This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char J. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
Jaadwadlia & Co Jaadwadlia Federation Corporate
Jaadwadlia Purple Gang Jaadwadlia Independent Anarchy
Jaaka Crimson Advanced Exchange Jaaka Independent Corporate
Jaaka Jet Crew Jaaka Independent Anarchy
Jaakari Gold Allied PLC Jaakari Independent Corporate
Jaakari Gold Raiders Col 285 Sector FH-I b11-1 Independent Anarchy
Jaakari Gold Raiders Jaakari Independent Anarchy
Jaakari Republic Party Jaakari Federation Democracy
Jaara One Jaara Independent Cooperative
Jaarn Empire Group Jaarn Empire Patronage
Jabaei Crimson Natural Inc Jabaei Independent Corporate
Jabueyen Gold Central Ltd Jabueyen Empire Corporate
Jabugaly Independents Jabugaly Independent Democracy
Jabugaly Jet Boys Jabugaly Independent Anarchy
Jabunnut Gold Hand Gang Jabunnut Independent Anarchy
Jabunnut Legal Inc Jabunnut Independent Corporate
Jaburara Central PLC Jaburara Federation Corporate
Jaburara Order Jaburara Independent Dictatorship
Jaburara Progressive Party Jaburara Federation Democracy
Jaburouri aristocrats Jaburouri Independent Feudal
Jadikin Jet General Incorporated Jadikin Federation Corporate
Jadikin as one Jadikin Independent Cooperative
Jadikinon Blue Universal Inc Jadikinon Independent Corporate
Jadikinon Hand Gang Jadikinon Independent Anarchy
Jadikinon Industry Jadikinon Empire Corporate
Jadikinon Patron's Principles Jadikinon Empire Patronage
Jadlili Council Jadlili Independent Anarchy
Jadlili PLC Jadlili Federation Corporate
Jadlir Universal Group Jadlir Empire Corporate
Jafnharas Pro-Independent Party Jafnharas Independent Patronage
Jafnharas Silver Council Jafnharas Independent Anarchy
Jafnhau Free Jafnhau Federation Democracy
Jafnhau Gold Family Jafnhau Independent Anarchy
Jagai Defence Party Jagai Independent Dictatorship
Jagai Organisation Jagai Empire Corporate
Jagaluk Dynasty Jagaluk Independent Feudal
Jagaluk Solutions Jagaluk Empire Corporate
Jagga Empire Group Jagga Empire Patronage
Jagga Industry Jagga Independent Corporate
Jagga Purple Organisation Jagga Independent Anarchy
Jaitic Coalition BD+45 2765 Federation Confederacy
Jaitic Coalition Jaitic Federation Confederacy
Jaitrics Co-operative Jaitrics Independent Cooperative
Jaitrics State Incorporated Jaitrics Empire Corporate
Jaitu Citizen Party Jaitu Independent Communism
Jaityata Industries Jaityata Federation Corporate
Jakaliki Domain Jakaliki Empire Feudal
Jakaliki Network Jakaliki Independent Corporate
Jakushu Jet Allied Ltd Jakushu Empire Corporate
Jakuta Empire Assembly Jakuta Empire Patronage
Jala Jet Camorra Jala Independent Anarchy
Jalabon Crimson Dragons Jalabon Independent Anarchy
Jalabon Jet Power Company Jalabon Independent Corporate
Jalai Resistance Jalai Independent Democracy
Jamab State Exchange Jamab Empire Corporate
Jamalalam Prison Colony Jamalalam Empire Prison Colony
Jamanu Alliance Jamanu Independent Confederacy
Jamanu Purple Dynamic Group Jamanu Independent Corporate
Jamariges Emperor's Grace HIP 102128 Empire Patronage
Jamariges Emperor's Grace Jamariges Empire Patronage
Jamat Public Systems Jamat Empire Corporate
Jamatia State Limited Jamatia Independent Corporate
Jamaygantxe Inc Jamaygantxe Empire Corporate
Jamaygantxe Pirates Jamaygantxe Independent Anarchy
Jambaraya Blue Comms Exchange Jambaraya Independent Corporate
Jambaraya Labour Union Jambaraya Independent Communism
Jambavan Silver Vision Services Jambavan Federation Corporate
Jambay Prison Colony Jambay Independent Prison Colony
Jambe Public Organisation Jambe Empire Corporate
Jambin Monarchy Jambin Independent Feudal
Jambin Network Jambin Independent Corporate
Jambo Dadi Ring Jambo Dadi Independent Anarchy
Jambojai Partnership Jambojai Federation Confederacy
Jambulan & Co Jambulan Independent Corporate
Jambulan Jet Syndicate Jambulan Independent Anarchy
Jambure Organisation Jambure Independent Corporate
Jambure Purple Cartel Jambure Independent Anarchy
Jamule Travel Industries Jamule Independent Corporate
Jamuluntsu Crimson Fortune Hldgs Jamuluntsu Independent Corporate
Jamuluntsu Gang Jamuluntsu Independent Anarchy
Jamundi Blue Clan Jamundi Independent Anarchy
Jamundi Crimson Comms Network Jamundi Empire Corporate
Jamurt Collective Jamurt Independent Cooperative
Jamush Blue Bridge Company Jamush Independent Corporate
Jamush PLC Jamush Independent Corporate
Jamuxa Jet Comms Holdings Jamuxa Federation Corporate
Jana Blue Dynamic Exchange Jana Federation Corporate
Jana Crew Jana Independent Anarchy
Jana Holdings Jana Independent Corporate
Jang Di Empire League Jang Di Empire Patronage
Jang Di Exchange Jang Di Independent Corporate
Jang Di Gold Gang Jang Di Independent Anarchy
Jang Di Republic Party Jang Di Independent Democracy
Jang O Brothers Jang O Independent Anarchy
Jang O Democrats Jang O Federation Democracy
Jang O Jet Netcoms Services Jang O Independent Corporate
Jangbon Prison Colony Jangbon Independent Prison Colony
Janggal Confederacy Janggal Federation Confederacy
Jangkarada Crimson Netcoms Ind Jangkarada Federation Corporate
Jangkarada Gold Syndicate Jangkarada Independent Anarchy
Jangkarada Purple Transport Net Jangkarada Independent Corporate
Jangman Independent Assembly Jangman Independent Patronage
Jangore Partnership Jangore Federation Confederacy
Jangore Power Systems Jangore Independent Corporate
Jangu Independent Bond Jangu Independent Patronage
Janguti Freedom Party Janguti Empire Dictatorship
Janguti Nobles Janguti Independent Feudal
Janja Patron's Principles Janja Empire Patronage
Janjiwa Front Janjiwa Independent Dictatorship
Janjiwa Industry Janjiwa Independent Corporate
Janjiwa Union Party Janjiwa Independent Communism
Jannonandji Revolutionary Party Jannonandji Independent Communism
Jannonandji Systems Jannonandji Independent Corporate
Jannos Gold Travel Organisation Jannos Independent Corporate
Jannos Union Jannos Independent Communism
Jaoi Vision Company Jaoi Independent Corporate
Jarakati Network Jarakati Independent Corporate
Jarakati Order Jarakati Empire Dictatorship
Jaralland Monarchy Jaralland Empire Feudal
Jardama Crimson Organisation Jardama Independent Anarchy
Jardonnere Silver Boys Jardonnere Independent Anarchy
Jardoviceni Focus Jardoviceni Independent Dictatorship
Jardovici Silver Crew Jardovici Independent Anarchy
Jarildekald Blue Camorra Jarildekald Independent Anarchy
Jarildekald Public Industry Jarildekald Independent Corporate
Jarnae Crimson Brotherhood Jarnae Independent Anarchy
Jarnae Independent Protectorate Jarnae Independent Patronage
Jarni Energy Partners Jarni Independent Corporate
Jarnsaxa Focus Jarnsaxa Empire Dictatorship
Jarnuekenk Crimson Syndicate Jarnuekenk Independent Anarchy
Jarnuekenk Power Limited Jarnuekenk Independent Corporate
Jarnun Conservatives Jarnun Empire Dictatorship
Jarnun Creative Partners Jarnun Independent Corporate
Jaroahy Bridge Corporation Jaroahy Federation Corporate
Jaroahy Gold Syndicate Jaroahy Independent Anarchy
Jaroahy Unionists Jaroahy Independent Communism
Jaroere Exchange Jaroere Federation Corporate
Jaroere Purple Drug Empire Jaroere Independent Anarchy
Jarog Allied Commodities Jarog Independent Corporate
Jarog Union Jarog Independent Communism
Jarogee Empire Assembly Jarogee Empire Patronage
Jarogee Future Jarogee Independent Democracy
Jarogee Legal Ltd Jarogee Independent Corporate
Jarogee Life Industries Jarogee Empire Corporate
Jarojinanh Pirates Jarojinanh Independent Anarchy
Jarorotri Gold Posse Jarorotri Independent Anarchy
Jarorotri Independents Jarorotri Federation Democracy
Jarorotri Network Jarorotri Independent Corporate
Jaroua Incorporated Jaroua Empire Corporate
Jaroua United Incorporated Jaroua Independent Corporate
Jarovit Public Inc Jarovit Empire Corporate
Jarowair Gold Ring Jarowair Independent Anarchy
Jasira Electronics Holdings Jasira Empire Corporate
Jasira Gold Mafia Jasira Independent Anarchy
Jasiri Blue Vision Services Jasiri Federation Corporate
Jatanthet Independents Jatanthet Federation Democracy
Jatar General Exchange Jatar Independent Corporate
Jataya Democrats Jataya Federation Democracy
Jataya Purple Federal Solutions Jataya Independent Corporate
Jath Jet Brothers Jath Independent Anarchy
Jath Order Jath Independent Dictatorship
Jath Silver Legal Partners Jath Independent Corporate
Jathaikana Crimson Major Dev Jathaikana Independent Corporate
Jathaikana Ring Jathaikana Independent Anarchy
Jathalyod Empire Party Jathalyod Empire Patronage
Jathatin Gold Allied Limited Jathatin Independent Corporate
Jaudugayo Gold Society Jaudugayo Independent Anarchy
Jaung Services Jaung Federation Corporate
Jauri He Crimson Creative Corp. Jauri He Independent Corporate
Jauri He Organisation Jauri He Independent Corporate
Jaurinani Autocracy Jaurinani Independent Dictatorship
Jaurinani First Jaurinani Independent Dictatorship
Jawola Blue Cartel Jawola Independent Anarchy
Jawul Law Party Jawul Independent Dictatorship
Jawul Progressive Party Jawul Federation Democracy
Jawuru Crimson Central Inc Jawuru Federation Corporate
Jawuru One Jawuru Independent Cooperative
Jeidenannsa Crimson Mafia Jeidenannsa Independent Anarchy
Jeidenannsa Puritans Arietis Sector DL-Y d95 Independent Theocracy
Jeidubia Gold Comms Organisation Jeidubia Empire Corporate
Jeirom Law Party Jeirom Independent Dictatorship
Jeirom League Jeirom Empire Dictatorship
Jeiromen Guardians of Tradition Jeiromen Empire Patronage
Jeiromen Jet Life Industries Jeiromen Independent Corporate
Jeirretes Vision PLC Jeirretes Empire Corporate
Jeirretes Vision PLC Nanatay Empire Corporate
Jeirskoku League Jeirskoku Independent Confederacy
Jeit Dynasty Jeit Independent Feudal
Jeitsegezi Imperial Society Jeitsegezi Empire Patronage
Jeitsegezi Interstellar Jeitsegezi Independent Corporate
Jeitsing Monarchy Jeitsing Empire Feudal
Jemede League Jemede Empire Dictatorship
Jemehuenges Pirates Jemehuenges Independent Anarchy
Jemen Empire Party Jemen Empire Patronage
Jementi Silver Natural Systems Jementi Independent Corporate
Jementi as one Jementi Independent Cooperative
Jementunde Solutions Jementunde Independent Corporate
Jemetani Incorporated Jemetani Independent Corporate
Jen Elabog Allied Partners Jen Elabog Independent Corporate
Jen Elabog Future Jen Elabog Federation Democracy
Jen Kunguru Corp. Jen Kunguru Empire Corporate
Jen Lung Empire Assembly Jen Lung Empire Patronage
Jen Nik Advanced Services Jen Nik Independent Corporate
Jen Tienses Life Industries Jen Tienses Independent Corporate
Jen Tienses Patron's Principles Jen Tienses Empire Patronage
Jeng Silver Travel Interstellar Jeng Federation Corporate
Jenu Law Party Jenu Independent Dictatorship
Jera First Jera Independent Dictatorship
Jera Holdings Dulos Empire Corporate
Jera Holdings Jera Empire Corporate
Jera Nationalists Jera Independent Dictatorship
Jera Purple Fortune Inc Jera Empire Corporate
Jera Social Democrats Jera Independent Democracy
Jet Advanced Co Tirai Empire Corporate
Jet Advanced Exchange Wu Guan Independent Corporate
Jet Allied & Co Bulun Federation Corporate
Jet Allied Corporation Quivira Empire Corporate
Jet Allied Incorporated HIP 95640 Independent Corporate
Jet Allied Partners Svanticani Independent Corporate
Jet Bridge Corporation HIP 42279 Federation Corporate
Jet Bridge Interstellar BD+26 2184 Federation Corporate
Jet Bridge Solutions Gbekree Federation Corporate
Jet Central Company Munfayl Independent Corporate
Jet Central Limited BD+23 3151 Federation Corporate
Jet Creative Group LTT 4560 Independent Corporate
Jet Creative Inc Kamunkula Empire Corporate
Jet Dynamic Corp. Ndandjimbo Independent Corporate
Jet Dynamic Services Gciri Empire Corporate
Jet Electronics Commodities LAWD 96 Federation Corporate
Jet Electronics Partners Bende Independent Corporate
Jet Energy Co Oto Federation Corporate
Jet Energy Corp. Baldr Empire Corporate
Jet Federal Co Lakshma Independent Corporate
Jet Federal Corp. Juradhis Empire Corporate
Jet Federal Corporation Kanaheim Independent Corporate
Jet Federal Industries Djinba Independent Corporate
Jet Federal Industry Jamule Empire Corporate
Jet Federal Ltd Boveltibes Independent Corporate
Jet Fortune Limited Aracente Empire Corporate
Jet Galactic Commodities Kolhynichi Independent Corporate
Jet Galactic Corp. BD-00 3426 Independent Corporate
Jet Galactic Group Ngurelban Federation Corporate
Jet Galactic Organisation LAWD 17 Federation Corporate
Jet Galactic PLC HIP 46034 Independent Corporate
Jet General Commodities Shilli Empire Corporate
Jet General Limited HIP 41308 Federation Corporate
Jet Legal Exchange Hun Chians Empire Corporate
Jet Legal Solutions HIP 27986 Independent Corporate
Jet Life Exchange Dimai Independent Corporate
Jet Life Industry Hungua Federation Corporate
Jet Major Industries Maiawa Federation Corporate
Jet Major Network Cabarci Independent Corporate
Jet Natural Company V379 Serpentis Federation Corporate
Jet Netcoms Corporation LFT 1231 Federation Corporate
Jet Netcoms Network Djiwar Federation Corporate
Jet Netcoms Partners Hunbudji Independent Corporate
Jet Power Inc Glauss Independent Corporate
Jet Power Incorporated 44 G. Aquilae Independent Corporate
Jet Power Industry Bunyindjana Independent Corporate
Jet Power Ltd Atatola Empire Corporate
Jet Power Network Maungbira Empire Corporate
Jet Public Co Rungu Independent Corporate
Jet Public Exchange Jurusasar Empire Corporate
Jet Public Industry HIP 24019 Independent Corporate
Jet Public Interstellar Changda Independent Corporate
Jet Public Organisation Madngela Independent Corporate
Jet State Interstellar Sokomi Independent Corporate
Jet State Ltd Nicobarese Independent Corporate
Jet State Services Dumnites Independent Corporate
Jet Transport Partners Chak Empire Corporate
Jet Travel Corporation Harpai Independent Corporate
Jet Travel Incorporated Oxlahuntiku Alliance Corporate
Jet Travel Services Lu Pardan Federation Corporate
Jet Travel Systems T'ien Independent Corporate
Jet United Co 53 Virginis Independent Corporate
Jet United Co Shasti Independent Corporate
Jet United Corporation Trigen Independent Corporate
Jet United Exchange Zhao Independent Corporate
Jet United Industry Elli Federation Corporate
Jet United Interstellar Lu Bese Federation Corporate
Jet United Network 241 G. Aquarii Independent Corporate
Jet Universal Group Uygurr Independent Corporate
Jet Universal Inc Rugabugait Federation Corporate
Jet Universal Organisation Atunung Empire Corporate
Jet Vision Ltd Nuenoch Federation Corporate
Jetenomeri Solutions Jetenomeri Empire Corporate
Jeterait Bridge Interstellar Jeterait Empire Corporate
Jeterait Cartel Jeterait Independent Anarchy
Jeterait Jet Creative PLC Jeterait Empire Corporate
Jetes Commodities Jetes Independent Corporate
Jetes Netcoms Co Jetes Independent Corporate
Jeti Services Jeti Federation Corporate
Jeticans Hand Gang Jeticans Independent Anarchy
Jian Electronics Holdings Jian Independent Corporate
Jian Limited Jian Independent Corporate
Jian Yu Liberals Jian Yu Independent Democracy
Jian Yu Ring Jian Yu Independent Anarchy
Jian Yu Silver Electronics Ind Jian Yu Independent Corporate
Jibio Fortune PLC Jibio Empire Corporate
Jibitoq Labour Jibitoq Federation Democracy
Jicasses Law Party Jicasses Empire Dictatorship
Jicaura Front Jicaura Independent Dictatorship
Jicaura Purple Raiders Jicaura Independent Anarchy
Jieguaje Group Jieguaje Independent Corporate
Jieguaje Resistance Jieguaje Federation Democracy
Jikoku Electronics Organisation Jikoku Empire Corporate
Jilnytis Purple Clan Jilnytis Independent Anarchy
Jimai Noblement Jimai Empire Feudal
Jiman Dynamic Partners Jiman Alliance Corporate
Jimara Empire League Jimara Empire Patronage
Jimara Ltd Airsetanoa Empire Corporate
Jimara Ltd Jimara Empire Corporate
Jimatch Vision Company Jimatch Empire Corporate
Jimavi Bridge Holdings Jimavi Empire Corporate
Jimavi Stakeholders Jimavi Independent Cooperative
Jin Sho Bao Dynamic Corporation Jin Sho Bao Independent Corporate
Jin Sho Bao Liberals Jin Sho Bao Federation Democracy
Jing Comms Co Jing Federation Corporate
Jinga Republic Party Jinga Federation Democracy
Jingaana Confederacy HIP 63354 Federation Confederacy
Jingaana Confederacy Jingaana Federation Confederacy
Jinganago Federal PLC Jinganago Independent Corporate
Jinganago Ltd Jinganago Empire Corporate
Jingpo Coalition Jingpo Federation Confederacy
Jingpo Transport Industries Jingpo Independent Corporate
Jinicoch Holdings Jinicoch Independent Corporate
Jinicoch Netcoms Inc Jinicoch Federation Corporate
Jinighu Independent Assembly Jinighu Independent Patronage
Jinighu Silver Dynamic Inc Jinighu Independent Corporate
Jinoharis & Co Jinoharis Federation Corporate
Jirani Company Jirani Independent Corporate
Jirani Independents Jirani Federation Democracy
Jirani Jet Brothers Jirani Independent Anarchy
Jirara Crimson Boys Jirara Independent Anarchy
Jirara Vision Ltd Jirara Empire Corporate
Jita Ten Advanced Limited Jita Ten Independent Corporate
Jita Ten Jet Universal & Co Jita Ten Federation Corporate
Jita Ten for Equality Timocani Federation Democracy
Jitabed Raiders Jitabed Independent Anarchy
Jitabos Blue Federal PLC Pokomovoi Independent Corporate
Jitabos Freedom Party Jitabos Independent Dictatorship
Jitani Front Jitani Independent Dictatorship
Jitar Gold Dragons Jitar Independent Anarchy
Jiuyou Alliance Jiuyou Federation Confederacy
Jiuyou Electronics Organisation Jiuyou Federation Corporate
Jiuyou Jet Gang Jiuyou Independent Anarchy
Jivaraikpoi Silver Rats Jivaraikpoi Independent Anarchy
Jodrell Creative Exchange Jodrell Federation Corporate
Jofnour Allied Services Jofnour Federation Corporate
Jofnour Free Jofnour Federation Democracy
Jofnour Law Party Jofnour Independent Dictatorship
Joh Free Joh Federation Democracy
Joh Life Partners Joh Independent Corporate
Jok Islese Co-operative Jok Islese Independent Cooperative
Jok Islese Ltd Jok Islese Independent Corporate
Jok Isuani Blue Family Jok Isuani Independent Anarchy
Jok Isuani Nationals Jok Isuani Independent Dictatorship
Jok Odudu Flag Jok Odudu Empire Dictatorship
Joku Patron's Principles Joku Empire Patronage
Jokudiri Empire Consulate Jokudiri Empire Patronage
Jokudiri Jet Cartel Jokudiri Independent Anarchy
Jolagro Dragons Jolagro Independent Anarchy
Jolanji Company Jolanji Federation Corporate
Jolapa Fortune Ltd Jolapa Federation Corporate
Jonai Interstellar Jonai Independent Corporate
Jongo Jet Electronics Company Jongo Empire Corporate
Jongsaki Co Jongsaki Independent Corporate
Jongsaki Partnership Jongsaki Federation Confederacy
Jongsang Freedom Party Jongsang Independent Dictatorship
Jongsang Silver General Comms Jongsang Federation Corporate
Jormbu Dynamic & Co Jormbu Independent Corporate
Jormbu Resistance Jormbu Federation Democracy
Jormor Defence Party Jormor Independent Dictatorship
Jormor Democrats Jormor Federation Democracy
Jormor Purple Dynamic Exchange Jormor Independent Corporate
Jormungand Boys Jormungand Independent Anarchy
Jormungand Empire Group Jormungand Empire Patronage
Jormungand United Group Jormungand Independent Corporate
Joro Labour Joro Federation Democracy
Jotnar Purple Power Holdings Jotnar Federation Corporate
Jotunheim Gold Central Company Jotunheim Independent Corporate
Jou Tung Corp. Jou Tung Independent Corporate
Jou Wang Coordinated Jou Wang Alliance Cooperative
Jou Wang Creative Co Jou Wang Federation Corporate
Ju Shiva Prison Colony Ju Shiva Empire Prison Colony
Ju Shosi First Ju Shosi Empire Dictatorship
Ju Shosi Jet Bridge Incorporated Ju Shosi Empire Corporate
Ju Shou Yax Comms Group Ju Shou Yax Independent Corporate
Ju Shou Yax Free Ju Shou Yax Federation Democracy
Juato Blue Transport Int Juato Empire Corporate
Judumlia Empire Group Judumlia Empire Patronage
Judumlia Interstellar Judumlia Independent Corporate
Juduni Bureau Juduni Independent Dictatorship
Juduni Purple Vision Systems Juduni Independent Corporate
Juipedi Purple Crew Juipedi Independent Anarchy
Juipedun Gold Council Juipedun Independent Anarchy
Juipedun Inc Juipedun Independent Corporate
Juipeduwona Gold Family Juipeduwona Independent Anarchy
Juipeduwona Purple Dynamic Serv Juipeduwona Independent Corporate
Juipek Bridge Ltd Juipek Federation Corporate
Juiquan Industry m Tauri Federation Corporate
Jukagha Liberty Party Jukagha Independent Dictatorship
Jukarisagi Commodities Jukarisagi Independent Corporate
Jukarisagi Dynasty Jukarisagi Independent Feudal
Jukarisagi Vision Solutions Jukarisagi Federation Corporate
Jukat Gold Central Systems Jukat Federation Corporate
Jukatiwa Crimson Brothers Jukatiwa Independent Anarchy
Jukatiwa Galactic Limited Jukatiwa Federation Corporate
Juku Transport Company Juku Independent Corporate
Jukub Huan Galactic Group Jukub Huan Independent Corporate
Jukub Huan Jet Creative Partners Jukub Huan Independent Corporate
Jukuju as one Jukuju Independent Cooperative
Jukuna Crimson United Inc Jukuna Federation Corporate
Jukundji Progressive Party Jukundji Independent Democracy
Jukundji Solutions Jukundji Empire Corporate
Jukurang Gold United Corporation Jukurang Independent Corporate
Jula Empire Pact Jula Empire Patronage
Julahau Central Group Julahau Empire Corporate
Julanggarri Free Julanggarri Federation Democracy
Julanggarri Transport Partners Julanggarri Federation Corporate
Julanito Prison Colony Julanito Independent Prison Colony
Julastii Public Corporation Julastii Empire Corporate
Julu Empire League Julu Empire Patronage
Julung Purple Vision Corporation Julung Empire Corporate
Juma Commodities Juma Independent Corporate
Juma Republic Party Juma Federation Democracy
Jumana Blue Family Jumana Independent Anarchy
Jumana Law Party Jumana Independent Dictatorship
Jumukulayon Drug Empire Jumukulayon Independent Anarchy
Jumuzgo Gold Bridge Services Jumuzgo Empire Corporate
Jumuzgo Patron's Principles Jumuzgo Empire Patronage
Jumuzgo Silver Galactic Inc Jumuzgo Empire Corporate
Jun Wenates Gold Allied Services Jun Wenates Independent Corporate
Jun Wenates Monarchy Jun Wenates Empire Feudal
Junga Camorra Junga Independent Anarchy
Junga Independents Junga Independent Democracy
Junga Interstellar Junga Independent Corporate
Junga Patron's Principles Junga Empire Patronage
Jungkurara Blue Cartel Jungkurara Independent Anarchy
Jungkurara Industry Jungkurara Independent Corporate
Jupaga Jet Pirates Jupaga Independent Anarchy
Jupaga Purple General Org Jupaga Empire Corporate
Jupagalk Galactic Group Jupagalk Empire Corporate
Jupali Company Jupali Independent Corporate
Jupalo Central Group Jupalo Empire Corporate
Jupalo Purple Boys Jupalo Independent Anarchy
Jupaloku Jet Camorra Jupaloku Independent Anarchy
Jupaloku Partners Jupaloku Independent Corporate
Jupaloku Purple State Holdings Jupaloku Independent Corporate
Jupaloku for Equality Jupaloku Federation Democracy
Jupang Crimson Partnership Jupang Independent Anarchy
Jupang Network Jupang Independent Corporate
Jupang Network Synuefe BT-F d12-97 Empire Corporate
Jupangati Domain Jupangati Empire Feudal
Jupanisage Co Jupanisage Empire Corporate
Jupanisage Dynamic Systems Jupanisage Independent Corporate
Jupanisage Patron's Principles Jupanisage Empire Patronage
Juparoin Systems Juparoin Federation Corporate
Jura Empire Consulate Jura Empire Patronage
Jura Empire Consulate Sahun Empire Patronage
Jura Industry Jura Independent Corporate
Jura Lungs Fortune Systems Jura Lungs Empire Corporate
Jura Lungs Gold Syndicate Jura Lungs Independent Anarchy
Jura Purple Raiders Jura Independent Anarchy
Juragura Exchange Juragura Independent Corporate
Jurasmat Empire Assembly Jurasmat Empire Patronage
Jurasmat Future Jurasmat Independent Democracy
Jurati Partnership Jurati Federation Confederacy
Jurawadbad PLC Jurawadbad Federation Corporate
Juri Ishmaak Giryak Federation
Juro Collective Juro Independent Cooperative
Jurokkju Empire Party Jurokkju Empire Patronage
Jurokkju Imperial Society Jurokkju Empire Patronage
Jurovii & Co Jurovii Independent Corporate
Juru Constitution Party Juru Independent Dictatorship
Juru Free Juru Independent Democracy
Juruing Limited Juruing Federation Corporate
Jurunmi & Co Jurunmi Federation Corporate
Jurus Bridge Holdings Jurus Independent Corporate
Jurus Hand Gang Jurus Independent Anarchy
Jurusasar Citizens of Tradition Jurusasar Empire Patronage
Justicar's of Helios 27 Kappa Persei Independent Feudal
Justice Party of 11 Virginis 11 Virginis Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of 16 Lyrae 16 Lyrae Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of 32 c Piscium 32 c Piscium Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of 63 Eridani 63 Eridani Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Almar Almar Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Ammapa Ammapa Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Anekaliti Anekaliti Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Antani Antani Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Antove Den Antove Den Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Ariku Ariku Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Arthel Arthel Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Baudu Baudu Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Bonitou Bonitou Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Brihasatsa Brihasatsa Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of CD-28 12950 CD-28 12950 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of CD-60 31 CD-60 31 Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Caill Reddi Caill Reddi Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Calugen Calugen Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Chebaei Chebaei Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Conchucos Conchucos Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Daiti Daiti Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Dread Dread Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of EQ Pegasi EQ Pegasi Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Eitha Eitha Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Ejaghaikul Ejaghaikul Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Epsilon Pavonis Epsilon Pavonis Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Giguen Giguen Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Glusu Glusu Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 105391 HIP 105391 Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 43296 HIP 43296 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 43363 HIP 43363 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 47839 HIP 47839 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 52545 HIP 52545 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 63322 HIP 63322 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 72353 HIP 72353 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 75262 HIP 75262 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 76635 HIP 76635 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of HIP 8807 HIP 8807 Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Harigah Harigah Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Harowar Harowar Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Huldr Huldr Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Ix Chons Ix Chons Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Kadrusa Kadrusa Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of LHS 1065 LHS 1065 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of LHS 2764a LHS 2764a Alliance Dictatorship
Justice Party of LHS 4047 LHS 4047 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of LP 244-47 LP 244-47 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of LTT 16548 LTT 16548 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of La Tenha La Tenha Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Leerham Leerham Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Leesti Leesti Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Li Nones Li Nones Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Magec Magec Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Mau Mau Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Minot Minot Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Mula Wendes Mula Wendes Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Naik Naik Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Natrians Natrians Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Ogowendes Ogowendes Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Orule Orule Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Pareda Pareda Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Perkele Perkele Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Prajan Prajan Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Pyemma Pyemma Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Selebegua Selebegua Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Senones Senones Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Sevelitchit Sevelitchit Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Sibitica Sibitica Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Sveinbarn Sveinbarn Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Tagomane Tagomane Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Tama Tama Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Templatz Templatz Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Teuricas Teuricas Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Uolungura Uolungura Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of WISE 1506+7027 WISE 1506+7027 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Wadjali Wadjali Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Walka Walka Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Wandjin Wandjin Empire Dictatorship
Justice Party of Wolf 333 Wolf 333 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Wolf 562 Wolf 562 Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Wongsun Wongsun Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Yun Hsie Yun Hsie Independent Dictatorship
Justice Party of Zi Guo Wu Zi Guo Wu Independent Dictatorship
jarorotri independents Arietis Sector CG-X c1-20 Federation Democracy

Index page for minor factions

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