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Military Grade Composite

Hardened structure and compounds offering superior protection against all types of attack.

— In-Game Description

Military Grade Composite is a reinforcement material for the ship's hull. It is designed to give better protection than Lightweight Alloys and Reinforced Alloys against all projectile and energy weapons. This is not a specialized composite in the way that Mirrored Surface Composite and Reactive Surface Composite are. Military Grade Composite offers the best all-round protection of any reinforcement material.


As with all armour the price and weight of Military Grade scales with the size of the ship. It is almost always twice the price and weight of Reinforced Alloys.

Ship Class Rating Mass (T) Value (CR)
Sidewinder MkI 1 I 4.00 80,320
Eagle MkII 1 I 8.00 90,048
Hauler 1 I 2.00 185,047
Adder 1 I 5.00 79,027
Viper MkIII 1 I 9.00 128,637
Cobra MkIII 1 I 27.00 341,746
Diamondback Scout 1 I 26.00 431,712
Lakon Type 6 1 I 23.00 941,350
Vulture 1 I 35.00 4,433,054
Asp Explorer 1 I 42.00 5,995,038
Lakon Type 7 1 I 63.00 15,725,027
Imperial Clipper 1 I 60.00 20,066,274
Federal Dropship 1 I 87.00 17,832,785
Orca 1 I 87.00 43,685,898
Python 1 I 53.00 51,280,361
Lakon Type 9 1 I 150.00 68,900,257
Anaconda 1 I 60.00 132,272,505
Fer-de-Lance 1 I 38.00 46,410,336
Federal Corvette 1 I 60.00 164,000,000


Military Grade Composites are available to purchase throughout civilized space at many stations, as long as that station has a shipyard. More commonly found in High Tech and highly populated systems, but not necessarily limited to them. Will only be available for purchase for a particular ship if that ship is also sold at the station's shipyard.

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