Nanomedicine, or nanomeds for short, are sophisticated pharmaceuticals that use nanoscale materials to repair cell damage on a molecular level. They can heal any injury in a fraction of the normal time, and can potentially cure almost any disease and infection. Furthermore, regular use of nanomeds affects cellular senescence, drastically slowing the ageing process. In theory, nanomed users will live between 30 and 50 years longer, and will enjoy near-perfect health during those extra decades.[1]

On December 6, 3304, pharmaceutical company Vitadyne Labs announced that it had developed an innovative new form of nanomedicine, and invited medical officials and the Interstellar Health Organisation to review their findings before bringing the product to market.[1] The IHO confirmed on December 14 that not only were Vitadyne nanomeds much more sophisticated than other available products, but all of Vitadyne's data regarding their extensive health benefits held up; the IHO began conducting clinical trials with patients. Healthcare analyst Dr. Himari Grey commented that the new nanomeds were a work of genius on the part of Professor Katrien Rook, claiming that they could be the most exciting development in medicine for decades to come.[2]

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