For Information about maps in the current version of the game, see Galaxy Map and System Map.
Cockpit HUD

Map function in 3D cockpit

Basic map informationEdit

The map will cover procedurally generated galaxy, our own “Milky Way” hosting over 100 billion stars (including our own, and by extension, the planet Earth), each solar system with anything up to one hundred bodies in them (moons, planets and more).

  • The galactic map is a standard module in all cockpits of jump-capable ships.
  • Map is presented as a 3D hologram in the cockpit.
  • Player can zoom differing levels of view (whole galaxy or system map).
    • Presets
      • Whole galaxy
        • Shows key landmark systems and celestial objects
      • Zones
        • Human, Federation, Imperial, Alliance space
        • Geographic space (e.g. Orion spur, Hyades, Pleiades)
        • Player selected area of interest
      • Systems

Type of map statesEdit

Galaxy View: View key landmark systems and celestial objects, as well as factional space and other points of interest.

System View: View your available data on a system.

Player map functionEdit

Map Search facility.

  • Player types
  • Name of objects
  • Search returns list
  • Selecting item on list selects that location

Player own favourites and bookmarks.

  • Player can have a list of selected locations
  • Locations can be added and removed from the list
  • When selecting location on the list - selects that location

Map filtersEdit


Toggles can be used to control which systems are displayed in galaxy view, with configurable fade-offs.

  • All
  • Bright and dark systems
  • Economy type (agricultural/industrial)
  • Government type (security level above pre-defined level)
  • Population
  • Stellar classification
  • In range systems
  • Missions
  • Allegiance
  • Has station and shipyard
  • Explored and not explored
  • Contacts
  • Events
  • Distance

Toggles can be displayed to indicate other items too.

  • Landmark objects (nebula, pulsars etc...)
  • Routes between systems
  • Zones of allegiance
  • Busy routes


Various aids to using the map can be toggled on and off.

  • Galactic plane: Absolute
    • True galactic plane
    • Systems shown with stalks to indicate separation from plane
    • Becomes less useful when further away from plane
  • Galactic plane: Relative
    • Artificial plane created based on the height of the selected system from the real galactic plane
    • Systems shown with stalks to indicate separation from plane
  • Sector box
    • Bounding box for sectors
  • Sector grid
    • Distance faded sector grid
  • Compass/View Gizmo
    • Shows direction to galactic centre
    • Allows shortcuts to specific camera views


Toggles can be used to control what additional data can be displayed.

  • None
  • Trading (Value, quantity, profit, loss, trade routes and production)
  • Piracy
  • Bounties collected
  • Traffic
  • War zones
  • Wealth
  • Standard of Living
  • Development level
  • Security
  • Commander deaths
  • Factions
  • Player history (Trading, travel, combat, exploration and beacons)
  • Friends/Groups (Current locations)

Buy and sell map upgradesEdit

Players can buy map data from authorities to expand their ships computers library of maps.

  • New map data will allow the player to travel to new locations without needing to explore.
  • Map data that is bought from authorities is not to the highest level of detail and can be improved with player gathered data.
  • Map data includes hyperspace routes to systems and major points of interest in that system.
  • The pilots federation will always pay players for the first successful jump they make using the exploration method (If the player bought the map data for the jump they cannot sell the data), even if the player is not the first person ever to make the jump (the pilots federation use the data to improve their telemetry and keep maps up to date)
  • Players can sell map information they have gathered to other players as well as authorities.
    • This is done through a trade interface similar to the trade goods trading interface.
    • Players can sell hyperspace routes from their location to any single system they have explored to.
    • The purchasing player then offers a price (this can be 0 if it is a gift), and if both players are satisfied they agree to the trade.
    • Players can also trade in map system data including locations of points of interest using the same method.


  1. Probes will give the player heat-map style data to help guide the player to the correct coordinates for a jump.
  2. Heatmap data might be ambiguous, creating skill based gameplay where the player learns to interpret the readings they receive.
  3. Different equipment can determine the quality of heatmap data.

What to do in the map viewEdit

Plotting a hyperspace jump

Automatic course

  1. Origin already selected (current system)
  2. Player selects destination system
  3. Select plot course: Sat Navigation style options for configuring route is for Quickest or safest route
  4. If there is a viable route then this is displayed, the destination is locked into the hyperspace computer so if jump initiated this is the target

Manual course

  1. Origin already selected (current system)
  2. Player selects destination: If within jump range and has enough fuel then add as hyperspace target
  3. Repeat above, but add new points to the jump chain
  4. Player confirms last jump and jump is locked

How do I find the system/planet/station that I have named?

  1. Open the search box
  2. Type in target name
  3. Select from returned list

I have a cargo of beans. Where can I sell it?

  1. Activate filter to show trading data
  2. Activate filter to show non-agricultural systems
  3. Select system with low trading traffic and attempt to plot course

I am a bounty hunter and looking for new targets

  1. Activate piracy filter
  2. Activate security level filter
  3. Systems with high piracy and low security should be good hunting grounds

I am an explorer and want to find somewhere new

  1. Activate not explored filter
  2. Select system within range not explored


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