This article contains a sortable list of minor factions ONLY for char Z. For the rest of the characters, please visit the index page for minor factions.

Name System Allegiance Government
ZZ Piscium Blue Mafia ZZ Piscium Independent Anarchy
ZZ Piscium Bridge Commodities ZZ Piscium Federation Corporate
ZZ Piscium Free ZZ Piscium Federation Democracy
ZZ Piscium Party ZZ Piscium Independent Dictatorship
Zac Cechaqu Commodities Zac Cechaqu Empire Corporate
Zac Chehoga Corp. Zac Chehoga Empire Corporate
Zacha Jet Advanced Incorporated Zacha Empire Corporate
Zacha Monarchy Zacha Empire Feudal
Zagombo Network Zagombo Independent Corporate
Zagombo Patrons of Law Zagombo Empire Patronage
Zagor Interstellar Zagor Empire Corporate
Zagorites Confederation Graba Federation Confederacy
Zagorites Confederation Zagorites Federation Confederacy
Zagoro Imperial Society Zagoro Empire Patronage
Zagoro Jet Society Zagoro Independent Anarchy
Zagotock Freedom Party Zagotock Independent Dictatorship
Zagotock Limited Zagotock Independent Corporate
Zagotock Nationals Zagotock Independent Dictatorship
Zamyruaymir Silver Galactic Zamyruaymir Federation Corporate
Zandu Jet Comms Inc Yggdrajang Federation Corporate
Zandu Jet Comms Inc Zandu Federation Corporate
Zandu Jet Syndicate Zandu Independent Anarchy
Zandu Progressive Party Zandu Federation Democracy
Zang O Independent Governance Zang O Independent Patronage
Zang Tangma Blue Legal Group Zang Tangma Independent Corporate
Zang Tangma Crimson Brotherhood Zang Tangma Independent Anarchy
Zangpo Travel Company Zangpo Empire Corporate
Zao Gongen Gold Federal Int Zao Gongen Independent Corporate
Zao Gongen Guardians Zao Gongen Empire Patronage
Zao Jiansei Crimson Natural Comp Zao Jiansei Federation Corporate
Zaonce Alliance Assembly Zaonce Alliance Patronage
Zaonce Galactic & Co Zaonce Alliance Corporate
Zaonce Pro-Alliance Party Zaonce Alliance Patronage
Zaonce Silver United Solutions Zaonce Alliance Corporate
Zapakhere Partners Zapakhere Federation Corporate
Zapakhere Party Zapakhere Independent Dictatorship
Zapalang Emperor's Grace Zapalang Empire Patronage
Zaparo Jet Pirates Zaparo Independent Anarchy
Zaparo Patrons of Law Zaparo Empire Patronage
Zaporisni Guardians of Tradition HIP 116410 Empire Patronage
Zaporisni Guardians of Tradition Zaporisni Empire Patronage
Zaporisni Jet Boys Zaporisni Independent Anarchy
Zaporisni Partners Zaporisni Independent Corporate
Zara Company Zara Independent Corporate
Zara Nationals Zara Empire Dictatorship
Zaragas Dominion Zaragas Independent Dictatorship
Zaragas Energy Corp. Zaragas Federation Corporate
Zaraluvul Commodities Zaraluvul Independent Corporate
Zaramo Confederation Zaramo Federation Confederacy
Zaramo Jet Natural Interstellar Zaramo Independent Corporate
Zaras Jet Fortune & Co Zaras Federation Corporate
Zarece Commodities Zarece Independent Corporate
Zarece Liberals Zarece Federation Democracy
Zarece Ring Zarece Independent Anarchy
Zary Orany Nationalists Zary Orany Independent Dictatorship
Zary Orany Silver Comms PLC Zary Orany Independent Corporate
Zarya Manas Silver Cartel Zarya Manas Independent Anarchy
Zavijah Exchange Zavijah Federation Corporate
Zeaex Corp. Zeaex Federation Corporate
Zeaex Posse Zeaex Independent Anarchy
Zeaex Values Party Zeaex Federation Democracy
Zearla Advanced Company Zearla Federation Corporate
Zearla Jet Family Zearla Independent Anarchy
Zelacanto Council Zelacanto Independent Anarchy
Zelacanto Dynasty Gender Empire Feudal
Zelacanto Dynasty Zelacanto Empire Feudal
Zelacanto Gold Galactic Holdings Zelacanto Empire Corporate
Zelano Autocracy Zelano Independent Dictatorship
Zelano Blue Central Industry Zelano Empire Corporate
Zelano Patron's Principles Zelano Empire Patronage
Zelao Crimson Transport Comms Zelao Empire Corporate
Zelarna League Zelarna Federation Confederacy
Zememede aristocrats Zememede Independent Feudal
Zemete Interstellar Zemete Empire Corporate
Zemetii Empire League Zemetii Empire Patronage
Zemetii Netcoms Industries Zemetii Independent Corporate
Zemetii Silver Universal Systems Zemetii Independent Corporate
Zemlia Blue Clan Zemlia Independent Anarchy
Zemliang & Co Zemliang Independent Corporate
Zemlya Silver Society Zemlya Independent Anarchy
Zende Partners Zende Independent Corporate
Zende Silver Mob Zende Independent Anarchy
Zenmait Interstellar Zenmait Empire Corporate
Zenmaku Alliance Zenmaku Federation Confederacy
Zenufangwe Gold Drug Empire Zenufangwe Independent Anarchy
Zenus Autocracy Zenus Independent Dictatorship
Zenus Public Services Zenus Federation Corporate
Zenut Drug Empire Zenut Independent Anarchy
Zenut Vision Inc Zenut Federation Corporate
Zenutet Empire Assembly Zenutet Empire Patronage
Zenutet Organisation Zenutet Independent Anarchy
Zeta Aquilae Blue Transport Org Menambe Federation Corporate
Zeta Aquilae Blue Transport Org Zeta Aquilae Federation Corporate
Zeta Fornacis Empire Assembly Epsilon Fornacis Empire Patronage
Zeta Fornacis Empire Assembly Zeta Fornacis Empire Patronage
Zeta Fornacis Industries Zeta Fornacis Empire Corporate
Zeta Fornacis Services Zeta Fornacis Independent Corporate
Zeta Horologii Emperor's Grace Zeta Horologii Empire Patronage
Zeta Horologii Imperial Society Zeta Horologii Empire Patronage
Zeta Leporis Bridge Inc Zeta Leporis Federation Corporate
Zeta Lupi Gold Dynamic Corp Zeta Lupi Federation Corporate
Zeta Microscopii United & Co Zeta Microscopii Empire Corporate
Zeta Pictoris Flag Zeta Pictoris Empire Dictatorship
Zeta Pictoris Inc Zeta Pictoris Independent Corporate
Zeta Telescopii Flag Zeta Telescopii Independent Dictatorship
Zeta Telescopii Gold Galactic Co Zeta Telescopii Federation Corporate
Zeta Telescopii Group Zeta Telescopii Independent Corporate
Zeta Trianguli Australis Corporation Zeta Trianguli Australis Federation Corporate
Zeta Tucanae Legal Ltd Zeta Tucanae Federation Corporate
Zeta-1 Reticuli Confederation LHS 160 Federation Confederacy
Zeta-1 Reticuli Confederation Zeta-1 Reticuli Federation Confederacy
Zeus Bureau Zeus Independent Dictatorship
Zhan Wen Crimson Energy Int Zhan Wen Independent Corporate
Zhan Wen Patron's Principles Zhan Wen Empire Patronage
Zhana Blue Universal Inc Zhana Federation Corporate
Zhang Blue Brothers Zhang Independent Anarchy
Zhang Comms Corp. Zhang Empire Corporate
Zhang Sheng Empire League Zhang Sheng Empire Patronage
Zhang Sheng Jet Life Group Zhang Sheng Independent Corporate
Zhang Yu Syndicate Zhang Yu Independent Anarchy
Zhang Yun Netcoms Interstellar Zhang Yun Empire Corporate
Zhangana Empire Assembly Zhangana Empire Patronage
Zhangda Revolutionary Party Zhangda Independent Communism
Zhangda Systems Zhangda Independent Corporate
Zhao Citizens of Tradition Zhao Empire Patronage
Zhao Gong Public Inc Zhao Gong Empire Corporate
Zhao Jet Transport Company Zhao Empire Corporate
Zhao Jin Limited Zhao Jin Independent Corporate
Zhao Progressive Party Zhao Independent Democracy
Zhao Tzu Industries Zhao Tzu Federation Corporate
Zhaoxian Coordinated Zhaoxian Independent Cooperative
Zhi Liberals Zhi Federation Democracy
Zhi Silver State Incorporated Zhi Federation Corporate
Zhonawasi Crimson Major & Co Zhonawasi Independent Corporate
Zhou Maola Crimson General Int Zhou Maola Federation Corporate
Zhou Maola Revolutionary Party Zhou Maola Independent Communism
Zhou Wang Blue Partnership Zhou Wang Independent Anarchy
Zhou Wang Citizens' Forum Zhou Wang Empire Patronage
Zhu Baba Empire Assembly Zhu Baba Empire Patronage
Zhu Baba Fortune Ltd Zhu Baba Empire Corporate
Zhu Ji Crimson Legal PLC Chia Federation Corporate
Zhu Ji Crimson Legal PLC Zhu Ji Federation Corporate
Zhu Ji Regulatory State Zhu Ji Independent Dictatorship
Zhu Vedani Blue Transport Dev Zhu Vedani Federation Corporate
Zhu Vedani Bureau Zhu Vedani Independent Dictatorship
Zhu Vedani Freedom Party Zhu Vedani Independent Dictatorship
Zhu Veddi Patrons of Law Zhu Veddi Empire Patronage
Zhu Veddi Progressive Party Zhu Veddi Independent Democracy
Zhu Veddi United Company Zhu Veddi Empire Corporate
Zhuaha Movement Zhuaha Empire Dictatorship
Zhuaha Nationalists Zhuaha Independent Dictatorship
Zhuala Imperial Society Zhuala Empire Patronage
Zhuala Purple Dynamic Corp. Zhuala Empire Corporate
Zhuang Boys Zhuang Independent Anarchy
Zhuang Citizens' Forum Zhuang Empire Patronage
Zhuang Resistance Zhuang Independent Democracy
Zhuar Values Party Zhuar Federation Democracy
Zhuaruparci Gold Pirates LP 816-61 Independent Anarchy
Zhuaruparci Gold Pirates Zhuaruparci Independent Anarchy
Zi Goan Patron's Principles HIP 105863 Empire Patronage
Zi Goan Patron's Principles Zi Goan Empire Patronage
Zi Goan Purple Natural Org Zi Goan Independent Corporate
Zi Guo Wu Jet Legal PLC Zi Guo Wu Independent Corporate
Zi Guo Wu Syndicate Zi Guo Wu Independent Anarchy
Zi Yines Unionists Zi Yines Independent Communism
Zi Yomi Fortune Inc Zi Yomi Independent Corporate
Zi Yomi Group Zi Yomi Independent Corporate
Zi Yomi Party Zi Yomi Independent Dictatorship
Zlota Federal Holdings Zlota Federation Corporate
Zlotrimi Purple Creative Hldgs Zlotrimi Independent Corporate
Zmey Goab Interstellar Zmey Goab Independent Corporate
Zmey Goab Nationals Zmey Goab Independent Dictatorship
Zmeyaaya Energy Industry Zmeyaaya Independent Corporate
Zmeyang League Zmeyang Federation Confederacy
Zod's Law Kavalan Independent Corporate
Zoelang Empire League Zoelang Empire Patronage
Zoelati Corporation Zoelati Empire Corporate
Zoelati Empire Party Zoelati Empire Patronage
Zomba Gold Electronics Corp Zomba Federation Corporate
Zomba Ring Zomba Independent Anarchy
Zombivaroa Corporation Zombivaroa Empire Corporate
Zombo Blue Partnership Zombo Independent Anarchy
Zombo Liberals Zombo Federation Democracy
Zoquagsang Crimson Council Zoquagsang Independent Anarchy
Zoquagsang Defence Force Zoquagsang Independent Dictatorship
Zoqui Gold United Network Zoqui Federation Corporate
Zoqui Xuang Industry Zoqui Xuang Federation Corporate
Zorya Federal Co Zorya Federation Corporate
Zorya Free Zorya Independent Democracy
Zorya Nong Crimson Federal Int Zorya Nong Independent Corporate
Zorya Nong League Zorya Nong Independent Dictatorship
Zoryacenuo Citizens' Forum Zoryacenuo Empire Patronage
Zoryaco One Zoryaco Independent Cooperative
Zoryak Systems Zoryak Empire Corporate
Zoryampt Allied Inc Zoryampt Federation Corporate
Zoryampt Dynasty Zoryampt Independent Feudal
Zorynhili Labour Union Zorynhili Independent Communism
Zorynhili Partners Zorynhili Federation Corporate
Zorynici Partners Zorynici Federation Corporate
Zosi Gold Rats Zosi Independent Anarchy
Zosi Major Corporation Zosi Alliance Corporate
Zosinambure Liberals Zosinambure Independent Democracy
Zosinambure Partners Zosinambure Independent Corporate
Zugen Incorporated LFT 1404 Federation Corporate
Zugen Incorporated Zugen Federation Corporate
Zuruaha Dynamic Company Zuruaha Independent Corporate
Zurukuruni Jet Rats Zurukuruni Independent Anarchy
Zurukuruni Labour Zurukuruni Independent Democracy
Zurukuruni United Commodities Zurukuruni Independent Corporate
Zurum Power Commodities Zurum Empire Corporate
Zvaithhogg Empire Party Zvaithhogg Empire Patronage
Zvaithhogg Holdings Manthe Empire Corporate
Zvaithhogg Holdings Zvaithhogg Empire Corporate
Zvaiti Bridge Organisation Zvaiti Federation Corporate
Zvaizdikis Free Zvaizdikis Federation Democracy
Zvaizdikis Mafia Zvaizdikis Independent Anarchy
Zvaizgan Confederation Zvaizgan Federation Confederacy
Zvoruna Co Zvoruna Independent Corporate
Zvoruna Gang Zvoruna Independent Anarchy
Zvoruna United Ltd Zvoruna Independent Corporate

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