Pomeche 2 C Epic Mountain Range

Pomeche 2 C epic mountain range

Mountains are a natural rise of a planet's surface with a summit or top. They're steeper than hills and usually over 600 metres tall (about 2,000 feet).

Mountains on low gravity planets and moons can be much taller than on Earth. Such as Jupiter's volcanic moon Io has 17 kilometers high mountain peaks (11 miles). That's a lot taller than the highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest (8.8 kilometers).

From space it may appear like a tiny mole hill, but when you get close it turns out to be a huge mountain range. Planets without atmosphere make it more difficult to perceive distance.

Locations Edit

  • Pomeche 2 C has a surface tourist beacon called "Epic Mountain Range"[1]
  • Charon (moon of Pluto) has mountains with only 0.03g[2]
  • Deciat 4 mountain with 2.1% arsenic and an SRV[3]

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