Controlling FactionOlgrea Central PLC
AllegianceAlliance vector Alliance
PowerEdmund Mahon vector Edmund Mahon
TypeControlled system

Olgrea is an Alliance system that was founded by a Federation expeditionary team lead by Mic Turner. It was settled by colonists in 3224.

History Edit

"Mic Turner, the intergalactic Explorer, ship designer and founder of the Alliance, led the Federation expeditionary team that brought colonists to Olgrea in 3224."[1]

"Terraforming operations began almost immediately as the Federation could see that further population growth in the region would require room to accommodate."[1]

"In 3239, Alliance warships and Turner's command return to the system and after a short altercation with Federal forces won control of Fortress Jung and New Casablanca. After this it was only a matter of time before the rest of the system surrendered and the Federation withdrew."[1]

"By 3250, the Olgrea system had become a massive part of the Alliance infrastructure. The Planet New Gotham became the centre of agricultural production for the entire Alliance sector. The system population had grown to approach 100 million inhabitants, one of the fastest system migrations in interstellar history."[1]

System Layout Edit

  • Olgrea C 7 - terraformed Earth-like World[2]

References Edit

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