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Majestic-class Interdictor

The Majestic Class Interdictor is a capital-type ship for the Empire. It has an array of weaponry including Modular Interceptor Guns and Railguns.


The formidable vessel boasts a range of imposing weaponry, including an array of modular interceptor guns. [1] Its elegant lines belie the deadly power of its artillery.[2]

Name: Majestic Class Interdictor
Type: Capital
Faction: Empire
Manufacturer: Gutamaya
Crew: Unknown
Cargo Capacity: Classified
Firepower: Imposing weaponry, artillery and an array of modular interceptor guns
Dimensions: Length: 1904m, Width: 477m, Height: 469m
Ships Carried: Several squadrons of Imperial Fighters
Range: Deep deployment capabilities
Hyperspace Capability: Yes

Known shipsEdit

Name Last known location Notes
INV Achenar's Might Siksikas 4 As of Nov. 4, 3302
INV Achenar's Will HIP 108598 A 9
INV Aisling Duval Shoma As of Feb. 17, 3303
INV Aisling's Hope Carthage As of Dec. 2, 3302
INV Anders Blaine Pleiades Sector IH-V C2-16
INV Artemisa LTT 9810
INV Atticus Duval Yaqui
INV Dreadnought Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4 9 A (Low Orbit) As of Sept. 28, 3302
INV Duval Itzamnets
INV Duval's Decree
INV Duval's Justice Findja As of Dec. 30, 3302
INV Duval's Might Orom Djugua
INV Duval's Pride
INV Duval's Sight
INV Glory Huokang Defeated in battle by the FNS Leviathan
INV Faveol 40 Ceti
INV Goliath Ribhniugo As of Feb. 25, 3303
INV Hall's Memory Wu Guinagi As of May 19, 3303
INV Hengist Duval Neits
INV Invincible Huokang Defeated in battle by the FNS leviathan may 26th 3303
INV Imperial Freedom Eotienses The flagship of Admiral Denton Patreus
INV Implacable Huokang Recieved heavy damage in the battle of Huokang 26th may 3303
INV Maximillian Wrekcht Wu Guinagi As of May 20, 3303
INV Replicator Mundjiga Named after CMDR Replicator_ for contributing the most resources to the CG to construct the ship
INV Shield of the Empire Wu Guinagi 2 As of April 18, 3303
INV Shield of Martyrs Facece As of Nov. 5, 3302
INV Thunderer Recently damaged in a battle with the FNS Mars As of 14th may 3303
INV Trasken Duval Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-16 As of Dec. 29, 3302
INV Valiant
INV Warrior BD+40 2208 As of Jan. 4, 3303
INV Xanadu Synteini
RZS Cerberus Carthage As of Dec. 2, 3302


  • Random appearances in High Intensity Combat Zones and Capital Ship zones starting in Gamma update.
  • After destroying all of its Heat Relays it will be forced to retreat and FSD from the battlefield.
  • One can be found stationed in Synteini, It appears to be a permanent post.
  • Two are docked for repairs outside Jefferies Port in the Ugrivirii system.
  • Capital Ships have an exclusion zone. Flying too close to a Capital Ship is considered a threat and will make you a target, even if you are friendly. The Capital Ship will often inform you when you are getting close, telling you to back off.




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