This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char M. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
M Hydrae Holdings M Hydrae Independent Corporate
MCC 296 Corp. MCC 296 Independent Corporate
MCC 296 Nationals MCC 296 Alliance Dictatorship
MCC 378 Republic Party MCC 378 Independent Democracy
MCC 378 Vision Incorporated MCC 378 Federation Corporate
MCC 445 Blue Syndicate MCC 445 Independent Anarchy
MCC 445 Corporation MCC 445 Independent Corporate
MCC 445 Services MCC 445 Independent Corporate
MCC 460 Jet Brotherhood MCC 460 Independent Anarchy
MCC 460 Jet Creative Systems MCC 460 Federation Corporate
MCC 460 Solutions MCC 460 Independent Corporate
MCC 467 Universal Inc MCC 467 Federation Corporate
MCC 549 Purple General Comms MCC 549 Federation Corporate
MCC 561 Coordinated MCC 561 Independent Cooperative
MCC 572 Labour MCC 572 Federation Democracy
MCC 572 Universal Incorporated MCC 572 Independent Corporate
MCC 613 Cartel MCC 613 Independent Anarchy
MCC 613 Central Corporation MCC 613 Federation Corporate
MCC 684 Incorporated MCC 684 Federation Corporate
MCC 686 Alliance League MCC 686 Alliance Patronage
MCC 686 General Network MCC 686 Alliance Corporate
MCC 686 Labour MCC 686 Independent Democracy
MCC 741 First MCC 741 Independent Dictatorship
MCC 818 Crimson Dynamic Corp MCC 818 Independent Corporate
MCC 858 Organisation MCC 858 Federation Corporate
MCC 868 Netcoms Services MCC 868 Independent Corporate
MCC 868 Party MCC 868 Independent Dictatorship
MCC 872 Gold Comms Services MCC 872 Independent Corporate
MS Draconis Constitution Party MS Draconis Independent Dictatorship
MT Pegasi Alliance MT Pegasi Federation Confederacy
MV Virginis League MV Virginis Federation Confederacy
MV Virginis Public Partners MV Virginis Federation Corporate
MY Apodis Legal Network Chelidones Empire Corporate
MY Apodis Legal Network MY Apodis Empire Corporate
MY Apodis Legal Network Tsetsegei Empire Corporate
MY Apodis Legal Network Yenada Empire Corporate
MZ Ursae Majoris Defence Force MZ Ursae Majoris Alliance Dictatorship
MZ Ursae Majoris Defence Force Patrudihe Alliance Dictatorship
MZ Ursae Majoris Jet United Org MZ Ursae Majoris Alliance Corporate
Ma'apocas Commodities Ma'apocas Independent Corporate
Ma'apocas Future Ma'apocas Federation Democracy
Maasates Imperial Society Maasates Empire Patronage
Maausk Citizens of Tradition Maausk Empire Patronage
Maausk Emperor's Grace Maausk Empire Patronage
Maausk Mastopolos Mining Inc Maausk Empire Corporate
Mabe Company Mabe Independent Corporate
Mabe Incorporated Mabe Federation Corporate
Mabon Crimson Fortune Group Mabon Independent Corporate
Mabon Patron's Principles Mabon Empire Patronage
Mac Cha Republic Party Mac Cha Independent Democracy
Mac Cimi Co Mac Cimi Independent Corporate
Mac Cimi Corporation Mac Cimi Federation Corporate
Mac Cimi Crimson Boys Mac Cimi Independent Anarchy
Mac Cimi Free Mac Cimi Independent Democracy
Mac Mari aristocrats Mac Mari Independent Feudal
Mac Moti Crimson Syndicate Mac Moti Independent Anarchy
Mac Moti Gold Energy Partners Mac Moti Empire Corporate
Mac Og Liberals Mac Og Federation Democracy
Maca Network Maca Federation Corporate
Macabi Solutions Macabi Federation Corporate
Macabika Domain Macabika Empire Feudal
Macabs Crimson Vision Int Macabs Independent Corporate
Macame Gang Macame Independent Anarchy
Macat as one Macat Independent Cooperative
Machadan Alliance Machadan Independent Confederacy
Machadan Bureau Machadan Independent Dictatorship
Machaquiaba Imperial Society Machaquiaba Empire Patronage
Machatkwa Guardians of Tradition Machatkwa Empire Patronage
Machatkwa Inc Machatkwa Independent Corporate
Machi United Machi Alliance Cooperative
Machigga Inc Machigga Independent Corporate
Machola Empire Party Buluujja Empire Patronage
Machola Empire Party Machola Empire Patronage
Machola Gold Galactic Systems Machola Independent Corporate
Macoc Services Macoc Empire Corporate
Macoceleuta Resistance Macoceleuta Federation Democracy
Macoceleuta Travel Ltd Macoceleuta Federation Corporate
Macu Ku Emperor's Grace Macu Ku Empire Patronage
Macu Kuang Advanced Group Macu Kuang Independent Corporate
Macu Kuang Gold Advanced Comms Macu Kuang Federation Corporate
Macua Independent Union Macua Independent Patronage
Macuano Advanced Network Luma Empire Corporate
Macuano Advanced Network Macuano Empire Corporate
Macuayan Empire Party Macuayan Empire Patronage
Macuayan Empire Society Ch'unchuan Empire Patronage
Macuayan Empire Society HIP 101806 Empire Patronage
Macuayan Empire Society Macuayan Empire Patronage
Macushi Jet Clan Macushi Independent Anarchy
Madimo Crimson Vision Industries Madimo Independent Corporate
Madngela Patron's Principles Madngela Empire Patronage
Madngela Patron's Principles Yu Hsinda Empire Patronage
Madngela Purple Comms Ltd Madngela Empire Corporate
Madngenses Blue Netcoms Holdings Madngenses Independent Corporate
Madngeri Gold Raiders Madngeri Independent Anarchy
Madngeri Natural Corp. Madngeri Independent Corporate
Madngernobo Public Interstellar Madngernobo Independent Corporate
Mado Domain Mado Independent Feudal
Mado Raiders Mado Independent Anarchy
Madon Left Party Madon Independent Communism
Madri Company Madri Empire Corporate
Madutja Independents Madutja Independent Democracy
Madutja Regulatory State Madutja Independent Dictatorship
Madyanitou Confederacy Madyanitou Federation Confederacy
Madyanmana Electronics Corp. Madyanmana Independent Corporate
Maeve Family Maeve Independent Anarchy
Maeve Noblement Maeve Independent Feudal
Maevella Blue Partnership Maevella Independent Anarchy
Maevella Ltd Maevella Independent Corporate
Mafdeta Network Mafdeta Independent Corporate
Mafdeta for Equality Mafdeta Independent Democracy
Mafdetela Collective Mafdetela Independent Cooperative
Mafia of 19 Aquilae 19 Aquilae Independent Anarchy
Mafia of 38 Leonis Minoris 38 Leonis Minoris Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Ahaut Ahaut Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Antevorta Antevorta Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Anuron Anuron Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Anuron Oeng Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Bikeggirina Bikeggirina Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Carnaur Carnaur Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Cemplangpa Cemplangpa Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Chacobog Chacobog Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Corioru Corioru Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Dagutii Dagutii Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Ekono Ekono Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Fall Fall Independent Anarchy
Mafia of G 107-65 G 107-65 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Gauluujja Gauluujja Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Gliese 9106 Gliese 9106 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HIP 113812 HIP 113812 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HIP 113858 HIP 113858 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HIP 113948 HIP 113948 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HIP 18534 HIP 18534 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HIP 22150 HIP 22150 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HIP 53719 HIP 53685 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HIP 53719 HIP 53719 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HIP 6949 HIP 6949 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HIP 85064 HIP 85064 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HR 4749 HR 4749 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HR 6067 HR 6067 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of HR 6767 HR 6767 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Herete Herete Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Hiralangi Hiralangi Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Hou Mayo Hou Mayo Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Hsie Hsie Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Ix Ching Ix Ching Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Ixcateshai Ixcateshai Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Khuzwan Zu Khuzwan Zu Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Korwali Korwali Independent Anarchy
Mafia of LHS 1507 LHS 1507 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of LTT 1678 LTT 1678 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of LTT 4497 LTT 4497 Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Macu Kop Macu Kop Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Merti Merti Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Mirdhr Mirdhr Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Odinja Odinja Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Onil Onil Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Orishanh Orishanh Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Rianik Rianik Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Satvas Satvas Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Scythians Scythians Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Segobo Segobo Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Sesur Sesur Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Sofagre Sofagre Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Tamanaco Tamanaco Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Tastis Tastis Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Thrite Thrite Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Volkhabe Volkhabe Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Vota Vota Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Wodiaei Wodiaei Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Yuggerians Yuggerians Independent Anarchy
Mafia of Yum Cruang Yum Cruang Independent Anarchy
Mafthrudii League Mafthrudii Empire Dictatorship
Mafthruthin Freedom Party Mafthruthin Independent Dictatorship
Mafthruthin Group Mafthruthin Independent Corporate
Mafthruthin Law Party Mafthruthin Independent Dictatorship
Magaitaka Commodities Magaitaka Independent Corporate
Magaitaka Crimson Boys Magaitaka Independent Anarchy
Magali Blue Raiders Magali Independent Anarchy
Magali Jet Creative Limited Magali Independent Corporate
Magari Travel Exchange Magari Independent Corporate
Magec Clan Magec Independent Anarchy
Maghiri Commodities Maghiri Empire Corporate
Maghiri Domain Maghiri Independent Feudal
Maghirvii Vision Interstellar Maghirvii Federation Corporate
Magn Allied Interstellar Magn Empire Corporate
Magn Gold Brothers Magn Independent Anarchy
Mahadshu aristocrats Mahadshu Independent Feudal
Mahaes Blue Gang Mahaes Independent Anarchy
Mahaes Solutions Mahaes Independent Corporate
Mahamanpa Gold Travel & Co Mahamanpa Independent Corporate
Mahamanpa Labour Mahamanpa Federation Democracy
Mahar Company Mahar Empire Corporate
Mahara Solutions Mahara Alliance Corporate
Mahari Comms Systems Mahari Independent Corporate
Mahari Jet Energy Group Mahari Federation Corporate
Mahatrents Dragons Mahatrents Independent Anarchy
Mahau Empire Assembly Mahau Empire Patronage
Mahau State Co Mahau Empire Corporate
Mahei Travel Holdings Mahei Empire Corporate
Maheim Allied Maheim Independent Cooperative
Maheim Company Maheim Federation Corporate
Mahene Silver Family Mahene Independent Anarchy
Maheo Alliance Maheo Federation Confederacy
Maheon Empire Assembly Maheon Empire Patronage
Maheon Energy Industry Maheon Empire Corporate
Maheou Ti Exchange Maheou Ti Federation Corporate
Maheou Ti Universal Network Maheou Ti Independent Corporate
Mahia Patron's Principles Mahia Empire Patronage
Mahibitou Industry Mahibitou Federation Corporate
Mahiko Creative Corporation Mahiko Federation Corporate
Mahiko Dynasty Mahiko Independent Feudal
Mahin Partners Mahin Empire Corporate
Mahlanja Corp. Mahlanja Independent Corporate
Mahomawi Industries Mahomawi Federation Corporate
Maiadiwobog Citizen's Party Maiadiwobog Empire Patronage
Maiadiwobog Limited Maiadiwobog Independent Corporate
Maid Ollanque Systems Maid Ollanque Empire Corporate
Maidareldi Gold Life Industry Maidareldi Federation Corporate
Maidareldi Rats Maidareldi Independent Anarchy
Maiden Dynamic Network Maiden Independent Corporate
Maiden Guardians of Tradition Maiden Empire Patronage
Maidenwites Empire Party Maidenwites Empire Patronage
Maidjigak Organisation Maidjigak Independent Anarchy
Maidjin Partners Maidjin Empire Corporate
Maidubii PLC Maidubii Federation Corporate
Maiducane Collective Maiducane Independent Cooperative
Maiducane Commodities Maiducane Empire Corporate
Maijuhaca Jet Ring Maijuhaca Independent Anarchy
Maiki Galactic Industry Maiki Independent Corporate
Maiki Imperial Society Maiki Empire Patronage
Maiki Silver Mafia Maiki Independent Anarchy
Maiki Transport PLC Maiki Empire Corporate
Maikpod Values Party Maikpod Independent Democracy
Maiku Emperor's Grace Maiku Empire Patronage
Main Purple Legal Ltd Main Federation Corporate
Mainani Empire Party Mainani Empire Patronage
Maipaera Crew Maipaera Independent Anarchy
Maipaera Systems Maipaera Independent Corporate
Maipuna Interstellar Maipuna Independent Corporate
Maitha State Interstellar Maitha Federation Corporate
Maityan Constitution Party Maityan Empire Dictatorship
Maityan Nationalists Maityan Empire Dictatorship
Majhia Silver Public Systems Majhia Independent Corporate
Majhiat Constitution Party Majhiat Independent Dictatorship
Majhiat Corporation Majhiat Independent Corporate
Majhiat Democrats Majhiat Federation Democracy
Majhiat Interstellar Majhiat Independent Corporate
Majhwala Crimson Creative Sysy Majhwala Independent Corporate
Majhwar Life Exchange Majhwar Independent Corporate
Majhwar Organisation Majhwar Federation Corporate
Maka Purple State Industries Maka Federation Corporate
Maka Silver Pirates Maka Independent Anarchy
Makah Silver Fortune Inc Makah Federation Corporate
Makaneane & Co Makaneane Federation Corporate
Makaneane Hand Gang Makaneane Independent Anarchy
Makaneane Labour Makaneane Independent Democracy
Makasing Yi Front Makasing Yi Independent Dictatorship
Makasing Yi Liberals Makasing Yi Independent Democracy
Makasing Yi Netcoms Exchange Makasing Yi Independent Corporate
Makasing Yi Purple Partnership Makasing Yi Independent Anarchy
Makau Citizens of Tradition Makau Empire Patronage
Makau Purple Council Makau Independent Anarchy
Maker Empire League Maker Empire Patronage
Maker PLC Maker Independent Corporate
Mako Citizens' Forum Paiyu Empire Patronage
Mako Universal Corp. Mako Independent Corporate
Makota & Co Makota Independent Corporate
Makota Silver Vision Int Makota Independent Corporate
Makotamona aristocrats Makotamona Independent Feudal
Makulcaei Empire Party Makulcaei Empire Patronage
Makulu Conservatives Makulu Independent Dictatorship
Makulu Crimson Central & Co Makulu Federation Corporate
Makulu Democrats Makulu Federation Democracy
Makulu Gold Central Industries Makulu Independent Corporate
Makulu Party Makulu Independent Dictatorship
Makuluk Posse Makuluk Independent Anarchy
Makum Defence Force Makum Independent Dictatorship
Makum Silver Gang Makum Independent Anarchy
Makum Solutions Makum Independent Corporate
Makum for Equality Makum Independent Democracy
Makurboda Industries Caillapit Federation Corporate
Makurboda Industries Makurboda Federation Corporate
Makurboda Silver Boys Makurboda Independent Anarchy
Mal Yarr Noblement Mal Yarr Empire Feudal
Mal Ye Holdings Mal Ye Empire Corporate
Malae Exchange Malae Independent Corporate
Malae Partnership Malae Independent Anarchy
Malaikudi Regulatory State Malaikudi Empire Dictatorship
Malaji Interstellar Malaji Independent Corporate
Malaji Progressive Party Malaji Federation Democracy
Malak Malak Corp. Malak Malak Independent Corporate
Malak Malak Jet Universal Ltd Malak Malak Empire Corporate
Malaku Commodities Malaku Independent Corporate
Malaku Monarchy Malaku Independent Feudal
Malali Blue Allied Services Malali Independent Corporate
Malamal Central Co Malamal Empire Corporate
Malaman Group Malaman Independent Corporate
Malanges Movement Malanges Independent Dictatorship
Malangga Electronics Services Malangga Federation Corporate
Malangga Union Malangga Independent Communism
Malannher Holdings Malannher Federation Corporate
Malannher Republic Party Malannher Federation Democracy
Malanquiya Coordinated Malanquiya Independent Cooperative
Malanquiya Dominion Malanquiya Independent Feudal
Malapa Jet Power Industries Malapa Empire Corporate
Malarhones Organisation Malarhones Empire Corporate
Malarhones Patron's Principles Malarhones Empire Patronage
Malarni Domain Malarni Independent Feudal
Malaroecavi Guardians Malaroecavi Empire Patronage
Malaroecavi Silver Power Ind Malaroecavi Empire Corporate
Malean Netcoms Holdings Malean Federation Corporate
Maleku League Virseku Federation Confederacy
Malgal Travel Holdings Malgal Federation Corporate
Malgar Creative Corp. Kukuan Empire Corporate
Malgar Creative Corp. Malgar Empire Corporate
Malgariji Blue Dynamic Industry Malgariji Independent Corporate
Mali Crimson Crew Mali Independent Anarchy
Mali Crimson Power Services Mali Federation Corporate
Malibata Purple Bridge Comms Malibata Empire Corporate
Malina Gold Major Industries Malina Federation Corporate
Malja Democrats Malja Independent Democracy
Maljadal Organisation Maljadal Federation Corporate
Maljan Ltd Maljan Federation Corporate
Maljang Constitution Party Maljang Independent Dictatorship
Maljang PLC Maljang Federation Corporate
Maljangapa Incorporated Maljangapa Empire Corporate
Maljenni Inc Maljenni Federation Corporate
Maljenni Netcoms Commodities Sokoji Federation Corporate
Malloc Purple Comms Incorporated Malloc Federation Corporate
Malpar Paha Blue General Dev Malpar Paha Independent Corporate
Malpar Paha Purple Raiders Malpar Paha Independent Anarchy
Malparci Vision Exchange Malparci Independent Corporate
Malpi State PLC Malpi Federation Corporate
Mals Netcoms Services Bhunai Empire Corporate
Mals Netcoms Services Mals Empire Corporate
Malsuman Values Party Malsuman Federation Democracy
Malsunghus Regulatory State Malsunghus Empire Dictatorship
Mamaragan Coalition Mamaragan Federation Confederacy
Mambo Purple Boys Mambo Independent Anarchy
Mambojas Group Mambojas Independent Corporate
Mamitu Industries Mamitu Federation Corporate
Mamitu Pro-Independent Party Mamitu Independent Patronage
Mamur Industry Mamur Federation Corporate
Manabush Corp. Manabush Independent Corporate
Manabush Stakeholders Manabush Independent Cooperative
Manah Interstellar Manah Federation Corporate
Manah for Equality Manah Federation Democracy
Manahpuch Blue Federal & Co Manahpuch Independent Corporate
Manaku Crimson Natural Limited Manaku Independent Corporate
Manamaya Gold Advanced Services Manamaya Independent Corporate
Manapii Blue Transport & Co Manapii Federation Corporate
Manara aristocrats Manara Independent Feudal
Manarato Partners Manarato Federation Corporate
Manatera Corporation Manatera Empire Corporate
Manatera Unionists Manatera Independent Communism
Manates Silver Mob Manates Independent Anarchy
Manathajeri Jet Life Services Manathajeri Federation Corporate
Manati Empire Consulate Manati Empire Patronage
Manati Purple Mafia Manati Independent Anarchy
Manati Universal Solutions Manati Independent Corporate
Manawan Incorporated Manawan Independent Corporate
Manba Purple Comms Organisation Manba Empire Corporate
Manbatz Systems Manbatz Federation Corporate
Manchi Empire League Manchi Empire Patronage
Mandal Solutions Mandal Empire Corporate
Mandal Solutions Pisagi Empire Corporate
Mandelian Exchange Mandelian Independent Corporate
Mandelian Independent Bridge Mandelian Independent Patronage
Mandh Creative Company Mandh Independent Corporate
Mandh Crimson Mob Mandh Independent Anarchy
Mandh Guardians of Tradition Kinne Empire Patronage
Mandh Guardians of Tradition LP 888-62 Empire Patronage
Mandh Guardians of Tradition Mandh Empire Patronage
Mandh Republic Party Mandh Independent Democracy
Mandhata Advanced Holdings Mandhata Independent Corporate
Mandhata Mob Mandhata Independent Anarchy
Mandhrithar Defence Force Mandhrithar Independent Dictatorship
Mandhrithar Interstellar Mandhrithar Federation Corporate
Mandhrithar Patrons of Law Mandhrithar Empire Patronage
Mandhrithar Services Edanditis Independent Corporate
Mandhrithar Services Mandhrithar Independent Corporate
Mandii Purple Organisation Mandii Independent Anarchy
Mandill Autocracy Mandill Empire Dictatorship
Mandill Pirates Mandill Independent Anarchy
Mandins Corporation Mandins Federation Corporate
Mandjera Independent League Mandjera Independent Patronage
Mandjety Holdings Mandjety Federation Corporate
Mandjila Corporation Mandjila Empire Corporate
Mandjila Empire Party Mandjila Empire Patronage
Mandjila Empire Party NLTT 56379 Empire Patronage
Mandjila Republic Party Mandjila Independent Democracy
Mandjila Silver Comms Systems Mandjila Federation Corporate
Mandjindja Corp. Mandjindja Federation Corporate
Mandjindja Union Party Mandjindja Independent Communism
Mandu Corporation Mandu Independent Corporate
Mang Silver State Industries Mang Independent Corporate
Mangapa Confederation Mangapa Federation Confederacy
Mangapa Purple Hand Gang Mangapa Independent Anarchy
Mangarai Blue Drug Empire Mangarai Independent Anarchy
Mangarai Gold Public Systems Mangarai Federation Corporate
Mangiliri Mafia Mangiliri Independent Anarchy
Mangiliri Order Mangiliri Independent Dictatorship
Mangiliri Theocracy Mangiliri Independent Theocracy
Mangiliri Travel Interstellar Mangiliri Independent Corporate
Mangkhwal Jet Ring Mangkhwal Independent Anarchy
Mangkhwal Republic Party Mangkhwal Independent Democracy
Mangpa Dynasty Mangpa Independent Feudal
Mangpa Silver Brothers Mangpa Independent Anarchy
Mangpa Systems Mangpa Independent Corporate
Manguts Coalition Manguts Federation Confederacy
Mangwe Bureau Mangwe Independent Dictatorship
Mangwe Nationals Mangwe Independent Dictatorship
Mangwutja General Co Mangwutja Independent Corporate
Mangwutja Jet Camorra Mangwutja Independent Anarchy
Manhari Inc Manhari Independent Corporate
Manhari Ring Manhari Independent Anarchy
Manhari Services Manhari Independent Corporate
Manianscudo Clan Manianscudo Independent Anarchy
Manianscudo Energy Group Manianscudo Empire Corporate
Manianscudo Guardians Chunja Empire Patronage
Manianscudo Guardians Manianscudo Empire Patronage
Manianscudo Guardians Xereta Empire Patronage
Manianscudo Jet Transport PLC Manianscudo Independent Corporate
Maniatetii Allied Corp. Maniatetii Empire Corporate
Manibozho Creative Corp. Manibozho Federation Corporate
Manidone Vision Co Manidone Federation Corporate
Manii Collective Manii Independent Cooperative
Manii Silver Advanced Corp. Manii Federation Corporate
Manike Co Manike Independent Corporate
Manindini Blue Dynamic Ltd Manindini Independent Corporate
Manindini Empire Pact Manindini Empire Patronage
Manisi Democrats Manisi Federation Democracy
Manisi Purple Clan Manisi Independent Anarchy
Manissyet Galactic Company Manissyet Independent Corporate
Manissyet Interstellar Manissyet Independent Corporate
Manit Crimson Clan Manit Independent Anarchy
Manit PLC Manit Independent Corporate
Manite Defence Force Manite Independent Dictatorship
Manites Electronics Exchange Manites Empire Corporate
Manitola Imperial Society Manitola Empire Patronage
Manji Gold Mafia Manji Independent Anarchy
Manji Jet Transport Holdings Manji Independent Corporate
Mankatha Patron's Principles Mankatha Empire Patronage
Mankatha Travel & Co Mankatha Independent Corporate
Mankob Blue Power Company Mankob Independent Corporate
Mankob Progressive Party Mankob Federation Democracy
Manktas Brothers Manktas Independent Anarchy
Manktas Independents Manktas Independent Democracy
Manktas Partners Manktas Federation Corporate
Mankul Blue Allied Exchange Mankul Empire Corporate
Mannboo Gold Brotherhood Mannboo Independent Anarchy
Mannboo Progressive Party Mannboo Federation Democracy
Mannboo Systems Mannboo Independent Corporate
Mannboo United Systems Mannboo Federation Corporate
Mannica Purple Galactic Systems Mannica Independent Corporate
Mannodava Central Commodities Mannodava Federation Corporate
Mannodava Holdings Mannodava Independent Corporate
Mannones Jet Universal Systems Mannones Empire Corporate
Mannosuse Jet United Limited Mannosuse Independent Corporate
Mannovichs Ltd Mannovichs Empire Corporate
Mannovit General Services Mannovit Federation Corporate
Mansmonir Bridge Ltd Mansmonir Independent Corporate
Mansmonir Co-operative Mansmonir Alliance Cooperative
Mant Silver Major Ltd Mant Independent Corporate
Mant Society Mant Independent Anarchy
Manten Creative Organisation Manten Federation Corporate
Mantet Blue Partnership Mantet Independent Anarchy
Manticore Munitions Cegreeth Empire Corporate
Mantja State Company Mantja Federation Corporate
Mantoac Empire Party Mantoac Empire Patronage
Mantobices Organisation Mantobices Independent Corporate
Mantobices Silver United Org Mantobices Independent Corporate
Mantuate Autocracy Mantuate Empire Dictatorship
Mantuate Jet Allied Holdings Mantuate Independent Corporate
Mantuate Justice Party Mantuate Empire Dictatorship
Mantunt Partnership Mantunt Federation Confederacy
Mantxe Comms Exchange Mantxe Federation Corporate
Manukan Industry Manukan Independent Corporate
Manukan Pirates Manukan Independent Anarchy
Mao Solutions Mao Independent Corporate
Maohimr Organisation Maohimr Independent Corporate
Maohimr Silver Galactic Industry Maohimr Federation Corporate
Maolang One Maolang Independent Cooperative
Maolang Purple Rats Maolang Independent Anarchy
Maon Empire League Maon Empire Patronage
Maon Jet Dragons Maon Independent Anarchy
Maona as one Maona Independent Cooperative
Maoriousta Collective Maoriousta Independent Cooperative
Maoriousta Gold Vision PLC Maoriousta Federation Corporate
Maorsi Patrons of Law Maorsi Empire Patronage
Maorsi Patrons of Law Sherones Empire Patronage
Mapocori Holdings Mapocori Independent Corporate
Mapocori Partners Mapocori Independent Corporate
Mapod Crimson Central Corp. Mapod Independent Corporate
Mapod Empire Assembly Mapod Empire Patronage
Mapod Ltd Mapod Empire Corporate
Mapor Nationalists Mapor Independent Dictatorship
Mapor Silver Netcoms Holdings Mapor Independent Corporate
Mapotepa Jet Advanced Ltd Mapotepa Empire Corporate
Mara Systems Mara Empire Corporate
Maragi Netcoms Solutions Maragi Empire Corporate
Maragi Netcoms Solutions Samon Empire Corporate
Marahli Gold Energy Exchange Marahli Independent Corporate
Marahma Prison Colony Marahma Independent Prison Colony
Marajoara Gold Galactic Inc Marajoara Independent Corporate
Maramovoy Federal Corp. Maramovoy Federation Corporate
Maramovoy Order Maramovoy Independent Dictatorship
Maramovoy Rats Maramovoy Independent Anarchy
Marana Order Marana Independent Dictatorship
Maranganji Domain Maranganji Independent Feudal
Maranunggu Systems Gwion Federation Corporate
Maranunggu Systems Maranunggu Federation Corporate
Mararri Purple Public Industry Mararri Empire Corporate
Marasing Group Marasing Federation Corporate
Maratarini Galactic Interstellar Maratarini Federation Corporate
Maratians Co-op Maratians Independent Cooperative
Maratians Silver Bridge Corp. Maratians Federation Corporate
Maraudi Front Maraudi Independent Dictatorship
Maraudi Independents Maraudi Federation Democracy
Maraudi Independents Morotriman Federation Democracy
Maraudi Purple Pirates Maraudi Independent Anarchy
Mard as one Mard Independent Cooperative
Mardgrivik Noblement Mardgrivik Independent Feudal
Marditj Gang Marditj Independent Anarchy
Marduk United Industries Marduk Federation Corporate
Mari Inc Mari Federation Corporate
Maria Bhuti Crimson Boys Maria Bhuti Independent Anarchy
Maria Bhuti Patrons of Law Maria Bhuti Empire Patronage
Maria Purple Clan Maria Independent Anarchy
Mariang Advanced Inc Mariang Independent Corporate
Mariang Patrons of Law Mariang Empire Patronage
Mariarna Central Exchange Mariarna Federation Corporate
Mariarna Focus Mariarna Independent Dictatorship
Marias Corporation 38 Lyncis Independent Corporate
Maribe Raiders Maribe Independent Anarchy
Maribone Silver Electronics Co Maribone Federation Corporate
Marici Silver Galactic Inc Marici Federation Corporate
Marico & Co Marico Empire Corporate
Marico Movement Marico Independent Dictatorship
Marico for Equality Marico Independent Democracy
Maricoco Energy Co Maricoco Empire Corporate
Maricoriang Future Maricoriang Independent Democracy
Maricoriang Jet Raiders Maricoriang Independent Anarchy
Maricoriang Nationals Maricoriang Independent Dictatorship
Maricoriang Party Maricoriang Independent Dictatorship
Maridal Commodities LP 575-38 Independent Corporate
Maridjabin Future Maridjabin Independent Democracy
Maridjabin Gold Allied Inc Maridjabin Federation Corporate
Maridwyn Co Maridwyn Federation Corporate
Maridwyn Constitution Party Maridwyn Independent Dictatorship
Maridwyn Gold Electronics Ltd Maridwyn Independent Corporate
Mariga Empire League Mariga Empire Patronage
Mariga Gold Cartel Mariga Independent Anarchy
Mariga Natural PLC Mariga Empire Corporate
Marigo Transport Ltd Marigo Federation Corporate
Marijemala Syndicate Marijemala Independent Anarchy
Mariko Hand Gang Mariko Independent Anarchy
Marimpt Blue Council Marimpt Independent Anarchy
Marimpt Comms Inc Marimpt Federation Corporate
Marines Corporation Marines Independent Corporate
Marines Patron's Principles Marines Empire Patronage
Maring Netcoms Network Maring Independent Corporate
Maringpho Crimson Boys Maringpho Alliance Anarchy
Maris Labour Maris Independent Democracy
Maris Network Maris Empire Corporate
Maritai Domain Maritai Empire Feudal
Mariterni Crimson Mafia Mariterni Independent Anarchy
Mariterni Jet General Company Mariterni Empire Corporate
Mariterni Universal Solutions Mariterni Independent Corporate
Maritou Blue Bridge & Co Maritou Empire Corporate
Maritzambwe Company Maritzambwe Empire Corporate
Mariyacoch Silver Syndicate Mariyacoch Independent Anarchy
Mariyacoch Solutions Mariyacoch Federation Corporate
Mariyacoch for Equality Mariyacoch Federation Democracy
Mariyacoch for Equality Ross 779 Federation Democracy
Mariyota Imperial Society Mariyota Empire Patronage
Marizi Gold Crew Marizi Independent Anarchy
Marizi Industries Marizi Independent Corporate
Marizi United Network Marizi Independent Corporate
Markab Life & Co Markab Independent Corporate
Marki & Co Marki Empire Corporate
Marki Citizens' Forum Marki Empire Patronage
Marmatae Crimson Family Marmatae Independent Anarchy
Maro Limited Maro Federation Corporate
Marogee Fortune PLC Marogee Empire Corporate
Marogee Freedom Party Marogee Empire Dictatorship
Maroi Blue Clan Maroi Independent Anarchy
Maroi Free Maroi Federation Democracy
Maroi Legal Inc Maroi Independent Corporate
Maroine Brotherhood Maroine Independent Anarchy
Maroine Theocracy Maroine Independent Theocracy
Marojini Boys Marojini Independent Anarchy
Marojini for Equality Marojini Federation Democracy
Marowalan Industries Marowalan Federation Corporate
Marowalan Progressive Party Marowalan Federation Democracy
Marquis du 14 Eridani 14 Eridani Independent Feudal
Marquis du Aseges Aseges Independent Feudal
Marquis du Azalis Azalis Independent Feudal
Marquis du Babalung Babalung Independent Feudal
Marquis du Bhumij Bhumij Empire Feudal
Marquis du Brata Brata Empire Feudal
Marquis du Bumbojas Bumbojas Empire Feudal
Marquis du Chao T'ien Chao T'ien Empire Feudal
Marquis du Chapo Chapo Independent Feudal
Marquis du Cor Caroli Cor Caroli Alliance Feudal
Marquis du Cromen Cromen Independent Feudal
Marquis du Ezerno Ezerno Independent Feudal
Marquis du Fasti Fasti Independent Feudal
Marquis du Findbhair Findbhair Independent Feudal
Marquis du G 167-35 G 167-35 Independent Feudal
Marquis du Gliese 9016 Gliese 9016 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 110867 HIP 110867 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 114952 HIP 114952 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 115664 HIP 115664 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 116410 HIP 116410 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 116454 HIP 116454 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 17118 HIP 17118 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 20478 HIP 20478 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 30030 HIP 30030 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 31547 HIP 31547 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 44719 HIP 44719 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 51942 HIP 51942 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 58301 HIP 58301 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 73650 HIP 73650 Independent Feudal
Marquis du HIP 78923 HIP 78923 Independent Feudal
Marquis du Huambisa Huambisa Independent Feudal
Marquis du Jarovit Jarovit Independent Feudal
Marquis du Kausha Kausha Empire Feudal
Marquis du Korrotra Korrotra Empire Feudal
Marquis du Kosensei Kosensei Empire Feudal
Marquis du Kurutis Kurutis Independent Feudal
Marquis du LTT 9821 LTT 9821 Independent Feudal
Marquis du Lhanla Lhanla Independent Feudal
Marquis du Li Nongal Li Nongal Independent Feudal
Marquis du Lomba Lomba Independent Feudal
Marquis du Ma'a En Kamis Independent Feudal
Marquis du Ma'a HR 2209 Independent Feudal
Marquis du Ma'a Jardoviceni Independent Feudal
Marquis du Ma'a Jatana Independent Feudal
Marquis du Ma'a Leng Dana Independent Feudal
Marquis du Ma'a Ma'a Independent Feudal
Marquis du Manie Manie Empire Feudal
Marquis du Matire Matire Empire Feudal
Marquis du Mbo Mbo Independent Feudal
Marquis du Meduwang Meduwang Empire Feudal
Marquis du Minja Minja Empire Feudal
Marquis du Mohang O Mohang O Empire Feudal
Marquis du Monsu Monsu Independent Feudal
Marquis du Nagages Nagages Empire Feudal
Marquis du Nanka Nanka Independent Feudal
Marquis du Oronitek Oronitek Independent Feudal
Marquis du Othe Othe Independent Feudal
Marquis du Polung Polung Independent Feudal
Marquis du Pora Yankas Pora Yankas Independent Feudal
Marquis du Posenoi Posenoi Independent Feudal
Marquis du Puelchel Puelchel Independent Feudal
Marquis du SPOCS 399 SPOCS 399 Independent Feudal
Marquis du Siddion Siddion Independent Feudal
Marquis du Slavanibo Slavanibo Independent Feudal
Marquis du Sorbs Sorbs Independent Feudal
Marquis du Telepityak Telepityak Independent Feudal
Marquis du Tharni Tharni Independent Feudal
Marquis du Ugrivaci Ugrivaci Independent Feudal
Marquis du Umutei Umutei Independent Feudal
Marquis du Unuteniling Unuteniling Empire Feudal
Marquis du Vodnirtama Vodnirtama Independent Feudal
Marquis du Wepawegana Wepawegana Empire Feudal
Marquis du Wirangu Wirangu Independent Feudal
Marquis du Wulunghus Wulunghus Independent Feudal
Marquis du Xava Xava Independent Feudal
Marquis du Yaluwacha Yaluwacha Independent Feudal
Marquis du Yu Shanwen Yu Shanwen Empire Feudal
Marquis du Yu Tun Yu Tun Independent Feudal
Marquis du Yudhis Yudhis Independent Feudal
Marra Jet Galactic Industry Marra Independent Corporate
Marrago Purple Natural Network Marrago Empire Corporate
Marrago aristocrats Marrago Independent Feudal
Marrallang Citizens' Forum Marrallang Empire Patronage
Marrallang Empire Pact Krumandaqu Empire Patronage
Marrallang Empire Pact Marrallang Empire Patronage
Marrallang Legal Industry Marrallang Empire Corporate
Marrallang Organisation Marrallang Independent Anarchy
Marrallang Purple Electronics Marrallang Independent Corporate
Marralteki Blue Creative Corp. Marralteki Independent Corporate
Marralteki Labour Marralteki Federation Democracy
Marralteki Purple United Inc Herculis Sector IR-W c1-7 Independent Corporate
Marrenses Services Marrenses Empire Corporate
Marrivits & Co Marrivits Independent Corporate
Marrivits Focus Marrivits Empire Dictatorship
Marrivits Purple Posse Marrivits Independent Anarchy
Marsinatani Nobles Marsinatani Independent Feudal
Marsinatani Public Exchange Marsinatani Federation Corporate
Marson Gold Transport Limited Marson Federation Corporate
Marsonna Creative Organisation Marsonna Independent Corporate
Marsuk Transport Ltd Marsuk Alliance Corporate
Martio Brotherhood Martio Independent Anarchy
Martio Imperial Society Martio Empire Patronage
Marubal Progressive Party Marubal Federation Democracy
Marubal Purple Mafia Marubal Independent Anarchy
Maruda Purple Drug Empire Maruda Independent Anarchy
Marule Silver State Industry Marule Empire Corporate
Marulta Crimson Federal Inc Marulta Independent Corporate
Marulta Society Marulta Independent Anarchy
Maruti Gold Council Maruti Independent Anarchy
Maruti Incorporated Maruti Independent Corporate
Maruts Jet Mob Maruts Independent Anarchy
Maruts Power Inc Maruts Independent Corporate
Marya Wang Fortune Organisation Marya Wang Empire Corporate
Masaai Transport & Co Masaai Federation Corporate
Masar Co Masar Empire Corporate
Mashian Central Exchange Mashian Independent Corporate
Mashian Jet Posse Mashian Independent Anarchy
Mashian Pro-Independent Pact Mashian Independent Patronage
Massagetae Interstellar Massagetae Independent Corporate
Masses Left Party Masses Independent Communism
Masses Purple Energy Corporation Masses Federation Corporate
Masters of HIP 64059 HIP 64059 Independent Dictatorship
Mata & Co Mata Independent Corporate
Mata Athi Purple Pirates Mata Athi Independent Anarchy
Mati Chuqui Crew Mati Chuqui Independent Anarchy
Mati Gold Posse Mati Independent Anarchy
Mati Patrons of Law Mati Empire Patronage
Matia Empire League Matia Empire Patronage
Matia Network Matia Independent Corporate
Matiku Silver Allied Group Matiku Empire Corporate
Matikuoluk Allied Commodities Matikuoluk Federation Corporate
Matikuoluk Gold Power Corp Matikuoluk Independent Corporate
Matikuoluk Labour Matikuoluk Federation Democracy
Matio Power Partners Matio Independent Corporate
Matio Services Matio Federation Corporate
Matipu Crimson United Inc Matipu Independent Corporate
Matipu Order Matipu Independent Dictatorship
Matlehi Blue Public Industries Matlehi Independent Corporate
Matlehi Democrats Matlehi Independent Democracy
Matres Gold General Systems Matres Federation Corporate
Matsa Crimson Public Solutions Matsa Independent Corporate
Matses Jet Universal Systems Matses Federation Corporate
Matses Jet Universal Systems Ngunabozho Federation Corporate
Matshiru Blue Natural Industries Matshiru Federation Corporate
Matsucha Partners Matsucha Independent Corporate
Matsya Industries Matsya Independent Corporate
Matucae Crimson Partnership Matucae Independent Anarchy
Matucae Empire Consulate Matucae Empire Patronage
Matucanth Blue Family Matucanth Independent Anarchy
Matucanth Group Matucanth Independent Corporate
Matucanth PLC Matucanth Independent Corporate
Matunus Advanced Holdings Matunus Federation Corporate
Matunus Gold United Corp. Matunus Independent Corporate
Maturics Flag Maturics Independent Dictatorship
Maturina Inc Maturina Empire Corporate
Matuveani Crimson Public Serv Matuveani Independent Corporate
Matuveani Free Matuveani Independent Democracy
Matuveltan aristocrats Matuveltan Independent Feudal
Matyar First Matyar Independent Dictatorship
Matyar Jet Society Matyar Independent Anarchy
Matyar Life Co Matyar Independent Corporate
Mau Jet Dynamic Co Mau Independent Corporate
Mau Life Corporation Mau Independent Corporate
Maujavant Blue Clan Maujavant Independent Anarchy
Maujinagoto Silver Rats Maujinagoto Independent Anarchy
Maunggu Life Corp. Maunggu Empire Corporate
Maunggu PLC Maunggu Empire Corporate
Mauninovit as one Mauninovit Independent Cooperative
Maurr Major PLC Maurr Independent Corporate
Maurr Monarchy Maurr Independent Feudal
Mawalivun Organisation Mawalivun Independent Anarchy
Mawambi Allied Industries Mawambi Independent Corporate
Mawu PLC Mawu Federation Corporate
Mawul Blue Partnership Mawul Independent Anarchy
Mawul Order Mawul Empire Dictatorship
Mawula Crimson Central Inc Mawula Independent Corporate
Mawula Imperial Society Mawula Empire Patronage
Mawuru Crimson Raiders Col 285 Sector HD-I c10-13 Independent Anarchy
Mawurunche Coordinated Mawurunche Independent Cooperative
Mawurunche Incorporated Mawurunche Independent Corporate
Maxwell Corp. of Eta-1 Pictoris Eta-1 Pictoris Federation Democracy
Maya Creative Interstellar Maya Independent Corporate
Maya Free Maya Federation Democracy
Maya Free NLTT 20330 Federation Democracy
Maya Nationals Maya Independent Dictatorship
Mayaco Jet Cartel Mayaco Independent Anarchy
Mayala Natural Limited Mayala Independent Corporate
Mayang Crimson Netcoms Limited Mayang Empire Corporate
Mayang Guardians of Tradition Mayang Empire Patronage
Mayapok Patrons of Law Mayapok Empire Patronage
Mayaram Jet Dynamic Industries Mayaram Empire Corporate
Mayaram United Mayaram Independent Cooperative
Mayoruband Noblement Mayoruband Independent Feudal
Mazahuanses Commodities Mazahuanses Federation Corporate
Mazahun Defence Force Mazahun Empire Dictatorship
Mazu Allied Industry Mazu Independent Corporate
Mazu Resistance Mazu Federation Democracy
Mbamba Federal Company Mbamba Independent Corporate
Mbambiva State Solutions Mbambiva Federation Corporate
Mban Silver Society Mban Independent Anarchy
Mbay Council Mbay Independent Anarchy
Mbayaksas Creative Corporation Mbayaksas Empire Corporate
Mbayame Domain Hyades Sector IR-W d1-82 Feudal
Mbayo Noblement Mbayo Independent Feudal
Mbegera Corp. Mbegera Independent Corporate
Mbegua Clan Mbegua Independent Anarchy
Mbegua Regulatory State Mbegua Empire Dictatorship
Mber Purple Universal Group Mber Empire Corporate
Mbera Republic Party Mbera Federation Democracy
Mbera Systems Mbera Independent Corporate
Mbere Emperor's Grace Mbere Empire Patronage
Mbetani Blue Crew Mbetani Independent Anarchy
Mbetani Progressive Party Mbetani Federation Democracy
Mbokokumal Society Mbokokumal Independent Anarchy
Mbokomoteno Corp. Mbokomoteno Independent Corporate
Mbokomoteno Energy Commodities Mbokomoteno Federation Corporate
Mbokos Gold Dynamic Inc Mbokos Empire Corporate
Mbokos Labour Union Mbokos Independent Communism
Mbola PLC Mbola Independent Corporate
Mbola Silver Posse Mbola Independent Anarchy
Mbolgargl Jet Netcoms Limited Mbolgargl Independent Corporate
Mbolgargl as one Mbolgargl Independent Cooperative
Mboyan Solutions Mboyan Federation Corporate
Mbukas Citizens of Tradition Mbukas Empire Patronage
Mbukas Purple Deeds Ltd Mbukas Empire Corporate
Mbukub Cabe Independents Mbukub Cabe Independent Democracy
Mbukub Cabe Party Mbukub Cabe Independent Dictatorship
Mbukuravi Jet Brothers Mbukuravi Independent Anarchy
Mbukushu Prison Colony Mbukushu Independent Prison Colony
Mbundu Interstellar Mbundu Independent Corporate
Mbundu Silver Council Mbundu Independent Anarchy
Mbungga Silver Galactic Systems Mbungga Empire Corporate
Mbungga Values Party Mbungga Independent Democracy
Mbutas Systems Mbutas Empire Corporate
Mbutia as one Mbutia Independent Cooperative
Mbuts Pro-Independent Bond Mbuts Independent Patronage
Mbutsi Company Mbutsi Federation Corporate
Mdi Bridge Co Mdi Independent Corporate
Mdi Values Party Mdi Federation Democracy
Mebech Corporation Mebech Federation Corporate
Mebech Tzu Protectorate Mebech Tzu Independent Patronage
Mebech Tzu Netcoms Organisation Mebech Tzu Federation Corporate
Mebechtani Nobles Mebechtani Empire Feudal
Mebegernir Network LHS 1567 Federation Corporate
Mebegernir Network Mebegernir Federation Corporate
Mebegernir Purple Camorra Mebegernir Independent Anarchy
Mebekre Group Mebekre Empire Corporate
Mebes Blue Major Co Mebes Independent Corporate
Mebes Patron's Principles Mebes Empire Patronage
Mech Autocracy Mech Independent Dictatorship
Mech Corp. Mech Independent Corporate
Mech Jet Electronics Org Mech Independent Corporate
Mechagii Dynasty Mechagii Independent Feudal
Mechagii Group Mechagii Independent Corporate
Meche Crimson Mafia Meche Independent Anarchy
Meche United Co Meche Federation Corporate
Mechehooit Crimson Fortune Group Mechehooit Independent Corporate
Mechelkanu Gold Syndicate Col 285 Sector OY-R d4-104 Independent Anarchy
Mechelkanu Gold Syndicate Mechelkanu Independent Anarchy
Mechelkanu Universal & Co Col 285 Sector OY-R d4-104 Independent Corporate
Mechelkanu Universal & Co Mechelkanu Independent Corporate
Mecheng Jet Creative & Co Mecheng Empire Corporate
Mechet Fortune Co Mechet Federation Corporate
Mecht Holdings Mecht Federation Corporate
Mechtan Hand Gang Mechtan Independent Anarchy
Mechtanitou Empire Party Allovana Empire Patronage
Mechtanitou Empire Party HIP 17515 Empire Patronage
Mechtanitou Empire Party Mechtanitou Empire Patronage
Mechtanitou Jet Society Mechtanitou Independent Anarchy
Mechucos PLC Mechucos Federation Corporate
Medb Blue Galactic Ltd Medb Federation Corporate
Medb Brothers Medb Independent Anarchy
Medei Silver Major Inc Medei Empire Corporate
Medeina Gold Comms Services Medeina Empire Corporate
Medimunda Gold Posse Medimunda Independent Anarchy
Medungni Mob Medungni Independent Anarchy
Medungni Partners Medungni Independent Corporate
Medusa Galactic Systems Medusa Federation Corporate
Meduwang Inc Meduwang Empire Corporate
Meduwang Travel Exchange Meduwang Independent Corporate
Medzihozo Raiders Medzihozo Independent Anarchy
Medziojin Camorra Medziojin Independent Anarchy
Medzist Allied Services Medzist Independent Corporate
Medzist Crimson Gang Medzist Independent Anarchy
Medzist Labour Union Medzist Independent Communism
Medzistha Faith Medzistha Independent Theocracy
Medzisti Silver Bridge Solutions Medzisti Federation Corporate
Medzistine Partners Medzistine Federation Corporate
Meelov Commodities Meelov Federation Corporate
Meenas Company Meenas Federation Corporate
Meenas Domain Meenas Independent Feudal
Meenates Travel Services Meenates Federation Corporate
Meene Purple Drug Empire Meene Independent Anarchy
Meeneratii Gold Central Dev Meeneratii Independent Corporate
Mehen Group Mehen Independent Corporate
Mehen Resistance Mehen Federation Democracy
Mehet Ltd Mehet Independent Corporate
Mehet Silver Comms Services Ghimal Federation Corporate
Mehime Company Mehime Independent Corporate
Mehime Crimson Creative Limited Mehime Empire Corporate
Mehime Patron's Principles Lei Mati Empire Patronage
Mehime Patron's Principles Mehime Empire Patronage
Mehimurt Focus HIP 82886 Independent Dictatorship
Mehimurt Focus HIP 83664 Independent Dictatorship
Mehimurt Focus Mehimurt Independent Dictatorship
Mehinn Public Ltd Col 285 Sector OZ-B b15-3 Independent Corporate
Mehinn Public Ltd Mehinn Independent Corporate
Mehinn Syndicate Mehinn Independent Anarchy
Mehit Company Mehit Independent Corporate
Mehit Worker's Party Mehit Independent Communism
Mehita Domain Mehita Independent Feudal
Mehita Partners Mehita Independent Corporate
Mehitak Gold Vision Group Mehitak Independent Corporate
Mehnemeowa Dynamic Limited Mehnemeowa Independent Corporate
Mehnemeowa Society Mehnemeowa Independent Anarchy
Mehnemine Free Agarda Federation Democracy
Mehnemine Free Mehnemine Federation Democracy
Mehnemine Interstellar Mehnemine Independent Corporate
Mehua Justice Party Mehua Independent Dictatorship
Mehua Transport & Co Cephei Sector BA-A d107 Independent Corporate
Mehua Transport & Co Mehua Independent Corporate
Mehudi Crimson Organisation Mehudi Independent Anarchy
Mehudi Future Mehudi Federation Democracy
Mehudi Future Ngobed Federation Democracy
Mehuenomici Empire Assembly Mehuenomici Empire Patronage
Mehuenomici Holdings Mehuenomici Empire Corporate
Mehuenomici Purple Family Mehuenomici Independent Anarchy
Mehurs Focus Mehurs Independent Dictatorship
Mehurs Jet Creative Partners Mehurs Independent Corporate
Mehurs Resistance Mehurs Federation Democracy
Meidjing Commodities Meidjing Independent Corporate
Meidjing Freedom Party Meidjing Empire Dictatorship
Meidmarama Republic Party Meidmarama Independent Democracy
Meidruwa Purple Mob Meidruwa Independent Anarchy
Meidruwutii Travel Company Meidruwutii Empire Corporate
Meidubi Camorra Meidubi Independent Anarchy
Meidubi Interstellar Meidubi Federation Corporate
Meinjhalara Future Meinjhalara Alliance Democracy
Meinjhalara Transport Services Kaunan Independent Corporate
Meinjhalara Transport Services Meinjhalara Independent Corporate
Meinjhalie Gold Galactic Dev Meinjhalie Federation Corporate
Meintangk Electronics Limited Meintangk Empire Corporate
Meiri Blue Crew Meiri Independent Anarchy
Melcior Silver Dragons Melcior Independent Anarchy
Meldrith Exchange Meldrith Federation Corporate
Meli Resistance Meli Federation Democracy
Meliae Blue Bridge Inc Meliae Independent Corporate
Melici Commodities Melici Federation Corporate
Melici Justice Party Melici Independent Dictatorship
Melici Progressive Party Melici Federation Democracy
Melingo Dominion Melingo Independent Feudal
Melinoe General Incorporated Melinoe Independent Corporate
Meliontit Nationalists Meliontit Empire Dictatorship
Meliontit Purple Public Holdings Meliontit Empire Corporate
Meminii Blue Mob Meminii Independent Anarchy
Meminii Ltd Meminii Alliance Corporate
Men Shen Blue Organisation Men Shen Independent Anarchy
Men Shen Silver State Exchange Men Shen Federation Corporate
Menambe Blue Posse Menambe Independent Anarchy
Menas Crimson Advanced Corp. Menas Independent Corporate
Menas Crimson Fortune Partners Menas Independent Corporate
Menas Gold Syndicate Menas Independent Anarchy
Mendego Conservatives Mendego Independent Dictatorship
Mendego Party Mendego Independent Dictatorship
Mendego Power Systems Mendego Independent Corporate
Mendindui Systems Mendindui Federation Corporate
Menero Kimi Empire Group Menero Kimi Empire Patronage
Meng Mu Constitution Party Meng Mu Independent Dictatorship
Meng Mu Purple Family Meng Mu Independent Anarchy
Meng Mu Vision Industry Meng Mu Independent Corporate
Meng Netcoms Systems Meng Empire Corporate
Menguru Empire Party Menguru Empire Patronage
Menguru Group Menguru Independent Democracy
Menguru Pirates Menguru Independent Anarchy
Menhitae Limited Menhitae Independent Corporate
Menhitae Mission Menhitae Independent Theocracy
Menhures Corp. Menhures Federation Corporate
Menkent Corporation Menkent Federation Corporate
Mentesuri Jet Crew Mentesuri Independent Anarchy
Mentesuri Network Mentesuri Independent Corporate
Mentha Blue Comms & Co Mentha Independent Corporate
Mentha Camorra Mentha Independent Anarchy
Mentiens Central PLC Mentiens Federation Corporate
Mentintei Crimson General Org Jemen Empire Corporate
Mentintei Crimson General Org Mentintei Empire Corporate
Mentor Silver Bridge Industries Mentor Federation Corporate
Mentor Vision Commodities Mentor Independent Corporate
Mentri Allied Mentri Independent Cooperative
Mentsuchua Silver Legal Org Mentsuchua Empire Corporate
Menusha Blue Comms Limited Menusha Independent Corporate
Menusha Empire Consulate Menusha Empire Patronage
Menusha Organisation Menusha Empire Corporate
Menutes Movement Menutes Independent Dictatorship
Menutes Partners Menutes Independent Corporate
Merak Autocracy Merak Alliance Dictatorship
Mere Labour Mere Federation Democracy
Mereboga Holdings Mereboga Independent Corporate
Merek Co-op Merek Independent Cooperative
Merek Nobles Merek Independent Feudal
Merengila Blue Society Merengila Independent Anarchy
Merengila Netcoms Commodities Merengila Independent Corporate
Merki Posse Merki Independent Anarchy
Meropis Empire Pact Meropis Empire Patronage
Meropis Gold Hand Gang Meropis Independent Anarchy
Meropis Incorporated Meropis Empire Corporate
Meru Kwarid Blue Hand Gang Meru Kwarid Independent Anarchy
Meru Kwarid Empire Party Meru Kwarid Empire Patronage
Merungas Corporation Merungas Independent Corporate
Merungas Crimson Raiders Merungas Independent Anarchy
Meskhenga Gold Travel PLC Meskhenga Independent Corporate
Messa Pro-Independent League Messa Independent Patronage
Meticuli for Equality Kollobokos Federation Democracy
Meticuli for Equality Meticuli Federation Democracy
Metzili Autocracy Metzili Independent Dictatorship
Metzili Crimson Electronics Org Metzili Federation Corporate
Metzili Empire League Metzili Empire Patronage
Metzili Inc Metzili Federation Corporate
Mexicatese Galactic Corporation Mexicatese Independent Corporate
Mexicatuci Empire League Mexicatuci Empire Patronage
Meza Network Meza Independent Corporate
Meza Virs Energy Systems Meza Virs Federation Corporate
Meza Virs Union Meza Virs Independent Communism
Mezanik & Co Mezanik Independent Corporate
Mezanik Empire Group Mezanik Empire Patronage
Mezaviates Jet General Exchange Mezaviates Independent Corporate
Mezavini Blue Dragons Mezavini Independent Anarchy
Mezavini Ltd Mezavini Federation Corporate
Mi He Limited Mi He Empire Corporate
Mi Hsien Silver Creative Ind Mi Hsien Independent Corporate
Mi Linkampi Services Mi Linkampi Alliance Corporate
Mi Linkampi Services SAO 92746 Alliance Corporate
Mianomama Electronics Company Mianomama Federation Corporate
Mianomama Gold Pirates Mianomama Independent Anarchy
Miansis Dynamic Inc Miansis Independent Corporate
Miansis Empire Assembly Miansis Empire Patronage
Miansis Movement Miansis Independent Dictatorship
Miansis Silver Clan Miansis Independent Anarchy
Miao Thixo Crimson Energy Co Miao Thixo Independent Corporate
Miao Wang Emperor's Grace Miao Wang Empire Patronage
Michael Pantazis Silver Cartel Michael Pantazis Independent Anarchy
Michel Life Industries Michel Empire Corporate
Michel Purple Family Michel Independent Anarchy
Mictlan Empire Assembly Mictlan Empire Patronage
Mictlan Netcoms PLC Mictlan Independent Corporate
Mictlan Patrons of Law Mictlan Empire Patronage
Midgcut Jet Dynamic Commodities Midgcut Federation Corporate
Midi Council Midi Independent Anarchy
Midi Dynamic Holdings Midi Empire Corporate
Mike Patron's Principles Mike Empire Patronage
Mikir Boys Mikir Independent Anarchy
Mikir Crimson Natural & Co Mikir Independent Corporate
Mikir Free Carnoeck Federation Democracy
Mikir Free Mikir Federation Democracy
Miku Crimson Drug Empire Miku Independent Anarchy
Mikur Blue Universal Services Mikur Federation Corporate
Mikuylka Bridge Company Mikuylka Federation Corporate
Milatuknari Commodities Milatuknari Independent Corporate
Milatuknari Imperial Society Milatuknari Empire Patronage
Milatuknari Unionists Milatuknari Independent Communism
Milceni Galactic Incorporated Jambavan Federation Corporate
Milceni Galactic Incorporated Milceni Federation Corporate
Milceni Jet Ring Milceni Independent Anarchy
Milcenu Ltd Milcenu Independent Corporate
Mildanji Bureau Mildanji Independent Dictatorship
Mildanji Exchange Mildanji Independent Corporate
Mile Mob Mile Independent Anarchy
Mile Party Mile Independent Dictatorship
Mileke General Group Mileke Independent Corporate
Mileku Bureau Mileku Independent Dictatorship
Mileku Free Mileku Federation Democracy
Milela Crimson Power Group Milela Federation Corporate
Milelbis Dragons Milelbis Independent Anarchy
Milelbis Organisation Milelbis Federation Corporate
Military Militia Xi-2 Lupi Independent Democracy
Mill Silver Central Co Mill Empire Corporate
Millcayac Co-op Millcayac Independent Cooperative
Millcayac aristocrats Millcayac Independent Feudal
Miller Crimson Rats Miller Alliance Anarchy
Miller Services Miller Independent Corporate
Miller United Miller Independent Cooperative
Millese & Co Millese Independent Corporate
Millese for Equality Millese Federation Democracy
Milpiriyo Dragons Milpiriyo Independent Anarchy
Milpiriyo Vision Commodities Wazn Federation Corporate
Milscothach Alliance Milscothach Federation Confederacy
Milscothach Prison Colony Milscothach Independent Prison Colony
Mimis Camorra Mimis Independent Anarchy
Mimisina Focus Mimisina Independent Dictatorship
Mimisina Gold Travel Group Mimisina Independent Corporate
Mimisina Patrons of Law Mimisina Empire Patronage
Mimui Netcoms Services Mimui Empire Corporate
Mimurtudji Ltd Mimurtudji Federation Corporate
Mimurtudji Pro-Alliance Bond Mimurtudji Alliance Patronage
Mimuruaye Ltd Mimuruaye Federation Corporate
Mimuruin Major Commodities Mimuruin Independent Corporate
Mimutin Gold Galactic Services Mimutin Independent Corporate
Minagnaiwa Crimson Camorra Minagnaiwa Independent Anarchy
Minanes Allied Group Minanes Empire Corporate
Minanes Allied Group Wapiya Empire Corporate
Minanes Emperor's Grace Dall Empire Patronage
Minanes Emperor's Grace Minanes Empire Patronage
Minanes Empire League Minanes Empire Patronage
Minarii Confederacy Minarii Federation Confederacy
Minatae Blue Brothers Minatae Independent Anarchy
Minatae Silver Dynamic Partners Minatae Federation Corporate
Minawara Organisation Minawara Independent Corporate
Mineer aristocrats Mineer Empire Feudal
Mingal Pro-Independent Group Mingal Independent Patronage
Mingfu Blue Brotherhood Mingfu Independent Anarchy
Mingh Vision Network Mingh Independent Corporate
Mingin Crimson Natural Solutions Mingin Independent Corporate
Mingin Gold Dragons Mingin Independent Anarchy
Mingpurine Independent Union Mingpurine Independent Patronage
Minja Electronics Solutions Minja Empire Corporate
Minjango Company Minjango Independent Corporate
Minjango Company Plentauri Independent Corporate
Minjanh Gold Universal Comms Minjanh Empire Corporate
Minjanh Order Minjanh Empire Dictatorship
Minjul Citizens' Forum Minjul Empire Patronage
Minjul Crimson Boys Minjul Independent Anarchy
Minjung Co-operative Minjung Independent Cooperative
Minmar Silver Dynamic Solutions Minmar Federation Corporate
Minot Independents Minot Independent Democracy
Minot Solutions Minot Independent Corporate
Minot Universal Holdings Minot Federation Corporate
Minu Purple Posse Minu Independent Anarchy
Minu Services Minu Independent Corporate
Minun Gold Brothers Minun Independent Anarchy
Minun Vision Ltd Minun Federation Corporate
Minung Po Co Minung Po Independent Corporate
Minutemen L 190-21 Federation Corporate
Miphifa Empire Assembly Miphifa Empire Patronage
Miquich Independents Miquich Federation Democracy
Miquich aristocrats Miquich Independent Feudal
Miquit Energy Network Miquit Empire Corporate
Miquit Imperial Society Miquit Empire Patronage
Miquit Limited Miquit Independent Corporate
Miquit Republic Party Miquit Independent Democracy
Miquitagat Gold Travel Ind Miquitagat Empire Corporate
Mirateje for Equality Mirateje Independent Democracy
Miratres Domain Miratres Empire Feudal
Mirdhing Limited Mirdhing Independent Corporate
Mirdi Electronics Partners Mirdi Federation Corporate
Mirdia Inc Mirdia Empire Corporate
Mirdia United Mirdia Independent Cooperative
Mirdii Co-op Mirdii Independent Cooperative
Miribusha Fortune & Co Miribusha Federation Corporate
Miriwung Mu Systems Miriwung Mu Federation Corporate
Mirnga Monarchy Mirnga Independent Feudal
Mirngandin Crimson Hand Gang Mirngandin Independent Anarchy
Mirngandin Netcoms Ltd Mirngandin Empire Corporate
Miroman Corporation Miroman Independent Corporate
Miroman Emperor's Grace Kalana Empire Patronage
Miroman Emperor's Grace Miroman Empire Patronage
Miroman for Equality Miroman Independent Democracy
Miromi Corp. Miromi Federation Corporate
Mironen Imperial Society Mironen Empire Patronage
Mirongkomi Silver Mafia Mirongkomi Independent Anarchy
Mironi Emperor's Grace Mironi Empire Patronage
Mironi Purple Rats Mironi Independent Anarchy
Misao Jun Jet State Industry Misao Jun Independent Corporate
Mish Allied Organisation Mish Independent Corporate
Mish Focus Mish Empire Dictatorship
Mishma Blue Transport Inc Mishma Independent Corporate
Mishma for Equality Mishma Independent Democracy
Mishtra Organisation Mishtra Federation Corporate
Mising Camorra Mising Independent Anarchy
Mising Independent Consulate Mising Independent Patronage
Misiriang Jet United Inc Misiriang Independent Corporate
Miskai Purple Mafia Miskai Independent Anarchy
Mislika Silver Organisation Mislika Independent Anarchy
Mistae Raiders Mistae Independent Anarchy
Mistae Systems Mistae Federation Corporate
Mistana Services Mistana Independent Corporate
Mistana Transport Industries Mistana Federation Corporate
Misthajani Commodities Misthajani Empire Corporate
Misthajani Imperial Society Misthajani Empire Patronage
Mitaimici as one Mitaimici Independent Cooperative
Mitanja Patron's Principles Mitanja Empire Patronage
Mitanja Union Party Mitanja Independent Communism
Mitl PLC Gharing Independent Corporate
Mitl PLC Mitl Independent Corporate
Mitnahas Company Mitnahas Federation Corporate
Mitnahas Crimson Bridge Inc Mitnahas Independent Corporate
Mitra Purple Power Organisation Mitra Independent Corporate
Mitschigua Empire Group Mitschigua Empire Patronage
Mitschigua Netcoms Commodities Mitschigua Independent Corporate
Miwae Blue Camorra Miwae Independent Anarchy
Miwae Blue General Holdings Miwae Independent Corporate
Miwae Guardians of Tradition Miwae Empire Patronage
Miwanti Nobles Miwanti Independent Feudal
Miwobo Kuki Nationals Miwobo Kuki Independent Dictatorship
Miwobogi Transport Ltd Miwobogi Independent Corporate
Mizar & Co Mizar Independent Corporate
Mizar Alliance League Mizar Alliance Patronage
Mizar Federal Company Mizar Independent Corporate
Mizo Citizens of Tradition Mizo Empire Patronage
Mo Dadabi Jet Life Co Mo Dadabi Federation Corporate
Mo Dadiweu Silver Pirates Mo Dadiweu Independent Anarchy
Mo Daorsemi Empire Party Mo Daorsemi Empire Patronage
Mo Daorsemi Jet Universal & Co Mo Daorsemi Independent Corporate
Mo Disci Stakeholders Mo Disci Independent Cooperative
Moan Netcoms Company Moan Independent Corporate
Moanapiang Independents Moanapiang Independent Democracy
Moanapiang Partners Moanapiang Independent Corporate
Moarasi Galactic Corporation Moarasi Federation Corporate
Moarawai Group Moarawai Empire Corporate
Moarawai Mob Moarawai Independent Anarchy
Mob of Andvaris Andvaris Independent Anarchy
Mob of Astrigond Astrigond Independent Anarchy
Mob of Atuntha Atuntha Independent Anarchy
Mob of BD-12 5409 BD-12 5409 Independent Anarchy
Mob of Bhattra Bhattra Independent Anarchy
Mob of Bhutas Bhutas Independent Anarchy
Mob of Bishan Bishan Independent Anarchy
Mob of Bolon Tzu Bolon Tzu Independent Anarchy
Mob of Calanggubal Calanggubal Independent Anarchy
Mob of Chualang Mu Chualang Mu Independent Anarchy
Mob of Dzacab Dzacab Independent Anarchy
Mob of GCRV 54903 GCRV 54903 Independent Anarchy
Mob of Gandha Wu Gandha Wu Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 10834 HIP 10834 Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 113477 HIP 113477 Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 2 HIP 2 Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 37376 HIP 37376 Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 45096 HIP 45096 Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 494 HIP 494 Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 55761 HIP 55761 Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 58924 HIP 58924 Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 8653 HIP 8653 Independent Anarchy
Mob of HIP 99642 HIP 99642 Independent Anarchy
Mob of Himashi Himashi Independent Anarchy
Mob of Igorot Igorot Independent Anarchy
Mob of Jitabos Jitabos Independent Anarchy
Mob of Keiadimui Keiadimui Independent Anarchy
Mob of Kitchang Mu Kitchang Mu Independent Anarchy
Mob of LHS 1768 LHS 1768 Independent Anarchy
Mob of LP 732-94 LP 732-94 Independent Anarchy
Mob of LP 790-29 LP 790-29 Independent Anarchy
Mob of LTT 7370 LTT 7370 Independent Anarchy
Mob of Loko O Loko O Independent Anarchy
Mob of Mikinn Mikinn Independent Anarchy
Mob of Nanamatha Nanamatha Independent Anarchy
Mob of Narangga Narangga Independent Anarchy
Mob of Nech Kairu Nech Kairu Independent Anarchy
Mob of Nemetu Nemetu Independent Anarchy
Mob of Niflhel Niflhel Independent Anarchy
Mob of Ogminiquit Ogminiquit Independent Anarchy
Mob of Ra Ra Independent Anarchy
Mob of Saktas Saktas Independent Anarchy
Mob of Tengu Tengu Independent Anarchy
Mob of Unkuar Unkuar Independent Anarchy
Mob of ValiTem ValiTem Independent Anarchy
Mob of Wolf 265 Wolf 265 Independent Anarchy
Mob of Wu Gondru Wu Gondru Independent Anarchy
Mob of Xelala Xelala Independent Anarchy
Mob of Xuan Xuan Independent Anarchy
Mob of Zenusheper Zenusheper Independent Anarchy
Mob of Zhuar Col 285 Sector TZ-N c7-11 Federation Anarchy
Mob of Zhuar Zhuar Independent Anarchy
Mochi Front Mochi Independent Dictatorship
Mochi United Corp. Mochi Independent Corporate
Modgud Commodities Modgud Empire Corporate
Modigi Dynasty Modigi Empire Feudal
Modimo Alliance Modimo Independent Confederacy
Moha Coalition Moha Federation Confederacy
Mohan Crimson Brotherhood Mohan Independent Anarchy
Mohan Silver Power Company Mohan Independent Corporate
Mohang O Ltd Mohang O Empire Corporate
Mohara Bureau Mohara Independent Dictatorship
Mohara Federal Interstellar Mohara Independent Corporate
Moirai Jet Fortune Services Moirai Federation Corporate
Moirai Liberty Party Moirai Independent Dictatorship
Moko Oh Gold Syndicate Moko Oh Independent Anarchy
Mokobidji Progressive Party Mokobidji Federation Democracy
Mokobidji Ring Mokobidji Independent Anarchy
Mokoi Crimson Allied Org Mokoi Empire Corporate
Mokoi Guardians of Tradition Mokoi Empire Patronage
Mokoi Network Mokoi Independent Corporate
Mokojing Co Mokojing Federation Corporate
Mokojing Dynamic Limited Mokojing Independent Corporate
Mokojing Liberals Mokojing Independent Democracy
Mokojing Nationalists Mokojing Independent Dictatorship
Mokosh PLC Mokosh Federation Corporate
Mokot Federal Industry Mokot Independent Corporate
Mokot Focus Mokot Independent Dictatorship
Mokot Labour Mokot Independent Democracy
Mokpanu Network Mokpanu Independent Corporate
Moku Blue Dynamic Corp. Grovoy Empire Corporate
Moku Blue Dynamic Corp. Moku Empire Corporate
Moku Electronics Partners Moku Independent Corporate
Mokujin United Mokujin Independent Cooperative
Mokusa Interstellar Mokusa Independent Corporate
Mombal Industry Mombal Empire Corporate
Mombaluma Network Mombaluma Federation Corporate
Mombari Crimson Energy Comms Mombari Independent Corporate
Mombilar Gold Family Mombilar Independent Anarchy
Mombou Party Mombou Independent Dictatorship
Mombou Systems Mombou Federation Corporate
Momoirent Central & Co Momoirent Federation Corporate
Momovicho Free Momovicho Federation Democracy
Mompox Dynamic Systems Mompox Empire Corporate
Momus Reach Dynamic Limited Momus Reach Independent Corporate
Monarchy Of Votana Votama Empire Feudal
Monarchy of 4 A1 Virginis 4 A1 Virginis Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Aeneas Aeneas Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Albieteroo Albieteroo Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Almudja Almudja Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Arabru Arabru Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Arannos Arannos Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Assiniguaye Assiniguaye Independent Feudal
Monarchy of BD+18 1461 BD+18 1461 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Bacagua Bacagua Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Barai Barai Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Baudani Baudani Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Berkanan Berkanan Alliance Feudal
Monarchy of Bjorovices Bjorovices Independent Feudal
Monarchy of C'hi Yu C'hi Yu Independent Feudal
Monarchy of CD-59 1681 CD-59 1681 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Changur Changur Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Chey Chey Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Chouvumbia Chouvumbia Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Chuntabon Chuntabon Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Djerait Djerait Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Donglavs Donglavs Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Gerdan Gerdan Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Gliese 138.1 Gliese 138.1 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 10556 HIP 10556 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 10556 Kong Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 20480 HIP 20480 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 22249 HIP 22249 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 24655 HIP 24655 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 3182 HIP 3182 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 48125 HIP 48125 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 5443 HIP 5443 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 65469 HIP 65469 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 66814 HIP 66814 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 67527 HIP 67527 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 70973 HIP 70973 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of HIP 8744 HIP 8744 Empire Feudal
Monarchy of HR 409 HR 409 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Hemait Hemait Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Hinus Hinus Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Hnossit Hnossit Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Kakan Kakan Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Katosus Katosus Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Kedones Jangbon Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Kedones Kedones Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Kedones Pinibo Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Kedones Zamyruaymir Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Kongan Kongan Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Kunahpu Kunahpu Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Kvashodi Kvashodi Independent Feudal
Monarchy of LHS 1933 LHS 1933 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of LHS 3006 LHS 3006 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of LTT 14971 LTT 14971 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Landji Landji Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Lei Ching Lei Ching Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Lei Hai Te Lei Hai Te Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Lelao Lelao Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Lucab Ku Lucab Ku Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Mam Mam Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Mayoquot Mayoquot Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Mbamunians Mbamunians Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Mbutia Mbutia Alliance Feudal
Monarchy of Mentintei Mentintei Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Michael Pantazis Michael Pantazis Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Ngandan Ngandan Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Ninabin Ninabin Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Nkana Nkana Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Onya Onya Alliance Feudal
Monarchy of Orao Orao Independent Feudal
Monarchy of PPM 62114 PPM 62114 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Pitjang Pitjang Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Porja Porja Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Queche Queche Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Quiara Quiara Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Sakti Sakti Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Septet Septet Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Shatist Shatist Independent Feudal
Monarchy of T Ti Wari T Ti Wari Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Taman Taman Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Treima HIP 110695 Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Treima Treima Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Tsim Bind Tsim Bind Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Undines Undines Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Vinab Vinab Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Votama Votama Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Vuldr Vuldr Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Wandhridja Wandhridja Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Waringpo Waringpo Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Wei Tie Yu Wei Tie Yu Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Wolf 229 Wolf 229 Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Wolf 440 Wolf 440 Alliance Feudal
Monarchy of Wuonjami Wuonjami Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Xingaroans Kotien Independent Anarchy
Monarchy of Xingaroans Xingaroans Empire Feudal
Monarchy of Yum Kachan Yum Kachan Independent Feudal
Monarchy of Zemlyaqa Zemlyaqa Independent Feudal
Mong Kung Power Ltd Mong Kung Federation Corporate
Mong O Silver Comms Systems Mong O Federation Corporate
Mong Po Corp. Mong Po Empire Corporate
Mong Po Major Company Mong Po Independent Corporate
Mongatha Electronics Corporation Mongatha Federation Corporate
Mongira Prison Colony Mongira Independent Prison Colony
Mongsakah Network Mongsakah Empire Corporate
Monjadi Dominion Monjadi Independent Dictatorship
Monjadi Future Monjadi Federation Democracy
Monjiwatka Partnership Monjiwatka Independent Anarchy
Monjiwatka State Corporation Monjiwatka Empire Corporate
Mono United Mono Independent Cooperative
Monosus Vision Systems Monosus Federation Corporate
Monoto Commodities Monoto Federation Corporate
Monoto Hand Gang Monoto Independent Anarchy
Monsu Industries Monsu Federation Corporate
Mont Pro-Independent Party Mont Independent Patronage
Montet League Montet Independent Dictatorship
Montidi Interstellar Montidi Independent Corporate
Montino Blue Society Montino Independent Anarchy
Montino PLC Montino Independent Corporate
Monto Co Monto Independent Corporate
Monto Democrats Monto Independent Democracy
Montovici Crimson Hand Gang Montovici Independent Anarchy
Montovici Front Montovici Independent Dictatorship
Montovici Incorporated Montovici Independent Corporate
Montovici Ltd Montovici Federation Corporate
Mool Emperor's Grace Mool Empire Patronage
Mool Exchange Mool Empire Corporate
Mool Future Mool Independent Democracy
Mool Ring Mool Independent Anarchy
Moora Blue Travel Inc Moora Independent Corporate
Moora Central Inc Moora Independent Corporate
Moora Society Moora Independent Anarchy
Mooramoora Universal Partners Mooramoora Federation Corporate
Moortic Services Moortic Federation Corporate
Mopadigi Empire Group Mopadigi Empire Patronage
Mopadigi Purple Council Mopadigi Independent Anarchy
Mopadigi Resistance Mopadigi Independent Democracy
Mopadil People's Co-operative Mopadil Independent Cooperative
Mopaditis Imperial Society Mopaditis Empire Patronage
Mopaditis Imperial Society Ngadandari Empire Patronage
Mopaditis Imperial Society Tsohoda Empire Patronage
Mopaditis Jet Bridge Ltd Mopaditis Independent Corporate
Mopanekpen Industry Mopanekpen Federation Corporate
Mopanyane Conservatives Mopanyane Independent Dictatorship
Mopanyane Gold Central Corp Mopanyane Federation Corporate
Mora Co Mora Federation Corporate
Morai Nobles Dongzi Empire Feudal
Morai Nobles Morai Empire Feudal
Moraikda Comms Systems Arietis Sector FW-W c1-18 Independent Corporate
Moraikda Comms Systems Arietis Sector FW-W c1-19 Independent Corporate
Moraitha Pro-Independent Bond Moraitha Independent Patronage
Moraja Gold Transport Partners Moraja Federation Corporate
Moraja Worker's Party Moraja Independent Communism
Moram Alliance Moram Independent Confederacy
Morana Energy Ltd Morana Empire Corporate
Morana Patrons of Law Morana Empire Patronage
Morgor Crimson Pirates Morgor Independent Anarchy
Moria Bahpu Nobles Moria Bahpu Independent Feudal
Moria Bahpu Nobles Poletani Independent Feudal
Morinbath Progressive Party Morinbath Independent Democracy
Morinja Advanced Holdings Morinja Empire Corporate
Moriongo Allied Moriongo Independent Cooperative
Morios Crimson Universal Corp Morios Independent Corporate
Moriosong Travel Interstellar Moriosong Independent Corporate
Morioux Independent Protectorate Morioux Independent Patronage
Morixa Commodities Morixa Independent Corporate
Morixa Corporation Morixa Independent Corporate
Morixa Labour Morixa Federation Democracy
Morommo Crimson Society Morommo Independent Anarchy
Morommo Incorporated Morommo Federation Corporate
Morong Incorporated Morong Independent Corporate
Morong Values Party Morong Independent Democracy
Moroni Systems Moroni Federation Corporate
Moronit Crimson Partnership Moronit Independent Anarchy
Moror Drug Empire Moror Independent Anarchy
Moror Vision Organisation Moror Federation Corporate
Moros Silver Universal Holdings Moros Federation Corporate
Morotep Corp. Morotep Empire Corporate
Morotep Purple Power Int Morotep Empire Corporate
Morotriman Future Morotriman Independent Democracy
Morotrimpe Democrats Morotrimpe Federation Democracy
Morotrimpe Dominion Morotrimpe Independent Dictatorship
Morotrimpe Purple Ring Morotrimpe Independent Anarchy
Morowari Electronics Interstellar Morowari Independent Corporate
Morowari Pro-Independent Union Morowari Independent Patronage
Morra Cartel Morra Independent Anarchy
Morra Empire League Morra Empire Patronage
Morra Legal Holdings Morra Empire Corporate
Morri Blue Natural Industry Morri Federation Corporate
Morrigan Holdings Morrigan Independent Corporate
Morrigan Liberals Morrigan Federation Democracy
Morrina Constitution Party Morrina Independent Dictatorship
Morrina Industry Morrina Independent Corporate
Morrina Pro-Alliance Party Latoras Alliance Patronage
Morrina Pro-Alliance Party Morrina Alliance Patronage
Morrina United Solutions Morrina Federation Corporate
Morronii Cartel Morronii Independent Anarchy
Morronii Democrats Morronii Federation Democracy
Mors Citizens of Tradition Mors Empire Patronage
Morta Blue Organisation Morta Independent Anarchy
Mortel Jet General Network Mortel Independent Corporate
Mortel Jet United Industries Mortel Federation Corporate
Morten for Equality Mortel Federation Democracy
Morten-Marte Universal Limited Morten-Marte Independent Corporate
Moscabs Crimson Federal Inc Moscabs Federation Corporate
Moscabs People's Co-operative Moscabs Independent Cooperative
Mosche Liberals Mosche Federation Democracy
Mosher Industrial Equipment Cilbien Zu Independent Corporate
Moshi Network Moshi Empire Corporate
Mosho Prison Colony Mosho Empire Prison Colony
Mother Gaia Sol Federation Democracy
Motia Liberals Motia Independent Democracy
Motia Logistics Motia Empire Corporate
Motia Patron's Principles Motia Empire Patronage
Motie Independent Governance Motie Independent Patronage
Motilekui Empire Party Motilekui Empire Patronage
Motilone Citizens' Forum Motilone Empire Patronage
Motintana Major Commodities Motintana Empire Corporate
Mousemat Corp. Arexack Independent Corporate
Movement for 11 Cephei Worker's Party 11 Cephei Independent Communism
Movement for 13 Trianguli Future 13 Trianguli Federation Democracy
Movement for 34 Pegasi Values Party 34 Pegasi Federation Democracy
Movement for 4 Camelopardalis Future 4 Camelopardalis Independent Democracy
Movement for 41 Lambda Hydrae Future 41 Lambda Hydrae Federation Democracy
Movement for 53 chi Ceti Independents 53 chi Ceti Independent Democracy
Movement for 68 Draconis Progressive Party 68 Draconis Federation Democracy
Movement for 86 Mu Herculis Free 86 Mu Herculis Federation Democracy
Movement for Acokwus Future Acokwus Federation Democracy
Movement for Aegaeon Values Party Aegaeon Federation Democracy
Movement for Aha Narfi Future Aha Narfi Independent Democracy
Movement for Aholhyniai Progressive Party Aholhyniai Independent Democracy
Movement for Akarn Labour Akarn Federation Democracy
Movement for Algorab Green Party Algorab Independent Democracy
Movement for Alici for Equality Alici Independent Democracy
Movement for Alkaid Unionists Alkaid Independent Communism
Movement for Aluru Coalition Aluru Independent Confederacy
Movement for Ammapa Independents Ammapa Federation Democracy
Movement for Ananke for Equality Ananke Federation Democracy
Movement for Andavandul Resistance Andavandul Federation Democracy
Movement for Andere for Equality Andere Federation Democracy
Movement for Anu Free Anu Federation Democracy
Movement for Apisni Labour Apisni Independent Democracy
Movement for Araman Liberals Araman Independent Democracy
Movement for Arapi Democrats Arapi Federation Democracy
Movement for Arasan People's Party Arasan Independent Communism
Movement for Arawamina Alliance Arawamina Federation Confederacy
Movement for Arcturus Liberals Arcturus Federation Democracy
Movement for Ariminimi Labour Union Ariminimi Independent Communism
Movement for Arnais Liberals Arnais Federation Democracy
Movement for Asbrua Coalition Asbrua Federation Confederacy
Movement for Asoori Confederacy Asoori Federation Confederacy
Movement for Atiusia Future Atiusia Independent Democracy
Movement for Aurai Left Party Aurai Independent Communism
Movement for Avataultam Democrats Avataultam Federation Democracy
Movement for BD+26 2723 Progressive Party BD+26 2723 Federation Democracy
Movement for BD-04 4138 Democrats BD-04 4138 Federation Democracy
Movement for Ba Xian League Ba Xian Federation Confederacy
Movement for Babai Alliance Babai Independent Confederacy
Movement for Babas Labour Union Babas Independent Communism
Movement for Bajie for Equality Bajie Independent Democracy
Movement for Balabos Coalition Balabos Federation Confederacy
Movement for Balaikda Labour Balaikda Independent Democracy
Movement for Banese Partnership Banese Independent Confederacy
Movement for Bastan Partnership Bastan Federation Confederacy
Movement for Basus for Equality Banisas Federation Democracy
Movement for Basus for Equality Basus Federation Democracy
Movement for Beara Labour Beara Independent Democracy
Movement for Benapem Free Benapem Federation Democracy
Movement for Bhagui People's Party Bhagui Independent Communism
Movement for Bibatolak Revolutionary Party Bibatolak Federation Democracy
Movement for Bibrigen Labour Union Bibrigen Independent Communism
Movement for Blango Union Blango Independent Communism
Movement for Blodes Labour Blodes Federation Democracy
Movement for Bolonaz Partnership Bolonaz Federation Confederacy
Movement for Bunuson Labour Bunuson Independent Democracy
Movement for Buzhang Ku Resistance Buzhang Ku Federation Democracy
Movement for Buzhang Ku Resistance Cama Zotz Federation Democracy
Movement for Byggvi Resistance Byggvi Federation Democracy
Movement for CD-44 1695 Values Party CD-44 1695 Federation Democracy
Movement for CPD-70 2439 Independents CPD-70 2439 Independent Democracy
Movement for Capoos Independents Capoos Federation Democracy
Movement for Caraceni Future Caraceni Alliance Democracy
Movement for Cashis Revolutionary Party Cashis Independent Democracy
Movement for Caudjabe Labour Union Caudjabe Independent Communism
Movement for Caudji Labour Caudji Independent Democracy
Movement for Cernunnos for Equality Cernunnos Independent Democracy
Movement for Chacobog for Equality Chacobog Federation Democracy
Movement for Chayuse Resistance Chayuse Alliance Democracy
Movement for Chechehet Free Chechehet Independent Democracy
Movement for Chengurr Future Chengurr Federation Democracy
Movement for Cherang Coalition Cherang Federation Confederacy
Movement for Chipi Unionists Chipi Independent Communism
Movement for Chodhara Labour Chodhara Federation Democracy
Movement for Cholhynici Labour Cholhynici Federation Democracy
Movement for Chou Wargl for Equality Chou Wargl Federation Democracy
Movement for Chuang Mu Coalition Chuang Mu Independent Confederacy
Movement for Coqui Xee Future Coqui Xee Independent Democracy
Movement for Coriat for Equality Coriat Independent Democracy
Movement for Corn Pin Free Corn Pin Federation Democracy
Movement for Dajoar Independents Dajoar Federation Democracy
Movement for Dakshey Labour Dakshey Federation Democracy
Movement for Dallenja Confederacy Dallenja Federation Confederacy
Movement for Denebola Green Party Denebola Federation Democracy
Movement for Denebola Green Party Zavijah Federation Democracy
Movement for Dhanchu League Dhanchu Independent Confederacy
Movement for Diakas Future Diakas Independent Democracy
Movement for Dierites Labour Dierites Federation Democracy
Movement for Duwali Independents Duwali Independent Democracy
Movement for Eban Independents Eban Independent Democracy
Movement for Ellri Future Ellri Federation Democracy
Movement for Enets Labour Enets Federation Democracy
Movement for Enumalis Alliance Enumalis Federation Confederacy
Movement for Fousang Free Fousang Federation Democracy
Movement for G 138-40 Independents G 138-40 Federation Democracy
Movement for G 139-21 Republic Party G 139-21 Independent Communism
Movement for GCRV 3791 Free GCRV 3791 Federation Democracy
Movement for Ganiklis Partnership Ganiklis Federation Confederacy
Movement for Ganiyan Future Ganiyan Independent Democracy
Movement for Gefion Revolutionary Party Gefion Independent Democracy
Movement for Gletichua Confederacy Gletichua Federation Confederacy
Movement for Gliese 384 Values Party Gliese 384 Independent Democracy
Movement for Gliese 9532 Future Gliese 9532 Independent Democracy
Movement for Grid Labour Grid Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 104292 Green Party HIP 104292 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 104476 Future HIP 104476 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 105202 Revolutionary Party HIP 105202 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 108822 for Equality HIP 108822 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 109423 Left Party HIP 109423 Independent Communism
Movement for HIP 11218 Coalition HIP 11218 Independent Confederacy
Movement for HIP 112535 Confederacy HIP 112535 Independent Confederacy
Movement for HIP 11360 Future HIP 11360 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 115505 Green Party HIP 115505 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 116066 Union Party HIP 116066 Independent Communism
Movement for HIP 11661 Green Party HIP 11661 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 19428 for Equality HIP 19428 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 19869 Left Party HIP 19869 Independent Communism
Movement for HIP 2422 Green Party HIP 2422 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 2563 Coalition HIP 2563 Independent Confederacy
Movement for HIP 3434 Progressive Party HIP 3434 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 3509 Democrats HIP 3509 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 45406 Liberals HIP 45406 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 50267 Unionists HIP 50267 Independent Communism
Movement for HIP 50866 People's Party HIP 50866 Independent Communism
Movement for HIP 51280 for Equality HIP 51280 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 51700 Progressive Party HIP 51700 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 52045 Democrats HIP 52045 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 53051 Labour HIP 53051 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 54641 for Equality HIP 54641 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 5578 League HIP 5578 Federation Confederacy
Movement for HIP 56337 People's Party HIP 56337 Alliance Communism
Movement for HIP 56641 Democrats HIP 56641 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 58945 Values Party HIP 58945 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 61097 Values Party HIP 61097 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 6407 Future HIP 6407 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 64861 Future HIP 64861 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 65963 Confederacy HIP 65963 Federation Confederacy
Movement for HIP 73244 Labour HIP 73244 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 7670 Unionists HIP 7670 Independent Communism
Movement for HIP 78399 Values Party HIP 78399 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 7949 Coalition HIP 7949 Federation Confederacy
Movement for HIP 80182 Revolutionary Party HIP 80182 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 82030 Partnership HIP 82030 Federation Confederacy
Movement for HIP 82030 Partnership HIP 82042 Federation Confederacy
Movement for HIP 83747 Coalition HIP 83747 Federation Confederacy
Movement for HIP 88178 Left Party HIP 88178 Independent Communism
Movement for HIP 8972 Labour HIP 8972 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 91434 Independents HIP 91434 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 92929 for Equality HIP 92929 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 93108 Resistance HIP 93108 Federation Democracy
Movement for HIP 94396 Democrats HIP 94396 Independent Democracy
Movement for HIP 9764 Free HIP 9764 Federation Democracy
Movement for HR 1594 Democrats HR 1594 Federation Democracy
Movement for HR 2883 Future HR 2883 Federation Democracy
Movement for HR 3762 Values Party HR 3762 Federation Democracy
Movement for HR 394 Independents HR 394 Independent Democracy
Movement for HR 5349 Progressive Party HR 5349 Federation Democracy
Movement for HR 5451 Green Party HR 5451 Independent Democracy
Movement for HR 9046 Revolutionary Party Fyrly Federation Democracy
Movement for HR 9046 Revolutionary Party HR 9046 Federation Democracy
Movement for Hajong Labour Hajong Federation Democracy
Movement for Hakkaia Liberals Hakkaia Federation Democracy
Movement for Hania Left Party Hania Independent Communism
Movement for Hehe Progressive Party Hehe Federation Democracy
Movement for Hillaunges Partnership Hillaunges Independent Confederacy
Movement for Hou Zu Revolutionary Party Hou Zu Independent Democracy
Movement for Howard Partnership Howard Federation Confederacy
Movement for Huan Nu Future Huan Nu Independent Democracy
Movement for Huang Yai Free Huang Yai Federation Democracy
Movement for Humana People's Party Humana Independent Communism
Movement for Hun Ahaw Resistance Hun Ahaw Federation Democracy
Movement for Hyroks Labour Hyroks Federation Democracy
Movement for Iksvatan Democrats Iksvatan Independent Democracy
Movement for Inmutha Progressive Party Inmutha Independent Democracy
Movement for Isitani Liberals Hyades Sector HS-R b5-0 Federation Democracy
Movement for Isitani Liberals Isitani Federation Democracy
Movement for Itza Progressive Party Itza Independent Democracy
Movement for Jamuxa Independents Jamuxa Independent Democracy
Movement for Jasiri Alliance Jasiri Independent Confederacy
Movement for Jaunera Values Party Jaunera Federation Democracy
Movement for Jicarex Independents Jicarex Federation Democracy
Movement for Kali'na Labour Union Kali'na Independent Communism
Movement for Kambila Labour Kambila Independent Democracy
Movement for Kan Nu Labour Kan Nu Federation Democracy
Movement for Kanaloa Green Party Kanaloa Federation Democracy
Movement for Kanians Revolutionary Party Kanians Independent Democracy
Movement for Kartenes Democrats Kartenes Independent Democracy
Movement for Kaukamine Labour Kaukamine Federation Democracy
Movement for Khowatsu Confederation Khowatsu Federation Confederacy
Movement for Kokaangin Independents Kokaangin Independent Democracy
Movement for Kulici for Equality Kulici Independent Democracy
Movement for Kunj Hef Confederacy Kunj Hef Federation Confederacy
Movement for Kuntae Future Kuntae Independent Democracy
Movement for Kwiamo Confederacy Kwiamo Independent Confederacy
Movement for LHS 20 Liberals LHS 20 Federation Democracy
Movement for LHS 2429 Democrats LHS 2429 Federation Democracy
Movement for LHS 28 for Equality LHS 28 Federation Democracy
Movement for LHS 3006 Coalition Acihaut Federation Confederacy
Movement for LHS 3006 Coalition LHS 3006 Federation Confederacy
Movement for LHS 3163 League LHS 3163 Federation Confederacy
Movement for LHS 450 Progressive Party LHS 450 Federation Democracy
Movement for LHS 5287 Alliance LHS 5287 Federation Confederacy
Movement for LP 282-7 Resistance LP 282-7 Federation Democracy
Movement for LP 349-61 Citizen Party LP 349-61 Independent Communism
Movement for LP 732-94 Liberals LP 732-94 Federation Democracy
Movement for LP 751-1 Independents LP 751-1 Federation Democracy
Movement for LP 792-33 Future LP 792-33 Federation Democracy
Movement for LP 876-76 League LP 876-76 Federation Confederacy
Movement for LTT 11455 League LTT 11455 Federation Confederacy
Movement for LTT 12723 Free LTT 12723 Independent Democracy
Movement for LTT 17422 Free LTT 17422 Federation Democracy
Movement for LTT 2099 Independents LTT 2099 Independent Democracy
Movement for LTT 3607 Green Party LTT 3607 Federation Democracy
Movement for LTT 7903 Values Party LTT 7903 Federation Democracy
Movement for LTT 9360 Partnership LTT 9360 Federation Confederacy
Movement for Laifang Alliance Laifang Federation Confederacy
Movement for Lien Coalition Lien Federation Confederacy
Movement for Liu Yanec Union Liu Yanec Independent Communism
Movement for Lokites Alliance Lokites Federation Confederacy
Movement for Lopu Maris League Lopu Maris Federation Confederacy
Movement for Lorden Resistance Lorden Federation Democracy
Movement for Luchu for Equality Luchu Federation Democracy
Movement for Lulumbla Values Party Lulumbla Independent Democracy
Movement for Lundji Future Lundji Federation Democracy
Movement for MCC 460 Democrats MCC 460 Independent Democracy
Movement for Maker for Equality Maker Independent Democracy
Movement for Makulcaei Unionists Makulcaei Independent Communism
Movement for Marana Independents Marana Federation Democracy
Movement for Marizi Labour Marizi Federation Democracy
Movement for Mata Athi Alliance Mata Athi Federation Confederacy
Movement for Matyar for Equality Matyar Independent Democracy
Movement for Mawu Resistance Mawu Federation Democracy
Movement for Meidubi Green Party Meidubi Federation Democracy
Movement for Men Shen Partnership Men Shen Federation Confederacy
Movement for Miquitagat Revolutionary Party Miquitagat Independent Democracy
Movement for Miwobogi Future Miwobogi Independent Democracy
Movement for Mizete Liberals Mizete Independent Democracy
Movement for Mong Kung Left Party Mong Kung Independent Communism
Movement for Mons Republic Party Mons Independent Communism
Movement for Mututna Confederation Mututna Federation Confederacy
Movement for NLTT 34960 Revolutionary Party NLTT 34960 Federation Democracy
Movement for NLTT 7789 League NLTT 7789 Independent Confederacy
Movement for Nanomam Future Nanomam Federation Democracy
Movement for Nantundan Alliance Nantundan Federation Confederacy
Movement for Nauacan Coalition Nauacan Federation Confederacy
Movement for Ngadakhis Progressive Party Ngadakhis Federation Democracy
Movement for Ngalu Democrats Ngalu Federation Democracy
Movement for Njemari Independents Njemari Federation Democracy
Movement for Noctero Green Party Noctero Independent Democracy
Movement for Nokana Liberals Nokana Independent Democracy
Movement for Nokomishi Progressive Party Nokomishi Federation Democracy
Movement for Obates Alliance Obates Independent Confederacy
Movement for Ochoeng Revolutionary Party Ochoeng Independent Democracy
Movement for Oduwaid Fo Labour Oduwaid Fo Alliance Democracy
Movement for Oeng Bosat Confederacy Oeng Bosat Independent Confederacy
Movement for Onuros Liberals Onuros Independent Democracy
Movement for Pardii Labour Pardii Independent Democracy
Movement for Pienate Labour Pienate Federation Democracy
Movement for Pini Liberals Pini Independent Democracy
Movement for Pipi Free Pipi Federation Democracy
Movement for Pipitei for Equality Pipitei Independent Democracy
Movement for Praecipua Future Praecipua Independent Democracy
Movement for Punna Labour Punna Federation Democracy
Movement for Qi Gongzi Republic Party Qi Gongzi Independent Communism
Movement for Qin Tsu Union Qin Tsu Independent Communism
Movement for Rabakshany Democrats Rabakshany Independent Democracy
Movement for Rabay Progressive Party Rabay Independent Democracy
Movement for Ratri Resistance Ratri Alliance Democracy
Movement for Regulus Labour Regulus Federation Democracy
Movement for Rigo Independents Rigo Independent Democracy
Movement for Ross 1051 Confederacy Ross 1051 Federation Confederacy
Movement for Ross 389 Unionists Ross 389 Independent Communism
Movement for Ross 779 Confederation Ross 779 Federation Confederacy
Movement for Rukama Future Rukama Independent Democracy
Movement for Scordisci League Scordisci Federation Confederacy
Movement for Scythimichs Green Party Scythimichs Federation Democracy
Movement for Sesuyar Labour Sesuyar Independent Democracy
Movement for Shon Free Shon Federation Democracy
Movement for Shosak Resistance Shosak Federation Democracy
Movement for Shou Wu Gu Free Shou Wu Gu Independent Democracy
Movement for Shoujeman Free Shoujeman Federation Democracy
Movement for Sibi Coalition Sibi Independent Confederacy
Movement for Sokojiu Values Party Sokojiu Federation Democracy
Movement for Sopedu Alliance Sopedu Independent Confederacy
Movement for Suta Independents Suta Federation Democracy
Movement for Suteni Liberals Suteni Independent Democracy
Movement for TYC 82-953-1 Democrats TYC 82-953-1 Federation Democracy
Movement for Tetek Future Tetek Independent Democracy
Movement for Thieh People's Party Thieh Independent Communism
Movement for Tiguai League Tiguai Federation Confederacy
Movement for Tjal Citizen Party Tjal Independent Communism
Movement for Tjial Democrats LFT 1209 Federation Democracy
Movement for Tjial Democrats Tjial Federation Democracy
Movement for Tobarci Confederacy Tobarci Independent Confederacy
Movement for Triteia Free Triteia Federation Democracy
Movement for Tsao Wang Liberals Tsao Wang Federation Democracy
Movement for Tyr Liberals Tyr Federation Democracy
Movement for UGP 619 Liberals UGP 619 Independent Democracy
Movement for Uchang Independents Uchang Federation Democracy
Movement for Uhlanqui Labour Uhlanqui Federation Democracy
Movement for Un No Myoin Free Un No Myoin Federation Democracy
Movement for Uram Confederation Uram Federation Confederacy
Movement for Uterni for Equality Uterni Independent Democracy
Movement for Uzumeru Partnership Uzumeru Federation Confederacy
Movement for V1688 Aquilae Independence V1688 Aquilae Independent Democracy
Movement for Valta Democrats Valta Federation Democracy
Movement for Valtam Free Valtam Federation Democracy
Movement for Veleti Coalition Veleti Independent Confederacy
Movement for Venegana Green Party Venegana Federation Democracy
Movement for Venetic Progressive Party Venetic Federation Democracy
Movement for Villeachi Independents Villeachi Federation Democracy
Movement for Virong Future Virong Independent Democracy
Movement for Vitra Progressive Party Kamenten Federation Democracy
Movement for Vitra Progressive Party Vitra Federation Democracy
Movement for Vodyanes Democrats Vodyanes Independent Democracy
Movement for Vukurbeh Democrats Vukurbeh Independent Democracy
Movement for Wakawal Free Wakawal Federation Democracy
Movement for Wakinyan Labour Wakinyan Federation Democracy
Movement for Warkan Liberals Warkan Federation Democracy
Movement for Warkushodi for Equality Warkushodi Federation Democracy
Movement for Wasat Progressive Party Wasat Independent Democracy
Movement for Wolf 1230 for Equality Wolf 1230 Federation Democracy
Movement for Wolf 1415 Labour Wolf 1415 Federation Democracy
Movement for Wongsun Green Party Wongsun Independent Democracy
Movement for Xi Hydrae for Equality Xi Hydrae Federation Democracy
Movement for Xi Saon Democrats Xi Saon Federation Democracy
Movement for Xibe Green Party Xibe Independent Democracy
Movement for Yakaeriate Revolutionary Party Yakaeriate Independent Democracy
Movement for Yen Ku Worker's Party Yen Ku Independent Communism
Movement for Yimanbin Free Yimanbin Federation Democracy
Movement for Yurok Free Yurok Independent Democracy
Movement for Zoquagsang Values Party Zoquagsang Federation Democracy
Movement for Zoquala Future Zoquala Federation Democracy
Moyopa Fortune Partners Moyopa Independent Corporate
Moyot Citizens' Forum Moyot Empire Patronage
Moyot Exchange Moyot Independent Corporate
Mpalans Dragons Mpalans Independent Anarchy
Mse Union Party Mse Independent Communism
Mu Andromedae Indie League Mu Andromedae Independent Patronage
Mu Aquarii Bridge Exchange Mu Aquarii Independent Corporate
Mu Aquarii Conservatives Mu Aquarii Independent Dictatorship
Mu Aquilae Gold Rats Mu Aquilae Independent Anarchy
Mu Aquilae Holdings Mu Aquilae Independent Corporate
Mu Arae Jet Major Inc Mu Arae Federation Corporate
Mu Gong Advanced Industries Mu Gong Empire Corporate
Mu Gong Patron's Principles Mu Gong Empire Patronage
Mu Gong Silver Rats Mu Gong Independent Anarchy
Mu Horologii Empire Party Mu Horologii Empire Patronage
Mu Horologii Jet Legal & Co Mu Horologii Empire Corporate
Mu Kin Co-op Mu Kin Independent Cooperative
Mu Koji Constitution Party Mu Koji Independent Dictatorship
Mu Koji Nationalists Mu Koji Independent Dictatorship
Mu Koji Resistance Mu Koji Federation Democracy
Mu Nialfi Gold Family Mu Nialfi Independent Anarchy
Mu Nialfi Patron's Principles Mu Nialfi Empire Patronage
Mu Nik Crimson Galactic Systems Mu Nik Federation Corporate
Mu Nora Shared Mu Nora Independent Cooperative
Mu Nora Systems Mu Nora Federation Corporate
Mu Phoenicis PLC Mu Phoenicis Independent Corporate
Mu Phoenicis Patron's Principles Mu Phoenicis Empire Patronage
Mu Telescopii Jet Gang Mu Telescopii Independent Anarchy
Mu Velorum Crimson Creative & Co Mu Velorum Independent Corporate
Mu Velorum Partners Mu Velorum Federation Corporate
Mu-1 Cygni Camorra Mu-1 Cygni Independent Anarchy
Mu-1 Pavonis Advanced Limited Mu-1 Pavonis Empire Corporate
Mu-2 Octantis Labour Mu-2 Octantis Independent Democracy
Mu-2 Octantis Order Mu-2 Octantis Empire Dictatorship
Muan Jet Brothers Muan Independent Anarchy
Muan Nu Co-op Muan Nu Independent Cooperative
Muan Qingga Universal Commodities Muan Qingga Independent Corporate
Muan Silver Dynamic Incorporated Muan Empire Corporate
Muang Constitution Party Muang Independent Dictatorship
Much Blue Hand Gang Much Independent Anarchy
Much Crimson Bridge Systems Much Empire Corporate
Muchihiks General Industry Muchihiks Independent Corporate
Mudrama Kaze Blue Cartel Mudrama Kaze Independent Anarchy
Mudrama Kaze Empire Assembly HIP 20002 Empire Patronage
Mudrama Kaze Empire Assembly Mudrama Kaze Empire Patronage
Mudrama Kaze Jet Universal Ltd Mudrama Kaze Independent Corporate
Mudrus Council Mudrus Independent Anarchy
Mudrus Exchange Mudrus Independent Corporate
Mudumboja Ltd Mudumboja Independent Corporate
Mudungkala Central Network Mudungkala Federation Corporate
Mudusitoq Advanced Holdings Mudusitoq Independent Corporate
Mudusitoq Inc Mudusitoq Independent Corporate
Muduwa Blue Partnership Muduwa Independent Anarchy
Muduwa Gold Netcoms Solutions Muduwa Independent Corporate
Muduwa Patrons of Law Muduwa Empire Patronage
Mufrid Democrats Mufrid Federation Democracy
Mufrid Fortune Interstellar Mufrid Federation Corporate
Muga Gang Muga Independent Anarchy
Mugari Imperial Society Mugari Empire Patronage
Mugari Services Mugari Independent Corporate
Mukh & Co Mukh Empire Corporate
Mukhang Commodities Mukhang Independent Corporate
Mukhang Emperor's Grace Mukhang Empire Patronage
Mukhang Public Partners Mukhang Independent Corporate
Muku Netcoms Partners Muku Independent Corporate
Mukulcana Gold Organisation Mukulcana Independent Anarchy
Mukulcana Shared Mukulcana Independent Cooperative
Mukun Prison Colony Mukun Independent Prison Colony
Mukun Transport Services Mukun Independent Corporate
Mukur Left Party Mukur Independent Communism
Mukur Patron's Principles Mukur Empire Patronage
Mukurumnon Free Mukurumnon Independent Democracy
Mukurumnon League Mukurumnon Empire Dictatorship
Mukusubii Flag Mukusubii Independent Dictatorship
Mukusubii Future Mukusubii Federation Democracy
Mukusubii Transport Limited Mukusubii Independent Corporate
Mula Wendes Citizen's Party Mula Wendes Empire Patronage
Mula Wendes Crimson Brotherhood Mula Wendes Independent Anarchy
Mula Wendes Industries Mula Wendes Independent Corporate
Mula Wendes Universal Corp. Mula Wendes Empire Corporate
Mulac Future Mulac Federation Democracy
Mulachi Crimson Posse Mulachi Independent Anarchy
Mulachi Crimson Vision Co Mulachi Federation Corporate
Mulachi Public Corporation Mulachi Independent Corporate
Mulano Crimson Cartel Mulano Independent Anarchy
Mulaya Advanced Limited Mulaya Empire Corporate
Mulaya Partnership Mulaya Independent Anarchy
Mulayo Network Mulayo Independent Corporate
Mulayo Party Mulayo Independent Dictatorship
Mulayo Values Party Mulayo Federation Democracy
Mullag Alliance League Mullag Alliance Patronage
Mullag Jet General Partners Mullag Federation Corporate
Mullag Pro-Alliance Group Mullag Alliance Patronage
Mullag Solutions Mullag Independent Corporate
Multure Guardians of Tradition Multure Empire Patronage
Multuring Blue Life PLC Multuring Independent Corporate
Multuring Guardians of Tradition Multuring Empire Patronage
Multuring Jet Hand Gang Multuring Independent Anarchy
Mulukang Blue Galactic Ind Mulukang Independent Corporate
Mulung Co-op Mulung Independent Cooperative
Mulung Interstellar Mulung Federation Corporate
Mulung Piri Noblement Mulung Piri Independent Feudal
Mulung aristocrats Mulung Independent Feudal
Mulungu Crimson Allied Comms Mulungu Federation Corporate
Mulungu Crimson Legal Inc LP 701-7 Federation Corporate
Mulungu Crimson Legal Inc Mulungu Federation Corporate
Mumba Blue Electronics Inc Mumba Independent Corporate
Mumbal Co-op Mumbal Independent Cooperative
Mumbiku Advanced Services Mumbiku Empire Corporate
Mumbiku Blue Boys Mumbiku Independent Anarchy
Mumukulas Partnership Mumukulas Federation Confederacy
Mumukulas aristocrats Mumukulas Independent Feudal
Muncheim Democrats Muncheim Federation Democracy
Muncheim State Co Muncheim Independent Corporate
Munchep for Equality Munchep Independent Democracy
Mundandjabe Guardians Mundandjabe Empire Patronage
Mundandjabe Legal Incorporated Mundandjabe Independent Corporate
Mundigal Gold Hand Gang Hyades Sector UO-R c4-16 Independent Anarchy
Mundigal Gold Hand Gang Mundigal Independent Anarchy
Mundigal Patrons of Law Mundigal Empire Patronage
Mundigal Transport Co Mundigal Independent Corporate
Mundii Holdings Mundii Federation Corporate
Mundindja Pro-Independent League Mundindja Independent Patronage
Mundine Natural Limited Mundine Empire Corporate
Mundjiga Patrons of Law Mundjiga Empire Patronage
Mundumnonne Dynasty Mundumnonne Independent Feudal
Munfayl Labour Crevit Independent Democracy
Munfayl Labour Munfayl Independent Democracy
Munshin Allied PLC Munshin Empire Corporate
Munshin Empire Group Munshin Empire Patronage
Munshin Future Munshin Independent Democracy
Muraba Silver Galactic Corp. Muraba Federation Corporate
Muracing Crimson Boys Muracing Independent Anarchy
Muracing Silver Allied Group HIP 81378 Federation Corporate
Muracing Silver Allied Group Muracing Federation Corporate
Murama Allied Co Murama Federation Corporate
Murare Patrons of Law Murare Empire Patronage
Murare Silver Advanced Network Murare Independent Corporate
Muras Partnership Muras Federation Confederacy
Murato Group Murato Empire Corporate
Muri Purple Clan Gui Wande Independent Anarchy
Murnako Imperial Society Murnako Empire Patronage
Murnako Jet Transport Comms Murnako Empire Corporate
Murnakum Blue Public Corp. Murnakum Independent Corporate
Murni Confederacy Murni Federation Confederacy
Muruidon Labour Muruidon Federation Democracy
Muruidon Vision Corp. Muruidon Independent Corporate
Muruidooges Fortune Organisation Muruidooges Independent Corporate
Muruidooges Patrons of Law Muruidooges Empire Patronage
Murunderet Rats Murunderet Independent Anarchy
Murung Kuna Public Systems Murung Kuna Independent Corporate
Murungh Crimson Creative Ind Murungh Independent Corporate
Murus Major Industry Aerial Empire Corporate
Murusa Confederacy Murusa Independent Confederacy
Muspell Syndicate Muspell Independent Anarchy
Muss Gold State Co Muss Empire Corporate
Musscheim Free Musscheim Independent Democracy
Musubia Incorporated Musubia Federation Corporate
Muth Dominion Muth Independent Dictatorship
Muthi Company Muthi Federation Corporate
Muthia Patron's Principles Muthia Empire Patronage
Muthnir Gold Allied Partners Muthnir Independent Corporate
Muthnir Nationals Muthnir Empire Dictatorship
Muthniu Defence Force Muthniu Independent Dictatorship
Muthniu Party Muthniu Independent Dictatorship
Muthniu Values Party Muthniu Federation Democracy
Mutjarabi Values Party Mutjarabi Independent Democracy
Mutpuri Democrats Mutpuri Independent Democracy
Mutpuri Regulatory State Mutpuri Independent Dictatorship
Mutujiali Empire Consulate Mutujiali Empire Patronage
Mutujiali Interstellar Mutujiali Independent Corporate
Mutumu Electronics Company Mutumu Independent Corporate
Mutumu Future Mutumu Federation Democracy
Mututnahpu Solutions Mututnahpu Independent Corporate
Mvubandowag Mob Mvubandowag Independent Anarchy
Mwambe Allied & Co Mwambe Empire Corporate
Mwambe Empire Party Mwambe Empire Patronage
Mwamen Bridge Interstellar Mwamen Independent Corporate
Mwamen Front Mwamen Empire Dictatorship
Mwamitoto Systems Mwamitoto Federation Corporate
Myrbat Partnership Myrbat Independent Anarchy

Index page for minor factions

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