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The Harmony Megaship

The Harmony, a Flight Operations Megaship

A Megaship is a class of massive ships that travel through the galaxy, and are utilized in a wide variety of roles.[1] Megaships will be introduced in update 2.3 "The Commanders".[2] Comparable in size to most stations, and in some cases much longer, a number of megaships are also equipped with docking facilities for small, medium, and large vessels. All services normally available at stations are on offer, with the exception of the Shipyard.

Megaship TypeEdit

There are various types of Megaships:[1]

  • Tanker
  • Cargo
  • Asteroid Miner
  • Flight Operations
  • Prison Ship
  • Science Vessel
  • Passenger
  • Dredger

Known MegashipsEdit

Name Location Type Docking?
Fisher's Rest Aldebaran Flight Operations Yes
The Harmony Yum Kamcabi Flight Operations Yes
Collionson Class Asteroid Ship Gateway Asteroid Miner No
Hercules Class Bulk Cargo Ship Oduduro Cargo No
Naphtha Class Tanker Okinura Tanker No
Sagan Class Tourist Ship IC 1805 Sector AV-O c6-6 Passenger No

Gallery Edit


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