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Balandin Gateway
FactionCrimson State Group
Trade data
ImportsNatural Fabrics
Synthetic Fabrics
ExportsWater Purifiers
Crop Harvesters
Marine Equipment
ProhibitedCombat Stabilisers
Battle Weapons
Imperial Slaves
Toxic Waste
Stellar data
Orbital Period0.6 Days
Semi Major Axis41,096 KM
Orbital Eccentricity0.0000
Orbital Inclination0.00 DEG
Arg of Periapsis282.39 DEG
Rotational Period1.0 Days
Axial Tilt0.00 DEG

Balandin Gateway, located in Federal space in the Lugh system the station is controlled by the Crimson State Group. They offer outfitting service, munition restock, Black Market, Shipyard, Commodities and Universal Cartographics. It's also the place where you need to hand in your combat bonds in order to increase the Spear of Lugh event quest.​


The following items can be found in the Outfitting section in Balandin Gateway. For detailed list please go to each items own page.

Small HardpointsEdit

Item Price Class Rating Mass Integrity Health Damage Thermal Load
Burst Laser 4.4K 1 F 2.00T A ---------- -- -
Pulse Laser 6.6K 1 G 2.00T A ---------- -- -
Mining Laser 6.8K 1 D 2.00T A ---------- N/A -
Burst Laser 8.6K 1 G 2.00T A ---------- -- -
Multi-cannon 9.5K 1 F 2.00T A ---------- -- -
Torpedo Pylon 11.2K 1 I 2.00T A ---------- N/A ----------
Multi-cannon 14.25K 1 G 2.00T A ---------- -- -
Cannon 21.1K 1 D 2.00T A ---------- ----- -
Mine Launcher 24.26K 1 I 2.00T A ---------- N/A --
Missle Rack 32.175K 1 B 2.00T A ---------- ------- ---
Fragment Cannon 36K 1 E 2.00T A ---------- -- -
Cannon 42.2K 1 E 2.00T A ---------- ----- -
Rail Gun 51.6K 1 D 2.00T A ---------- ------ ---
Fragment Cannon 54.72K 1 E 2.00T A ---------- -- -
Missle Rack 72.6K 1 B 2.00T A ---------- ------ ---
Multi-Cannon 81.6K 1 G 2.00T A ---------- (0) -
Fragment Cannon 182.4K 1 E 2.00T A ---------- - -
Cannon 506.4K 1 F 2.00T A ---------- ---- -

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