The Gnosis, a Flight Operations Carrier

A Megaship is a class of massive ships that travel through the galaxy, and are utilized in a wide variety of roles.[1] Megaships were introduced in Elite Dangerous: Horizons update 2.3, "The Commanders".[2]

Megaship TypesEdit

There are various models of Megaships categorized into three main types. Most Megaships are Bulk Cruisers and cannot be docked with. Flight Operations Carriers are Megaships with docking facilities. Generation Ships, which predate contemporary Megaships, are derelict and also lack docking facilities.[3]

Known MegashipsEdit

A number of Megaships are mobile with a rotating flight plan, and every week they will jump to the next system on the list, while other Megaships are stationary and can reliably be found at the same location.

Bulk CruisersEdit

All Bulk Cruisers feature one or more text or audio logs that can be downloaded from Ship Log Uplinks using a Data Link Scanner. They possess no docking facilities, but commodities and materials can usually be salvaged near them. Some have unique names in addition to a class and ID code. Bulk Cruisers highlighted in green have been attacked by Thargoids.

Name Class & ID System(s) Planet Notes
Aida Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship PTK-179 Electra 6 Distress call reported by Galnet[5][6]
AIE Anzac Honour Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel Pleiades Sector GW-W c1-15 11 CG reward[7]
Blazin' Dynamo Kemurukamar
Cargo Vessel Ford Prefect Banner Class Bulk Cargo Ship TIH-562 Flight Plan: Gurney Slade, Proxima, Obates, Ramito, Sagar, Anotchadiae
Cave Johnson Memorial Science Lab Lowell Class Science Vessel Flight Plan: Irusan, Hyades Sector BQ-Y d91, HIP 18833, Maia, Hyades Sector AF-Z b4, HIP 21918
GCS Sarasvati IC 4604 Sector FB-X c1-16 A 1 A
Nemb Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship LP 892-51 3 A Attacked by pirates
Survey Vessel Pandora Survey Vessel HIP 21478 A 1 F
Survey Vessel Victoria's Song Survey Vessel HIP 17125 A 3
The Artificers Clan Dredger Dredger Reorte Missing as of 2.4
The Cete Col 173 Sector LJ-F c12-0 A 3
The Phagos Clan Dredger Dredger Lugh Missing as of 2.4
The Zurara Syreadiae JX-F c0 1
Alcatraz Class Prison Ship JJF-048 HIP 17692 A 3
Alcatraz Class Prison Ship SSC-852 Flight Plan: Milscothach, Luyten 347-14, LHS 332, LFT 926, LHS 332, Luyten 347-14
Amaethon Class Agricultural Vessel BTA-011B Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 4 A
Amaethon Class Agricultural Vessel HDO-638 Nankul 3
Aquarius Class Tanker ALF-895 HIP 17225 A 2
Aquarius Class Tanker KGD-684 Flight Plan: Maya, Sete, Nima, Ngandii, Tjapan, Dilati
Aquarius Class Tanker WKS-559 California Sector BA-A e6 4 Attacked by pirates
Banner Class Bulk Cargo Ship BTG-237 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 5 A
Bellmarsh Class Prison Ship DLV-812 Flight Plan: Pohnpet, Timocan, Heretia, HR 1613, Heretia, Timocan
Bowman Class Science Vessel ZZW-101 Flight Plan: Asgaa, Dagr, CN Bootis, Tiris, Cantjarisni, Sveinbarn
Collionson Class Asteroid Ship Gateway Hope Missing as of 2.4
Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel DGL-436 Flight Plan: Peckollerci, Hayar, Feuma, Gateway, Adenets, Olgrea
Demeter Class Agricultural Vessel KSL-878 Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-57 A 5
Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel DSL-327 Flight Plan: Nyx, Sigma Pegasi, Gilgamesh, LP 347-5, Inti, Ursitoare
Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel FGK-342 Synuefai LX-R d5-28 4 Attacked by pirates
Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel GTP-8846 Flight Plan: Sothis, Ceos, Robigo, Almagest, Robigo, Ceos
Dionysus Class Agricultural Vessel KTB-2673 Nankul 2
Freedom Class Survey Vessel MLK-0115 Altair Seen in 3.0 beta
Freedom Class Survey Vessel MRM-629 Sothis A
Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship FPR-42 HIP 18077 Attacked by pirates
Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship MSZ-405 Flight Plan: Avikarli, Suessi, Cambal, Siluruba, HIP 64131, Negasta
Gordon Class Bulk Cargo Ship SOD-7416 LP 581-36 B 3
Henry Class Bulk Cargo Ship ALC-339 Flight Plan: Itzam Nawe, Taimin, Nokotaikuyu, Shalatucas, Hajarage, Chaualkyrja
Henry Class Bulk Cargo Ship AR-005 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 4 A
Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship ALL-4659 Flight Plan: Gateway, Tambe, Purui Hari, Olwain, Akheilos, Alcor
Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship KPX-3397 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 5 A
Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship TFD-013 Flight Plan: Oduduro, Oto, Wong Sher, Nima, Yoruba, Alrai
Hogan Class Bulk Cargo Ship DAL-658 Flight Plan: Tapirape, Keiadir, Summerland, Sherones, Pandemonium, Sifjar
Lowell Class Science Vessel CMB-511 Flight Plan: Wolf 485a, LP 790-29, LP 58-247, Lawd 52, LP 634-1, GD 175
Lowell Class Science Vessel HDR-617 Pleiades Sector OI-T c3-7 B 8
Lowell Class Science Vessel HLD-667 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 2
Naphtha Class Tanker FKS-981 Flight Plan: Okinura, Arinack, Bandizel, Saranyu, Gyton's Hope, Tollan
Naphtha Class Tanker IPD-038 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 2 B A
Riker Class Prison Ship TFL-853 Flight Plan: Imiutli, Segobo, Guarada, Segobo, Imiutli, Yarrinic
Sagan Class Tourist Ship CUR-6466 LP 581-36 A 6
Sagan Class Tourist Ship TEL-121 Flight Plan: IC 1805 Sector AV-O c6-6, IC 1805 Sector DQ-Y e3, IC 1805 Sector AV-O c6-6, IC 1805 Sector AV-O c6-5, IC 1805 Sector AV-O c6-6, IC 1805 Sector DQ-Y e3
Sagan Class Tourist Ship VOY-438 Ceos 3
Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship AK-302 California Sector BV-Y c7 Attacked by pirates
Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship RUF-707 Chan Mina 2
Samson Class Bulk Cargo Ship ZAE-013 Flight Plan: Idununn, Mokosh, Ambiri, Chih Zhi, Lu Wang, Valta
Sanchez Class Science Vessel ZIG-097 Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55 1
Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship DFX-056 Pleiades Sector IH-V c2-5 1 A
Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship KS-92 California Sector JH-V c2-12 Attacked by pirates
Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship SOD-6497 Deriv-Dar C 5
Thomas Class Bulk Cargo Ship ZKR-105 Flight Plan: Bilfrost, Har Pa Hsin, Damnon, Manawydan, Concani, Bukurnabal

Flight Operations CarriersEdit

All Flight Operations Carriers support docking, but lack any Ship Log Uplinks or salvage. They can accommodate vessels of all sizes, and feature a variety of services with the exception of shipyards. Generic Rescue Vessels can be found in systems with recently-damaged stations. Detention Centres also function as Flight Operations Carriers and are open to public use.

Name System Planet Notes
Acropolis See Flight Plan A mobile Aegis military flagship
ACS Overwatch Lambda Arae 6 The third Megaship controlled by a player faction[8]
Dionysus HIP 17044 2 The second Megaship controlled by a player faction, and originally planned to be located in 42 n Persei[9][10]
Dove Enigma Colonia 3 A Named for CMDR DoveEnigma13[11]
Fisher's Rest Aldebaran A Named in honor of the actress Carrie Fisher[12]
Foster Terminal Coeus A 2 The first Megaship in the Colonia Region
Malkendorf Carini A 2
Overlook HIP 22460 System is permit-locked with no known way to obtain the permit
Still Krisi's Eclipse Kpelidoog A 1 Named for CMDR Still Krisi, who made the largest contribution to the CG for the ship's construction[13][14]
The Gnosis See Flight Plan The first Megaship controlled by a player faction, and the first mobile Flight Operations Carrier
The Harmony Yum Kamcabi A 11
The Indra HR 1185 A 4
The Midas Zeus 1
Tiliala's Lament Akandinigua 5 Permanently controlled by the Conservatives of Tiliala, one of two minor factions who provide the permit for the Tiliala system[15]
Vanguard See Flight Plan A mobile Aegis military flagship

Generation ShipsEdit

All Generation ships feature audio logs that can be downloaded from Ship Log Uplinks. As they are ancient derelicts, they possess no docking facilities, nor any salvage.

Name System Location
Generation Ship Artemis Mu Cassiopeia Orbiting planet C 1
Generation Ship Atlas Charick Drift Orbiting planet A
Generation Ship Hyperion Lalande 2966 4th planet, then 7k ls towards Yemaki
Generation Ship Lycaon Alaunus 10th planet, then 22k ls towards Horae
Generation Ship Odysseus Ross 859 Orbiting planet B 1
Generation Ship Pleione Hez Ur 5th planet, then 8k ls towards Teuten
Generation Ship Thetis Nefertem Orbiting planet 6 A
Generation Ship Venusian Kitae 2.5k ls towards Zephyrus
Lazarus Expedition Virudnir Orbiting planet 6 A

Interaction Edit

Initiating Interactions:[16]

  • 1. Megaships need to be scanned with the Data Link Scanner before any of the interaction objects become interactive.
  • 2. Doing so will release a scan pulse which highlights all interaction objects attached to the vessel.
  • 3. Interaction objects are added to your ships contacts panel and can be targeted and interrogated to discover how to interact with them.
  • 4. Some of interactions utilise limpets of various types to allow you to activate, deactivate, damage, hack or simply operate an item. While others can be shot or scanned to interact.

All current interactions are considered illegal, tying in with the changes to Crime and Punishment. These interactions provide criminal pilots gameplay options as well as give lawful players new locations to find wanted pilots. 

  • Players can scan certain revealed targets to uncover sub-targets. These can be interacted with in different ways depending on the type.[17]
  • Players can damage generators to disable turrets.[17]
  • Players can use recon limpets to activate data terminals and comms arrays.[17]
  • Players can use hatch breaker limpets to open a cargo bay.[17]


Gallery Edit


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