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Galactic Average Price639 CR
Produced byMission reward only
Consumed byEngineers

Used by factions as a reward for mission contracts.

Nanobreakers are tiny machines used for disassembling certain, specialised materials. While they can be sold at markets for a minimal price, these are more often used by engineers for their upgrades.

— In-game description

Nanobreakers can't be bought. They can only be received as mission rewards.

Usage by Engineers:

Used by Lei Cheung for:

  • "Enhanced, low power shields (level 4)".

Used by The Dweller for:

  • "Charge enhanced power distributor (level 2)",
  • "Engine focused power distributor (level 2 and 3)",
  • "System focused power distributor (level 2 and 3)",
  • "Weapon focused power distributor (level 2 and 3)",
  • "Focused weapon (level 4)".

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