This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char K. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
K'uei Zu Guardians of Tradition K'uei Zu Empire Patronage
K'uei Zu Unionists K'uei Zu Independent Communism
K'unchadrus Natural Co K'unchadrus Federation Corporate
KP Tauri Partnership KP Tauri Independent Anarchy
KP Tauri Party KP Tauri Independent Dictatorship
KUI 11 Gold Dragons KUI 11 Independent Anarchy
KUI 11 Resistance KUI 11 Federation Democracy
KUI 11 Systems KUI 11 Independent Corporate
KW Corporation Stopover Independent Corporate
KZ Andromedae Focus KZ Andromedae Independent Dictatorship
KZ Andromedae Republic Party KZ Andromedae Federation Democracy
Ka'apok Dynamic Industry Ka'apok Empire Corporate
Kaal Natural Organisation Kaal Federation Corporate
Kaal Pro-Alliance Group Kaal Alliance Patronage
Kaan Empire League Kaan Empire Patronage
Kaana Jet Posse Kaana Independent Anarchy
Kaang Wa Crimson Comms PLC Kaang Wa Empire Corporate
Kaang Wa Patron's Principles Bildeptu Empire Patronage
Kaang Wa Patron's Principles Kaang Wa Empire Patronage
Kaang Wa Patron's Principles Pilnga Empire Patronage
Kab League Kab Federation Confederacy
Kab Silver Legal Exchange Kab Federation Corporate
Kaba Comms Services Kaba Alliance Corporate
Kabiak Empire Assembly Kabiak Empire Patronage
Kabiak Jet Raiders Kabiak Independent Anarchy
Kabiak State Organisation Kabiak Independent Corporate
Kabijao & Co Kabijao Independent Corporate
Kabijao Defence Force Kabijao Independent Dictatorship
Kabiku Bridge Industry Kabiku Independent Corporate
Kabiku Life Incorporated Kabiku Independent Corporate
Kabil Alliance Kabil Federation Confederacy
Kabil Co Kabil Independent Corporate
Kachatrimih Gold Brotherhood Kachatrimih Independent Anarchy
Kachatrimih Jet General Exchange Kachatrimih Alliance Corporate
Kachi Buj Purple Dynamic Group Kachi Buj Empire Corporate
Kachinas Gold Raiders Kachinas Independent Anarchy
Kachiri PLC Kachiri Independent Corporate
Kachirigin Major Commodities Kachirigin Independent Corporate
Kachirigin Public Industries Kachirigin Independent Corporate
Kacobog Fortune Exchange Kacobog Federation Corporate
Kacomam Empire Group Bok Empire Patronage
Kacomam Empire Group Kacomam Empire Patronage
Kacomam Union Party Kacomam Independent Communism
Kada Purple Hand Gang Kada Independent Anarchy
Kadaren Gold Comms PLC Kadaren Independent Corporate
Kadi Gold Netcoms & Co Kadi Federation Corporate
Kadi Progressive Party Kadi Federation Democracy
Kadicat Confederacy Kadicat Independent Confederacy
Kadicat Silver Life Industry Kadicat Federation Corporate
Kadj Wen Dominion Kadj Wen Independent Feudal
Kadj Wen Dominion Kokopatun Independent Feudal
Kadj Wen Dominion Ngalua Independent Feudal
Kadj Wen Purple Raiders Kadj Wen Independent Anarchy
Kadjerong One Kadjerong Independent Cooperative
Kadroa Independent Bridge Kadroa Independent Patronage
Kadrusa Gold Life Services CF 464 Empire Corporate
Kadu mist Fortune Organisation Kadu mist Federation Corporate
Kadu mist Labour Kadu mist Independent Democracy
Kadubres Organisation Kadubres Federation Corporate
Kadunet Public Incorporated Kadunet Independent Corporate
Kadunet for Equality Kadunet Federation Democracy
Kaduvumbaa Democrats Kaduvumbaa Independent Democracy
Kafigelabon Coalition Kafigelabon Independent Confederacy
Kafigenon Union Party Kafigenon Independent Communism
Kagudi Front Kagudi Independent Dictatorship
Kagutine Society Kagutine Independent Anarchy
Kagutsuchi Purple Organisation Kagutsuchi Independent Anarchy
Kagutsuchi Solutions Kagutsuchi Independent Corporate
Kaha'i Blue State Network Kaha'i Alliance Corporate
Kaha'i Pro-Independent Party Kaha'i Independent Patronage
Kaia Bajaja Purple Bridge Ex Kaia Bajaja Federation Corporate
Kaia Bajaja United Corporation Kaia Bajaja Independent Corporate
Kaiablingah Blue Raiders Kaiablingah Independent Anarchy
Kaiakul Empire Party Lumanata Empire Patronage
Kaiakul Imperial Society Kaiakul Empire Patronage
Kaiawal Inc Kaiawal Independent Corporate
Kaiawal Stakeholders Kaiawal Independent Cooperative
Kainango Patron's Principles Kainango Empire Patronage
Kairi Co Kairi Federation Corporate
Kairi Group Kairi Independent Corporate
Kairi Republic Party Kairi Independent Democracy
Kairos Future Kairos Federation Democracy
Kairrodo Jet Raiders Kairrodo Independent Anarchy
Kaititja General Network Kaititja Independent Corporate
Kaititja Independent Assembly Kaititja Independent Patronage
Kaitsan Commodities Kaitsan Independent Corporate
Kaiwarabak Alliance Kaiwarabak Federation Confederacy
Kaiwarabak Allied Interstellar Kaiwarabak Federation Corporate
Kakan Jet Galactic Inc Kakan Independent Corporate
Kakas Purple Mafia Kakas Independent Anarchy
Kakatha Company Kakatha Independent Corporate
Kakatha League Kakatha Empire Dictatorship
Kakau Silver Netcoms Corp. Kakau Empire Corporate
Kakmbul Crimson Ring Kakmbul Independent Anarchy
Kakmbul Galactic Company Kakmbul Federation Corporate
Kakmburra Co Kakmburra Empire Corporate
Kakmburra Empire Pact Kakmburra Empire Patronage
Kakmburra Family Kakmburra Independent Anarchy
Kakmburra Partners Kakmburra Independent Corporate
Kakmburu Flag Kakmburu Independent Dictatorship
Kakmburu Gold Public Network Kakmburu Independent Corporate
Kala Gold Major Commodities Kala Federation Corporate
Kala Gold Major Commodities LP 864-1 Federation Corporate
Kalaa People's Co-operative Kalaa Independent Cooperative
Kalads Corporation Kalads Independent Corporate
Kalai Silver Clan Kalai Independent Anarchy
Kalaik Flag Kalaik Empire Dictatorship
Kalak Dynamic Partners Kalak Federation Corporate
Kalak Gold Brothers Kalak Independent Anarchy
Kalama Blue Galactic Company Kalama Empire Corporate
Kalana Independents Kalana Independent Democracy
Kalana Purple Drug Empire Kalana Independent Anarchy
Kalasar Comms Interstellar Kalasar Federation Corporate
Kalasar for Equality Kalasar Federation Democracy
Kalatzin Silver United Org Kalatzin Empire Corporate
Kalb Blue Mob Kalb Independent Anarchy
Kalb Bureau Kalb Independent Dictatorship
Kalb Central Limited Kalb Independent Corporate
Kalb Crimson Dynamic Corp. Kalb Independent Corporate
Kaledoni Crimson Netcoms Dev Kaledoni Independent Corporate
Kaleke Creative Ltd Kaleke Independent Corporate
Kaleni Gold Syndicate Kaleni Independent Anarchy
Kaleni Nationals Kaleni Empire Dictatorship
Kaleni Order Kaleni Independent Dictatorship
Kalenile Blue Organisation Kalenile Independent Anarchy
Kaleo Corporation Kaleo Independent Corporate
Kali Purple Organisation Kali Independent Anarchy
Kali'na Jet Public Commodities Kali'na Independent Corporate
Kali'na Jet Syndicate Antanasata Independent Anarchy
Kalibia State Services Kalibia Empire Corporate
Kaliki Citizens' Forum Kaliki Empire Patronage
Kaliki Citizens' Forum LTT 1581 Empire Patronage
Kaliki Industries Kaliki Independent Corporate
Kalikil Citizen Party Kalikil Independent Communism
Kalikil Patron's Principles Kalikil Empire Patronage
Kaline Advanced Industry Kaline Federation Corporate
Kaline Silver Crew Kaline Independent Anarchy
Kalivunian Empire Assembly Kalivunian Empire Patronage
Kalivunian Empire Assembly Kultultuls Empire Patronage
Kalivunian Silver Organisation Kalivunian Independent Anarchy
Kalkaduna Empire Assembly Kalkaduna Empire Patronage
Kalkaduna Liberals Kalkaduna Independent Democracy
Kalkinja Blue Brothers Kalkinja Independent Anarchy
Kalufon Purple Bridge Int Kalufon Federation Corporate
Kalufon Purple Bridge Int Manikena Federation Corporate
Kalumar Gold Natural Solutions Kalumar Federation Corporate
Kalunkul Gold Natural Org Kalunkul Empire Corporate
Kalunkul Noblement Kalunkul Independent Feudal
Kalva Brotherhood Kalva Independent Anarchy
Kalvaitu Dynasty Kalvaitu Empire Feudal
Kalvante Monarchy Kalvante Empire Feudal
Kalvelis Blue Allied Limited Kalvelis Independent Corporate
Kalveti for Equality Kalveti Federation Democracy
Kamadhenu Citizens' Forum Kamadhenu Empire Patronage
Kamaki Imerial Society Turona Empire Patronage
Kamaki Imperial Society Kamaki Empire Patronage
Kamandu Gold United Inc Kamandu Independent Corporate
Kamarada Confederation Limani Federation Confederacy
Kamarada Jet Legal Services Kamarada Independent Corporate
Kamas Empire League Kamas Empire Patronage
Kamas Empire League Sekhereke Empire Patronage
Kamas Gold Clan Kamas Independent Anarchy
Kamas Nationalists Kamas Independent Dictatorship
Kamaskapus Blue Brotherhood Kamaskapus Independent Anarchy
Kamato Dominion Kamato Independent Feudal
Kamba Crew Kamba Independent Anarchy
Kambaiambo Crimson Clan Kambaiambo Independent Anarchy
Kambala Co Kambala Federation Corporate
Kambala Jet Raiders Kambala Independent Anarchy
Kambala Left Party Kambala Independent Communism
Kambarci Silver Crew Kambarci Independent Anarchy
Kambarci Systems Kambarci Independent Corporate
Kambo Jet Camorra Kambo Independent Anarchy
Kambul Empire Party Kambul Empire Patronage
Kambul Industry Kambul Empire Corporate
Kamcab Alliance Kamcab Independent Confederacy
Kamcab Yu Gold Advanced Dev Kamcab Yu Empire Corporate
Kamcabea Crimson Galactic Ind Kamcabea Independent Corporate
Kamcabi Services Kamcabi Independent Corporate
Kamcha Citizens of Tradition Kamcha Empire Patronage
Kamcha Limited Kamcha Empire Corporate
Kamcha United & Co Kamcha Independent Corporate
Kamchaa Gold Creative Solutions Kamchaa Empire Corporate
Kamchaa Purple Natural Ltd Kamchaa Empire Corporate
Kamchaa Society Kamchaa Independent Anarchy
Kamchadal Dragons Kamchadal Independent Anarchy
Kamchadals Major Limited Kamchadals Empire Corporate
Kamchadals Major Limited Kawarawana Empire Corporate
Kamchadals Movement Kamchadals Independent Dictatorship
Kamchaggama Citizen's Party Kamchaggama Empire Patronage
Kamchairra Allied Services Kamchairra Federation Corporate
Kamchandika Industries Kamchandika Independent Corporate
Kamchandika Nationalists Kamchandika Independent Dictatorship
Kamchandika Unionists Kamchandika Independent Communism
Kamchata Inc Kamchata Federation Corporate
Kame Inc Kame Federation Corporate
Kamici Blue Mafia Kamici Independent Anarchy
Kamici Future Kamici Independent Democracy
Kamici Incorporated Kamici Federation Corporate
Kamil Blue Transport Services Kamil Independent Corporate
Kamilagro Values Party Kamilagro Federation Democracy
Kamito Ltd Kamito Independent Corporate
Kamito Patron's Principles Amaucae Empire Patronage
Kamito Patron's Principles Heverduduna Empire Patronage
Kamito Raiders Kamito Independent Anarchy
Kamito Regulatory State Kamito Independent Dictatorship
Kamitra Empire Pact Kamitra Empire Patronage
Kammaits First Kammaits Independent Dictatorship
Kammamalan Services Kammamalan Empire Corporate
Kammari Electronics Inc Kammari Independent Corporate
Kammato Company Kammato Federation Corporate
Kammato Legal Inc Kammato Independent Corporate
Kamocadroa Purple Comms Systems Kamocadroa Independent Corporate
Kamocan Empire Pact Kamocan Empire Patronage
Kamocan Gold Boys Kamocan Independent Anarchy
Kamocan Purple Universal Corp Kamocan Empire Corporate
Kamorin Network Kamorin Independent Corporate
Kamsety Group Kamsety Empire Corporate
Kamsety Patron's Principles HIP 115151 Empire Patronage
Kamsety Patron's Principles Kamsety Empire Patronage
Kamsety Silver Mafia Kamsety Independent Anarchy
Kamu Yamato Comms PLC Kamu Yamato Independent Corporate
Kamu Yamato Silver Raiders Kamu Yamato Independent Anarchy
Kamumba Empire Party Kamumba Empire Patronage
Kamur as one Kamur Independent Cooperative
Kamuy Crimson Dynamic Systems Kamuy Federation Corporate
Kan Ajana Jet Brothers Kan Ajana Independent Anarchy
Kan Ajana Services Kan Ajana Empire Corporate
Kan Aphu Prison Colony Carang Hut Independent Prison Colony
Kan Aphu Prison Colony Kan Aphu Independent Prison Colony
Kan Guru Prison Colony Kan Guru Independent Prison Colony
Kan Nu Blue Camorra Kan Nu Independent Anarchy
Kan Zang Crimson Mafia Kan Zang Independent Anarchy
Kana Federal Corp. Kana Independent Corporate
Kanabilamai Independents Kanabilamai Federation Democracy
Kanabilamai Jet Hand Gang Kanabilamai Independent Anarchy
Kanaloa Corporation Kanaloa Independent Corporate
Kanaloa Order Kanaloa Independent Dictatorship
Kanamba League Kanamba Federation Confederacy
Kanandos Jet Natural Corp. Kanandos Federation Corporate
Kanandos as one Kanandos Independent Cooperative
Kanates PLC Kanates Empire Corporate
Kanati Gold Creative Int Kanati Federation Corporate
Kanawas Company Kanawas Empire Corporate
Kandama Liberals Kandama Federation Democracy
Kandama Organisation Kandama Independent Corporate
Kandanda Gold Life Group Kandanda Federation Corporate
Kandha Public Co Kandha Federation Corporate
Kandha Public Co Yotani Federation Corporate
Kandiil First Kandiil Independent Dictatorship
Kandiil Partners Kandiil Independent Corporate
Kandiil Progressive Party Kandiil Federation Democracy
Kandit Prison Colony Kandit Independent Prison Colony
Kandji Dominion Kandji Independent Feudal
Kandji Partners Kandji Empire Corporate
Kanga Bara PLC Acuruncegi Federation Corporate
Kanga Bara PLC Kanga Bara Federation Corporate
Kangthitani Bridge Systems Kangthitani Independent Corporate
Kangulu Electronics Inc Kangulu Empire Corporate
Kangulu Empire Consulate Kangulu Empire Patronage
Kanians Galactic Services Kanians Independent Corporate
Kanians Network Kanians Independent Corporate
Kanitisa Empire Party Kanitisa Empire Patronage
Kanitisa Jet Travel Exchange Kanitisa Independent Corporate
Kanitisa Patrons of Law Kanitisa Empire Patronage
Kanitisa Silver Clan Kanitisa Independent Anarchy
Kaniya Corporation Kaniya Independent Corporate
Kaniya Empire Party Kaniya Empire Patronage
Kaniya Silver Pirates Kaniya Independent Anarchy
Kannari Allied Ltd Kannari Independent Corporate
Kannicas Alliance Bond Kannicas Alliance Patronage
Kannicas Comms & Co Kannicas Independent Corporate
Kannicas Purple Dynamic Services Kannicas Independent Corporate
Kano Camorra Kano Independent Anarchy
Kano Purple Creative Industries Kano Independent Corporate
Kanoai Gold Energy Partners Kanoai Empire Corporate
Kanomota Empire Party Kanomota Empire Patronage
Kanomota Travel Systems Kanomota Independent Corporate
Kanooks Crimson Brotherhood Kanooks Independent Anarchy
Kanooks Freedom Party Kanooks Independent Dictatorship
Kanos Defence Force Kanos Independent Dictatorship
Kanu Allied Commodities Kanu Independent Corporate
Kanuket Empire Party Arimavante Empire Patronage
Kanuket Empire Party Kanuket Empire Patronage
Kanur Autocracy Kanur Independent Dictatorship
Kanur Liberals Kanur Federation Democracy
Kanus Federal Co HIP 8525 Federation Corporate
Kanus Federal Co Kanus Federation Corporate
Kanzicnal Guardians of Tradition Kanzicnal Empire Patronage
Kanzicnal Liberals Kanzicnal Independent Democracy
Kao Guojiu Gold Public Group Kao Guojiu Independent Corporate
Kao Jundji Emperor's Grace Kao Jundji Empire Patronage
Kao Jundji Power Limited Kao Jundji Independent Corporate
Kao Kach League Kao Kach Federation Confederacy
Kao Kach Purple Energy PLC Kao Kach Independent Corporate
Kao Thewi Dominion Kao Thewi Empire Feudal
Kao Wanga Guardians of Tradition Kao Wanga Empire Patronage
Kao Wanga Travel Partners Kao Wanga Empire Corporate
Kao Ziyi Inc Kao Ziyi Federation Corporate
Kapod Citizens of Tradition Kapod Empire Patronage
Kapod Empire Consulate Kapod Empire Patronage
Kapoongzi Empire Party Kapoongzi Empire Patronage
Kappa Doradus Empire Party Kappa Doradus Empire Patronage
Kappa Fornacis Farmers Union Kappa Fornacis Independent Dictatorship
Kappa Ophiuchi Conservatives Kappa Ophiuchi Independent Dictatorship
Kappa Ophiuchi Gold Vision Corp. Kappa Ophiuchi Federation Corporate
Kappa Ophiuchi Public Systems Kappa Ophiuchi Independent Corporate
Kappa Phoenicis Vision Ltd Kappa Phoenicis Federation Corporate
Kappa Public PLC Kappa Independent Corporate
Kappa Reticuli Crimson Comms Kappa Reticuli Federation Corporate
Kappa Reticuli Electronics Organisation Kappa Reticuli Independent Corporate
Kappa Tucanae Dynamic Company Kappa Tucanae Empire Corporate
Kappa Tucanae Emperor's Grace Kappa Tucanae Empire Patronage
Kappa-1 Ceti Confederacy Aspelenie Federation Confederacy
Kappa-1 Ceti Confederacy Kappa-1 Ceti Federation Confederacy
Kappa-1 Ceti Gold Fortune Group Kappa-1 Ceti Independent Corporate
Kappanii Purple Mafia Kappanii Independent Anarchy
Kapperapai General & Co Kapperapai Independent Corporate
Kapperapai for Equality Kapperapai Federation Democracy
Kapura Galactic Holdings Kapura Independent Corporate
Kapurri Blue Bridge Company Kapurri Independent Corporate
Kapurri Emperor's Grace Kapurri Empire Patronage
Kapurri Empire League Kapurri Empire Patronage
Kapus Brotherhood Kapus Independent Anarchy
Kaqchis Collective Kaqchis Independent Cooperative
Kaqchis Interstellar Kaqchis Empire Corporate
Kara PLC Kara Federation Corporate
Karabal Gold Transport Industry Karabal Federation Corporate
Karadjari Creative Holdings Karadjari Empire Corporate
Karadjari Guardians of Tradition Karadjari Empire Patronage
Karagro Services Karagro Federation Corporate
Karagro for Equality Karagro Federation Democracy
Karaikda Galactic Partners Karaikda Independent Corporate
Karakamane Guardians Karakamane Empire Patronage
Karakasis Patrons of Law Karakasis Empire Patronage
Karakmo Liberty Party Karakmo Empire Dictatorship
Karama Movement Karama Empire Dictatorship
Karamai Patrons of Law Gommatchal Empire Patronage
Karamai Patrons of Law Karamai Empire Patronage
Karamayayak Jet Dynamic Group Karamayayak Independent Corporate
Karamo Dynamic Ltd Karamo Federation Corporate
Karamo Jet Hand Gang Karamo Independent Anarchy
Karamojola Dynasty Karamojola Empire Feudal
Karamu Democrats Karamu Independent Democracy
Karanguru Citizens of Tradition Karanguru Empire Patronage
Karanguru Revolutionary Party Karanguru Independent Communism
Karas Dominion Karas Independent Feudal
Karasiginn Co Karasiginn Federation Corporate
Karasiri Blue Power Exchange Karasiri Independent Corporate
Karasvara Corporation Karasvara Independent Corporate
Karasvara Imperial Society Karasvara Empire Patronage
Karasvara Purple Camorra Karasvara Independent Anarchy
Karatayo Jet United & Co Karatayo Federation Corporate
Karatayo Parish Karatayo Independent Theocracy
Karbacoc United Limited Karbacoc Independent Corporate
Karbon Jet Galactic Industries Karbon Federation Corporate
Karbudj PLC Karbudj Empire Corporate
Karbudji Purple Organisation Karbudji Independent Anarchy
Kareco Citizens' Forum Atacapa Empire Patronage
Kareco Citizens' Forum HIP 11433 Empire Patronage
Kareco Citizens' Forum Kareco Empire Patronage
Kareco Crimson Mob Kareco Independent Anarchy
Karecoya Advanced Ltd Karecoya Federation Corporate
Kared Jet Creative Network Kared Independent Corporate
Kareldt Blue Camorra Kareldt Independent Anarchy
Karelitakas Blue Allied Holdings Karelitakas Empire Corporate
Karen Coalition Karen Federation Confederacy
Kareneri Universal Services Kareneri Federation Corporate
Karengi People's Co-operative Karengi Independent Cooperative
Karenses Jet Boys Karenses Independent Anarchy
Kareri Organisation Kareri Independent Anarchy
Karetii Electronics PLC Karetii Federation Corporate
Karetii Ring Karetii Independent Anarchy
Karex Dominion Karex Independent Feudal
Kariara United Limited Kariara Empire Corporate
Karid Blue Camorra Karid Independent Anarchy
Karid Progressive Party Karid Independent Democracy
Karini Ring Karini Independent Anarchy
Karini Silver United Inc Karini Federation Corporate
Karis Flag Karis Independent Dictatorship
Karis Gold Public Inc Karis Federation Corporate
Karis Jet Mob Karis Independent Anarchy
Karis Values Party Karis Federation Democracy
Karishnu Industries Karishnu Federation Corporate
Karka Future Karka Independent Democracy
Karkates Progressive Party Karkates Independent Democracy
Karm Gold Brothers Karm Independent Anarchy
Karnae Silver Drug Empire Karnae Independent Anarchy
Karnarki League Karnarki Federation Confederacy
Karnir Partnership Karnir Independent Anarchy
Karo Commodities Karo Empire Corporate
Karogonibo Partnership Karogonibo Independent Anarchy
Karourok Collective Karourok Independent Cooperative
Karovoy Netcoms Co Karovoy Empire Corporate
Karovoy Noblement Karovoy Independent Feudal
Karsha Empire Consulate Karsha Empire Patronage
Karsinanari Ltd Karsinanari Federation Corporate
Karsuki Ti Patrons of Law Karsuki Ti Empire Patronage
Karsuki Ti Purple Electronics Karsuki Ti Empire Corporate
Kartam Progressive Party Kartam Federation Democracy
Kartamayana Fortune Services Kartamayana Empire Corporate
Kartamayana Gold Gang Kartamayana Independent Anarchy
Karten Purple Cartel Karten Independent Anarchy
Kartudjara Major Commodities Kartudjara Federation Corporate
Karuekenus Silver Council Karuekenus Independent Anarchy
Karugbara Crimson Boys Karugbara Alliance Anarchy
Karunti Front Karunti Empire Dictatorship
Karwareti Collective Karwareti Independent Cooperative
Karwareti Empire League Karwareti Empire Patronage
Kashis Blue Energy Limited Kashis Independent Corporate
Kasho PLC Kasho Independent Corporate
Kassi Future Kassi Federation Democracy
Kassi League Kassi Independent Dictatorship
Kassi Netcoms Incorporated Col 285 Sector QT-P c6-7 Independent Corporate
Kassi Netcoms Incorporated Kassi Independent Corporate
Kassimshipa Company Kassimshipa Federation Corporate
Kassimshipa Future Kassimshipa Federation Democracy
Kasszony League Kasszony Federation Confederacy
Kasya Gold State Industries Kasya Independent Corporate
Kata Company Kata Federation Corporate
Katamari Group Caucuma Independent Feudal
Kataning Empire Pact Kataning Empire Patronage
Katas Commodities Katas Empire Corporate
Kathans Conservatives Kathans Empire Dictatorship
Kato Jet Raiders Kato Independent Anarchy
Katobri Confederation Katobri Federation Confederacy
Katobriges Collective Katobriges Independent Cooperative
Katocudatta Advanced Holdings Katocudatta Independent Corporate
Katocudatta Blue Organisation Katocudatta Independent Anarchy
Katola Legal Industry Apsarillici Empire Corporate
Katola Legal Industry Katola Empire Corporate
Katola Legal Industry Mirdii Empire Corporate
Kats Empire Assembly Kats Empire Patronage
Katsur Incorporated Katsur Independent Corporate
Katsur Monarchy Katsur Independent Feudal
Katta Collective Katta Independent Cooperative
Katuci Blue Fortune Network Katuci Independent Corporate
Katui Silver Allied Partners Katui Independent Corporate
Katukilal Conservatives Katukilal Independent Dictatorship
Katukilal Crimson Public Ex Katukilal Independent Corporate
Katungkates Comms Services Katungkates Federation Corporate
Katungkates Netcoms Inc Katungkates Federation Corporate
Katuri Jet Advanced Inc Katuri Federation Corporate
Katuri Jet Boys Katuri Independent Anarchy
Katuri Legal Company Katuri Federation Corporate
Katurru Independents Katurru Federation Democracy
Kaukai Bureau Kaukai Independent Dictatorship
Kaukamaye Empire League Kaukamaye Empire Patronage
Kaukamine Vision Industry Kaukamine Federation Corporate
Kaukas Blue Transport Holdings Kaukas Independent Corporate
Kaukhabarri Nobles Kaukhabarri Independent Feudal
Kaukhe Systems Kaukhe Empire Corporate
Kaun Shared Kaun Independent Cooperative
Kaunan Conservatives Kaunan Independent Dictatorship
Kaunan Jet Galactic Limited G 224-46 Alliance Corporate
Kaunan Jet Galactic Limited Kaunan Alliance Corporate
Kaupolis Gold Comms Systems Kaupolis Independent Corporate
Kaupolis Gold Mafia Kaupolis Independent Anarchy
Kaupolo Citizens' Forum Kaupolo Empire Patronage
Kaupolock PLC Kaupolock Federation Corporate
Kaura Democrats Kaura Federation Democracy
Kaura Focus Kaura Independent Dictatorship
Kaurareg Silver Public Corp Jenu Federation Corporate
Kaurareg Silver Public Corp Kaurareg Federation Corporate
Kaurawalaga League Kaurawalaga Federation Confederacy
Kaurawalaga Life Industries Kaurawalaga Independent Corporate
Kaurawish Group Kaurawish Federation Corporate
Kaurna Citizen Party Kaurna Independent Communism
Kaurna Independent Consulate Kaurna Independent Patronage
Kaurt Partners Kaurt Independent Corporate
Kaurt Progressive Party Kaurt Federation Democracy
Kauruk Flag Kauruk Independent Dictatorship
Kaurukat Liberals Kaurukat Independent Democracy
Kaurukat Purple Major PLC Kaurukat Independent Corporate
Kauruku Empire League Kauruku Empire Patronage
Kauruku United Interstellar Kauruku Independent Corporate
Kaus Australis Gold Partnership Kaus Australis Independent Anarchy
Kaus Borealis Labour Kaus Borealis Federation Democracy
Kausa Crimson Cartel Kausa Independent Anarchy
Kausalya Netcoms Organisation Kausalya Federation Corporate
Kausalya State Incorporated Kausalya Independent Corporate
Kausan Inc Kausan Independent Corporate
Kausasto Ltd Kausasto Independent Corporate
Kausates Incorporated Kausates Empire Corporate
Kausautsu Gold Drug Empire Kausautsu Independent Anarchy
Kausha Co-operative Kausha Independent Cooperative
Kausha Purple Legal Limited Kausha Empire Corporate
Kaushairup Blue Drug Empire Kaushairup Independent Anarchy
Kaushairup Federal Network Kaushairup Federation Corporate
Kaushi Legal Holdings Kaushi Independent Corporate
Kaushpoos Power Ltd Kaushpoos Independent Corporate
Kaushpoos Pro-Alliance Union Kaushpoos Alliance Patronage
Kaushu Bridge Industries HIP 106792 Empire Corporate
Kaushu Bridge Industries Kaushu Empire Corporate
Kavajo Dominion Kavajo Independent Feudal
Kavalliyala Dragons Kavalliyala Independent Corporate
Kavalliyala Empire Party Kavalliyala Empire Patronage
Kavane Co-op Kavane Independent Cooperative
Kavat Silver Boys Kavat Independent Anarchy
Kavat Transport Services Kavat Independent Corporate
Kawa Athi United Services Kawa Athi Federation Corporate
Kawal Empire Party Kawal Empire Patronage
Kawal United Commodities Kawal Independent Corporate
Kawilocidi Partners Kawilocidi Independent Corporate
Kawilona Purple Public Holdings Kawilona Independent Corporate
Kaxina Fortune Holdings Kaxina Empire Corporate
Kaxinantu Blue Public Solutions Kaxinantu Empire Corporate
Kaxixo Purple Rats Kaxixo Independent Anarchy
Kayan Dominion Kayan Independent Feudal
Kayan Universal Exchange Kayan Independent Corporate
Kayar Purple Dynamic Industry Kayar Independent Corporate
Kayimali Gold Natural & Co Kayimali Federation Corporate
Kazahua Co Kazahua Empire Corporate
Kazatobi Purple General Group Kazatobi Federation Corporate
Kazemlya Blue Netcoms Partners Kazemlya Empire Corporate
Kebe & Co Kebe Federation Corporate
Kebechs Blue Clan Kebechs Independent Anarchy
Kebechua Exchange Kebechua Independent Corporate
Kebechua Gold Crew Kebechua Independent Anarchy
Kebege Partnership Kebege Independent Anarchy
Kebeghengi Co Kebeghengi Federation Corporate
Kebel Yeh Holdings Kebel Yeh Independent Corporate
Kebel Yeh Independents Kebel Yeh Federation Democracy
Kebeledu Services Kebeledu Empire Corporate
Kedo Purple Society Kedo Independent Anarchy
Kedoshe Partners Kedoshe Independent Corporate
Keer Dynamic Company Keer Federation Corporate
Keer Dynamic Company Zephyrus Federation Corporate
Keerama Liberty Party Keerama Independent Dictatorship
Keerama Patron's Principles Keerama Empire Patronage
Kehpera Corporation Kehpera Empire Corporate
Kehpera Empire Party Kehpera Empire Patronage
Kehpera Purple Clan Kehpera Independent Anarchy
Kehperagwe Defence Force Kehperagwe Independent Dictatorship
Kehperagwe Federal Co Kehperagwe Independent Corporate
Kehperagwe Liberals Kehperagwe Federation Democracy
Kehperagwe Purple Life Int Kehperagwe Independent Corporate
Kehperi General Limited Kehperi Independent Corporate
Keiadabiko Jet Allied Corp. Keiadabiko Independent Corporate
Keiadir Company Keiadir Empire Corporate
Keiadiras Gold Life & Co HIP 115337 Empire Corporate
Keiadiras Gold Life & Co Keiadiras Empire Corporate
Keiadiras Unionists Keiadiras Independent Communism
Keiadjara Jet General Ltd Keiadjara Federation Corporate
Keiadjara Nationalists Keiadjara Independent Dictatorship
Keian Gu Collective Keian Gu Independent Cooperative
Keian Gu Drug Empire Keian Gu Independent Anarchy
Keinjayano Partnership Keinjayano Federation Confederacy
Keinjayano Solutions Keinjayano Independent Corporate
Kekenk Comms Inc Kekenk Independent Corporate
Kekenks Power Inc Kekenks Federation Corporate
Kelie Resistance Kelie Federation Democracy
Kelie Silver Major Industries Kelie Independent Corporate
Kelin Samba Boys Kelin Samba Independent Anarchy
Kelin Samba Guardians Kelin Samba Empire Patronage
Kelin Samba Inc Kelin Samba Independent Corporate
Kelin Samba Purple Comms Network Kelin Samba Independent Corporate
Kelish Citizens' Forum Kelish Empire Patronage
Kelish Empire Consulate Kelish Empire Patronage
Keliuona Brothers Keliuona Independent Anarchy
Keliuona Patron's Principles Keliuona Empire Patronage
Keltim Empire League Keltim Empire Patronage
Keltim Empire League PPM 5287 Empire Patronage
Keltim Services Keltim Independent Corporate
Keltim Silver Life Systems Keltim Independent Corporate
Kemuru Alliance Kemuru Federation Confederacy
Kemuru Major Organisation Kemuru Independent Corporate
Kemuru Silver Dragons Kemuru Independent Anarchy
Kemurukamar & Co Kemurukamar Independent Corporate
Kemwer Dominion Kemwer Empire Feudal
Kenna Camorra Kenna Independent Anarchy
Kenna Industry Kenna Independent Corporate
Kenna Nationals Kenna Independent Dictatorship
Kenna Netcoms Group Kenna Empire Corporate
Kenna Netcoms Group Lushu Empire Corporate
Kenna Netcoms Group Utgaroar Empire Corporate
Kenyalivun Dynamic Commodities Kenyalivun Independent Corporate
Kenyalivun Independents Kenyalivun Federation Democracy
Kenyamuna Crimson Advanced Ex Kenyamuna Independent Corporate
Kenyamuna Society Kenyamuna Independent Anarchy
Kerb Rats Kerb Independent Anarchy
Kerb Stakeholders Kerb Independent Cooperative
Keren Crimson Syndicate Keren Independent Anarchy
Keren Empire Group Keren Empire Patronage
Keren Gold Galactic Network Keren Independent Corporate
Keren Jet United Industries Keren Empire Corporate
Kereng Dimani Jet Cartel Kereng Dimani Independent Anarchy
Kereng Dimani Natural Ltd Kereng Dimani Federation Corporate
Kereri Empire Pact Kereri Empire Patronage
Kereri Power Systems Kereri Independent Corporate
Ketekhmet Legal Co HIP 7018 Empire Corporate
Ketekhmet Legal Co Ketekhmet Empire Corporate
Ketsauts Citizens of Tradition Ketsauts Empire Patronage
Ketsauts Jet Camorra Ketsauts Independent Anarchy
Ketse Aibe Patrons of Law Ketse Aibe Empire Patronage
Ketsegezi Blue Federal Systems Ketsegezi Independent Corporate
Ketsegezi Democrats Ketsegezi Federation Democracy
Ketsegezi aristocrats Ketsegezi Independent Feudal
Kewell Ergonomics Ayethi Empire Corporate
Khaithu Commodities Khaithu Empire Corporate
Khaka Future Bangwa Federation Democracy
Khaka General Incorporated Khaka Federation Corporate
Khakareng Netcoms Incorporated Khakareng Empire Corporate
Khakareng Noblement Khakareng Independent Feudal
Khakareng One Khakareng Independent Cooperative
Khakari Blue Electronics Inc Khakari Federation Corporate
Khakha Universal Industry Khakha Independent Corporate
Khakmo Alliance Khakmo Independent Confederacy
Khakmo Industry Khakmo Federation Corporate
Khakya Blue Cartel Khakya Independent Anarchy
Khakya General Corp. Khakya Empire Corporate
Khakya Regulatory State Khakya Independent Dictatorship
Khaman Silver Raiders Khaman Independent Anarchy
Khamataman Empire Party Khamataman Empire Patronage
Khamataman Silver Brothers Khamataman Independent Anarchy
Khambara Labour Khambara Independent Democracy
Khambara Pirates Khambara Independent Anarchy
Khamoori Autocracy Khamoori Independent Dictatorship
Khamoori Energy Exchange Khamoori Independent Corporate
Khampti Cartel Khampti Independent Anarchy
Khampti Energy Corporation Khampti Independent Corporate
Khampti Industries Khampti Empire Corporate
Khampti Patron's Principles Khampti Empire Patronage
Khan Front Khan Independent Dictatorship
Khan Gubii Commodities Khan Gubii Independent Corporate
Khanci Corporation Khanci Federation Corporate
Khanci Monarchy Khanci Independent Feudal
Khants Partnership Khants Federation Confederacy
Kharahua Network Kharahua Federation Corporate
Kharaitis Empire Party Kharaitis Empire Patronage
Kharaka United Kharaka Independent Cooperative
Kharakas Purple General Exchange Kharakas Empire Corporate
Khari Imperial Society Khari Empire Patronage
Kharinda Co Kharinda Federation Corporate
Kharinda Co LHS 55 Federation Corporate
Kharinda Vision Organisation Kharinda Federation Corporate
Kharpulo Brotherhood Kharpulo Independent Anarchy
Kharpulo Empire Assembly Kharpulo Empire Patronage
Kharpulo Industries Kharpulo Empire Corporate
Kharu Silver Council Kharu Independent Anarchy
Kharvii Liberty Party Kharvii Independent Dictatorship
Kharviri Gold Partnership Kharviri Independent Anarchy
Kharwa Services Kharwa Federation Corporate
Kharwar Holdings Kharwar Empire Corporate
Khary Conservatives Khary Independent Dictatorship
Khary Gold Bridge Incorporated Khary Independent Corporate
Khary Republic Party Khary Independent Democracy
Khary Systems Khary Empire Corporate
Kharyi Jet Society Kharyi Independent Anarchy
Khasa Vision Limited Khasa Independent Corporate
Khasa for Equality Khasa Federation Democracy
Khasargiz Empire Pact Khasargiz Empire Patronage
Khasargiz Industry Khasargiz Independent Corporate
Khasargiz Jet Central PLC Khasargiz Independent Corporate
Khasiri Liberals BD+03 2338 Federation Democracy
Khasiri Liberals Khasiri Federation Democracy
Khawchuang Federal PLC Khawchuang Federation Corporate
Khelma Autocracy Khelma Independent Dictatorship
Khencani Crimson Energy Systems Khencani Empire Corporate
Khencani People's Co-operative Khencani Independent Cooperative
Khengu Crimson Dynamic Corp. Khengu Federation Corporate
Khep No Zi Partners Khep No Zi Independent Corporate
Khepeche Limited Khepeche Independent Corporate
Khepehueno Ltd Khepehueno Empire Corporate
Khepera Silver Electronics Serv Khepera Empire Corporate
Khepertha Natural Systems Khepertha Federation Corporate
Khepri Autocracy Khepri Independent Dictatorship
Khepri Jet Public Ltd Khepri Federation Corporate
Khepri Law Party Khepri Independent Dictatorship
Khered Gold Galactic Systems Khered Independent Corporate
Kheret Empire Pact Kheret Empire Patronage
Kheretii Corp. Kheretii Empire Corporate
Kheretii Corp. Lunduwalaya Empire Corporate
Kheretii Dynamic Group Kheretii Independent Corporate
Khernidjal Alliance Mandate Khernidjal Alliance Patronage
Khernidjal Future Khernidjal Alliance Democracy
Khertamoana Silver Advanced Corp Khertamoana Independent Corporate
Kherthaje Jet Council Kherthaje Independent Anarchy
Khitibe Co-op Khitibe Independent Cooperative
Khnemurt Holdings Khnemurt Federation Corporate
Khnum Future Khnum Federation Democracy
Khnum Interstellar Khnum Federation Corporate
Khnum Silver Crew Khnum Independent Anarchy
Khodhis Exchange Khodhis Independent Corporate
Khodhis Organisation Khodhis Independent Anarchy
Khodia Dynamic Commodities Khodia Independent Corporate
Khodia Independent Union Khodia Independent Patronage
Khodiwobogi Exchange Khodiwobogi Empire Corporate
Khodur Transport Services Khodur Empire Corporate
Kholedo Ltd Kholedo Federation Corporate
Kholevi Crimson Central Group Kholevi Independent Corporate
Kholhou Empire League Kholhou Empire Patronage
Kholhoujem Jet Major Systems Kholhoujem Federation Corporate
Kholhouvun Blue Galactic Ind Kholhouvun Federation Corporate
Kholita Focus Kholita Independent Dictatorship
Kholita Limited Kholita Independent Corporate
Kholo Blue Dragons Kholo Independent Anarchy
Kholo Universal Limited Kholo Federation Corporate
Kholu Energy & Co Kholu Empire Corporate
Kholul Movement Kholul Independent Dictatorship
Kholul Parish Kholul Independent Theocracy
Kholul Purple United Int Kholul Independent Corporate
Khona Corporation Khona Independent Corporate
Khona People's Party Khona Independent Communism
Khona Silver Crew Khona Independent Anarchy
Khondo Po Silver Ring Khondo Po Independent Anarchy
Khones Corp. Khones Independent Corporate
Khonesti Emperor's Grace Khonesti Empire Patronage
Khong Shi Brotherhood Khong Shi Independent Anarchy
Khong Wang Independents Khong Wang Federation Democracy
Khongarun Empire League Khongarun Empire Patronage
Khonsa General Co Khonsa Empire Corporate
Khonsa Nobles Khonsa Empire Feudal
Khonse Creative Systems Khonse Independent Corporate
Khonse Emperor's Grace Khonse Empire Patronage
Khontam & Co Khontam Federation Corporate
Khontam People's Co-operative Khontam Independent Cooperative
Khonti Front Khonti Independent Dictatorship
Khonti Law Party Khonti Empire Dictatorship
Khowahing Defence Party Khowahing Independent Dictatorship
Khowatsu PLC Khowatsu Independent Corporate
Khowei Gold Transport Solutions Khowei Empire Corporate
Khronos Life Network Khronos Federation Corporate
Khrudiyu Blue Partnership Khrudiyu Independent Anarchy
Khruttones Industry Khruttones Independent Corporate
Khruva Alliance Khruva Federation Confederacy
Khruvanaye Travel Services Khruvanaye Federation Corporate
Khruvani Blue Rats Khruvani Independent Anarchy
Khruvani Resistance Khruvani Independent Democracy
Khruvani Universal Organisation Khruvani Federation Corporate
Khun Citizen Party Khun Independent Communism
Khun Crimson Ring Khun Independent Anarchy
Khun Independent Governance Khun Independent Patronage
Khuzwane Future Khuzwane Independent Democracy
Khuzwangpo Partners Khuzwangpo Federation Corporate
Khwal Network Khwal Independent Corporate
Khwar Holdings Khwar Independent Corporate
Khwar Liberty Party Khwar Independent Dictatorship
Khwar Progressive Party Khwar Independent Democracy
Khwarakan Conservatives Khwarakan Empire Dictatorship
Khwarakan Family Khwarakan Independent Anarchy
Khwathis Dynamic & Co Khwathis Independent Corporate
Khwathis Major Organisation Khwathis Independent Corporate
Khwatka Universal & Co Khwatka Independent Corporate
Ki Future Ki Independent Democracy
Ki Lao Kana Justice Party Ki Lao Kana Empire Dictatorship
Ki Laufey Free Ki Laufey Federation Democracy
Ki Laufey Universal PLC Ki Laufey Independent Corporate
Ki Life Limited Ki Federation Corporate
Ki Life Limited Tomas Federation Corporate
Ki Limited Ki Federation Corporate
Kians Federal Corporation Kians Federation Corporate
Kicho Family Kicho Independent Anarchy
Kidi Partnership Kidi Independent Anarchy
Kidil Corp. Kidil Independent Corporate
Kidil Empire Pact Kidil Empire Patronage
Kidiuhet Justice Party Kidiuhet Independent Dictatorship
Kidiuhet Liberals Kidiuhet Federation Democracy
Kiga Network Kiga Federation Corporate
Kiga Travel Incorporated Kiga Independent Corporate
Kigaedu Domain Kigaedu Independent Feudal
Kigaedu Jet Brotherhood Kigaedu Independent Anarchy
Kigagua Liberals Kigagua Federation Democracy
Kigagua Purple Transport Org Kigagua Federation Corporate
Kigah Drug Empire Kigah Independent Anarchy
Kigalky Purple Family Kigalky Independent Anarchy
Kigana Blue Power Ltd Kigana Independent Corporate
Kigana Jet Syndicate Kigana Independent Anarchy
Kigandan Blue Life PLC Kigandan Federation Corporate
Kikapu Flag Kikapu Independent Dictatorship
Kikapu Stakeholders Kikapu Independent Cooperative
Kikas Jet Natural Interstellar Kikas Federation Corporate
Kikians Emperor's Grace Kikians Empire Patronage
Kikians Emperor's Grace Mahia Empire Patronage
Kikians Free Kikians Independent Democracy
Kikians Purple Vision PLC Kikians Empire Corporate
Kikua Blue Syndicate Kikua Independent Anarchy
Kikua Empire Party Kikua Empire Patronage
Kikua Jet Vision Organisation Kikua Empire Corporate
Kikua Universal Industries Kikua Independent Corporate
Kilinigua Liberals Kilinigua Federation Democracy
Killke Jet Comms Exchange Killke Independent Corporate
Kim 2-17 Brothers Kim 2-17 Independent Anarchy
Kim 2-17 Corporation Kim 2-17 Federation Corporate
Kimi Crimson General Network Kimi Independent Corporate
Kimi Regulatory State Kimi Independent Dictatorship
Kimici Independent Consulate Kimici Independent Patronage
Kin Crimson Dragons Kin Independent Anarchy
Kin General Limited Kin Federation Corporate
Kina Blue Rats Kina Independent Anarchy
Kinago Crimson Crew Kinago Independent Anarchy
Kinna Empire League Kinna Empire Patronage
Kinnara Partners Kinnara Independent Corporate
Kinne Blue Boys Kinne Independent Anarchy
Kioskurber Crimson Cartel Kioskurber Independent Anarchy
Kioskurber Life Solutions Kioskurber Federation Corporate
Kipgen Empire League Kipgen Empire Patronage
Kipgen Mu Hand Gang Kipgen Mu Independent Anarchy
Kipgen United Partners Kipgen Independent Corporate
Kipgenik Labour Kipgenik Independent Democracy
Kipgenik aristocrats Kipgenik Independent Feudal
Kipgeninka Empire League Kipgeninka Empire Patronage
Kipgeninka Partners Kipgeninka Empire Corporate
Kipgensi Industries Kipgensi Federation Corporate
Kipgensi Justice Party Kipgensi Independent Dictatorship
Kipsigi Netcoms Solutions Kipsigi Independent Corporate
Kipsigines Vision Partners Kipsigines Federation Corporate
Kiribalngu Central Industry Kiribalngu Federation Corporate
Kirrae Advanced Systems Kirrae Federation Corporate
Kirram Freedom Party Kirram Independent Dictatorship
Kirram Major Holdings Kirram Independent Corporate
Kisa Empire Group Kisa Empire Patronage
Kisa United Group Kisa Independent Corporate
Kisatsya Empire Party Kisatsya Empire Patronage
Kisatsya Systems Kisatsya Empire Corporate
Kishangumir Jet Raiders Kishangumir Independent Anarchy
Kishijoten Services Kishijoten Independent Corporate
Kishpakho Organisation Kishpakho Independent Corporate
Kisina Industry Kisina Federation Corporate
Kising Autocracy Kising Independent Dictatorship
Kisinga Patron's Principles Kisinga Empire Patronage
Kisir Creative Corporation Kisir Independent Corporate
Kissi Alliance Kissi Federation Confederacy
Kistsi Confederation Kistsi Federation Confederacy
Kistsi Incorporated Kistsi Independent Corporate
Kistsi Liberty Party Kistsi Independent Dictatorship
Kistultula Limited Kistultula Federation Corporate
Kita Indji Empire Assembly Kita Indji Empire Patronage
Kita Indji Partners Kita Indji Independent Corporate
Kita Indji Unionists Kita Indji Independent Communism
Kitae Mob Kitae Independent Anarchy
Kitae Nationals Kitae Alliance Dictatorship
Kitaki Gold Creative Industries Kitaki Independent Corporate
Kitaki Imperial Society Kitaki Empire Patronage
Kitaki Silver State Group Kitaki Empire Corporate
Kitani Blue Crew Kitani Independent Anarchy
Kitchang Mu Conservatives Kitchang Mu Independent Dictatorship
Kitchang Mu Free Awa Independent Democracy
Kitchang Mu Free Kitchang Mu Independent Democracy
Kitche Citizens' Forum Kitche Empire Patronage
Kitche Emperor's Grace Kitche Empire Patronage
Kitchih Gang Kitchih Independent Anarchy
Kitchitatis First Kitchitatis Independent Dictatorship
Kitchitatis Gold Public & Co Kitchitatis Independent Corporate
Kitchitatis Resistance Kitchitatis Federation Democracy
Kitchosat Central Incorporated Kitchosat Federation Corporate
Kitchosat Independents Kitchosat Independent Democracy
Kitchosat PLC Kitchosat Independent Corporate
Kitja Silver Crew Kitja Independent Anarchy
Kitjali Cartel Kitjali Independent Anarchy
Kitjali Gold Power Systems Kitjali Empire Corporate
Kitjarundi Blue Advanced PLC Kitjarundi Independent Corporate
Kitjarundi Empire Consulate Kitjarundi Empire Patronage
Kitjarundi United Industries Kitjarundi Independent Corporate
Kivah Company Docleachi Federation Corporate
Kivah Company Kivah Federation Corporate
Kivah First Kivah Independent Dictatorship
Kivah Resistance Karnarki Federation Democracy
Kivas Allied Kivas Independent Cooperative
Kivas Posse Kivas Independent Anarchy
Kivas Silver Universal Exchange Kivas Federation Corporate
Kivati Commodities Kivati Empire Corporate
Klamath Jet Camorra Klamath Independent Anarchy
Klikini Corp. Klikini Federation Corporate
Klikis Central Partners Klikis Independent Corporate
Klikis Crimson Mob Klikis Independent Anarchy
Klikis Law Party Klikis Independent Dictatorship
Klikudiya Company Klikudiya Federation Corporate
Klikumad Confederation Klikumad Federation Confederacy
Knights of Colonial Karma Solitude Independent Feudal
Knights of Karma Qa'wakana Independent Feudal
Knouphinan Dynasty Knouphinan Independent Feudal
Knouphinan Partnership Knouphinan Independent Confederacy
Knox & Co New Yembo Independent Corporate
Knumadi Federal Industries Knumadi Empire Corporate
Knumclaw Front Knumclaw Empire Dictatorship
Knumclaw Partnership Knumclaw Independent Confederacy
Koamu Yi Bridge Organisation Koamu Yi Independent Corporate
Koamul Prison Colony Koamul Independent Prison Colony
Koamul Silver Brothers Koamul Independent Anarchy
Koamutera Central Company Koamutera Independent Corporate
Koamutera Crimson Mob Koamutera Independent Anarchy
Koamuth Inc Koamuth Federation Corporate
Koar Silver Syndicate Koar Independent Anarchy
Koar Transport Solutions Koar Empire Corporate
Koara Free Koara Independent Democracy
Koara Gold Partnership Koara Independent Anarchy
Koara Inc Koara Independent Corporate
Koartoq Noblement Koartoq Empire Feudal
Kobog Blue Advanced Industry Kobog Independent Corporate
Koboga Empire Assembly Koboga Empire Patronage
Kobogdi Nobles Kobogdi Independent Feudal
Kocab Blue General Co Kocab Federation Corporate
Koch Jet Camorra Koch Independent Anarchy
Kochifuna Autocracy Kochifuna Independent Dictatorship
Kochil Blue Brotherhood Kochil Independent Anarchy
Kochil Freedom Party Kochil Independent Dictatorship
Kochole Democrats Kochole Independent Democracy
Kochole Universal Inc Kochole Federation Corporate
Koeng Pora Gold Brotherhood Koeng Pora Independent Anarchy
Koeng Pora Patron's Principles Koeng Pora Empire Patronage
Koenpa Exchange Koenpa Federation Corporate
Koenpeiadal Energy Exchange Koenpeiadal Empire Corporate
Kogich Silver Creative Org Kogich Federation Corporate
Koing Dynasty Koing Independent Feudal
Koing Gold Power Incorporated Koing Empire Corporate
Koira Fortune Corporation Koira Independent Corporate
Koirada Blue Brotherhood Koirada Independent Anarchy
Koirada Galactic Partners Koirada Independent Corporate
Koirao for Equality Koirao Federation Democracy
Koiri Gold Organisation Koiri Independent Anarchy
Koiri Gold Public Group Koiri Independent Corporate
Koiri Patrons of Law Koiri Empire Patronage
Koirisas Inc Koirisas Empire Corporate
Kokaana Crimson Travel Holdings Kokaana Independent Corporate
Kokaangin Blue Natural & Co Kokaangin Empire Corporate
Kokaangin Patron's Principles Kokaangin Empire Patronage
Kokana Camorra Kokana Independent Anarchy
Kokap Jet Universal Corp. Kokap Empire Corporate
Kokara Galactic Exchange Kokara Independent Corporate
Kokara Liberals Kokara Federation Democracy
Kokarwang Defence Party Kokarwang Independent Dictatorship
Kokarwang Free Kokarwang Federation Democracy
Kokary Holdings Kokary Federation Corporate
Kokary Liberals Kokary Federation Democracy
Kokatese Crimson Galactic Dev Kokatese Independent Corporate
Kokipik Interstellar Kokipik Federation Corporate
Koknan Empire Party Koknan Empire Patronage
Koknan Gold Netcoms Interstellar Koknan Independent Corporate
Koko Conservatives Koko Empire Dictatorship
Koko Oh Crimson Cartel Koko Oh Independent Anarchy
Kokobi Jet Council Kokobi Independent Anarchy
Kokobididji Holdings Kokobididji Empire Corporate
Kokobii Empire League Kokobii Empire Patronage
Kokobii Empire Pact Kokobii Empire Patronage
Kokoi Universal Partners Kokoi Independent Corporate
Kokoimudji Crimson Travel Ind Kokoimudji Federation Corporate
Kokoja Corporation Kokoja Empire Corporate
Kokoja Labour Kokoja Independent Democracy
Kokojas Electronics Incorporated Ch'i Lingo Federation Corporate
Kokojas Electronics Incorporated Kokojas Federation Corporate
Kokojas Electronics Incorporated Medj He Federation Corporate
Kokojawa Advanced Interstellar Kokojawa Independent Corporate
Kokojawa Free Kokojawa Independent Democracy
Kokojawa Purple Pirates Kokojawa Independent Anarchy
Kokojelatia Inc Kokojelatia Independent Corporate
Kokojina Jet Federal Limited Changthini Federation Corporate
Kokojina Jet Federal Limited Kokojina Federation Corporate
Kokokomi & Co Kokokomi Independent Corporate
Kokokomi Progressive Party Kokokomi Federation Democracy
Kokoku Imperial Society Kokoku Empire Patronage
Kokoku Network Kokoku Empire Corporate
Kokoller Gold Council Kokoller Independent Anarchy
Kokoller Limited Kokoller Federation Corporate
Kokomi Alliance Kokomi Federation Confederacy
Kokomini People's Co-operative Kokomini Independent Cooperative
Kokomini Purple Dragons Kokomini Independent Anarchy
Kokomisii Blue Ring Kokomisii Independent Anarchy
Kokomisii Patrons of Law Kokomisii Empire Patronage
Kokonda Patron's Principles Kokonda Empire Patronage
Kokondii Nationals Kokondii Independent Dictatorship
Kokondii PLC Kokondii Independent Corporate
Kokondji Gold Advanced Ltd Kokondji Independent Corporate
Kokondji Jet Boys Kokondji Independent Anarchy
Kokong Hsin Empire Group Kokong Hsin Empire Patronage
Kokong Hsin Jet Brotherhood Kokong Hsin Independent Anarchy
Kokong Hsin Netcoms Industries Kokong Hsin Independent Corporate
Kokong Hsin Progressive Party Kokong Hsin Independent Democracy
Kokongyi Blue Society Kokongyi Independent Anarchy
Kokongyi Company Kokongyi Independent Corporate
Kokonjekodi Citizens' Forum Kokonjekodi Empire Patronage
Kokonjekodi Empire Pact Kokonjekodi Empire Patronage
Kokonjekodi Gold Public & Co Kokonjekodi Independent Corporate
Kokonjekodi Values Party Kokonjekodi Independent Democracy
Kokopatji Gold Fortune Exchange Kokopatji Empire Corporate
Kokopatji Jet Partnership Kokopatji Independent Anarchy
Kokopatji Organisation Kokopatji Independent Corporate
Kokosh Creative Company Kokosh Independent Corporate
Kokoto Party Kokoto Independent Dictatorship
Kokoto Republic Party Kokoto Federation Democracy
Kokowar Empire Group Kokowar Empire Patronage
Kokowar Empire Group Marowalan Empire Patronage
Kokowar Group Kokowar Independent Corporate
Kokowar Solutions Kokowar Independent Corporate
Kokowatsu Nobles Kokowatsu Empire Feudal
Kokyambi Inc Kokyambi Federation Corporate
Kokyambi Theocracy Kokyambi Independent Theocracy
Kol Gang Kol Independent Anarchy
Kolabiety Allied Limited Kolabiety Federation Corporate
Kolaga Conservatives Kolaga Independent Dictatorship
Kolaga Incorporated Kolaga Independent Corporate
Kolaga Republic Party Kolaga Federation Democracy
Kolandira Prison Colony Kolandira Independent Prison Colony
Kolanji Independents Kolanji Federation Democracy
Kolanji Order Kolanji Independent Dictatorship
Kolapa Jet Travel Partners Kolapa Independent Corporate
Koleti Guardians of Tradition Koleti Empire Patronage
Koleti Legal Ltd Koleti Independent Corporate
Koleti Purple Dynamic Co Koleti Independent Corporate
Kolewixil Travel Company Kolewixil Empire Corporate
Kolhou Wu Systems Kolhou Wu Empire Corporate
Kolhyni Silver Major Holdings Kolhyni Federation Corporate
Kolhyni Silver Major Holdings Nuites Federation Corporate
Kolhynichi United Kolhynichi Independent Cooperative
Koli Discii Democrats Koli Discii Federation Democracy
Koli Discii Silver Council Koli Discii Independent Anarchy
Kolibalita Coalition Kolibalita Federation Confederacy
Kolingo Empire Assembly Kolingo Empire Patronage
Kolitja Republic Party Kolitja Federation Democracy
Koljakinna Industry Koljakinna Independent Corporate
Koljankirna Gold Central & Co Koljankirna Federation Corporate
Koljankirna Law Party Koljankirna Independent Dictatorship
Kolyan Services Kolyan Independent Corporate
Kolyawa Jet Life Systems Kolyawa Federation Corporate
Komindjin Gold Central Systems Komindjin Federation Corporate
Komotae Resistance Komotae Federation Democracy
Komovoy Company Komovoy Independent Corporate
Komovoy Fortune Inc Dhathaarib Federation Corporate
Komovoy Fortune Inc Komovoy Federation Corporate
Komovoy Fortune Limited Pemoeri Federation Corporate
Konburo State Inc HIP 43760 Empire Corporate
Konburus Corporation Konburus Independent Corporate
Konburus Freedom Party Konburus Independent Dictatorship
Kondadora First Kondadora Independent Dictatorship
Kondareni Network Kondareni Empire Corporate
Kondonner Commodities Kondonner Independent Corporate
Kondonner Imperial Society Kondonner Empire Patronage
Kondoquit Comms Group Kondoquit Independent Corporate
Kondoquit Imperial Society Kondoquit Empire Patronage
Kondoquit State Commodities Kondoquit Independent Corporate
Kondoquit for Equality Kondoquit Independent Democracy
Kondriates Prison Colony Kondriates Independent Prison Colony
Kondrustem Crimson Raiders Kondrustem Independent Anarchy
Kondrustem Jet Life Limited Kondrustem Independent Corporate
Kondrustem Patron's Principles Kondrustem Empire Patronage
Konduwa Drug Empire Konduwa Independent Anarchy
Konduwa Limited Konduwa Federation Corporate
Konduwa Pro-Alliance Bond Konduwa Alliance Patronage
Koney Confederation Koney Federation Confederacy
Kong Dan Silver Electronics Kong Dan Empire Corporate
Kong Organisation Kong Independent Anarchy
Kong Tzu Blue Society Kong Tzu Independent Anarchy
Kong aristocrats Kong Independent Feudal
Kongan PLC Kongan Empire Corporate
Kongga Labour Kongga Federation Democracy
Konggal Systems Konggal Independent Corporate
Konggari Co Konggari Empire Corporate
Konggul Allied Konggul Independent Cooperative
Kongkhulym Revolutionary Party Kongkhulym Independent Communism
Kongkhulym Silver Central Co Kongkhulym Empire Corporate
Kongkomisso Bridge Co Kongkomisso Federation Corporate
Kongo Life Inc HIP 100379 Empire Corporate
Kongo Life Inc Kongo Empire Corporate
Kongwa Raiders Kongwa Independent Anarchy
Konohi company Konohi Independent Corporate
Konorubang Company Konorubang Independent Corporate
Konorubang Crimson Family Konorubang Independent Anarchy
Konoto Gold Federal Partners Konoto Independent Corporate
Konoto Imperial Society Konoto Empire Patronage
Konoto Resistance Konoto Independent Democracy
Kons Exchange Kons Independent Corporate
Konsaxa Jet Public Commodities Konsaxa Independent Corporate
Konsaxa Silver Comms Corporation Konsaxa Independent Corporate
Konsu Federal Holdings Konsu Federation Corporate
Konsu Rats Konsu Independent Anarchy
Kora Pin Free Kora Pin Federation Democracy
Kora Pin Jet Family Kora Pin Independent Anarchy
Koraga Corporation Koraga Federation Corporate
Korai Dominion Korai Independent Feudal
Koraik Dragons Koraik Independent Anarchy
Korazotz Galactic Inc Korazotz Federation Corporate
Koria Partners Koria Independent Corporate
Koria Spiritual Mission HIP 32364 Independent Theocracy
Koria Spiritual Mission Koria Independent Theocracy
Kormt Dynasty Kormt Independent Feudal
Kormt Gold Federal Corporation Kormt Independent Corporate
Kornephoros Flag Kornephoros Independent Dictatorship
Kornephoros Partnership Kornephoros Independent Anarchy
Korotep Ltd Korotep Independent Corporate
Korovii Defence Party Korovii Independent Dictatorship
Korovii Free Korovii Federation Democracy
Korovii Purple Comms Limited Korovii Federation Corporate
Korring Central Exchange Korring Alliance Corporate
Korubu Liberty Party Korubu Independent Dictatorship
Korubures Purple Public Holdings Korubures Empire Corporate
Korwei Crimson Federal Solutions Korwei Independent Corporate
Korwei Gold Energy Company Korwei Federation Corporate
Koryaks Independent Bridge Koryaks Independent Patronage
Koryaks Mafia Koryaks Independent Anarchy
Kosche Netcoms PLC Kosche Independent Corporate
Kosena Creative Network Kosena Independent Corporate
Koseno Citizens of Tradition Koseno Empire Patronage
Kosensi Purple Transport PLC Kosensi Independent Corporate
Kosha & Co Kosha Independent Corporate
Koshas Silver Comms PLC Koshas Empire Corporate
Koshe Partnership Koshe Federation Confederacy
Koskurna Gold Camorra Koskurna Independent Anarchy
Koskurna Partners Koskurna Independent Corporate
Koskurni Central Organisation Koskurni Empire Corporate
Kosraean Purple Deeds Ltd Kosraean Federation Corporate
Kosretia Imperial Society Kosretia Empire Patronage
Kosretia Major Network Kosretia Independent Corporate
Kota Thian Union Kota Thian Independent Communism
Kotait Jet Energy Systems Kotait Independent Corporate
Kotaition Silver Energy Inc Kotaition Federation Corporate
Kotandji Crimson Galactic Inc Kotandji Independent Corporate
Kotandji Nationalists Kotandji Empire Dictatorship
Kotandji Silver Raiders Kotandji Independent Anarchy
Kotien Union Party Kotien Independent Communism
Kotiga Values Party Kotiga Federation Democracy
Kotigeni Allied Industries Kotigeni Federation Corporate
Kotigeni Labour Kotigeni Independent Democracy
Kotilekui Allied Industry Kotilekui Federation Corporate
Kotilekui Blue Mafia Kotilekui Independent Anarchy
Kotilekui Freedom Party Kotilekui Independent Dictatorship
Kotilekui Jet Comms Corp. Kotilekui Federation Corporate
Kotilem Purple Legal Holdings Kotilem Empire Corporate
Kotiniez Silver State Comms Kotiniez Independent Corporate
Kou Hua Empire League Kou Hua Empire Patronage
Kou Hua Incorporated Kou Hua Empire Corporate
Kou Mantes Empire Assembly Kou Mantes Empire Patronage
Kou Zu Vision PLC Kou Zu Independent Corporate
Kovaci Guardians of Tradition Kovaci Empire Patronage
Kovaci Purple Life Co Kovaci Empire Corporate
Kovae Prison Colony Kovae Empire Prison Colony
Kovantani Flag Kovantani Independent Dictatorship
Kovantani Purple Energy Comms Kovantani Independent Corporate
Kovashco Domain Kovashco Independent Feudal
Kovashco Jet Travel Corp. Kovashco Empire Corporate
Koya Gu Solutions Koya Gu Empire Corporate
Koyans Creative Incorporated Koyans Empire Corporate
Koyans Empire League Koyans Empire Patronage
Kpannam Liberty Party Kpannam Independent Dictatorship
Kpannam Silver Crew Kpannam Independent Anarchy
Kpannam for Equality Kpannam Independent Democracy
Kpelidoog Co Kpelidoog Independent Corporate
Kpelidoog Empire Assembly Kpelidoog Empire Patronage
Kpelidoog Gold Camorra Kpelidoog Independent Anarchy
Kpelidoog Holdings Kpelidoog Empire Corporate
Kpon Jet Major Group Kpon Empire Corporate
Kpong Bridge Systems Kpong Empire Corporate
Kponiugo Constitution Party Kponiugo Independent Dictatorship
Krangwe & Co Krangwe Independent Corporate
Krangwe Democrats Krangwe Federation Democracy
Kratakak Group Kratakak Independent Corporate
Kratakak Noblement Kratakak Empire Feudal
Kratakak Purple Camorra Kratakak Independent Anarchy
Krataula State Incorporated Krataula Independent Corporate
Krataxo Empire Group Krataxo Empire Patronage
Kraua Coalition Kraua Federation Confederacy
Kraualm Prison Colony Kraualm Empire Prison Colony
Krauanan for Equality Krauanan Federation Democracy
Kraudji Allied Kraudji Independent Cooperative
Kraunaha Interstellar Kraunaha Federation Corporate
Kraung Public Corp. Kraung Empire Corporate
Kraurno Blue Brothers Kraurno Independent Anarchy
Kraz Jet Travel Co Kraz Federation Corporate
Kremainn Corp. Kremainn Federation Corporate
Kremata Defence Force Kremata Independent Dictatorship
Kremata Incorporated Kremata Federation Corporate
Kremavi Noblement Kremavi Independent Feudal
Kremovi Partners Kremovi Empire Corporate
Kremovi Patrons of Law Kremovi Empire Patronage
Kremovi Values Party Kremovi Independent Democracy
Krinayaka Justice Party Krinayaka Empire Dictatorship
Krinbea Corporation Krinbea Independent Corporate
Krinbea Imperial Society Krinbea Empire Patronage
Krinda First Krinda Independent Dictatorship
Krine Blue Transport PLC Krine Empire Corporate
Krinjmarini Crimson United Net Krinjmarini Independent Corporate
Krinu Transport Systems Krinu Empire Corporate
Krisha Exchange Krisha Independent Corporate
Krisha Systems Krisha Federation Corporate
Krist Defence Party Krist Independent Dictatorship
Krist Partners Krist Federation Corporate
Krist Posse Krist Independent Anarchy
Kriva Pirates Kriva Independent Anarchy
Krivasho Bridge Solutions Krivasho Federation Corporate
Krivasho Co-operative Krivasho Independent Cooperative
Krivi Dominion Krivi Independent Dictatorship
Krivi Dynamic Corporation Krivi Independent Corporate
Krivia Imperial Society Krivia Empire Patronage
Krivia Partners Krivia Independent Corporate
Krivisci Partners HIP 101760 Federation Corporate
Krivisci Partners Krivisci Federation Corporate
Krobrigae Gold Creative Systems Krobrigae Empire Corporate
Krobrigurra Citizens' Forum Krobrigurra Empire Patronage
Krobrigurra Group Krobrigurra Independent Corporate
Kruger 60 & Co Kruger 60 Federation Corporate
Kruger 60 Free Groombridge 34 Federation Democracy
Kruger 60 Free Kruger 60 Federation Democracy
Krumandaqu Crimson Cartel Krumandaqu Independent Anarchy
Krumine Blue Society Krumine Independent Anarchy
Kuan Gu Exchange Kuan Gu Empire Corporate
Kuan Ti Imperial Society Kuan Ti Empire Patronage
Kuan Ti Inc Kuan Ti Empire Corporate
Kuan Yin Labour Kuan Yin Independent Democracy
Kuan Yin Mob Kuan Yin Independent Anarchy
Kuanes Partners Kuanes Federation Corporate
Kuanes Resistance Kuanes Federation Democracy
Kuang Patron's Principles Kuang Empire Patronage
Kuanga Values Party Kuanga Federation Democracy
Kucub Hua Federal Industries Kucub Hua Federation Corporate
Kucumana Major Partners Kucumana Independent Corporate
Kucumana Republic Party Kucumana Federation Democracy
Kudi Inc Kudi Federation Corporate
Kudiyu Solutions Kudiyu Federation Corporate
Kugaitu Crew Kugaitu Independent Anarchy
Kugay Mafia Kugay Independent Anarchy
Kugaybaks Mafia Kugaybaks Independent Anarchy
Kui Xiani Flag Kui Xiani Independent Dictatorship
Kui Xiani Purple Netcoms Network Kui Xiani Federation Corporate
Kui Xiba Blue Allied Network Kui Xiba Alliance Corporate
Kui Xing & Co Ethere Federation Corporate
Kui Xing Blue Brotherhood Kui Xing Independent Anarchy
Kui Xing Democrats Kui Xing Independent Democracy
Kuk Jet Comms & Co Kuk Alliance Corporate
Kuk Silver Fortune Company Kuk Alliance Corporate
Kukas Patron's Principles Kukas Empire Patronage
Kukas Travel Exchange Kukas Independent Corporate
Kukula Services Kukula Independent Corporate
Kulaye Silver Electronics Org Kulaye Empire Corporate
Kulaye Silver Electronics Org Shi Yu Empire Corporate
Kulianminy Patron's Principles Kulianminy Empire Patronage
Kulici Guardians of Tradition Aditjari Empire Patronage
Kulici Guardians of Tradition Kulici Empire Patronage
Kulici Holdings Kulici Independent Corporate
Kuligans Future Kuligans Alliance Democracy
Kuligans General Inc Kuligans Independent Corporate
Kuligans Gold Major Inc Kuligans Alliance Corporate
Kuligans Party Kuligans Independent Dictatorship
Kulillechet League Kulillechet Independent Dictatorship
Kulingga Jet Mafia Kulingga Independent Anarchy
Kulingga Travel Incorporated Kulingga Independent Corporate
Kulinniya Crimson Central Inc Kulinniya Federation Corporate
Kulispeling Crimson Brothers Kulispeling Independent Anarchy
Kulkan Lung Blue Ring Kulkan Lung Independent Anarchy
Kulkan Lung Bureau Kulkan Lung Independent Dictatorship
Kulkan Lung Independents Kulkan Lung Federation Democracy
Kulkan Lung Industries Kulkan Lung Independent Corporate
Kulkan Lung Public Organisation Kulkan Lung Independent Corporate
Kultultuls Silver Clan Kultultuls Independent Anarchy
Kulungan Liberty Party Kulungan Independent Dictatorship
Kulungan Systems Kulungan Independent Corporate
Kuluujja Freedom Party Kuluujja Independent Dictatorship
Kuluujja Labour Kuluujja Federation Democracy
Kuluujja Ring Kuluujja Independent Anarchy
Kuma Dynamic Co Kuma Independent Corporate
Kuma Silver Galactic Services Kuma Independent Corporate
Kumal Partners Kumal Empire Corporate
Kumana Gold Transport Co Kumana Federation Corporate
Kumata Purple Comms & Co Kumata Independent Corporate
Kumbardin General Holdings Kumbardin Empire Corporate
Kumbia Labour Kumbia Federation Democracy
Kumbou First Kumbou Empire Dictatorship
Kumbou Vision Systems Kumbou Empire Corporate
Kume Co-op Kume Independent Cooperative
Kume Gold Fortune Interstellar Kume Independent Corporate
Kumite Cartel BD-04 797 Independent Feudal
Kumod Galactic Industries Kumod Empire Corporate
Kumokum Independent Protectorate Kumokum Independent Patronage
Kumui Legal Network Kumui Empire Corporate
Kun Ltd Kun Federation Corporate
Kunab Crimson State Incorporated Kunab Independent Corporate
Kunab Future Kunab Federation Democracy
Kunabi Nationalists Kunabi Independent Dictatorship
Kunabi Progressive Party Kunabi Federation Democracy
Kunaheo Co Kunaheo Independent Corporate
Kunaheo Revolutionary Party Kunaheo Independent Communism
Kunahpu Organisation Kunahpu Federation Corporate
Kunahpu Organisation Loha Federation Corporate
Kunapa Natural Co Kunapa Empire Corporate
Kunbudj Ltd Kunbudj Independent Corporate
Kunbuluan Company Kunbuluan Federation Corporate
Kunbuluan Crimson Crew Kunbuluan Independent Anarchy
Kunbure Dragons Kunbure Independent Anarchy
Kunbure Ltd Kunbure Empire Corporate
Kunda & Co Kunda Empire Corporate
Kundalini Justice Party Kundalini Empire Dictatorship
Kundinke Industries Kundinke Independent Corporate
Kundjabozo Prison Colony Kundjabozo Independent Prison Colony
Kundjiban Dominion Kundjiban Independent Dictatorship
Kundjiban Regulatory State Kundjiban Empire Dictatorship
Kung Mu Creative PLC Kung Mu Independent Corporate
Kung Mu Crimson Electronics Net Kung Mu Independent Corporate
Kung Mu Partnership Kung Mu Independent Anarchy
Kung Mu Progressive Party Kung Mu Federation Democracy
Kung Te Bureau Kung Te Independent Dictatorship
Kung Te Holdings Kung Te Federation Corporate
Kung Te Partners Kung Te Federation Corporate
Kung Te Regulatory State Kung Te Independent Dictatorship
Kunga Silver Council Kunga Independent Anarchy
Kunga for Equality Kunga Federation Democracy
Kungadutji Advanced Services Kungadutji Federation Corporate
Kungadutji Movement Kungadutji Independent Dictatorship
Kungantju Focus Kungantju Independent Dictatorship
Kungati Alliance Kungati Independent Confederacy
Kunggalerni Gold Gang Kunggalerni Independent Anarchy
Kunggari Limited Kunggari Independent Corporate
Kunggari Organisation Kunggari Independent Anarchy
Kunggua Republic Party Kunggua Federation Democracy
Kunggul Ltd Kunggul Federation Corporate
Kungkalenja Hand Gang Kungkalenja Independent Anarchy
Kungkalenja League Kungkalenja Federation Confederacy
Kungkalis Network Kungkalis Empire Corporate
Kungkalis Revolutionary Party Kungkalis Independent Communism
Kungo Blue Hand Gang Kungo Independent Anarchy
Kungo Crimson Bridge & Co Kungo Independent Corporate
Kungo Free Kungo Alliance Democracy
Kungulmas Partnership Kungulmas Independent Confederacy
Kungun Empire Party Kungun Empire Patronage
Kungun Purple Syndicate Kungun Independent Anarchy
Kungun Universal Corporation Kungun Empire Corporate
Kungurutii Gold Power Org Kungurutii Federation Corporate
Kungurutii Gold Power Org LTT 17868 Federation Corporate
Kunie Empire Party Kunie Empire Patronage
Kunjak Democrats Kunjak Independent Democracy
Kunjak Dominion Kunjak Independent Dictatorship
Kunta Clan Kunta Independent Anarchy
Kunta Comms Holdings Kunta Independent Corporate
Kunta League Kunta Federation Confederacy
Kuntae Crimson Advanced Ind Kuntae Independent Corporate
Kuntae Jet Organisation Kuntae Independent Anarchy
Kuntae Travel Group Kuntae Federation Corporate
Kunti Central Limited Kunti Empire Corporate
Kunuvii Pro-Independent Union Kunuvii Independent Patronage
Kuo Ti Defence Force Kuo Ti Independent Dictatorship
Kuo Zhi Monarchy Kuo Zhi Independent Feudal
Kuo Zhi Partnership Kuo Zhi Federation Confederacy
Kupala General Commodities Kupala Federation Corporate
Kupalon Hua Travel Co Kupalon Hua Independent Corporate
Kupan Empire Group Kupan Empire Patronage
Kupan Silver Electronics Ind Kupan Independent Corporate
Kupana Bridge Group Kupana Independent Corporate
Kuparilda Empire Consulate Kuparilda Empire Patronage
Kupol Bumba Alliance Kupol Bumba Federation Confederacy
Kupol Vuh Corp. Kupol Vuh Independent Corporate
Kupol Vuh Crimson Dragons Kupol Vuh Independent Anarchy
Kupole Incorporated Kupole Empire Corporate
Kupoledari Galactic Holdings Kupoledari Independent Corporate
Kupoli Fortune Limited Kupoli Federation Corporate
Kured Empire Assembly Kured Empire Patronage
Kured Empire Group Dharasir Empire Patronage
Kured Empire Group Kured Empire Patronage
Kureinji Citizens' Forum Kureinji Empire Patronage
Kureserians Citizen's Party Kureserians Empire Patronage
Kureserians Gold Netcoms Ltd Kureserians Independent Corporate
Kuri Hsing Blue Camorra Kuri Hsing Independent Anarchy
Kuri Hsing Corporation Kuri Hsing Federation Corporate
Kurians Travel Commodities Kurians Empire Corporate
Kurichchan Coalition Kurichchan Independent Confederacy
Kurichchan Electronics Company Kurichchan Independent Corporate
Kurichime Blue Creative PLC Kurichime Empire Corporate
Kurichime Patron's Principles Kurichime Empire Patronage
Kuridwen Blue Dragons Kuridwen Independent Anarchy
Kuridwen Free Kuridwen Federation Democracy
Kurigosages Crimson Power Inc Kurigosages Independent Corporate
Kurine Company Kurine Empire Corporate
Kurine Dynasty Kurine Independent Feudal
Kuring Blue Legal Industries Kuring Federation Corporate
Kuringgai Blue Major Corporation Kuringgai Independent Corporate
Kuringgai Industries Kuringgai Independent Corporate
Kurite Blue Energy Inc Kurite Empire Corporate
Kurma Interstellar Kurma Empire Corporate
Kurmodiae United Co Kurmodiae Independent Corporate
Kurna Crimson Fortune Limited Kurna Independent Corporate
Kurna Imperial Society Kurna Empire Patronage
Kurnai Focus Kurnai Independent Dictatorship
Kurrae Empire Party Kurrae Empire Patronage
Kurrae Limited Kurrae Independent Corporate
Kurrae Pirates Kurrae Independent Anarchy
Kurrae State & Co Kurrae Empire Corporate
Kurrama Commodities Kurrama Federation Corporate
Kurrama Crimson Raiders Kurrama Independent Anarchy
Kurrigurr Interstellar Kurrigurr Independent Corporate
Kurrigurr Values Party Kurrigurr Federation Democracy
Kuru Jet Transport Commodities Kuru Federation Corporate
Kuruacani Pirates Kuruacani Independent Anarchy
Kuruages Republic Party Kuruages Federation Democracy
Kurughnaye Holdings Kurughnaye Independent Corporate
Kurughnaye Independents Kurughnaye Federation Democracy
Kurughnaye Major Company Kurughnaye Independent Corporate
Kurughnaye Nationals Kurughnaye Independent Dictatorship
Kurui Gubi Union Party Kurui Gubi Independent Communism
Kurui Xee Natural Limited Kurui Xee Independent Corporate
Kuruidones Blue Camorra Kuruidones Independent Anarchy
Kurukana Life Network Kurukana Federation Corporate
Kurukana Purple Brothers Kurukana Independent Anarchy
Kuruma Family Kuruma Independent Anarchy
Kurumanit Confederacy Kurumanit Independent Confederacy
Kurumian Collective Kurumian Independent Cooperative
Kurung Transport Commodities Kurung Independent Corporate
Kurungagetu Bridge Industries Kurungagetu Independent Corporate
Kurungagetu Industry Kurungagetu Independent Corporate
Kurungagetu Values Party Kurungagetu Federation Democracy
Kurunggua Jet Life Interstellar Kurunggua Empire Corporate
Kurunmatay Co Kurunmatay Independent Corporate
Kurunmatay Imperial Society Kurunmatay Empire Patronage
Kurunti Co-operative Kurunti Independent Cooperative
Kurunti Exchange Kurunti Federation Corporate
Kurutas Interstellar Kurutas Federation Corporate
Kusang Corp. Kusang Independent Corporate
Kusang Front Kusang Empire Dictatorship
Kusang Future Kusang Independent Democracy
Kusat Dynamic Industries Kusat Independent Corporate
Kusat Gold Partnership Kusat Independent Anarchy
Kusauts Coalition Kusauts Federation Confederacy
Kusha Freedom Party Kusha Independent Dictatorship
Kusha Gang Kusha Independent Anarchy
Kusha Progressive Party Kusha Federation Democracy
Kushambo Blue Allied Industries Kushambo Empire Corporate
Kute Central Holdings Kute Empire Corporate
Kutenis Jet Council Kutenis Independent Anarchy
Kutenis Purple Fortune Comms Kutenis Independent Dictatorship
Kutenis United Exchange Kutenis Independent Corporate
Kutja Incorporated Kutja Independent Corporate
Kutja Silver Drug Empire Kutja Independent Anarchy
Kutjalangai Dynamic Industry Kutjalangai Empire Corporate
Kutjalangai Patron's Principles Kutjalangai Empire Patronage
Kutjalkini Gold Transport Group Kutjalkini Empire Corporate
Kutjang Ring Kutjang Independent Anarchy
Kutjang Silver Life Services Kutjang Independent Corporate
Kutjara United PLC Kutjara Empire Corporate
Kutjarasvat Crimson Power Serv Gletichua Federation Corporate
Kutjarasvat Crimson Power Serv Kutjarasvat Federation Corporate
Kutjaricori Nobles Kutjaricori Independent Feudal
Kutjaricori Resistance Kutjaricori Federation Democracy
Kutjini Blue Partnership Kutjini Independent Anarchy
Kutkha Crimson Bridge Org Kutkha Federation Corporate
Kutkha Federal Interstellar Kutkha Independent Corporate
Kutkha Free Kutkha Federation Democracy
Kutkhab Industries Kutkhab Independent Corporate
Kutkinungs Empire Group Kutkinungs Empire Patronage
Kutkinungs Republic Party Kutkinungs Independent Democracy
Kutkinungs Silver Public Int Kutkinungs Independent Corporate
Kutnahin Crimson Travel Network Kutnahin Empire Corporate
Kutnigin Bureau Caereda Empire Dictatorship
Kutnigin Bureau Kutnigin Empire Dictatorship
Kutnigin Network Kutnigin Independent Corporate
Kuukese Autocracy Kuukese Independent Dictatorship
Kuung Wa Silver Allied Comms Kuung Wa Independent Corporate
Kuwair Organisation Kuwair Independent Anarchy
Kuwair Systems Kuwair Independent Corporate
Kuwan Slavs aristocrats Kuwan Slavs Independent Feudal
Kuwema Freedom Party Kuwema Independent Dictatorship
Kuwema Holdings Kuwema Independent Corporate
Kuwemaki Systems Kuwemaki Empire Corporate
Kuwemarai Posse Kuwemarai Independent Anarchy
Kuwemargl Patrons of Law Kuwemargl Empire Patronage
Kuwemargl Patrons of Law Ngadakhis Empire Patronage
Kuwemargl Silver Clan Kuwemargl Independent Anarchy
Kuwemasil Gold Natural Limited Kuwemasil Independent Corporate
Kuwembaa Dominion Kuwembaa Independent Dictatorship
Kuwembaa Energy Partners Kuwembaa Independent Corporate
Kuwembanda Jet Netcoms Co Kuwembanda Independent Corporate
Kuwembanda Netcoms Holdings Kuwembanda Independent Corporate
Kuwembe Citizen Party Kuwembe Independent Communism
Kuwembe Independent Bridge Kuwembe Independent Patronage
Kuyu Organisation Kuyu Empire Corporate
Kvash Liberty Party Kvash Independent Dictatorship
Kvashirua First Kvashirua Independent Dictatorship
Kvashirua Purple Council Kvashirua Independent Anarchy
Kvashodi Bridge Industry Kvashodi Empire Corporate
Kvenland Domain Kvenland Independent Feudal
Kwakimo Gold Brotherhood Kwakimo Independent Anarchy
Kwakinne Crimson Council Kwakinne Independent Anarchy
Kwakiutl General Exchange Kwakiutl Independent Corporate
Kwakiutl Independent League Kwakiutl Independent Patronage
Kwakwakwal Resistance Kwakwakwal Federation Democracy
Kwamindjara Imperial Society Kwamindjara Empire Patronage
Kwamindjara Liberty Party Kwamindjara Independent Dictatorship
Kwamindjara Purple Electronics Kwamindjara Empire Corporate
Kwangatjali Gold Public & Co Kwangatjali Independent Corporate
Kwangatjali Revolutionary Party Kwangatjali Independent Communism
Kwangwutii Bureau Kwangwutii Independent Dictatorship
Kwangwutii Inc Kwangwutii Federation Corporate
Kwanteru Gold Legal Exchange Kwanteru Federation Corporate
Kwanteru Purple Mob Kwanteru Independent Anarchy
Kwarandji Comms Industries Kwarandji Empire Corporate
Kwaraseti Labour Kwaraseti Federation Democracy
Kwaritreni Creative Industries Kwaritreni Independent Corporate
Kwaritreni Defence Party Kwaritreni Independent Dictatorship
Kwatee Blue Syndicate Kwatee Independent Anarchy
Kwatee Union Kwatee Independent Communism
Kwati Gold Clan Kwati Independent Anarchy
Kwati Group Kwati Empire Corporate
Kwati One Kwati Independent Cooperative
Kwatiles Purple Electronics Ind Kwatiles Independent Corporate
Kwatkwala Hand Gang Kwatkwala Independent Anarchy
Kwatsu Mob Kwatsu Independent Anarchy
Kwattrages Brotherhood Kwattrages Independent Anarchy
Kwattrages Labour Kwattrages Federation Democracy
Kwatyriel Crimson Electronics Kwatyriel Independent Corporate
Kwatyriel People's Co-operative Kwatyriel Independent Cooperative
Kwazahui Future Kwazahui Federation Democracy
Kwazahui Future Timbalderis Federation Democracy
Kwazahui Major Corp. Kwazahui Independent Corporate
Kwekwaki Cartel Kwekwaki Independent Anarchy
Kwekwaki Galactic Group Kwekwaki Independent Corporate
Kwele Citizen Party Kwele Independent Communism
Kwele Crimson Gang Kwele Independent Anarchy
Kwele Netcoms Systems Kwele Independent Corporate
Kwelegera Citizens of Tradition Kwelegera Empire Patronage
Kwelegera Purple Natural Ind Kwelegera Empire Corporate
Kwelegera Society Kwelegera Independent Anarchy
Kwelenii Central Partners Kwelenii Empire Corporate
Kwelenii Citizens' Forum Kwelenii Empire Patronage
Kwelenii Syndicate Kwelenii Independent Anarchy
Kwelepita Silver Gang Kwelepita Independent Anarchy
Kwelepita for Equality Kwelepita Independent Democracy
Kweleutahe Corporation Kweleutahe Independent Corporate
Kweleutahe Hand Gang Kweleutahe Independent Anarchy
Kweleutahe Labour Kweleutahe Independent Democracy
Kweleutahe Republic Party Kweleutahe Federation Democracy
Kweleutahe Transport Industries Kweleutahe Independent Corporate
Kwer Gold Partnership Kwer Independent Anarchy
Kwer Holdings Kwer Federation Corporate
Kweretiansa Coordinated Kweretiansa Independent Cooperative
Kwiambe Empire Assembly Kwiambe Empire Patronage
Kwiambilara First Kwiambilara Independent Dictatorship
Kwiambilara Major Co Kwiambilara Empire Corporate
Kwiambilara Patrons of Law Kwiambilara Empire Patronage
Kwiambilara Silver Gang Kwiambilara Independent Anarchy
Kwiambojawa Indie League Kwiambojawa Independent Patronage
Kwiamong Jet Life Services Kwiamong Independent Corporate
Kwiamong Jet Universal Exchange Kwiamong Independent Corporate
Kwiamoni Constitution Party Kwiamoni Independent Dictatorship
Kwiamoni Purple Pirates Kwiamoni Independent Anarchy
Kwikumat Purple Dynamic Ltd Kwikumat Empire Corporate
Kwin Society Kwin Independent Anarchy
Ky Lin Bridge Commodities Ky Lin Independent Corporate
Ky Lin Co-operative Ky Lin Independent Cooperative
Kyamatae Boys Kyamatae Independent Anarchy
Kyamatae Solutions Kyamatae Federation Corporate

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