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Ocellus station Columbus

The Ocellus station is based on a modified Bernal Sphere. The sphere was chosen due to the shape's ability to efficiently contain air pressure and provide efficient radiation shielding.

Structure Edit

The Ocellus Starport is stronger, better protected from radiation and more expensive than the Coriolis class stations but smaller than the giant Orbis.  Inside the sphere, in the void between the inner docking-cylinder hangers and the outer hull, is a huge amount of usable space for human habitation. At the equator of the sphere, there is a comfortable 0.7g, which falls off as you approach the poles. On the outside, towering inverted “skyscrapers” emerge from the galleried central trench, allowing an impressive view of the universe for the rich residents who can afford such accommodation.   

At the terraced front and rear of the sphere lie the more industrial parts of the station. Life support machinery, liquid and gas storage, workshops and small factories designed for producing goods in low gravity are positioned here, as well as capital-class weaponry for defence purposes. The very front of the station is home to the famous docking portal, viewing and control galleries, plus commercial and official premises and offices.

The main reason for their extra strength is the Ocellus stations can be moved intact from place to place as opposed to being assembled on site. Giant drives can be attached to move them from system to system when required, albeit much more slowly than even the largest cargo ships. Only a few of them have been so equipped, and it is said that the arrival of an Ocellus at a gold-rush world marks the end of the early stage of the gold rush, as it marks the arrival of the eye of officialdom and the beginning of the end of the anarchic freedom of those early days.

History Edit

It was first built by the Imperial Gutamaya shipyards in 3260 so it is a relatively recent design, but they are now built and operated throughout human space. Both the Federation and Empire operate them, as do a few of the big corporates – particularly for tourism – where an Ocellus will be stationed at a rare stellar spectacle for a few months, then will move on.


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