This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char W. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
WISE 0855-0714 Coalition Omicron-2 Eridani Federation Confederacy
WISE 1506+7027 Purple Boys WISE 1506+7027 Independent Anarchy
WISE 1800+0134 Blue Energy Inc WISE 1800+0134 Federation Corporate
WW Piscis Austrini Comms Limited LTT 9397 Federation Corporate
WW Piscis Austrini Comms Limited WW Piscis Austrini Federation Corporate
Waba Empire Consulate Waba Empire Patronage
Wababa Imperial Society Wababa Empire Patronage
Wababa Travel Company Wababa Empire Corporate
Wabayo Citizens' Forum Wabayo Empire Patronage
Wader Electronics Commodities Wader Independent Corporate
Wadillae Liberals Wadillae Independent Democracy
Wadillae Silver Universal Corp. Wadillae Federation Corporate
Wadimurt Co-operative Wadimurt Independent Cooperative
Wadimurt Dynasty Wadimurt Independent Feudal
Wadir Jet State Group Wadir Independent Corporate
Wadj Wen Blue Raiders Wadj Wen Independent Anarchy
Wadj Wen Incorporated Cocovicente Empire Corporate
Wadj Wen Incorporated Wadj Wen Empire Corporate
Wadjalang Flag Wadjalang Empire Dictatorship
Wadjali Commodities Wadjali Independent Corporate
Wadjali Purple Major Network Wadjali Independent Corporate
Wadjalkan Independents Wadjalkan Independent Democracy
Wadjalkan League Wadjalkan Federation Confederacy
Wadjambaru Confederacy Wadjambaru Federation Confederacy
Wadjari Energy Co Wadjari Federation Corporate
Wadjarimpo Fortune Exchange Wadjarimpo Independent Corporate
Wadjedet Guardians of Tradition Wadjedet Empire Patronage
Wadjedet Republic Party Wadjedet Independent Democracy
Wadjedet Silver Council Wadjedet Independent Anarchy
Wadjetese League Wadjetese Federation Confederacy
Wadjey'mi Exchange Wadjey'mi Independent Corporate
Wadjimburr Stakeholders Wadjimburr Independent Cooperative
Wadjirusi Blue Power Int Wadjirusi Empire Corporate
Wadjirusi Society Wadjirusi Independent Anarchy
Wadjuk Corp. Wadjuk Independent Corporate
Wadjuk Gold Public Ltd Wadjuk Federation Corporate
Wadjuk Liberals Wadjuk Federation Democracy
Wadjuna Noblement Wadjuna Empire Feudal
Wadjuna Resistance Wadjuna Independent Democracy
Waginyin Gold State Limited Waginyin Alliance Corporate
Waikiri Independent Combine Waikiri Independent Patronage
Waikiri People's Party Waikiri Independent Communism
Waikpoi Guardians of Tradition Waikpoi Empire Patronage
Waikula Ltd Waikula Independent Corporate
Waila Citizens' Forum Waila Empire Patronage
Wailaroju Blue Netcoms Corp Wailaroju Independent Corporate
Wailaroju Inc Wailaroju Federation Corporate
Wailaroju Progressive Party Wailaroju Federation Democracy
Wailla Sakh Defence Party Wailla Sakh Independent Dictatorship
Waillingga Noblement Waillingga Independent Feudal
Waillingga People's Co-operative Waillingga Alliance Cooperative
Waima Vision Corporation Waima Independent Corporate
Waime Empire League Waime Empire Patronage
Waimile Central Commodities Waimile Empire Corporate
Waimiri Empire Pact Waimiri Empire Patronage
Waimiri Jet Family Waimiri Independent Anarchy
Wak Gold Life Ltd Dhodia Federation Corporate
Wak Gold Life Ltd Wak Federation Corporate
Waka Mu Dominion Waka Mu Independent Feudal
Wakait Confederacy Wakait Independent Confederacy
Wakait Front Wakait Independent Dictatorship
Wakakaduvul Co-operative Wakakaduvul Independent Cooperative
Wakakaduvul Allied PLC Wakakaduvul Federation Corporate
Wakal Jet Cartel Wakal Independent Anarchy
Wakam Central Commodities Wakam Independent Corporate
Wakandiini Advanced Systems Wakandiini Independent Corporate
Wakandiini for Equality Wakandiini Federation Democracy
Wakandji Purple Council Wakandji Independent Anarchy
Wakans Company Wakans Independent Corporate
Wakans Justice Party Wakans Independent Dictatorship
Wakaparibe Universal Limited Wakaparibe Federation Corporate
Wakathime Energy Group Wakathime Empire Corporate
Wakaulang Crimson State Org Wakaulang Federation Corporate
Wakaulang Silver Gang Wakaulang Independent Anarchy
Wakawal Focus Wakawal Independent Dictatorship
Wakawal Public Co Wakawal Independent Corporate
Wakea Free Wakea Independent Democracy
Wakea Jet Raiders Wakea Independent Anarchy
Wakea Network Wakea Empire Corporate
Wakinuke Electronics Services Wakinuke Independent Corporate
Wakinyan Nationalists Wakinyan Independent Dictatorship
Wakinyan Silver United Corp Wakinyan Independent Corporate
Wakonoto Constitution Party Wakonoto Independent Dictatorship
Wakonoto Universal Limited Wakonoto Federation Corporate
Wakos Purple Universal Ltd Wakos Independent Corporate
Wakot Jet Syndicate Wakot Independent Anarchy
Wakot Liberals Wakot Independent Democracy
Walakkaits Public Solutions Walakkaits Empire Corporate
Walbanga Life Limited Walbanga Independent Corporate
Walgalu Power Holdings Walgalu Empire Corporate
Walgan Jet Cartel Walgan Independent Anarchy
Waljen Transport Industry Waljen Empire Corporate
Walka Blue General Co Walka Empire Corporate
Walla Crimson Federal Limited Walla Independent Corporate
Walla Walla Ltd Walla Walla Independent Corporate
Wallatu United Incorporated Wallatu Empire Corporate
Wallicheo Central Co Wallicheo Empire Corporate
Wallites Jet Gang Wallites Independent Anarchy
Wallu Jet Legal Corporation Wallu Empire Corporate
Wallunga Empire Party Wallunga Empire Patronage
Wallunga Galactic Network Wallunga Independent Corporate
Wallunga Industry Wallunga Independent Corporate
Wally Bei Exchange Wally Bei Federation Corporate
Wally Bei Technical Wally Bei Federation Corporate
Walmadjari Corporation Walmadjari Independent Corporate
Walmadjari Jet Family Walmadjari Independent Anarchy
Walmanglai Co Walmanglai Federation Corporate
Walmanglai Purple Cartel Walmanglai Independent Anarchy
Walmir Silver Natural Company Walmir Federation Corporate
Walmiri Purple Universal Dev Walmiri Federation Corporate
Walmiri Silver Syndicate Walmiri Independent Anarchy
Walpi United Ltd Walpi Federation Corporate
Walpi Values Party Walpi Federation Democracy
Walpiri Crimson Power Org Walpiri Independent Corporate
Walpiri Silver Allied Solutions Walpiri Empire Corporate
Waluk Boys Waluk Independent Anarchy
Walun Jet Advanced PLC Walun Empire Corporate
Walung Yao Federal Incorporated Walung Yao Empire Corporate
Wanano Systems Wanano Empire Corporate
Wandarang Dynasty Wandarang Independent Feudal
Wanderers of Witch Space Acantha Independent Dictatorship
Wandhridja Gold Legal Industry Wandhridja Independent Corporate
Wandir Allied PLC Wandir Independent Corporate
Wandir Empire Group Wandir Empire Patronage
Wandjera Central & Co Wandjera Independent Corporate
Wandjera Gold Rats Wandjera Independent Anarchy
Wandjin Major Industries Wandjin Empire Corporate
Wandrama Crimson Public Inc Wandrama Independent Corporate
Wandrama Independents Wandrama Federation Democracy
Wandu Industry Wandu Empire Corporate
Wang Dana Crimson Major Corp Wang Dana Independent Corporate
Wang Ku Advanced Group Wang Ku Independent Corporate
Wang Ku Blue United Systems Wang Ku Independent Corporate
Wang Ku Future Wang Ku Federation Democracy
Wang Walli Dynamic Limited Wang Walli Federation Corporate
Wang Walli Independent Assembly Wang Walli Independent Patronage
Wanga Purple Organisation Wanga Independent Anarchy
Wangai Prison Colony Wangai Empire Prison Colony
Wangakwan Gold Clan Wangakwan Independent Anarchy
Wangal Energy Partners Andr Empire Corporate
Wangal Purple Federal Org Wangal Federation Corporate
Wangana Independent Consulate Wangana Independent Patronage
Wanges Industries Wanges Independent Corporate
Wangjel People's Co-operative Wangjel Independent Cooperative
Wangjel aristocrats Wangjel Independent Feudal
Wangkathaa Jet Advanced Dev Wangkathaa Federation Corporate
Wangkathaa Mob Wangkathaa Independent Anarchy
Wanglang Mu Blue Federal Limited Wanglang Mu Empire Corporate
Wanglang Mu Silver Camorra Wanglang Mu Independent Anarchy
Wangs Pirates Wangs Independent Anarchy
Wanjiwalku Crimson Federal Dev Wanjiwalku Federation Corporate
Wanjul Blue Electronics Inc Wanjul Independent Corporate
Wanjul Patrons of Law Wanjul Empire Patronage
Wanmi Prison Colony Wanmi Independent Prison Colony
Wannovik Group Wannovik Independent Corporate
Wannovik Imperial Society Wannovik Empire Patronage
Wapiety Co-op Wapiety Independent Cooperative
Wapis Patron's Principles Wapis Empire Patronage
Wapitis Independent Combine Wapitis Independent Patronage
Wapitis Jet Vision Industry Wapitis Independent Corporate
Wapiya Crimson Universal Systems Wapiya Empire Corporate
Waq Crimson Drug Empire Waq Independent Anarchy
Waq Services Waq Empire Corporate
Warahati Allied Exchange Warahati Federation Corporate
Warahati Crimson Rats Warahati Independent Anarchy
Warakmbut Nobles Warakmbut Empire Feudal
Waramunava Liberals Waramunava Federation Democracy
Warao for Equality Warao Federation Democracy
Waras Crimson Gang Waras Independent Anarchy
Waras Emperor's Grace Waras Empire Patronage
Waraswarre General Industry Waraswarre Independent Corporate
Warayu Services Warayu Federation Corporate
Wardaliti Fortune Group Wardaliti Independent Corporate
Wardaliti Purple Travel Company Wardaliti Federation Corporate
Wardhara Imperial Society CD-64 139 Empire Patronage
Wardhara Imperial Society Wardhara Empire Patronage
Wardhr Holdings Wardhr Empire Corporate
Wardhr Patrons of Law Wardhr Empire Patronage
Wardins Emperor's Grace Wardins Empire Patronage
Wardins Purple Crew Wardins Independent Anarchy
Wardok Company Wardok Empire Corporate
Wargis Citizens' Forum Wargis Empire Patronage
Wargis Gold Organisation Wargis Independent Anarchy
Wari Fortune & Co Wari Independent Corporate
Wari Posse Wari Independent Anarchy
Wariangga Purple Hand Gang Wariangga Independent Anarchy
Warians Blue Clan Warians Independent Anarchy
Warians League Warians Independent Confederacy
Waribe Purple Legal Network Waribe Federation Corporate
Waribroci State Holdings Waribroci Empire Corporate
Waricare Group Waricare Federation Corporate
Waricare Progressive Party Waricare Federation Democracy
Warici Camorra Warici Independent Anarchy
Warici Galactic Ltd Warici Federation Corporate
Warigua Union Warigua Independent Communism
Warii Empire Consulate Warii Empire Patronage
Warii Fortune Holdings Warii Independent Corporate
Warimpe Gold Allied Industry Warimpe Empire Corporate
Warinegana Crimson Society Warinegana Independent Anarchy
Waringpo Exchange Waringpo Independent Corporate
Waringpo as one Waringpo Independent Cooperative
Warkan First Warkan Independent Dictatorship
Warkawa Regulatory State Warkawa Independent Dictatorship
Warkin Industries Warkin Federation Corporate
Warkushanui Defence Party Warkushanui Independent Dictatorship
Warkushanui Industry Warkushanui Independent Corporate
Warkushodi Limited Warkushodi Independent Corporate
Warla Blue Comms Limited Warla Independent Corporate
Warla Silver Syndicate Warla Independent Anarchy
Warnates Blue Organisation Warnates Independent Anarchy
Warnates Corp. Warnates Federation Corporate
Warnates Free Warnates Federation Democracy
Warnates Purple Netcoms Inc Warnates Independent Corporate
Warninohan General Commodities Warninohan Federation Corporate
Warnones Creative Services Warnones Independent Corporate
Warnones Silver Brothers Warnones Independent Anarchy
Warnsaxa Citizen Party Warnsaxa Independent Communism
Warnsaxa Dominion Warnsaxa Independent Feudal
Warra Confederacy Warra Federation Confederacy
Warrahgnook Creative Ltd Warrahgnook Federation Corporate
Warrahgnook Independent Bridge Warrahgnook Independent Patronage
Warrapatis Limited Warrapatis Empire Corporate
Warri Jet Mafia Warri Independent Anarchy
Waru Energy Systems Waru Independent Corporate
Warundecab Gold Partnership Warundecab Independent Anarchy
Warundecab Legal Industry Warundecab Independent Corporate
Waruta Silver Clan Waruta Independent Anarchy
Waruts Crimson Life Corporation Waruts Independent Corporate
Warwa Focus Warwa Independent Dictatorship
Warwa Imperial Society Warwa Empire Patronage
Warwa Industry Warwa Independent Corporate
Warwad Independent Protectorate Warwad Independent Patronage
Warwad Network Warwad Independent Corporate
Warwal Dominion Warwal Independent Dictatorship
Warwal Jet Camorra Warwal Independent Anarchy
Warwarindji Energy Organisation Warwarindji Independent Corporate
Warwarindji Jet Posse Warwarindji Independent Anarchy
Warwarindji Order Warwarindji Independent Dictatorship
Wasat Limited Wasat Federation Corporate
Wasat PLC Wasat Federation Corporate
Wasenateno Energy Ltd Wasenateno Empire Corporate
Wasenensei Coordinated Wasenensei Independent Cooperative
Wasenensei Purple Bridge Serv Wasenensei Empire Corporate
Wasens Blue General Co Wasens Empire Corporate
Wasetae Energy Commodities Wasetae Federation Corporate
Wasetae League Wasetae Federation Confederacy
Washa Prison Colony Washa Independent Prison Colony
Washi Gang Washi Independent Anarchy
Washika Purple Vision Holdings Washika Federation Corporate
Washiri Gold Allied Company Washiri Empire Corporate
Washiri United Washiri Independent Cooperative
Washodia Revolutionary Party Washodia Independent Communism
Washodia United Commodities Washodia Independent Corporate
Wat Saman & Co Wat Saman Independent Corporate
Wat Yu Nationalists Wat Yu Independent Dictatorship
Wat Yu Resistance Wat Yu Federation Democracy
Watha Clan Watha Independent Anarchy
Watha Future Watha Federation Democracy
Wathi Liberals Wathi Independent Democracy
Wathiparian Crimson Major Group Wathiparian Federation Corporate
Wathiparian Defence Party Wathiparian Independent Dictatorship
Watilo Silver Camorra Watilo Independent Anarchy
Watis & Co Watis Federation Corporate
Watiwati Focus Watiwati Independent Dictatorship
Watiwati Labour Watiwati Independent Democracy
Wattragwa Empire Consulate Wattragwa Empire Patronage
Wattunukam Co-op Wattunukam Independent Cooperative
Wattunukam Major Industry Wattunukam Federation Corporate
Wattunukam Monarchy Wattunukam Independent Feudal
Wattva Pirates Wattva Independent Anarchy
Wattvasika Gold State Company Wattvasika Independent Corporate
Waukan Stakeholders Waukan Independent Cooperative
Waventeno Gold Comms Holdings Waventeno Empire Corporate
Wawal Partners Wawal Federation Corporate
Wayahukulha Crimson Life Company Wayahukulha Empire Corporate
Wayahukulha Front Wayahukulha Empire Dictatorship
Wayan Energy Network Wayan Empire Corporate
Wayano Purple Crew Wayano Independent Anarchy
Wayano Union Party HIP 3428 Independent Communism
Wayano Union Party HIP 4103 Independent Communism
Wayano Union Party Wayano Independent Communism
Wayica Corp. Wayica Empire Corporate
Wayilwa Silver Crew Wayilwa Independent Anarchy
Wayimstii Inc Wayimstii Federation Corporate
Wayutabal Commodities Wayutabal Empire Corporate
Wayutabal Dragons Wayutabal Independent Anarchy
Wayutabal Empire Pact Wayutabal Empire Patronage
Wazn Dynasty Wazn Independent Feudal
We Gu One We Gu Independent Cooperative
We Guan Organisation We Guan Federation Corporate
We Jenu Gold Pirates We Jenu Independent Anarchy
We Jenuteki Silver Syndicate We Jenuteki Independent Anarchy
Wei Chang Empire League Wei Chang Empire Patronage
Wei Chang State Holdings Wei Chang Independent Corporate
Wei Hsia Crimson Electronics Wei Hsia Empire Corporate
Wei Jung Holdings Wei Jung Independent Corporate
Wei Jung Jet Gang Wei Jung Independent Anarchy
Welsh Dragon Wing of Alpha Fornacis Alpha Fornacis Independent Corporate
Wembal Jet Brothers Wembal Independent Anarchy
Wen Advanced Co Wen Independent Corporate
Wen Bosnja Alliance Governance Wen Bosnja Alliance Patronage
Wen Bosnja Corp. Wen Bosnja Independent Corporate
Wen Chang Gold Council Wen Chang Independent Anarchy
Wen Chayuse Advanced Services Wen Chayuse Empire Corporate
Wen Kuanei Interstellar Wen Kuanei Independent Corporate
Wen Patrons of Law Bhagiriyot Empire Patronage
Wen Patrons of Law Wen Empire Patronage
Wen Resistance Wen Independent Democracy
Wen Tsao Gu Blue Pirates HM Bootis Independent Anarchy
Wen Tsao Gu Corp. Wen Tsao Gu Federation Corporate
Wena Gang Wena Alliance Anarchy
Wenadou Dominion Wenadou Empire Feudal
Wenda Alliance Union Wenda Alliance Patronage
Wenda Boys Wenda Independent Anarchy
Wenda Gold Central Corporation Wenda Federation Corporate
Wenda Silver Energy Corp. Wenda Independent Corporate
Wendigo Purple Brothers Wendigo Independent Anarchy
Wenha for Equality Wenha Federation Democracy
Wenhilo Legal Ltd Wenhilo Empire Corporate
Wenhilo People's Party Wenhilo Independent Communism
Wenufo Citizens of Tradition Wenufo Empire Patronage
Wenufo Incorporated Wenufo Independent Corporate
Wepaw Limited Wepaw Federation Corporate
Wepawegana Universal Ltd Wepawegana Empire Corporate
Weramananda Silver Advanced Net Weramananda Empire Corporate
Werapana Gold Bridge Services Werapana Federation Corporate
Werapana Republic Party Werapana Independent Democracy
Weredawasi Jet Natural Ltd Weredawasi Independent Corporate
Wereti Jet Netcoms Co Wereti Empire Corporate
Weti Autocracy Weti Empire Dictatorship
Weti Freedom Party Weti Independent Dictatorship
Weti Industry Weti Independent Corporate
Weywisha Blue Universal Ind Weywisha Federation Corporate
Weywoth Purple Pirates Weywoth Independent Anarchy
Whadjuk Gold Universal Partners Whadjuk Federation Corporate
Whadru Company Whadru Independent Corporate
Wheemete First Wheemete Independent Dictatorship
Wheemez Prison Colony Wheemez Empire Prison Colony
Wheemez Public Partners Wheemez Empire Corporate
Wi Democrats Wi Independent Democracy
Wich Allied Inc Wich Federation Corporate
Wich Camorra Wich Independent Anarchy
Wich Freedom Party Wich Independent Dictatorship
Wichaimi Empire Assembly Kholu Empire Patronage
Wichaimi Empire Assembly Wichaimi Empire Patronage
Wichaimi Jet Gang Wichaimi Independent Anarchy
Wichaimi PLC Wichaimi Independent Corporate
Wichsena Natural Partners Wichsena Empire Corporate
Wichsena Purple Organisation Wichsena Independent Anarchy
Widjabihiko Creative Holdings Widjabihiko Empire Corporate
Widjabihiko Union Widjabihiko Independent Communism
Widjabihiko Vision Group Widjabihiko Independent Corporate
Widjalams Empire Group Widjalams Empire Patronage
Widjalams Empire Group Yudhumij Empire Patronage
Widjalams Gold Natural Int Widjalams Independent Corporate
Widjalp Services Widjalp Independent Corporate
Widjangkuma Group Widjangkuma Independent Corporate
Widow's Light Comms Co Widow's Light Federation Corporate
Widow's Light Conservatives Widow's Light Independent Dictatorship
Widow's Light Future Widow's Light Federation Democracy
Wiggins Development Trust Aurus Independent Corporate
Wika Mu Fortune Exchange Wika Mu Independent Corporate
Wikalar Bridge Corp. Wikalar Empire Corporate
Wikatabar Blue Organisation Wikatabar Independent Anarchy
Wikegarak Justice Party Wikegarak Independent Dictatorship
Wikegarak Rats Wikegarak Independent Anarchy
Wikehali Citizen Party Wikehali Independent Communism
Wikehali Purple Camorra Wikehali Independent Anarchy
Wikianji Gold Camorra Wikianji Independent Anarchy
Wikianji Incorporated Wikianji Federation Corporate
Wikin Purple Fortune Ltd Wikin Federation Corporate
Wikira Shared Wikira Independent Cooperative
Wikira Silver Clan Wikira Independent Anarchy
Wikmeang Mu Silver Energy Co Wikmeang Mu Federation Corporate
Wikmeang Republic Party Wikmeang Federation Democracy
Wikmeani Purple Raiders Wikmeani Independent Anarchy
Wikmunda Purple Electronics & Co Wikmunda Independent Corporate
Wikmung Empire League Wikmung Empire Patronage
Wikna Democrats Wikna Federation Democracy
Wikna Transport Inc Wikna Independent Corporate
Wiknani Blue Transport Solutions Wiknani Empire Corporate
Wiknani Dynasty Wiknani Independent Feudal
Wiknariu Industries Wiknariu Empire Corporate
Wiknatanja Corporation Wiknatanja Federation Corporate
Wilastsi Confederacy Wilastsi Federation Confederacy
Wilatha Wang Jet Central Hldgs Wilatha Wang Federation Corporate
Wilia Purple Natural Commodities Wilia Independent Corporate
Wiliajuk Coalition Wiliajuk Federation Confederacy
Wilingura Natural Services Wilingura Federation Corporate
Wilintae Alliance Wilintae Independent Confederacy
Wilintae Power Incorporated Wilintae Independent Corporate
Wilintae Rats Wilintae Independent Anarchy
Wiljandiltu Co Wiljandiltu Empire Corporate
Wiljanherbi Jet Crew Wiljanherbi Independent Anarchy
Wiljanherbi Systems Wiljanherbi Independent Corporate
Willapa Drug Empire Willapa Independent Anarchy
Willapa Resistance Changthini Independent Democracy
Willapa Solutions Willapa Independent Corporate
Wille Independent Governance Wille Independent Patronage
Willionai Jet Comms Commodities Willionai Federation Corporate
Winagiman Blue Central Ltd Winagiman Empire Corporate
Winah Empire Group Winah Empire Patronage
Winah Jet Netcoms Corp. Winah Independent Corporate
Winasak Universal & Co Winasak Independent Corporate
Windali Industry Windali Federation Corporate
Windiil Systems Windiil Empire Corporate
Windin Corporation Windin Independent Corporate
Windin Gold United Corporation Windin Federation Corporate
Windit Imperial Society Windit Empire Patronage
Windizetet Crimson Public & Co Windizetet Independent Corporate
Windizetet Silver Gang Windizetet Independent Anarchy
Windjeri Citizen Party Windjeri Independent Communism
Windjeri Power Corporation Kaan Empire Corporate
Windjeri Power Corporation Windjeri Empire Corporate
Windjet Electronics Industry Khep No Zi Empire Corporate
Windjet Electronics Industry Pardis Empire Corporate
Windjet Electronics Industry Windjet Empire Corporate
Windji Partners Windji Empire Corporate
Windji Purple Drug Empire Windji Independent Anarchy
Windji Resistance Windji Independent Democracy
Windri & Co Windri Federation Corporate
Windri Purple Hand Gang Windri Independent Anarchy
Windumlia Co-operative Windumlia Independent Cooperative
Windumlia Ltd Windumlia Empire Corporate
Windumu Gold Central Holdings Windumu Federation Corporate
Winians Stakeholders Winians Independent Cooperative
Winifex Flag Mukurumnon Empire Dictatorship
Winifex Flag Winifex Empire Dictatorship
Winifex Limited Winifex Independent Corporate
Winters Wolves 41 Lambda Hydrae Federation Democracy
Winters Wolves Yuravandji Federation Democracy
Wintii Company Bamin Independent Corporate
Wiradjuri Empire Assembly Wiradjuri Empire Patronage
Wiradjuri Progressive Party Wiradjuri Independent Democracy
Wirang Purple Mafia Wirang Independent Anarchy
Wirangu Life Co Wirangu Independent Corporate
Wirari Dynasty Wirari Independent Feudal
Wirdh for Equality Wirdh Federation Democracy
Wirdi United Network Wirdi Empire Corporate
Wirdiani Advanced Limited Wirdiani Independent Corporate
Wirdiani Dominion Wirdiani Independent Feudal
Wirdii Empire Group Wirdii Empire Patronage
Wirdisci Silver Bridge Partners Wirdisci Independent Corporate
Wirigans Gold Society Hyades Sector GX-T c3-25 Independent Anarchy
Wirigans Gold Society Wirigans Independent Anarchy
Wirnako Dragons Wirnako Independent Anarchy
Wirnga Transport Interstellar Wirnga Empire Corporate
Wirnici Purple Comms & Co Wirnici Empire Corporate
Wirnir Empire Party Wirnir Empire Patronage
Wirnir Family Wirnir Independent Anarchy
Wisas Gold Fortune Holdings Wisas Independent Corporate
Wishas Jet Ring Wishas Independent Anarchy
Wishia Bridge Exchange Wishia Independent Corporate
Wishia Party Wishia Empire Dictatorship
Witchhaul Corporation Witchhaul Federation Corporate
Witchhaul Gold Public Corp. Witchhaul Independent Corporate
Wito Travel Co Wito Independent Corporate
Witoa Purple Power Network Witoa Empire Corporate
Witola Advanced & Co 56 Cygni Federation Corporate
Witola Advanced & Co Witola Federation Corporate
Witolia Group Witolia Federation Corporate
Witou Guardians of Tradition Witou Empire Patronage
Witou Public Co Witou Independent Corporate
Witsanukam Empire Party Witsanukam Empire Patronage
Witsegernir Guardians Grebinawair Empire Patronage
Witsegernir Guardians Witsegernir Empire Patronage
Wiyo Crimson Brotherhood Wiyo Independent Anarchy
Wiyomisii Comms Co Wiyomisii Independent Corporate
Wiyotset Jet Brothers Wiyotset Independent Anarchy
Wo 9067 B State & Co Wo 9067 B Empire Corporate
Wo 9203 Purple Raiders Wo 9203 Independent Anarchy
Wo 9251 B Group Wo 9251 B Independent Corporate
Wo 9512 B Crimson Allied Company Wo 9512 B Federation Corporate
Wo 9512 B aristocrats Wo 9512 B Independent Feudal
Wo 9812 B Emperor's Grace Wo 9812 B Empire Patronage
Wo 9812 B General Services Wo 9812 B Independent Corporate
Wodavelia PLC Wodavelia Independent Corporate
Wodiaei & Co Wodiaei Alliance Corporate
Wodimui Interstellar Wodimui Empire Corporate
Wodiwodi Allied Solutions Wodiwodi Federation Corporate
Wogaiawong Silver Transport Comp Wogaiawong Independent Corporate
Wogaiawong for Equality Wogaiawong Independent Democracy
Wogam Bridge Holdings Wogam Federation Corporate
Wogama Company Wogama Independent Corporate
Wogaman & Co Wogaman Independent Corporate
Wolf 10 Silver Boys Wolf 10 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 1003 Crimson Syndicate Wolf 1003 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 1003 General Holdings Wolf 1003 Independent Corporate
Wolf 1019 Partnership Wolf 1019 Federation Confederacy
Wolf 1022 Republic Party Wolf 1022 Federation Democracy
Wolf 1022 Systems Biham Federation Corporate
Wolf 1039 Free Wolf 1039 Federation Democracy
Wolf 1039 Silver Family Wolf 1039 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 1042 Solutions Wolf 1042 Independent Corporate
Wolf 1051 State Industry Wolf 1051 Federation Corporate
Wolf 109 as one Wolf 109 Independent Cooperative
Wolf 110 Jet Syndicate Wolf 110 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 1112 Vision Holdings Wolf 1112 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1148 Energy Partners Wolf 1148 Independent Corporate
Wolf 1148 Flag Wolf 1148 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 1148 General Organisation Wolf 1148 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1176 Systems Wolf 1176 Independent Corporate
Wolf 1182 Transport Network Wolf 1182 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1182 Values Party Wolf 1182 Independent Democracy
Wolf 12 Pro-Independent Union Wolf 12 Independent Patronage
Wolf 12 Purple Major PLC Wolf 12 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1230 Dynamic Industries Radgud Independent Corporate
Wolf 1230 Dynamic Industries Wolf 1230 Independent Corporate
Wolf 124 Jet Life Industries Wolf 124 Federation Corporate
Wolf 127 & Co Wolf 127 Federation Corporate
Wolf 127 Focus Wolf 127 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 1278 Silver Society Wolf 1278 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 1301 Crimson Electronics Wolf 1301 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1316 Purple Universal Inc Wolf 1316 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1323 Crimson Energy Systems Wolf 1323 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1326 Values Party Wolf 1326 Federation Democracy
Wolf 1341 Allied Wolf 1341 Independent Cooperative
Wolf 1341 Blue Gang Wolf 1341 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 1346 Constitution Party Wolf 1346 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 1346 Gold Transport Systems Furbaide Federation Corporate
Wolf 1346 Gold Transport Systems Wolf 1346 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1373 Bureau Wolf 1373 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 1373 Industry Wolf 1373 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1409 Exchange Wolf 1409 Independent Corporate
Wolf 1414 Nobles Wolf 1414 Independent Feudal
Wolf 1414 Silver Legal Inc Wolf 1414 Independent Corporate
Wolf 1415 Gold Camorra Wolf 1415 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 1431 Labour Wolf 1431 Independent Democracy
Wolf 1431 Purple Energy Holdings HIP 58056 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1431 Purple Partnership Wolf 1431 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 1434 & Co Wolf 1434 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1434 Brotherhood Wolf 1434 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 1437 Ltd Wolf 1437 Alliance Corporate
Wolf 1437 Services Wolf 1437 Independent Corporate
Wolf 1438 Transport Industries Wolf 1438 Alliance Corporate
Wolf 1449 Limited Wolf 1449 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1453 & Co Wolf 1453 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1453 Natural Solutions Wolf 1453 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1458 Comms Commodities Wolf 1458 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1481 Corp. Wolf 1481 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1481 Resistance LTT 5455 Federation Democracy
Wolf 1481 Resistance Wolf 1481 Federation Democracy
Wolf 1509 Blue Power Inc Wolf 1509 Federation Corporate
Wolf 1515 for Equality Wolf 1515 Federation Democracy
Wolf 186 Future Wolf 186 Federation Democracy
Wolf 217 Left Party Wolf 217 Independent Communism
Wolf 217 Solutions Wolf 217 Independent Corporate
Wolf 232 Labour Wolf 232 Federation Democracy
Wolf 25 Gold State PLC Wolf 25 Federation Corporate
Wolf 25 Independents Wolf 25 Federation Democracy
Wolf 258 Dynamic Corporation Wolf 258 Federation Corporate
Wolf 279 Network Wolf 279 Independent Corporate
Wolf 280 Partners Wolf 280 Independent Corporate
Wolf 281 Gold Society Wolf 281 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 281 Silver Vision Limited Wolf 281 Independent Corporate
Wolf 287 State Limited Wolf 287 Federation Corporate
Wolf 289 Gold Federal Industry Wolf 289 Federation Corporate
Wolf 289 Purple Council Wolf 289 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 315 Ltd Wolf 315 Federation Corporate
Wolf 315 Purple Gang Wolf 315 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 324 Exchange Wolf 324 Federation Corporate
Wolf 325 Electronics Commodities Wolf 325 Independent Corporate
Wolf 325 Labour Wolf 325 Federation Democracy
Wolf 325 Legal Network Wolf 325 Federation Corporate
Wolf 335 Federal Limited Wolf 335 Independent Corporate
Wolf 335 Flag Wolf 335 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 335 Systems Wolf 335 Independent Corporate
Wolf 342 Jet Dragons Wolf 342 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 359 Blue Travel Commodities Wolf 359 Independent Corporate
Wolf 359 Conservatives Wolf 359 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 363 Bridge Inc Wolf 363 Federation Corporate
Wolf 366 Crimson Fortune Systems Wolf 366 Federation Corporate
Wolf 369 Corp. Wolf 369 Independent Corporate
Wolf 369 Justice Party Wolf 369 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 393 Netcoms Commodities Wolf 393 Federation Corporate
Wolf 397 Independents Wolf 397 Alliance Democracy
Wolf 406 Transport & Co 17 Virginis Alliance Corporate
Wolf 406 Transport & Co Cupinook Alliance Corporate
Wolf 406 Transport & Co Dagaz Alliance Corporate
Wolf 406 Transport & Co LTT 13232 Alliance Corporate
Wolf 406 Transport & Co LTT 13380 Alliance Corporate
Wolf 406 Transport & Co Naitis Alliance Corporate
Wolf 406 Transport & Co Puskabui Alliance Corporate
Wolf 406 Transport & Co Utar Alliance Corporate
Wolf 406 Transport & Co Wolf 406 Alliance Corporate
Wolf 412 Corp. Wolf 412 Federation Corporate
Wolf 412 Labour Wolf 412 Federation Democracy
Wolf 424 Future Wolf 424 Federation Democracy
Wolf 425 Front Wolf 425 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 425 Universal Inc Wolf 425 Independent Corporate
Wolf 433 Corporation Wolf 433 Federation Corporate
Wolf 437 Power Services Wolf 437 Federation Corporate
Wolf 476 One Wolf 476 Independent Cooperative
Wolf 485a Fortune Co Wolf 485a Federation Corporate
Wolf 490 Gold Advanced Inc Wolf 490 Independent Corporate
Wolf 497 Crimson Fortune Dev Wolf 497 Federation Corporate
Wolf 497 Progressive Party Wolf 497 Federation Democracy
Wolf 499 Constitution Party Wolf 499 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 499 Systems Wolf 499 Federation Corporate
Wolf 504 Blue Public Holdings Cabru Alliance Corporate
Wolf 504 Blue Public Holdings Wolf 504 Alliance Corporate
Wolf 511 One Wolf 511 Independent Cooperative
Wolf 517 Crimson Vision Co Wolf 517 Alliance Corporate
Wolf 529 Bureau Wolf 529 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 529 Democrats Wolf 529 Federation Democracy
Wolf 529 Universal Incorporated Wolf 529 Independent Corporate
Wolf 54 Free Wolf 54 Federation Democracy
Wolf 54 Legal & Co Wolf 54 Federation Corporate
Wolf 555 Industries Wolf 555 Independent Corporate
Wolf 560 Blue Mob Wolf 560 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 560 Fortune Systems Wolf 560 Federation Corporate
Wolf 560 One Wolf 560 Independent Cooperative
Wolf 562 Major Inc Wolf 562 Federation Corporate
Wolf 562 Values Party Wolf 562 Federation Democracy
Wolf 573 Jet Drug Empire Wolf 573 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 579 Crimson Ring Wolf 579 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 579 Services Wolf 579 Independent Corporate
Wolf 582 Life Solutions Wolf 582 Federation Corporate
Wolf 582 Noblement Wolf 582 Independent Feudal
Wolf 587 Company Wolf 587 Independent Corporate
Wolf 620 Legal Incorporated Wolf 620 Federation Corporate
Wolf 620 Worker's Party Wolf 620 Alliance Communism
Wolf 636 Silver United Group Wolf 636 Federation Corporate
Wolf 65 Fortune Systems Wolf 65 Independent Corporate
Wolf 667 Bureau Wolf 667 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 667 Jet General Network Wolf 667 Federation Corporate
Wolf 718 Comms Solutions Wolf 718 Federation Corporate
Wolf 750 Purple Major Partners Wolf 750 Federation Corporate
Wolf 751 Labour WISE 1800+0134 Federation Democracy
Wolf 772 Crimson Crew Wolf 772 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 772 Netcoms Holdings Wolf 772 Independent Corporate
Wolf 827 Power Holdings Wolf 827 Federation Corporate
Wolf 865 Focus Wolf 865 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 865 Group Wolf 865 Federation Corporate
Wolf 867 Dynamic Co Wolf 867 Independent Corporate
Wolf 867 Purple Allied Limited Wolf 867 Federation Corporate
Wolf 896 Crimson Allied Partners Wolf 896 Federation Corporate
Wolf 903 Blue Power Ltd Wolf 903 Independent Corporate
Wolf 903 Nationalists Wolf 903 Independent Dictatorship
Wolf 914 Electronics Corporation Wolf 914 Independent Corporate
Wolf 914 Galactic Corp. Wolf 914 Independent Corporate
Wolf 914 for Equality Wolf 914 Independent Democracy
Wolf 918 Gold Bridge Network Wolf 918 Federation Corporate
Wolf 926 League Wolf 926 Federation Confederacy
Wolf 953 Progressive Party Wolf 953 Independent Democracy
Wolf 959 Comms Corporation Wolf 959 Independent Corporate
Wolf 959 Jet Family Wolf 959 Independent Anarchy
Wolf 980 Purple Crew Wolf 980 Independent Anarchy
Woloniugo Party Woloniugo Independent Dictatorship
Woloniugo Purple Rats Woloniugo Independent Anarchy
Wolves of Jonai Jonai Independent Dictatorship
Wolves of Jonai Onurongo Independent Dictatorship
Wondha Mu Shared Wondha Mu Independent Cooperative
Wondjina Crimson Creative Inc Wondjina Independent Corporate
Wondjina Defence Force Wondjina Independent Dictatorship
Wondjina Union Party Wondjina Independent Communism
Wong Guin Hand Gang Wong Guin Independent Anarchy
Wong Guin Natural Industries Wong Guin Empire Corporate
Wong Sher Federal Incorporated Wong Sher Federation Corporate
Wong Ten Democrats Wong Ten Federation Democracy
Wong Ten Power Organisation Wong Ten Federation Corporate
Wong Zhi Monarchy Wong Zhi Independent Feudal
Wong Zhi Silver Allied Comms Wong Zhi Federation Corporate
Wonga Citizens' Forum Wonga Empire Patronage
Wonga Raiders Wonga Independent Anarchy
Wongaibon Ltd Wongaibon Empire Corporate
Wongarateri Dynasty Wongarateri Independent Feudal
Wongarateri Power Services Wongarateri Independent Corporate
Wonggaibuh Coordinated Wonggaibuh Independent Cooperative
Wonggaibuh Crimson Vision Ind Wonggaibuh Federation Corporate
Wongi Defence Force Wongi Independent Dictatorship
Wongi General Corp. Wongi Independent Corporate
Wongkal Justice Party Wongkal Empire Dictatorship
Wongkamala Co-operative Wongkamala Independent Cooperative
Wongkamala Empire Party Laedla Empire Patronage
Wongkamala Empire Party Wongkamala Empire Patronage
Wongkho Jet Electronics Industry Wongkho Independent Corporate
Wongkho Patron's Principles Wongkho Empire Patronage
Wongxian Yi Natural Holdings Wongxian Yi Independent Corporate
Wonne Crimson Camorra Wonne Independent Anarchy
Wonneriti Jet Creative Ltd Wonneriti Independent Corporate
Wonneriti Resistance Wonneriti Federation Democracy
Wonno Focus Wonno Independent Dictatorship
Wonno Gang Wonno Independent Anarchy
Wonomi Advanced PLC Wonomi Empire Corporate
Wonorna Blue Universal Corp. Wonorna Independent Corporate
Wonorne Nu Natural Limited Wonorne Nu Federation Corporate
Wonorne Nu Party Wonorne Nu Independent Dictatorship
Wonoto Confederacy Kaiabi Federation Confederacy
Wonoto Confederacy Wonoto Federation Confederacy
Wori Silver Transport Org Wori Independent Corporate
Woria Crimson Advanced Ind Woria Empire Corporate
Woria Shared Woria Independent Cooperative
Worici Collective Worici Independent Cooperative
Worici Inc Worici Federation Corporate
Woriosolis Boys Woriosolis Alliance Anarchy
Worker's Party of 64 G. Capricorni 64 G. Capricorni Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Anukh Anukh Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Asvien Ek Asvien Ek Independent Communism
Worker's Party of C Hydrae C Hydrae Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Caere Caere Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Camat Camat Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Chebay Chebay Independent Communism
Worker's Party of EGM 559 EGM 559 Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Gl 776.1 Gl 776.1 Independent Communism
Worker's Party of HIP 15438 HIP 15438 Independent Communism
Worker's Party of HIP 18958 HIP 18958 Independent Communism
Worker's Party of HIP 38235 HIP 38235 Independent Communism
Worker's Party of HIP 82835 HIP 82835 Independent Communism
Worker's Party of HIP 943 HIP 943 Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Hajapai Hajapai Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Hemez Hemez Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Izho Izho Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Jardonnere Jardonnere Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Kumbaya Kumbaya Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Libumij Libumij Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Olela Olela Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Rianindana Rianindana Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Sapill Sapill Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Uadjamat Uadjamat Independent Communism
Worker's Party of Uszaa Uszaa Independent Communism
Workers of Quilaente Union Party Quillaente Independent Communism
Workers of 109 Piscium Resistance 109 Piscium Federation Democracy
Workers of 16 Piscium Progressive Party 16 Piscium Federation Democracy
Workers of 20 Ophiuchi Values Party 20 Ophiuchi Federation Democracy
Workers of 39 Leonis Revolutionary Party 39 Leonis Federation Democracy
Workers of 61 Virginis Resistance 61 Virginis Federation Democracy
Workers of 82 Eridani Values Party 82 Eridani Federation Democracy
Workers of 82 Eridani Values Party RR Caeli Federation Democracy
Workers of AZ Cancri Democrats AZ Cancri Federation Democracy
Workers of Aapep Liberals Aapep Independent Democracy
Workers of Aburokul Coalition Aburokul Federation Confederacy
Workers of Adnyan Confederation Adnyan Federation Confederacy
Workers of Aecerbot Coalition Aecerbot Federation Confederacy
Workers of Aganippe Democrats Aganippe Federation Democracy
Workers of Ahaykenkan Confederacy Ahaykenkan Independent Confederacy
Workers of Aimo Jung Coalition Aimo Jung Federation Confederacy
Workers of Amahumasi Resistance Amahumasi Independent Democracy
Workers of Anagototo Progressive Party Anagototo Independent Democracy
Workers of Angawal Partnership Angawal Independent Confederacy
Workers of Aowicha Values Party Aowicha Federation Democracy
Workers of Arinman Alliance Arinman Federation Confederacy
Workers of Arjung Revolutionary Party Arjung Independent Democracy
Workers of Arne Naom Future Arne Naom Federation Democracy
Workers of Avanty Alliance Avanty Independent Confederacy
Workers of Awawad for Equality Awawad Federation Democracy
Workers of Awngtei Coalition Awngtei Federation Confederacy
Workers of BD+07 1919 Confederation BD+07 1919 Independent Confederacy
Workers of BD+73 447 Future BD+73 447 Federation Democracy
Workers of BD-08 2963 Confederation BD-08 2963 Federation Confederacy
Workers of BD-11 4932 Labour BD-11 4932 Federation Democracy
Workers of Baiabozo Free Baiabozo Federation Democracy
Workers of Baltalfi Green Party Baltalfi Federation Democracy
Workers of Baltalfi Green Party Tati Federation Democracy
Workers of Bangitani Independents Bangitani Federation Democracy
Workers of Bangputys Partnership Bangputys Independent Confederacy
Workers of Bankoni Confederacy Bankoni Federation Confederacy
Workers of Bastsegezi Liberals Bastsegezi Independent Democracy
Workers of Bayan Independents Bayan Federation Democracy
Workers of Belingamal Labour Belingamal Independent Democracy
Workers of Bella League Bella Federation Confederacy
Workers of Bellaung Free Bellaung Independent Democracy
Workers of Bhotepa Alliance Bhotepa Federation Confederacy
Workers of Bibriges Union Bibriges Independent Communism
Workers of Bidiae Labour Union Bidiae Independent Communism
Workers of Bilonesses Resistance Bilonesses Independent Democracy
Workers of Birhodiweu Labour Birhodiweu Independent Democracy
Workers of Bolos Coalition Bolos Independent Confederacy
Workers of Bommegirani Alliance Bommegirani Federation Confederacy
Workers of Borovii Union Borovii Independent Communism
Workers of Brohman Alliance Brohman Federation Confederacy
Workers of CD-27 5409 Progressive Party CD-27 5409 Independent Democracy
Workers of CN Hydrus Green Party CN Hydrus Independent Democracy
Workers of CPC 20 6743 Progressive Party CPC 20 6743 Federation Democracy
Workers of Calch Progressive Party Calch Federation Democracy
Workers of Camaye Free Camaye Federation Democracy
Workers of Chambo Confederacy Chambo Federation Confederacy
Workers of Changgu Partnership Changgu Federation Confederacy
Workers of Chi Nefer Coalition Chi Nefer Federation Confederacy
Workers of Chimechilo Values Party Chimechilo Independent Democracy
Workers of Chinggamin Union Party Chinggamin Independent Communism
Workers of Chiutl Labour Chiutl Independent Democracy
Workers of Choenpetese Confederation Choenpetese Federation Confederacy
Workers of Chun Pindit Democrats Chun Pindit Independent Democracy
Workers of Chuquitanth Alliance Chuquitanth Federation Confederacy
Workers of Chuuahill Citizen Party Chuuahill Independent Communism
Workers of Corin Values Party Corin Independent Democracy
Workers of Cuicatec Independents Cuicatec Independent Democracy
Workers of Daii Future Daii Independent Democracy
Workers of Damna for Equality Damna Independent Democracy
Workers of Delta Leporis Independents Delta Leporis Independent Democracy
Workers of Dhanhopi Future Dhanhopi Alliance Democracy
Workers of Dijuhte Labour Dijuhte Independent Democracy
Workers of Dilati Free Dilati Federation Democracy
Workers of Dimocorna Union Dimocorna Independent Communism
Workers of Dimocorna Union HIP 91857 Independent Communism
Workers of Djabugandji Resistance Djabugandji Federation Democracy
Workers of Djiruach Green Party Djiruach Independent Democracy
Workers of DzaliTemu Liberals DzaliTemu Federation Democracy
Workers of Ebor Independents Ebor Independent Democracy
Workers of En Kunthurs Progressive Party En Kunthurs Independent Democracy
Workers of Enayex Values Party Enayex Federation Democracy
Workers of Ese Eyo Union Ese Eyo Independent Communism
Workers of Eventina League Eventina Federation Confederacy
Workers of Exbeur Democrats Exbeur Federation Democracy
Workers of Fan Chau Alliance Fan Chau Federation Confederacy
Workers of Fan Gong Partnership Fan Gong Federation Confederacy
Workers of Fan Gong Partnership Mizete Federation Confederacy
Workers of Farowalan Labour Farowalan Federation Democracy
Workers of Farowalan Labour NLTT 12130 Federation Democracy
Workers of Firenses for Equality Firenses Federation Democracy
Workers of Flousop Progressive Party Flousop Federation Democracy
Workers of Fomalhaut Liberals Fomalhaut Federation Democracy
Workers of G 122-60 Free Dhanhopi Alliance Democracy
Workers of G 122-60 Free G 122-60 Alliance Democracy
Workers of GD 279 Labour GD 279 Federation Democracy
Workers of Gabraceni Labour Gabraceni Independent Democracy
Workers of Galti Future Galti Federation Democracy
Workers of Gamma Doradus Progressive Party Gamma Doradus Federation Democracy
Workers of Gateway for Equality Farack Alliance Democracy
Workers of Gateway for Equality Gateway Alliance Democracy
Workers of Gebel Labour Gebel Independent Democracy
Workers of Genderi Labour Genderi Independent Democracy
Workers of Gitse Liberals Gitse Federation Democracy
Workers of Gliese 3944 for Equality Gliese 3944 Federation Democracy
Workers of Gluskapuru League Gluskapuru Federation Confederacy
Workers of Gondan Green Party Gondan Independent Democracy
Workers of Gooheimar Alliance Gooheimar Federation Confederacy
Workers of Gowdalu Independents Gowdalu Federation Democracy
Workers of Graba Confederation Graba Federation Confederacy
Workers of Grebo Future Grebo Federation Democracy
Workers of Grovii Values Party Grovii Federation Democracy
Workers of Gunwin Green Party Gunwin Independent Democracy
Workers of HD 13931 Revolutionary Party HD 13931 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 100405 Values Party HIP 100405 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 105431 Revolutionary Party HIP 105431 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 112400 Revolutionary Party HIP 112400 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 115929 Labour HIP 115929 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 12635 Revolutionary Party HIP 12635 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 13179 Green Party HIP 13179 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 1389 Future HIP 1389 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 21455 Free HIP 21455 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 22221 Confederation HIP 22221 Federation Confederacy
Workers of HIP 2843 Green Party HIP 2843 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 2847 Resistance HIP 2847 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 29716 Revolutionary Party HIP 29716 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 30030 for Equality HIP 30030 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 32350 for Equality HIP 32350 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 3540 Resistance HIP 3540 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 35803 Free HIP 35803 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 44030 Revolutionary Party HIP 44030 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 47957 Labour HIP 47957 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 52351 Union HIP 52351 Independent Communism
Workers of HIP 54846 for Equality HIP 54846 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 55459 Future HIP 55459 Alliance Democracy
Workers of HIP 59143 Revolutionary Party HIP 59143 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 60679 Democrats HIP 60679 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 62454 Free HIP 62454 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 62744 Confederacy HIP 62744 Federation Confederacy
Workers of HIP 63809 League HIP 63809 Federation Confederacy
Workers of HIP 6442 Resistance HIP 6442 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 67882 Democrats HIP 67882 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 69129 Resistance HIP 69129 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 71276 Liberals HIP 71276 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 72998 Partnership HIP 72998 Federation Confederacy
Workers of HIP 77818 Resistance HIP 77818 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 79315 Independents HIP 79315 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 80162 Free HIP 80162 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 82820 Labour HIP 82820 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 82964 for Equality HIP 82964 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 85285 Green Party HIP 85285 Independent Democracy
Workers of HIP 85414 Unionists HIP 85414 Independent Communism
Workers of HIP 87204 Democrats HIP 87204 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 87914 Independents HIP 87914 Federation Democracy
Workers of HIP 91786 People's Party HIP 91786 Independent Communism
Workers of HIP 9492 Union Party HIP 9492 Independent Communism
Workers of HIP 99940 for Equality HIP 99940 Federation Democracy
Workers of HR 2711 for Equality HR 2711 Federation Democracy
Workers of HR 5307 Progressive Party HIP 69783 Federation Democracy
Workers of HR 5307 Progressive Party HR 5307 Federation Democracy
Workers of HR 7766 Independents HR 7766 Independent Democracy
Workers of Hach Resistance Hach Federation Democracy
Workers of Haiden Worker's Party Haiden Independent Communism
Workers of Halbara People's Party Halbara Independent Communism
Workers of Hambing Free Hambing Independent Democracy
Workers of Harima Revolutionary Party Harima Independent Democracy
Workers of Hedetes Values Party Hedetes Federation Democracy
Workers of Hez Ur League Hez Ur Independent Confederacy
Workers of Hojin Labour Union Hojin Independent Communism
Workers of Hollos Labour Hollos Independent Democracy
Workers of Huacae Confederacy Huacae Federation Confederacy
Workers of Iah Bulu Future Iah Bulu Federation Democracy
Workers of Indra Progressive Party Indra Federation Democracy
Workers of Inino Liberals Inino Independent Democracy
Workers of Jaburouri Coalition Jaburouri Federation Confederacy
Workers of Jeitjali Coalition Jeitjali Independent Confederacy
Workers of Jitabed Liberals Jitabed Federation Democracy
Workers of Jokudiri Revolutionary Party Jokudiri Independent Democracy
Workers of Jou Tung Free Jou Tung Federation Democracy
Workers of Jurokkju Democrats Jurokkju Independent Democracy
Workers of K Camelopardalis Resistance K Camelopardalis Federation Democracy
Workers of Kagudi for Equality Kagudi Federation Democracy
Workers of Kakas Free Kakas Independent Democracy
Workers of Kaliki Liberals Kaliki Independent Democracy
Workers of Kamebis League Kamebis Independent Confederacy
Workers of Kameni Partnership Kameni Federation Confederacy
Workers of Kanean Left Party Kanean Independent Communism
Workers of Kappanii Confederation Kappanii Federation Confederacy
Workers of Karsing Confederation Karsing Federation Confederacy
Workers of Kaukamaye Worker's Party Kaukamaye Independent Communism
Workers of Kawilocidi Values Party Kawilocidi Federation Democracy
Workers of Kholedo Future Kholedo Independent Democracy
Workers of Kondonner Progressive Party Kondonner Independent Democracy
Workers of Kpelidoog Democrats Kpelidoog Independent Democracy
Workers of Krinda Future Krinda Federation Democracy
Workers of Kulianminy Worker's Party Kulianminy Independent Communism
Workers of Kuo Ti League Kuo Ti Federation Confederacy
Workers of Kurnai Liberals Kurnai Independent Democracy
Workers of Kurui Xee Partnership Kurui Xee Independent Confederacy
Workers of LAWD 96 Resistance LAWD 96 Federation Democracy
Workers of LHS 139 Revolutionary Party LHS 139 Federation Democracy
Workers of LHS 1788 Left Party LHS 1788 Independent Communism
Workers of LHS 2260 Future LHS 2260 Federation Democracy
Workers of LHS 2887 League Bolg Federation Confederacy
Workers of LHS 2887 League LHS 2887 Federation Confederacy
Workers of LHS 3026 League LHS 3026 Independent Confederacy
Workers of LHS 3713 Future LHS 3713 Federation Democracy
Workers of LHS 3980 Independents LHS 3980 Federation Democracy
Workers of LP 211-12 Values Party LP 211-12 Federation Democracy
Workers of LP 214-1 Values Party LP 214-1 Federation Democracy
Workers of LP 292-66 for Equality LP 292-66 Federation Democracy
Workers of LP 340-547 Revolutionary Party LP 340-547 Federation Democracy
Workers of LP 71-157 Coalition LP 71-157 Federation Confederacy
Workers of LTT 12360 Future LTT 12360 Federation Democracy
Workers of LTT 16522 for Equality LTT 16522 Federation Democracy
Workers of LTT 18075 Coalition LTT 18075 Federation Confederacy
Workers of LTT 2623 Revolutionary Party LTT 2623 Federation Democracy
Workers of LTT 9697 Labour Union LTT 9697 Independent Communism
Workers of Laiawa Revolutionary Party Laiawa Federation Democracy
Workers of Lalande 29917 Green Party Lalande 29917 Federation Democracy
Workers of Lambda Andromedae Independents Lambda Andromedae Federation Democracy
Workers of Lao Wangu Confederation Lao Wangu Federation Confederacy
Workers of Larda Worker's Party Larda Independent Communism
Workers of Lardhampt Values Party Lardhampt Federation Democracy
Workers of Lave Liberals Lave Alliance Democracy
Workers of Lelatuba Partnership Lelatuba Federation Confederacy
Workers of Loptanii Citizen Party Loptanii Independent Communism
Workers of Lovedu Values Party Damocan Federation Democracy
Workers of Lu Dimos Confederation Bered Independent Confederacy
Workers of Lu Dimos Confederation Lu Dimos Independent Confederacy
Workers of Lu Wu Guan Free Lu Wu Guan Independent Democracy
Workers of Luan Yun Di Green Party Luan Yun Di Independent Democracy
Workers of MCC 445 Green Party MCC 445 Federation Democracy
Workers of MCC 858 Democrats MCC 858 Federation Democracy
Workers of Machigga Values Party Machigga Federation Democracy
Workers of Madngeri Independents Madngeri Independent Democracy
Workers of Mahlanja Resistance Mahlanja Federation Democracy
Workers of Maidenwites Republic Party Maidenwites Independent Communism
Workers of Malameni Future Malameni Independent Democracy
Workers of Manglal Green Party Manglal Federation Democracy
Workers of Manite Labour Union Argeno Independent Communism
Workers of Manite Labour Union HIP 88595 Independent Communism
Workers of Manite Labour Union HIP 89396 Independent Communism
Workers of Manite Labour Union Kvas Independent Communism
Workers of Manite Labour Union Manite Independent Communism
Workers of Manite Labour Union Miku Independent Communism
Workers of Manite Labour Union Millcayac Independent Communism
Workers of Manite Labour Union Obambori Independent Communism
Workers of Manukan Future Manukan Independent Democracy
Workers of Marasing Republic Party Marasing Independent Communism
Workers of Markathun Coalition Markathun Federation Confederacy
Workers of Markin League Markin Federation Confederacy
Workers of Mi Hsing Wu Confederation Mi Hsing Wu Independent Confederacy
Workers of Mingh Green Party Mingh Federation Democracy
Workers of Mironen Liberals Mironen Independent Democracy
Workers of Moan Republic Party Moan Independent Communism
Workers of Momus Reach for Equality Momus Reach Federation Democracy
Workers of Moriosong Independents Moriosong Federation Democracy
Workers of NLTT 21440 for Equality NLTT 21440 Federation Democracy
Workers of Nabatean for Equality Nabatean Federation Democracy
Workers of Nanto Values Party Nanto Federation Democracy
Workers of Naporimui Independents Naporimui Independent Democracy
Workers of Nareg Green Party Nareg Independent Democracy
Workers of Naren Labour Naren Independent Democracy
Workers of Nauolung Future Nauolung Independent Democracy
Workers of Ndabien Liberals Ndabien Federation Democracy
Workers of Nebtete Resistance Nebtete Federation Democracy
Workers of Negri Free Negri Independent Democracy
Workers of Neris Worker's Party Neris Independent Communism
Workers of Neto Progressive Party Neto Federation Democracy
Workers of Ngaruekenas Alliance Ngaruekenas Federation Confederacy
Workers of Nger Future Nger Federation Democracy
Workers of Njokujinun Values Party Njokujinun Independent Democracy
Workers of Njordr Progressive Party Njordr Federation Democracy
Workers of Nkanu Green Party Nkanu Independent Democracy
Workers of Nogambe Free Nogambe Federation Democracy
Workers of Nu Guei He Progressive Party Nu Guei He Federation Democracy
Workers of Nun Free Nun Independent Democracy
Workers of Nyani Confederacy Nyani Independent Confederacy
Workers of Nyani Confederacy Ulche Independent Confederacy
Workers of Nyx Values Party Nyx Federation Democracy
Workers of Obotra Alliance Obotra Federation Confederacy
Workers of Ocaina Confederacy Ocaina Federation Confederacy
Workers of Ondumbo Coalition Ondumbo Federation Confederacy
Workers of Ongkampan Liberals Ongkampan Independent Democracy
Workers of Orang Future Orang Independent Democracy
Workers of Orisattu Independents Orisattu Independent Democracy
Workers of PW Hydrae Independents PW Hydrae Independent Democracy
Workers of Pa Kazahuan Confederacy Pa Kazahuan Federation Confederacy
Workers of Parecoyenni Free Parecoyenni Independent Democracy
Workers of Peng Free Peng Federation Democracy
Workers of Penty People's Party Penty Independent Communism
Workers of Peraesii Labour Peraesii Independent Democracy
Workers of Pfembali Resistance Pfembali Federation Democracy
Workers of Pi Dimshi Free Pi Dimshi Independent Democracy
Workers of Polung Revolutionary Party Polung Federation Democracy
Workers of Popontia Free Popontia Independent Democracy
Workers of Poqomana Green Party Poqomana Federation Democracy
Workers of Proxima Free Proxima Independent Democracy
Workers of Pushis Green Party Pushis Independent Democracy
Workers of Pyemma Resistance Pyemma Federation Democracy
Workers of Qawamita Confederation Qawamita Independent Confederacy
Workers of Quaaybuwala Labour Quaaybuwala Independent Democracy
Workers of Quillaente Union Party Quillaente Independent Communism
Workers of Ratatosk Coalition Ratatosk Independent Confederacy
Workers of Rauras Revolutionary Party Rauras Alliance Democracy
Workers of Reshas Confederation Juparoin Independent Confederacy
Workers of Rigosage Progressive Party Rigosage Independent Democracy
Workers of Rishia Progressive Party Rishia Independent Democracy
Workers of Ross 162 Alliance Ross 162 Federation Confederacy
Workers of Ross 467 Future Ross 467 Federation Democracy
Workers of Ross 484 Free Ross 484 Federation Democracy
Workers of Ross 718 Future Ross 718 Federation Democracy
Workers of Ross 730 Green Party Ross 145 Federation Democracy
Workers of Ross 730 Green Party Ross 730 Federation Democracy
Workers of Ross 970 Free Ross 970 Federation Democracy
Workers of Rusalku Independents Rusalku Independent Democracy
Workers of Rusani Resistance HIP 36954 Independent Democracy
Workers of Rusani Resistance Rusani Independent Democracy
Workers of SAO 196806 Green Party SAO 196806 Federation Democracy
Workers of SPOCS 399 League SPOCS 399 Federation Confederacy
Workers of Sabikami Labour Union Col 285 Sector GN-I c10-14 Independent Communism
Workers of Sak Chelmir Partnership Sak Chelmir Federation Confederacy
Workers of Saka Independents Saka Independent Democracy
Workers of Sala Future Sala Federation Democracy
Workers of Sallaecians Democrats Sallaecians Federation Democracy
Workers of San Hun Na Free San Hun Na Federation Democracy
Workers of Santy Independents Santy Federation Democracy
Workers of Saurami League Saurami Federation Confederacy
Workers of Senones Green Party Senones Federation Democracy
Workers of Setet Labour Union Setet Independent Communism
Workers of Setet Labour Union Volcayayp Independent Communism
Workers of Shabogama League Shabogama Independent Confederacy
Workers of Shanteneri Resistance Shanteneri Independent Democracy
Workers of Shenich Free Shenich Federation Democracy
Workers of Skeggiko O Labour LTT 3919 Federation Democracy
Workers of Skeggiko O Labour Skeggiko O Federation Democracy
Workers of Sokomi Independents Sokomi Independent Democracy
Workers of Solibamba Coalition Solibamba Federation Confederacy
Workers of Sun Pin Partnership SPOCS 419 Federation Confederacy
Workers of Sun Pin Partnership Sun Pin Federation Confederacy
Workers of Supay Progressive Party Supay Federation Democracy
Workers of Svalinn League Svalinn Federation Confederacy
Workers of Talantas Union Talantas Independent Communism
Workers of Tau-1 Gruis Democrats Tau-1 Gruis Independent Democracy
Workers of Tengu League Tengu Federation Confederacy
Workers of Tengye for Equality Tengye Federation Democracy
Workers of Thadaguru Independents Thadaguru Federation Democracy
Workers of Tiansan Confederacy Tiansan Independent Confederacy
Workers of Ts'ao Hii Democrats Ts'ao Hii Federation Democracy
Workers of Tsanluo Wu Resistance Tsanluo Wu Federation Democracy
Workers of Umutei Independents Umutei Federation Democracy
Workers of Valis Democrats Valis Federation Democracy
Workers of Velim People's Party Velim Alliance Communism
Workers of Virset Resistance Virset Federation Democracy
Workers of Vish Labour Vish Independent Democracy
Workers of Vucub Huan Alliance Turdetani Federation Confederacy
Workers of Vucub Huan Alliance Vucub Huan Federation Confederacy
Workers of Waima Values Party Waima Federation Democracy
Workers of Waraswarre Progressive Party Waraswarre Federation Democracy
Workers of Wintii Confederacy Wintii Federation Confederacy
Workers of Wo 9812 B Citizen Party Wo 9812 B Independent Communism
Workers of Wolf 629 Alliance Wolf 629 Federation Confederacy
Workers of Wolf 772 Labour Wolf 772 Federation Democracy
Workers of Wuonjurubal Confederation Wuonjurubal Federation Confederacy
Workers of Xangwe Progressive Party Xangwe Federation Democracy
Workers of Xbal for Equality Xbal Independent Democracy
Workers of Xue Deng Independents Xue Deng Federation Democracy
Workers of Y Velorum Revolutionary Party Jinoharis Federation Democracy
Workers of Y Velorum Revolutionary Party Y Velorum Federation Democracy
Workers of Yaluwacha Confederation Yaluwacha Federation Confederacy
Workers of Yax Balam Alliance Yax Balam Federation Confederacy
Workers of Zagotock Revolutionary Party Zagotock Federation Democracy
Workers of Zhonvenk Confederacy Zhonvenk Federation Confederacy
WorldCraft Epsilon Eridani Independent Corporate
Woronii Mob Woronii Independent Anarchy
Woronir Autocracy Woronir Empire Dictatorship
Worora Co Worora Federation Corporate
Worotri Order Worotri Independent Theocracy
Worotri Silver Clan Worotri Independent Anarchy
Wosraesi Energy Incorporated Wosraesi Independent Corporate
Wosraesi Gold Crew Wosraesi Independent Anarchy
Wosreti Party Wosreti Empire Dictatorship
Wosyet State Solutions Wosyet Empire Corporate
Wosyra Pao Order Wosyra Pao Independent Dictatorship
Woyemsit Crew Woyemsit Independent Anarchy
Woyeru Network Woyeru Independent Corporate
Woyet Corp. Woyet Federation Corporate
Woyo Mina Crimson Transport Woyo Mina Independent Corporate
Woyo Mina Empire League Woyo Mina Empire Patronage
Woyo Mina Gold Universal PLC Woyo Mina Independent Corporate
Wreaken Construction Ega Independent Corporate
Wu Chelki Empire Assembly Wu Chelki Empire Patronage
Wu Chelki Republic Party Wu Chelki Independent Democracy
Wu Guan Life Interstellar Wu Guan Independent Corporate
Wu Guinagi Crimson Creative Corp Wu Guinagi Empire Corporate
Wu Jiu Gold Clan Wu Jiu Independent Anarchy
Wu Jiu Universal Organisation Wu Jiu Independent Corporate
Wu Kich Solutions Wu Kich Independent Corporate
Wu Kong Industry Wu Kong Federation Corporate
Wu Ku Silver Hand Gang Wu Ku Independent Anarchy
Wu Kui Crimson Posse Wu Kui Independent Anarchy
Wu Kui Silver Corp. Wu Kui Empire Corporate
Wu Kuku Natural Corporation Wu Kuku Federation Corporate
Wu Kwannya Corporation Wu Kwannya Federation Corporate
Wu Te Ti for Equality Wu Te Ti Independent Democracy
Wudjal Limited Wudjal Federation Corporate
Wudjal Purple Major Co Wudjal Federation Corporate
Wudjalie Imperial Society Wudjalie Empire Patronage
Wudjalie Labour Union Wudjalie Independent Communism
Wudji Citizens' Forum Wudji Empire Patronage
Wudji United Partners Wudji Independent Corporate
Wuikito Angelic Brotherhood Wuikito Independent Theocracy
Wukuku Raiders Wu Kuku Independent Anarchy
Wulba Dominion Wulba Independent Feudal
Wulgaedia Industry Wulgaedia Independent Corporate
Wulganda Services Wulganda Independent Corporate
Wulgarami Vision Organisation Wulgarami Federation Corporate
Wulgu Industries Wulgu Empire Corporate
Wuli Natural Organisation HIP 85639 Federation Corporate
Wuli Natural Organisation HIP 85686 Federation Corporate
Wuli Natural Organisation Wuli Federation Corporate
Wulidjin Gold Partnership Wulidjin Independent Anarchy
Wulidjin Silver Major Int Wulidjin Independent Corporate
Wulis Netcoms PLC Wulis Independent Corporate
Wulpa Crimson Family Wulpa Independent Anarchy
Wulpulis Netcoms Exchange Wulpulis Federation Corporate
Wulpurna Netcoms Industry Wulpurna Independent Corporate
Wuluang Legal & Co HIP 18427 Empire Corporate
Wuluang Legal & Co Wuluang Empire Corporate
Wulunges Bridge PLC Wulunges Independent Corporate
Wulunghus Ring Wulunghus Independent Anarchy
Wulungu Interstellar Wulungu Federation Corporate
Wulungu Monarchy Wulungu Independent Feudal
Wuluujjusi Republic Party Wuluujjusi Federation Democracy
Wuluwait Fortune Commodities Wuluwait Federation Corporate
Wulwul Advanced Co Wulwul Federation Corporate
Wulwulan Drug Empire Wulwulan Independent Anarchy
Wum Clan Wum Independent Anarchy
Wum Purple Bridge Interstellar Wum Independent Corporate
Wum Silver Galactic Industries Wum Independent Corporate
Wunab Life Co Wunab Federation Corporate
Wunian Allied Wunian Independent Cooperative
Wuniez Federal Interstellar Wuniez Federation Corporate
Wunii Freedom Party Wunii Independent Dictatorship
Wuninka Prison Colony Wuninka Empire Prison Colony
Wunjo Crimson United Company Wunjo Independent Corporate
Wunjo Independent Union Wunjo Independent Patronage
Wuonai Syndicate Wuonai Independent Anarchy
Wuonanie Empire Pact Wuonanie Empire Patronage
Wuonanie Ltd Wuonanie Independent Corporate
Wuonanie Partners Wuonanie Empire Corporate
Wuonjami PLC Wuonjami Independent Corporate
Wuonjulnju Nobles Wuonjulnju Independent Feudal
Wuonjungu Raiders Wuonjungu Independent Anarchy
Wuonkwer Legal Limited Wuonkwer Independent Corporate
Wuonkwer Regulatory State Wuonkwer Empire Dictatorship
Wuonoru Purple Central Solutions Wuonoru Empire Corporate
Wurango Blue Society Wurango Independent Anarchy
Wurr Organisation Wurr Federation Corporate
Wuru Blue Dynamic Network Wuru Independent Corporate
Wuru Citizens' Forum Wuru Empire Patronage
Wuru Empire Pact Wuru Empire Patronage
Wuruku Prison Colony Wuruku Empire Prison Colony
Wurun Legal Commodities Wurun Empire Corporate
Wurunsar Transport Corporation Wurunsar Empire Corporate
Wutha Gigae Incorporated Wutha Gigae Federation Corporate
Wutha Guardians of Tradition Wutha Empire Patronage
Wuthawchu Blue Bridge Inc Wuthawchu Federation Corporate
Wuthielo Ku Company Wuthielo Ku Empire Corporate
Wuthielo Ku Imperial Society Ogoni Empire Patronage
Wuthielo Ku Progressive Party Wuthielo Ku Independent Democracy
Wuy jugun Comms Corp. Wuy jugun Empire Corporate
Wyrd Jet Power Industries Wyrd Federation Corporate

Index page for minor factions

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