This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char X. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
XI-2 LUPI RESISTANCE Col 285 Sector XP-O d6-96 Independent Democracy
XZ Leonis Minoris Incorporated XZ Leonis Minoris Alliance Corporate
Xakria Emperor's Grace Xakria Empire Patronage
Xamen Ek Industry Xamen Ek Independent Corporate
Xamen Ek Jet Central Corp. Xamen Ek Independent Corporate
Xamentii Purple Vision Int Xamentii Independent Corporate
Xang Tzu Purple Advanced & Co Xang Tzu Federation Corporate
Xangwe Comms Network Xangwe Independent Corporate
Xangwe Purple Brotherhood Xangwe Independent Anarchy
Xava Major & Co Xava Empire Corporate
Xavalenti Silver Creative Inc Xavalenti Independent Corporate
Xavane Confederation Xavane Federation Confederacy
Xbalamana Imperial Society Xbalamana Empire Patronage
Xbalamana Power Holdings Xbalamana Independent Corporate
Xbalamana State Corporation Xbalamana Empire Corporate
Xbalamana Union Party Xbalamana Independent Communism
Xbaquitae Justice Party Xbaquitae Independent Dictatorship
Xelabara Jet Public Limited Xelabara Independent Corporate
Xelabara Republic Party Xelabara Alliance Democracy
Xelardi Silver Corp. Xelardi Empire Corporate
Xelas Blue Clan Xelas Independent Anarchy
Xelas Blue Federal Industry Xelas Empire Corporate
Xerebaye Crimson Galactic Org Xerebaye Independent Corporate
Xerente Blue Transport Comms Okua'gsa Empire Corporate
Xerente Blue Transport Comms Xerente Empire Corporate
Xeret Crimson Society Xeret Independent Anarchy
Xeret Silver Major Services Xeret Empire Corporate
Xeretes Crew Xeretes Independent Anarchy
Xevioso Network Xevioso Federation Corporate
Xhosag Imperial Society Xhosag Empire Patronage
Xhosattu Citizens' Forum Xhosattu Empire Patronage
Xhosattu Future Xhosattu Independent Democracy
Xi Hara Empire League Xi Hara Empire Patronage
Xi Hesates Crimson Natural Net Xi Hesates Federation Corporate
Xi Hsinahau Netcoms Corp. Xi Hsinahau Independent Corporate
Xi Hsinahau Transport Corp. Xi Hsinahau Empire Corporate
Xi Hungan Council Xi Hungan Independent Anarchy
Xi Hungan Universal Industry Xi Hungan Federation Corporate
Xi Hydrae & Co Xi Hydrae Independent Corporate
Xi Ophiuchi Crimson Natural Dev Xi Ophiuchi Independent Corporate
Xi Ophiuchi Gold Legal Industry Xi Ophiuchi Federation Corporate
Xi Saon Flag Xi Saon Independent Dictatorship
Xi Wang Mu Bureau Xi Wang Mu Independent Dictatorship
Xi Wang Mu Crimson Hand Gang Xi Wang Mu Independent Anarchy
Xi Wang Mu Gold Galactic Inc Xi Wang Mu Independent Corporate
Xi Wangda Liberals Xi Wangda Independent Democracy
Xi Wangda Power Corporation Donglavs Empire Corporate
Xi Wangda Power Corporation Xi Wangda Empire Corporate
Xi Wanja League Xi Wanja Federation Confederacy
Xi Wanja Pirates Xi Wanja Independent Anarchy
Xi-2 Capricorni Republic Party Xi-2 Capricorni Federation Democracy
Xi-2 Lupi Resistance Xi-2 Lupi Independent Democracy
Xiancheim Drug Empire Xiancheim Independent Anarchy
Xiancheim Empire League Xiancheim Empire Patronage
Xiancheim Industries Xiancheim Empire Corporate
Xians Independents Xians Independent Democracy
Xians Silver Universal & Co Xians Federation Corporate
Xib Cail Ltd Xib Cail Federation Corporate
Xib Cakurbi Co-operative Xib Cakurbi Independent Cooperative
Xib Cakurbi Gold Galactic Inc Xib Cakurbi Empire Corporate
Xibalba Crimson Organisation Xibalba Independent Anarchy
Xibe Network Xibe Independent Corporate
Xinca Jet Transport Organisation Xinca Independent Corporate
Xingait Transport Limited Xingait Federation Corporate
Xingang Mu Co-operative Xingang Mu Independent Cooperative
Xingara Silver Federal Limited Xingara Federation Corporate
Xingga Labour Xingga Federation Democracy
Xingga Purple Raiders Xingga Independent Anarchy
Xion Camorra Xion Independent Anarchy
Xion Empire Consulate Ginnae Empire Patronage
Xion Empire Consulate Xion Empire Patronage
Xionaz Purple Natural Inc Xionaz Federation Corporate
Xionean Guardians of Tradition Xionean Empire Patronage
Xiongandi Gold Society Xiongandi Independent Anarchy
Xiongandi Silver Netcoms Ind Xiongandi Independent Corporate
Xiongga Industries Xiongga Empire Corporate
Xiri Crimson Public Ltd Xiri Empire Corporate
Xiripa Exchange Xiripa Independent Corporate
Xiripa Natural Commodities Xiripa Independent Corporate
Xiriyanoar League Xiriyanoar Independent Confederacy
Xmucainakun Resistance Xmucainakun Federation Democracy
Xmucainakun State Corporation Xmucainakun Independent Corporate
Xolotl & Co Xolotl Alliance Corporate
Xuan Chelg Dragons Xuan Chelg Independent Anarchy
Xuan Chelg Interstellar Xuan Chelg Independent Corporate
Xuan Wena Crimson Partnership Viducasses Alliance Anarchy
Xuan Wena Crimson Partnership Xuan Wena Alliance Anarchy
Xuanars Purple Galactic & Co Xuanars Federation Corporate
Xuanars Silver Partnership Xuanars Independent Anarchy
Xuanduna Imperial Society Xuanduna Empire Patronage
Xuanduna Purple Syndicate Xuanduna Independent Anarchy
Xuanduna Silver Allied PLC Xuanduna Independent Corporate
Xuanduna Silver Control Ltd Xuanduna Empire Corporate
Xuane Incorporated Xuane Federation Corporate
Xuanebuth Domain Xuanebuth Empire Feudal
Xuang Stakeholders Xuang Independent Cooperative
Xuang Wa Universal Interstellar Xuang Wa Empire Corporate
Xuangeriva Patron's Principles Xuangeriva Empire Patronage
Xuangeriva Universal Solutions Xuangeriva Independent Corporate
Xuangkomi Domain Xuangkomi Independent Feudal
Xuangorona & Co Xuangorona Independent Corporate
Xuangorona Independents Xuangorona Federation Democracy
Xuangu Crimson Major Network Igaledonii Empire Corporate
Xuangu Crimson Major Network Xuangu Empire Corporate
Xuangu Nationals Xuangu Independent Dictatorship
Xuanook Domain Xuanook Independent Feudal
Xuanook Future Xuanook Federation Democracy
Xucumandji Advanced Holdings Xucumandji Independent Corporate
Xucuri Blue United Incorporated Xucuri Federation Corporate
Xucuri Partnership Xucuri Federation Confederacy
Xue Davokje Empire League Xue Davokje Empire Patronage
Xue Zhan Gold Council Xue Zhan Independent Anarchy

Index page for minor factions

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