This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char O. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
OR Delphini Defence Party OR Delphini Independent Dictatorship
OR Delphini Jet Bridge & Co OR Delphini Independent Corporate
OR Delphini Vision Commodities OR Delphini Independent Corporate
OU Geminorum Industry OU Geminorum Federation Corporate
OU Geminorum Life Corp. OU Geminorum Federation Corporate
Oanoa Federal Network Oanoa Federation Corporate
Obaluaye Network Obaluaye Empire Corporate
Obamba Co-operative Obamba Independent Cooperative
Obambivas Blue Pirates Obambivas Independent Anarchy
Obambivas Resistance Obambivas Independent Democracy
Obambivas United Industries Obambivas Federation Corporate
Obambojas Blue Power Inc Obambojas Independent Corporate
Obambojas Progressive Party Obambojas Federation Democracy
Obambori Legal Interstellar Obambori Independent Corporate
Obamboro Co-operative Obamboro Independent Cooperative
Obamboro Group Obamboro Independent Corporate
Obamulo Empire League Obamulo Empire Patronage
Obamumbo Group Obamumbo Independent Corporate
Obamumbo PLC Obamumbo Federation Corporate
Obassi Osaw Gold Bridge Int Obassi Osaw Federation Corporate
Obastaragea Electronics & Co Obastaragea Independent Corporate
Obastaragea Gold Council Obastaragea Independent Anarchy
Obastini Jet Legal Incorporated Obastini Federation Corporate
Obates Purple Galactic Systems Obates Independent Corporate
Obato Defence Party Obato Independent Dictatorship
Obato Democrats Obato Federation Democracy
Obe Purple Travel Industries Obe Federation Corporate
Obotrima Organisation Obotrima Federation Corporate
Obotrimi Crimson Major Group Obotrimi Federation Corporate
Obotrimpox Alliance Obotrimpox Federation Confederacy
Obotrimpox Domain Obotrimpox Independent Feudal
Ocaina Organisation Ocaina Independent Corporate
Ocairi Empire Group Ocairi Empire Patronage
Ocairi Energy Services Ocairi Empire Corporate
Ocairi Inc Ocairi Empire Corporate
Ocassi Transport Exchange Ocassi Federation Corporate
Ocelete Partners Ocelete Federation Corporate
Oceliu Anat Major Incorporated Oceliu Anat Federation Corporate
Ocelliep Commodities Ocelliep Empire Corporate
Ochoeng Allied Solutions Ochoeng Independent Corporate
Ochoeng Major Solutions Ochoeng Independent Corporate
Ochoeng Pirates Ochoeng Independent Anarchy
Ochosag Federal Company Ochosag Federation Corporate
Ochoshei Independent League Ochoshei Independent Patronage
Ochosi Brothers Ochosi Independent Anarchy
Ocsho Dominion Ocsho Independent Feudal
Ocshodhis Blue Brotherhood Ocshodhis Independent Anarchy
Ocshodhis Partners Ocshodhis Independent Corporate
Ocshongzi Boys Ocshongzi Independent Anarchy
Ocshongzi Dynamic Ltd Ocshongzi Independent Corporate
Ocshooit Advanced Services Ocshooit Independent Corporate
Odinja Group Odinja Independent Corporate
Odins Allied Limited Odins Independent Corporate
Odins Empire Party Lovedui Empire Patronage
Odins Empire Party Odins Empire Patronage
Odomazotz Citizens of Tradition Mebes Empire Patronage
Odomazotz Citizens of Tradition Odomazotz Empire Patronage
Odomazotz Citizens of Tradition Skogulumari Empire Patronage
Odomazotz Corp. Odomazotz Independent Corporate
Odomazotz Silver Brotherhood Odomazotz Independent Anarchy
Odomazotz for Equality Odomazotz Independent Democracy
Odudu Partners Odudu Federation Corporate
Oduduni Citizen Party Oduduni Independent Communism
Oduduni Mafia Oduduni Independent Anarchy
Odudunn Jet Life Incorporated Odudunn Independent Corporate
Oduduro Inc Oduduro Federation Corporate
Oduduro Justice Party Oduduro Independent Dictatorship
Oduduro Natural PLC Oduduro Federation Corporate
Odudusekui Justice Party Odudusekui Empire Dictatorship
Odudusekui Silver Dragons Odudusekui Independent Anarchy
Odudusekui Systems Odudusekui Independent Corporate
Oduwaid Fo Network Oduwaid Fo Independent Corporate
Oeng Ku Systems Oeng Ku Empire Corporate
Oeng Zhaob Co Oeng Zhaob Empire Corporate
Ofan Resistance Ofan Federation Democracy
Ofaye Aibe Inc Ofaye Aibe Independent Corporate
Ofaye Aibe League Ofaye Aibe Federation Confederacy
Ofayeka Crimson Energy Int Ofayeka Empire Corporate
Ofayeka Purple Rats Ofayeka Independent Anarchy
Off World Collective Laka Independent Communism
Official 15 Lambda Aurigae Order 15 Lambda Aurigae Independent Dictatorship
Official 18 Puppis Movement 18 Puppis Independent Dictatorship
Official 19 Phi-2 Ceti Party 19 Phi-2 Ceti Independent Dictatorship
Official 239 G. Aquarii Liberty Party 239 G. Aquarii Independent Dictatorship
Official 38 Lyncis Freedom Party 38 Lyncis Independent Dictatorship
Official 49 Serpentis Flag 49 Serpentis Independent Dictatorship
Official 59 Virginis Defence Party 59 Virginis Independent Dictatorship
Official 9 Ursae Minoris First 9 Ursae Minoris Independent Dictatorship
Official AB Pictoris Nationalists AB Pictoris Independent Dictatorship
Official AZ Cancri Dominion AZ Cancri Independent Dictatorship
Official Alkuylkano Freedom Party Alkuylkano Independent Dictatorship
Official Angardh Conservatives Angardh Empire Dictatorship
Official Anouphis Movement Anouphis Independent Dictatorship
Official Antevorta First Antevorta Independent Dictatorship
Official Any Na Liberty Party Any Na Independent Dictatorship
Official Ardians Order Ardians Independent Dictatorship
Official Arexack Front Arexack Empire Dictatorship
Official Ariatia Front Ariatia Independent Dictatorship
Official Arti Dominion Arti Empire Dictatorship
Official Ascella First Ascella Independent Dictatorship
Official Auschauts Conservatives Auschauts Independent Dictatorship
Official Awongbal Focus Awongbal Independent Dictatorship
Official BD+58 1208 Nationalists BD+58 1208 Independent Dictatorship
Official BD+59 1851 Bureau BD+59 1851 Independent Dictatorship
Official Balaji Movement Balaji Independent Dictatorship
Official Barku Constitution Party Barku Independent Dictatorship
Official Bered Justice Party Bered Independent Dictatorship
Official Bes Front Bes Independent Dictatorship
Official Botame Regulatory State Botame Empire Dictatorship
Official Bragpura Defence Party Bragpura Independent Dictatorship
Official CD-61 6801 Flag CD-61 6801 Empire Dictatorship
Official Camulus Front Camulus Empire Dictatorship
Official Cares Law Party Cares Empire Dictatorship
Official Chemaluk Liberty Party Chemaluk Independent Dictatorship
Official Cheng Den Nationalists Cheng Den Independent Dictatorship
Official Cismontani Defence Party Cismontani Independent Dictatorship
Official Clayakarma Defence Force Clayakarma Independent Dictatorship
Official Cotiachis Party Cotiachis Independent Dictatorship
Official Darkates Freedom Party Darkates Empire Dictatorship
Official Dechengh League Dechengh Independent Dictatorship
Official Deorii Autocracy Deorii Empire Dictatorship
Official Deurber Movement Deurber Independent Dictatorship
Official Dhruva Conservatives Dhruva Independent Dictatorship
Official Dilwanes League Dilwanes Independent Dictatorship
Official Dironii Conservatives Dironii Empire Dictatorship
Official Dogoneja Conservatives Dogoneja Independent Dictatorship
Official Eban Law Party Eban Empire Dictatorship
Official Eravate Flag Eravate Independent Dictatorship
Official Etz'nambe First Etz'nambe Empire Dictatorship
Official G 35-15 Defence Party G 35-15 Independent Dictatorship
Official GCRV 52424 Defence Force GCRV 52424 Independent Dictatorship
Official Gateway Nationalists Gateway Independent Dictatorship
Official Groombridge 34 Liberty Party Groombridge 34 Independent Dictatorship
Official Gucuma First Gucuma Independent Dictatorship
Official Gunab Party Gunab Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 105439 Order HIP 105439 Empire Dictatorship
Official HIP 105929 Constitution Party HIP 105929 Empire Dictatorship
Official HIP 106707 Constitution Party HIP 106707 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 112859 Dominion HIP 112859 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 113076 Autocracy HIP 113076 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 114236 Law Party HIP 114236 Empire Dictatorship
Official HIP 114328 Bureau HIP 114328 Empire Dictatorship
Official HIP 115247 Autocracy HIP 115247 Empire Dictatorship
Official HIP 116519 Party HIP 116519 Empire Dictatorship
Official HIP 12638 Party HIP 12638 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 20777 League HIP 20777 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 2136 Law Party HIP 2136 Empire Dictatorship
Official HIP 22150 Regulatory State HIP 22150 Empire Dictatorship
Official HIP 25679 Liberty Party HIP 25679 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 28122 Defence Party HIP 28122 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 31509 Regulatory State HIP 31509 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 39418 Autocracy HIP 39418 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 4005 Defence Force HIP 4005 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 40420 Law Party HIP 40420 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 46422 Conservatives HIP 46422 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 4727 First HIP 4727 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 49070 Dominion HIP 49070 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 62794 Autocracy HIP 62794 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 67055 Nationalists HIP 67055 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 67152 Freedom Party HIP 67152 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 70756 Law Party HIP 70756 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 71527 Movement HIP 71527 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 72043 Autocracy HIP 72043 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 73269 Constitution Party HIP 73269 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 76768 First HIP 76768 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 76837 Order HIP 76837 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 76837 Party HIP 76837 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 79315 Bureau HIP 79315 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 79619 Focus HIP 79619 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 8507 Liberty Party HIP 8507 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 8653 Defence Force HIP 8653 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 943 Party HIP 943 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 95973 Autocracy Col 285 Sector VF-E c12-11 Independent Dictatorship
Official HIP 95973 Autocracy Col 285 Sector VF-E c12-13 Independent Dictatorship
Official HR 1593 Dominion HR 1593 Independent Dictatorship
Official HR 404 Justice Party HR 404 Empire Dictatorship
Official HR 6999 Defence Force HR 6999 Independent Dictatorship
Official HR 7793 Order HR 7793 Independent Dictatorship
Official HR 7925 Defence Party HR 7925 Independent Dictatorship
Official Hachihikaru Liberty Party Hachihikaru Independent Dictatorship
Official Hai Norsh Front Hai Norsh Independent Dictatorship
Official Har Ibofan Movement Har Ibofan Empire Dictatorship
Official Haroingori Defence Force Haroingori Empire Dictatorship
Official Hau Ku Autocracy Hau Ku Independent Dictatorship
Official He Pora Defence Party He Pora Independent Dictatorship
Official Herebitinta Front Herebitinta Independent Dictatorship
Official Hikenk Movement Hikenk Empire Dictatorship
Official Ho Parerme Focus Ho Parerme Independent Dictatorship
Official Hu Jing Te Party Hu Jing Te Independent Dictatorship
Official Iah Bulu Freedom Party Iah Bulu Independent Dictatorship
Official Iapo Vuh Autocracy Iapo Vuh Independent Dictatorship
Official Imeutrimudj Justice Party Imeutrimudj Independent Dictatorship
Official Indaol First Indaol Alliance Dictatorship
Official Irukaiabozo Liberty Party Irukaiabozo Independent Dictatorship
Official Iteliuona Front Iteliuona Independent Dictatorship
Official Ithaca Freedom Party Ithaca Independent Dictatorship
Official Iyatsyapori Liberty Party Iyatsyapori Empire Dictatorship
Official Jannos Justice Party Jannos Independent Dictatorship
Official Jaradharre Party Jaradharre Independent Dictatorship
Official Jeti Defence Force Jeti Independent Dictatorship
Official Jitabed Justice Party Jitabed Independent Dictatorship
Official Kanaheim First Kanaheim Independent Dictatorship
Official Kanians Justice Party Kanians Independent Dictatorship
Official Kartam Flag Kartam Independent Dictatorship
Official Kartenes Flag Kartenes Independent Dictatorship
Official Kaurukat Nationalists Kaurukat Independent Dictatorship
Official Khaman Defence Party Atius Ti Empire Dictatorship
Official Kher Focus Kher Independent Dictatorship
Official Kishpakho Dominion Kishpakho Independent Dictatorship
Official Kokojelatia Justice Party Kokojelatia Independent Dictatorship
Official Kosha Dominion Kosha Empire Dictatorship
Official Kuma Law Party Kuma Independent Dictatorship
Official Kungkalenja Constitution Party Kungkalenja Independent Dictatorship
Official Kuridwen Regulatory State Kuridwen Independent Dictatorship
Official LHS 1226 League LHS 1226 Independent Dictatorship
Official LHS 154a Nationalists LHS 154a Independent Dictatorship
Official LHS 2259 Justice Party LHS 2259 Independent Dictatorship
Official LHS 2789 Freedom Party LHS 2789 Alliance Dictatorship
Official LHS 2995 Flag LHS 2995 Independent Dictatorship
Official LHS 6031 Party LHS 6031 Independent Dictatorship
Official LHS 71 Front LHS 71 Independent Dictatorship
Official LTT 11383 Movement LTT 11383 Independent Dictatorship
Official LTT 15294 Movement LTT 15294 Independent Dictatorship
Official LTT 2623 Justice Party LTT 2623 Independent Dictatorship
Official LTT 5212 Party LTT 5212 Empire Dictatorship
Official LTT 5212 Party Nanditi Empire Dictatorship
Official LTT 982 Autocracy LTT 982 Empire Dictatorship
Official Lagar Freedom Party Lagar Independent Dictatorship
Official Lak Constitution Party Lak Independent Dictatorship
Official Lalande 13198 League Lalande 13198 Independent Dictatorship
Official Lalande 34968 Focus Lalande 34968 Independent Dictatorship
Official Lalande 37120 Regulatory State Lalande 37120 Independent Dictatorship
Official Lifthruti Order Lifthruti Empire Dictatorship
Official Lu Di First Lu Di Empire Dictatorship
Official Machigga Flag Machigga Independent Dictatorship
Official Maipuna First Maipuna Empire Dictatorship
Official Majhia Freedom Party Majhia Empire Dictatorship
Official Marojini Bureau Marojini Independent Dictatorship
Official Matlehi Justice Party Matlehi Independent Dictatorship
Official Minagnaiwa Regulatory State Minagnaiwa Independent Dictatorship
Official Mo Dadiweu Dominion Mo Dadiweu Empire Dictatorship
Official Mora First Mora Independent Dictatorship
Official Moram Defence Party Moram Independent Dictatorship
Official Moriosong Autocracy Moriosong Independent Dictatorship
Official Mundii First Mundii Independent Dictatorship
Official NLTT 18945 Party NLTT 18945 Independent Dictatorship
Official NLTT 27413 Movement NLTT 27413 Independent Dictatorship
Official Nai Nones Nationalists Nai Nones Independent Dictatorship
Official Nambikuara League Nambikuara Independent Dictatorship
Official Nang De Ti Order Nang De Ti Independent Dictatorship
Official Nangkano Bureau Nangkano Independent Dictatorship
Official Negasta League Negasta Independent Dictatorship
Official Nemaiamburi Flag Nemaiamburi Independent Dictatorship
Official Ngadjuk Defence Party Ngadjuk Independent Dictatorship
Official Ngarabal Conservatives Ngarabal Independent Dictatorship
Official Njula Focus Njula Empire Dictatorship
Official Obambivas Liberty Party Obambivas Independent Dictatorship
Official Ogminiquit Order Col 285 Sector OS-T d3-70 Independent Dictatorship
Official Ogminiquit Order HIP 32662 Independent Dictatorship
Official Olodumanpa Liberty Party Olodumanpa Independent Dictatorship
Official Onil Defence Party Onil Empire Dictatorship
Official Paeste Defence Force Paeste Independent Dictatorship
Official Palengue Liberty Party Palengue Empire Dictatorship
Official Pandinus Party Pandinus Independent Dictatorship
Official Partii Nationalists Partii Empire Dictatorship
Official Peckolsumij Conservatives Peckolsumij Alliance Dictatorship
Official Peckolsumij Liberty Party Peckolsumij Independent Dictatorship
Official Perovii Bureau Perovii Independent Dictatorship
Official Pices First Pices Independent Dictatorship
Official Pikum First Pikum Independent Dictatorship
Official Prydereti Conservatives Prydereti Empire Dictatorship
Official Purunsi Conservatives Purunsi Independent Dictatorship
Official Qaha Witoto Defence Force Qaha Witoto Independent Dictatorship
Official Quaaya League Quaaya Independent Dictatorship
Official Rishia Constitution Party Rishia Independent Dictatorship
Official Ross 1069 Autocracy Ross 1069 Independent Dictatorship
Official Rudrusa Liberty Party Rudrusa Empire Dictatorship
Official SPOCS 486 Autocracy SPOCS 486 Independent Dictatorship
Official Samequit Dominion Samequit Independent Dictatorship
Official San Muss Defence Party San Muss Independent Dictatorship
Official Sango Nationalists Sango Independent Dictatorship
Official Sanna League Sanna Independent Dictatorship
Official Sawar Nationalists Sawar Empire Dictatorship
Official Sesuang Constitution Party Sesuang Independent Dictatorship
Official Shana Bei Constitution Party Shana Bei Independent Dictatorship
Official Shen Yi Movement Kulkan Lung Empire Dictatorship
Official Shen Yi Movement Shen Yi Empire Dictatorship
Official Shernteniai Law Party Shernteniai Independent Dictatorship
Official Silvanitou Freedom Party Silvanitou Independent Dictatorship
Official Siro Autocracy Siro Independent Dictatorship
Official StKM 1-578 Autocracy StKM 1-578 Independent Dictatorship
Official Tai Shen Liberty Party Tai Shen Empire Dictatorship
Official Taimin Conservatives Col 285 Sector GI-W b17-2 Independent Dictatorship
Official Taimin Conservatives Taimin Independent Dictatorship
Official Talitha Regulatory State Talitha Independent Dictatorship
Official Tapiete Law Party Tapiete Independent Dictatorship
Official Tauereks Constitution Party Tauereks Independent Dictatorship
Official Tepi Regulatory State Tepi Independent Dictatorship
Official Tetonang Liberty Party Tetonang Independent Dictatorship
Official Tewanta Order Tewanta Independent Dictatorship
Official Tikurua First Tikurua Independent Dictatorship
Official Tirawongla First Tirawongla Empire Dictatorship
Official Tolit Order Tolit Empire Dictatorship
Official Turmo League Turmo Independent Dictatorship
Official UBV 8670 Flag UBV 8670 Independent Dictatorship
Official Ualaallung Bureau Ualaallung Empire Dictatorship
Official Ugraseno Defence Force Ugraseno Independent Dictatorship
Official V2213 Ophiuchii Regulatory State V2213 Ophiuchii Independent Dictatorship
Official V640 Cassiopeia Front V640 Cassiopeia Independent Dictatorship
Official Vertarindji League Vertarindji Independent Dictatorship
Official Vimur League Vimur Independent Dictatorship
Official Virusalansi Flag Virusalansi Independent Dictatorship
Official Vucab Cakix Dominion Vucab Cakix Empire Dictatorship
Official Vucumatha Front Vucumatha Independent Dictatorship
Official Wailla Sakh Freedom Party Wailla Sakh Independent Dictatorship
Official Wanjan Front Wanjan Empire Dictatorship
Official Wardaliti Nationalists Wardaliti Independent Dictatorship
Official Warigua Movement Warigua Independent Dictatorship
Official Wishia Constitution Party Wishia Independent Dictatorship
Official Wolf 325 Liberty Party Wolf 325 Independent Dictatorship
Official Wolf 750 League Wolf 750 Independent Dictatorship
Official Wu Kong Movement Wu Kong Independent Dictatorship
Official Wuikito League Wuikito Independent Dictatorship
Official Xi Wangda Focus Xi Wangda Independent Dictatorship
Official Yakamu Law Party Yakamu Independent Dictatorship
Official Yu Shedi Bureau Yu Shedi Independent Dictatorship
Official Yum Kacoc Law Party Yum Kacoc Empire Dictatorship
Official Yum Kamcabi Law Party Yum Kamcabi Independent Dictatorship
Official bhodha Regulatory State Bhodha Empire Dictatorship
Ogdoad Blue Mob Ogdoad Independent Anarchy
Ogdoad Purple Travel Company Ogdoad Empire Corporate
Oghmangua Alliance Oghmangua Federation Confederacy
Ogmana Gold State Partners Ogmana Empire Corporate
Ogminegalku Power Partners Ogminegalku Independent Corporate
Ogminiquit Progressive Party Col 285 Sector MH-V d2-50 Federation Democracy
Ogminiquit Progressive Party Ogminiquit Federation Democracy
Ogmiusitou Mafia Ogmiusitou Independent Anarchy
Ogonda Brothers Ogonda Independent Anarchy
Ogondage Limited Ogondage Federation Corporate
Ogoni Dragons Ogoni Independent Anarchy
Ogowei Corporation Ogowei Empire Corporate
Ogowen Noblement Ogowen Independent Feudal
Ogowenae Constitution Party Ogowenae Independent Dictatorship
Ogowenae Corp. Ogowenae Independent Corporate
Ogowenk Shrine Ogowenk Independent Theocracy
Ogunda Focus Ogunda Independent Dictatorship
Ogunda Silver Bridge Inc Ogunda Federation Corporate
Ogungurugh & Co Ogungurugh Empire Corporate
Oguninksmii Solutions Oguninksmii Federation Corporate
Ogunnr Corp. Ogunnr Federation Corporate
Ogunnus General Systems Ogunnus Federation Corporate
Oicolmas Blue Clan Oicolmas Independent Anarchy
Oicorio Bridge Exchange Oicorio Empire Corporate
Oicornga Crimson Dragons Oicornga Independent Anarchy
Oicornga Imperial Society Oicornga Empire Patronage
Oicornga Unionists Oicornga Independent Communism
Oisi Fortune Group Oisi Independent Corporate
Oisi Progressive Party Oisi Federation Democracy
Oitbi Fortune Industry Oitbi Federation Corporate
Oitbi Silver Comms Systems Oitbi Independent Corporate
Ojibway Incorporated Ojibway Federation Corporate
Okinoukhe Dominion Okinoukhe Independent Dictatorship
Okinoukhe Jet Cartel Okinoukhe Independent Anarchy
Okinoukhe Progressive Party Okinoukhe Federation Democracy
Okinura Bureau Okinura Independent Dictatorship
Okinura Democrats Okinura Federation Democracy
Okinura Group Okinura Federation Corporate
Okinura Inc Okinura Federation Corporate
Okona Crimson Society Okona Independent Anarchy
Okond Jet Bridge Exchange Okond Independent Corporate
Okonoharyi Travel Systems Okonoharyi Empire Corporate
Okua'gsa Bridge Group Okua'gsa Empire Corporate
Okuapang Electronics Group Okuapang Federation Corporate
Okuapang for Equality Okuapang Federation Democracy
Okundu Citizens' Forum Okundu Empire Patronage
Okundu Crimson Organisation Okundu Independent Anarchy
Okundu Silver Public Exchange Okundu Independent Corporate
Olcadri Liberals Olcadri Federation Democracy
Olcadri Silver Raiders Olcadri Independent Anarchy
Olcae Imperial Society Olcae Empire Patronage
Olcae Nationals Olcae Independent Dictatorship
Olela Silver Crew Olela Independent Anarchy
Olelbis Holdings Olelbis Independent Corporate
Olelbis Limited Olelbis Independent Corporate
Oleles Regulatory State Oleles Independent Dictatorship
Oleleuts & Co Oleleuts Independent Corporate
Oleleuts Liberals Nahumla Federation Democracy
Oleleuts Liberals Oleleuts Federation Democracy
Olgrea Central PLC Olgrea Alliance Corporate
Olgrea Nationalists Olgrea Alliance Dictatorship
Olker Crimson Brothers Olker Independent Anarchy
Olker Exchange Olker Independent Corporate
Olkolo Boys Olkolo Independent Anarchy
Olkolo Energy Partners Olkolo Empire Corporate
Olkondi Commodities Olkondi Empire Corporate
Olkondi as one Olkondi Independent Cooperative
Ollae Solutions Ollae Empire Corporate
Ollavs Silver Posse Ollavs Independent Anarchy
Oloduma Domain Oloduma Independent Feudal
Oloduma Universal Ltd Oloduma Federation Corporate
Olodumanpa Company Olodumanpa Independent Corporate
Olodyang Legal Industries Olodyang Federation Corporate
Oloku Imperial Society Oloku Empire Patronage
Oloku People's Party Oloku Independent Communism
Ololoney Citizens' Forum Ololoney Empire Patronage
Ololos Co Ololos Federation Corporate
Olorun Republic Party Olorun Federation Democracy
Oluf Federal Limited Oluf Independent Corporate
Oluf Worker's Party Dulos Independent Communism
Oluri Purple Dragons Oluri Independent Anarchy
Oluri State Co Hyades Sector SO-E a13-2 Federation Corporate
Olurorai Blue Brothers Olurorai Independent Anarchy
Olurung Blue Legal PLC Olurung Federation Corporate
Olwain Liberals Amber Alliance Democracy
Olwain Liberals Olwain Alliance Democracy
Olwain Natural Corp. Olwain Independent Corporate
Omagatae Jet Federal Inc Omagatae Independent Corporate
Omagatae Jet Federal Inc Selkupath Independent Corporate
Omagatae Liberals Omagatae Federation Democracy
Omagatae Regulatory State Omagatae Independent Dictatorship
Omagatae Silver Ring Omagatae Independent Anarchy
Omagua Independent Mandate Omagua Independent Patronage
Oman Front Oman Independent Dictatorship
Oman Jet Power Corporation Oman Independent Corporate
Omana Natural Network Omana Empire Corporate
Omani Crew Omani Independent Anarchy
Omani Defence Party Omani Independent Dictatorship
Omani Netcoms Systems Omani Federation Corporate
Omanmatho Alliance Omanmatho Independent Confederacy
Ombiko Purple Legal Industry Ombiko Empire Corporate
Ombilia Commodities Ombilia Federation Corporate
Ombilia Crimson Partnership Ombilia Independent Anarchy
Omega-1 Aquarii Dominion Omega-1 Aquarii Independent Dictatorship
Omega-1 Aquarii Legal Limited Omega-1 Aquarii Independent Corporate
Omicron Capricorni B Free Omicron Capricorni B Independent Democracy
Omicron Capricorni B Law Party Omicron Capricorni B Independent Dictatorship
Omicron Columbae Patrons of Law Omicron Columbae Empire Patronage
Omicron Gruis Bridge Limited Omicron Gruis Independent Corporate
Omicron Gruis Principles Omicron Gruis Empire Patronage
Omicron Ursae Majoris Group Omicron Ursae Majoris Federation Corporate
Omicron Ursae Majoris Nationals Omicron Ursae Majoris Independent Dictatorship
Omicron-2 Eridani Industry Omicron-2 Eridani Independent Corporate
Omukate Silver Universal Comms Omukate Independent Corporate
Omukula Co Omukula Independent Corporate
Omukula Nationalists Omukula Independent Dictatorship
Omumba Natural Co Omumba Independent Corporate
Omumbojas Services Omumbojas Federation Corporate
Onateru Interstellar Onateru Independent Corporate
Ondi Imperial Society Ondi Empire Patronage
Ondi Patron's Principles Ondi Empire Patronage
Ondumbo Ltd Ondumbo Independent Corporate
Onduwatya Crimson Hand Gang Onduwatya Independent Anarchy
Ongkadja Crimson Natural Corp Ongkadja Empire Corporate
Ongkala Jet Brothers Ongkala Independent Anarchy
Ongkama Empire Group Ongkama Empire Patronage
Ongkama Jet Organisation Ongkama Independent Anarchy
Ongkama Jet Syndicate Ongkama Independent Anarchy
Ongkampan Movement Ongkampan Independent Dictatorship
Ongkampan PLC Ongkampan Federation Corporate
Ongkandjeri Blue Life Network Ongkandjeri Independent Corporate
Ongkara Solutions Ongkara Empire Corporate
Ongkarango Federal Company Ongkarango Federation Corporate
Ongkarango Gold Family Ongkarango Independent Anarchy
Ongkatavi Industries Ongkatavi Federation Corporate
Ongkuma Empire Party Clayahu Empire Patronage
Ongkuma Empire Party Ongkuma Empire Patronage
Ongkuma Services Ongkuma Independent Corporate
Ongkuma Silver Dynamic Ltd Ongkuma Empire Corporate
Onuras Patron's Principles Onuras Empire Patronage
Onuris Partnership Onuris Independent Confederacy
Onuro Legal Industries Onuro Empire Corporate
Onurongo Stakeholders Onurongo Independent Cooperative
Onuros Empire Party Konburo Empire Patronage
Onuros Empire Party Onuros Empire Patronage
Onya Jet Dragons Onya Independent Anarchy
Onyaks Patron's Principles Onyaks Empire Patronage
Onyaks Worker's Party Onyaks Independent Communism
Onyaksas Commodities Onyaksas Federation Corporate
Onyaksas Jet Gang Onyaksas Independent Anarchy
Onyayp Collective Onyayp Independent Cooperative
Opala Blue Brotherhood Opala Independent Anarchy
Opala Group Opala Federation Corporate
Opala Power Commodities Opala Independent Corporate
Opet Empire Pact Opet Empire Patronage
Opetani Purple Major Group Opetani Federation Corporate
Opete Gold Society Opete Independent Anarchy
Opete Services Opete Empire Corporate
Opeten Purple Brothers Opeten Independent Anarchy
Opetes Mob Opetes Independent Anarchy
Opila Focus Opila Independent Dictatorship
Opila Limited Opila Independent Corporate
Opila Ltd Opila Federation Corporate
Opones Independent Governance Opones Independent Patronage
Opones Revolutionary Party Opones Independent Communism
Oponna Holdings Oponna Federation Corporate
Opontani Nationals Opontani Independent Dictatorship
Opontani Purple Boys Opontani Independent Anarchy
Opontani Services Opontani Independent Corporate
Oppida Citizens of Tradition Oppida Empire Patronage
Oppidavasti Life Commodities Oppidavasti Empire Corporate
Oppidii Blue Universal Int Oppidii Independent Corporate
Oppidii Pro-Independent League Oppidii Independent Patronage
Optimal Operations Vitri Independent Corporate
Orang Purple Fortune & Co Orang Independent Corporate
Orang Universal Organisation Orang Empire Corporate
Oranito Industry Oranito Independent Corporate
Orannika Comms Industry Orannika Empire Corporate
Orannika Imperial Society Langu Empire Patronage
Orannika Imperial Society NLTT 11599 Empire Patronage
Orannika Imperial Society Orannika Empire Patronage
Orannika Resistance Orannika Independent Democracy
Oranyayp Industry Oranyayp Empire Corporate
Orao Blue Public Industries Orao Empire Corporate
Orao Stakeholders Orao Independent Cooperative
Oraon Legal Systems Oraon Alliance Corporate
Oraona Power Network Oraona Empire Corporate
Orcus Gold Family Orcus Independent Anarchy
Orcus Patron's Principles Orcus Empire Patronage
Order of 7 Pi-1 Orionis 7 Pi-1 Orionis Independent Dictatorship
Order of 72 Ophiuchi 72 Ophiuchi Independent Dictatorship
Order of Adlivuni Adlivuni Empire Dictatorship
Order of Airsetanoa Airsetanoa Independent Dictatorship
Order of Alkaid Alkaid Independent Dictatorship
Order of Anoukh Anoukh Empire Dictatorship
Order of Apala Apala Independent Dictatorship
Order of Arugua Arugua Empire Dictatorship
Order of BD+19 2443 BD+19 2443 Independent Dictatorship
Order of BD-00 3426 BD-00 3426 Independent Dictatorship
Order of Belis Belis Independent Dictatorship
Order of Birhondaker Birhondaker Empire Dictatorship
Order of Bodia Bodia Independent Dictatorship
Order of Bulkabil Bulkabil Empire Dictatorship
Order of Cadubi Cadubi Independent Dictatorship
Order of Callung Callung Empire Dictatorship
Order of Ch'i Ling Ch'i Ling Empire Dictatorship
Order of Chertan Chertan Independent Dictatorship
Order of Circios Circios Independent Dictatorship
Order of Coriabog Coriabog Independent Dictatorship
Order of Corioru Corioru Independent Dictatorship
Order of Delta-2 Canis Minoris Delta-2 Canis Minoris Independent Dictatorship
Order of Dimocorna Dimocorna Independent Dictatorship
Order of Dongasa Dongasa Independent Dictatorship
Order of G 268-47 G 268-47 Independent Dictatorship
Order of GCRV 52424 GCRV 52424 Independent Dictatorship
Order of Gambara Gambara Independent Dictatorship
Order of Gende Gende Empire Dictatorship
Order of HIP 10050 HIP 10050 Independent Dictatorship
Order of HIP 11537 HIP 11537 Empire Dictatorship
Order of HIP 26990 HIP 26990 Independent Dictatorship
Order of HIP 4637 HIP 4637 Independent Dictatorship
Order of HIP 4747 HIP 4747 Empire Dictatorship
Order of HIP 4794 HIP 4794 Independent Dictatorship
Order of HIP 50197 HIP 50197 Independent Dictatorship
Order of HIP 5099 HIP 5099 Independent Dictatorship
Order of HIP 99940 HIP 99940 Independent Dictatorship
Order of HR 299 HR 299 Empire Dictatorship
Order of Heheng Heheng Independent Dictatorship
Order of Iksvatan Iksvatan Independent Dictatorship
Order of Intrepidus HR 1064 Empire Dictatorship
Order of Ix Chita Ix Chita Independent Dictatorship
Order of Jula Jula Independent Dictatorship
Order of Kachian Kachian Independent Dictatorship
Order of Komotae Komotae Independent Dictatorship
Order of LTT 2042 LTT 2042 Independent Dictatorship
Order of LTT 7138 LTT 7138 Independent Dictatorship
Order of LTT 8750 LTT 8750 Independent Dictatorship
Order of LTT 9795 LTT 9795 Independent Dictatorship
Order of Lenchis Lenchis Independent Dictatorship
Order of Meliae Meliae Independent Dictatorship
Order of Mirolunts Mirolunts Empire Dictatorship
Order of Misthaka Vidavanta Alliance Dictatorship
Order of Naik Naik Independent Dictatorship
Order of Nantiates Nantiates Independent Dictatorship
Order of Nespeleve Nespeleve Independent Dictatorship
Order of Ngeratha Ngeratha Empire Dictatorship
Order of Njorth Njorth Empire Dictatorship
Order of Nugua Nugua Independent Dictatorship
Order of Nzam Cakua Nzam Cakua Independent Dictatorship
Order of Paresa Paresa Independent Dictatorship
Order of Patrug Patrug Empire Dictatorship
Order of Peng Peng Independent Dictatorship
Order of Pi Dimshi Pi Dimshi Independent Dictatorship
Order of Picoria Picoria Empire Dictatorship
Order of Psi Tauri Psi Tauri Independent Dictatorship
Order of Raijin Raijin Empire Dictatorship
Order of Redonesses Redonesses Independent Dictatorship
Order of Rikbakshmi Rikbakshmi Independent Dictatorship
Order of Ruhanti Ruhanti Independent Dictatorship
Order of SPOCS 486 SPOCS 486 Independent Dictatorship
Order of Sasan Sasan Independent Dictatorship
Order of Taexali Taexali Empire Dictatorship
Order of Tekkeenesi Tekkeenesi Empire Dictatorship
Order of Thrutii Thrutii Independent Dictatorship
Order of Tiegfries Tiegfries Independent Dictatorship
Order of Tyrfing Tyrfing Independent Dictatorship
Order of Ugraswar Ugraswar Independent Dictatorship
Order of Vaka Vaka Independent Dictatorship
Order of Wen Tsao Gu Wen Tsao Gu Independent Dictatorship
Order of Windjabar Windjabar Empire Dictatorship
Order of Wolf 121 Wolf 121 Independent Dictatorship
Order of Wolf 333 Wolf 333 Independent Dictatorship
Order of Wolf 827 Wolf 827 Independent Dictatorship
Order of Wu Kuku Wu Kuku Independent Anarchy
Order of Wurango Wurango Independent Dictatorship
Order of Yaroi Yaroi Independent Dictatorship
Order of Zorynian Zorynian Empire Dictatorship
Ordonner Industry Ordonner Empire Corporate
Ordovii & Co Ordovii Independent Corporate
Orejon Independents Orejon Independent Democracy
Orerve Universal Limited Orerve Federation Corporate
Oresqu Brotherhood Oresqu Independent Anarchy
Oresqu Silver General Corp Oresqu Federation Corporate
Oret Organisation Oret Independent Anarchy
Oretes Defence Party Oretes Independent Dictatorship
Orgelal Major Services Orgelal Federation Corporate
Orgeleu Dominion Orgeleu Empire Feudal
Orgen Citizen Party Orgen Independent Communism
Orgen Silver General Partners Orgen Independent Corporate
Orgetu Jet Mafia Orgetu Independent Anarchy
Ori Partnership Ori Independent Confederacy
Ori Vision Interstellar Ori Alliance Corporate
Orisala Co-operative Orisala Independent Cooperative
Orisater Clan Orisater Independent Anarchy
Orisater Democrats Orisater Independent Democracy
Orisattu Industry Orisattu Independent Corporate
Orishala Purple Legal Int Orishala Independent Corporate
Orishalina Spiritual Sect Orishalina Independent Theocracy
Orishanann Values Party Orishanann Independent Democracy
Orishanh Blue Central Network Orishanh Federation Corporate
Orishiali Electronics Inc Orishiali Federation Corporate
Orishpucho Crimson Legal Int Orishpucho Federation Corporate
Orishvati Central Company Orishvati Federation Corporate
Orishvati Exchange Orishvati Independent Corporate
Orishvati aristocrats Orishvati Independent Feudal
Orisini Inc Orisini Independent Corporate
Orisini Pirates Orisini Independent Anarchy
Ornicornat Liberty Party Ornicornat Independent Dictatorship
Orobriges Solutions Orobriges Federation Corporate
Orobrogee Coordinated Orobrogee Independent Cooperative
Orobrogee Prison Colony Orobrogee Independent Prison Colony
Orobu Public Corporation Orobu Independent Corporate
Orocori Gold Boys Orocori Independent Anarchy
Orokudumbla Domain Orokudumbla Independent Feudal
Orom Djugua Comms Services Orom Djugua Empire Corporate
Oromecani Pro-Independent Union Oromecani Independent Patronage
Oromecani Solutions Oromecani Independent Corporate
Oromila Shared Oromila Independent Cooperative
Oromila Vision Holdings Oromila Federation Corporate
Orong Industry Orong Federation Corporate
Orong Purple Clan Orong Independent Anarchy
Oronitek Natural & Co Oronitek Federation Corporate
Orrere Energy Company Orrere Federation Corporate
Orrere Ring Orrere Independent Anarchy
Orrere Travel Company Orrere Independent Corporate
Orulanqui Blue Major PLC Orulanqui Independent Corporate
Orulanqui Liberals Orulanqui Independent Democracy
Orulas Blue Hand Gang Orulas Independent Anarchy
Orule Natural & Co Orule Empire Corporate
Orulebo Network Orulebo Empire Corporate
Orulendiji Industry Orulendiji Empire Corporate
Orulendiji Noblement Orulendiji Empire Feudal
Osage Imperial Society Osage Empire Patronage
Osage Industry Osage Independent Corporate
Osanartar Advanced Limited Osanartar Independent Corporate
Osanartar Bureau Osanartar Independent Dictatorship
Osanartar Empire Consulate Osanartar Empire Patronage
Osane Imperial Society Osane Empire Patronage
Osans Blue Netcoms Services Osans Federation Corporate
Osans Dynasty Osans Independent Feudal
Oscabs Crimson Energy Int Oscabs Independent Corporate
Oscans Industries Nana Buluku Empire Corporate
Oscans Industries Oscans Empire Corporate
Osci Gold Legal Corp. Osci Independent Corporate
Oserktomen Jet Society Oserktomen Independent Anarchy
Osermians Future Osermians Federation Democracy
Osermians Silver Fortune Int Osermians Independent Corporate
Osermo Gold Dynamic Incorporated HIP 61272 Alliance Corporate
Osermo Gold Dynamic Incorporated Osermo Alliance Corporate
Osha Dominion Osha Independent Feudal
Oshambia Power Systems Oshambia Empire Corporate
Oshanla Future Oshanla Independent Democracy
Oshanla Purple Bridge Exchange Oshanla Empire Corporate
Oshatha Patron's Principles Oshatha Empire Patronage
Oshepra Company Oshepra Federation Corporate
Osira Creative Exchange Osira Independent Corporate
Osira Focus Osira Independent Dictatorship
Osire Fades Purple Major Int Osire Fades Empire Corporate
Osiris Energy Solutions Osiris Independent Corporate
Osiris Jet Family Osiris Independent Anarchy
Osis Blue Partnership Osis Independent Anarchy
Osis Pro-Independent Union Osis Independent Patronage
Osissi Hua Empire Pact Osissi Hua Empire Patronage
Osissi Hua Holdings Osissi Hua Independent Corporate
Osissi Justice Party Osissi Independent Dictatorship
Ossian Gold Comms Industries Ossian Independent Corporate
Ossian Purple Major Limited Ossian Independent Corporate
Ossians Alliance Ossians Independent Confederacy
Ossians PLC Ossians Federation Corporate
Ossimava Commodities Ossimava Federation Corporate
Ossito Interstellar Ossito Empire Corporate
Ossito Labour Union Ossito Independent Communism
Ostya Jet Transport Ltd Ostya Independent Corporate
Ostyas Defence Party Ostyas Independent Dictatorship
Ostyas Free Ostyas Federation Democracy
Ostyat Gold Power Co Ostyat Independent Corporate
Osuntes Defence Force Osuntes Independent Dictatorship
Osuntes Interstellar Osuntes Federation Corporate
Osuntes Posse Osuntes Independent Anarchy
Osuntii & Co Osuntii Independent Corporate
Osuntii Silver Raiders Osuntii Independent Anarchy
Otatii Corp. Otatii Empire Corporate
Othel Blue Public Co Othel Independent Corporate
Othel Comms Exchange Othel Empire Corporate
Othel Patron's Principles Othel Empire Patronage
Othelkan Jet Allied Organisation Othelkan Independent Corporate
Othet Transport & Co Othet Federation Corporate
Othi Purple Clan Othi Independent Anarchy
Othime Jet Dragons Othime Independent Anarchy
Othit Blue Hand Gang Othit Independent Anarchy
Othit Corp. Othit Federation Corporate
Othiti First Othiti Independent Dictatorship
Oto Bureau Oto Independent Dictatorship
Oto Co Oto Independent Corporate
Otohiko Blue Gang Otohiko Independent Anarchy
Otohiko Gold Fortune Commodities Otohiko Federation Corporate
Otohiko Labour Otohiko Independent Democracy
Otohiko Worker's Party Otohiko Independent Communism
Otohime Imperial Society Otohime Empire Patronage
Otohime Union Party Otohime Independent Communism
Otshe Domain Otshe Independent Feudal
Otshirvani Jet Allied Solutions Otshirvani Federation Corporate
Otshirvani Union Party Otshirvani Independent Communism
Ottia Commodities Ottia Federation Corporate
Ovamalu League Ovamalu Independent Dictatorship
Ovamalu Order Ovamalu Empire Dictatorship
Ovamalu Values Party Ovamalu Independent Democracy
Ovid Democrats Ovid Federation Democracy
Ovid Vision & Co Ovid Federation Corporate
Ovimbaia Jet Raiders Ovimbaia Independent Anarchy
Ovimbaia Patron's Principles Ovimbaia Empire Patronage
Ovimbiabas Federal League Ovimbiabas Federation Democracy
Ovimbiabas Incorporated Ovimbiabas Independent Corporate
Ovimbundu Silver Universal Serv Ovimbundu Federation Corporate
Ovini Ltd Ovini Independent Corporate
Ovini Patron's Principles Ovini Empire Patronage
Ovinn PLC Ovinn Independent Corporate
Ovinnik Major Systems Ovinnik Empire Corporate
Owionenseno Purple Mob Owionenseno Independent Anarchy
Oxlaha Jet Gang Oxlaha Independent Anarchy
Oxlahuntiku Indie Party Oxlahuntiku Independent Patronage
Oxossi League Oxossi Independent Dictatorship
Oyas Liberals Oyas Federation Democracy

Index page for minor factions

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