NGC 1999

NGC 1999 is a small reflection nebula in the Orion constellation near the Witch Head Nebula and the Orion-Running Man nebular complex. NGC 1999 was originally classified as a "dark nebula" because the black spot at its center was believed to be an extremely dense patch of light-absorbing gas and dust, but radio telescope observations in the early 21st Century revealed the spot was actually a hole punched in the nebular cloud. The nebula's core includes a Class A star and two Class M stars, one of which is orbited by three high metal content worlds.[1]

Due to its location, NGC 1999 has a skyline rich with some of the famous nebulae near inhabited space -- the Witch Head, Orion, and Running Man nebulae, as well as Barnard's Loop, the Horsehead Nebula and the Flame Nebula -- all of which are set against the background of its own fiery gas cloud. A visit to the 'Fiery Sky' tourist beacon on V380 Orionis C 1 is highly recommended.

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