Mission Board

The Mission Board is where players can accept available mission contracts in star systems of the galaxy. It's accessed via the Station Services interface.

A variety of missions are offered by Faction Representatives (NPCs) at stations. It ranges from delivery to assassination missions.[1]

The Mission Board shows images of Faction Representatives, their faction name, your reputation with that faction and the number of mission contracts they currently offer. The faction status details show government type, their current influence in the system and any states they're in.[1]

When selecting a mission it'll show details such as mission objectives, potential hazards & risks, as well as full reward details. Missions display the task involved, rewards offered and locations. Missions that require planet surface activities have a planetary identifier icon.[1]

Missions that are unavailable show the unfulfilled requirement, such as not having enough reputation, cargo space or cash (for donations).[1]

Mission rewards can be (a combination of) credits, commodities, materials, reputation increase and influence increase. Some materials needed for engineering can only be acquired as a mission reward. If the player's ship gets destroyed then the mission fails in most cases. Before v2.1 it was called the 'bulletin board'.

Mission TypesEdit

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  • Community Goals can also be accepted from the mission board.
  • Some missions will require the player to perform activities which are viewed as illegal in most systems so be sure to check all of the mission details before accepting.
    • If a mission is illegal it will generally (not always) specify this in a "SPECIAL" line near the bottom of the details.
  • Keep in mind that most missions are time sensitive! Timers run in real time and do not pause. If you are unable to dedicate enough uninterrupted time to complete the mission it is highly recommended that you do not accept the mission as you will be penalized with a fine and reputation decrease for failing the mission.


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