Ilmesci Citizens' Forum Ilmesci Empire Patronage
Ilmesci Hand Gang Ilmesci Independent Anarchy
Ilya Nigh Imperial Society Ilya Nigh Empire Patronage
Iman Caber Dominion Iman Caber Independent Dictatorship
Iman Caber Inc Iman Caber Federation Corporate
Iman Caber Industry Iman Caber Federation Corporate
Imani Monarchy Imani Independent Feudal
Imantana Values Party Imantana Federation Democracy
Imen Coordinated Imen Independent Cooperative
Imen Mina Jet Central Inc Imen Mina Independent Corporate
Imen Mina Values Party Imen Mina Federation Democracy
Imenhit Freedom Party Imenhit Independent Dictatorship
Imenhit Limited Imenhit Independent Corporate
Imentet Blue Posse Imentet Independent Anarchy
Imentet Silver Universal Serv Imentet Federation Corporate
Imeutrimudj Galactic Incorporated Imeutrimudj Federation Corporate
Imeutrimudj Services Imeutrimudj Independent Corporate
Imeutsu Autocracy Imeutsu Independent Dictatorship
Imeutsu Free Imeutsu Federation Democracy
Imeutsu Gold Brotherhood Imeutsu Independent Anarchy
Imhoth Silver Fortune Services Imhoth Independent Corporate
Imhotian Focus Imhotian Independent Dictatorship
Imhottii Co Imhottii Independent Corporate
Imhottii Empire Group Imhottii Empire Patronage
Imhottii Silver Brothers Imhottii Independent Anarchy
Imiutli Galactic Industry Imiutli Independent Corporate
Imperator's Shield Erdi Empire Patronage
Imperial Federalist Labour Party of Veloxi's Vixens Orcus Independent Patronage
Imperial Flag LTT 9097 Empire Patronage
Imperial Law Party Kanuket Empire Patronage
Imperial Privateers Hruntia Empire Patronage
Imset Crimson Vision Ltd Imset Independent Corporate
Imset Patron's Principles Imset Empire Patronage
Imset Resistance Imset Federation Democracy
Imsetani Crimson Gang Imsetani Independent Anarchy
Imsetani Partnership Imsetani Independent Confederacy
Inara Crimson Vision Network Inara Independent Corporate
Inara Independents Inara Independent Democracy
Inara Justice Party Inara Independent Dictatorship
Inara Silver Crew Inara Independent Anarchy
Inara Transport Inc Inara Independent Corporate
Inarajajara Silver Natural Corp. Inarajajara Independent Corporate
Inars Industry Inars Independent Corporate
Indaol Blue Major Corporation Indaol Alliance Corporate
Indaol Independents Indaol Alliance Democracy
Indaol Independents Lindol Alliance Democracy
Independent 109 Virginis Green Party 109 Virginis Federation Democracy
Independent 109 Virginis Green Party Anukul Federation Democracy
Independent 17 Theta Sagittae Citizen Party 17 Theta Sagittae Independent Communism
Independent 26 Alpha Monocerotis Unionists 26 Alpha Monocerotis Independent Communism
Independent 44 G. Aquilae for Equality 44 G. Aquilae Federation Democracy
Independent 44 Pi Serpentis Confederacy 44 Pi Serpentis Independent Confederacy
Independent 57 Zeta Serpentis Resistance 57 Zeta Serpentis Federation Democracy
Independent 63 chi Leonis Values Party 63 chi Leonis Federation Democracy
Independent 65 Kappa Tauri Progressive Party 65 Kappa Tauri Federation Democracy
Independent 8 Gamma Coronae Borealis Independents 8 Gamma Coronae Borealis Federation Democracy
Independent 9 G. Carinae Independents 9 G. Carinae Federation Democracy
Independent Acandizel Partnership Acandizel Federation Confederacy
Independent Acihaut Green Party Acihaut Federation Democracy
Independent Adils Alliance Adils Federation Confederacy
Independent Aebocorio Union Aebocorio Independent Communism
Independent Agatavun Labour Agatavun Federation Democracy
Independent Akheilos Free Akheilos Federation Democracy
Independent Aleut for Equality Aleut Independent Democracy
Independent Alkondul Partnership Alkondul Independent Confederacy
Independent Amanaye Left Party Amanaye Independent Communism
Independent Aobriges Democrats Aobriges Independent Democracy
Independent Apala Independents Apala Federation Democracy
Independent Apiru Resistance Apiru Independent Democracy
Independent Aracenus Labour Aracenus Independent Democracy
Independent Arinack Free Arinack Federation Democracy
Independent Asgariges Resistance Asgariges Independent Democracy
Independent Atagat Liberals Atagat Federation Democracy
Independent Aymarahuara Free Aymarahuara Federation Democracy
Independent BD+03 2316 Revolutionary Party BD+03 2316 Federation Democracy
Independent BD+07 2008 Progressive Party BD+07 2008 Independent Democracy
Independent BD+15 176 Future BD+15 176 Federation Democracy
Independent BD+45 2765 Future BD+45 2765 Federation Democracy
Independent BD+46 2014 Future BD+46 2014 Alliance Democracy
Independent BD+48 738 Liberals BD+48 738 Federation Democracy
Independent BD-01 2784 Free BD-01 2784 Federation Democracy
Independent BD-01 3500 Liberals BD-01 3500 Federation Democracy
Independent BD-04 2421 Liberals BD-04 2421 Federation Democracy
Independent BD-13 6060 Resistance BD-13 6060 Federation Democracy
Independent Baila Democrats Baila Federation Democracy
Independent Bandjigali Labour Bandjigali Federation Democracy
Independent Baneb Xoc Confederacy Baneb Xoc Federation Confederacy
Independent Barumbo League Barumbo Federation Confederacy
Independent Basing Free Basing Federation Democracy
Independent Baudu Union Party Baudu Independent Communism
Independent Bedaho Labour Bedaho Federation Democracy
Independent Bedia Resistance Bedia Federation Democracy
Independent Beker for Equality Beker Independent Democracy
Independent Belach Labour Belach Federation Democracy
Independent Belach Labour Kurutsi Federation Democracy
Independent Belgeth Revolutionary Party Belgeth Independent Democracy
Independent Berzitibi Green Party Berzitibi Federation Democracy
Independent Bestia Resistance Bestia Federation Democracy
Independent Bhava Progressive Party Bhava Federation Democracy
Independent Bhisas Revolutionary Party Bhisas Alliance Democracy
Independent Bhotepago Partnership Bhotepago Federation Confederacy
Independent Bilskirnir Revolutionary Party Bilskirnir Federation Democracy
Independent Bobo Ukwus League Bobo Ukwus Federation Confederacy
Independent Borestipi Free Borestipi Federation Democracy
Independent Bunus League Bunus Federation Confederacy
Independent CD-39 4830 Independents CD-39 4830 Federation Democracy
Independent CD-55 1514 Progressive Party CD-55 1514 Federation Democracy
Independent CH Aquilae Green Party CH Aquilae Federation Democracy
Independent CK Arietis Green Party CK Arietis Federation Democracy
Independent CW Ursae Majoris Liberals CW Ursae Majoris Federation Democracy
Independent Caledo Progressive Party Caledo Independent Democracy
Independent Camarica Revolutionary Party Camarica Federation Democracy
Independent Cambou Green Party Cambou Federation Democracy
Independent Cari Independents Cari Independent Democracy
Independent Carverda Labour Carverda Independent Democracy
Independent Caucuma Free Caucuma Independent Democracy
Independent Cayura Democrats Cayura Federation Democracy
Independent Cerni Free Cerni Federation Democracy
Independent Chaitany Unionists Chaitany Independent Communism
Independent Chankun Future Tarach Tor Federation Democracy
Independent Chelka Coalition Chelka Federation Confederacy
Independent Cherets Labour Cherets Federation Democracy
Independent Chersem Confederacy Chersem Independent Confederacy
Independent Chontamenti Confederation Chontamenti Independent Confederacy
Independent Chonti Green Party Chonti Independent Democracy
Independent Constitution Party Alioth Alliance Democracy
Independent Corisci Partnership Corisci Federation Confederacy
Independent Cuages Confederacy Cuages Federation Confederacy
Independent Cupis Revolutionary Party Cupis Federation Democracy
Independent Daesi Democrats Daesi Independent Democracy
Independent Daris for Equality Daris Federation Democracy
Independent Deciat Green Party Deciat Federation Democracy
Independent Dirone Confederacy Dirone Federation Confederacy
Independent Djaujas Progressive Party Djaujas Alliance Democracy
Independent Dogoneja Future Dogoneja Federation Democracy
Independent Ducat Unionists Ducat Independent Communism
Independent Ehlauneti Future Ehlauneti Independent Democracy
Independent Eoto Partnership Eoto Federation Confederacy
Independent Eravate Free Eravate Independent Democracy
Independent Eta Horologii Labour Eta Horologii Independent Democracy
Independent FF Andromedae for Equality FF Andromedae Independent Democracy
Independent FK5 2550 Resistance FK5 2550 Federation Democracy
Independent Fehu Liberals Fehu Independent Democracy
Independent Fengita Coalition Fengita Independent Confederacy
Independent Fer Doira Democrats Fer Doira Independent Democracy
Independent Frendian Coalition Frendian Independent Confederacy
Independent Gamma Coronae Austrinae Revolutionary Party Gamma Coronae Austrinae Federation Democracy
Independent Gauts Labour Gauts Independent Democracy
Independent Giabal Labour Giabal Independent Democracy
Independent Gladyangar Revolutionary Party Gladyangar Federation Democracy
Independent Gliese 867.1 Liberals Gliese 867.1 Independent Democracy
Independent Greidu Values Party Greidu Independent Democracy
Independent Guan Zaihe League Guan Zaihe Federation Confederacy
Independent Guincans People's Party Guincans Independent Communism
Independent Gunnodayak Progressive Party Gunnodayak Independent Democracy
Independent Gunnunggu Independents Gunnunggu Independent Democracy
Independent Gunnus Partnership Gunnus Independent Confederacy
Independent HDS 1065 Resistance HDS 1065 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 100225 Independents HIP 100225 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 1013 Revolutionary Party HIP 1013 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 104206 Future HIP 104206 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 10694 Democrats HIP 10694 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 107172 Citizen Party HIP 107172 Independent Communism
Independent HIP 108971 Values Party HIP 108971 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 110397 Values Party HIP 110397 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 112580 Democrats HIP 112580 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 116553 Alliance HIP 116553 Independent Confederacy
Independent HIP 12040 Confederation HIP 12040 Federation Confederacy
Independent HIP 12040 Confederation Julasto Federation Confederacy
Independent HIP 12638 Worker's Party HIP 12638 Independent Communism
Independent HIP 13750 Independents HIP 13750 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 14944 Progressive Party HIP 14944 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 20019 for Equality HIP 20019 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 20410 Future HIP 20410 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 20777 Values Party HIP 20777 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 20895 Union Party HIP 20895 Independent Communism
Independent HIP 23302 for Equality HIP 23302 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 2645 Unionists HIP 2645 Independent Communism
Independent HIP 26933 Green Party HIP 26933 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 29241 Green Party HIP 29241 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 41659 People's Party HIP 42695 Empire Communism
Independent HIP 43670 Labour HIP 43670 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 47255 Liberals HIP 47255 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 51612 Resistance HIP 51612 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 54690 Left Party HIP 54690 Independent Communism
Independent HIP 56950 Democrats HIP 56950 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 56960 Independents HIP 56960 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 59024 Resistance HIP 59024 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 63079 Alliance HIP 63079 Independent Confederacy
Independent HIP 65276 Worker's Party HIP 65276 Independent Communism
Independent HIP 65971 for Equality HIP 65971 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 66828 Confederation HIP 66828 Federation Confederacy
Independent HIP 6905 Values Party HIP 6905 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 6943 Independents HIP 6943 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 6990 Left Party HIP 6990 Independent Communism
Independent HIP 70025 Left Party HIP 70025 Independent Communism
Independent HIP 74931 for Equality HIP 74931 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 75132 League HIP 75132 Federation Confederacy
Independent HIP 77083 for Equality HIP 77083 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 7766 Free HIP 7766 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 78716 Labour HIP 78716 Federation Democracy
Independent HIP 81498 Future HIP 81498 Independent Democracy
Independent HIP 86431 Confederacy HIP 86431 Independent Confederacy
Independent HIP 94501 Liberals HIP 94501 Federation Democracy
Independent HR 1245 for Equality HR 1245 Independent Democracy
Independent HR 1737 Green Party HR 1737 Independent Democracy
Independent HR 3316 Liberals HR 3316 Independent Democracy
Independent HR 3747 Progressive Party HR 3747 Independent Democracy
Independent HR 8526 for Equality HR 8526 Federation Democracy
Independent Haiden Democrats Haiden Independent Democracy
Independent Hajarage Liberals Hajarage Independent Democracy
Independent Hambula Values Party Hambula Federation Democracy
Independent Hapats Labour Union Hapats Independent Communism
Independent Har Itari Revolutionary Party Har Itari Federation Democracy
Independent Hastyat Labour Hastyat Federation Democracy
Independent Hesates Citizen Party Hesates Independent Communism
Independent Hip 12040 66 Andromedae Federation Confederacy
Independent Hip 12040 Confederation 66 Andromedae Federation Confederacy
Independent Hiralarsh Free Hiralarsh Federation Democracy
Independent Hixkaryak Future Hixkaryak Independent Democracy
Independent Hladgunnos Progressive Party Hladgunnos Federation Democracy
Independent Hmargk Values Party Hmargk Federation Democracy
Independent Hranyi Future Hranyi Independent Democracy
Independent Hruntia Labour Hruntia Independent Democracy
Independent Hsuanqueno Values Party Hsuanqueno Independent Democracy
Independent Hun Ahayuse Revolutionary Party Hun Ahayuse Federation Democracy
Independent Hun Cruac Democrats Hun Cruac Independent Democracy
Independent IV Comae Berenices Labour IV Comae Berenices Alliance Democracy
Independent Iapo Vuh for Equality Iapo Vuh Federation Democracy
Independent Ictino Partnership Ictino Federation Confederacy
Independent Idini Revolutionary Party Idini Independent Democracy
Independent Imani for Equality Imani Federation Democracy
Independent Imhote Values Party Imhote Federation Democracy
Independent Indrajangu Values Party Indrajangu Federation Democracy
Independent Jadliaura Confederacy Jadliaura Federation Confederacy
Independent Jadlili Unionists Jadlili Independent Communism
Independent Jakuta Values Party Jakuta Independent Democracy
Independent Jang Tun Alliance Jang Tun Independent Confederacy
Independent Kairrodo Independents Kairrodo Independent Democracy
Independent Kambila Confederacy Kambila Federation Confederacy
Independent Kamchata Values Party Kamchata Independent Democracy
Independent Kappa Ophiuchi Future Kappa Ophiuchi Independent Democracy
Independent Karetii for Equality Karetii Independent Democracy
Independent Kaupolo Labour Kaupolo Independent Democracy
Independent Kaus Australis Values Party Kaus Australis Federation Democracy
Independent Kausalya Resistance Kausalya Federation Democracy
Independent Khwathis Democrats Khwathis Independent Democracy
Independent Kiliwatsuki Free Kiliwatsuki Federation Democracy
Independent Kojinbaia Values Party Kojinbaia Independent Democracy
Independent Kokaana Future Kokaana Federation Democracy
Independent Kongaguan Republic Party Kongaguan Independent Communism
Independent Kongi League Kongi Federation Confederacy
Independent Koraj Coalition Koraj Federation Confederacy
Independent Kurui Xee Liberals Kurui Xee Independent Democracy
Independent Kusubi Gong Confederation Kusubi Gong Federation Confederacy
Independent L 12-40 Free L 12-40 Independent Democracy
Independent LHS 1197 Values Party LHS 1197 Federation Democracy
Independent LHS 140 Values Party LHS 215 Federation Democracy
Independent LHS 154a Democrats LHS 1387 Federation Democracy
Independent LHS 22 Revolutionary Party LHS 22 Federation Democracy
Independent LHS 2405 Liberals LHS 2405 Federation Democracy
Independent LHS 274 Revolutionary Party LHS 274 Federation Democracy
Independent LHS 306 for Equality LHS 306 Federation Democracy
Independent LHS 3564 Resistance LHS 3564 Federation Democracy
Independent LHS 528 Progressive Party LHS 528 Federation Democracy
Independent LP 30-55 Confederacy LP 30-55 Federation Confederacy
Independent LP 339-7 Values Party LP 339-7 Federation Democracy
Independent LP 356-106 Revolutionary Party LP 356-106 Federation Democracy
Independent LP 499-54 Resistance LP 499-54 Federation Democracy
Independent LP 685-43 Democrats LP 685-43 Federation Democracy
Independent LP 906-9 Future LP 906-9 Federation Democracy
Independent LTT 12734 Progressive Party LTT 12734 Alliance Democracy
Independent LTT 14429 Alliance LTT 14429 Federation Confederacy
Independent LTT 15225 Progressive Party LTT 15225 Independent Democracy
Independent LTT 6137 Democrats LTT 6137 Federation Democracy
Independent LTT 6705 Green Party LTT 6705 Independent Democracy
Independent Lalande 6320 Liberals LHS 1561 Federation Democracy
Independent Lalande 6320 Liberals Wala Federation Democracy
Independent Lalande 9428 Green Party Lalande 9428 Federation Democracy
Independent Langu Labour Union Langu Independent Communism
Independent Latuca Revolutionary Party Latuca Independent Democracy
Independent Leesti For Equality Heheng Alliance Democracy
Independent Leesti for Equality Leesti Alliance Democracy
Independent Leesti for Equality Quator Alliance Democracy
Independent Lendinji Labour Lendinji Independent Democracy
Independent Lhangkambe Free Lhangkambe Federation Democracy
Independent Lhou Tiegua Progressive Party Lhou Tiegua Federation Democracy
Independent Libarai Resistance Libarai Independent Democracy
Independent Likohochna Democrats Likohochna Federation Democracy
Independent Lodemowo Revolutionary Party Lodemowo Federation Democracy
Independent Lushertha Democrats Lushertha Independent Democracy
Independent Mach Partnership Mach Federation Confederacy
Independent Maidjigak Progressive Party Maidjigak Federation Democracy
Independent Malaman Free Malaman Federation Democracy
Independent Malean Union Party Malean Independent Communism
Independent Mandjera Citizen Party Mandjera Independent Communism
Independent Maopi Independents Maopi Federation Democracy
Independent Marindhs Coalition Marindhs Federation Confederacy
Independent Maujas Confederation Maujas Federation Confederacy
Independent Meenates for Equality Meenates Federation Democracy
Independent Menas Labour Menas Federation Democracy
Independent Mezavini Green Party Mezavini Federation Democracy
Independent Mirdi Resistance Mirdi Federation Democracy
Independent Moros Future Moros Federation Democracy
Independent Morra Future Morra Independent Democracy
Independent Mu Telescopii Progressive Party Mu Telescopii Independent Democracy
Independent Muang Progressive Party Muang Independent Democracy
Independent Murawal Values Party Murawal Independent Democracy
Independent NLTT 34715 Independents NLTT 34715 Alliance Democracy
Independent NLTT 53889 Democrats NLTT 53889 Independent Democracy
Independent NLTT 58744 Progressive Party NLTT 58744 Independent Democracy
Independent NN 3365 Green Party NN 3365 Federation Democracy
Independent Nadunuvii Liberals Nadunuvii Federation Democracy
Independent Naika Labour Union Naika Independent Communism
Independent Nakula Independents Nakula Federation Democracy
Independent Namaka Resistance Namaka Alliance Democracy
Independent Namo Citizen Party Namo Independent Communism
Independent Nanoai Liberals Nanoai Independent Democracy
Independent Naraka Democrats Arbuda Federation Democracy
Independent Negriti Progressive Party Negriti Federation Democracy
Independent Ngurui Green Party Ngurui Independent Democracy
Independent Oduduro Revolutionary Party Oduduro Federation Democracy
Independent Ogondage for Equality Ogondage Independent Democracy
Independent Omicron Gruis Liberals Omicron Gruis Independent Democracy
Independent Ongkandjeri Partnership Ongkandjeri Federation Confederacy
Independent Osismii League Col 285 Sector XU-P d5-80 Independent Confederacy
Independent Osismii League Osismii Independent Confederacy
Independent Paru Free Paru Independent Democracy
Independent Phra Saman Independents Phra Saman Independent Democracy
Independent Pichanto Alliance Mendindui Federation Confederacy
Independent Pichanto Alliance Pichanto Federation Confederacy
Independent Pilots Consortium Mandhrithar Independent Corporate
Independent Pilots Consortium NLTT 40378 Independent Corporate
Independent Qi Lisu Partnership Qi Lisu Independent Confederacy
Independent Quapa Green Party Quapa Federation Democracy
Independent Rabh Progressive Party Rabh Independent Democracy
Independent Raguti Resistance Raguti Independent Democracy
Independent Raniyan For Equality Raniyan Federation Democracy
Independent Rhibonii Confederation Rhibonii Federation Confederacy
Independent Ribhniugo Confederation Ribhniugo Federation Confederacy
Independent Rish Republic Party Rish Independent Communism
Independent Ross 263 Independents Ross 263 Federation Democracy
Independent Ross 409 Values Party Ross 409 Independent Democracy
Independent Ross 708 Confederation Ross 708 Federation Confederacy
Independent Ross 788 Progressive Party Ross 788 Independent Democracy
Independent Ross 89 Future Ross 89 Federation Democracy
Independent Sabihilo Democrats Sabihilo Federation Democracy
Independent Sachun Dubh Independents Sachun Dubh Federation Democracy
Independent Sakampanut Revolutionary Party Sakampanut Federation Democracy
Independent Savaroju Values Party Savaroju Federation Democracy
Independent Shapsugabus for Equality Shapsugabus Independent Democracy
Independent Shasir Values Party Shasir Independent Democracy
Independent Shatrites Partnership Shatrites Federation Confederacy
Independent Shouvul Revolutionary Party Shouvul Federation Democracy
Independent Sietae for Equality Sietae Independent Democracy
Independent Siksikabe Alliance Siksikabe Federation Confederacy
Independent Skandini Revolutionary Party Skandini Independent Democracy
Independent Songol Progressive Party Songol Federation Democracy
Independent Sopdu Labour Sopdu Federation Democracy
Independent Suhte Labour Union Suhte Independent Communism
Independent Sui Guei Values Party Sui Guei Federation Democracy
Independent Sumia Worker's Party Sumia Independent Communism
Independent Suteruku Free Suteruku Independent Democracy
Independent Svandovit Revolutionary Party Svandovit Federation Democracy
Independent Tabala Labour Tabala Federation Democracy
Independent Tau Centauri Free Tau Centauri Federation Democracy
Independent Tauerno Resistance Tauerno Independent Democracy
Independent Telmarch Resistance Telmarch Independent Democracy
Independent Tibila for Equality Tibila Federation Democracy
Independent Tirfing Left Party Tirfing Independent Communism
Independent Tlapana Values Party Tlapana Independent Democracy
Independent Trante Independents Trante Federation Democracy
Independent Ts'in Independents Ts'in Federation Democracy
Independent Tse Free Tse Federation Democracy
Independent UGP 92 Confederacy UGP 92 Federation Confederacy
Independent Ualar Future Ualar Independent Democracy
Independent Ulicunabopa Confederation Pangwa Independent Confederacy
Independent Ulicunabopa Confederation Ulicunabopa Independent Confederacy
Independent V406 Pegasi Future V406 Pegasi Federation Democracy
Independent V417 Hydrae Independents V417 Hydrae Federation Democracy
Independent Veja Moco Confederation Veja Moco Independent Confederacy
Independent Veneri Republic Party Veneri Independent Communism
Independent Volkhab Future Volkhab Federation Democracy
Independent Votadja Democrats Votadja Independent Democracy
Independent Wanggu Alliance Wanggu Federation Confederacy
Independent Washi Liberals Washi Independent Democracy
Independent Wattvasika Democrats Wattvasika Federation Democracy
Independent Wen Tsao Gu Free Wen Tsao Gu Alliance Democracy
Independent Wolf 1060 Future Wolf 1060 Federation Democracy
Independent Wolf 1329 Independents Wolf 1329 Federation Democracy
Independent Wolf 1409 Green Party Wolf 1409 Federation Democracy
Independent Wolf 631 Future Wolf 631 Federation Democracy
Independent Woyeru Alliance Woyeru Independent Confederacy
Independent Wulwul Resistance Wulwul Independent Democracy
Independent Wunitola Free Wunitola Federation Democracy
Independent Xevioso Labour Xevioso Federation Democracy
Independent Xolotl Union Xolotl Independent Communism
Independent Yenates Alliance Yenates Independent Confederacy
Independent Yenic Left Party Yenic Independent Communism
Independent Zeta Leporis Democrats Zeta Leporis Federation Democracy
Independent Zhao Tzu Labour Zhao Tzu Federation Democracy
Independent Zoelati Progressive Party Zoelati Independent Democracy
Independents of 10 Theta Piscium 10 Theta Piscium Federation Democracy
Independents of 12 Andromedae 12 Andromedae Independent Democracy
Independents of 18 Ceti 18 Ceti Federation Democracy
Independents of 22 g Leonis 22 g Leonis Federation Democracy
Independents of 35 Leonis Minoris 35 Leonis Minoris Federation Democracy
Independents of 40 Ceti 40 Ceti Federation Democracy
Independents of 40 Ceti Shenich Federation Democracy
Independents of 59 Ursae Majoris 59 Ursae Majoris Federation Democracy
Independents of 9 Omicron Virginis 9 Omicron Virginis Independent Democracy
Independents of Achansa Achansa Federation Democracy
Independents of Ambibio Ambibio Federation Democracy
Independents of Amenhotep Amenhotep Federation Democracy
Independents of Amuza Amuza Independent Democracy
Independents of Andlit Andlit Independent Democracy
Independents of Andvarites Andvarites Federation Democracy
Independents of Angrboldoga Angrboldoga Independent Democracy
Independents of Aowindui Aowindui Independent Democracy
Independents of Apura Apura Independent Democracy
Independents of Arimil Arimil Federation Democracy
Independents of Arimil Taribes Federation Democracy
Independents of Atuntha Atuntha Independent Democracy
Independents of Aurus Aurus Federation Democracy
Independents of Azraia Azraia Independent Democracy
Independents of BD+16 1001 BD+16 1001 Federation Democracy
Independents of BD+40 2208 BD+40 2208 Federation Democracy
Independents of BD+40 2208 G 116-72 Federation Democracy
Independents of BD-17 5832 BD-17 5832 Independent Democracy
Independents of Baroahy Baroahy Federation Democracy
Independents of Baroahy Edene Federation Democracy
Independents of Baroo Baroo Independent Democracy
Independents of Beta Circini Beta Circini Federation Democracy
Independents of Bhal Bhal Federation Democracy
Independents of Bilfrost Bilfrost Alliance Democracy
Independents of Binjhwarku Binjhwarku Federation Democracy
Independents of Bragur Bragur Independent Democracy
Independents of Breucosia Breucosia Federation Democracy
Independents of Brunne Brunne Federation Democracy
Independents of Burojinura Burojinura Independent Democracy
Independents of Cama Zotz Cama Zotz Federation Democracy
Independents of Caspatha Caspatha Independent Democracy
Independents of Catucandit Catucandit Independent Democracy
Independents of Cavins Cavins Federation Democracy
Independents of Chelmenta Chelmenta Federation Democracy
Independents of Chemaluk Chemaluk Federation Democracy
Independents of Chimba Chimba Federation Democracy
Independents of Cismonthina Cismonthina Federation Democracy
Independents of Clee Clee Federation Democracy
Independents of Clionometes Clionometes Independent Democracy
Independents of Daramo Daramo Federation Democracy
Independents of Dazhbogati Dazhbogati Federation Democracy
Independents of Don Don Federation Democracy
Independents of Duamta Duamta Federation Democracy
Independents of Eotienses Eotienses Independent Democracy
Independents of Ese Buj Ese Buj Independent Democracy
Independents of FT Ceti FT Ceti Independent Democracy
Independents of GCRV 1568 GCRV 1568 Federation Democracy
Independents of Gadjali Gadjali Independent Democracy
Independents of Gatondos Gatondos Federation Democracy
Independents of Gharing Gharing Federation Democracy
Independents of Groombridge 34 Groombridge 34 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 105391 HIP 105391 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 10941 HIP 10941 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 11125 HIP 11125 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 112506 HIP 112506 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 14619 HIP 14619 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 1540 Arietis Sector OS-T b3-0 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 16405 Arietis Sector OS-T b3-0 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 16405 HIP 16405 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 18843 HIP 18843 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 19925 HIP 19925 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 20826 HIP 20826 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 21458 HIP 21458 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 23869 HIP 23869 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 28626 HIP 28626 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 33654 HIP 33654 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 35873 HIP 35873 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 37722 HIP 37722 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 46007 HIP 46007 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 49070 HIP 49070 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 49580 HIP 49580 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 53424 HIP 53424 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 6108 HIP 6108 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 64573 HIP 64573 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 65636 HIP 65636 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 72423 HIP 72423 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 79276 HIP 79276 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 88617 HIP 88617 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 90055 HIP 90055 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 90162 HIP 90162 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 90596 HIP 90596 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 9316 HIP 9316 Independent Democracy
Independents of HIP 9599 HIP 9599 Federation Democracy
Independents of HIP 98211 HIP 98211 Independent Democracy
Independents of HR 2906 HR 2906 Federation Democracy
Independents of HR 6091 HR 6091 Federation Democracy
Independents of HR 6534 HR 6534 Independent Democracy
Independents of HR 6541 HR 6541 Independent Democracy
Independents of Hoff Hoff Federation Democracy
Independents of Hoora Ating Hoora Ating Independent Democracy
Independents of Hosus Hosus Federation Democracy
Independents of Hrimfaxi Hrimfaxi Federation Democracy
Independents of IL Aquarii IL Aquarii Federation Democracy
Independents of Igaenisan Igaenisan Federation Democracy
Independents of Isleta Tara Federation Democracy
Independents of Kakmbul Kakmbul Federation Democracy
Independents of Kakmburu Kakmburu Federation Democracy
Independents of Kammaits Kammaits Federation Democracy
Independents of Kamu Yamato Kamu Yamato Federation Democracy
Independents of Kanaheim Kanaheim Independent Democracy
Independents of Kappa Fornacis Kappa Fornacis Federation Democracy
Independents of KashiGaut KashiGaut Federation Democracy
Independents of Kedoshe Kedoshe Federation Democracy
Independents of Khepri Khepri Federation Democracy
Independents of Koleti Koleti Independent Democracy
Independents of Kurra Kurra Federation Democracy
Independents of Kutnigi Kutnigi Federation Democracy
Independents of LFT 133 LFT 133 Federation Democracy
Independents of LFT 1723 LFT 1723 Federation Democracy
Independents of LFT 37 LFT 37 Federation Democracy
Independents of LFT 415 LFT 415 Federation Democracy
Independents of LHS 223 LHS 223 Federation Democracy
Independents of LHS 3767 LHS 3767 Independent Democracy
Independents of LHS 5163 LHS 5163 Independent Democracy
Independents of LHS 538 LHS 538 Federation Democracy
Independents of LHS 547 LHS 547 Federation Democracy
Independents of LHS 6007 LHS 6007 Federation Democracy
Independents of LO Pegasi LO Pegasi Federation Democracy
Independents of LP 254-26 LP 254-26 Federation Democracy
Independents of LP 336-4 LP 336-4 Federation Democracy
Independents of LP 448-41 LP 448-41 Federation Democracy
Independents of LP 576-34 LP 576-34 Federation Democracy
Independents of LP 762-3 LP 762-3 Federation Democracy
Independents of LP 798-44 LP 798-44 Federation Democracy
Independents of LTT 13125 LTT 13125 Independent Democracy
Independents of LTT 4461 LTT 4461 Federation Democracy
Independents of LTT 4716 LTT 4716 Federation Democracy
Independents of Lalande 18115 Lalande 18115 Independent Democracy
Independents of Laukates Laukates Federation Democracy
Independents of Lie Yupik Lie Yupik Federation Democracy
Independents of MCC 872 MCC 872 Federation Democracy
Independents of Macabi Macabi Federation Democracy
Independents of Matucanth Matucanth Federation Democracy
Independents of Mawannona Mawannona Independent Democracy
Independents of Mendego Mendego Federation Democracy
Independents of Meropis Meropis Independent Democracy
Independents of Miansis Miansis Independent Democracy
Independents of Midgard Midgard Federation Democracy
Independents of Mildeptu Luyten 674-15 Federation Democracy
Independents of Mildeptu Mildeptu Federation Democracy
Independents of Mitra Mitra Federation Democracy
Independents of Mokusa Mokusa Independent Democracy
Independents of Novgorots Novgorots Federation Democracy
Independents of Nu Wanga Arebelatja Federation Democracy
Independents of Nu Wanga Nu Wanga Federation Democracy
Independents of Nunggul Nunggul Independent Democracy
Independents of Nyora Nyora Federation Democracy
Independents of Ogowenae Ogowenae Alliance Democracy
Independents of Olgrea Olgrea Independent Democracy
Independents of Olgrea Sheela Na Gig Independent Democracy
Independents of Oris Oris Federation Democracy
Independents of Parun Parun Federation Democracy
Independents of Payayan Payayan Alliance Democracy
Independents of Poemaku Poemaku Independent Democracy
Independents of Pontar Pontar Independent Democracy
Independents of Putama Putama Independent Democracy
Independents of Ramit Ramit Federation Democracy
Independents of Rio Po Rio Po Federation Democracy
Independents of Ross 154 Ross 154 Federation Democracy
Independents of Ross 340 Ross 340 Federation Democracy
Independents of SPOCS 208 SPOCS 208 Federation Democracy
Independents of STF 1774 STF 1774 Independent Democracy
Independents of Salaallang Salaallang Independent Democracy
Independents of Sanos Sanos Federation Democracy
Independents of Scirth Scirth Independent Democracy
Independents of Sekhenses Sekhenses Federation Democracy
Independents of Setesuyara Setesuyara Independent Democracy
Independents of Shakpana Shakpana Independent Democracy
Independents of Soma Soma Federation Democracy
Independents of Tetonang Karaces Federation Democracy
Independents of Tetonang Maityati Federation Democracy
Independents of Tetonang Tetonang Federation Democracy
Independents of Timbarichs Timbarichs Independent Democracy
Independents of Torenai Torenai Federation Democracy
Independents of Udihikoja Udihikoja Federation Democracy
Independents of Uke Ngura Uke Ngura Federation Democracy
Independents of Umbila Di Yi Federation Democracy
Independents of Umbila Umbila Federation Democracy
Independents of Utgard Utgard Federation Democracy
Independents of V538 Aurigae V538 Aurigae Independent Democracy
Independents of V640 Cassiopeia V640 Cassiopeia Federation Democracy
Independents of Valku Valku Independent Democracy
Independents of Vertarindji Vertarindji Independent Democracy
Independents of Wailladyan Fugeirones Federation Democracy
Independents of Wailladyan VESPER-M4 Federation Democracy
Independents of Wailladyan Wailladyan Federation Democracy
Independents of Wakandji Wakandji Federation Democracy
Independents of Wolf 499 Wolf 499 Federation Democracy
Independents of Wuy jugurra Wuy jugurra Federation Democracy
Independents of Yu Song Di Yu Song Di Federation Democracy
Independents of Yukpeng Yukpeng Federation Democracy
Independents of Yuqui Yuqui Federation Democracy
Independents of Zaporisni Zaporisni Independent Democracy
Indi Netcoms Incorporated Indi Independent Corporate
Indi Society Indi Independent Anarchy
Indians Coordinated Indians Alliance Cooperative
Indines Commodities Indines Federation Corporate
Indjedetet Comms Company Indjedetet Empire Corporate
Indjedetet Jet Gang Indjedetet Independent Anarchy
Indjibandi Co Indjibandi Independent Corporate
Indjibandi Gold Council Indjibandi Independent Anarchy
Indjibandi Guardians Indjibandi Empire Patronage
Indjigan Corp. Indjigan Federation Corporate
Indjigan Corp. Nzamnite Federation Corporate
Indra Solutions Indra Federation Corporate
Indrachit Crimson Family Indrachit Independent Anarchy
Indrachit Empire Consulate Hercuni Empire Patronage
Indrachit Empire Consulate Indrachit Empire Patronage
Indrajangu State Industry Indrajangu Independent Corporate
Indramasci Blue State Inc Indramasci Federation Corporate
Indramasci Defence Force Indramasci Independent Dictatorship
Indras Conservatives Indras Independent Dictatorship
Indras Industry Scorpii Sector EL-Y c29 Independent Corporate
Indras Jet Boys Scorpii Sector EL-Y c29 Independent Anarchy
Indrasians Comms Commodities Indrasians Independent Corporate
Indri Flag Indri Independent Dictatorship
Indri Life PLC Indri Federation Corporate
Indri Purple Family Indri Independent Anarchy
Indria Jet Pirates Indria Independent Anarchy
Indrians Interstellar Indrians Independent Corporate
Indrians Liberals Indrians Independent Democracy
Indrundjara Blue Fortune Ind Indrundjara Federation Corporate
Ingaman Free Ingaman Independent Democracy
Ingaman Labour Union Ingaman Independent Communism
Ingaman Services Ingaman Empire Corporate
Ingamba Emperor's Grace Ingamba Empire Patronage
Ingamba Jet Syndicate Ingamba Independent Anarchy
Ingamba Network Ingamba Independent Corporate
Ingariko Galactic Inc Ingariko Federation Corporate
Ingariko People's Co-operative Ingariko Independent Cooperative
Inggale Crimson Bridge Inc Inggale Federation Corporate
Inggarda Blue Comms Exchange Inggarda Empire Corporate
Ingguromal Group Ingguromal Federation Corporate
Ingguromal Patron's Principles Ingguromal Empire Patronage
Ingguromal Purple Power Exchange Ingguromal Independent Corporate
Ingui League Ingui Empire Dictatorship
Ingwaz Commodities Ingwaz Empire Corporate
Ingwaz Empire Assembly Ingwaz Empire Patronage
Inheimagni Jet Society Inheimagni Independent Anarchy
Inheimagni Movement Inheimagni Independent Dictatorship
Inherdis Imperial Society Inherdis Empire Patronage
Inheretii Flag Inheretii Independent Dictatorship
Inheretii Purple Bridge Org Inheretii Independent Corporate
Inhers Alliance Inhers Federation Confederacy
Inhers Ltd Inhers Independent Corporate
Inherseku Public Ltd Inherseku Federation Corporate
Inherth Electronics Group Inherth Independent Corporate
Inherth Emperor's Grace Inherth Empire Patronage
Ining Dun Central Incorporated Ining Dun Federation Corporate
Ining Dun Drug Empire Ining Dun Independent Anarchy
Ining Industry Ining Independent Corporate
Inino Society Inino Independent Anarchy
Ininohima Guardians of Tradition Ininohima Empire Patronage
Ininohima Guardians of Tradition LEHPM 1902 Empire Patronage
Inktasa Constitution Party Inktasa Independent Dictatorship
Inktehit Imperial Society Inktehit Empire Patronage
Inktehit Labour Inktehit Independent Democracy
Inktomecane Jet Family Inktomecane Independent Anarchy
Inmutha Fortune Solutions Inmutha Federation Corporate
Inmutha Patrons of Law Inmutha Empire Patronage
Inmutha Patrons of Law Thotigudi Empire Patronage
Inmutintien Free Inmutintien Federation Democracy
Innocent Cult of Syntes Syntes Independent Theocracy
Innocent Faith of Shaplini Shaplini Independent Theocracy
Innovandar Jet Electronics Hldgs Hyades Sector GH-V d2-135 Independent Corporate
Inovae Company Inovae Independent Corporate
Inovae Inc Inovae Independent Corporate
Inovandar Jet Electronics Hldgs Hyades Sector GH-V d2-135 Independent Corporate
Inovandar Jet Electronics Hldgs Inovandar Independent Corporate
Inovandar Resistance Inovandar Independent Democracy
Inovandar Syndicate Inovandar Independent Anarchy
Inovii Corp. Inovii Federation Corporate
Inovii as one Inovii Independent Cooperative
Inovik Solutions Inovik Empire Corporate
Inovik Transport Commodities Inovik Federation Corporate
Inovit Major Ltd Inovit Federation Corporate
Institute of Galactic Exploration and Research (IGER) Chhal Independent Cooperative
Institute of Galactic Exploration and Research (IGER) HIP 72043 Independent Cooperative
Institute of Galactic Exploration and Research (IGER) Kokan Independent Cooperative
Insubii Natural PLC Insubii Federation Corporate
Integrated 26 Draconis 26 Draconis Independent Cooperative
Integrated Aeduwona Aeduwona Independent Cooperative
Integrated Ahol Ahol Independent Cooperative
Integrated Ainun Ainun Independent Cooperative
Integrated Bembo Bembo Independent Cooperative
Integrated Blodyaks Blodyaks Independent Cooperative
Integrated Cerari Cerari Independent Cooperative
Integrated Chey Chey Independent Cooperative
Integrated Chun Chehe Chun Chehe Independent Cooperative
Integrated Dugnates Dugnates Independent Cooperative
Integrated Edenaiwan Edenaiwan Independent Cooperative
Integrated Ejagalki Ejagalki Independent Cooperative
Integrated Eta Antliae Eta Antliae Independent Cooperative
Integrated Grabru Grabru Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 1055 HIP 1055 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 11585 HIP 11585 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 117258 HIP 117258 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 14532 HIP 14532 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 19950 HIP 19950 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 32702 HIP 32702 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 33536 HIP 33536 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 44137 HIP 44137 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 60346 HIP 60346 Alliance Cooperative
Integrated HIP 69783 HIP 69783 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 76189 HIP 76189 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 7705 HIP 7705 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 80616 HIP 80616 Independent Cooperative
Integrated HIP 88595 HIP 88595 Independent Cooperative
Integrated Haolin Ti Haolin Ti Independent Cooperative
Integrated Hyelobo Di Hyelobo Di Independent Cooperative
Integrated Julanito Julanito Independent Cooperative
Integrated Julung Julung Independent Cooperative
Integrated Kui Xiba Kui Xiba Independent Cooperative
Integrated Kurutas Kurutas Independent Cooperative
Integrated Kwakimo Kwakimo Independent Cooperative
Integrated LHS 53 LHS 53 Independent Cooperative
Integrated LTT 5873 LTT 5873 Independent Cooperative
Integrated Lanciansene Lanciansene Independent Cooperative
Integrated Lemastshi Lemastshi Independent Cooperative
Integrated Lu Bese Lu Bese Independent Cooperative
Integrated Madrus Madrus Independent Cooperative
Integrated Mandins Mandins Independent Cooperative
Integrated Manites Manites Independent Cooperative
Integrated Matiku Matiku Independent Cooperative
Integrated Mooramba Mooramba Independent Cooperative
Integrated Mulano Mulano Independent Cooperative
Integrated Muspell Muspell Independent Cooperative
Integrated Mwamitoto Mwamitoto Independent Cooperative
Integrated Nanangolans Nanangolans Independent Cooperative
Integrated Nandhrimpo Nandhrimpo Independent Cooperative
Integrated Nemgla Nemgla Independent Cooperative
Integrated Ngeratha Ngeratha Independent Cooperative
Integrated Ninans Ninans Independent Cooperative
Integrated No Chique No Chique Independent Cooperative
Integrated Noatin Noatin Independent Cooperative
Integrated Nyal Nyal Independent Cooperative
Integrated Prana Prana Independent Cooperative
Integrated Raltekh Raltekh Alliance Cooperative
Integrated Rathawa Rathawa Independent Cooperative
Integrated Reiens Reiens Independent Cooperative
Integrated Ross 376 Ross 376 Independent Cooperative
Integrated Ruka Ruka Independent Cooperative
Integrated Russi Wang Russi Wang Independent Cooperative
Integrated San Mathaa San Mathaa Independent Cooperative
Integrated Sisi Sisi Independent Cooperative
Integrated Tehuevik Tehuevik Independent Cooperative
Integrated Tzeltal Tzeltal Independent Cooperative
Integrated Valtani Valtani Independent Cooperative
Integrated Vodyak Vodyak Independent Cooperative
Integrated Waluk Waluk Independent Cooperative
Integrated Wangs Wangs Independent Cooperative
Integrated Wardh Wardh Independent Cooperative
Integrated Zacha Zacha Independent Cooperative
Intener Angelic Cult Intener Independent Theocracy
Intener Power Industries Intener Independent Corporate
Intes Comms Services Intes Federation Corporate
Inti & Co Inti Federation Corporate
Inti Independents Inti Federation Democracy
Inti Independents LHS 1358 Federation Democracy
Inti Universal Holdings Inti Federation Corporate
Inupiat Group Inupiat Federation Corporate
Inupiates Blue Transport Dev Inupiates Independent Corporate
Inupiates Organisation Inupiates Empire Corporate
Inupiates Patrons of Law Inupiates Empire Patronage
Inupinie Jet Life PLC Inupinie Empire Corporate
Iota Aquarii Purple Public & Co Iota Aquarii Empire Corporate
Iota Eridani Allied Network Iota Eridani Empire Corporate
Iota Eridani Imperial Society Iota Eridani Empire Patronage
Iota Horologii Jet Partnership Iota Horologii Independent Anarchy
Iota Horologii Ltd Iota Horologii Federation Corporate
Iota Horologii Values Party Iota Horologii Federation Democracy
Iota Hydri & Co Iota Hydri Empire Corporate
Iota Hydri Bridge Industry Iota Hydri Independent Corporate
Iota Hydri Empire Pact CPC 22 212 Empire Patronage
Iota Hydri Empire Pact Iota Hydri Empire Patronage
Iota Pavonis Silver Galactic Int Iota Pavonis Independent Corporate
Iota Persei Purple General Ltd Iota Persei Federation Corporate
Iota Persei Values Party Ross 370 Federation Democracy
Iota Pictoris A Empire League Iota Pictoris A Empire Patronage
Iota Pictoris B Purple Ltd Bhajaja Empire Corporate
Iota Pictoris B Purple Ltd Iota Pictoris A Empire Corporate
Iota Pictoris B Purple Ltd Iota Pictoris B Empire Corporate
Iota Trianguli Australis Blue Mafia Iota Trianguli Australis Independent Anarchy
Iota Trianguli Australis Central Limited Iota Trianguli Australis Federation Corporate
Iota Trianguli Australis Grace Iota Trianguli Australis Empire Patronage
Iota Trianguli Australis Life Iota Trianguli Australis Independent Corporate
Iota Tucanae Empire Consulate Iota Tucanae Empire Patronage
Iota Tucanae Gold Legal Exchange Iota Tucanae Independent Corporate
Iota-1 Normae Gold Comms & Co Iota-1 Normae Independent Corporate
Iota-2 Fornacis Industries Iota-2 Fornacis Federation Corporate
Ipet General Organisation Ipet Federation Corporate
Ipetae General Industry Ipetae Federation Corporate
Ipete Federal Company Ipete Federation Corporate
Ipeterai Dynasty Ipeterai Independent Feudal
Ipeterai as one Ipeterai Independent Cooperative
Ipila Co-op Ipila Independent Cooperative
Ipillke Free Ipillke Federation Democracy
Ipilyaqa Empire Pact Beta-2 Tucanae Empire Patronage
Ipilyaqa Empire Pact Ipilyaqa Empire Patronage
Ipilyaqa Empire Society Ipilyaqa Empire Patronage
Iptera Allied Corp. Iptera Federation Corporate
Ipterod Regulatory State Ipterod Independent Dictatorship
Iptet Empire League Iptet Empire Patronage
Iranadhisa Silver Allied & Co Iranadhisa Independent Corporate
Irandan Purple Camorra Irandan Independent Anarchy
Irandan Universal Industries Irandan Federation Corporate
Irantxe Silver Bridge Industries Irantxe Empire Corporate
Irdlivices Galactic Company Irdlivices Federation Corporate
Irdlivuni Patron's Principles Irdlivuni Empire Patronage
Iridium Wing Ki Independent Corporate
Irukaiabozo Autocracy Irukaiabozo Empire Dictatorship
Irukaiabozo Netcoms Exchange Irukaiabozo Independent Corporate
Irukama Jet Bridge Industries Irukama Independent Corporate
Irukama Labour Irukama Independent Democracy
Irukama Patrons of Law Irukama Empire Patronage
Irukami Flag Irukami Independent Dictatorship
Irukan Blue Public Industry Irukan Independent Corporate
Irukan Dynasty Irukan Independent Feudal
Irukas Purple Power Holdings Irukas Empire Corporate
Irula Gold Major Commodities Irula Independent Corporate
Irulachan Jet Public Inc Irulachan Independent Corporate
Iruli Patron's Principles Iruli Empire Patronage
Irusamara Gold Transport Hldgs Irusamara Empire Corporate
Irusamara Nobles Irusamara Independent Feudal
Isinor Gold Natural Ltd Isinor Federation Corporate
Isis Crimson Natural Corporation Isis Independent Corporate
Isis Posse Isis Independent Anarchy
Isita Confederation Isita Federation Confederacy
Isitab Galactic Ltd Isitab Empire Corporate
Isitani Industries Isitani Independent Corporate
Isiti Empire Party Isiti Empire Patronage
Isiti Industries Isiti Independent Corporate
Isitou Gold Mafia Isitou Independent Anarchy
Isla Nationals Isla Independent Dictatorship
Isla Natural Industry Isla Independent Corporate
Islasto Netcoms Interstellar Islasto Federation Corporate
Islasto Netcoms Interstellar Maljenni Federation Corporate
Islastyara & Co Islastyara Federation Corporate
Isleta Blue Clan Isleta Independent Anarchy
Isleta Nationalists Isleta Independent Dictatorship
Isleta Transport Incorporated Isleta Federation Corporate
Istanu United Istanu Independent Cooperative
Iteliuona Liberty Party Iteliuona Independent Dictatorship
Itelmasa Company Itelmasa Empire Corporate
Itelmen Co-op Itelmen Independent Cooperative
Itelmens Emperor's Grace Itelmens Empire Patronage
Ithaca Mob Ithaca Independent Anarchy
Ithel Empire Consulate Ithel Empire Patronage
Ithel Legal Corporation Ithel Independent Corporate
Ithelki Netcoms Industries Ithelki Independent Corporate
Ithentia League Ithentia Federation Confederacy
Ither Allied Ltd Ither Federation Corporate
Ithertrudhr Public PLC Ithertrudhr Empire Corporate
Ithurs One Ithurs Independent Cooperative
Ithurs Partners Ithurs Empire Corporate
Itototangi Confederation Itototangi Federation Confederacy
Itza Bridge Inc Itza Federation Corporate
Itza Liberty Party Itza Independent Dictatorship
Itzam Cimi aristocrats Itzam Cimi Empire Feudal
Itzam Crua Focus Itzam Crua Empire Dictatorship
Itzamnet Group Itzamnet Empire Corporate
Itzamnet Jet Organisation Itzamnet Independent Anarchy
Itzamnets & Co Itzamnets Independent Corporate
Itzamnets Blue Cartel Itzamnets Independent Anarchy
Itzamnets Empire Pact Itzamnets Empire Patronage
Itzamni Crimson Rats Itzamni Independent Anarchy
Itzamni Empire League Itzamni Empire Patronage
Itzani Ltd Itzani Federation Corporate
Itzanii Liberals Itzanii Federation Democracy
Itzanii Rats Itzanii Independent Anarchy
Iverdi Pirates Iverdi Independent Anarchy
Iveri Silver Bridge Corp. Iveri Independent Corporate
Iverni Jet Society Iverni Independent Anarchy
Iverni Public Incorporated Iverni Federation Corporate
Iverni aristocrats Iverni Independent Feudal
Ivernten Blue Hand Gang Ivernten Independent Anarchy
Ivernten Purple Creative Inc Ivernten Independent Corporate
Iwaidja Group Iwaidja Empire Corporate
Ix Chim Blue Brothers Ix Chim Independent Anarchy
Ix Chim Jet Life Ltd Ix Chim Federation Corporate
Ix Ching Interstellar Ix Ching Empire Corporate
Ix Ching United Ix Ching Independent Cooperative
Ix Chita Gold Organisation Ix Chita Independent Anarchy
Ix Chita Power Holdings Ix Chita Independent Corporate
Ix Chodharr Dominion Ix Chodharr Independent Feudal
Ix Chons Central & Co Ix Chons Empire Corporate
Ix Chons People's Party Ix Chons Independent Communism
Ix Chowagit & Co Ix Chowagit Independent Corporate
Ix Chowagit Bridge Solutions Ix Chowagit Empire Corporate
Ix Chowagit Empire Group Ix Chowagit Empire Patronage
Ix Chowagit Front Ix Chowagit Independent Dictatorship
Ix Chuacae Electronics Group Ix Chuacae Independent Corporate
Ix Chuacae Silver Pirates Ix Chuacae Independent Anarchy
Ix Chuntin Natural Limited Ix Chuntin Empire Corporate
Ix Chup Interstellar Ix Chup Empire Corporate
Ix Chup Jet Mob Ix Chup Independent Anarchy
Ix Purple Comms Corp. HIP 20722 Federation Corporate
Ix Purple Comms Corp. Ix Federation Corporate
Ix Tub Tun Limited Ix Tub Tun Empire Corporate
Ix Tun Jet United Corp. Ix Tun Alliance Corporate
Ix Tun Liberals Ix Tun Independent Democracy
Ixbakald Citizens' Forum HIP 20048 Empire Patronage
Ixbakald Citizens' Forum Ixbakald Empire Patronage
Ixbakald Empire Assembly Ixbakald Empire Patronage
Ixbaksha Council Ixbaksha Independent Anarchy
Ixbalan Network 5 Mu Leporis Independent Corporate
Ixbalan Network Ixbalan Independent Corporate
Ixbalanque Organisation Ixbalanque Federation Corporate
Ixchertha Services Ixchertha Empire Corporate
Ixil One Ixil Independent Cooperative
Ixil Organisation Ixil Empire Corporate
Ixilak Co-operative Ixilak Independent Cooperative
Ixilak Interstellar Ixilak Independent Corporate
Ixilak United Company Ixilak Empire Corporate
Ixilalonta Citizen Party Ixilalonta Independent Communism
Ixilalonta Galactic Commodities Ixilalonta Federation Corporate
Ixtabru Jet Comms Exchange Ixtabru Empire Corporate
Iyaka Creative Network Iyaka Independent Corporate
Iyaka League Iyaka Alliance Dictatorship
Iyaka Purple Brotherhood Iyaka Independent Anarchy
Iyati Netcoms PLC Iyati Independent Corporate
Iyati Pro-Alliance League Chibio Alliance Patronage
Iyati Pro-Alliance League Iyati Alliance Patronage
Iyatiku Purple Drug Empire Iyatiku Independent Anarchy
Izanagi Constitution Party Izanagi Independent Dictatorship
Izanagi Corporation Izanagi Independent Corporate
Izanagi Energy Interstellar Izanagi Federation Corporate
Izanagi Free Izanagi Federation Democracy
Izanagi Freedom Party Izanagi Independent Dictatorship
Izho Jet United Limited Izho Independent Corporate
Izhorians Domain Izhorians Independent Feudal
Izhorians Life Industry Izhorians Federation Corporate
i Bootis Democrats LP 98-132 Federation Democracy
i Bootis Democrats i Bootis Federation Democracy

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