Ripe Meta-Alloy Pod
TypeIndustrial material
Galactic Average Price83,530 CR
Produced byDarnielle's Progress, Maia
Consumed by---

Meta-alloys have a complex lattice structure with large internal voids. They are cellular in nature, and formed organically. They are incredibly strong - much stronger than foamed aluminium for example. Many elements form the structure so technically they are alloys, but the composition is different in different parts of the cell walls for strength. They are good thermal insulators, and have a high melting point, but if they are melted they lose all their special properties and become a conventional alloy. They are easily machined, but as yet cannot be manufactured, only found in space. They are associated with recently discovered alien entities nicknamed 'Large Barnacles' by interstellar explorers. These appear to be common in certain parts of space, although no-one is certain why. This material has been heralded as the next step in materials technology. It is ultra-light and stronger and more versatile than most commercially available alloys.

— In-game description

Meta-alloys is a new commodity introduced in the v1.5 ships update.

The first meta-alloys were discovered by shooting an Organic Structure found on Merope 5 C on January 14th 3302[1], at coordinates -26.3502, -156.4050. This has been reported by multiple commanders. Selling the item in the nearby Maia system currently yields around 83,530 CR, but it has been reported that the price drops significantly on returning to populated space - some have reported only getting 1 CR from the sale [citation needed].

Meta-alloys can drop on the destruction of certain Organic Structures, these Organic Structures have an enlarged bulb visible near their tip which appears to be the alloy itself. The Organic Structures can be found in the immediate surroundings of an Alien Structure, examples of which have now been found in multiple systems in the vicinity of Merope.[2] These have been nick-named Barnacles by commanders, due to their initial appearance resembling that of the aquatic barnacle. However, now that they have been found it would appear that they are in fact spikes or spines sticking upwards from the ground enclosing something - what this is, if indeed it is anything, remains cause for speculation.

At the time of writing, the purpose of Meta Alloys is unknown. A GalNet article posted on the 15th January 3302 [3] has suggested that they are counteracting the effects the Unknown Artifacts have been having on some stations, leading to further hypothesising.[4]

References Edit

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