Controlling FactionThe Dukes of Mikunn

After having fled the empire from the wrath of a senator, the brothers known as the Dukes of Mikunn, set up an operation on the edge of civilized space to mine and expand humanity's borders through colonization.

Starting with the humble system of Mikunn, they have built up a significant sphere of influence throughout the sector, leveraging their portfolio of assets against local leaders to acquire a network of systems.

— In-Game Description


A system on the fringes of colonized space with surprisingly valuable resources for its small size, Mikunn has become a colonized sector only over the last couple of years. For most of that time, the single outpost present was under construction and efforts were completed on December 16, 3300. The station, named after the late Spassky Darvil, is owned and run by his two sons, Tiberius and Caius. The two self proclaimed Dukes of Mikunn oversee the military, economic, and political concerns of the station. Despite the small population of the system, the native faction has been able to wield a more than sizable amount of economic and political clout in its local star cluster, expanding operations into the nearby systems.

System LayoutEdit

  • Star: Mikunn [Age: 9,008 mil. years | Solar masses: 0.4375 | Solar radius: 0.5544 | Surface temp: 3,152.00K]
  • Planet: Mikunn 1 - Ice Planet [Earth masses: 0.0066 | Radius: 1,566 km | Surface temp: 121K | No volcanism | No atmosphere]
    • Outpost: Spassky's Inheritence
  • Planet: Mikunn 2 - Icy Planet [Earth masses: 0.0080 | Radius: 1,665 km | Surface temp: 103K | No volcanism | No atmosphere]
  • Planet: Mikunn 3 - Icy Planet [Earth masses: 0.0063 | Radius: 1,543 km | Surface temp: 103K | No volcanism | No atmosphere]
  • Planet: Mikunn 4 - Icy Planet [Earth masses: 0.0074 | Radius: 1,626 km | Surface temp: 89K | No volcanism | No atmosphere]
  • Planet: Mikunn 5 - Icy Planet [Earth masses: 0.0137 | Radius: 1,997 km | Surface temp: 76K | No volcanism | No atmosphere]
  • Planet: Mikunn 6 - Icy Planet [Earth masses: 0.0166 | Radius: 2,125 km | Surface temp: 124K | Surface pressure: 0.89 atmospheres | No volcanism | Atmosphere: 100% Methane]
  • Planet: Mikunn 7 - Icy Planet [Earth masses: 0.0180 | Radius: 2,182 km | Surface temp: 56K | No volcanism | No atmosphere]
  • Planet: Mikunn 8 - Icy Planet [Earth masses: 0.0454 | Radius: 2,947 km | Surface temp: 51K | No volcanism | No atmosphere]
  • Planet: Mikunn 9 - Icy Planet [Earth masses: 0.0278 | Radius: 2,515 km | Surface temp: 42K | No volcanism | No atmosphere]
  • Planet: Mikunn 10 - Icy Planet [Earth masses: 0.0977 | Radius: 3,772 km | Surface temp: 32K | No volcanism | No atmosphere]

Natural ResourcesEdit

As the main supplier of metallic substances for Spassky's Inheritance, the Mikunn A Belt [Clusters 1-3] is composed predominantly of Bauxite. It also contains Indite, Rutile, Uraninite, Gold, and Silver. Trace amounts of Palladium, Bertrandite, Coltan, Gallite, and Lepidolite have been known to exist.


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