This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char U. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
UBV 15076 First UBV 15076 Independent Dictatorship
UBV 15076 Gold Clan UBV 15076 Independent Anarchy
UBV 15076 Jet Bridge Partners UBV 15076 Federation Corporate
UBV 8670 Fortune Industry UBV 8670 Federation Corporate
UBV 8670 Network UBV 8670 Independent Corporate
UGP 120 Crimson State Industries UGP 120 Federation Corporate
UGP 120 Gold Council UGP 120 Independent Anarchy
UGP 120 Gold Dynamic Services UGP 120 Federation Corporate
UGP 145 Holdings UGP 145 Federation Corporate
UGP 145 Imperial Society UGP 145 Empire Patronage
UGP 184 Crimson Comms Group UGP 184 Independent Corporate
UGP 184 Imperial Society Lugiu Dieva Empire Patronage
UGP 485 Public Interstellar UGP 485 Independent Corporate
UGP 485 Vision Co UGP 485 Federation Corporate
UGP 619 Blue Natural Corp. UGP 619 Independent Corporate
UGP 64 Jet Travel & Co UGP 64 Federation Corporate
UGP 92 Purple Travel Services UGP 92 Federation Corporate
Una PLC Una Federation Corporate
Uadjala Life Holdings Uadjala Empire Corporate
Uadjamat Partnership Uadjamat Independent Anarchy
Uadjarii Nobles Uadjarii Independent Feudal
Uadjarii Silver Comms Ltd Uadjarii Federation Corporate
Uadjiru Industries Uadjiru Empire Corporate
Ualaallung Co Ualaallung Independent Corporate
Ualak Free Ualak Federation Democracy
Ualam Stakeholders Ualam Independent Cooperative
Ualama Crimson General Comms Ualama Empire Corporate
Ualana Dominion Ualana Independent Feudal
Ualangur Crimson Cartel Ualangur Independent Anarchy
Ualangur Gold Comms Corp. Ualangur Federation Corporate
Ualapalor Independents Ualapalor Independent Democracy
Ualapalor Partners Ualapalor Federation Corporate
Ualar Advanced Organisation Ualar Empire Corporate
Ualar Empire Party Ualar Empire Patronage
Ualarni Society Ualarni Independent Anarchy
Ualarni Solutions Ualarni Empire Corporate
Ualaroges Power Services Ualaroges Independent Corporate
Uayeb Independent Union Uayeb Independent Patronage
Uayeb Silver General Co Uayeb Independent Corporate
Uayeb Xoc aristocrats Uayeb Xoc Independent Feudal
Uayehi Co-op Uayehi Independent Cooperative
Uayehi Dominion Uayehi Alliance Feudal
Ubassi Monarchy Ubassi Independent Feudal
Ubassi Silver Central Co Ubassi Federation Corporate
Ubastet Corp. Ubastet Independent Corporate
Ubastet Purple Camorra Ubastet Independent Anarchy
Uberadji Mob Uberadji Independent Anarchy
Ubere Gold Bridge Group Ubere Independent Corporate
Ubere Organisation Ubere Independent Corporate
Uchaluroja Purple Brotherhood Uchaluroja Independent Anarchy
Uchaluroja Travel Industries Uchaluroja Federation Corporate
Udegobo Progressive Party Hyades Sector IC-K b9-4 Independent Democracy
Udegobo Progressive Party Udegobo Independent Democracy
Udegobo Silver Power Int Udegobo Federation Corporate
Udegoci Nationals Udegoci Independent Dictatorship
Udihikoja Jet Universal Services Udihikoja Federation Corporate
Uellaturt Brothers Uellaturt Independent Anarchy
Uellaturt Imperial Society Uellaturt Empire Patronage
Uelliano Emperor's Grace Uelliano Empire Patronage
Uelliano Exchange Uelliano Independent Corporate
Uelliano Galactic Ltd Uelliano Independent Corporate
Uelliodhino Exchange Uelliodhino Independent Corporate
Uelloskima Partners Uelloskima Independent Corporate
Uelloskima Republic Party Uelloskima Federation Democracy
Uelloskima Systems Uelloskima Independent Corporate
Ugras Purple Netcoms Partners Ugras Empire Corporate
Ugraseno Emperor's Grace Chati Empire Patronage
Ugraseno Emperor's Grace Jurcians Empire Patronage
Ugraseno Emperor's Grace Sopo Vuh Empire Patronage
Ugraseno Emperor's Grace Ugraseno Empire Patronage
Ugrashtrim Services Ugrashtrim Federation Corporate
Ugrasin Purple Advanced Industry Ugrasin Federation Corporate
Ugrasmat Jet Universal Exchange Ugrasmat Independent Corporate
Ugrasmat Ring Ugrasmat Independent Anarchy
Ugraswar Blue Comms Systems Ugraswar Independent Corporate
Ugraswar Hand Gang Ugraswar Independent Anarchy
Ugraswar Resistance Ugraswar Federation Democracy
Ugraswar Solutions Ugraswar Independent Corporate
Ugraswarka Crimson Fortune Inc Ugraswarka Independent Corporate
Ugraswarka Empire League Ugraswarka Empire Patronage
Ugric Gold Drug Empire Ugric Independent Anarchy
Ugricassur United Exchange Ugricassur Empire Corporate
Ugrici Blue Family Ugrici Independent Anarchy
Ugrici Empire Assembly Ugrici Empire Patronage
Ugrici Silver Legal & Co Ugrici Empire Corporate
Ugrici Vision Solutions Ugrici Independent Corporate
Ugricopa Future Ugricopa Federation Democracy
Ugricopa State Inc Ugricopa Independent Corporate
Ugrivaci Mafia Ugrivaci Independent Anarchy
Ugrivirii Emperor's Grace Ugrivirii Empire Patronage
Ugrivirii Life Inc Ugrivirii Empire Corporate
Uhlan Blue Public PLC Uhlan Federation Corporate
Uhlang Empire Consulate Uhlang Empire Patronage
Uhlang Exchange Uhlang Empire Corporate
Uhlang Major PLC Uhlang Empire Corporate
Uhlanqui Corp. Uhlanqui Independent Corporate
Uhlanqui Gold Creative & Co Uhlanqui Independent Corporate
Uhlanqui Law Party Uhlanqui Independent Dictatorship
Uibumisin Transport & Co Uibumisin Independent Corporate
Uiburnacomi Services Uiburnacomi Empire Corporate
Uiburni Comms Industries Uiburni Federation Corporate
Uiburoju Gold Major Exchange Uiburoju Independent Corporate
Uibus Imperial Society Uibus Empire Patronage
Uibus State Company Uibus Independent Corporate
Uibus Syndicate Uibus Independent Anarchy
Uibuth Empire Party Uibuth Empire Patronage
Uibuth Fortune Group Uibuth Independent Corporate
Ulche Noblement Ulche Independent Feudal
Ulchs Democrats Ulchs Federation Democracy
Ulla Crew Ulla Independent Anarchy
Ulladan Purple Creative Org Ulladan Empire Corporate
Ulladan Society Ulladan Independent Anarchy
Ullangwa Purple Family Ullangwa Independent Anarchy
Ullemi Advanced Group Ullemi Independent Corporate
Ullemi Labour Ullemi Federation Democracy
Ullernobo Co-op Ullernobo Independent Cooperative
Ultra Fuel Efficiency Systems Ashe Independent Corporate
Ulures Crimson Travel Inc Ulures Federation Corporate
Uluri Silver Syndicate Uluri Independent Anarchy
Umaiali Jet Camorra Umaiali Independent Anarchy
Umair Jet Boys Umair Independent Anarchy
Umairitii Gold Hand Gang Umairitii Independent Anarchy
Umairitii Silver Major Int Umairitii Empire Corporate
Umaitis Crimson United Inc Luchantauo Federation Corporate
Umaitis Crimson United Inc Umaitis Federation Corporate
Umaspi Emperor's Grace Umaspi Empire Patronage
Umastae Holdings Umastae Independent Corporate
Umastae Silver Brotherhood Umastae Independent Anarchy
Umat Jet Boys Umat Independent Anarchy
Umat United Interstellar Umat Federation Corporate
Umathudti Central PLC Umathudti Federation Corporate
Umatilla Purple Dynamic Corp. Umatilla Empire Corporate
Umbiri Inc Umbiri Independent Corporate
Umbiri Progressive Party Umbiri Independent Democracy
Umbriga Society Umbriga Independent Anarchy
Umbrigaens Empire Party Umbrigaens Empire Patronage
Umbrigua Inc Umbrigua Federation Corporate
Umbroges Allied Industries Umbroges Independent Corporate
Umbrogo Confederation Umbrogo Federation Confederacy
Umbrogo Corporation LHS 2983 Alliance Corporate
Umbrogo Corporation Umbrogo Alliance Corporate
Umed Company Umed Independent Corporate
Umed Regulatory State Umed Independent Dictatorship
Umedet Emperor's Grace Umedet Empire Patronage
Umedet Mob Umedet Independent Anarchy
Umisii Creative & Co Umisii Independent Corporate
Umisii Jet Power Corporation Umisii Independent Corporate
Umistan Crimson Netcoms Inc Umistan Federation Corporate
Umistan Crimson Syndicate Umistan Independent Anarchy
Umistan Front Umistan Independent Dictatorship
Umpilakap Purple Council Umpilakap Independent Anarchy
Umvelis Jet Camorra Umvelis Independent Anarchy
Umvelli Travel Interstellar Umvelli Empire Corporate
Un Narraya Company Un Narraya Federation Corporate
Uncegin Dragons Uncegin Independent Anarchy
Uncegin Galactic Holdings Uncegin Federation Corporate
Uncenii League Uncenii Independent Confederacy
Undadja Coalition Undadja Federation Confederacy
Undalibaluf Nobles Undalibaluf Independent Feudal
Undalibaluf Silver Legal Systems Col 285 Sector KS-T d3-78 Independent Corporate
Undia Power Partners Undia Empire Corporate
Undin Services Undin Federation Corporate
Undines Purple Comms Int Undines Independent Corporate
Unegak Maku Labour Unegak Maku Independent Democracy
Unegak Maku Public Incorporated Fengalufon Federation Corporate
Unegak Maku Public Incorporated Unegak Maku Federation Corporate
Uneleni Emperor's Grace Uneleni Empire Patronage
Uneleni Federal Co Uneleni Independent Corporate
Unelenses Silver Electronics Ltd Unelenses Federation Corporate
Unelians Independents Unelians Federation Democracy
Uneligni Gold Cartel Uneligni Independent Anarchy
Unelinte Bureau Unelinte Independent Dictatorship
Unelinte Posse Unelinte Independent Anarchy
Unified 39 Arietis 39 Arietis Independent Cooperative
Unified Aoniken Aoniken Independent Cooperative
Unified Arungu Arungu Independent Cooperative
Unified Atius Atius Independent Cooperative
Unified Bacarelia Bacarelia Independent Cooperative
Unified Bagaita Bagaita Alliance Cooperative
Unified Bhun Chi Bhun Chi Independent Cooperative
Unified Bijedeta Bijedeta Independent Cooperative
Unified Bundena Bundena Independent Cooperative
Unified Catucaya Catucaya Independent Cooperative
Unified Celes Celes Independent Cooperative
Unified Celesat Celesat Independent Cooperative
Unified Chuquiar Chuquiar Independent Cooperative
Unified Cowiska Cowiska Independent Cooperative
Unified Cozaanat Cozaanat Independent Cooperative
Unified Dohkwibur Dohkwibur Independent Cooperative
Unified Gliese 9152 Gliese 9152 Independent Cooperative
Unified Gunnlodumla 55 Ursae Majoris Independent Prison Colony
Unified HIP 11954 HIP 11954 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 15304 HIP 15304 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 20719 HIP 20719 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 28678 HIP 28678 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 32662 HIP 32662 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 3629 HIP 3629 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 37735 HIP 37735 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 46179 HIP 46179 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 50661 HIP 50661 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 52137 HIP 52137 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 5301 HIP 5301 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 56213 HIP 56213 Independent Cooperative
Unified HIP 754 HIP 754 Independent Cooperative
Unified HR 8380 HR 8380 Independent Cooperative
Unified Haisienet Haisienet Independent Cooperative
Unified Hemairus Hemairus Independent Cooperative
Unified Jarics Jarics Independent Cooperative
Unified Jaurinani Jaurinani Independent Cooperative
Unified Jukate Jukate Alliance Cooperative
Unified Jumadis Jumadis Independent Cooperative
Unified Kathaima Kathaima Independent Cooperative
Unified LHS 3602 LHS 3602 Independent Cooperative
Unified Lokoko Lokoko Independent Cooperative
Unified Maipaera Maipaera Independent Cooperative
Unified Manhotti Manhotti Independent Cooperative
Unified Maruda Maruda Independent Cooperative
Unified Murama Murama Independent Cooperative
Unified NLTT 55164 NLTT 55164 Independent Cooperative
Unified Nanter Nanter Independent Cooperative
Unified Nganinks Nganinks Independent Cooperative
Unified Nyamari Nyamari Independent Cooperative
Unified Percunceni Percunceni Independent Cooperative
Unified Picenth Picenth Independent Cooperative
Unified Popon Popon Independent Cooperative
Unified Pthaa Pthaa Independent Cooperative
Unified Sikians Sikians Independent Cooperative
Unified Skappa Skappa Independent Cooperative
Unified Susama Susama Independent Cooperative
Unified Tagarilocan Tagarilocan Independent Cooperative
Unified Talarhulyms Talarhulyms Independent Cooperative
Unified Tilo Tilo Independent Cooperative
Unified Tjin Tjin Independent Cooperative
Unified Tranyuwa Tranyuwa Independent Cooperative
Unified Ulledones Ulledones Independent Cooperative
Unified Ushali Ushali Independent Cooperative
Unified Wikini Wikini Independent Cooperative
Unified Yan Yi Yan Yi Independent Cooperative
Union Cosmos Rajito Independent Dictatorship
Union Party of 12 Lambda Coronae Borealis 12 Lambda Coronae Borealis Independent Communism
Union Party of 57 Virginis 57 Virginis Independent Communism
Union Party of Binbara Binbara Independent Communism
Union Party of Brigama Brigama Independent Communism
Union Party of Bungk Bungk Independent Communism
Union Party of Certo Certo Independent Communism
Union Party of Daesiri Daesiri Independent Communism
Union Party of Djandandrun Djandandrun Independent Communism
Union Party of Djandandrun Silvandza Independent Communism
Union Party of Epsilon Monocerotis Epsilon Monocerotis Independent Communism
Union Party of G 141-52 G 141-52 Independent Communism
Union Party of Ghekree Ghekree Independent Communism
Union Party of HIP 112859 HIP 112859 Independent Communism
Union Party of HIP 12480 HIP 12480 Independent Communism
Union Party of HIP 20686 HIP 20686 Independent Communism
Union Party of HIP 3488 HIP 3488 Independent Communism
Union Party of HIP 90212 HIP 90212 Independent Communism
Union Party of Khasargiz Khasargiz Independent Communism
Union Party of Kriva Kriva Independent Communism
Union Party of Kulis Kulis Independent Communism
Union Party of Li Jungu Li Jungu Independent Communism
Union Party of Lunda Lunda Independent Communism
Union Party of Marahli Marahli Independent Communism
Union Party of NLTT 36689 NLTT 36689 Independent Communism
Union Party of NLTT 9032 NLTT 9032 Independent Communism
Union Party of Nare Nare Independent Communism
Union Party of Pomeche Pomeche Independent Communism
Union Party of Rongites Rongites Independent Communism
Union Party of Ross 632 Ross 632 Independent Communism
Union Party of Scythodio Scythodio Independent Communism
Union Party of Silintae Silintae Independent Communism
Union Party of Trumbo Trumbo Independent Communism
Union Party of Tsetyerre Tsetyerre Independent Communism
Union of 16 Lyrae for Equality 16 Lyrae Independent Democracy
Union of 27 b1 Cygni Progressive Party Khelma Federation Democracy
Union of 31 Epsilon Librae Progressive Party 31 Epsilon Librae Independent Democracy
Union of 6 Ceti Free 6 Ceti Independent Democracy
Union of 63 Omicron-2 Cancri Green Party 63 Omicron-2 Cancri Independent Democracy
Union of 8 Alpha-1 Libra Resistance 8 Alpha-1 Libra Federation Democracy
Union of AGKR 1017 Green Party AGKR 1017 Independent Democracy
Union of Adekalta Adekalta Independent Communism
Union of Adekalta HIP 49615 Independent Communism
Union of Adenses Labour Adenses Independent Democracy
Union of Aditjargl Free Aditjargl Federation Democracy
Union of Aeducini Left Party Aeducini Independent Communism
Union of Aeternitas Liberals Aeternitas Independent Democracy
Union of Agastariya People's Party Agastariya Independent Communism
Union of Aiaba Partnership Aiaba Independent Confederacy
Union of Aisoyiman Democrats Aisoyiman Federation Democracy
Union of Aknata Partnership Aknata Federation Confederacy
Union of Akonito Future Akonito Federation Democracy
Union of Alcha League Alcha Federation Confederacy
Union of Amementi Amementi Independent Communism
Union of Anani Coalition Anani Federation Confederacy
Union of Anca Resistance Anca Independent Democracy
Union of Anglii Confederation Anglii Federation Confederacy
Union of Aonikenk for Equality Aonikenk Independent Democracy
Union of Apacnada Democrats Apacnada Independent Democracy
Union of Aparctias Future Aparctias Federation Democracy
Union of Aparctias Future Nabatean Federation Democracy
Union of Apoyot Independents Apoyot Federation Democracy
Union of Arambe Revolutionary Party Arambe Alliance Democracy
Union of Aranka Liberals Aranka Federation Democracy
Union of Arawotyan Values Party Arawotyan Federation Democracy
Union of Arebelatja Confederation Arebelatja Federation Confederacy
Union of Arexe Future Arexe Federation Democracy
Union of Atarapa Independents Atarapa Federation Democracy
Union of Atsina Green Party Atsina Independent Democracy
Union of Audhumla Liberals Audhumla Federation Democracy
Union of Audusi Values Party Audusi Independent Democracy
Union of Awang Partnership Awang Federation Confederacy
Union of BD+05 2950 Democrats BD+05 2950 Federation Democracy
Union of BD+14 611 Partnership BD+14 611 Federation Confederacy
Union of BD+41 3013 League BD+41 3013 Federation Confederacy
Union of BD+47 2391 Free BD+47 2391 Federation Democracy
Union of BD+66 193 Liberals BD+66 193 Federation Democracy
Union of BD+72 545 Revolutionary Party BD+72 545 Independent Democracy
Union of BD-02 5286 Progressive Party BD-02 5286 Federation Democracy
Union of BD-04 797 Liberals BD-04 797 Federation Democracy
Union of BPM 89444 Values Party BD+22 2632 Alliance Democracy
Union of BPM 89444 Values Party BPM 89444 Alliance Democracy
Union of Ba Xianiya Free Ba Xianiya Federation Democracy
Union of Baigag Confederacy Baigag Federation Confederacy
Union of Barasi Barasi Independent Communism
Union of Barka Values Party Barka Independent Democracy
Union of Basterni Progressive Party Basterni Independent Democracy
Union of Bastes Bastes Independent Communism
Union of Beditjari for Equality Beditjari Independent Democracy
Union of Belacabunda Confederacy Belacabunda Federation Confederacy
Union of Bhoteganui Progressive Party Bhoteganui Independent Democracy
Union of Bibrocorna Unionists Bibrocorna Independent Communism
Union of Biela Resistance Biela Federation Democracy
Union of Bolowala League Bolowala Independent Confederacy
Union of Bosanos Liberals Bosanos Federation Democracy
Union of Brani Green Party Brani Federation Democracy
Union of CC Eri Values Party CC Eri Federation Democracy
Union of CD-59 1724 Alliance CD-59 1724 Federation Confederacy
Union of CD-63 359 Free CD-63 359 Federation Democracy
Union of Cai Quapa Left Party Cai Quapa Independent Communism
Union of Calili Free Calili Alliance Democracy
Union of Can Hut Confederation Can Hut Independent Confederacy
Union of Caph Caph Independent Communism
Union of Capura Free Capura Federation Democracy
Union of Carughman Free Carughman Federation Democracy
Union of Chachapoyas Independents Chachapoyas Independent Democracy
Union of Chertan Independents Chertan Independent Democracy
Union of Chnupi Citizen Party Chnupi Independent Communism
Union of Chup Kamui Green Party Chup Kamui Federation Democracy
Union of Cnepan League Cnepan Independent Confederacy
Union of Comanes Green Party Comanes Independent Democracy
Union of Conchucos Green Party Conchucos Independent Democracy
Union of Cornsar Resistance Cornsar Federation Democracy
Union of Cupisii Democrats Cupisii Federation Democracy
Union of DH leonis for Equality DH Leonis Alliance Democracy
Union of Dao Zi Labour Dao Zi Federation Democracy
Union of Delta Doradus Liberals Delta Doradus Independent Democracy
Union of Ditibi Revolutionary Party Ditibi Federation Democracy
Union of Djalakuru Liberals Djalakuru Independent Democracy
Union of Djerato Djerato Independent Communism
Union of Djirbalngan Djirbalngan Independent Communism
Union of Dobunn Progressive Party Dobunn Independent Democracy
Union of Dzalak Mani People's Party Dzalak Mani Independent Communism
Union of ER 8 Alliance ER 8 Federation Confederacy
Union of Eingin Progressive Party Eingin Federation Democracy
Union of Eorasa Eorasa Independent Communism
Union of Eta Draconis Labour Eta Draconis Independent Democracy
Union of Fortuna Resistance Fortuna Federation Democracy
Union of Frigga People's Party Frigga Independent Communism
Union of G 121-8 Union Party G 121-8 Independent Communism
Union of G 141-21 for Equality G 141-21 Federation Democracy
Union of G 5-32 for Equality G 5-32 Federation Democracy
Union of G 87-16 for Equality G 87-16 Independent Democracy
Union of GCRV 4259 for Equality GCRV 4259 Independent Democracy
Union of GQ Virginis Resistance GQ Virginis Federation Democracy
Union of Gabia Green Party Gabia Independent Democracy
Union of Geidmara Free Geidmara Independent Democracy
Union of Gliese 1272 Green Party Gliese 1272 Independent Democracy
Union of Gliese 1272 Green Party Parhua Independent Democracy
Union of Gliese 868 Green Party Gliese 868 Federation Democracy
Union of Gliese 9553 Free Gliese 9553 Federation Democracy
Union of Gongang Values Party Gongang Federation Democracy
Union of Gorengathi Union Gorengathi Independent Communism
Union of Guan Yun Democrats Guan Yun Federation Democracy
Union of Gudu Liberals Gudu Independent Democracy
Union of Gunapai Values Party Gunapai Federation Democracy
Union of Gunayeb Free Gunayeb Independent Democracy
Union of HERZ 13422 Labour HERZ 13422 Federation Democracy
Union of HIP 10245 HIP 10245 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 104453 HIP 104453 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 109918 Labour HIP 109918 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 110512 HIP 110512 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 111486 Values Party HIP 111486 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 1134 Confederacy HIP 1134 Independent Confederacy
Union of HIP 115584 Confederation HIP 115584 Independent Confederacy
Union of HIP 12766 Labour HIP 12766 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 1427 Independents HIP 1427 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 16038 Values Party HIP 16038 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 21066 HIP 21066 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 24133 Independents HIP 24133 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 24629 Labour Union HIP 24629 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 24947 Green Party HIP 24947 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 27134 for Equality HIP 27134 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 35965 for Equality HIP 35965 Federation Democracy
Union of HIP 3930 Labour Union HIP 3930 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 41426 Future HIP 41426 Federation Democracy
Union of HIP 41529 Future HIP 41529 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 42253 Resistance HIP 42253 Federation Democracy
Union of HIP 4273 Citizen Party HIP 4273 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 43756 Resistance HIP 43756 Federation Democracy
Union of HIP 4392 People's Party HIP 4392 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 4974 HIP 4974 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 52091 for Equality HIP 52091 Federation Democracy
Union of HIP 5712 Progressive Party HIP 5712 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 57589 Progressive Party HIP 57589 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 60648 Green Party HIP 60648 Federation Democracy
Union of HIP 62509 for Equality HIP 62509 Federation Democracy
Union of HIP 64726 for Equality HIP 64726 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 67967 League HIP 67967 Federation Confederacy
Union of HIP 72703 Union HIP 72703 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 73321 Independents HIP 73321 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 7338 Confederacy HIP 7338 Federation Confederacy
Union of HIP 85297 Values Party HIP 85297 Independent Democracy
Union of HIP 91507 Confederacy HIP 91507 Independent Confederacy
Union of HIP 94570 HIP 94570 Independent Communism
Union of HIP 99966 Revolutionary Party HIP 99966 Federation Democracy
Union of HR 1233 for Equality HR 1233 Federation Democracy
Union of HR 6767 Independents HR 6767 Independent Democracy
Union of Hajangai Green Party Hajangai Federation Democracy
Union of Hakkinoha League Hakkinoha Federation Confederacy
Union of Hanung Tzu Confederacy Hanung Tzu Federation Confederacy
Union of Harada Green Party Harada Federation Democracy
Union of Havared Free Havared Independent Democracy
Union of He Qiong Revolutionary Party He Qiong Independent Democracy
Union of Heheng De Future Heheng De Federation Democracy
Union of Hemangu Confederacy Hemangu Federation Confederacy
Union of Hreidmarda Coalition Hreidmarda Federation Confederacy
Union of Hu Jona for Equality Hu Jona Independent Democracy
Union of Hun Tsach Liberals Hun Tsach Independent Democracy
Union of Huveang De Alliance Huveang De Federation Confederacy
Union of Idu misi Idu misi Independent Communism
Union of Idungbates Alliance Idungbates Independent Confederacy
Union of Idungbates Alliance Rati Irtii Independent Confederacy
Union of Igbirikan Labour Igbirikan Federation Democracy
Union of Igbonii Values Party Igbonii Federation Democracy
Union of Indras Green Party Indras Federation Democracy
Union of Ipet Ipet Independent Communism
Union of Iteliuona Resistance HR 8845 Independent Democracy
Union of Iteliuona Resistance Iteliuona Independent Democracy
Union of Iteliuona Resistance Samnienas Independent Democracy
Union of Ixilalana Independents Ixilalana Independent Democracy
Union of Jardha Liberals Jardha Federation Democracy
Union of Jath for Equality Jath Independent Democracy
Union of Jeit Green Party Jeit Independent Democracy
Union of Jinicoch Free Jinicoch Federation Democracy
Union of Jodrell Jodrell Independent Communism
Union of Juipek Resistance Juipek Federation Democracy
Union of Kachian Progressive Party Kachian Federation Democracy
Union of Kachirigin Resistance Kachirigin Federation Democracy
Union of Kalai Kalai Independent Communism
Union of Kappa Phoenicis Labour Kappa Phoenicis Federation Democracy
Union of Karunti Future Karunti Independent Democracy
Union of Kaurushi Confederation Kaurushi Federation Confederacy
Union of Kawa Athi Revolutionary Party Kawa Athi Federation Democracy
Union of Keiadabiko Revolutionary Party Keiadabiko Independent Democracy
Union of Khan for Equality Khan Federation Democracy
Union of Khan for Equality Saha Mati Federation Democracy
Union of Khertamoana Progressive Party Khertamoana Independent Democracy
Union of Khowa Coalition Khowa Federation Confederacy
Union of Kigana Coalition Kigana Federation Confederacy
Union of Kigana Coalition Kusauts Federation Confederacy
Union of Kim 2-17 Unionists Kim 2-17 Independent Communism
Union of Kochil for Equality Kochil Independent Democracy
Union of Konggal Coalition Konggal Federation Confederacy
Union of Konggal Coalition Shakar Federation Confederacy
Union of Kongleri Liberals Kongleri Federation Democracy
Union of Konsaxa Liberals Konsaxa Independent Democracy
Union of Kosche Kosche Independent Communism
Union of Koskit Liberals Koskit Federation Democracy
Union of Kugay Free Kugay Federation Democracy
Union of Kukuan Resistance Kukuan Federation Democracy
Union of Kureserians Liberals Kureserians Independent Democracy
Union of Kwelenii Revolutionary Party Kwelenii Independent Democracy
Union of Kwin Democrats Kwin Independent Democracy
Union of LDS 883 LDS 883 Independent Communism
Union of LHS 1794 Confederation LHS 1794 Federation Confederacy
Union of LHS 1887 Union Party LHS 1887 Independent Communism
Union of LHS 1928 Resistance LHS 1928 Federation Democracy
Union of LHS 2088 Resistance LFT 880 Federation Democracy
Union of LHS 2088 Resistance LHS 2088 Federation Democracy
Union of LHS 3295 Progressive Party Lopu Maris Federation Democracy
Union of LHS 6408 Future LHS 6408 Federation Democracy
Union of LP 101-377 Liberals LP 101-377 Federation Democracy
Union of LP 275-83 LP 275-83 Independent Communism
Union of LP 45-128 Free LP 45-128 Independent Democracy
Union of LTT 11244 Free LTT 11244 Independent Democracy
Union of LTT 15461 Liberals LTT 15461 Federation Democracy
Union of LTT 15461 Liberals Taotiges Federation Democracy
Union of LTT 17156 Labour LTT 17156 Federation Democracy
Union of LTT 2240 Democrats LTT 2240 Federation Democracy
Union of LTT 5990 Resistance LTT 5990 Independent Democracy
Union of LTT 7488 Democrats LTT 7488 Independent Democracy
Union of LTT 7489 for Equality LTT 7489 Federation Democracy
Union of Laguvii Laguvii Independent Communism
Union of Lalande 30271 Republic Party Lalande 30271 Independent Communism
Union of Lauksa Lauksa Independent Communism
Union of Lencali Independents Lencali Federation Democracy
Union of Li Tan Values Party Li Tan Federation Democracy
Union of Lidpar Green Party Lidpar Federation Democracy
Union of Luhman 16 Values Party Luhman 16 Federation Democracy
Union of Mahari for Equality Mahari Independent Democracy
Union of Maidubii Union Party Maidubii Independent Communism
Union of Makula Coalition Makula Federation Confederacy
Union of Malloc Independents Malloc Federation Democracy
Union of Malloc Independents Tauerni Federation Democracy
Union of Manawydan Confederacy Manawydan Independent Confederacy
Union of Maolabal Confederacy Maolabal Federation Confederacy
Union of Mapon Labour Mapon Independent Democracy
Union of Mara Values Party Mara Independent Democracy
Union of Matsya Independents Matsya Federation Democracy
Union of Mbamba Progressive Party Mbamba Federation Democracy
Union of Meelov for Equality Meelov Federation Democracy
Union of Mehimurt Labour Mehimurt Independent Democracy
Union of Meliae Progressive Party Meliae Federation Democracy
Union of Meliae Progressive Party Ross 1008 Federation Democracy
Union of Misao Liberals Misao Federation Democracy
Union of Moanza Values Party Moanza Independent Democracy
Union of Morana Free Morana Independent Democracy
Union of Naduninda for Equality Naduninda Independent Democracy
Union of Nagaybuwa Nagaybuwa Independent Communism
Union of Nahua for Equality Nahua Independent Democracy
Union of Namorodo Labour Namorodo Federation Democracy
Union of Nareni Free Nareni Independent Democracy
Union of Nekhbet Future Nekhbet Federation Democracy
Union of Neritus Values Party Neritus Independent Democracy
Union of Nican Coalition Nican Federation Confederacy
Union of Njikan Democrats Njikan Independent Democracy
Union of Njoror Left Party Njoror Independent Communism
Union of Novants Values Party Novants Federation Democracy
Union of Nu Guang Revolutionary Party Nu Guang Federation Democracy
Union of Nuen Future Nuen Federation Democracy
Union of Nujema Left Party Nujema Independent Communism
Union of Ogmiusitou Democrats Ogmiusitou Independent Democracy
Union of Okonos for Equality Okonos Federation Democracy
Union of Oman League Oman Federation Confederacy
Union of Opontani Revolutionary Party Opontani Independent Democracy
Union of Orobu Democrats Orobu Federation Democracy
Union of Orrere Orrere Independent Communism
Union of Osha Independents Osha Independent Democracy
Union of PPM 5287 Alliance PPM 5287 Federation Confederacy
Union of Padhyas Democrats Padhyas Federation Democracy
Union of Paijao Union Paijao Independent Communism
Union of Pandhis Future Pandhis Federation Democracy
Union of Pang Guans Green Party Pang Guans Independent Democracy
Union of Pars Partnership Pars Independent Confederacy
Union of Patayony Values Party Patayony Independent Democracy
Union of Pechua Partnership Pechua Federation Confederacy
Union of Phra Zhan Liberals Phra Zhan Federation Democracy
Union of Prajan Liberals Prajan Independent Democracy
Union of Pribrog Worker's Party Pribrog Independent Communism
Union of Pyemsito Future Pyemsito Independent Democracy
Union of Raidal League Raidal Federation Confederacy
Union of Raksha Labour Raksha Federation Democracy
Union of Rang Guans Revolutionary Party Rang Guans Federation Democracy
Union of Regirina Partnership Regirina Federation Confederacy
Union of Rod Future Rod Federation Democracy
Union of Ryujin Labour Ryujin Independent Democracy
Union of San Davokje Citizen Party San Davokje Independent Communism
Union of Sapiety Free Kokomini Federation Democracy
Union of Sapiety Free Sapiety Federation Democracy
Union of Shana Bei Free Shana Bei Federation Democracy
Union of Sheroo Partnership Frigenses Federation Confederacy
Union of Sheroo Partnership Sheroo Federation Confederacy
Union of Shol Shol Independent Communism
Union of Sholintet Confederacy Sholintet Federation Confederacy
Union of Sicuncheim Future Sicuncheim Independent Democracy
Union of Sinistra Progressive Party Sinistra Federation Democracy
Union of Sionesta Sionesta Independent Communism
Union of Skat Revolutionary Party Skat Independent Democracy
Union of Soholia Independents Soholia Alliance Democracy
Union of Sosong Democrats Sosong Federation Democracy
Union of Sowiio Green Party Sowiio Independent Democracy
Union of Suchifuku Future Suchifuku Independent Democracy
Union of Tangkan Confederation Tangkan Federation Confederacy
Union of Tatem Alliance Tatem Federation Confederacy
Union of Tau-1 Hydrae for Equality Tau-1 Hydrae Federation Democracy
Union of Taurt Taurt Independent Communism
Union of Televelis Left Party Televelis Independent Communism
Union of Terminus Liberals Terminus Federation Democracy
Union of Tharni Progressive Party Tharni Federation Democracy
Union of Thiini League Thiini Federation Confederacy
Union of Tjiwuar Values Party Tjiwuar Independent Democracy
Union of Toolfa Progressive Party LAWD 26 Independent Democracy
Union of Toolfa Progressive Party Toolfa Independent Democracy
Union of Toroesing Free HIP 7564 Federation Democracy
Union of Toroesing Free Toroesing Federation Democracy
Union of Trinar Values Party Trinar Federation Democracy
Union of Tsao Chun Confederation Tsao Chun Federation Confederacy
Union of Tukualang Tukualang Independent Communism
Union of Ubastet Union Ubastet Independent Communism
Union of Uibumisin Democrats Uibumisin Federation Democracy
Union of Undalibaluf Unionists Undalibaluf Independent Communism
Union of V740 Cassiopeiae Future V740 Cassiopeiae Federation Democracy
Union of Valtys Independents Chel Federation Democracy
Union of Valtys Independents Valtys Federation Democracy
Union of Viromi Revolutionary Party Viromi Independent Democracy
Union of Waang Free Waang Federation Democracy
Union of Wanjiwalku Wanjiwalku Independent Communism
Union of Waru Coalition Waru Federation Confederacy
Union of Warungkambo League Warungkambo Independent Confederacy
Union of Weywotya Confederacy Weywotya Federation Confederacy
Union of Windit Progressive Party Windit Independent Democracy
Union of Wiyomisii Green Party Wiyomisii Federation Democracy
Union of Wodiwodi for Equality Wodiwodi Federation Democracy
Union of Wolf 1301 Union Party Wolf 1301 Independent Communism
Union of Wolf 280 Coalition Wolf 280 Federation Confederacy
Union of Wolf 359 Labour Wolf 359 Federation Democracy
Union of Wuonjami Alliance Wuonjami Federation Confederacy
Union of Xi Hungan for Equality Xi Hungan Federation Democracy
Union of Xion Citizen Party Xion Independent Communism
Union of Xmucanoe Labour Xmucanoe Federation Democracy
Union of Yakaldukpe Confederacy Yakaldukpe Federation Confederacy
Union of Yalura Republic Party Yalura Independent Communism
Union of Ye'kua'gsa Confederation Ye'kua'gsa Federation Confederacy
Union of Yenici Green Party Yenici Independent Democracy
Union of Yi Dhodere Yi Dhodere Independent Communism
Union of Yu Ti Wand Resistance Yu Ti Wand Federation Democracy
Union of Zenus Progressive Party Zenus Independent Democracy
Union of Zephyrus Democrats Zephyrus Independent Democracy
Union of Zhang Alliance Zhang Federation Confederacy
Union of Zlotaikua Future Zlotaikua Federation Democracy
Union of lalande 46867 revolutionary Party Piscium Sector IC-V b2-6 Federation Democracy
Unionists of 38 Leonis Minoris 38 Leonis Minoris Independent Communism
Unionists of Alklhaluana Alklhaluana Independent Communism
Unionists of Andrungarri Andrungarri Independent Communism
Unionists of Autinestes Autinestes Independent Communism
Unionists of BD+11 2925 BD+11 2925 Independent Communism
Unionists of Bamu Pardal Independent Communism
Unionists of Belgovara Belgovara Independent Communism
Unionists of Bribroingga Bribroingga Independent Communism
Unionists of Camuten Camuten Independent Communism
Unionists of Cenu Kichs Cenu Kichs Independent Communism
Unionists of Collottung Collottung Independent Communism
Unionists of Coquim Coquim Independent Communism
Unionists of Cotidji Cotidji Independent Communism
Unionists of Degardhi Degardhi Independent Communism
Unionists of Dilwanes Dilwanes Independent Communism
Unionists of Djaghom Dun Djaghom Dun Alliance Communism
Unionists of Epomana Epomana Independent Communism
Unionists of Gabjaujini Gabjaujini Independent Communism
Unionists of HIP 110309 HIP 110309 Independent Communism
Unionists of HIP 116482 HIP 116482 Independent Communism
Unionists of HIP 1625 HIP 1625 Independent Communism
Unionists of HIP 21609 HIP 21609 Independent Communism
Unionists of HIP 6905 HIP 6905 Independent Communism
Unionists of HIP 7799 HIP 7799 Independent Communism
Unionists of Itelmasa Itelmasa Independent Communism
Unionists of LHS 1393 LHS 1393 Independent Communism
Unionists of Maasates Maasates Independent Communism
Unionists of Motilekui Motilekui Independent Communism
Unionists of Nait Nait Independent Communism
Unionists of Ngarkindi Ngarkindi Independent Communism
Unionists of Oguninksmii Oguninksmii Independent Communism
Unionists of Reddi Dhod Reddi Dhod Independent Communism
Unionists of Saffron Saffron Independent Communism
Unionists of Serre Serre Independent Communism
Unionists of Seurinohina Seurinohina Independent Communism
Unionists of Sieganga Sieganga Independent Communism
Unionists of Uneleni Uneleni Independent Communism
Unionists of V2213 Ophiuchii V2213 Ophiuchii Independent Communism
United 1 Kappa Cygni Future 1 Kappa Cygni Federation Democracy
United 11 Virginis Free 11 Virginis Federation Democracy
United 16 Piscium Front 16 Piscium Independent Dictatorship
United 18 Aquarii Labour 18 Aquarii Federation Democracy
United 21 Leonis Minoris Green Party 21 Leonis Minoris Federation Democracy
United 27 Kappa Persei Future 27 Kappa Persei Federation Democracy
United 33 G. Canis Majoris Flag 33 G. Canis Majoris Independent Dictatorship
United 33 Sextantis Future 33 Sextantis Federation Democracy
United 44 Pi Serpentis Freedom Party 44 Pi Serpentis Independent Dictatorship
United 54 Ceti Focus 54 Ceti Independent Dictatorship
United 54 Piscium Future 54 Piscium Federation Democracy
United 54 Piscium Future George Pantazis Federation Democracy
United 6 Andromedae Democrats 6 Andromedae Federation Democracy
United 62 Ursae Majoris Democrats 62 Ursae Majoris Independent Democracy
United 71 Omicron Geminorum Regulatory State 71 Omicron Geminorum Independent Dictatorship
United 82 Pegasi Liberty Party 82 Pegasi Independent Dictatorship
United Ac Yax Baru Resistance Ac Yax Baru Federation Democracy
United Adnyayar League Adnyayar Independent Confederacy
United Agulmanji League Agulmanji Empire Dictatorship
United Akanago Conservatives Akanago Independent Dictatorship
United Akonome Focus Akonome Independent Dictatorship
United Aktzin Future Aktzin Federation Democracy
United Akuni Regulatory State Akuni Independent Dictatorship
United Allo Free Allo Federation Democracy
United Almudjing Confederacy Almudjing Federation Confederacy
United Ammatis Focus Ammatis Independent Dictatorship
United Amy-Charlotte Values Party Amy-Charlotte Independent Democracy
United Anapos Liberals Anapos Federation Democracy
United Anca Dominion Anca Independent Dictatorship
United Ancento Regulatory State Ancento Independent Dictatorship
United Andowatye Democrats Andowatye Federation Democracy
United Anek Wang Free Anek Wang Federation Democracy
United Anmaia Union Anmaia Independent Communism
United Anouke Union Party Anouke Independent Communism
United Ao Progressive Party Ao Federation Democracy
United Aowica Citizen Party Aowica Independent Communism
United Aowindui Defence Party Aowindui Empire Dictatorship
United Apachan Values Party Apachan Independent Democracy
United Apadecavi Defence Party Apadecavi Independent Dictatorship
United Apisulfr Future Apisulfr Independent Democracy
United Arabh Movement Arabh Independent Dictatorship
United Arek Resistance Arek Independent Democracy
United Ariameni Values Party Ariameni Federation Democracy
United Arimpox Defence Party Arimpox Independent Dictatorship
United Arthaiyati Revolutionary Party Arthaiyati Independent Democracy
United Asangbal Alliance Asangbal Federation Confederacy
United Ashtart Progressive Party Ashtart Independent Democracy
United Ashvins Union Ashvins Independent Communism
United Auakereks Liberals Auakereks Federation Democracy
United Avalo Revolutionary Party Avalo Independent Democracy
United Aymiay First Aymiay Independent Dictatorship
United Azalai Coalition Azalai Federation Confederacy
United BD+08 1303 First BD+08 1303 Independent Dictatorship
United BD+11 2673 Revolutionary Party BD+11 2673 Federation Democracy
United BD+11 2673 Revolutionary Party La Tenha Federation Democracy
United BD+43 866 Progressive Party BD+43 866 Independent Democracy
United BD+47 1236 Independents BD+47 1236 Federation Democracy
United BD+74 526 Order BD+74 526 Independent Dictatorship
United BD-05 2603 Partnership BD-05 2603 Federation Confederacy
United BD-12 4699 Future BD-12 4699 Independent Democracy
United BD-14 3326 Flag BD-14 3326 Independent Dictatorship
United Ba Po Constitution Party Ba Po Independent Dictatorship
United Babalung Green Party Babalung Independent Democracy
United Baltalfi Autocracy Baltalfi Independent Dictatorship
United Baltalfi Autocracy Col 285 Sector MJ-G c11-1 Independent Dictatorship
United Banbudo Defence Party Banbudo Independent Dictatorship
United Bandizel Resistance Bandizel Federation Democracy
United Barathaona Resistance Barathaona Federation Democracy
United Barillian Labour Barillian Independent Democracy
United Bassa Alliance Bassa Independent Confederacy
United Basuki An Defence Party Basuki An Independent Dictatorship
United Batzin Bureau Batzin Independent Dictatorship
United Belaako Defence Force Belaako Independent Dictatorship
United Belgeth League Belgeth Independent Dictatorship
United Belgitan Progressive Party Belgitan Federation Democracy
United Beliu An Coalition Beliu An Federation Confederacy
United Berrivi Democrats Berrivi Federation Democracy
United Bese Party Bese Empire Dictatorship
United Bhaguru Values Party Bhaguru Federation Democracy
United Bhotho Progressive Party Bhotho Independent Democracy
United Biatelara Nationalists Biatelara Empire Dictatorship
United Bidiae Regulatory State Bidiae Independent Dictatorship
United Bielenses Movement Bielenses Independent Dictatorship
United Bielenses Movement Pegasi Sector GR-V c2-30 Independent Dictatorship
United Bilonesses Law Party Bilonesses Independent Dictatorship
United Bjortii Dominion Bjortii Independent Dictatorship
United Boreo League Boreo Independent Confederacy
United Bosnjani Liberals Bosnjani Federation Democracy
United Brahma Revolutionary Party Brahma Federation Democracy
United Bugaga Confederation Bugaga Federation Confederacy
United Bunuvivia Law Party Bunuvivia Independent Dictatorship
United Buriges Bureau Buriges Empire Dictatorship
United Burr Partnership Burr Federation Confederacy
United Bylgit Defence Force Bylgit Alliance Dictatorship
United CD-22 9062 Liberals CD-22 9062 Federation Democracy
United CD-27 5409 Liberty Party CD-27 5409 Independent Dictatorship
United CD-33 1835 Coalition CD-33 1835 Federation Confederacy
United CD-33 1835 Coalition Niu Bese Federation Confederacy
United CD-58 538 Resistance CD-58 538 Federation Democracy
United CD-63 1560 Bureau CD-63 1560 Independent Dictatorship
United CPD-70 2439 Justice Party CPD-70 2439 Independent Dictatorship
United Cacoma Defence Force Cacoma Empire Dictatorship
United Caer Doiri Democrats Caer Doiri Federation Democracy
United Caeriango Bureau Caeriango Independent Dictatorship
United Cailla Front Cailla Independent Dictatorship
United Caillapit Labour Caillapit Federation Democracy
United Capoya Worker's Party Capoya Independent Communism
United Carnsan for Equality Carnsan Federation Democracy
United Caspi Revolutionary Party Caspi Federation Democracy
United Caudjabe Front Caudjabe Independent Dictatorship
United Celer Coalition Celer Federation Confederacy
United Cerno Conservatives Cerno Independent Dictatorship
United Chalbandia Liberty Party Chalbandia Empire Dictatorship
United Chande Defence Party Chande Independent Dictatorship
United Cheditjala Confederacy Cheditjala Federation Confederacy
United Cheneti for Equality Cheneti Independent Democracy
United Chentiiq Alliance Chentiiq Independent Confederacy
United Chet Worker's Party Chet Independent Communism
United Cheyenne for Equality Cheyenne Independent Democracy
United Chi Herculis Resistance Chi Herculis Federation Democracy
United Chih Zhi Movement Chih Zhi Independent Dictatorship
United Chimba League Chimba Independent Dictatorship
United Choujemait Dominion Choujemait Independent Dictatorship
United Clee Autocracy Clee Independent Dictatorship
United Condi Focus Condi Independent Dictatorship
United Condovichs Freedom Party Condovichs Empire Dictatorship
United Coquiabayo Future Coquiabayo Independent Democracy
United Corbago First Corbago Independent Dictatorship
United Daiti Resistance Daiti Federation Democracy
United Dalang People's Party Dalang Independent Communism
United Dangai Liberty Party Dangai Independent Dictatorship
United Dangtei League Dangtei Empire Dictatorship
United Decantae Movement Decantae Empire Dictatorship
United Decean Union Party Decean Independent Communism
United Deuringas Movement Deuringas Independent Dictatorship
United Devis Order Devis Empire Dictatorship
United Dewi'xilaga Labour Dewi'xilaga Independent Democracy
United Dhanchu Defence Force Dhanchu Independent Dictatorship
United Dhanka Citizen Party Dhanka Independent Communism
United Di Jian Progressive Party Di Jian Alliance Democracy
United Diaguan Confederacy Diaguan Federation Confederacy
United Difu Flag Difu Independent Dictatorship
United Dijuhte Nationalists Dijuhte Empire Dictatorship
United Dinda Independents Dinda Federation Democracy
United Djaghire Justice Party Djaghire Independent Dictatorship
United Djiruach Liberty Party Djiruach Independent Dictatorship
United Dobunn Justice Party Dobunn Independent Dictatorship
United Domoth Labour Domoth Independent Democracy
United Durok Order Durok Independent Dictatorship
United Dyava Independents Dyava Federation Democracy
United EGGR 431 Free Tyche Federation Democracy
United Ekchucosi Front Ekchucosi Independent Dictatorship
United Ekoimudji Dominion Ekoimudji Empire Dictatorship
United Ekur Law Party Ekur Independent Dictatorship
United Epsilon Indi Flag Epsilon Indi Independent Dictatorship
United Epsilon Monocerotis Constitution Party Epsilon Monocerotis Independent Dictatorship
United Eravians Resistance Eravians Federation Democracy
United Eskite Independents Eskite Independent Democracy
United Esumasci Democrats Esumasci Federation Democracy
United Euryale First Ullese Independent Dictatorship
United Ewahillke League Ewahillke Federation Confederacy
United FAUST 68 Independents FAUST 68 Independent Democracy
United Fintamkina Left Party Fintamkina Independent Communism
United Fricassi Resistance Fricassi Federation Democracy
United Fyrly Labour Fyrly Federation Democracy
United Fyrly Labour Mutujiali Federation Democracy
United G 267-2 Law Party G 267-2 Independent Dictatorship
United G 85-12 Labour G 85-12 Federation Democracy
United Garabaei League Garabaei Independent Dictatorship
United Gaula Wu First Gaula Wu Independent Dictatorship
United Gaunab Law Party Gaunab Empire Dictatorship
United Geawete Free Geawete Federation Democracy
United German Commanders BPM 16204 Independent Democracy
United German Commanders Minanes Independent Democracy
United German Commanders Wapiya Independent Democracy
United Grafias Dominion Grafias Independent Dictatorship
United Grebegus Free Grebegus Independent Democracy
United Guguroro Focus HIP 114746 Empire Dictatorship
United Gunnovale Defence Force Gunnovale Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 104256 Flag HIP 104256 Empire Dictatorship
United HIP 104471 Flag HIP 104471 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 104471 Green Party HIP 104471 Independent Democracy
United HIP 108095 Values Party HIP 108095 Federation Democracy
United HIP 110028 First HIP 110028 Empire Dictatorship
United HIP 111027 Independents HIP 111027 Independent Democracy
United HIP 11144 Front HIP 11144 Empire Dictatorship
United HIP 113495 Democrats HIP 113495 Federation Democracy
United HIP 113894 for Equality HIP 113894 Federation Democracy
United HIP 114519 Front HIP 114519 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 11469 Front HIP 11469 Empire Dictatorship
United HIP 115181 Dominion HIP 115181 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 116554 Movement HIP 116554 Empire Dictatorship
United HIP 1173 Front HIP 1173 Empire Dictatorship
United HIP 117391 Progressive Party HIP 117391 Independent Democracy
United HIP 118062 Law Party HIP 118062 Empire Dictatorship
United HIP 12509 Nationalists HIP 12509 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 15507 Labour HIP 15507 Independent Democracy
United HIP 1573 Bureau HIP 1573 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 1736 League HIP 1736 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 18150 Union HIP 18150 Independent Communism
United HIP 19428 Bureau HIP 19428 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 20485 Future HIP 20485 Independent Democracy
United HIP 20485 Future HIP 20616 Independent Democracy
United HIP 20485 Nationalists 63 Tauri Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 20485 Nationalists HIP 20485 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 20527 League HIP 20527 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 23641 Democrats HIP 23641 Independent Democracy
United HIP 27058 League HIP 27058 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 34698 Progressive Party HIP 34698 Federation Democracy
United HIP 37918 Conservatives HIP 37918 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 39325 Coalition HIP 39325 Federation Confederacy
United HIP 40942 Values Party HIP 40942 Federation Democracy
United HIP 42253 Justice Party HIP 42253 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 43947 League HIP 43947 Independent Confederacy
United HIP 46034 Citizen Party HIP 46034 Independent Communism
United HIP 53719 First HIP 53719 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 54681 Republic Party HIP 54681 Independent Communism
United HIP 56145 Revolutionary Party HIP 56145 Independent Democracy
United HIP 5651 Dominion HIP 5651 Empire Dictatorship
United HIP 56641 Bureau HIP 56641 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 57589 Liberty Party HIP 57589 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 58317 Union HIP 58317 Independent Communism
United HIP 58924 Defence Party HIP 58924 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 6182 First HIP 6182 Empire Dictatorship
United HIP 62160 Independents HIP 62160 Federation Democracy
United HIP 64498 Progressive Party HIP 64498 Independent Democracy
United HIP 65268 Liberals HIP 65268 Independent Democracy
United HIP 65626 Revolutionary Party HIP 65626 Federation Democracy
United HIP 69074 Labour HIP 69074 Independent Democracy
United HIP 71462 Values Party HIP 71462 Independent Democracy
United HIP 726 Dominion HIP 726 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 73314 Independents HIP 73314 Independent Democracy
United HIP 73449 Green Party HIP 73449 Federation Democracy
United HIP 73846 Independents HIP 73846 Federation Democracy
United HIP 74067 Focus HIP 74067 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 75038 Confederacy HIP 75038 Federation Confederacy
United HIP 77470 Liberty Party HIP 77470 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 80096 Party HIP 80096 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 80364 Conservatives HIP 80364 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 81071 Revolutionary Party HIP 81071 Federation Democracy
United HIP 8109 Defence Party HIP 8109 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 81186 Liberals HIP 81186 Federation Democracy
United HIP 82844 Free HIP 82844 Independent Democracy
United HIP 82851 Autocracy HIP 82851 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 83995 Defence Party HIP 83995 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 90162 League HIP 90162 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 90451 Bureau HIP 90451 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 90753 First HIP 90753 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 9141 Freedom Party HIP 9141 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 92916 Liberals HIP 92916 Federation Democracy
United HIP 94326 Independents HIP 94326 Independent Democracy
United HIP 94501 Liberty Party HIP 94501 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 98839 Republic Party HIP 98839 Independent Communism
United HIP 99902 First HIP 99902 Independent Dictatorship
United HIP 99940 Order HIP 99940 Independent Dictatorship
United HR 2798 Progressive Party HR 2798 Independent Democracy
United HR 4734 Liberals HR 4734 Independent Democracy
United HR 5000 Revolutionary Party HR 5000 Federation Democracy
United HR 5183 Green Party HR 5183 Federation Democracy
United HR 6297 Movement HR 6297 Independent Dictatorship
United HR 6552 Nationalists HR 6552 Empire Dictatorship
United HR 692 Nationalists HR 692 Independent Dictatorship
United HR 7047 Democrats HR 7047 Independent Democracy
United HR 7386 Labour HR 7386 Federation Democracy
United HR 7766 Bureau HR 7766 Independent Dictatorship
United HR 8276 Values Party HR 8276 Independent Democracy
United HR 8423 Autocracy HR 8423 Independent Dictatorship
United HR 8472 Democrats HR 8472 Independent Democracy
United Haidjaram Labour Haidjaram Federation Democracy
United Haidjaram Labour Teliu Yuan Federation Democracy
United Hannonner Republic Party Hannonner Independent Communism
United Havalokul Bureau Havalokul Independent Dictatorship
United Havasupai Focus Piscium Sector IC-V b2-6 Independent Dictatorship
United Hayar Dominion Hayar Independent Dictatorship
United Hayikoku Coalition Hayikoku Federation Confederacy
United Heiltsu Left Party Heiltsu Independent Communism
United Heimrita for Equality Heimrita Independent Democracy
United Herce Future Herce Independent Democracy
United Hernkopa Constitution Party Hernkopa Empire Dictatorship
United Het Free Het Federation Democracy
United Ho Hsi Regulatory State Ho Hsi Independent Dictatorship
United Hou Tuba Dominion Hou Tuba Independent Dictatorship
United Huandja Labour Huandja Federation Democracy
United Hun Du Green Party Hun Du Independent Democracy
United Hunchosgan Dominion Hunchosgan Independent Dictatorship
United Hunte Liberty Party Chi Suix Empire Dictatorship
United Hunte Liberty Party Hunte Empire Dictatorship
United Huokang Values Party Huokang Independent Democracy
United Hurusalki Independents Hurusalki Independent Democracy
United Iapori for Equality Iapori Federation Democracy
United Igalilinima Constitution Party Igalilinima Independent Dictatorship
United Ildano Confederation Ildano Federation Confederacy
United Inars Democrats Inars Independent Democracy
United Inino Confederation Inino Independent Confederacy
United Inti Defence Party Inti Independent Dictatorship
United Iota Hydri Revolutionary Party Iota Hydri Independent Democracy
United Irula for Equality Irula Independent Democracy
United Ixilalana Conservatives Ixilalana Independent Dictatorship
United Jadikinon Law Party Jadikinon Independent Dictatorship
United Jathatin Independents Jathatin Federation Democracy
United Jetenomeri Worker's Party Jetenomeri Independent Communism
United Jeterait for Equality Jeterait Independent Democracy
United Kaduvumbaa Order Kaduvumbaa Independent Dictatorship
United Kamitra Independents Kamitra Independent Democracy
United Karbudji Constitution Party Karbudji Independent Dictatorship
United Kared Flag Kared Empire Dictatorship
United Kassi Nationalists Col 285 Sector QT-P c6-13 Independent Dictatorship
United Kausalya Nationalists Kausalya Independent Dictatorship
United Kekenks Flag Kekenks Independent Dictatorship
United Keren Resistance Keren Independent Democracy
United Khamataman Democrats Khamataman Independent Democracy
United Khasiri Freedom Party Khasiri Independent Dictatorship
United Khondalini Law Party Khondalini Empire Dictatorship
United Khonesti Freedom Party Khonesti Independent Dictatorship
United Ki Justice Party Ki Independent Dictatorship
United Kidi Confederation Kidi Federation Confederacy
United Kimih League Kimih Empire Dictatorship
United Kistha Conservatives Kistha Independent Dictatorship
United Klamath Liberals Klamath Federation Democracy
United Kokojina Future Kokojina Federation Democracy
United Kota Thian Regulatory State Kota Thian Independent Dictatorship
United Kuligans Defence Force Kuligans Independent Dictatorship
United Kumui Future Kumui Independent Democracy
United Kung Mu Nationalists Kung Mu Independent Dictatorship
United Kunggi Independents Kunggi Federation Democracy
United Kungkalis Autocracy Kungkalis Independent Dictatorship
United Kuwemasil for Equality Kuwemasil Federation Democracy
United LFT 1300 Progressive Party LFT 1300 Federation Democracy
United LFT 174 Future LFT 174 Federation Democracy
United LFT 601 Labour LFT 601 Federation Democracy
United LHS 1101 for Equality Brokutsu Federation Democracy
United LHS 1446 Independents LHS 1446 Federation Democracy
United LHS 1617 Bureau LHS 1617 Independent Dictatorship
United LHS 2265 Labour LHS 2265 Independent Democracy
United LHS 2429 Flag LHS 2429 Independent Dictatorship
United LHS 3479 Green Party LHS 3479 Federation Democracy
United LHS 3505 Liberals LHS 3505 Federation Democracy
United LHS 3549 Liberty Party LHS 3549 Independent Dictatorship
United LHS 492 Justice Party LHS 492 Independent Dictatorship
United LHS 6305 Conservatives LHS 6305 Independent Dictatorship
United LP 332-45 Regulatory State LP 332-45 Independent Dictatorship
United LP 336-71 First LP 336-71 Independent Dictatorship
United LP 825-559 Focus LP 825-559 Independent Dictatorship
United LP 847-48 Nationalists LP 847-48 Independent Dictatorship
United LP 933-24 Order LP 933-24 Independent Dictatorship
United LTT 15587 Bureau LTT 15587 Independent Dictatorship
United LTT 1873 Regulatory State LTT 1873 Independent Dictatorship
United LTT 3712 Confederacy LTT 3712 Federation Confederacy
United LTT 3799 Progressive Party LTT 3799 Federation Democracy
United LTT 4262 Nationalists LTT 4262 Independent Dictatorship
United LTT 7330 Left Party LTT 7330 Independent Communism
United LTT 7488 Movement LTT 7488 Independent Dictatorship
United LTT 760 for Equality LTT 760 Federation Democracy
United LTT 8648 Free LTT 8648 Independent Democracy
United LTT 9391 Liberals LTT 9391 Federation Democracy
United LTT 9593 Dominion LTT 9593 Independent Dictatorship
United LTT 970 Freedom Party LTT 970 Empire Dictatorship
United Lalande 13198 for Equality Lalande 13198 Federation Democracy
United Lalande 30044 Democrats Lalande 30044 Federation Democracy
United Lalande 35998 Progressive Party Lalande 35998 Federation Democracy
United Lalande 8441 Resistance Lalande 8441 Independent Democracy
United Lambda Arae Movement Lambda Arae Independent Dictatorship
United Lambo for Equality Lambo Independent Democracy
United Lan Disk for Equality Lan Disk Independent Democracy
United Lan Samba Resistance Lan Samba Independent Democracy
United Latjal Independents Latjal Federation Democracy
United Latorioson Labour Latorioson Federation Democracy
United Latugara Revolutionary Party Latugara Federation Democracy
United Lepcha Labour Union Lepcha Independent Communism
United Li Tzicnii Democrats Li Tzicnii Federation Democracy
United Lieldi Dominion Lieldi Independent Dictatorship
United Lileni for Equality Lileni Independent Democracy
United Liu Baja Free Liu Baja Federation Democracy
United Lobeduning Freedom Party Lobeduning Independent Dictatorship
United Lotian Revolutionary Party Lotian Independent Democracy
United Lushertha Autocracy Lushertha Independent Dictatorship
United MCC 467 First MCC 467 Independent Dictatorship
United Macushi Democrats Macushi Federation Democracy
United Maevelite Green Party Maevelite Federation Democracy
United Mahadshu Confederation Hinook Federation Confederacy
United Mahadshu Confederation Mahadshu Federation Confederacy
United Mahimata Green Party Mahimata Federation Democracy
United Maidjin Nationalists Maidjin Empire Dictatorship
United Mako Union Party Mako Independent Communism
United Malaji Liberty Party Malaji Independent Dictatorship
United Mambaislas Democrats Mambaislas Federation Democracy
United Mantxe League Mantxe Independent Dictatorship
United Maridwyn Law Party Maridwyn Independent Dictatorship
United Medui Defence Force Medui Empire Dictatorship
United Meene Labour Meene Independent Democracy
United Meeneratii Future Meeneratii Federation Democracy
United Mexicatese Independents Mexicatese Federation Democracy
United Mictlan Independents Mictlan Independent Democracy
United Mimurtudji Justice Party Mimurtudji Independent Dictatorship
United Mombaluma Resistance Mombaluma Federation Democracy
United Morios Labour Union Morios Independent Communism
United Muan Qingga Constitution Party Muan Qingga Independent Dictatorship
United Mudusitoq for Equality Mudusitoq Federation Democracy
United Mvubandowag for Equality Mvubandowag Federation Democracy
United NLTT 13249 Resistance NLTT 13249 Federation Democracy
United NLTT 56881 Law Party NLTT 56881 Independent Dictatorship
United NLTT 8084 Values Party NLTT 8084 Federation Democracy
United Nagi Liberals Nagi Independent Democracy
United Namte Progressive Party Namte Federation Democracy
United Nandh Citizen Party Nandh Independent Communism
United Nang Ta-khian Confederacy Nang Ta-khian Federation Confederacy
United Nangkano Future Nangkano Federation Democracy
United Narvert Free Narvert Independent Democracy
United Naunet Values Party Naunet Independent Democracy
United Ndandjimbo Progressive Party Ndandjimbo Federation Democracy
United Ndeber Coalition Ndeber Federation Confederacy
United Ndjari First Ndjari Independent Dictatorship
United Ned Erh Confederation Ned Erh Federation Confederacy
United Nedos League Arawoyn Independent Dictatorship
United Nedos League Nedos Independent Dictatorship
United Nerviri Justice Party Nerviri Empire Dictatorship
United Ngam Focus Ngam Independent Dictatorship
United Nganji Labour Kamilagro Federation Democracy
United Nganji Labour Nganji Federation Democracy
United Ngombivas Bureau Ngombivas Independent Dictatorship
United Nguna Democrats Nguna Independent Democracy
United Nijolam Movement Nijolam Independent Dictatorship
United Nijuhty First Nijuhty Independent Dictatorship
United Njamanachi Free Njamanachi Federation Democracy
United Njambalba Freedom Party Njambalba Independent Dictatorship
United Njokujil Order Njokujil Independent Dictatorship
United Njunga Nationalists Njunga Independent Dictatorship
United Noatir Liberty Party Noatir Independent Dictatorship
United Nona Justice Party Nona Independent Dictatorship
United Nootkena Bureau Nootkena Independent Dictatorship
United Nu Tauri Bureau Nu Tauri Independent Dictatorship
United Nugua Freedom Party Nugua Independent Dictatorship
United Ogmiutana Confederacy Ogmiutana Federation Confederacy
United Olokulu Party Olokulu Empire Dictatorship
United Oluf Flag Oluf Empire Dictatorship
United Oluri Partnership Hyades Sector SO-E a13-2 Independent Confederacy
United Oluri Partnership Oluri Independent Confederacy
United Oluroana Future Oluroana Federation Democracy
United Omagua Free Omagua Federation Democracy
United Omani Republic Party Omani Independent Communism
United Omukula Progressive Party Omukula Independent Democracy
United Omumba Free Omumba Independent Democracy
United Onduwatya Defence Party Onduwatya Independent Dictatorship
United Opetes Free Opetes Independent Democracy
United Orgelma League Orgelma Independent Confederacy
United Orgen League Orgen Independent Dictatorship
United Oshatha Labour Union Oshatha Independent Communism
United Othiti League Othiti Independent Confederacy
United Otshirvani Regulatory State Otshirvani Alliance Dictatorship
United Pa Pa Pole Democrats Pa Pa Pole Independent Democracy
United Paeligni Labour Paeligni Independent Democracy
United Paemara Alliance Paemara Federation Confederacy
United Paesia First Paesia Independent Dictatorship
United Palliyan Front Palliyan Independent Dictatorship
United Panara Union Panara Independent Communism
United Paraiowal Partnership Paraiowal Federation Confederacy
United Paras Defence Party Paras Empire Dictatorship
United Paroja League Paroja Federation Confederacy
United Pendijin Focus Pendijin Empire Dictatorship
United Pents Defence Force Pents Independent Dictatorship
United Phiagre Independents Phiagre Independent Democracy
United Piriti Free Piriti Independent Democracy
United Pliny Labour Pliny Federation Democracy
United Pontus League Pontus Federation Confederacy
United Popocassa Autocracy Popocassa Independent Dictatorship
United Posenoi League Posenoi Federation Confederacy
United Prydereti Front Prydereti Empire Dictatorship
United Pukkeitsi Liberals Pukkeitsi Federation Democracy
United Pulangpa Future Pulangpa Federation Democracy
United Punraz Conservatives Punraz Independent Dictatorship
United Qama Democrats Qama Federation Democracy
United Qi Lieh Constitution Party Qi Lieh Independent Dictatorship
United Quaoar Focus Quaoar Independent Dictatorship
United RST 1154 Progressive Party RST 1154 Federation Democracy
United Ragapajo Green Party Ragapajo Federation Democracy
United Raksha Party Raksha Independent Dictatorship
United Raugenik Resistance Raugenik Independent Democracy
United Remines Green Party Remines Federation Democracy
United Rindrani League Rindrani Federation Confederacy
United Rio Po Focus Rio Po Independent Dictatorship
United Rishnum Labour Rishnum Federation Democracy
United Ross 112 Progressive Party Ross 112 Alliance Democracy
United Ross 310 Progressive Party Koraga Federation Democracy
United Ross 310 Progressive Party Ross 310 Federation Democracy
United Ross 646 Revolutionary Party Ross 646 Federation Democracy
United Ross 682 Order Ross 682 Independent Dictatorship
United Ross 720 Green Party Ross 720 Independent Democracy
United Ross 780 Progressive Party Ross 780 Federation Democracy
United Ross 842 Movement Ross 842 Independent Dictatorship
United Rukama League Rukama Independent Dictatorship
United SPOCS 208 Front SPOCS 208 Independent Dictatorship
United San Muss Values Party San Muss Federation Democracy
United San Yax Revolutionary Party San Yax Federation Democracy
United San Zaihe Labour San Zaihe Federation Democracy
United San Zangjel Constitution Party San Zangjel Independent Dictatorship
United Sanitec HR 4734 Independent Corporate
United Seliu Benas Flag Seliu Benas Independent Dictatorship
United Semali for Equality Semali Independent Democracy
United Seshvaka Conservatives Seshvaka Independent Dictatorship
United Sesmeruku for Equality Sesmeruku Independent Democracy
United Setana Justice Party Setana Independent Dictatorship
United Shake League Shake Federation Confederacy
United Shanhauls Values Party Shanhauls Independent Democracy
United Sirsir Revolutionary Party Sirsir Federation Democracy
United Skeggiko O Defence Party Skeggiko O Independent Dictatorship
United Skiraragea Constitution Party Skiraragea Independent Dictatorship
United Soch Constitution Party Mentsuchua Empire Dictatorship
United Soch Constitution Party Soch Empire Dictatorship
United Sokobii Worker's Party Pulara Independent Communism
United Sokobii Worker's Party Sokobii Independent Communism
United Sotiate Flag Sotiate Independent Dictatorship
United Sotidji First Sotidji Independent Dictatorship
United Sun Pi Bureau Sun Pi Independent Dictatorship
United Sun Wen Revolutionary Party Sun Wen Federation Democracy
United Suss Dominion Suss Independent Dictatorship
United Sussche Partnership Sussche Federation Confederacy
United Sutekh Future Sutekh Federation Democracy
United TT 58343 Confederacy Calarum Federation Confederacy
United Tagii League Tagii Independent Confederacy
United Taiowal Worker's Party Taiowal Independent Communism
United Tama Defence Force Tama Independent Dictatorship
United Tamanka Nationalists Tamanka Independent Dictatorship
United Tariyan Autocracy Tariyan Empire Dictatorship
United Tatil Future Tatil Independent Democracy
United Tau Sculptoris Order Tau Sculptoris Empire Dictatorship
United Teaka First Teaka Independent Dictatorship
United Tefenhua Free Tefenhua Independent Democracy
United Tekenatam Party Tekenatam Independent Dictatorship
United Teletes Resistance Teletes Independent Democracy
United Telin Free Telin Federation Democracy
United Thiana Dominion Thiana Independent Dictatorship
United Thiansi Constitution Party Thiansi Independent Dictatorship
United Thridan Revolutionary Party Thridan Federation Democracy
United Tialocan Free Tialocan Independent Democracy
United Tjapakh Green Party Tjapakh Independent Democracy
United Tjupali Democrats Tjupali Federation Democracy
United Tjurinas Nationalists Tjurinas Independent Dictatorship
United Tougeir Liberty Party Tougeir Independent Dictatorship
United Trumuye Progressive Party Trumuye Independent Democracy
United Tsanla Progressive Party Tsanla Independent Democracy
United Tsim Bind League Tsim Bind Empire Dictatorship
United Tsohave Dominion Tsohave Independent Dictatorship
United Tsohodiae Union Tsohodiae Independent Communism
United Turot Liberals Turot Independent Democracy
United Ugrasmat Liberals Ugrasmat Federation Democracy
United Ugric Coalition Ugric Federation Confederacy
United Uiburni First Uiburni Independent Dictatorship
United Uiburni Green Party Uiburni Independent Democracy
United Umbrigua Conservatives Umbrigua Empire Dictatorship
United Un Nefer Liberty Party Un Nefer Empire Dictatorship
United Uoluskas Green Party Uoluskas Federation Democracy
United Urvasini Defence Party Urvasini Independent Dictatorship
United V371 Normae Conservatives V371 Normae Independent Dictatorship
United V640 Cassiopeia Justice Party V640 Cassiopeia Independent Dictatorship
United V886 Centauri Autocracy V886 Centauri Independent Dictatorship
United Vayurathi Future Vayurathi Independent Democracy
United Veneres Confederacy 10 Theta Piscium Federation Confederacy
United Veneres Confederacy Veneres Federation Confederacy
United Veneres Confederacy Wauksarra Federation Confederacy
United Veramonawe Revolutionary Party Veramonawe Independent Democracy
United Vindinepu Order Vindinepu Independent Dictatorship
United Wailaroju Freedom Party Wailaroju Independent Dictatorship
United Wailla Sakh Values Party Wailla Sakh Federation Democracy
United Wallunga Democrats Wallunga Independent Democracy
United Wang Dana Free Wang Dana Federation Democracy
United Waq Liberty Party Waq Independent Dictatorship
United Wat Yu Confederacy Wat Yu Federation Confederacy
United Wawal Liberals Wawal Independent Democracy
United We Jenu Citizen Party We Jenu Independent Communism
United Winasak Regulatory State Winasak Empire Dictatorship
United Wirari Labour Wirari Federation Democracy
United Wirdisci Bureau Wirdisci Independent Dictatorship
United Wirian Coalition Wirian Federation Confederacy
United Wolf 279 Alliance Wolf 279 Federation Confederacy
United Wolf 335 Liberals Wolf 335 Federation Democracy
United Wolf 587 for Equality Wolf 587 Federation Democracy
United Wolf 896 Left Party Wolf 896 Independent Communism
United Wolfberg Union Party Wolfberg Independent Communism
United Woronii Party Woronii Independent Dictatorship
United Worotri Constitution Party Worotri Independent Dictatorship
United Wulpurna Free Wulpurna Federation Democracy
United Wulwula Party Wulwula Independent Dictatorship
United Xi Hara Citizen Party Xi Hara Independent Communism
United Xuanduna Resistance Xuanduna Independent Democracy
United Xuane Revolutionary Party Xuane Federation Democracy
United YY Leonis Minoris Union Party YY Leonis Minoris Independent Communism
United YZ Fornacis Nationalists YZ Fornacis Independent Dictatorship
United Yanyan Future Yanyan Federation Democracy
United Yarigui Values Party Yarigui Independent Democracy
United Yemai Green Party Yemai Independent Democracy
United Yukou Resistance Yukou Independent Democracy
United Yukpeng Conservatives Yukpeng Independent Dictatorship
United Yukpenon Labour Yukpenon Independent Democracy
United Zeta Fornacis Regulatory State Zeta Fornacis Independent Dictatorship
United Zhangana Values Party Zhangana Independent Democracy
United b Herculis Resistance b Herculis Federation Democracy
Uniting 28 Omega Piscium 28 Omega Piscium Independent Cooperative
Uniting 89 Centauri 89 Centauri Independent Cooperative
Uniting Ao Kuang Ao Kuang Independent Cooperative
Uniting Arabayati Arabayati Independent Cooperative
Uniting Arque Arque Alliance Cooperative
Uniting Arque Turdetani Alliance Cooperative
Uniting BD+14 4559 BD+14 4559 Independent Cooperative
Uniting Bela Wena Bela Wena Independent Cooperative
Uniting Bipera Bipera Independent Cooperative
Uniting Bridge Bridge Independent Cooperative
Uniting Cabrigenses Cabrigenses Independent Cooperative
Uniting Cabrigenses HIP 25191 Independent Cooperative
Uniting Charang Charang Independent Cooperative
Uniting Charenner Charenner Independent Cooperative
Uniting Cook Odua Cook Odua Independent Cooperative
Uniting Garama Garama Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 101812 HIP 101812 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 103438 HIP 103438 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 114472 HIP 114472 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 115411 HIP 115411 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 16747 HIP 16747 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 20762 HIP 20762 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 22278 HIP 22278 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 22278 Lumbawetiac Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 29439 HIP 29439 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 40465 HIP 40465 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 69796 HIP 69796 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 7106 HIP 7106 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 72604 HIP 72604 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 90004 HIP 90004 Independent Cooperative
Uniting HIP 9519 HIP 9519 Independent Cooperative
Uniting Harow Harow Independent Cooperative
Uniting Hetmehi Hetmehi Independent Cooperative
Uniting Imentet Imentet Independent Cooperative
Uniting Janja Janja Independent Cooperative
Uniting Jasiri Jasiri Independent Cooperative
Uniting Jian Jian Independent Cooperative
Uniting Junda Junda Independent Cooperative
Uniting Kachuahari Kachuahari Independent Cooperative
Uniting Kaiabi Kaiabi Independent Cooperative
Uniting Kaukhabarra Kaukhabarra Independent Cooperative
Uniting Khepertha Khepertha Independent Cooperative
Uniting Kuntitak Kuntitak Independent Cooperative
Uniting Kuwemaki Kuwemaki Independent Cooperative
Uniting LTT 2622 LTT 2622 Independent Cooperative
Uniting Latjang Latjang Independent Cooperative
Uniting Lauricocha Lauricocha Independent Cooperative
Uniting Lougen Lougen Independent Cooperative
Uniting Maca Maca Independent Cooperative
Uniting Martudja Martudja Independent Cooperative
Uniting Mebech Mebech Independent Cooperative
Uniting Mecheng Mecheng Independent Cooperative
Uniting Mimuthi Mimuthi Independent Cooperative
Uniting Nasoda Nasoda Independent Cooperative
Uniting Nyanga Nyanga Independent Cooperative
Uniting Orobriges Orobriges Independent Cooperative
Uniting Pilakulaman Pilakulaman Independent Cooperative
Uniting Pirawoyn Pirawoyn Independent Cooperative
Uniting Qa'wakwanga Qa'wakwanga Independent Cooperative
Uniting Qamadi Qamadi Alliance Cooperative
Uniting Rukminyinyi Rukminyinyi Independent Cooperative
Uniting Siaronia Siaronia Independent Cooperative
Uniting Suchi Suchi Independent Cooperative
Uniting Tagin Tagin Independent Cooperative
Uniting Taruwal Taruwal Independent Cooperative
Uniting Tuva Tuva Independent Cooperative
Uniting Tz'utumu Tz'utumu Independent Cooperative
Uniting Waginyin Waginyin Independent Cooperative
Uniting Walladals Walladals Independent Cooperative
Uniting Weramananda Weramananda Independent Cooperative
Uniting Wikin Wikin Independent Cooperative
Uniting Wille Wille Independent Cooperative
Uniting Worom Pef Worom Pef Independent Cooperative
Uniting Wurrucinga Wurrucinga Independent Cooperative
Uniting Yuetuh Emis Yuetuh Emis Independent Cooperative
Uniting Yum Cimmeri Yum Cimmeri Independent Cooperative
Uniting Yun Puggera Yun Puggera Independent Cooperative
Universal Cooperative Minerva Independent Cooperative
Unktety Free Unktety Independent Democracy
Unktety Partners Unktety Independent Corporate
Unktety Silver Brotherhood Unktety Independent Anarchy
Unkto Public Industry Unkto Federation Corporate
Unktock Free Wolf 152 Federation Democracy
Unktock Galactic & Co Unktock Federation Corporate
Unktomi Inc Unktomi Independent Corporate
Unktondjin Liberals Unktondjin Federation Democracy
Unkuan Di Posse Unkuan Di Independent Anarchy
Unkuan Di Silver Allied Group Unkuan Di Independent Corporate
Unkulcay Company Unkulcay Independent Corporate
Unkulcay Crew Unkulcay Independent Anarchy
Unkunder Silver Netcoms Systems Unkunder Independent Corporate
Untuathit Confederation Untuathit Federation Confederacy
Untuathit Travel Solutions Untuathit Independent Corporate
Untuatucate Limited Untuatucate Empire Corporate
Untun Services CD-77 45 Empire Corporate
Untun Services Shi Yu Empire Corporate
Untun Services Untun Empire Corporate
Untup Solutions Untup Empire Corporate
Unuteriges Fortune Limited Unuteriges Empire Corporate
Unutet Corporation Unutet Independent Corporate
Unutet Flag Unutet Empire Dictatorship
Unutet Liberty Party Unutet Independent Dictatorship
Uodigaenta Dynamic Holdings Uodigaenta Independent Corporate
Uodigaenta Empire League Uodigaenta Empire Patronage
Uodigaenta Jet Brotherhood Uodigaenta Independent Anarchy
Uodigi Creative Interstellar Uodigi Empire Corporate
Uodigi Empire League Uodigi Empire Patronage
Uodiomam Gold Bridge Partners Uodiomam Empire Corporate
Uolungh Central Corp. Uolungh Federation Corporate
Uolungura & Co Uolungura Independent Corporate
Uoluskas Gold Allied Co Uoluskas Federation Corporate
Upan Blue Drug Empire Upan Independent Anarchy
Upane Conservatives Upane Empire Dictatorship
Upaniklis Blue Syndicate Upaniklis Independent Anarchy
Upannoda Alliance Upannoda Federation Confederacy
Upem Dominion Upem Empire Dictatorship
Upsilon Aquarii Free Upsilon Aquarii Federation Democracy
Upsilon Aquarii Services Upsilon Aquarii Independent Corporate
Upsilon Phoenicis Empire Party Upsilon Phoenicis Empire Patronage
Upsilon Phoenicis Ltd Upsilon Phoenicis Independent Corporate
Upsilon Phoenicis Resistance Upsilon Phoenicis Independent Democracy
Urabru Patron's Principles Urabru Empire Patronage
Uracenufon Advanced Systems Uracenufon Independent Corporate
Uracenufon Purple Pirates Uracenufon Independent Anarchy
Uram Central Corporation Uram Federation Corporate
Urarina Inc Urarina Independent Corporate
Urcia Allied & Co Urcia Empire Corporate
Urcia Empire Assembly Urcia Empire Patronage
Urcia Republic Party Urcia Independent Democracy
Urcia Silver Hand Gang Urcia Independent Anarchy
Urcia State Services Urcia Independent Corporate
Urd Confederation HIP 98020 Federation Confederacy
Urd Confederation Urd Federation Confederacy
Urhodiweu Blue Raiders Urhodiweu Independent Anarchy
Urhodiweu Commodities Urhodiweu Federation Corporate
Urhor Services Urhor Empire Corporate
Uroarbrunnr Flag Uroarbrunnr Independent Dictatorship
Uroarbrunnr Ltd Uroarbrunnr Federation Corporate
Uror Ltd Uror Federation Corporate
Ursitoare Exchange Shangdi Federation Corporate
Ursitoare Exchange Ursitoare Federation Corporate
Urthai Company Urthai Federation Corporate
Urthingara Silver Fortune Comms Urthingara Federation Corporate
Uru Silver Crew Uru Independent Anarchy
Urvantju Creative Holdings Nez Perce Federation Corporate
Urvantju Front Urvantju Independent Dictatorship
Urvas Alliance Urvas Independent Confederacy
Urvasini Gold Partnership Urvasini Independent Anarchy
Usdia Empire Assembly Usdia Empire Patronage
Usdia Purple Raiders Usdia Independent Anarchy
Usdiae Dynamic Systems Usdiae Empire Corporate
Usdiae State Organisation Usdiae Independent Corporate
Usdian Interstellar Usdian Independent Corporate
Usdian Purple Brotherhood Usdian Independent Anarchy
Ushali Jet Galactic Holdings Ushali Federation Corporate
Ushali Nobles Ushali Independent Feudal
Usipedi Crimson Creative Prtnrs Usipedi Independent Corporate
Usipedi Free Usipedi Federation Democracy
Usipedia Coordinated Usipedia Independent Cooperative
Usipedia Jet Legal Co Usipedia Federation Corporate
Usipedia Noblement Usipedia Alliance Feudal
Usipediq Patron's Principles Usipediq Empire Patronage
Usipek Left Party Usipek Independent Communism
Usipek Patron's Principles Usipek Empire Patronage
Usiper Purple Universal Exchange Usiper Empire Corporate
Usiratiach Allied Usiratiach Independent Cooperative
Usiratiach Noblement Usiratiach Independent Feudal
Usiratiach Organisation Usiratiach Federation Corporate
Usiren Free Phra Lak Federation Democracy
Usiren Netcoms Limited Usiren Federation Corporate
Uszaa Gold Travel Group Uszaa Federation Corporate
Uszaa Jet Galactic & Co Uszaa Independent Corporate
Uszaa Society Uszaa Independent Anarchy
Uteran Bridge Systems Uteran Independent Corporate
Uteran Camorra Uteran Independent Anarchy
Uterna Fortune Company Uterna Independent Corporate
Uterni Patron's Principles Uterni Empire Patronage
Utero Silver Electronics Inc Utero Independent Corporate
Uteruku Incorporated Uteruku Federation Corporate
Uteruku Pro-Alliance Union Uteruku Alliance Patronage
Uthlan Comms Services Uthlan Empire Corporate
Utse Company Utse Federation Corporate
Utsegeri Imperial Society Utsegeri Empire Patronage
Utsegeri Partners Utsegeri Independent Corporate
Utset & Co Utset Independent Corporate
Utset Purple Society Utset Independent Anarchy
Utu Crimson Galactic Limited Utu Federation Corporate
Uutagarama United Company Uutagarama Federation Corporate
Uutasso Industries Uutasso Independent Corporate
Uygur Empire Group Uygur Empire Patronage
Uygur Holdings Uygur Independent Corporate
Uygurung Gold Energy Holdings Uygurung Empire Corporate
Uzbekree Free Uzbekree Federation Democracy
Uzumeru Netcoms Incorporated Bavaringoni Federation Corporate
Uzumeru Netcoms Incorporated Mbukuravi Federation Corporate
Uzumeru Netcoms Incorporated Uzumeru Federation Corporate
Uzumo Emperor's Grace Devane Empire Patronage
Uzumo Gold Major Solutions Uzumo Empire Corporate
Uzumo Silver Advanced Comms Uzumo Independent Corporate
Uzumoku Ltd Uzumoku Independent Corporate
u Carinae Comms Industries u Carinae Federation Corporate
u Carinae Resistance u Carinae Federation Democracy

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