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While Starports serve as major hubs for systems, Outposts provide a (sometimes much needed) stop along the way. Much smaller than Starports, these stations generally don't have security vessels patrolling around to protect them which makes smuggling to and from these locations a common occurrence. Due to their small size there are few landing pads and no large pads which restricts trade here for anything larger than a medium sized ship.

Due to the lack of rotation Outposts are mostly zero-G and thus ships are held in place magnetically. There are currently seven known outpost variants: Civilian, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Mining, Scientific, and Unsanctioned. Unsanctioned outposts almost always contain a black market.

Outposts now sometimes have security forces scan you only when you have a mission that requires you to deliver illegal cargo. Sometimes the security scan you even when you are docked or scan you before you launch which you cannot avoid.


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