Mercenary Cobra
Time InvestmentSmall
Suggested ShipsCobra
Federal Dropship
Suggested UpgradesArmour Upgrades
Shield Upgrades
Weapon Upgrades

Mercenary work is fairly straight forward - after acquiring a mission just fly to a Conflict Zone and begin shooting the targets requested in the mission. Conflict Zones can be very hectic as there will be many enemy and friendly ships. Once a mission has been completed the player can check the starport's contact menu and claim their reward in the Combat Bond section.

Don't forget to pick a side within Conflict Zones. This will increase how much you earn substantially. The reward for each kill will increase from 3000 Cr per Combat Bond Voucher, to anywhere from 4,000 Cr to 72,000 Cr depending on the ship. Fighting for a specific faction will improve your relation to it. You will however earn more credits if you decide to stand neutral. This is because you can take any mission without needing to worry about your current standing.


If the player has two missions to kill a certain enemy then kills will count towards both missions at the same time. Example Mission A requires 5 military kills and Mission B requires 6 military kills - the player only needs to kill 6 total.


Please be aware that after accepting a mercenary mission and travelling to the mission sector it is ill-advised to search USS.

If you find a USS event that updates the mission with the abandon reward or an alternate target, it resets your kill counter.

Solution 1: Don't search USS, just go kill your smugglers/pirates/traders etc.

Solution 2: Search USS first and keep your reputation in mind. It's generally a bad idea to suddenly go kill traders or authority of a friendly major faction.

Sometimes you will arrive at your missions designated location to find that there is no conflict zone or warzone. Currently there are no workarounds for this, as leaving and returning to the system does not resolve this issue.

Find a USS with the NPC that offers the alternative abandon mission and accept that.


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