Materials are chemical elements that can be found on the surfaces of planets and moons.

Polonium and SRV

They do not take up space in cargo racks.[1] Materials have a separate inventory, and are only stored in tiny quantities. The maximum that can be carried at once is 1000 units.

Materials remain available when switching between vehicles, and in the case of vehicle destruction they are saved by the pilot's escape system.


Main article: Synthesis

Materials can be used in Synthesis, in which various temporary bonuses can be made for a ship or SRV and ammunition can be refilled.


Main article: Engineers

As of version 2.1 engineers can use materials to upgrade ship modules and weapons.

Material SourcesEdit

Geo and Bio Materials

Geo and bio materials study

Material sources on planets and moons can be located by use of the Wave Scanner of an SRV. When they are destroyed by weapons fire from a ship or SRV they explode into chunks of materials, which can be collected using a ship or SRV's Cargo Scoop.

The type of materials vary depending on the geology of the body, the type of world it is and where it is situated.[2] As well as sources which are natural parts of the body, there are meteorites which fell from space, cargo racks of downed ships, and perhaps other more mysterious sources to be found.

Material sources discovered so far are:

List of MaterialsEdit

Name Grade Found in Used in
Antimony Very Rare
Arsenic Common
Cadmium Rare
Carbon Very common
Chromium Common
Germanium Common
Iron Very common
Manganese Common
Mercury Rare
Molybdenum Rare
Nickel Very common
Niobium Rare
Phosphorus Very common
Polonium Very rare
Ruthenium Very rare
Selenium Common
Sulphur Very common
Technetium Very Rare
Tellurium Very rare
Tin Rare
Tungsten Rare
Vanadium Common
Yttrium Very rare
Zinc Common
Zirconium Common


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