This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char N. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
NLTT 11599 Central Industries NLTT 11599 Independent Corporate
NLTT 11599 Emperor's Grace NLTT 11599 Empire Patronage
NLTT 12130 Raiders NLTT 12130 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 12619 Bridge Partners NLTT 12619 Federation Corporate
NLTT 14879 Silver Power Company NLTT 14879 Independent Corporate
NLTT 1512 Nationals NLTT 1512 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 1512 Worker's Party NLTT 1512 Independent Communism
NLTT 15714 Jet Rats NLTT 15714 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 16389 Purple Boys NLTT 16389 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 16389 Purple Power Holdings NLTT 16389 Federation Corporate
NLTT 16389 Republic Party NLTT 16389 Federation Democracy
NLTT 16391 Silver Mob NLTT 16391 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 16570 Network NLTT 16570 Federation Corporate
NLTT 16570 Republic Party NLTT 16570 Federation Democracy
NLTT 18561 Legal Ltd NLTT 18561 Federation Corporate
NLTT 18945 Progressive Party NLTT 18945 Independent Democracy
NLTT 19375 Crimson Gang NLTT 19375 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 19375 Incorporated NLTT 19375 Empire Corporate
NLTT 19808 Purple Vision Systems NLTT 19808 Independent Corporate
NLTT 19808 Silver Dynamic Corp. NLTT 19808 Federation Corporate
NLTT 20330 Power Inc NLTT 20330 Federation Corporate
NLTT 21088 Bridge Network NLTT 21088 Federation Corporate
NLTT 21088 People's Party NLTT 21088 Independent Communism
NLTT 21176 Purple Electronics NLTT 21176 Federation Corporate
NLTT 21440 Camorra NLTT 21440 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 21440 Purple Natural Ex NLTT 21440 Federation Corporate
NLTT 23036 Council NLTT 23036 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 23036 Universal Exchange NLTT 23036 Federation Corporate
NLTT 25207 Comms Ltd NLTT 25207 Independent Corporate
NLTT 25207 Order NLTT 25207 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 2682 Jet Allied Ltd NLTT 2682 Empire Corporate
NLTT 27413 Life Limited NLTT 27413 Federation Corporate
NLTT 2969 Labour NLTT 2969 Federation Democracy
NLTT 33782 Resistance NLTT 33782 Alliance Democracy
NLTT 34715 Blue Drug Empire NLTT 34715 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 34755 Life Interstellar NLTT 34755 Federation Corporate
NLTT 34960 Gold Mob NLTT 34960 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 34960 Network NLTT 34960 Independent Corporate
NLTT 35146 & Co NLTT 35146 Independent Corporate
NLTT 35146 Freedom Party NLTT 35146 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 35146 Group NLTT 35146 Independent Corporate
NLTT 36689 Liberty Party NLTT 36689 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 38960 Creative Inc NLTT 38960 Independent Corporate
NLTT 38960 Justice Party NLTT 38960 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 38960 Mafia NLTT 38960 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 38960 Systems NLTT 38960 Independent Corporate
NLTT 41463 Defence Force NLTT 41463 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 41463 Natural Co NLTT 41463 Federation Corporate
NLTT 41463 Pro-Alliance Bond NLTT 41463 Alliance Patronage
NLTT 42544 Domain NLTT 42544 Independent Feudal
NLTT 42544 Silver Camorra NLTT 42544 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 44219 Electronics Corporation NLTT 44219 Federation Corporate
NLTT 44219 Republic Party NLTT 44219 Federation Democracy
NLTT 45090 Creative Industries NLTT 45090 Federation Corporate
NLTT 45576 Blue Syndicate NLTT 45576 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 45576 Nobles NLTT 45576 Independent Feudal
NLTT 46403 Federal Industry NLTT 46403 Federation Corporate
NLTT 46621 Blue Adv Int NLTT 46621 Federation Corporate
NLTT 46621 Dragons NLTT 46621 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 4671 Dynasty Laedla Empire Feudal
NLTT 4671 Dynasty NLTT 4671 Empire Feudal
NLTT 47967 Energy Ltd NLTT 47967 Federation Corporate
NLTT 47967 Industries NLTT 47967 Independent Corporate
NLTT 47967 Values Party NLTT 47967 Federation Democracy
NLTT 47967 Values Party Ross 162 Federation Democracy
NLTT 48502 Corporation NLTT 48502 Federation Corporate
NLTT 49528 Liberals NLTT 49528 Independent Democracy
NLTT 49528 Vision PLC NLTT 49528 Federation Corporate
NLTT 50716 Domain NLTT 50716 Independent Feudal
NLTT 50716 Independents NLTT 50716 Federation Democracy
NLTT 51200 Commodities NLTT 51200 Independent Corporate
NLTT 51966 Crimson Allied Comms NLTT 51966 Federation Corporate
NLTT 51966 Crimson Allied Comms Wolf 953 Federation Corporate
NLTT 5369 Exchange NLTT 5369 Independent Corporate
NLTT 5369 Liberals NLTT 5369 Federation Democracy
NLTT 53690 Life Ltd NLTT 53690 Independent Corporate
NLTT 53690 Republic Party NLTT 53690 Federation Democracy
NLTT 53889 Blue Pirates NLTT 53889 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 55164 Creative Exchange NLTT 55164 Federation Corporate
NLTT 56379 Emperor's Grace Boloch Empire Patronage
NLTT 56379 Emperor's Grace NLTT 56379 Empire Patronage
NLTT 56379 Natural Exchange NLTT 56379 Empire Corporate
NLTT 56881 Gold General PLC NLTT 56881 Independent Corporate
NLTT 56881 Gold Ring NLTT 56881 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 56881 Independents NLTT 56881 Federation Democracy
NLTT 56881 Network NLTT 56881 Independent Corporate
NLTT 57216 Autocracy NLTT 57216 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 57216 Federal Industry NLTT 57216 Independent Corporate
NLTT 57216 Free NLTT 57216 Federation Democracy
NLTT 57668 Purple Legal Corp NLTT 57668 Independent Corporate
NLTT 5871 Shared NLTT 5871 Independent Cooperative
NLTT 5871 Silver Bridge Holdings NLTT 5871 Empire Corporate
NLTT 5871 Silver Bridge Holdings Themiscrya Empire Corporate
NLTT 639 Gold Energy Inc NLTT 639 Federation Corporate
NLTT 6655 Party NLTT 6655 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 6667 Republic Party NLTT 6667 Federation Democracy
NLTT 6667 Silver Bridge Limited NLTT 6667 Federation Corporate
NLTT 7789 Exchange Exioce Empire Corporate
NLTT 7789 Exchange NLTT 7789 Empire Corporate
NLTT 7856 Imperial Society NLTT 7856 Empire Patronage
NLTT 8084 Natural Services NLTT 8084 Federation Corporate
NLTT 8234 Advanced Network NLTT 8234 Independent Corporate
NLTT 8234 League NLTT 8234 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 8653 Empire Assembly NLTT 8653 Empire Patronage
NLTT 8653 State Exchange NLTT 8653 Independent Corporate
NLTT 9032 Crimson Bridge PLC NLTT 9032 Federation Corporate
NLTT 9447 Empire Pact NLTT 9447 Empire Patronage
NLTT 9447 First NLTT 9447 Independent Dictatorship
NLTT 9447 Gang NLTT 9447 Independent Anarchy
NLTT 9447 Vision Industry NLTT 9447 Independent Corporate
NN 3062 Flag NN 3062 Empire Dictatorship
NN 3365 Corp. NN 3365 Federation Corporate
NORTHERN METTA UNION Purisaz Independent Communism
NSV 3315 Advanced Ltd NSV 3315 Federation Corporate
NULL CD-59 4616 Independent Democracy
NULL HR 5113 Independent Democracy
NULL Heikegani Independent Democracy
NULL LTT 4961 Independent Democracy
Na Chac Og Jet Partnership Na Chac Og Independent Anarchy
Na Chem Corp. Na Chem Federation Corporate
Na Chipini Patron's Principles Na Chipini Empire Patronage
Na Chun Di Crew Na Chun Di Independent Anarchy
Na Zha Gold Bridge Corp. Na Zha Independent Corporate
Na Zotzil Silver Galactic Serv Na Zotzil Federation Corporate
Naduninda Ltd Naduninda Independent Corporate
Naduninda Purple State Partners Naduninda Independent Corporate
Nadunuvii Energy Partners Nadunuvii Independent Corporate
Nadunuvii Mafia Nadunuvii Independent Anarchy
Naduscapati Gold Society Naduscapati Independent Anarchy
Naduvul Resistance Naduvul Federation Democracy
Naduwal Hand Gang Naduwal Independent Anarchy
Naduwal Natural Interstellar Naduwal Federation Corporate
Naebin Jet General Company Naebin Federation Corporate
Naebing Electronics Commodities Naebing Empire Corporate
Naebisaako Co Naebisaako Independent Corporate
Naebisaako Nationalists Naebisaako Independent Dictatorship
Naebisoci Systems Naebisoci Empire Corporate
Naebisulfr Autocracy Naebisulfr Empire Dictatorship
Naebisulfr Services Naebisulfr Empire Corporate
Naebitici Prison Colony Naebitici Empire Prison Colony
Nagages Federal Industries Nagages Independent Corporate
Naganjin Guardians of Tradition Naganjin Empire Patronage
Naganjin Industries Naganjin Independent Corporate
Nagans Commodities Nagans Empire Corporate
Nagarans League Nagarans Federation Confederacy
Nagarlaw Major Holdings Nagarlaw Federation Corporate
Nagaru Purple Legal Solutions Nagaru Independent Corporate
Nagasairu Purple Vision Company Nagasairu Federation Corporate
Nagaybaks Front Nagaybaks Empire Dictatorship
Nagaybaks Galactic Solutions Kuwemargl Federation Corporate
Nagaybaks Galactic Solutions Nagaybaks Federation Corporate
Nagaybuwa Purple Bridge Inc Nagaybuwa Federation Corporate
Nageni Citizens of Tradition Nageni Empire Patronage
Nageni Free Nageni Independent Democracy
Nageni Partners Nageni Independent Corporate
Nagi Corporation Nagi Independent Corporate
Nagi Empire Pact Nagi Empire Patronage
Nagi Organisation Nagi Independent Anarchy
Nagii Autocracy Nagii Independent Dictatorship
Nagii Posse Lyncis Sector MC-V b2-1 Independent Anarchy
Nagii Union HIP 25224 Independent Communism
Nagii Union HIP 26037 Independent Communism
Nagii Union He Xian Di Independent Communism
Nagii Union Nagii Independent Communism
Nagii Union Nai Nones Independent Communism
Nagii Union Nuitati Independent Communism
Nagii Union Yano Independent Communism
Nagii United Co Lyncis Sector MC-V b2-1 Independent Corporate
Nagii United Co Nagii Independent Corporate
Nagnaiwae Gold Dynamic Co Nagnaiwae Independent Corporate
Nagnatae Jet Power Partners Nagnatae Federation Corporate
Nagni Gold Council Nagni Independent Anarchy
Nagni Patron's Principles Nagni Empire Patronage
Nagnutli Gold Federal Partners Nagnutli Federation Corporate
Nagybold Major Holdings Nagybold Independent Corporate
Nahua Citizens' Forum Nahua Empire Patronage
Nahua Natural Holdings Nahua Empire Corporate
Nahuahini Ltd Nahuahini Independent Corporate
Nahuahini Syndicate Nahuahini Independent Anarchy
Nahuaru Crimson Bridge Int Nahuaru Independent Corporate
Nahuatl Creative Incorporated Nahuatl Independent Corporate
Nahuatl Empire Party Nahuatl Empire Patronage
Nahuatl Guardians of Tradition Nahuatl Empire Patronage
Nahumla Dominion Nahumla Independent Feudal
Nahundi Galactic & Co Nahundi Federation Corporate
Nai Hou Jiu Major Inc Nai Hou Jiu Empire Corporate
Nai No Kami Federal Commodities Nai No Kami Empire Corporate
Nai Nones Rats Nai Nones Independent Anarchy
Naika Emperor's Grace Naika Empire Patronage
Naikun Creative Commodities Naikun Independent Corporate
Nait Purple State Commodities Nait Federation Corporate
Naiti Noblement Naiti Independent Feudal
Naitis Alliance Bridge Naitis Alliance Patronage
Naitis General Holdings Naitis Federation Corporate
Nakako Free Nakako Independent Democracy
Nakako Transport PLC Nakako Federation Corporate
Nakap Allied Nakap Independent Cooperative
Nakaruwuti Guardians Nakaruwuti Empire Patronage
Nakaruwuti Systems Nakaruwuti Empire Corporate
Nakau Services Nakau Empire Corporate
Nakula Silver Power Company Nakula Independent Corporate
Nakulha Travel Solutions Nakulha Federation Corporate
Nakuma Jet Allied Co Nakuma Federation Corporate
Nal Yax Federal Industries Nal Yax Empire Corporate
Nal Yeh Blue Life & Co Nal Yeh Federation Corporate
Nalu Group Nalu Federation Corporate
Namab PLC Namab Federation Corporate
Namab Purple Brothers Namab Independent Anarchy
Namab Purple Brothers Rabastyane Independent Anarchy
Namago Blue Partnership Namago Independent Anarchy
Namago Commodities Namago Federation Corporate
Namai Dynasty Namai Independent Feudal
Namai Syndicate Namai Independent Anarchy
Namaka Services Namaka Alliance Corporate
Namamasairu Gold Raiders Namamasairu Independent Anarchy
Namarii Emperor's Dawn Kamcha Empire Corporate
Namarii Movement Namarii Empire Dictatorship
Namasa Imperial Society Namasa Empire Patronage
Namat Emperor's Grace Namat Empire Patronage
Namatho Resistance Namatho Federation Democracy
Namayu Blue Syndicate Namayu Independent Anarchy
Namba Allied Commodities Namba Independent Corporate
Namba Imperial Society Kalvaitu Empire Patronage
Namba Imperial Society Namba Empire Patronage
Nambal Drug Empire Nambal Independent Anarchy
Nambal Empire Consulate Nambal Empire Patronage
Nambal Industries Nambal Empire Corporate
Nambi Co Nambi Empire Corporate
Nambikuara First Nambikuara Independent Dictatorship
Nambikuara Interstellar Nambikuara Federation Corporate
Nambikuara Power Partners Nambikuara Independent Corporate
Nammu Crimson Creative Inc Nammu Federation Corporate
Namniez Flag Namniez Independent Dictatorship
Namniez Free Namniez Independent Democracy
Namniez Ltd Namniez Empire Corporate
Namniez Patrons of Law Namniez Empire Patronage
Namniez State Systems Namniez Independent Corporate
Namon Dominion Namon Empire Dictatorship
Namon Labour Namon Independent Democracy
Namon Natural Holdings Namon Empire Corporate
Namorovi Organisation Namorovi Empire Corporate
Namte Life & Co Namte Federation Corporate
Nan Cruagsa Republic Party Nan Cruagsa Federation Democracy
Nan Hsie Prison Colony Nan Hsie Independent Prison Colony
Nan Sapwe Purple Energy PLC Nan Sapwe Independent Corporate
Nan Wera Empire Party Nan Wera Empire Patronage
Nan Wera Silver Galactic Ind Nan Wera Independent Corporate
Nan Yamanes Silver Partnership Nan Yamanes Independent Anarchy
Nan Yamanes Transport Corporation Nan Yamanes Independent Corporate
Nana De Company Nana De Empire Corporate
Nanabozho Transport Holdings AY Indi Federation Corporate
Nanamatha Partners Nanamatha Independent Corporate
Nanamatha Progressive Party Nanamatha Federation Democracy
Nanangolans Society Nanangolans Independent Anarchy
Nanapan Focus Nanapan Empire Dictatorship
Nanarilobo Jet Partnership Mulung Piri Independent Anarchy
Nanarilobo Jet Partnership Nanarilobo Independent Anarchy
Nanatani Silver United & Co Nanatani Independent Corporate
Nanatay Inc Nanatay Empire Corporate
Nanawi Imperial Society Nanawi Empire Patronage
Nanawi Purple Natural Holdings Nanawi Independent Corporate
Nanawi as one Nanawi Independent Cooperative
Nandaqui Drug Empire Nandaqui Independent Anarchy
Nandaqui Public Systems Nandaqui Empire Corporate
Nandarib Legal Inc Nandarib Empire Corporate
Nandh Jet Partnership Nandh Independent Anarchy
Nandh Purple Allied Interstellar Nandh Federation Corporate
Nandhs General Exchange Nandhs Independent Corporate
Nandhs Transport PLC Nandhs Independent Corporate
Nandigamara Exchange Nandigamara Empire Corporate
Nandinia Gold Central Holdings Nandinia Empire Corporate
Nandjaba Jet Society Nandjaba Independent Anarchy
Nandjaba Resistance Nandjaba Federation Democracy
Nandjabinja Industry Nandjabinja Federation Corporate
Nandjalato Galactic Partners Nandjalato Independent Corporate
Nandjil Netcoms Industry Nandjil Independent Corporate
Nandjirii Crimson Galactic Org Nandjirii Federation Corporate
Nandovices Patron's Principles Nandovices Empire Patronage
Nandovices Power Organisation Nandovices Empire Corporate
Nang De Ti for Equality Nang De Ti Independent Democracy
Nang Di Creative Systems Nang Di Independent Corporate
Nang Picori Co-op Nang Picori Independent Cooperative
Nang Picori Inc Nang Picori Empire Corporate
Nang Ta-khian Jet Pirates Nang Ta-khian Independent Anarchy
Nangandh Crimson Syndicate Nangandh Independent Anarchy
Nangandh Limited Nangandh Federation Corporate
Nanggalis Commodities Nanggalis Federation Corporate
Nangpo Empire Group Nangpo Empire Patronage
Nangura Blue Family Nangura Independent Anarchy
Nangura Blue United Interstellar Nangura Federation Corporate
Nangutsu Universal Corporation Nangutsu Federation Corporate
Nanka Blue Universal Org Nanka Independent Corporate
Nankobi Progressive Party Nankobi Independent Democracy
Nankul General Holdings Nankul Federation Corporate
Nanoai Society Nanoai Independent Anarchy
Nanomam Life Systems Nanomam Federation Corporate
Nanomam Ltd Nanomam Federation Corporate
Nanoy Incorporated Nanoy Independent Corporate
Nanta Ti Crimson Major Corp Nanta Ti Empire Corporate
Nanta Ti Federal Commodities Nanta Ti Independent Corporate
Nantariates Patrons of Law Nantariates Empire Patronage
Nantiates Gold Central Group Nantiates Independent Corporate
Nantiates Purple Pirates Nantiates Independent Anarchy
Nantiates Values Party Nantiates Independent Democracy
Nantjangli Purple Energy Ind Nantjangli Federation Corporate
Nantoac Blue Organisation Nantoac Independent Anarchy
Nantoac Regulatory State Nantoac Empire Dictatorship
Napia Imperial Society Napia Empire Patronage
Napia Organisation Kou Mantes Empire Corporate
Napia Organisation Napia Empire Corporate
Napitic Dynasty Napitic Independent Feudal
Napitic Silver Clan Napitic Independent Anarchy
Naporimui Flag Naporimui Independent Dictatorship
Naporimui Limited Naporimui Empire Corporate
Napote Silver Comms Industries Napote Empire Corporate
Narai Organisation Narai Independent Corporate
Naraka Blue Dynamic PLC Naraka Federation Corporate
Naraka Gold Brothers Arbuda Independent Anarchy
Naraka Gold Brothers Naraka Independent Anarchy
Narakwates Corp. Narakwates Empire Corporate
Narakwates Imperial Society CD-53 9442 Empire Patronage
Narakwates Imperial Society Narakwates Empire Patronage
Narakwates Values Party Narakwates Independent Democracy
Narans Corp. Mvubandowag Federation Corporate
Narans Corp. Narans Federation Corporate
Narantan Jet Advanced Limited Narantan Independent Corporate
Narantan Nationals Narantan Empire Dictatorship
Narantan Republic Party Narantan Independent Democracy
Narasa Labour Narasa Independent Democracy
Narasimha Ltd Narasimha Federation Corporate
Narati Shi Blue Mob Narati Shi Independent Anarchy
Narati Shi Progressive Party Narati Shi Federation Democracy
Naratones Commodities Naratones Independent Corporate
Naratones Jet Public Ltd Naratones Independent Corporate
Naratones Resistance Naratones Independent Democracy
Naraviri Empire League Naraviri Empire Patronage
Narbacoch & Co Narbacoch Independent Corporate
Narbacoch Liberals Narbacoch Independent Democracy
Narbago Silver Electronics Int Narbago Independent Corporate
Narbudj Silver Hand Gang Narbudj Independent Anarchy
Narbudj Vision Limited Narbudj Independent Corporate
Nare Blue Major Ltd Nare Federation Corporate
Nareldi Universal Services Nareldi Empire Corporate
Naren Gold Drug Empire Naren Independent Anarchy
Naren Industry Naren Federation Corporate
Narenses Organisation LTT 8181 Federation Corporate
Narenses Organisation Narenses Federation Corporate
Narentes Progressive Party Narentes Federation Democracy
Nari Advanced Inc Nari Independent Corporate
Nari People's Co-operative Nari Independent Cooperative
Nariansan First Nariansan Independent Dictatorship
Nariansan Guardians of Tradition Nariansan Empire Patronage
Narim Empire Assembly Narim Empire Patronage
Narim Gold Dynamic Corporation Narim Independent Corporate
Narina Silver Society Narina Independent Anarchy
Nariya Coordinated Nariya Independent Cooperative
Nariya Fortune & Co Nariya Independent Corporate
Nariyot Citizens of Tradition Nariyot Empire Patronage
Narkinnaq Jet Ring Narkinnaq Independent Anarchy
Narkinyin Energy Interstellar Narkinyin Federation Corporate
Narri Holdings Narri Independent Corporate
Narri Justice Party Narri Independent Dictatorship
Narvernaca Patron's Principles Narvernaca Independent Cooperative
Narvert Purple Power Solutions Narvert Federation Corporate
Narveti Company Narveti Empire Corporate
Nasaraudi Jet Mob Nasaraudi Independent Anarchy
Nashira Netcoms Commodities Nashira Independent Corporate
Nasiaverni Crimson Hand Gang Nasiaverni Independent Anarchy
Nasiaverni Industry Nasiaverni Independent Corporate
Nasiaverni Purple Galactic Ltd Nasiaverni Independent Corporate
Naso Kichi Prison Colony Khitibe Empire Prison Colony
Naso Kichi Prison Colony Naso Kichi Empire Prison Colony
Nat9481 Nobles Carpetani Independent Feudal
Nat9481 Nobles Nat9481 Independent Feudal
Nat9481 Nobles V1198 Orionis Independent Feudal
Nata Commodities Nata Empire Corporate
Natar Domain Natar Empire Feudal
Natar Inc Natar Independent Corporate
Natay Blue Family Natay Independent Anarchy
Natera Galactic Systems Natera Federation Corporate
Natera Ring Natera Independent Anarchy
Natero Kop Society Natero Kop Independent Anarchy
Nationalists of 36 Persei 36 Persei Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of 5 Puppis 5 Puppis Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of 620 Ross 620 Federation Dictatorship
Nationalists of 63 G. Capricorni 63 G. Capricorni Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Adriatikuru Adriatikuru Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Aholhyniai Aholhyniai Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Ahpuchan Ahpuchan Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Ainunnicori Ainunnicori Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Angrbole Angrbole Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Anima Anima Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Arverda Arverda Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of BD+11 2673 BD+11 2673 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of BD+67 1409 BD+67 1409 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Belarsuk Belarsuk Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of CD-47 990 CD-47 990 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Carns Carns Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Celtani Celtani Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Chiboneskhe Chiboneskhe Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Contien Contien Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Daha Daha Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Didio Didio Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Djaracates Djaracates Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Galam Galam Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Groombridge 1618 Groombridge 1618 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 102895 HIP 102895 Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 110248 HIP 110248 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 110564 HIP 110564 Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 11923 HIP 11923 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 14973 HIP 14973 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 18918 HIP 18918 Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 2453 HIP 2453 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 3318 HIP 3318 Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 38134 HIP 38134 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 47255 HIP 47255 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 4794 HIP 4794 Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 59180 HIP 59180 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 59776 HIP 59776 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 76156 HIP 76156 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 76543 HIP 76543 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of HIP 94939 HIP 94939 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Hapats Hapats Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Hembe Hembe Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Huiche Huiche Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Jicarex Jicarex Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Kamaki Kamaki Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Karakmo Karakmo Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Karsuki Ti Karsuki Ti Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Koamu Yi Koamu Yi Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Kusat Kusat Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Kutenis Kutenis Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Kutjalkini Kutjalkini Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Kwiamong Kwiamong Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of LP 410-93 LP 410-93 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of LTT 911 LTT 911 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Laksar Laksar Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Lamgani Lamgani Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Libumij Libumij Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of MCC 741 MCC 741 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Mehnemind Mehnemind Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Midi Midi Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of NLTT 34715 NLTT 34715 Alliance Dictatorship
Nationalists of NLTT 51966 NLTT 51966 Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Nu Guang Nu Guang Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Olelatha Olelatha Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Olker Olker Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Pancienses Pancienses Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Plutarch Plutarch Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Purungaitha Purungaitha Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Regira Regira Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Rungu Rungu Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Rusalkyries Rusalkyries Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Salibal Salibal Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Sesui Redos Sesui Redos Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Shamaphan Shamaphan Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Shilluk Shilluk Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Sirius Sirius Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Tarach Tor Mehudti Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Tehuenef Tehuenef Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Thetis Thetis Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Thosagii Thosagii Federation Dictatorship
Nationalists of Ticushpakhi Ticushpakhi Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Tlakakaltan Tlakakaltan Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Vaipuna Vaipuna Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Vanayequi Vanayequi Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Vitri Vitri Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Wito Wito Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Witsanukam Witsanukam Independent Dictatorship
Nationalists of Wudjari Wudjari Empire Dictatorship
Nationalists of Yaguvit Yaguvit Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of 10 Theta Piscium 10 Theta Piscium Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of 40 Draconis 40 Draconis Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of 64 Arietis 64 Arietis Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Alano Alano Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Algreit Algreit Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Alpha Fornacis Alpha Fornacis Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Altauluwa Altauluwa Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Amun Amun Independent Confederacy
Nationals of Araman Araman Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Aranbarahun Aranbarahun Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Arine Arine Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of BD+43 2989 BD+43 2989 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of BD+69 530 BD+69 530 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of BPM 89444 BPM 89444 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Bactrimpox Bactrimpox Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Bhadaba Bhadaba Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Binju Binju Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of CD-22 9062 CD-22 9062 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of CD-55 1514 CD-55 1514 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Chelmen Chelmen Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Coriccha Coriccha Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Erishiko Erishiko Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Gaunab Gaunab Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Gilgamesh Gilgamesh Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Graudus Graudus Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 15255 HIP 15255 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 19767 HIP 19767 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 25963 HIP 25963 Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 3540 HIP 3540 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 41184 HIP 41184 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 493 HIP 493 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 50352 HIP 50352 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 57350 HIP 57350 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 6108 HIP 6108 Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 64128 HIP 64128 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 6847 HIP 6847 Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 7199 HIP 7199 Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of HIP 8525 HIP 8525 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Halai Halai Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Hou Yangk Hou Yangk Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Hun Pulan Hun Pulan Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Inupinie Inupinie Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Jemehuenges Jemehuenges Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of K'uanele K'uanele Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Kanean Kanean Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Kurigosages Kurigosages Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Kurui Gubi Kurui Gubi Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of L 170-63 L 170-63 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of LHS 1914 LHS 1914 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of LHS 21 LHS 21 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of LP 1-52 LP 1-52 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of LP 490-68 LP 490-68 Alliance Dictatorship
Nationals of LTT 4337 LTT 4337 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Lalande 37120 Lalande 37120 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Lhana Lhana Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Lushu Lushu Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Mati Chuqui Mati Chuqui Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Mwamen Mwamen Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of NLTT 897 NLTT 897 Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Naits Naits Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Nyalo Nyalo Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Nyx Nyx Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Omumba Omumba Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Phrygiang Phrygiang Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Purungaitha Purungaitha Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Ross 263 Ross 263 Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Rugabaruwa Rugabaruwa Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Seurbi Seurbi Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Shorodo Shorodo Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Shosini Shosini Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Teuricas Teuricas Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Tolistshiri Tolistshiri Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Tubalith Tubalith Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Tujia Tujia Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Uelloskima Uelloskima Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Ugrashtrim Ugrashtrim Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Ulicunabopa Ulicunabopa Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of V565 Persei V565 Persei Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Vodyanoa Vodyanoa Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Wakot Wakot Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Wapis Wapis Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Widjangkuma Widjangkuma Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Woyemsit Woyemsit Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of Wutha Gigae Wutha Gigae Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Xi Shan Xi Shan Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Xue Davokje Xue Davokje Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Yen Chelici Yen Chelici Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Yenic Yenic Independent Dictatorship
Nationals of Zac Og Zac Og Empire Dictatorship
Nationals of k Velorum A k Velorum A Independent Dictatorship
Natrians Purple Clan Natrians Independent Anarchy
Natrimi Jet Family Natrimi Independent Anarchy
Natural 11 Virginis Freedom Party 11 Virginis Independent Dictatorship
Natural 16 Cygni Defence Force 16 Cygni Independent Dictatorship
Natural 32 l Persei Defence Force 32 l Persei Independent Dictatorship
Natural 4 Camelopardalis Law Party 4 Camelopardalis Independent Dictatorship
Natural 62 Ursae Majoris Law Party 62 Ursae Majoris Independent Dictatorship
Natural 69 G. Carinae Movement 69 G. Carinae Independent Dictatorship
Natural Abora Movement Abora Empire Dictatorship
Natural Abora Movement Kavalliyala Empire Dictatorship
Natural Acants Regulatory State Acants Independent Dictatorship
Natural Ailuremowo Order Ailuremowo Independent Dictatorship
Natural Akbakara Dominion Akbakara Independent Dictatorship
Natural Alawannaq Party Alawannaq Independent Dictatorship
Natural Amitrimpanu Movement Amitrimpanu Empire Dictatorship
Natural Andhan Focus Andhan Empire Dictatorship
Natural Aowindui Bureau Aowindui Independent Dictatorship
Natural Arachi Szu Regulatory State Arachi Szu Empire Dictatorship
Natural Aracinicnii First Aracinicnii Independent Dictatorship
Natural Arakandza Party Arakandza Empire Dictatorship
Natural Aruru Defence Force Aruru Independent Dictatorship
Natural Asurasairu Focus Asurasairu Independent Dictatorship
Natural Atese Front Atese Empire Dictatorship
Natural Atfero Flag Atfero Independent Dictatorship
Natural Atorii First Atorii Independent Dictatorship
Natural Aura Nationalists Aura Independent Dictatorship
Natural BD+31 2290 Defence Party BD+31 2290 Alliance Dictatorship
Natural BD-00 4461 Constitution Party BD-00 4461 Independent Dictatorship
Natural BD-01 2518 Justice Party BD-01 2518 Independent Dictatorship
Natural BD-19 3629A First BD-19 3629A Independent Dictatorship
Natural BV Phoenicis Front BV Phoenicis Empire Dictatorship
Natural Bafook Dominion Bafook Empire Dictatorship
Natural Balie Defence Party Balie Independent Dictatorship
Natural Bambrigud Freedom Party Bambrigud Independent Dictatorship
Natural Bandjigali Autocracy Bandjigali Independent Dictatorship
Natural Bangyani Law Party Bangyani Empire Dictatorship
Natural Baraswar First Baraswar Independent Dictatorship
Natural Baro Regulatory State Baro Independent Dictatorship
Natural Basuseku Conservatives Basuseku Empire Dictatorship
Natural Bediangu Constitution Party Bediangu Empire Dictatorship
Natural Bhadra First Bhadra Independent Dictatorship
Natural Bibato Autocracy Bibato Empire Dictatorship
Natural Bida Defence Force Bida Independent Dictatorship
Natural Bochica Bureau Bochica Empire Dictatorship
Natural Bodo Constitution Party Bodo Independent Dictatorship
Natural Breksta Autocracy Breksta Independent Dictatorship
Natural Bulkuylkana Constitution Party Bulkuylkana Independent Dictatorship
Natural CD-60 7742 Conservatives CD-60 7742 Independent Dictatorship
Natural CF 16001 Freedom Party CF 16001 Independent Dictatorship
Natural Carnai Party Carnai Empire Dictatorship
Natural Carnoeck Movement Carnoeck Independent Dictatorship
Natural Caru Nationalists Caru Independent Dictatorship
Natural Caspi Freedom Party Caspi Independent Dictatorship
Natural Cerrodi Nationalists Cerrodi Independent Dictatorship
Natural Chachapoyas League Chachapoyas Empire Dictatorship
Natural Chaman Freedom Party Chaman Independent Dictatorship
Natural Chaualkyrja Defence Force Chaualkyrja Independent Dictatorship
Natural Chengurr Movement Chengurr Independent Dictatorship
Natural Corngi Liberty Party Corngi Empire Dictatorship
Natural Cowicas Front Cowicas Independent Dictatorship
Natural Cupera Autocracy Cupera Empire Dictatorship
Natural Dao Jungu Regulatory State Dao Jungu Independent Dictatorship
Natural Diaguandri Regulatory State Diaguandri Independent Dictatorship
Natural Djiraja Autocracy Djiraja Independent Dictatorship
Natural Dulerce Dominion Dulerce Independent Dictatorship
Natural Dyaushibi League Dyaushibi Independent Dictatorship
Natural Elli Freedom Party Elli Independent Dictatorship
Natural Epsilon Ceti Liberty Party Epsilon Ceti Independent Dictatorship
Natural Eta Coronae Borealis Autocracy Eta Coronae Borealis Independent Dictatorship
Natural Eta Draconis Freedom Party Eta Draconis Independent Dictatorship
Natural Eta Leporis Law Party Eta Leporis Independent Dictatorship
Natural Fenghus Party Fenghus Independent Dictatorship
Natural Fjorgyn Liberty Party Fjorgyn Independent Dictatorship
Natural Galti Justice Party Galti Independent Dictatorship
Natural Ganekpe Law Party Ganekpe Independent Dictatorship
Natural Gliese 182.1 Liberty Party Gliese 182.1 Independent Dictatorship
Natural Gwydans Liberty Party Gwydans Independent Dictatorship
Natural Gwydans Liberty Party Pegasi Sector GR-V c2-30 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 110355 Flag HIP 110355 Empire Dictatorship
Natural HIP 110773 Bureau HIP 110773 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 112974 Focus HIP 112974 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 11359 Justice Party HIP 11359 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 117121 First HIP 117121 Empire Dictatorship
Natural HIP 117391 Liberty Party HIP 117391 Empire Dictatorship
Natural HIP 118213 Liberty Party HIP 118213 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 12167 Defence Party HIP 12167 Empire Dictatorship
Natural HIP 12605 Order HIP 12605 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 12779 Defence Force HIP 12779 Empire Dictatorship
Natural HIP 18327 Nationalists HIP 17962 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 18327 Nationalists HIP 18327 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 18339 First HIP 18339 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 19052 Nationalists HIP 19052 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 19808 Movement HIP 19808 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 23259 Focus HIP 23259 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 24883 Movement HIP 24883 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 27986 Law Party HIP 27986 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 28573 First HIP 28573 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 29716 Dominion HIP 29716 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 33654 Regulatory State HIP 33654 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 40140 Autocracy HIP 40140 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 40452 Conservatives HIP 40452 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 41090 Focus HIP 41090 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 47110 First HIP 47110 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 48248 League Col 285 Sector JC-U d3-72 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 48248 League HIP 48248 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 58268 Defence Party HIP 58268 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 61947 Law Party HIP 61947 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 71737 Constitution Party HIP 71737 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 7370 Constitution Party HIP 7370 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 78237 Constitution Party HIP 78237 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 7916 Flag HIP 7916 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 79322 Flag HIP 79322 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 90112 Party HIP 90112 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 93377 Defence Force HIP 93377 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HIP 97196 Law Party HIP 97196 Empire Dictatorship
Natural HIP 99680 Liberty Party HIP 99680 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HR 244 Dominion HR 244 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HR 3762 Order HR 3762 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HR 4062 Law Party HR 4062 Independent Dictatorship
Natural HerniMara Party HerniMara Independent Dictatorship
Natural Hou Mara Defence Party Hou Mara Independent Dictatorship
Natural Huang Yai Focus Huang Yai Independent Dictatorship
Natural Hunbinja Conservatives Hunbinja Independent Dictatorship
Natural Inktehit Party Inktehit Independent Dictatorship
Natural Inovandar First Hyades Sector GH-V d2-135 Independent Dictatorship
Natural Inovandar First Inovandar Independent Dictatorship
Natural Irdlivices Freedom Party Irdlivices Independent Dictatorship
Natural Jaroahy Liberty Party Jaroahy Independent Dictatorship
Natural Joro Nationalists Joro Independent Dictatorship
Natural Jukundji First Jukundji Empire Dictatorship
Natural Kamaskapus Conservatives Kamaskapus Empire Dictatorship
Natural Kammari Party Kammari Independent Dictatorship
Natural Kammato League Kammato Independent Dictatorship
Natural Kanagoto Regulatory State Kanagoto Empire Dictatorship
Natural Katuci Liberty Party Katuci Empire Dictatorship
Natural Kaupolis Order Kaupolis Empire Dictatorship
Natural Khan Gubii Constitution Party HIP 76713 Independent Dictatorship
Natural Khan Gubii Constitutuin Party HIP 76713 Independent Dictatorship
Natural Kilique Front Kilique Empire Dictatorship
Natural Knumadi Dominion Knumadi Independent Dictatorship
Natural Kojinbaia Law Party Kojinbaia Empire Dictatorship
Natural Kokoku Constitution Party Kokoku Independent Dictatorship
Natural Kuwembanda Defence Party Kuwembanda Empire Dictatorship
Natural Kwakwakwal Defence Party Kwakwakwal Independent Dictatorship
Natural LDS 2314 Law Party LDS 2314 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LFT 1425 Movement LFT 1425 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LFT 601 Law Party LFT 601 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LHS 2037 Flag LHS 2037 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LHS 274 Freedom Party LHS 274 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LO Muscae Nationalists LO Muscae Independent Dictatorship
Natural LP 245-10 Bureau LP 245-10 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LP 294-40 Liberty Party LP 294-40 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LP 465-14 Defence Party LP 465-14 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LP 476-207 Freedom Party LP 476-207 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LP 51-17 Law Party LP 51-17 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LP 811-17 Conservatives LP 811-17 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LTT 3686 Front LTT 3686 Independent Dictatorship
Natural LTT 9593 Autocracy LTT 9593 Independent Dictatorship
Natural Latjal Front Latjal Independent Dictatorship
Natural Lazdones Autocracy Lazdones Independent Dictatorship
Natural Lembava Dominion Lembava Independent Dictatorship
Natural Luvalla Law Party Luvalla Independent Dictatorship
Natural Macalites Regulatory State Macalites Independent Dictatorship
Natural Macoceleuta Law Party Macoceleuta Independent Dictatorship
Natural Malsuman Autocracy Malsuman Independent Dictatorship
Natural Manarato Law Party Manarato Independent Dictatorship
Natural Mang Movement Mang Independent Dictatorship
Natural Manike Party Manike Independent Dictatorship
Natural Mannboo Flag Mannboo Independent Dictatorship
Natural Manten League Manten Independent Dictatorship
Natural Manthe Liberty Party Manthe Empire Dictatorship
Natural Maorsi Justice Party Maorsi Independent Dictatorship
Natural Marines Movement Marines Independent Dictatorship
Natural Marojini Autocracy Marojini Independent Dictatorship
Natural Matec Order Matec Empire Dictatorship
Natural Mawannona Law Party Mawannona Empire Dictatorship
Natural Mazu Focus Mazu Independent Dictatorship
Natural Mbera Focus Mbera Independent Dictatorship
Natural Meeneratii Conservatives Meeneratii Independent Dictatorship
Natural Mehit Liberty Party HIP 56321 Alliance Dictatorship
Natural Mehit Liberty Party Mehit Alliance Dictatorship
Natural Mentiens Defence Force Mentiens Independent Dictatorship
Natural Murare Regulatory State Murare Independent Dictatorship
Natural Namamasairu Flag HIP 33392 Empire Dictatorship
Natural Namamasairu Flag Namamasairu Empire Dictatorship
Natural Ndria Law Party Ndria Independent Dictatorship
Natural Negafook Dominion Negafook Independent Dictatorship
Natural Niu Yu Bureau Niu Yu Independent Dictatorship
Natural Njambian De Party Njambian De Empire Dictatorship
Natural Njangari Front Njangari Empire Dictatorship
Natural Njordi Defence Force Njordi Independent Dictatorship
Natural Nurundere First Nurundere Independent Dictatorship
Natural Orocori Law Party Orocori Empire Dictatorship
Natural Oxossi Conservatives Oxossi Empire Dictatorship
Natural Oxossi Conservatives Raurugba Empire Dictatorship
Natural Pa Pa Pole Conservatives Pa Pa Pole Independent Dictatorship
Natural Paesici Defence Party Paesici Independent Dictatorship
Natural Panorua Movement Panorua Independent Dictatorship
Natural Pauang Justice Party Pauang Independent Dictatorship
Natural Perkunas Front Perkunas Independent Dictatorship
Natural Phiagre Movement Phiagre Empire Dictatorship
Natural Pipi Party Pipi Independent Dictatorship
Natural Promba Regulatory State Promba Independent Dictatorship
Natural Raman Movement Raman Empire Dictatorship
Natural Rang Gongs Flag Rang Gongs Independent Dictatorship
Natural Rautandji Defence Party Rautandji Independent Dictatorship
Natural Rikbakshmi Movement Rikbakshmi Independent Dictatorship
Natural Ross 671 Movement Ross 671 Independent Dictatorship
Natural Rukama Constitution Party Rukama Empire Dictatorship
Natural Russa Front Russa Independent Dictatorship
Natural Sala Conservatives Sala Independent Dictatorship
Natural San Yamurt Party San Yamurt Empire Dictatorship
Natural Sedu Defence Force Sedu Independent Dictatorship
Natural Seshvaka League Seshvaka Independent Dictatorship
Natural Sibitica Defence Force Sibitica Independent Dictatorship
Natural Skandini Freedom Party Skandini Independent Dictatorship
Natural Skollung Conservatives Skollung Independent Dictatorship
Natural Sugana Front Sugana Independent Dictatorship
Natural Tai Quambis Dominion Tai Quambis Independent Dictatorship
Natural Tapota Front Tapota Independent Dictatorship
Natural Tatil First Tatil Independent Dictatorship
Natural Thernobo Dominion Thernobo Independent Dictatorship
Natural Thotti Constitution Party Thotti Independent Dictatorship
Natural Tiveronisa Freedom Party Tiveronisa Independent Dictatorship
Natural Tjapai Movement Tjapai Independent Dictatorship
Natural Trocnades Front Trocnades Independent Dictatorship
Natural Tutumuye Autocracy Tutumuye Independent Dictatorship
Natural Ullangwa Regulatory State Ullangwa Empire Dictatorship
Natural Vajrappa Nationalists Vajrappa Independent Dictatorship
Natural Vasho Movement Vasho Independent Dictatorship
Natural Vega Liberty Party Vega Independent Dictatorship
Natural Veja Moco Bureau Veja Moco Empire Dictatorship
Natural Veli Regulatory State Veli Independent Dictatorship
Natural Vuldrajo Nationalists Vuldrajo Independent Dictatorship
Natural Wababaye Party Saka Empire Dictatorship
Natural Wababaye Party Wababaye Empire Dictatorship
Natural Wakinyan Front Wakinyan Independent Dictatorship
Natural Waraswarre League Waraswarre Independent Dictatorship
Natural Warkushanui Law Party Warkushanui Independent Dictatorship
Natural Washodia Conservatives Washodia Independent Dictatorship
Natural Wisas Liberty Party Wisas Independent Dictatorship
Natural Wolf 1230 Defence Force Wolf 1230 Independent Dictatorship
Natural Wolf 232 Focus Wolf 232 Independent Dictatorship
Natural Wong Mu Bureau Wong Mu Empire Dictatorship
Natural Xibe Conservatives Xibe Independent Dictatorship
Natural Yab Cameni Flag Yab Cameni Empire Dictatorship
Natural Yaur First Yaur Empire Dictatorship
Natural Zelada Law Party Zelada Independent Dictatorship
Natural Zhang Yu Regulatory State Zhang Yu Empire Dictatorship
Nauahtunu aristocrats Nauahtunu Independent Feudal
Naualam Crimson Allied Inc Naualam Independent Corporate
Naualam Empire Pact Naualam Empire Patronage
Naualam Vision Industry Naualam Empire Corporate
Nauan Du Coordinated Nauan Du Independent Cooperative
Nauana Empire League Nauana Empire Patronage
Nauana Inc Nauana Empire Corporate
Nauana Union Nauana Independent Communism
Nauani Blue Syndicate Nauani Independent Anarchy
Nauksas Purple Brotherhood Nauksas Independent Anarchy
Naunei Galactic PLC Naunei Independent Corporate
Naunei Labour Naunei Independent Democracy
Naunei Limited Naunei Independent Corporate
Naunei Patron's Principles Naunei Empire Patronage
Naunei Purple Society Naunei Independent Anarchy
Naunet Natural Limited Naunet Independent Corporate
Naungni Patrons of Law Naungni Empire Patronage
Nauni Dominion Nauni Independent Dictatorship
Nauni Exchange Nauni Independent Corporate
Naunin Jet Netcoms Incorporated Naunin Federation Corporate
Naunin Silver Crew Naunin Independent Anarchy
Nauo Independent Governance Nauo Independent Patronage
Nauolung Blue General Corp. Nauolung Independent Corporate
Nauolung Guardians of Tradition Nauolung Empire Patronage
Naura Mol Blue Federal Holdings Naura Mol Empire Corporate
Nauracota Blue Brotherhood Nauracota Independent Anarchy
Nauracota Gold Netcoms Company Nauracota Independent Corporate
Nauragwa Company Nauragwa Federation Corporate
Nauravanec Society Nauravanec Independent Anarchy
Nauresanoy United Inc Nauresanoy Empire Corporate
Navajo Mob Navajo Independent Anarchy
Navajo Monarchy Navajo Independent Feudal
Navajoar Fortune Corporation Navajoar Federation Corporate
Navas Dynasty Navas Independent Feudal
Nawa Citizens of Tradition Nawa Empire Patronage
Nawa General Limited Nawa Independent Corporate
Nawad Commodities Nawad Independent Corporate
Nawad Jet Galactic Holdings Nawad Federation Corporate
Nawad One Nawad Independent Cooperative
Nawait Conservatives Nawait Independent Dictatorship
Nawait Gold Society Nawait Independent Anarchy
Nawer Pro-Independent Party Nawer Independent Patronage
Naxixo General Partners Naxixo Independent Corporate
Naxixo Organisation Naxixo Independent Anarchy
Naxixo Patron's Principles Naxixo Empire Patronage
Naxixo Patron's Principles Oxlahatta Empire Patronage
Naxixo Patron's Principles Velabiani Empire Patronage
Nayahun Blue Natural Industry Nayahun Independent Corporate
Nayanezgani Blue Crew Nayanezgani Independent Anarchy
Nayanezgani Citizens' Forum Nayanezgani Empire Patronage
Nayapota Camorra Nayapota Independent Anarchy
Ndaakoshi Imperial Society Ndaakoshi Empire Patronage
Ndaakoshi Stakeholders Ndaakoshi Independent Cooperative
Ndabangluya Independents Ndabangluya Federation Democracy
Ndabien Blue Energy Holdings Ndabien Independent Corporate
Ndan Blue Galactic Organisation Ndan Empire Corporate
Ndano Life Company Ndano Empire Corporate
Ndebech Citizens' Forum Ndebech Empire Patronage
Ndebech Silver Central Network Ndebech Independent Corporate
Nden Allied Ltd Nden Independent Corporate
Nden Silver Hand Gang Nden Independent Anarchy
Ndenaiwae Crew Ndenaiwae Independent Anarchy
Ndenaiwae Nobles Ndenaiwae Independent Feudal
Ndjabog Gold Society Ndjabog Independent Anarchy
Ndjabog Progressive Party Ndjabog Independent Democracy
Ndjabog Purple Comms Solutions Ndjabog Independent Corporate
Ndjala Systems Ndjala Empire Corporate
Ndjari Purple Organisation Ndjari Independent Anarchy
Ndoyenghus Jet Bridge Comms Ndoyenghus Empire Corporate
Ndoyenghus People's Party Ndoyenghus Independent Communism
Ndoyerunga Crimson Natural Ltd Ndoyerunga Independent Corporate
Ndoyerunga Inc Ndoyerunga Independent Corporate
Ndozins State Inc Ndozins Federation Corporate
Ndria Blue Organisation Ndria Independent Anarchy
Ndria Gold Power Co Ndria Independent Corporate
Ndria Power Company Ndria Independent Corporate
Ndriamente Free Ndriamente Federation Democracy
Ndrian Organisation Col 285 Sector FM-I b11-1 Independent Anarchy
Neali Free Neali Federation Democracy
Neali Society Neali Independent Anarchy
Neb Djen Confederacy Neb Djen Federation Confederacy
Neb Djen Fortune Group Neb Djen Independent Corporate
Neb Huldr Gold General Ltd Neb Huldr Empire Corporate
Neb Huldr Patrons of Law Neb Huldr Empire Patronage
Nebtete Gold Creative Industry Nebtete Independent Corporate
Nebther Crimson Raiders Nebther Independent Anarchy
Nebthet Crimson Galactic Group Nebthet Federation Corporate
Nebthet Unionists Nebthet Independent Communism
Nech Kairu Public Co Nech Kairu Alliance Corporate
Nech Kairu United Corporation Nech Kairu Alliance Corporate
Neche Inc Neche Federation Corporate
Neche Order Neche Independent Dictatorship
Nefen Jet Bridge Commodities Nefen Federation Corporate
Nefes Blue Legal Partners Nefes Independent Corporate
Nega Incorporated Nega Independent Corporate
Neganhot Ltd Neganhot Independent Corporate
Neganhot Ltd Teorge Independent Corporate
Negani Partners Negani Federation Corporate
Negasargun Jet Transport Ind Negasargun Independent Corporate
Negasta Family Negasta Alliance Anarchy
Negi Coalition Negi Independent Confederacy
Negidals Co Negidals Federation Corporate
Negidals Justice Party Negidals Independent Dictatorship
Negidals Law Party Negidals Independent Dictatorship
Negin Blue United Co Negin Independent Corporate
Negin Future Negin Independent Democracy
Negin Purple Brotherhood Negin Independent Anarchy
Neginn Crimson Travel Network Neginn Empire Corporate
Negir Crimson United Inc Negir Independent Corporate
Negir Liberty Party Negir Empire Dictatorship
Negri Citizens of Tradition Negri Empire Patronage
Negri Gold Posse Negri Independent Anarchy
Negri Organisation Negri Independent Corporate
Negrici Collective Negrici Independent Cooperative
Negrici Ltd Negrici Empire Corporate
Negriti Blue Council Negriti Independent Anarchy
Negrito Emperor's Grace Negrito Empire Patronage
Negrito Power Exchange Negrito Federation Corporate
Negrito Silver Travel Partners Negrito Empire Corporate
Nehabtani Citizens' Forum Nehabtani Empire Patronage
Nehabtani Holdings Nehabtani Independent Corporate
Nehebayo Natural Inc Nehebayo Independent Corporate
Nehebkau Prison Colony Nehebkau Independent Prison Colony
Nehet Patron's Principles Nehet Empire Patronage
Nehet Patrons of Law Nehet Empire Patronage
Nehet Silver Ring Nehet Independent Anarchy
Neites Citizens' Forum Neites Empire Patronage
Neites Purple General PLC Neites Independent Corporate
Neits Jet Life Ltd Neits Federation Democracy
Neitsi Boys Neitsi Independent Anarchy
Nemaiamburi Gold Major Inc Nemaiamburi Federation Corporate
Nemasty Hand Gang Nemasty Independent Anarchy
Nemasty Network Nemasty Independent Corporate
Nemedet Partners Nemedet Empire Corporate
Nemehi Blue Natural Industries Nemehi Federation Corporate
Nemehi Bridge Services Nemehi Independent Corporate
Nemehi Movement Nemehi Independent Dictatorship
Nemehim Confederacy Nemehim Federation Confederacy
Nemehim Noblement Nemehim Independent Feudal
Nemehutas Gold Ring Nemehutas Independent Anarchy
Nemepawe Universal Industries Nemepawe Independent Corporate
Nemet Federal Ltd Nemet Federation Corporate
Nemetan People's Party Nemetan Independent Communism
Nemetan Pirates Nemetan Independent Anarchy
Nemetati Gold Galactic Int Nemetati Empire Corporate
Nemetes Bridge Industry Nemetes Independent Corporate
Nemetes Independents Nemetes Federation Democracy
Nemetes Jet Brothers Nemetes Independent Anarchy
Nemetu Legal Co Nemetu Independent Corporate
Nenexo Blue Netcoms Solutions Nenexo Independent Corporate
Nenexo Silver Posse Nenexo Independent Anarchy
Nepehuevit Empire Assembly Nepehuevit Empire Patronage
Nepehuevit Unionists Nepehuevit Independent Communism
Neperimpox Jet Fortune Ind Neperimpox Independent Corporate
Nepi Holdings Nepi Independent Corporate
Nepi Organisation Nepi Independent Anarchy
Nepi Silver Energy Services Nepi Federation Corporate
Neris Universal Ltd Neris Independent Corporate
Neritus Blue General & Co Neritus Federation Corporate
Neritus Law Party Neritus Independent Dictatorship
Nerre Network Nerre Independent Corporate
Nerre Progressive Party Nerre Independent Democracy
Nerremaia Commodities Nerremaia Empire Corporate
Nerremaia Purple Hand Gang Nerremaia Independent Anarchy
Nerrete Universal Interstellar Nerrete Empire Corporate
Nerrete as one Nerrete Independent Cooperative
Nerry Progressive Party Nerry Federation Democracy
Nerthus Citizens of Tradition Nerthus Empire Patronage
Nerthus Citizens of Tradition Two Ladies Empire Patronage
Nerthus Citizens' Forum Nerthus Empire Patronage
Nerthus Jet Natural Ltd Nerthus Independent Corporate
Nerthus Systems Nerthus Independent Corporate
Nervi Nationals Nervi Independent Dictatorship
Nervii Boys Nervii Independent Anarchy
Nervir Autocracy Nervir Independent Dictatorship
Nervir Comms Partners Nervir Independent Corporate
Nervir Legal & Co Nervir Independent Corporate
Nervir Liberty Party Nervir Independent Dictatorship
Nervir Values Party Nervir Federation Democracy
Nespel Gold Universal Group Nespel Empire Corporate
Nespeleve Crimson General Ltd Nespeleve Empire Corporate
Nespeli Advanced Commodities Nespeli Federation Corporate
Nespell Citizen Party Nespell Independent Communism
Nespell Nobles Nespell Empire Feudal
Nevermore Gold Advanced PLC Nevermore Alliance Corporate
New 15 Lambda Aurigae Revolutionary Party 15 Lambda Aurigae Federation Democracy
New 17 Draconis Alliance 17 Draconis Federation Corporate
New 23 Andromedae Independents 23 Andromedae Independent Democracy
New 24 Aquarii Constitution Party 24 Aquarii Independent Dictatorship
New 25 d2 Cancri Regulatory State 25 d2 Cancri Independent Dictatorship
New 26 Ophiuchi Labour 26 Ophiuchi Federation Democracy
New 3 Beta Lacertae Confederacy 3 Beta Lacertae Independent Confederacy
New 31 Aquilae Green Party 31 Aquilae Independent Democracy
New 31 Cephei People's Party 31 Cephei Independent Communism
New 47 Cassiopeiae Bureau 47 Cassiopeiae Independent Dictatorship
New 47 Cassiopeiae Focus 47 Cassiopeiae Independent Dictatorship
New 7 Zeta-2 Lyrae Revolutionary Party 7 Zeta-2 Lyrae Federation Democracy
New 70 Ophiuchi League 70 Ophiuchi Independent Dictatorship
New 8 Kappa Piscium Progressive Party 8 Kappa Piscium Federation Democracy
New ADS 10035 Progressive Party ADS 10035 Federation Democracy
New Abikabiates Labour Union Abikabiates Independent Communism
New Ac Yama Coalition Ac Yama Independent Confederacy
New Achini Worker's Party Achini Independent Communism
New Achrende Law Party Achrende Independent Dictatorship
New Addovika Progressive Party Addovika Independent Democracy
New Adenates Worker's Party Adenates Independent Communism
New Adjukru Coalition Adjukru Federation Confederacy
New Ailuremowo Unionists Ailuremowo Independent Communism
New Alchita Progressive Party Alchita Federation Democracy
New Alkadjar Confederation Alkadjar Federation Confederacy
New Allobog Worker's Party Allobog Independent Communism
New Amairii Progressive Party Amairii Federation Democracy
New Ambibio Dominion Ambibio Independent Dictatorship
New Anotribe Regulatory State Anotribe Independent Dictatorship
New Ao Kiang Alliance Ao Kiang Federation Confederacy
New Apoya Revolutionary Party Apoya Independent Democracy
New Aranbarahun Revolutionary Party Aranbarahun Independent Democracy
New Arnemil Liberals Arnemil Federation Democracy
New Arti Freedom Party Arti Independent Dictatorship
New Arugbatz Progressive Party Arugbatz Independent Democracy
New Arverda Freedom Party Arverda Independent Dictatorship
New Arverda Independents Arverda Federation Democracy
New Asetsi Law Party Asetsi Independent Dictatorship
New Ashe Left Party Ashe Independent Communism
New Aspelenie League Aspelenie Federation Confederacy
New Astri Independents Astri Independent Democracy
New Ausan Defence Party Ausan Independent Dictatorship
New Azha Values Party Azha Federation Democracy
New BD+21 55 Free BD+21 55 Independent Democracy
New BD+23 3151 Revolutionary Party BD+23 3151 Federation Democracy
New BD+34 1378 Conservatives BD+34 1378 Independent Dictatorship
New BD+35 647 Citizen Party BD+35 647 Independent Communism
New BD+44 4389 Independents BD+44 4389 Federation Democracy
New BD+57 2595 Progressive Party BD+57 2595 Independent Democracy
New BD+65 1846 Defence Force BD+65 1846 Independent Dictatorship
New BD+65 1846 Free BD+65 1846 Federation Democracy
New BD-01 2784 Bureau BD-01 2784 Independent Dictatorship
New BD-17 1955 Bureau BD-17 1955 Independent Dictatorship
New BD-17 1955 for Equality BD-17 1955 Federation Democracy
New BD-18 394 Autocracy BD-18 394 Independent Dictatorship
New Ba Devaci Democrats Ba Devaci Federation Democracy
New Baijun First Baijun Independent Dictatorship
New Bakabienil Values Party Bakabienil Federation Democracy
New Bakalinnama Flag Bakalinnama Independent Dictatorship
New Baldur Nationalists Baldur Empire Dictatorship
New Bamani Focus Bamani Independent Dictatorship
New Barbalalane League Barbalalane Federation Confederacy
New Barbalalane League Har Ibora Federation Confederacy
New Basuseku Resistance Basuseku Independent Democracy
New Bayahutina Democrats Bayahutina Independent Democracy
New Belenja Defence Party Belenja Empire Dictatorship
New Beliukis Democrats Beliukis Independent Democracy
New Berzites Democrats Berzites Independent Democracy
New Berzites Democrats LHS 2725 Independent Democracy
New Berzitibi Focus Berzitibi Independent Dictatorship
New Beta-2 Tucanae Freedom Party Beta-2 Tucanae Empire Dictatorship
New Betet Democrats Betet Independent Democracy
New Betse Aibes Labour Betse Aibes Independent Democracy
New Bhaluwa Union Bhaluwa Independent Communism
New Bhare Resistance Bhare Independent Democracy
New Bhumliaurt for Equality Bhumliaurt Independent Democracy
New Bibaridji Green Party Bibaridji Federation Democracy
New Bibrocorna Movement Bibrocorna Independent Dictatorship
New Blenu Progressive Party Blenu Federation Democracy
New Bondranses Resistance Bondranses Independent Democracy
New Boreas Union Boreas Alliance Communism
New Boreas Union Chaac Alliance Communism
New Brata Union Brata Independent Communism
New Brultamaci Future Brultamaci Independent Democracy
New Byeri Unionists Byeri Independent Communism
New C'hi Yu Democrats C'hi Yu Independent Democracy
New CD-30 11949 Front CD-30 11949 Independent Dictatorship
New CD-30 9687 for Equality CD-30 9687 Federation Democracy
New CD-44 10336 Revolutionary Party CD-44 10336 Independent Democracy
New CD-63 201 Law Party CD-63 201 Independent Dictatorship
New Cacoma Resistance Cacoma Independent Democracy
New Can Qing Free Can Qing Independent Democracy
New Cantjarisni Progressive Party Cantjarisni Federation Democracy
New Cantjarisni Progressive Party Jurawadbad Federation Democracy
New Cari Dominion Cari Empire Dictatorship
New Carnai Green Party Carnai Independent Democracy
New Cashis Party Cashis Independent Dictatorship
New Caspatsuria Resistance Caspatsuria Independent Democracy
New Cauac Focus Cauac Independent Dictatorship
New Cennicenino Liberty Party Cennicenino Independent Dictatorship
New Ceraunii for Equality Ceraunii Independent Democracy
New Ch'ingsonde Independents Ch'ingsonde Federation Democracy
New Chamo Free Chamo Independent Democracy
New Chang Hsien Partnership Chang Hsien Independent Confederacy
New Chaxiraxi Free BF Canis Venatici Federation Democracy
New Chaxiraxi Free Chaxiraxi Federation Democracy
New Chelgit Regulatory State Chelgit Independent Dictatorship
New Chi Orionis Resistance Chi Orionis Federation Democracy
New Chicomoztoc Green Party Chicomoztoc Independent Democracy
New Chonsu Alliance Chonsu Federation Confederacy
New Chujohim Confederation Chujohim Federation Confederacy
New Cilbien Zu Conservatives Cilbien Zu Independent Dictatorship
New Cimicusha Party Cimicusha Empire Dictatorship
New Comanga Liberals Comanga Federation Democracy
New Cowicas Democrats Cowicas Federation Democracy
New Cuberara Union Party Cuberara Independent Communism
New DK Leonis Values Party DK Leonis Federation Democracy
New Daha Deti Constitution Party Daha Deti Empire Dictatorship
New Dahaes Nationalists Dahaes Empire Dictatorship
New Daibara Worker's Party Daibara Independent Communism
New Dalagritu Front Dalagritu Independent Dictatorship
New Dalevard Conservatives Dalevard Independent Dictatorship
New Dao Tzu Partnership Dao Tzu Independent Confederacy
New Deiva Law Party Deiva Independent Dictatorship
New Delta Muscae Labour Delta Muscae Federation Democracy
New Delta-2 Canis Minoris Liberals Delta-2 Canis Minoris Independent Democracy
New Denka Values Party Denka Independent Democracy
New Deurber Citizen Party Deurber Independent Communism
New Dhang Liberty Party Dhang Independent Dictatorship
New Didio Free Didio Independent Democracy
New Djabelmalo Movement Djabelmalo Independent Dictatorship
New Djaghire Revolutionary Party Djaghire Independent Democracy
New Djangandra Nationalists Djangandra Empire Dictatorship
New Djau Liberals Djau Federation Democracy
New Djera Labour Djera Independent Democracy
New Djeranses Revolutionary Party Djeranses Federation Democracy
New Djinbin Confederacy Djinbin Independent Confederacy
New Domoth Party Domoth Independent Dictatorship
New Draunetes Coalition Draunetes Federation Confederacy
New Du Shenge Liberty Party Du Shenge Independent Dictatorship
New Dudugara Alliance Dudugara Federation Confederacy
New Elysia Conservatives Elysia Empire Dictatorship
New Eta Cephei Free Eta Cephei Federation Democracy
New Euboa Progressive Party Euboa Federation Democracy
New Evnike First Evnike Independent Dictatorship
New Excessis Conservatives Excessis Independent Dictatorship
New Falitabozo Green Party Falitabozo Federation Democracy
New Fengiri Progressive Party Fengiri Federation Democracy
New Fintamans Revolutionary Party Fintamans Independent Democracy
New Fong Dadia People's Party Fong Dadia Independent Communism
New Fuelum Future Fuelum Federation Democracy
New G 203-47 Progressive Party G 203-47 Federation Democracy
New G 230-27 League G 230-27 Federation Confederacy
New G 87-16 Freedom Party G 87-16 Independent Dictatorship
New GCRV 2743 Order GCRV 2743 Independent Dictatorship
New GCRV 61007 Order GCRV 61007 Independent Dictatorship
New Gabihilota Resistance Bielenses Federation Democracy
New Gabihilota Resistance Gabihilota Federation Democracy
New Gabiko Dominion Gabiko Empire Dictatorship
New Gallaecian Alliance Gallaecian Federation Confederacy
New Galouri Defence Force Galouri Empire Dictatorship
New Gamahine Resistance Gamahine Federation Democracy
New Gaman Defence Force Dakshmandi Empire Dictatorship
New Gaman Defence Force Gaman Empire Dictatorship
New Gamma Leporis Alliance Gamma Leporis Federation Confederacy
New Gandones Constitution Party Gandones Independent Dictatorship
New Garib Democrats Garib Federation Democracy
New Gefjotec Coalition Gefjotec Federation Confederacy
New Geirok Regulatory State Geirok Empire Dictatorship
New Girya Gu League Girya Gu Independent Confederacy
New Gliese 3857 League Gliese 3857 Federation Confederacy
New Gliese 9143 Bureau Gliese 9143 Empire Dictatorship
New Gluskaiabal Alliance Gluskaiabal Independent Confederacy
New Goll Democrats Goll Federation Democracy
New Gomm Cail Nationalists Gomm Cail Independent Dictatorship
New Gong Gu Resistance Gong Gu Federation Democracy
New Groombridge 1618 Focus Groombridge 1618 Independent Dictatorship
New Guarakma Green Party Guarakma Federation Democracy
New Gunawa Liberals Gunawa Federation Democracy
New Gungkuni Alliance Gungkuni Federation Confederacy
New Gurojas Liberty Party Gurojas Empire Dictatorship
New Guruku Yi League Guruku Yi Federation Confederacy
New HDS 1879 Justice Party HDS 1879 Alliance Dictatorship
New HIP 100063 Party HIP 100063 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 10325 Conservatives HIP 10325 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 10492 Dominion HIP 10492 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 10570 Green Party HIP 10570 Independent Democracy
New HIP 10589 Liberty Party HIP 10589 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 107412 Conservatives HIP 107412 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 107936 Front HIP 107936 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 108288 League HIP 108288 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 109144 Values Party HIP 109144 Independent Democracy
New HIP 110156 Union HIP 110156 Independent Communism
New HIP 110632 Dominion HIP 110632 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 1134 Nationalists HIP 1134 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 11352 Green Party HIP 11352 Federation Democracy
New HIP 116647 Constitution Party HIP 116647 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 117895 Nationalists HIP 117895 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 13685 Resistance HIP 13685 Independent Democracy
New HIP 16954 Regulatory State HIP 16954 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 1866 Free HIP 1866 Independent Democracy
New HIP 19591 Free HIP 19591 Federation Democracy
New HIP 20869 Defence Force HIP 20869 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 23443 Defence Force HIP 23443 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 2453 Resistance HIP 2453 Federation Democracy
New HIP 24923 Unionists HIP 24923 Independent Communism
New HIP 26030 Independents HIP 26030 Independent Democracy
New HIP 28869 for Equality HIP 28869 Independent Democracy
New HIP 3864 Labour Union HIP 3864 Independent Communism
New HIP 41967 Unionists HIP 41967 Independent Communism
New HIP 43296 Nationalists HIP 43296 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 43363 League HIP 43363 Independent Confederacy
New HIP 48141 Autocracy HIP 48141 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 48887 Union Party HIP 48887 Independent Communism
New HIP 50534 Party HIP 50534 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 51568 Labour HIP 51568 Federation Democracy
New HIP 56092 for Equality HIP 56092 Independent Democracy
New HIP 56715 Worker's Party HIP 56715 Independent Communism
New HIP 57352 Defence Force HIP 57352 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 57402 Green Party HIP 57402 Federation Democracy
New HIP 58815 Party HIP 58815 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 61986 Future HIP 61986 Alliance Democracy
New HIP 6234 Union Party HIP 6234 Independent Communism
New HIP 62794 Confederation HIP 62794 Federation Confederacy
New HIP 63862 Regulatory State HIP 63862 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 65956 for Equality HIP 65956 Federation Democracy
New HIP 68162 Defence Party HIP 68162 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 68805 Independents HIP 68805 Independent Democracy
New HIP 6913 Order HIP 6913 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 70253 Green Party HIP 70253 Independent Democracy
New HIP 70973 Revolutionary Party HIP 70973 Independent Democracy
New HIP 71682 Order HIP 71682 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 72235 Democrats HIP 72235 Independent Democracy
New HIP 7674 Regulatory State HIP 7674 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 78505 Nationalists HIP 78505 Empire Dictatorship
New HIP 80162 First HIP 80162 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 83083 Union HIP 83083 Independent Communism
New HIP 85129 for Equality HIP 85129 Federation Democracy
New HIP 88924 League HIP 88924 Independent Dictatorship
New HIP 90112 for Equality HIP 90112 Federation Democracy
New HIP 90151 Independents HIP 90151 Federation Democracy
New HIP 90451 Future HIP 90451 Federation Democracy
New HIP 99945 Order HIP 99945 Independent Dictatorship
New HR 1593 Free HR 1593 Federation Democracy
New HR 1645 Autocracy HR 1645 Independent Dictatorship
New HR 2776 Left Party HR 2776 Independent Communism
New HR 3193 Free HR 3193 Independent Democracy
New HR 4130 Nationalists HR 4130 Independent Dictatorship
New HR 5349 Liberty Party HR 5349 Independent Dictatorship
New HR 7327 Future HR 7327 Independent Democracy
New HR 780 Focus HR 780 Independent Dictatorship
New HR 784 Free HR 784 Federation Democracy
New HR 8423 Regulatory State HR 8423 Independent Dictatorship
New HR 8829 Unionists HR 8829 Independent Communism
New HR 9001 for Equality HR 9001 Independent Democracy
New Hang Po Focus Hang Po Independent Dictatorship
New Haokipi Alliance Haokipi Independent Confederacy
New Har Itariu Bureau Har Itariu Independent Dictatorship
New Harakwaxaca League Harakwaxaca Federation Confederacy
New Haritanis Freedom Party Haritanis Independent Dictatorship
New Hava Union Party Hava Independent Communism
New Havans Party Havans Independent Dictatorship
New Hedetet Justice Party Hedetet Independent Dictatorship
New Heilelang Defence Force Heilelang Independent Dictatorship
New Helgarai Coalition Helgarai Federation Confederacy
New Hemaki Democrats Hemaki Federation Democracy
New Hembe Green Party Hembe Federation Democracy
New Himang for Equality Himang Federation Democracy
New Hiranyaksha Defence Party Hiranyaksha Independent Dictatorship
New Hixkaramu Liberty Party Hixkaramu Independent Dictatorship
New Hmaridge Defence Force Hmaridge Empire Dictatorship
New Hreinja Confederation Hreinja Federation Confederacy
New Hrimfaxi Party Hrimfaxi Independent Dictatorship
New Huangais Front Huangais Independent Dictatorship
New Hun Cruacoc Labour Hun Cruacoc Federation Democracy
New Hun Cruacoc Labour Trany Federation Democracy
New Hyldekagati Labour Hyldekagati Federation Democracy
New Iapori Conservatives Iapori Independent Dictatorship
New Idunn Constitution Party Idunn Empire Dictatorship
New Igalilinima Future Igalilinima Federation Democracy
New Imeutrimudj First Imeutrimudj Independent Dictatorship
New Imperial Order Jita Independent Dictatorship
New Inktasa Free Inktasa Federation Democracy
New Irulis Defence Force Irulis Independent Dictatorship
New Isla Dominion Isla Independent Dictatorship
New Ithelki Left Party Ithelki Independent Communism
New Jamariges Green Party Jamariges Independent Democracy
New Jamuxa Constitution Party Jamuxa Independent Dictatorship
New Jardha Movement Jardha Independent Dictatorship
New Jeidenannsa Bureau Jeidenannsa Independent Dictatorship
New Jeitsegezi Future Jeitsegezi Independent Democracy
New Jemehuenges Labour Union Jemehuenges Independent Communism
New Jemetani Partnership Jemetani Federation Confederacy
New Jibitoq Nationalists Jibitoq Independent Dictatorship
New Jirara Liberals Jirara Independent Democracy
New Jormungand Democrats Jormungand Independent Democracy
New Juduni Liberals Juduni Federation Democracy
New Kachiri Progressive Party Kachiri Federation Democracy
New Kada Revolutionary Party Kada Federation Democracy
New Kalatzin First Kalatzin Empire Dictatorship
New Kalveti Dominion Kalveti Independent Dictatorship
New Karaikda Democrats Karaikda Federation Democracy
New Karbon Free Karbon Independent Democracy
New Kareldt Free Kareldt Federation Democracy
New Khaima Democrats Khaima Federation Democracy
New Khered Values Party Khered Federation Democracy
New Khruttones Free Khruttones Federation Democracy
New Khwatka Labour Khwatka Federation Democracy
New Kiga Partnership Kiga Federation Confederacy
New Kitani Defence Party Kitani Independent Dictatorship
New Klikudiya Revolutionary Party Klikudiya Federation Democracy
New Koenpa Future Koenpa Independent Democracy
New Kokobii Resistance Kokobii Independent Democracy
New Kondon Independents Kondon Independent Democracy
New Korotep Defence Force Korotep Independent Dictatorship
New Kovantani Confederacy Kovantani Independent Confederacy
New Kui Xiani for Equality Kui Xiani Independent Democracy
New Kuki An Labour Kuki An Independent Democracy
New Kungantju Alliance Kungantju Federation Confederacy
New Kunggalerni Autocracy Kunggalerni Empire Dictatorship
New Kunggalerni Coalition Kunggalerni Independent Confederacy
New Kupalites Green Party Kupalites Independent Democracy
New Kuringgai Law Party Kuringgai Independent Dictatorship
New Kuwembaa Labour Kuwembaa Federation Democracy
New LFT 142 Focus LFT 142 Independent Dictatorship
New LFT 434 Free LFT 434 Federation Democracy
New LFT 90 Resistance Ross 318 Federation Democracy
New LHS 112 League LHS 112 Independent Dictatorship
New LHS 2363 Partnership LHS 2363 Federation Confederacy
New LHS 263 Liberals LHS 263 Federation Democracy
New LHS 355 Revolutionary Party LHS 350 Federation Democracy
New LHS 355 Revolutionary Party LHS 355 Federation Democracy
New LHS 3728 Alliance LHS 3728 Independent Confederacy
New LHS 529 Labour Union LHS 529 Independent Communism
New LP 29-188 Constitution Party LP 29-188 Independent Dictatorship
New LP 302-22 Law Party LP 302-22 Independent Dictatorship
New LP 336-4 Flag LP 336-4 Independent Dictatorship
New LP 349-61 First LP 349-61 Independent Dictatorship
New LP 635-46 Confederation LP 635-46 Federation Confederacy
New LP 638-58 Democrats LP 638-58 Independent Democracy
New LP 847-48 Labour LP 847-48 Federation Democracy
New LP 862-184 Progressive Party LP 862-184 Federation Democracy
New LTT 13125 Liberty Party LTT 13125 Independent Dictatorship
New LTT 14094 Republic Party LTT 14094 Alliance Communism
New LTT 14436 Values Party LTT 14436 Alliance Democracy
New LTT 14478 Values Party LTT 14478 Alliance Democracy
New LTT 2151 Labour LTT 2151 Federation Democracy
New LTT 2396 Independents LTT 2396 Independent Democracy
New LTT 3607 Front LTT 3607 Independent Dictatorship
New LTT 7370 Confederation LTT 7370 Federation Confederacy
New LTT 7453 Conservatives LTT 7453 Independent Dictatorship
New LTT 8419 for Equality LTT 8419 Federation Democracy
New Lalande 14146 Resistance Lalande 14146 Federation Democracy
New Lalande 2450 Future Lalande 2450 Federation Democracy
New Lalande 3118 Left Party Lalande 3118 Independent Communism
New Lalande 32151 Constitution Party Lalande 32151 Independent Dictatorship
New Lalande 38626 Liberty Party Lalande 38626 Independent Dictatorship
New Lalande 8441 Justice Party Lalande 8441 Independent Dictatorship
New Langloines First Langloines Empire Dictatorship
New Larri Progressive Party Larri Independent Democracy
New Latjil Freedom Party Latjil Independent Dictatorship
New Lei Heile Unionists Lei Heile Independent Communism
New Loderebinar Coalition Loderebinar Federation Confederacy
New Loko Oh Freedom Party Loko Oh Empire Dictatorship
New Lombiku Movement Lombiku Independent Dictatorship
New Lu Benzai Confederacy Lu Benzai Federation Confederacy
New Lu Wanja First HR 415 Independent Dictatorship
New Lu Wanja First Lu Wanja Independent Dictatorship
New Luk Xing Bureau Luk Xing Independent Dictatorship
New Machigga Nationalists Machigga Independent Dictatorship
New Madimo Democrats Madimo Federation Democracy
New Madyanmana Autocracy Madyanmana Independent Dictatorship
New Mahara Flag Mahara Independent Dictatorship
New Mambojas Labour Mambojas Federation Democracy
New Manktas Nationalists Manktas Independent Dictatorship
New Marimpt League Marimpt Independent Confederacy
New Mariyacoch League Mariyacoch Independent Dictatorship
New Mati Free Mati Independent Democracy
New Maunggu Constitution Party Maunggu Independent Dictatorship
New Mechet Law Party Mechet Independent Dictatorship
New Mechucos Party Mechucos Independent Dictatorship
New Mehimurt Justice Party Mehimurt Independent Dictatorship
New Meskhent for Equality Meskhent Independent Democracy
New Miao Thixo Liberals Miao Thixo Federation Democracy
New Miku Party Miku Independent Dictatorship
New Misao Jun Free Misao Jun Federation Democracy
New Miskai Resistance Miskai Independent Democracy
New Misthaka Defence Force Misthaka Independent Dictatorship
New Monjadi Liberty Party Monjadi Independent Dictatorship
New Moyot Values Party Moyot Independent Democracy
New Mu Gong Green Party Mu Gong Independent Democracy
New Muang Defence Force Muang Empire Dictatorship
New Musubia Revolutionary Party Musubia Independent Democracy
New Mutpuri Movement Mutpuri Empire Dictatorship
New NLTT 51966 Regulatory State NLTT 51966 Independent Dictatorship
New Nagnutli People's Party Nagnutli Independent Communism
New Naunet Movement Naunet Independent Dictatorship
New Ndjari Autocracy Ndjari Independent Dictatorship
New Nemet Confederation Nemet Federation Confederacy
New Ngera Flag Ngera Independent Dictatorship
New Ngobrindin First Ngobrindin Independent Dictatorship
New Niaba Future Niaba Independent Democracy
New Nibelaako Dominion Nibelaako Independent Dictatorship
New Nilfheim Alliance Nilfheim Independent Confederacy
New Njambula Future Njambula Independent Democracy
New Nokotaikuyu Labour Nokotaikuyu Federation Democracy
New Nommamalanu for Equality Nommamalanu Federation Democracy
New Nona Nationalists Nona Independent Dictatorship
New Nu Horologii Justice Party Nu Horologii Empire Dictatorship
New Nyikamana Defence Force Nyikamana Independent Dictatorship
New Nyororor Revolutionary Party Nyororor Independent Democracy
New OU Geminorum Green Party OU Geminorum Federation Democracy
New Obastini Union Obastini Independent Communism
New Odudusekui Revolutionary Party Odudusekui Independent Democracy
New Olcadri Constitution Party Olcadri Independent Dictatorship
New Onuros Defence Party Onuros Independent Dictatorship
New Ornicornat Revolutionary Party Ornicornat Federation Democracy
New Ostyat Law Party Ostyat Independent Dictatorship
New Otherni Revolutionary Party Otherni Federation Democracy
New Pandhis Autocracy Pandhis Independent Dictatorship
New Pard Alliance Pard Independent Confederacy
New Pardis Conservatives Pardis Empire Dictatorship
New Pareco Green Party Pareco Independent Democracy
New Parta Labour Parta Federation Democracy
New Paruna Labour Paruna Federation Democracy
New Payayan Flag Payayan Independent Dictatorship
New Pens Independents Pens Federation Democracy
New Phra Lule Flag Phra Lule Empire Dictatorship
New Phrygiang Labour Phrygiang Federation Democracy
New Pi-fang Defence Force Pi-fang Independent Dictatorship
New Pilintana Green Party Pilintana Independent Democracy
New Poqomathi Flag Poqomathi Independent Dictatorship
New Potres Law Party Potres Independent Dictatorship
New Potriambunn Resistance Potriambunn Independent Democracy
New Praja Future Praja Independent Democracy
New Puntin Party Puntin Independent Dictatorship
New Q'eqchilir Law Party Q'eqchilir Independent Dictatorship
New Qa'wakana Conservatives Qa'wakana Independent Dictatorship
New Quapani Liberty Party Quapani Empire Dictatorship
New Raiju Confederacy Raiju Federation Confederacy
New Rasaste Dominion Rasaste Independent Dictatorship
New Ravane Labour Ravane Independent Democracy
New Rishmi League Rishmi Independent Confederacy
New Ross 130 Resistance Ross 130 Federation Democracy
New Ross 625 Independents Ross 625 Federation Democracy
New Ross 692 Democrats Ross 692 Federation Democracy
New Ross 777 Focus Ross 777 Independent Dictatorship
New Ross 835 Future Ross 835 Federation Democracy
New Ross 842 Free Ross 842 Federation Democracy
New SPOCS 111 League SPOCS 111 Federation Confederacy
New SPOCS 111 League Yerava Federation Confederacy
New SPOCS 486 for Equality SPOCS 486 Independent Democracy
New Sadhen Worker's Party Sadhen Independent Communism
New Sagi Liberals Sagi Independent Democracy
New Salimandali Republic Party Salimandali Independent Communism
New Savi Justice Party Lyncis Sector UZ-P b5-4 Independent Dictatorship
New Savi Justice Party Savi Independent Dictatorship
New Senufan Union Party Senufan Independent Communism
New Setati Confederation Setati Federation Confederacy
New Shalit Democrats Shalit Federation Democracy
New Shamo Independents Shamo Federation Democracy
New Shenggan League Shenggan Independent Dictatorship
New Shokuth Justice Party Shokuth Independent Dictatorship
New Siddha Constitution Party Siddha Independent Dictatorship
New Sitlanei Regulatory State Sitlanei Independent Dictatorship
New Skang Progressive Party Skang Federation Democracy
New Skoko Order Skoko Empire Dictatorship
New Slatus Liberty Party Slatus Independent Dictatorship
New Sokoji Coalition Sokoji Federation Confederacy
New Sokolsci Movement Sokolsci Independent Dictatorship
New Solati Liberals Solati Federation Democracy
New Sotuknates Party Sotuknates Independent Dictatorship
New Spinibo League Spinibo Federation Confederacy
New StKM 1-626 Free StKM 1-626 Federation Democracy
New Su Li Er League Su Li Er Federation Confederacy
New Sugal Autocracy Sugal Independent Dictatorship
New Sugal Conservatives Sugal Independent Dictatorship
New Sukree Nationalists Sukree Independent Dictatorship
New Sun Tsanapi Confederation Sun Tsanapi Independent Confederacy
New Suss Alliance HIP 92916 Federation Confederacy
New Suss Alliance Suss Federation Confederacy
New Svaratia Front Svaratia Independent Dictatorship
New Svaratia Resistance Svaratia Federation Democracy
New Sveinbarn Revolutionary Party Sveinbarn Federation Democracy
New Swahku Alliance Swahku Federation Confederacy
New Tabalban League Tabalban Federation Confederacy
New Tahu Resistance Tahu Independent Democracy
New Taosha League Taosha Independent Dictatorship
New Taoshan Unionists Taoshan Independent Communism
New Teng Yeh Order Teng Yeh Independent Dictatorship
New Teppanik Nationalists Teppanik Independent Dictatorship
New Thetis Resistance Thetis Federation Democracy
New Thieh First Thieh Independent Dictatorship
New Thras Justice Party Thras Independent Dictatorship
New Tiapalan Order Tiapalan Independent Dictatorship
New Tiethay League Tiethay Federation Confederacy
New Tionisla Defence Party Tionisla Independent Dictatorship
New Tjapakh Front Tjapakh Independent Dictatorship
New Tjindjin Revolutionary Party Tjindjin Federation Democracy
New Tjindjin Revolutionary Party Weleserme Federation Democracy
New Tjinggu Nationalists Tjinggu Alliance Dictatorship
New Tolians Progressive Party Tolians Federation Democracy
New Tolonese Resistance Tolonese Independent Democracy
New Toluku Justice Party Toluku Independent Dictatorship
New Torenai Dominion Torenai Independent Dictatorship
New Tripuna Party Tripuna Independent Dictatorship
New UGP 485 Order UGP 485 Independent Dictatorship
New Uadjiru Constitution Party Uadjiru Empire Dictatorship
New Uba Dominion Uba Empire Dictatorship
New Uberadji Alliance Uberadji Independent Confederacy
New Uchagan Coalition Uchagan Federation Confederacy
New Umisii Order Umisii Independent Dictatorship
New Uteruku Progressive Party Uteruku Independent Democracy
New V2151 Cygni Justice Party V2151 Cygni Independent Dictatorship
New V491 Persei Law Party V491 Persei Independent Dictatorship
New V898 Herculi Liberals V898 Herculi Federation Democracy
New VZ Corvi Resistance VZ Corvi Independent Democracy
New Vaditaba Liberals Vaditaba Federation Democracy
New Vaditaba Nationalists Vaditaba Independent Dictatorship
New Vagho Values Party Vagho Federation Democracy
New Vaiurisc Revolutionary Party Vaiurisc Independent Democracy
New Vaizdiko First Vaizdiko Independent Dictatorship
New Veli Labour Veli Federation Democracy
New Verovichili Progressive Party Verovichili Federation Democracy
New Viliquerret Future Viliquerret Independent Democracy
New Viruachi Confederation Viruachi Alliance Confederacy
New Wababaye Independents Wababaye Independent Democracy
New Waikino Defence Party Waikino Independent Dictatorship
New Wailaroju First Wailaroju Independent Dictatorship
New Walgal Resistance Walgal Federation Democracy
New Walka Future Walka Federation Democracy
New Walmiri Party Walmiri Independent Dictatorship
New Waragwaa League Waragwaa Empire Dictatorship
New Wardaliti Future Wardaliti Independent Democracy
New Wathiparian Progressive Party Wathiparian Independent Democracy
New Wayilwa Resistance Wayilwa Federation Democracy
New Whadru Confederacy Whadru Federation Confederacy
New Wheemete Regulatory State Wheemete Empire Dictatorship
New Wike Mandji Autocracy Wike Mandji Independent Dictatorship
New Wikegarak Bureau Wikegarak Empire Dictatorship
New Wiljanherbi Values Party Wiljanherbi Federation Democracy
New Winah Citizen Party Winah Independent Communism
New Wirngir Confederation Wirngir Federation Confederacy
New Wolf 1241 Focus Wolf 1241 Independent Dictatorship
New Wolf 1398 Confederation Wolf 1398 Federation Confederacy
New Wolf 248 Independents Wolf 248 Federation Democracy
New Wolf 248 League Istanu Federation Confederacy
New Wolf 248 League Wolf 248 Federation Confederacy
New Wolf 325 Bureau Wolf 325 Independent Dictatorship
New Wolf 369 Progressive Party Wolf 369 Federation Democracy
New Wudjal Autocracy Wudjal Independent Dictatorship
New Wulidjin Freedom Party Wulidjin Independent Dictatorship
New Xihe Law Party Xihe Independent Dictatorship
New Xinca Resistance Xinca Independent Democracy
New Yama Autocracy Yama Independent Dictatorship
New Yapep Democrats Yapep Independent Democracy
New Yashas Nationalists Yashas Independent Dictatorship
New Yembo Liberation New Yembo Independent Dictatorship
New Yen Nu Defence Party Yen Nu Independent Dictatorship
New Yeng Revolutionary Party Yeng Independent Democracy
New Yinered Partnership Yinered Federation Confederacy
New Yokusu Democrats Yokusu Independent Democracy
New Yudhumij Regulatory State Yudhumij Empire Dictatorship
New Yupini Democrats Yupini Independent Democracy
New Zarya Manas Flag Zarya Manas Independent Dictatorship
New Zeta Telescopii Revolutionary Party Zeta Telescopii Independent Democracy
New Zeta Tucanae Free Zeta Tucanae Federation Democracy
New Zuruaha Progressive Party Zuruaha Federation Democracy
New n Puppis Flag n Puppis Independent Dictatorship
Newcomen's Progress Siaroju Independent Anarchy
Nez Pelliri Gang Nez Pelliri Independent Anarchy
Nezheng General Company Nezheng Federation Corporate
Nezhenses Liberals Nezhenses Federation Democracy
Ngadandari One Ngadandari Independent Cooperative
Ngadandari One Tsohoda Empire Patronage
Ngadjal Citizens' Forum Ngadjal Empire Patronage
Ngadjal Life Organisation Ngadjal Independent Corporate
Ngadji Empire Assembly Ngadji Empire Patronage
Ngadji Free Ngadji Independent Democracy
Ngadjuk Organisation Ngadjuk Independent Corporate
Ngaduni Jet Fortune PLC Ngaduni Empire Corporate
Ngaiawang Citizens of Tradition Ngaiawang Empire Patronage
Ngaiawang Gold Partnership Ngaiawang Independent Anarchy
Ngaislan Crimson Organisation Ngaislan Independent Anarchy
Ngaislan Jet Vision Company Ngaislan Independent Corporate
Ngaislan Netcoms Group Ngaislan Federation Corporate
Ngaits Collective Ngaits Independent Cooperative
Ngakwilo United Ngakwilo Independent Cooperative
Ngakwites Empire Consulate Ngakwites Empire Patronage
Ngakwites Galactic Solutions Ngakwites Independent Corporate
Ngakwites General Interstellar Ngakwites Empire Corporate
Ngalakan Free Ngalakan Independent Democracy
Ngalakan Imperial Society Ngalakan Empire Patronage
Ngale Allied Ngale Independent Cooperative
Ngalea Prison Colony Ngalea Independent Prison Colony
Ngaledi Defence Force Ngaledi Independent Dictatorship
Ngaledi Federal Corporation Ngaledi Independent Corporate
Ngaledi Flag Ngaledi Independent Dictatorship
Ngaledi Systems Ngaledi Federation Corporate
Ngali Bureau Ngali Empire Dictatorship
Ngalia Family Ngalia Independent Anarchy
Ngalia Flag Ngalia Independent Dictatorship
Ngaliba Network Ngaliba Independent Corporate
Ngalibamba Industries Ngalibamba Empire Corporate
Ngaliep Crimson Travel Corp. Ngaliep Independent Corporate
Ngaliep Services Ngaliep Independent Corporate
Ngalinn Jet Natural Incorporated Ngalinn Empire Corporate
Ngalites Citizens of Tradition Ngalites Empire Patronage
Ngalkin Emperor's Grace Ngalkin Empire Patronage
Ngalkin Transport Organisation Ngalkin Federation Corporate
Ngalu Natural Limited Ngalu Federation Corporate
Ngalua Energy Services Ngalua Federation Corporate
Ngalung Silver United Exchange Ngalung Independent Corporate
Ngalyod Future Ngalyod Independent Democracy
Ngalyod Services Ngalyod Independent Corporate
Ngam Partners Ngam Independent Corporate
Ngam Silver Public PLC Ngam Federation Corporate
Ngandan Services Ngandan Empire Corporate
Ngandavaret Fortune PLC Ngandavaret Independent Corporate
Ngandii Defence Party Ngandii Independent Dictatorship
Ngandii Progressive Party Ngandii Independent Democracy
Ngandinique Corporation Ngandinique Empire Corporate
Ngandins Holdings Ngandins Independent Corporate
Ngandins Nationalists Ngandins Independent Dictatorship
Ngandji Blue Syndicate Ngandji Independent Anarchy
Ngandji Co-op Ngandji Independent Cooperative
Ngandji Netcoms Commodities Ngandji Independent Corporate
Ngandrusa Galactic Ltd Ngandrusa Empire Corporate
Ngane Gold Society Ngane Independent Anarchy
Ngane Patron's Principles Ngane Empire Patronage
Nganeru Federal Organisation Nganeru Federation Corporate
Nganjang Network Nganjang Federation Corporate
Ngarabal Empire League Ngarabal Empire Patronage
Ngarabal Gold Public Company Ngarabal Independent Corporate
Ngaradjaras Front Ngaradjaras Independent Dictatorship
Ngaradjaras Gold Organisation Ngaradjaras Independent Anarchy
Ngarans Progressive Party Ngarans Independent Democracy
Ngarasini Company Ngarasini Empire Corporate
Ngarasini as one Ngarasini Independent Cooperative
Ngarawe Empire Pact Ngarawe Empire Patronage
Ngarawe Energy Ltd Ngarawe Independent Corporate
Ngardamayo Independents Ngardamayo Federation Democracy
Ngardamayo Vision Co Ngardamayo Federation Corporate
Ngardinja Flag Ngardinja Independent Dictatorship
Ngarezo Industry Ngarezo Independent Corporate
Ngargambo Power Systems Ngargambo Federation Corporate
Ngargambo Pro-Independent League Ngargambo Independent Patronage
Ngarguna Commodities Ngarguna Federation Corporate
Ngari Pirates Ngari Independent Anarchy
Ngarkin Purple United Partners Ngarkin Empire Corporate
Ngarkindi Natural Services Ngarkindi Independent Corporate
Ngarokpoi Company Ngarokpoi Federation Corporate
Ngarra Independent Combine Ngarra Independent Patronage
Ngarsingo Purple Brothers Ngarsingo Independent Anarchy
Ngartha Defence Party Ngartha Independent Dictatorship
Ngaru Services Ngaru Federation Corporate
Ngaru Services Noegin Federation Corporate
Ngaruagsa Crimson Mob Ngaruagsa Independent Anarchy
Ngaruagsa Unionists Ngaruagsa Independent Communism
Ngaruayanka Dynamic Organisation Ngaruayanka Federation Corporate
Ngarut Industries Ngarut Federation Corporate
Ngath Federal Co Ngath Independent Corporate
Ngatha Purple Universal Group Ngatha Empire Corporate
Ngati Systems Ngati Federation Corporate
Ngauna Incorporated Ngauna Independent Corporate
Ngaunetes Industry Ngaunetes Independent Corporate
Ngauninda Jet Legal Industries Ngauninda Empire Corporate
Ngauningin Crimson Netcoms Ltd Ngauningin Independent Corporate
Ngawula Crimson Power Comms Ngawula Independent Corporate
Ngbandi Emperor's Grace Ngbandi Empire Patronage
Ngbatara Jet Major Corporation Ngbatara Independent Corporate
Ngbato Major Network Ngbato Federation Corporate
Ngbatobii Allied Solutions Ngbatobii Independent Corporate
Ngbatobii Posse Ngbatobii Independent Anarchy
Ngbatobii Solutions Ngbatobii Federation Corporate
Ngbatobii Values Party Ngbatobii Independent Democracy
Ngera Syndicate Ngera Independent Anarchy
Ngere Advanced Network Ngere Empire Corporate
Ngere Empire Group Ngere Empire Patronage
Ngeri Solutions Ngeri Independent Corporate
Ngerisan People's Co-operative Ngerisan Independent Cooperative
Ngewi Silver Mob Ngewi Independent Anarchy
Ngewi United Holdings Ngewi Empire Corporate
Ngewin Silver Society Ngewin Independent Anarchy
Ngewin United Industry Ngewin Independent Corporate
Ngin aristocrats Ngin Independent Feudal
Ngobe Defence Party Ngobe Independent Dictatorship
Ngobe Jet Comms Exchange Hyades Sector HR-W d1-59
Ngobe Jet Comms Exchange Ngobe Independent Corporate
Ngobedu Raiders Ngobedu Independent Anarchy
Ngobokopedu Nobles Ngobokopedu Independent Feudal
Ngobriglai Services Ngobriglai Federation Corporate
Ngobrindin Co Ngobrindin Federation Corporate
Ngola Constitution Party Ngola Empire Dictatorship
Ngolibardu Electronics Solutions GD 219 Federation Corporate
Ngolibardu Electronics Solutions Ngolibardu Federation Corporate
Ngolingo Company Ngolingo Independent Corporate
Ngolingo Group Ngolingo Independent Corporate
Ngolingo Labour Union Ngolingo Independent Communism
Ngolingo Movement Ngolingo Independent Dictatorship
Ngolite Cartel Ngolite Independent Anarchy
Ngolite Organisation Ngolite Federation Corporate
Ngolitjali Purple Federal Org Ngolitjali Federation Corporate
Ngolock PLC Ngolock Empire Corporate
Ngolona Advanced Solutions Ngolona Independent Corporate
Ngolona Citizens' Forum Ngolona Empire Patronage
Ngolona Democrats Ngolona Independent Democracy
Ngolona Silver Crew Ngolona Independent Anarchy
Ngoma Crimson Mob Ngoma Independent Anarchy
Ngoma Network Ngoma Federation Corporate
Ngombivas Travel Limited Ngombivas Federation Corporate
Ngones Gold Clan Ngones Independent Anarchy
Ngones Incorporated Ngones Empire Corporate
Ngones United Ngones Independent Cooperative
Ngongani Co Ngongani Empire Corporate
Ngonten Group Ngonten Independent Corporate
Ngonten Inc Ngonten Independent Corporate
Ngonten Pro-Independent Party Ngonten Independent Patronage
Ngorowai Empire League Ngorowai Empire Patronage
Ngorowai Exchange Ngorowai Independent Corporate
Ngugira Defence Party Ngugira Independent Dictatorship
Ngugira Netcoms Organisation Ngugira Federation Corporate
Ngugirawa Conservatives Ngugirawa Independent Dictatorship
Ngugirawa Jet Central & Co Ngugirawa Federation Corporate
Ngulungbara Commodities Ngulungbara Empire Corporate
Ngun Crimson Netcoms Int Ngun Empire Corporate
Ngun Patron's Principles Lu Pah Empire Patronage
Ngun Patron's Principles Ngun Empire Patronage
Ngunabozho Group Ngunabozho Federation Corporate
Ngundecabui Blue Creative Corp Ngundecabui Federation Corporate
Ngundjedes Independent Consulate Ngundjedes Independent Patronage
Nguni Crimson Universal Co Nguni Empire Corporate
Nguraci Crimson Transport Serv Nguraci Federation Corporate
Nguraci Resistance Nguraci Independent Democracy
Ngurawong Gold Society Ngurawong Independent Anarchy
Ngurd Industry Ngurd Empire Corporate
Ngurii Empire Party Ngurii Empire Patronage
Ngurii Silver Dragons Ngurii Independent Anarchy
Ngurui Network Ngurui Federation Corporate
Ngurumbha Dominion Ngurumbha Independent Dictatorship
Ngurumbha Electronics PLC Ngurumbha Independent Corporate
Ngurumbha First Ngurumbha Independent Dictatorship
Ngurumbha Systems Ngurumbha Independent Corporate
Ngurumbha Systems Piscium Sector GH-V b2-0 Federation Corporate
Ngurunderi Stakeholders Ngurunderi Independent Cooperative
Niaba Jet State Group Niaba Empire Corporate
Niabakanute Empire Assembly Niabakanute Empire Patronage
Niabakanute Vision Ltd Niabakanute Empire Corporate
Niabi Domain Niabi Independent Feudal
Nialfi Dynasty Nialfi Independent Feudal
Niali Empire Group Niali Empire Patronage
Niali Partners Niali Empire Corporate
Niamara Electronics Services Niamara Independent Corporate
Nibelaako Industry Nibelaako Independent Corporate
Nican Purple Council Nican Independent Anarchy
Nicassee Purple Pirates Nicassee Independent Anarchy
Nicassee for Equality Nicassee Federation Democracy
Nicobarese Resistance Nicobarese Federation Democracy
Nicocheo Corporation Nicocheo Empire Corporate
Nicollos Revolutionary Party Nicollos Independent Communism
Nicor Domain Nicor Independent Feudal
Nicor Shared Nicor Independent Cooperative
Nidanga Family Nidanga Independent Anarchy
Nidarijedi Empire Party NLTT 8234 Empire Patronage
Nidarijedi Empire Party Nidarijedi Empire Patronage
Nidayiman Boys Nidayiman Independent Anarchy
Nidayiman Interstellar Nidayiman Independent Corporate
Niery Limited Niery Federation Corporate
Niflheimri Labour LTT 7786 Federation Democracy
Niflheimri Labour Niflheimri Federation Democracy
Niflhel Corp. Niflhel Empire Corporate
Niflhel Guardians of Tradition Kwelegus Empire Patronage
Niflhel Guardians of Tradition Niflhel Empire Patronage
Niflhel Guardians of Tradition Nortes Empire Patronage
Nihal Progressive Party Nihal Federation Democracy
Nihal State Network Nihal Independent Corporate
Nihursaga Coalition Nihursaga Federation Confederacy
Nijolam Ltd Nijolam Independent Corporate
Nijolam Movement Nijolam Empire Dictatorship
Nijotec Alliance Nijotec Federation Confederacy
Nijotec Syndicate Igorodimos Independent Anarchy
Nijotec Syndicate Nijotec Independent Anarchy
Nijoten One Nijoten Independent Cooperative
Nijotures Jet Brotherhood Nijotures Independent Anarchy
Nijotures Jet Federal Solutions Nijotures Independent Corporate
Niju Coalition Niju Federation Confederacy
Nijuna Company Nijuna Empire Corporate
Nijuna Family Nijuna Independent Anarchy
Nijuna Patron's Principles Nijuna Empire Patronage
Nik Future Nik Federation Democracy
Nik Jet Drug Empire Nik Independent Anarchy
Nik Legal & Co Nik Independent Corporate
Nima Blue Power Incorporated Nima Independent Corporate
Nima Brotherhood Nima Independent Anarchy
Nima for Equality Lati Federation Democracy
Nima for Equality Nima Federation Democracy
Niman Blue Fortune Holdings Niman Federation Corporate
Niman Jet Cartel Niman Independent Anarchy
Nimari League Nimari Independent Confederacy
Nimboja Patron's Principles Nimboja Empire Patronage
Nimboja United Corporation Nimboja Independent Corporate
Ninans Nobles Ninans Independent Feudal
Ninans Purple Bridge Limited Ninans Federation Corporate
Ninmah & Co Ninmah Federation Corporate
Ninsun Liberty Party Ninsun Independent Dictatorship
Nipiates Vision Incorporated Nipiates Empire Corporate
Nipihikeggi Dynamic Corporation Nipihikeggi Independent Corporate
Nipihikeggi Regulatory State Nipihikeggi Empire Dictatorship
Nipihila Empire Assembly Nipihila Empire Patronage
Nipitio Ltd Nipitio Federation Corporate
Nirrayutori Co Nirrayutori Empire Corporate
Nirriti State Industry Nirriti Federation Corporate
Nirros Life Exchange Nirros Empire Corporate
Nisgan Jet Vision Services Nisgan Empire Corporate
Nisgayo Group Nisgayo Federation Corporate
Nisgayo for Equality Nisgayo Federation Democracy
Nithhogg Dominion Nithhogg Empire Dictatorship
Nithungambo Emperor's Grace Nithungambo Empire Patronage
Nitikudi Cartel Nitikudi Independent Anarchy
Nitikudi League Nitikudi Empire Dictatorship
Nitikudi Purple Travel Company Nitikudi Independent Corporate
Nititja Gold Fortune Services Nititja Federation Corporate
Niu Benzai Industry Niu Benzai Federation Corporate
Niu Lang Blue Brotherhood Niu Lang Independent Anarchy
Niu Lang Democrats Niu Lang Federation Democracy
Niu Lang O Electronics Company Niu Lang O Empire Corporate
Niu Lang O Guardians Niu Lang O Empire Patronage
Niu Yu Crimson United Corp. Niu Yu Empire Corporate
Niu Yu Purple Hand Gang Niu Yu Independent Anarchy
Niu Yun Dynasty Niu Yun Independent Feudal
Niu Yun Public Corporation Niu Yun Federation Corporate
Nivati Solutions Nivati Federation Corporate
Nivati Union Nivati Independent Communism
Njambalba Camorra Njambalba Independent Anarchy
Njambalba Exchange Njambalba Empire Corporate
Njambandine Blue Central Corp. Njambandine Federation Corporate
Njambandine Focus Njambandine Independent Dictatorship
Njambi Bridge Ltd Njambi Empire Corporate
Njambian De Industries Njambian De Independent Corporate
Njambula Company Njambula Federation Corporate
Njambula Defence Force Njambula Independent Dictatorship
Njamissing Exchange Njamissing Empire Corporate
Njamissing Future Njamissing Independent Democracy
Njamissing Holdings Njamissing Independent Corporate
Njana Crimson Brotherhood Njana Independent Anarchy
Njana Independent Union Njana Independent Patronage
Njangamarda Empire Party Njangamarda Empire Patronage
Njangamarda Left Party Njangamarda Independent Communism
Njanheim Gold Transport Org Njanheim Independent Corporate
Njanito Purple Transport Int Njanito Independent Corporate
Njemar Jet Creative Systems Njemar Empire Corporate
Njemari Industries Njemari Independent Corporate
Njemari Movement Njemari Independent Dictatorship
Njemayeka Imperial Society Njemayeka Empire Patronage
Njika Mo Company Njika Mo Independent Corporate
Njikan Crew Njikan Independent Anarchy
Njikan Jet Dynamic Industry Karovices Federation Corporate
Njikan Jet Dynamic Industry Njikan Federation Corporate
Njikan Jet Dynamic Industry Ross 199 Federation Corporate
Njikas Gold Crew Njikas Independent Anarchy
Njikit Major Company Njikit Federation Corporate
Njikit Stakeholders Njikit Independent Cooperative
Njiri Advanced Interstellar Njiri Empire Corporate
Njiri Imperial Society Njiri Empire Patronage
Njiri Organisation Njiri Independent Anarchy
Njirus Citizens' Forum Njirus Empire Patronage
Njirus Crimson Brotherhood Njirus Independent Anarchy
Njirus Gold Fortune Services Njirus Independent Corporate
Njirus Liberals Njirus Federation Democracy
Njoerd Prison Colony Njoerd Independent Prison Colony
Njoerdhri Council Njoerdhri Independent Anarchy
Njoerdhri Industries Njoerdhri Empire Corporate
Njoere United Partners Njoere Independent Corporate
Njoeris Crimson Bridge Company Njoeris Federation Corporate
Njokujil Citizens of Tradition Njokujil Empire Patronage
Njokujil Limited Njokujil Independent Corporate
Njokujinun Federal Systems Njokujinun Federation Corporate
Njordeates Blue Rats Njordeates Independent Anarchy
Njordi Dragons Njordi Independent Anarchy
Njordi Progressive Party Njordi Independent Democracy
Njordr Company Njordr Federation Corporate
Njorog Democrats Njorog Independent Democracy
Njorog Jet Dynamic Industry Njorog Independent Corporate
Njorog Jet Syndicate Njorog Independent Anarchy
Njoror Empire Group Njoror Empire Patronage
Njorovices Netcoms Company Njorovices Federation Corporate
Njortamo Syndicate HIP 42951 Anarchy
Njortamo Syndicate Njortamo Independent Anarchy
Njortamool Industries Njortamool Federation Corporate
Njorth Galactic Corp. Njorth Independent Corporate
Njulans Crimson Netcoms Inc Njulans Independent Corporate
Njulans Patron's Principles Njulans Empire Patronage
Njulans Patron's Principles Tjurodo Empire Patronage
Njulngan Gold Organisation Njulngan Independent Anarchy
Njulngan Natural Co Njulngan Federation Corporate
Njundji Alliance Njundji Federation Confederacy
Njunga Blue General Partners Njunga Independent Corporate
Njungum Crimson Gang Njungum Independent Anarchy
Njunmin Allied Partners Njunmin Federation Corporate
Njunmin Movement Njunmin Independent Dictatorship
Njuwar Creative Services Njuwar Independent Corporate
Njuwar Independents Njuwar Federation Democracy
Njuwar Netcoms Industries Njuwar Independent Corporate
Njuwatem Purple Public Corp Njuwatem Federation Corporate
Nkan Federal Exchange Nkan Independent Corporate
Nkanu Law Party Nkanu Independent Dictatorship
Nkonjurungu Jet Advanced Systems Nkonjurungu Federation Corporate
Nkonoman Co-operative Nkonoman Independent Cooperative
Nkwalas Purple Mob Nkwalas Independent Anarchy
No Cha Limited No Cha Empire Corporate
No Cha Party No Cha Empire Dictatorship
No Cha The Blue Dragons Thep No Cha Independent Anarchy
No Chang Alliance No Chang Federation Confederacy
No Chianga Incorporated No Chianga Independent Corporate
No Chique Blue Allied Exchange No Chique Federation Corporate
No Choen Autocracy No Choen Independent Dictatorship
No Kono Universal Systems No Kono Independent Corporate
No Miki Silver Legal Co No Miki Empire Corporate
No Mina Public Incorporated No Mina Federation Corporate
No Myoin Focus No Myoin Independent Dictatorship
No Myoin Systems No Myoin Independent Corporate
No Myoino Prison Colony No Myoino Independent Prison Colony
Noanama Limited Noanama Independent Corporate
Noanama Rats Noanama Independent Anarchy
Noati Citizens' Forum Noati Empire Patronage
Noati Jet Brothers Noati Independent Anarchy
Noati Purple Bridge Holdings Noati Empire Corporate
Noatiaca Public Limited Noatiaca Federation Corporate
Noatine Independent Combine Noatine Independent Patronage
Noatir Jet Netcoms Services Noatir Federation Corporate
Noblemen of 33 Bootis 33 Bootis Independent Feudal
Noblemen of 58 Ursae Majoris 58 Ursae Majoris Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Andancan Andancan Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Anukul Anukul Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Arakates Arakates Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Arambe Arambe Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Artha Artha Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Aten Aten Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Audhumbwe Audhumbwe Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Avane Avane Independent Feudal
Noblemen of BD+26 2723 BD+26 2723 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of BD-05 948 BD-05 948 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Baxbalabia Baxbalabia Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Bhagga Bhagga Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Binjhwarku Binjhwarku Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Blango Blango Alliance Feudal
Noblemen of Carunda Carunda Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Celesat Celesat Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Chakma Chakma Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Chontina Chontina Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Condharwal Condharwal Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Coras Coras Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Dewi'xil Dewi'xil Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Djara Djara Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Englar Englar Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Ernun Ernun Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Esubii Esubii Empire Feudal
Noblemen of GCRV 2311 GCRV 2311 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Gulidjan Gulidjan Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Guroji Guroji Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Gyvati Gyvati Independent Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 102924 HIP 102924 Empire Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 20673 HIP 20673 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 2841 HIP 2841 Empire Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 2841 Kwelegus Empire Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 39720 HIP 39720 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 45096 HIP 45096 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 54233 HIP 54233 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 72604 HIP 72604 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 82896 HIP 82896 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 83751 HIP 83751 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 91253 HIP 91253 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of HIP 98723 HIP 98723 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Hared Hared Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Hesanthen Hesanthen Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Hrun Hrun Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Iburoana Iburoana Alliance Feudal
Noblemen of Ixbakah Ixbakah Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Jamapa Jamapa Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Juiquan Juiquan Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Kherno Kherno Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Khwal Khwal Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Kokopatji Kokopatji Independent Feudal
Noblemen of LHS 463 LHS 463 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of LHS 475 LHS 475 Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Larais Larais Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Laukh Laukh Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Lucharn Lucharn Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Malatia Malatia Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Munchep Munchep Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Na Zotzil Na Zotzil Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Naura Mol Naura Mol Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Negas Negas Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Nemetati Nemetati Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Nez Perce Nez Perce Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Ngomangatio Ngomangatio Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Nyokot Nyokot Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Pech Bean Pech Bean Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Pendii Pendii Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Pilnga Pilnga Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Pisage Pisage Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Qarato Qarato Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Ralunkas Ralunkas Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Rikbakara Rikbakara Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Ross 514 Ross 514 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Shampang Shampang Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Sochet Sochet Independent Feudal
Noblemen of StKM 1-662 StKM 1-662 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Swazakano Swazakano Empire Feudal
Noblemen of T'ao Tzu T'ao Tzu Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Tacare HIP 22296 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Tacare Tacare Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Turigame Turigame Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Txamsa Txamsa Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Vanayeb Hua Vanayeb Hua Alliance Feudal
Noblemen of Wadjarata Wadjarata Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Wolf 109 Wolf 109 Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Yarram Yarram Independent Feudal
Noblemen of Yutula Yutula Empire Feudal
Noblemen of Zac Matlan Zac Matlan Empire Feudal
Nobles of 20 Leonis Minoris 20 Leonis Minoris Independent Feudal
Nobles of 87 Mu Ceti 87 Mu Ceti Independent Feudal
Nobles of Airs Airs Independent Feudal
Nobles of Ameno Ameno Empire Feudal
Nobles of Ammaiamh Ammaiamh Independent Feudal
Nobles of Andine Andine Independent Feudal
Nobles of Arabrini Arabrini Empire Feudal
Nobles of Asherah Asherah Alliance Feudal
Nobles of Asletae Asletae Independent Feudal
Nobles of Ayu Ayu Empire Feudal
Nobles of BD+09 3000 BD+09 3000 Independent Feudal
Nobles of BD+33 2071 BD+33 2071 Alliance Feudal
Nobles of Baigag Baigag Independent Feudal
Nobles of Baudiko O Baudiko O Empire Feudal
Nobles of Birpinans Birpinans Independent Feudal
Nobles of Bolocas Bolocas Independent Feudal
Nobles of Borestipi Borestipi Independent Feudal
Nobles of Breucosyen Breucosyen Independent Feudal
Nobles of Chhalini Chhalini Empire Feudal
Nobles of Chia Chia Independent Feudal
Nobles of Cintuatera Cintuatera Independent Feudal
Nobles of Dagr Dagr Alliance Feudal
Nobles of Epsilon Hydri Epsilon Hydri Empire Feudal
Nobles of Fates Fates Independent Feudal
Nobles of Fei Zu Fei Zu Independent Feudal
Nobles of Fongo Fongo Empire Feudal
Nobles of Gadagombiri Gadagombiri Independent Feudal
Nobles of Gautama Gautama Empire Feudal
Nobles of Ghede Ghede Independent Feudal
Nobles of Girawa Girawa Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 10716 HIP 10716 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 112908 HIP 112908 Empire Feudal
Nobles of HIP 112932 HIP 112932 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 113126 HIP 113126 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 116232 HIP 116232 Empire Feudal
Nobles of HIP 12065 HIP 12065 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 43886 HIP 43886 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 51568 HIP 51568 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 56229 HIP 56229 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 62772 HIP 62772 Alliance Feudal
Nobles of HIP 83099 HIP 83099 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 93645 HIP 93645 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 96240 HIP 96240 Independent Feudal
Nobles of HIP 97531 HIP 97531 Independent Feudal
Nobles of Harakwaxaca Harakwaxaca Independent Feudal
Nobles of Hez Pei Hez Pei Alliance Feudal
Nobles of Ipilyak Ipilyak Independent Feudal
Nobles of Itzambivat Itzambivat Independent Feudal
Nobles of Ixbalanque Ixbalanque Independent Feudal
Nobles of Jandaquiya Jandaquiya Independent Feudal
Nobles of Jurumis Jurumis Independent Feudal
Nobles of Kirrae Kirrae Independent Feudal
Nobles of Kokipik Kokipik Independent Feudal
Nobles of Kolitja Kolitja Independent Feudal
Nobles of Koren Koren Independent Feudal
Nobles of Kuanga Kuanga Independent Feudal
Nobles of LP Draconis LP Draconis Independent Feudal
Nobles of LTT 14398 LTT 14398 Independent Feudal
Nobles of LTT 420 LTT 420 Empire Feudal
Nobles of Lan Samba Lan Samba Independent Feudal
Nobles of Lu Pinda Lu Pinda Empire Feudal
Nobles of Malsungga Malsungga Independent Feudal
Nobles of Meidmarama Meidmarama Independent Feudal
Nobles of Miris Miris Alliance Feudal
Nobles of NLTT 12619 NLTT 12619 Independent Feudal
Nobles of NLTT 23036 NLTT 23036 Independent Feudal
Nobles of NLTT 51200 NLTT 51200 Independent Feudal
Nobles of Natrimi Natrimi Empire Feudal
Nobles of Ngale Ngale Empire Feudal
Nobles of Nicopa Nicopa Independent Feudal
Nobles of Ogones Ogones Empire Feudal
Nobles of Pah Pah Independent Feudal
Nobles of Pera Pera Empire Feudal
Nobles of Pimarisi Pimarisi Independent Feudal
Nobles of Shebayeb Shebayeb Independent Feudal
Nobles of Sippi Sippi Empire Feudal
Nobles of Sofagre Sofagre Alliance Feudal
Nobles of Songi Songi Empire Feudal
Nobles of Tetekhe Tetekhe Independent Feudal
Nobles of Ti Wanga Ti Wanga Independent Feudal
Nobles of Tomath Tomath Independent Feudal
Nobles of Toyony Toyony Independent Feudal
Nobles of V390 Pavonis V390 Pavonis Empire Feudal
Nobles of Wattva Wattva Independent Feudal
Nobles of Xamentii Xamentii Independent Feudal
Nobles of Xionaz Xionaz Independent Feudal
Nobles of Yamandara Yamandara Independent Feudal
Nobles of Yggdrajang Yggdrajang Independent Feudal
Nobles of Yu Shonsa Yu Shonsa Empire Feudal
Nobles of Yucanes Yucanes Independent Feudal
Noco Purple Power Commodities Noco Independent Corporate
Nocoma Collective Nocoma Independent Cooperative
Nocoma Solutions Nocoma Federation Corporate
Nocopani Patron's Principles Nocopani Empire Patronage
Nocopani Power Holdings Nocopani Independent Corporate
Nocori Coalition Nocori Federation Confederacy
Nocori Progressive Party Nocori Federation Democracy
Nocorioson Company Nocorioson Independent Corporate
Noctero Flag Noctero Empire Dictatorship
Noctero League Noctero Independent Dictatorship
Nogais Citizens' Forum Nogais Empire Patronage
Nogais Purple Travel Network Nogais Independent Corporate
Nogais United Limited Nogais Empire Corporate
Nogambe Blue Dynamic PLC Nogambe Independent Corporate
Nogatas Energy Solutions Nogatas Independent Corporate
Nogatas Organisation Nogatas Independent Anarchy
Nogatyanka Crimson Advanced Net Nogatyanka Independent Corporate
Nogatyanka Organisation Nogatyanka Independent Corporate
Nohocherth Coordinated Nohocherth Independent Cooperative
Nokana Comms Group Nokana Empire Corporate
Nokomis Blue Netcoms Co Nokomis Federation Corporate
Nokonda Jet Brothers Nokonda Independent Anarchy
Nokotaikuyu Silver Drug Empire Nokotaikuyu Independent Anarchy
Nomm Cha Shared Nomm Cha Independent Cooperative
Nommai Life Ltd Nommai Independent Corporate
Nommai Mob Nommai Independent Anarchy
Nommai Purple Dynamic Industry Nommai Independent Corporate
Nommai Regulatory State Nommai Independent Dictatorship
Nommamalanu Monarchy Nommamalanu Independent Feudal
Nommarini Organisation Nommarini Federation Corporate
Nona Commodities Nona Federation Corporate
Nona Services Nona Federation Corporate
Nona for Equality Nona Federation Democracy
None Capricorni Sector FW-W c1-15 None None
Nones Network Nones Independent Corporate
Nones Purple Dragons Nones Independent Anarchy
Noneskit Jet Camorra Noneskit Independent Anarchy
Noongaa Alliance Noongaa Independent Confederacy
Noongatiiq Prison Colony Noongatiiq Independent Prison Colony
Noonitokomu Industry Noonitokomu Empire Corporate
Nootaitya Prison Colony Nootaitya Independent Prison Colony
Nootayuto Public Solutions Nootayuto Independent Corporate
Nootkena Crimson Public Services Nootkena Federation Corporate
Nootkena Drug Empire Nootkena Independent Anarchy
Nootkenk People's Co-operative Nootkenk Independent Cooperative
Nora Empire Party Nora Empire Patronage
Nora Jet Electronics Company Nora Independent Corporate
Norn Crimson Life PLC Norn Federation Corporate
Norn Republic Party Norn Federation Democracy
Nornari Exchange Nornari Federation Corporate
Nornari Free Nornari Federation Democracy
Nornari Gold Raiders Nornari Independent Anarchy
Nortes Dynamic Incorporated Nortes Empire Corporate
Northern Light Ari Hesa Alliance Cooperative
Norwar Fortune & Co Norwar Federation Corporate
Norweilemil Silver Netcoms Hldgs Norweilemil Federation Corporate
Noti Advanced Corporation Noti Independent Corporate
Novana Fortune Holdings Novana Federation Corporate
Novantait Brothers Novantait Independent Anarchy
Novas First Novas Independent Dictatorship
Novas Purple Allied Industry Novas Independent Corporate
Novgoreng Gang Novgoreng Independent Anarchy
Novgorod Clan Novgorod Independent Anarchy
Novgorod Crimson Universal Int Novgorod Independent Corporate
Novgorots Jet Dragons Novgorots Independent Anarchy
Ntumusho Citizen Party Ntumusho Independent Communism
Ntumusho Empire Group Ntumusho Empire Patronage
Nu Citizens of Tradition Nu Empire Patronage
Nu Crimson Life Commodities Nu Empire Corporate
Nu Gong Citizens' Forum Nu Gong Empire Patronage
Nu Goryni Alliance Union Nu Goryni Alliance Patronage
Nu Gu Corp. Nu Gu Independent Corporate
Nu Gu Future Nu Gu Independent Democracy
Nu Gu Gang Nu Gu Independent Anarchy
Nu Guambi & Co Nu Guambi Independent Corporate
Nu Guambi PLC Nu Guambi Independent Corporate
Nu Guana Pro-Independent Bond Nu Guana Independent Patronage
Nu Guang Jet Pirates Nu Guang Independent Anarchy
Nu Horologii Travel Corp. Nu Horologii Empire Corporate
Nu Indi Commodities Nu Indi Federation Corporate
Nu Kop Inc Nu Kop Empire Corporate
Nu Kuan Independent Bond Nu Kuan Independent Patronage
Nu Kuan Jet Central Solutions Nu Kuan Independent Corporate
Nu Kuan Purple Ring Nu Kuan Independent Anarchy
Nu Kuang Inc Nu Kuang Federation Corporate
Nu Kuang Inc Ring Federation Corporate
Nu Kuni Empire League Nu Kuni Empire Patronage
Nu Kuni Jet Life Incorporated Nu Kuni Empire Corporate
Nu Kuni Jet Life Incorprated Macu Kuang Empire Corporate
Nu Kuni for Equality Nu Kuni Independent Democracy
Nu Pictoris Citizen's Party Nu Pictoris Empire Patronage
Nu Tauri Creative Industries Nu Tauri Independent Corporate
Nu Wana Silver Pirates Nu Wana Independent Anarchy
Nu Wanga Jet Federal Org Nu Wanga Independent Corporate
Nu Wanga Universal Interstellar Nu Wanga Independent Corporate
Nu-1 Columbae Allied Commodities Nu-1 Columbae Empire Corporate
Nu-1 Columbae Free Nu-1 Columbae Independent Democracy
Nu-1 Columbae Partners Nu-1 Columbae Independent Corporate
Nu-1 Lupi Jet Advanced Industry Nu-1 Lupi Independent Corporate
Nu-2 Canis Majoris Company Nu-2 Canis Majoris Federation Corporate
Nu-2 Columbae Federal PLC Nu-2 Columbae Federation Corporate
Nu-2 Columbae Monarchy Nu-2 Columbae Empire Feudal
Nu-2 Lupi Crimson United Prtnrs Nu-2 Lupi Federation Corporate
Nu-2 Lupi Natural Company Nu-2 Lupi Independent Corporate
Nuakea Industry Nuakea Federation Corporate
Nuakea Republic Party Nuakea Independent Democracy
Nuen Front Nuen Independent Dictatorship
Nuenets Corp. HR 4979 Federation Corporate
Nuenets Corp. Nuenets Federation Corporate
Nuenets Jet State Limited Nuenets Independent Corporate
Nuenoch Corp. Nuenoch Federation Corporate
Nuevo Orden de Comandantes Imperiales Karid Empire Feudal
Nugua Crimson Dynamic Limited Nugua Independent Corporate
Nugua Revered Cult HIP 54977 Independent Theocracy
Nugua Revered Cult Nugua Independent Theocracy
Nuguynici Gold Energy Limited Nuguynici Federation Corporate
Nuit Blue State Co Nuit Independent Corporate
Nuit Systems Nuit Independent Corporate
Nuitae Society Nuitae Independent Anarchy
Nuitati Blue Drug Empire Nuitati Independent Anarchy
Nuite Mob Nuite Independent Anarchy
Nuitu Services Nuitu Independent Corporate
Nujema United Inc Nujema Independent Corporate
Nukama Citizens' Forum Nukama Empire Patronage
Nukama Future Nukama Independent Democracy
Nukama Incorporated Nukama Empire Corporate
Nukamba Interstellar Nukamba Independent Corporate
Nukunda Coalition Nukunda Independent Confederacy
Nukunda Comms Systems Nukunda Independent Corporate
Nukups Industry Nukups Independent Corporate
Nukups Partners Nukups Empire Corporate
Nukuru Free Nukuru Federation Democracy
Nukuru Nationals Nukuru Independent Dictatorship
Nulili Bridge PLC Nulili Federation Corporate
Nulis Resistance Nulis Federation Democracy
Nummitra Citizens' Forum Nummitra Empire Patronage
Nummitra Purple Central Dev Nummitra Empire Corporate
Nun Major Industry Nun Empire Corporate
Nun Silver Electronics Corp Nun Independent Corporate
Nuna Holdings Nuna Empire Corporate
Nuneti Drug Empire Nuneti Independent Anarchy
Nungamici Group Nungamici Federation Corporate
Nungamici Nationals Nungamici Independent Dictatorship
Nungar Solutions Nungar Federation Corporate
Nunggul Confederation Nunggul Independent Confederacy
Nunggul Solutions Nunggul Independent Corporate
Nungk Empire Party HIP 73293 Empire Patronage
Nungk Empire Party Nungk Empire Patronage
Nungk Future Nungk Independent Democracy
Nungk Interstellar Nungk Independent Corporate
Nungnges Central Ltd Nungnges Independent Corporate
Nunu Organisation Nunu Federation Corporate
Nununni Coordinated Nununni Independent Cooperative
Nununni Universal Interstellar Nununni Federation Corporate
Nunuri Electronics Systems Nunuri Independent Corporate
Nunus Gold Advanced Partners Nunus Empire Corporate
Nunus Imperial Society Nunus Empire Patronage
Nurundere Gold Mob Nurundere Independent Anarchy
Nurundiji Solutions Nurundiji Empire Corporate
Nusakan Holdings Nusakan Independent Corporate
Nusakan for Equality Nusakan Federation Democracy
Nut Bureau Nut Independent Dictatorship
Nut Empire League Nut Empire Patronage
Nut Services Nut Independent Corporate
Nuwach Crimson Life Corporation Nuwach Independent Corporate
Nuwach Labour Nuwach Independent Democracy
Nuwach Movement Nuwach Independent Dictatorship
Nuxalis Dominion Nuxalis Independent Feudal
Nuxalkuq Crimson Gang Nuxalkuq Independent Anarchy
Nyal Dynamic Services Nyal Federation Corporate
Nyala Bureau Nyala Independent Dictatorship
Nyala Holdings Nyala Independent Corporate
Nyala Values Party Njang Federation Democracy
Nyala Values Party Nyala Federation Democracy
Nyalalandi Purple Organisation Nyalalandi Independent Anarchy
Nyalayan Crimson Dragons Nyalayan Independent Anarchy
Nyalayan Imperial Society Nyalayan Empire Patronage
Nyalayan Silver Transport Org Nyalayan Empire Corporate
Nyaliep Gold Cartel Nyaliep Independent Anarchy
Nyalo Democrats Nyalo Independent Democracy
Nyalo Incorporated Nyalo Federation Corporate
Nyamad Blue Boys Nyamad Independent Anarchy
Nyamari Commodities Nyamari Federation Corporate
Nyament Emperor's Grace HIP 117322 Empire Patronage
Nyament Emperor's Grace Nyament Empire Patronage
Nyament Silver Dragons Nyament Independent Anarchy
Nyament Silver Legal Limited Nyament Independent Corporate
Nyament for Equality Nyament Independent Democracy
Nyamwere Empire League Nyamwere Empire Patronage
Nyamwere Galactic Services Nyamwere Independent Corporate
Nyan Dynamic Network Nyan Empire Corporate
Nyan Silver Clan Nyan Independent Anarchy
Nyania Group Nyania Federation Corporate
Nyanktona Systems Nyanktona Independent Corporate
Nyanmil Crimson Partnership Nyanmil Independent Anarchy
Nyanmil Group Nyanmil Federation Corporate
Nyanomam Free Nyanomam Independent Democracy
Nyanook Resistance Nyanook Independent Democracy
Nyikan Co Nyikan Empire Corporate
Nyikara Empire Party Nyikara Empire Patronage
Nyikari Gold General Commodities Nyikari Federation Corporate
Nyikas Advanced Group Nyikas Empire Corporate
Nyikates Partnership Nyikates Federation Confederacy
Nyiko Oh Gold Federal Inc Nyiko Oh Independent Corporate
Nyikoku Ltd Nyikoku Independent Corporate
Nyokojai Systems Nyokojai Federation Corporate
Nyokomici Company Nyokomici Independent Corporate
Nyokot Limited Nyokot Independent Corporate
Nyokot Purple Drug Empire Nyokot Independent Anarchy
Nyora Flag Nyora Independent Dictatorship
Nyore Jet Boys Nyore Independent Anarchy
Nyorensei Pro-Independent Group Nyorensei Independent Patronage
Nyorenses Allied Nyorenses Independent Cooperative
Nyoro Limited Nyoro Empire Corporate
Nyororor Corp. Calanggubal Empire Corporate
Nyororor Corp. Nyororor Empire Corporate
Nyoru Citizens' Forum Nyoru Empire Patronage
Nyoru Universal Interstellar Babal Independent Corporate
Nysa Emperor's Grace Tewi Empire Patronage
Nysa Exchange Nysa Independent Corporate
Nysa General Inc Nysa Empire Corporate
Nyx Corporation Nyx Independent Corporate
Nzam Caihe Crimson Transport Ind Nzam Caihe Empire Corporate
Nzam Cimi Blue Creative Systems Nzam Cimi Independent Corporate
Nzam Cimi Progressive Party Nzam Cimi Federation Democracy
Nzambassee Pro-Alliance League Nzambassee Alliance Patronage
Nzambassee Universal Organisation Nzambassee Independent Corporate
Nzamnet Crimson State PLC Nzamnet Empire Corporate
Nzamnet Empire Consulate Nzamnet Empire Patronage
Nzamnite Purple General Network Nzamnite Federation Corporate
n Puppis & Co n Puppis Federation Corporate
nationalists of hip 76543 HIP 75281 Independent Dictatorship

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