This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char Y. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
Y Velorum Universal Prtnrs Y Velorum Independent Corporate
YZ Canis Minoris Systems YZ Canis Minoris Federation Corporate
YZ Ceti Blue Galactic & Co YZ Ceti Federation Corporate
YZ Ceti for Equality YZ Ceti Federation Democracy
YZ Fornacis Purple Legal Comms YZ Fornacis Federation Corporate
YZ Fornacis Services YZ Fornacis Empire Corporate
Ya'Nomamo Corporation Ya'Nomamo Empire Corporate
Ya'Nomamo as one Ya'Nomamo Independent Cooperative
Yab Camalo Empire Pact Yab Camalo Empire Patronage
Yab Camalo Purple Dynamic Ltd Yab Camalo Empire Corporate
Yab Camalo Systems Yab Camalo Independent Corporate
Yab Cameni Defence Force Yab Cameni Empire Dictatorship
Yab Yum Empire Consulate Yab Yum Empire Patronage
Yab Yum Inc Yab Yum Independent Corporate
Yab Yum Purple Allied Industry Yab Yum Empire Corporate
Yadhariu Progressive Party Yadhariu Federation Democracy
Yaghan Future Yaghan Independent Democracy
Yaghan Power Services Yaghan Federation Corporate
Yakabugai Exchange Yakabugai Federation Corporate
Yakaeriate Energy & Co Yakaeriate Federation Corporate
Yakamu Crimson Fortune Limited Yakamu Independent Corporate
Yakamu Resistance Yakamu Federation Democracy
Yakamutii Patron's Principles Yakamutii Empire Patronage
Yakawana Law Party Yakawana Independent Dictatorship
Yakawana Silver Creative Ind Yakawana Federation Corporate
Yaksa Gold Advanced Group Yaksa Empire Corporate
Yaksara Purple Federal Org Yaksara Federation Corporate
Yaksara Purple Federal Org Yokudi Federation Corporate
Yakshapoos League Yakshapoos Federation Confederacy
Yakshmi Energy Exchange Yakshmi Independent Corporate
Yakshmi Gold Camorra Yakshmi Independent Anarchy
Yalua Nobles Yalua Empire Feudal
Yalung Ti Empire Party Yalung Ti Empire Patronage
Yalung Ti Jet Brothers Yalung Ti Independent Anarchy
Yalungurawa Gold General Ex Yalungurawa Independent Corporate
Yalungurawa Labour Yalungurawa Federation Democracy
Yalura Galactic Services Yalura Federation Corporate
Yam Focus Yam Independent Dictatorship
Yam Group Yam Independent Corporate
Yam Silver Central Partners Yam Federation Corporate
Yama PLC Yama Federation Corporate
Yama Union Party Yama Independent Communism
Yamari Empire Pact Yamari Empire Patronage
Yamatji Crimson Legal Exchange Yamatji Federation Corporate
Yamatji Holdings Yamatji Independent Corporate
Yamatji Independents Yamatji Independent Democracy
Yamatji Nationals Yamatji Independent Dictatorship
Yamatji Order Yamatji Independent Dictatorship
Yamatri Collective Yamatri Independent Cooperative
Yamatri Crimson Family Yamatri Independent Anarchy
Yamatri Empire Party Yamatri Empire Patronage
Yamatzicni Ltd Yamatzicni Empire Corporate
Yami & Co Yami Federation Corporate
Yaming Labour Union HIP 52278 Alliance Communism
Yaming Labour Union Mudumboja Alliance Communism
Yaming Labour Union Tellotait Alliance Communism
Yaming Labour Union Yaming Alliance Communism
Yamunab Yu Partners Yamunab Yu Federation Corporate
Yamur Crimson Comms Corporation Yamur Independent Corporate
Yan Crua Holdings Yan Crua Federation Corporate
Yan Musu Corp. Yan Musu Independent Corporate
Yan Musu Patron's Principles Yan Musu Empire Patronage
Yan Musu Vision Incorporated Yan Musu Independent Corporate
Yan Yi Silver Advanced Company Yan Yi Independent Corporate
Yan Zangata Blue Brotherhood Yan Zangata Independent Anarchy
Yanebdjeri Crimson Fortune Group Yanebdjeri Empire Corporate
Yanerones Company Yanerones Federation Corporate
Yango Gold Hand Gang Yango Independent Anarchy
Yankas Vision Industry Yankas Empire Corporate
Yanoi Industries Yanoi Empire Corporate
Yans Independent Bond Yans Independent Patronage
Yansisma First Yansisma Independent Dictatorship
Yansisma Fortune Ltd Yansisma Independent Corporate
Yantja Alliance Yantja Independent Confederacy
Yanyamadimo Imperial Society Yanyamadimo Empire Patronage
Yanyamadimo Silver Mob Yanyamadimo Independent Anarchy
Yapelici Freedom Party Yapelici Independent Dictatorship
Yapep Central Services Yapep Independent Corporate
Yapep Gold Camorra Yapep Independent Anarchy
Yapep PLC Yapep Independent Corporate
Yapep Patron's Principles Yapep Empire Patronage
Yapese Silver Brotherhood Yapese Independent Anarchy
Yaque Empire Group Yaque Empire Patronage
Yaque Systems Yaque Empire Corporate
Yaqui Vision Group Duryampas Empire Corporate
Yaqui Vision Group Yaqui Empire Corporate
Yaribon Empire Pact Yaribon Empire Patronage
Yaribon Purple Council Yaribon Independent Anarchy
Yarica Nationalists Yarica Independent Dictatorship
Yaricans Constitution Party Yaricans Independent Dictatorship
Yaricans Energy Incorporated Yaricans Federation Corporate
Yarifukura Holdings Yarifukura Empire Corporate
Yarigui Company Yarigui Independent Corporate
Yarigui Investments Yarigui Federation Corporate
Yarigui Liberty Party Yarigui Independent Dictatorship
Yaro Crew Yaro Independent Anarchy
Yaroi Crimson General Ltd Yaroi Independent Corporate
Yaroi Free Yaroi Federation Democracy
Yaroklis Empire Party Yaroklis Empire Patronage
Yaroklis Gold Brotherhood Yaroklis Independent Anarchy
Yaroklis Industry Yaroklis Empire Corporate
Yaroklis Power Corporation Yaroklis Independent Corporate
Yaroklis Values Party Yaroklis Independent Democracy
Yarraluk Group Yarraluk Empire Corporate
Yarrinic Prison Colony Yarrinic Independent Prison Colony
Yarrite Empire League Elysia Empire Patronage
Yarrite Empire League Yarrite Empire Patronage
Yarrite Incorporated Yarrite Empire Corporate
Yarruci Limited Yarruci Federation Corporate
Yarruci Union Yarruci Independent Communism
Yash Blue State Inc Yash Independent Corporate
Yash Exchange Yash Federation Corporate
Yashas Natural Organisation Yashas Independent Corporate
Yashi Emperor's Grace Yashi Empire Patronage
Yashians Progressive Party Yashians Federation Democracy
Yashians Silver Dynamic Comms Yashians Independent Corporate
Yaso Kondi Empire Consulate Yaso Kondi Empire Patronage
Yaso Kondi Labour Yaso Kondi Independent Democracy
Yaso Kondi Silver Major Group Yaso Kondi Independent Corporate
Yaur Transport Group Yaur Empire Corporate
Yaure Emperor's Grace Yaure Empire Patronage
Yauri Empire League Yauri Empire Patronage
Yauri Services Yauri Independent Corporate
Yaurnai Independent Bridge Yaurnai Independent Patronage
Yaurnai Jet Hand Gang Yaurnai Independent Anarchy
Yavas Crimson Electronics Org Yavas Federation Corporate
Yawa Blue Pirates Yawa Independent Anarchy
Yawal Crimson Crew Yawal Independent Anarchy
Yawala League Yawala Federation Confederacy
Ye'kuana Freedom Party Ye'kuana Independent Dictatorship
Ye'kuape Federal PLC Ye'kuape Federation Corporate
Yebatayu Boys Yebatayu Independent Anarchy
Yebayo Crimson Major Solutions Yebayo Alliance Corporate
Yemai Ring Yemai Independent Anarchy
Yemaki Jet Life Ltd Yemaki Independent Corporate
Yemakinni Organisation Yemakinni Independent Corporate
Yemandegou Empire Consulate Yemandegou Empire Patronage
Yemar Advanced Exchange Yemar Federation Corporate
Yembo Blue Clan New Yembo Independent Anarchy
Yembo Interstellar Yembo Independent Corporate
Yemojong Ku Central Company Yemojong Ku Independent Corporate
Yemojong Ku Empire Party Yemojong Ku Empire Patronage
Yemotepa Blue Gang Yemotepa Independent Anarchy
Yemotepa Nobles Yemotepa Independent Feudal
Yemotwa Purple Netcoms Inc Yemotwa Empire Corporate
Yemovicenuo Movement Yemovicenuo Independent Dictatorship
Yen Camus Labour Yen Camus Federation Democracy
Yen Chelici Blue Life Inc Yen Chelici Independent Corporate
Yen Di Travel Inc Yen Di Federation Corporate
Yen Ek Company Yen Ek Independent Corporate
Yen Ek Empire League Yen Ek Empire Patronage
Yen Hsin Jet General Corporation Yen Hsin Federation Corporate
Yen Hsini Silver Council Yen Hsini Independent Anarchy
Yen K'an Protectorate Yen K'an Independent Patronage
Yen K'uie Patron's Principles Yen K'uie Empire Patronage
Yen Kuikul Jet United Solutions Yen Kuikul Empire Corporate
Yen Maniama Blue Netcoms Corp Yen Maniama Independent Corporate
Yen Maniama Purple Partnership Yen Maniama Independent Anarchy
Yen Nu Co Yen Nu Empire Corporate
Yen Nu Progressive Party Yen Nu Independent Democracy
Yen Shesmu One Yen Shesmu Independent Cooperative
Yen Tacanik Empire Party Yen Tacanik Empire Patronage
Yen Ti Crimson Advanced Org Yen Ti Independent Corporate
Yena Gu Labour Yena Gu Federation Democracy
Yenasaki Vision Co Yenasaki Federation Corporate
Yenasaki as one Yenasaki Independent Cooperative
Yenic Brotherhood Yenic Independent Anarchy
Yenic Incorporated Yenic Independent Corporate
Yenici Council Yenici Independent Anarchy
Yenici Interstellar Yenici Empire Corporate
Yenici Patron's Principles Yenici Empire Patronage
Yenici Silver Comms PLC Yenici Empire Corporate
Yeniklis Gold Clan Yeniklis Independent Anarchy
Yeninuri First Yeninuri Independent Dictatorship
Yenis Gold Pirates Yenis Independent Anarchy
Yenisei Blue Travel Company Yenisei Empire Corporate
Yenistani Commodities Yenistani Independent Corporate
Yenistani Guardians of Tradition Yenistani Empire Patronage
Yenistani Nationals Yenistani Independent Dictatorship
Yenistani for Equality Yenistani Independent Democracy
Yer Tanri Universal Industry Yer Tanri Independent Corporate
Yera Life Partners Lhan Federation Corporate
Yera Life Partners Palis Federation Corporate
Yera Life Partners Yera Federation Corporate
Yeraeang Mafia Yeraeang Independent Anarchy
Yggdrajang Collective Yggdrajang Independent Cooperative
Yhele Central Limited Yhele Independent Corporate
Yhele Empire Party Yhele Empire Patronage
Yhele Guardians of Tradition Yhele Empire Patronage
Yheling Cartel Yheling Independent Anarchy
Yheling Inc Yheling Federation Corporate
Yheling Republic Party Yheling Independent Democracy
Yi Dhodere Services Yi Dhodere Independent Corporate
Yi Trica Flag Yi Trica Independent Dictatorship
Yi Trica Limited Yi Trica Independent Corporate
Yimakuapa Blue Energy Limited Yimakuapa Independent Corporate
Yimanbin Industries Yimanbin Federation Corporate
Yimanbin Nationalists Yimanbin Independent Dictatorship
Yimanbin Purple General Comms Yimanbin Independent Corporate
Yimash Electronics Partners Yimash Independent Corporate
Yimash Network Yimash Independent Corporate
Yimash Progressive Party Yimash Federation Democracy
Yin Shaka Gold Camorra Yin Shaka Independent Anarchy
Yin Shaka Major Services Yin Shaka Independent Corporate
Yin Shaka Resistance Yin Shaka Independent Democracy
Yin T'ien Corp. Yin T'ien Independent Corporate
Yin Yin Purple Crew HIP 53737 Independent Anarchy
Yin Yin Purple Crew Yin Yin Independent Anarchy
Yinegafo Brotherhood Yinegafo Independent Anarchy
Yinegafo Natural Co Yinegafo Empire Corporate
Yinesheimr Advanced Interstellar Yinesheimr Empire Corporate
Yingites Shared Yingites Independent Cooperative
Yingo Incorporated Yingo Independent Corporate
Yingo Services Yingo Federation Corporate
Yinjian Council Yinjian Independent Anarchy
Yinjian Gold United Interstellar Yinjian Independent Corporate
Yinjian Silver Travel PLC LHS 1650 Federation Corporate
Yinjian Silver Travel PLC Yinjian Federation Corporate
Ymbe Patron's Principles Ymbe Empire Patronage
Yngvir Jet Allied Organisation Yngvir Independent Corporate
Yngvir Silver Federal Exchange Yngvir Independent Corporate
Yokusu Central Group Yokusu Independent Corporate
Yokusu Gold Boys Yokusu Independent Anarchy
Yokusu Imperial Society Yokusu Empire Patronage
Yolngikapu Dragons Yolngikapu Independent Anarchy
Yolngikapu Stakeholders Yolngikapu Independent Cooperative
Yorates Comms Industry Yorates Federation Corporate
Yorua Crimson Major Commodities Yorua Federation Corporate
Yorua Free Yorua Federation Democracy
Yorua Justice Party Yorua Independent Dictatorship
Yoruba Co Yoruba Federation Corporate
Youming Solutions Youming Federation Corporate
Ys Defence Party Ys Empire Dictatorship
Ys Silver Major Group Ys Empire Corporate
Yu Ch'iang Hand Gang Yu Ch'iang Independent Anarchy
Yu Ch'iang League Yu Ch'iang Federation Confederacy
Yu Chuj Empire League Yu Chuj Empire Patronage
Yu Chuj Inc Yu Chuj Empire Corporate
Yu Di Wandy Prison Colony Yu Di Wandy Independent Prison Colony
Yu Di Yi Crimson Natural Inc Yu Di Yi Independent Corporate
Yu Di Yi Republic Party Caris Federation Democracy
Yu Di Yi Republic Party Yu Di Yi Federation Democracy
Yu Hai Purple Universal Company Yu Hai Independent Corporate
Yu Hsien Tu Allied Industries Yu Hsien Tu Independent Corporate
Yu Hsien Tu Focus Yu Hsien Tu Independent Dictatorship
Yu Hsien Tu Liberals Bamileng Alliance Democracy
Yu Hsien Tu Liberals Yu Hsien Tu Alliance Democracy
Yu Hsien Tu Regulatory State Yu Hsien Tu Independent Dictatorship
Yu Hsinda Mob Yu Hsinda Independent Anarchy
Yu Kop United Yu Kop Independent Cooperative
Yu Kuo Wang Blue Camorra Yu Kuo Wang Independent Anarchy
Yu Kuo Wang Organisation Yu Kuo Wang Independent Corporate
Yu Shedi League Yu Shedi Federation Confederacy
Yu Shonsa Organisation Yu Shonsa Independent Anarchy
Yu Shor Purple Federal Org Chacobo Empire Corporate
Yu Shor Purple Federal Org Yu Shor Empire Corporate
Yu Shou Cartel Yu Shou Independent Anarchy
Yu Shou Life Corp. Yu Shou Empire Corporate
Yu Shun Imperial Society Yu Shun Empire Patronage
Yu Shun Purple Natural Corp Yu Shun Independent Corporate
Yu Song Di Crimson Bridge Org Yu Song Di Independent Corporate
Yu Ti Wand Society Yu Ti Wand Independent Anarchy
Yu Tiku Comms Incorporated Yu Tiku Independent Corporate
Yu Tiku Progressive Party Yu Tiku Federation Democracy
Yucadros Defence Party Yucadros Independent Dictatorship
Yucadros Legal Limited Yucadros Independent Corporate
Yucan Family Yucan Independent Anarchy
Yucan Public Exchange Yucan Independent Corporate
Yucan Purple Public Network Yucan Independent Corporate
Yucanes Federal Inc Yucanes Independent Corporate
Yudhis Jet Federal PLC Yudhis Independent Corporate
Yudhriges Family Yudhriges Independent Anarchy
Yudhriges Power Co Yudhriges Independent Corporate
Yudhumij Industry Yudhumij Independent Corporate
Yudhumit Corp. Yudhumit Federation Corporate
Yuets Systems Yuets Empire Corporate
Yuetu Gold Drug Empire Yuetu Independent Anarchy
Yuetu Major Corporation Yuetu Federation Corporate
Yuetu Silver Creative & Co Yuetu Independent Corporate
Yuetuh Emis Monarchy Yuetuh Emis Independent Feudal
Yuggera Empire League Yuggera Empire Patronage
Yuggera Holdings Yuggera Independent Corporate
Yuggeri Dynamic Systems Yuggeri Empire Corporate
Yuggeri Services Yuggeri Independent Corporate
Yuggeri Silver Cartel Yuggeri Independent Anarchy
Yuggerians Allied Yuggerians Independent Cooperative
Yuggerians Blue United Org Yuggerians Independent Corporate
Yugur Exchange Yugur Empire Corporate
Yuinni Emperor's Grace Yuinni Empire Patronage
Yukait Company Yukait Empire Corporate
Yukait Stakeholders Yukait Independent Cooperative
Yukan Patrons of Law Yukan Empire Patronage
Yukas Alliance Yukas Independent Confederacy
Yuki Tiana Collective Yuki Tiana Independent Cooperative
Yuki Tiana Vision Organisation Yuki Tiana Federation Corporate
Yukilam Confederation Yukilam Independent Confederacy
Yukilam Drug Empire Yukilam Independent Anarchy
Yukilam Dynasty Yukilam Independent Feudal
Yukou Clan Yukou Independent Anarchy
Yukpenon Blue Creative Corp Yukpenon Federation Corporate
Yukpenon Nationalists Yukpenon Independent Dictatorship
Yulandh Liberals Yulandh Federation Democracy
Yulashis Blue Life Corporation Yulashis Independent Corporate
Yulashis Citizens of Tradition Yulashis Empire Patronage
Yulashis Jet State Solutions Yulashis Independent Corporate
Yum Chayuu Travel Corporation Yum Chayuu Independent Corporate
Yum Cimil Defence Party Yum Cimil Independent Dictatorship
Yum Cimmeri Purple Organisation Pomeris Independent Anarchy
Yum Cruang Front Yum Cruang Independent Dictatorship
Yum Cruang Values Party Yum Cruang Federation Democracy
Yum Kachan Liberals Yum Kachan Federation Democracy
Yum Kacoc Democrats Yum Kacoc Independent Democracy
Yum Kacoc Justice Party Yum Kacoc Independent Dictatorship
Yum Kaia Free Yum Kaia Federation Democracy
Yum Kaia Legal Group Yum Kaia Independent Corporate
Yum Kaia Solutions Yum Kaia Federation Corporate
Yum Kaka Galactic Systems Yum Kaka Federation Corporate
Yum Kamcabi Progressive Party Yum Kamcabi Alliance Democracy
Yum Kamcabi Purple Life Industry Yum Kamcabi Independent Corporate
Yum Kicha Crimson Transport Ind Yum Kicha Federation Corporate
Yun Dun Conservatives Yun Dun Independent Dictatorship
Yun Dun Silver State Industries Yun Dun Federation Corporate
Yun Dun Vision Holdings Yun Dun Independent Corporate
Yun Dzacae Purple Organisation Yun Dzacae Independent Anarchy
Yun Nigh Central Exchange Yun Nigh Federation Corporate
Yun Nigh Rats Yun Nigh Independent Anarchy
Yun Tzu Corporation Yun Tzu Independent Corporate
Yun Tzu Dominion Yun Tzu Empire Dictatorship
Yupini Crimson Partnership Yupini Independent Anarchy
Yupini Imperial Society Yupini Empire Patronage
Yupini Life Network Yupini Independent Corporate
Yupini Limited Yupini Empire Corporate
Yupiniang Inc Yupiniang Independent Corporate
Yuqui Blue General Industry Yuqui Independent Corporate
Yuquiyala Prison Colony Yuquiyala Empire Prison Colony
Yuracani Crimson Posse Yuracani Independent Anarchy
Yuracani Fortune Ltd Yuracani Independent Corporate
Yuracani Independent Combine Yuracani Independent Patronage
Yuracani Union Party Yuracani Independent Communism
Yuragala Incorporated Yuragala Independent Corporate
Yuragala Republic Party Yuragala Federation Democracy
Yuragala Silver Hand Gang Yuragala Independent Anarchy
Yurok Interstellar HIP 90459 Independent Corporate
Yurok Interstellar Yurok Independent Corporate
Yurok Pride Yurok Independent Dictatorship
Yuror Crimson Drug Empire Yuror Independent Anarchy
Yuror Front HIP 108419 Empire Dictatorship
Yuruachine Advanced Corporation Yuruachine Independent Corporate
Yuruachine Galactic Organisation Yuruachine Federation Corporate
Yuruachine Purple Rats Yuruachine Independent Anarchy
Yurui Wang Blue Investments Co Yurui Wang Empire Corporate
Yurundhi Industry Yurundhi Empire Corporate
Yuruti Purple Mob Yuruti Independent Anarchy
Yutumukuni Jet Public Group Yutumukuni Federation Corporate

Index page for minor factions

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