Loric Trander
Character Placeholder
AllegianceFederation vector Federation
OccupationPresident of the Federation

Loric Trander was a President of the Federation who served from 3184 to 3192.[1]

In 3184, Trander authorised a force of privateers in Alioth following the murder of an official named Riley Dain who had been investigating the abuse of permitted quotas in the system's gas mining sector. In response, Emperor Hesketh Duval sent the Imperial XV fleet to Alioth. The resulting conflict lasted until 3198, with neither the Federation nor the Empire achieving anything of note.[2]


  1. Data taken from Tourist Spot Beacon 0201, Sol system
  2. Data taken from Tourist Spot Beacon 0120, Alioth system
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Eventually Tyrell Biggs President of the Federation Eventually Eugene Cooper

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