This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char Q. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
Q Scorpii Jet Camorra Q Scorpii Independent Anarchy
Q Scorpii Silver Vision Exchange Q Scorpii Independent Corporate
Q'eqchilir Blue Syndicate Q'eqchilir Independent Anarchy
Q'eqchilir Republic Party Q'eqchilir Independent Democracy
Q'eqchilir Travel PLC Q'eqchilir Federation Corporate
QQ Pegasi Partners QQ Pegasi Federation Corporate
Qa'wakana Gold Major Inc Qa'wakana Federation Corporate
Qa'wakana Silver Hand Gang Qa'wakana Independent Anarchy
Qa'wakana United Organisation Qa'wakana Independent Corporate
Qa'wakwanga Silver Camorra Qa'wakwanga Independent Anarchy
Qaha Witoto Purple Mafia Qaha Witoto Independent Anarchy
Qahamoano Purple Society Qahamoano Independent Anarchy
Qahastis Citizen's Forum Qahastis Independent Anarchy
Qahat Services Qahat Independent Corporate
Qahatini Crimson Syndicate Qahatini Independent Anarchy
Qama Legal Ltd Qama Federation Corporate
Qaratay Empire Party Qaratay Empire Patronage
Qaratay Organisation Qaratay Independent Corporate
Qarato Values Party Qarato Federation Democracy
Qawamita Bridge & Co Qawamita Federation Corporate
Qawamita Jet Mob Qawamita Independent Anarchy
Qawar Nobles Qawar Independent Feudal
Qawar Travel Company Qawar Independent Corporate
Qawasing Purple Mob Qawasing Independent Anarchy
Qetesh Dynamic Commodities Qetesh Empire Corporate
Qetesh Empire Consulate Qetesh Empire Patronage
Qetesh Major Organisation Qetesh Independent Corporate
Qetesh Posse Qetesh Independent Anarchy
Qi Gongzi Galactic Industries Qi Gongzi Federation Corporate
Qi Yi Democrats Qi Yi Federation Democracy
Qi Yi Focus Qi Yi Independent Dictatorship
Qi Yi Jet Life Partners Qi Yi Independent Corporate
Qi Yomisii Council Qi Yomisii Independent Anarchy
Qi Yomisii Natural Industry Njulngan Federation Corporate
Qi Yum Crua Gold Transport Ltd Qi Yum Crua Independent Corporate
Qi Yun Cech Blue Crew Qi Yun Cech Independent Anarchy
Qi Yun Cech Patron's Principles Qi Yun Cech Empire Patronage
Qin Tsu Nobles Qin Tsu Independent Feudal
Qin Yane Conservatives Qin Yane Independent Dictatorship
Qin Yane Emperor's Grace Qin Yane Empire Patronage
Qinganu Galactic Commodities Qinganu Independent Corporate
Quaaya Flag Quaaya Empire Dictatorship
Quaaya Jet Vision & Co Quaaya Independent Corporate
Quaaybuwala Comms Corporation Quaaybuwala Independent Corporate
Quaaybuwala Empire League Quaaybuwala Empire Patronage
Quaaybuwan Partnership Quaaybuwan Independent Anarchy
Quambo Family Quambo Independent Anarchy
Quambo Free Quambo Federation Democracy
Quambo Vision Group Quambo Independent Corporate
Quamta Limited Quamta Empire Corporate
Quan Gurus Crimson Public Ltd Quan Gurus Federation Corporate
Quan Gurus Republic Party Quan Gurus Independent Democracy
Quaoar Crimson Clan Quaoar Independent Anarchy
Quaoar Group Quaoar Federation Corporate
Quapa Purple Allied Industry Quapa Federation Corporate
Quaqu Federal Group Quaqu Federation Corporate
Quariti Jet Mob Quariti Independent Anarchy
Quator Ring Quator Independent Anarchy
Qudshep Empire Group Qudshep Empire Patronage
Qudshep Industries Qudshep Empire Corporate
Quechi Crimson Advanced Ltd Quechi Independent Corporate
Quechua Citizens' Forum Quechua Empire Patronage
Quiablinja Silver Comms Ind Quiablinja Empire Corporate
Quiara Silver Mafia Quiara Independent Anarchy
Quiate Jet Legal Inc Quiate Empire Corporate
Quikil First Quikil Independent Dictatorship
Quikil Incorporated Quikil Independent Corporate
Quikil Values Party Quikil Federation Democracy
Quikindji Pirates Quikindji Independent Anarchy
Quikindji Purple Federal Serv Quikindji Independent Corporate
Quikinnaqu Comms Services Quikinnaqu Independent Corporate
Quikinnaqu Purple Family Quikinnaqu Independent Anarchy
Quikuruba Blue Crew Quikuruba Independent Anarchy
Quile Corp. Quile Empire Corporate
Quile Empire Pact Quile Empire Patronage
Quillaente Fortune Solutions Quillaente Independent Corporate
Quilmen Coalition Quilmen Federation Confederacy
Quilmen Purple Posse Quilmen Independent Anarchy
Quilmes Corp. Quilmes Federation Corporate
Quince Citizens of Tradition Quince Empire Patronage
Quince Creative Holdings Quince Empire Corporate
Quince Jet Family Quince Independent Anarchy
Quiness for Equality Quiness Federation Democracy
Quitakiana Allied Industries Quitakiana Empire Corporate
Quivira Electronics PLC Quivira Empire Corporate
q Velorum Domain q Velorum Independent Feudal
q1 Eridani Electronics Holdings q1 Eridani Independent Corporate
q1 Eridani Solutions q1 Eridani Federation Corporate

Index page for minor factions

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