Class 2 multi-cannon

Rapid Fire, small calibre projectile weapon...

— In-Game Description

A multi-cannon is a large caliber machine gun mounted on one of your ship's hardpoints and needs assigning to a fire group before it can be used. These weapons are projectile based and use actual ammunition, which needs replenishing when depleted. Multi-cannons consume less power than energy weapons and as a result, give off less heat. These weapons generally have a longer range than their energy counterparts. They fire from a magazine of 90 shots, which automatically reloads when empty. Each multi-cannon that's been mounted, and is active, has its own pool of 2100(when full) ammunition to supply it.

Multi-cannons are available as fixed, gimbal mounted, and turreted versions.


Spent ammunition must be replenished once used. Any station is equipped with a "Re-arm" service will be able to replenish ammunition. Once docked at the station, ammunition can be purchased from the Munitions menu in the Starport Services. Each shot costs 1 CR, therefore each magazine costs 90 CR, and one increment of 100 (standard re-arm unit) is 100 CR. Example: you fire 460 rounds in a fight, your total cost will be 460 CR, 4 "units" at 100 CR each, and a prorated "unit" of 60 rounds at 60 CR.


Class Rating Mass
Integrity Power
Damage Armour
ROF DPS Thermal
Clip Size
1 F 2.00 A 0.280 Fixed Kinetic 1.2 A 8.0 /s 9.1 1 90 2,100 9,500
1 G 2.00 A 0.370 Gimbal Kinetic 0.8 A 8.5 /s 1 90 2,100 14,250
1 G 2.00 A 0.260 Turret Kinetic 0.6 A 6.0 /s 1 90 2,100 81,600
2 E 4.00 A 0.460 Fixed Kinetic 2.2 A 7.0 /s 15.6 1 90 2,100 38,000
2 F 4.00 A 0.640 Gimbal Kinetic 1.6 A 7.5 /s 1 90 2,100 57,000
2 F 4.00 A 0.500 Turret Kinetic 1.2 A 6.2 /s 7.3 1 90 2,100 1,292,800
3 C 8 A 0.6400 Fixed Kinetic 3.5 A 5.9


3 C 8 A 0.970 Gimbal Kinetic 2.8 A 6.7


4 A 16 A 0.730 Fixed Kinetic 4 A 3


4 A 16 A 1.370 Gimbal Kinetic 3.5 A 3.4


  • Ammo Max does not account for the current belt, so a total of 2,190 rounds (belt and reserve) when at max ammo capacity.
  • Class 4 multi-cannons while seeming to have a low rate of fire (3.0/s for fixed, 3.4/s for gimballed), actually fire two rounds of ammunition at the same time giving a projectile count of 6.0/s and 6.8/s for fixed and gimballed respectively.

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